i was told his name is matt

There’s this kid in my class named Alexander, but everyone calls him Xandre. So the other day it just dawned on me that I could use his name in any context to fit my Shadowhunters obsession needs and he’d never know.

Therefor, in chemistry, he helped me solve a density problem and I told him, “Thank you Alexander. You continue to surprise me.” And his response, I shit you not, was, “Good ways I hope.”

We both stared at eat other for what felt like ages, I was in complete shock while he was laughing his ass off. Turns out the asshole googled the episode after seeing my reaction on Snapchat and memorized the lines that mentioned his name. 

I don’t know how to react.

I really do

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Isaac Lahey x Reader

Request :  Hello! How are you? Could I request a Isaac Lahey x Reader where he and his friends are arguing about who’s the most attractive/best with the ladies and they end up daring Isaac to seduce the reader. They fall in love but then reader finds out it was all a bet. Sort of a ‘10 things I hate about you’ / ‘she’s all that’ scenario haha Thanks lovie

Warnings : language , smut , nsfw 

I haven’t watched “ 10 things I hate about you “ neither “ She’s all that “ but I hope that you will won’t be disappointed by this image .

     “ Isaac beat us all until now at seducing girls …” Matt concluded as he looked at Isaac and their other friends . Isaac smiled cockily when they all nodded at what Matt said “ so I propose to give him a really hard to seduce girl .” They all approved .

     “ Come on man give me the hardest to seduce girl that you can think about , I bet on 200 dollars that I can seduce her in less than two months .” Isaac purposed .

     “ Fine .” Matt said shaking Isaac’s hand “ You have to seduce (Y/N) .” a smile played at Isaac’s lips as he saw you between a bunch of students .

     “ Prepare to lose .” Isaac teased before he ran to catch up with you .

     “(Y/N)” a strong voice took you by surprise and you turned around to see Isaac running to catch up with you . You waited patiently until he arrived to your side .

     “ Hi !” He greeted and you smiled softly at him .

     “ Hi !” you mumbled and he smiled , his smile was beautiful , it was lighting up all his face and you felt a shiver run down your spine when he smiled and looked like that at you .

     “ I was wondering if you will like to hang out with me , today at lunch or after school , or even both if it will pleasure you .” He proposed and you felt your cheeks turn red .

     “ I think that lunch will be fine as after school we will see later .” you grinned and Isaac smiled again . His hand found it’s way over your shoulders and you looked up at him but he just kissed your forehead . You was mesmerized by how sweet he was acting . He even waited at your locker so you could pick up your books and then he lead you to your classroom .

     “ In which classroom are you before lunch break ?” He asked as he held your hand softly in his .

     “ 13 .” you whispered and Isaac kissed your cheek before freeing your hand .” I’ll wait for you outside .” He promises and then leaves . 

     While at class you can’t pay attention to anything that your teacher tried to explain , it doesn’t matter anyway because she seems not to find her words and you already knew what she was talking about so you let your mind wonder about Isaac . He was a good friend of yours , he always helped you and you did the same for him but he was never this close to you , or at the least you didn’t knew that he liked you . 

     Isaac was complicated and sometimes he was really dark but usually he was all this beautiful and smiling , your heart always beat harder when he was around , because you liked him from a long while ago but you didn’t dared to tell him . It was too much and you didn’t wanted to break your friendship .

     “ Missed me ?” Isaac teases as you get out of your classroom , you turn around and smile at him before pulling his strong body in a hug . He chuckles and kisses your forehead .

     “ Come on , I bet you’re hungry .” Isaac guesses and places a hand on your back as he leads you to the canteen . You take your launch outside and talk about your past and the funny things that you did when you two were best friends .

     “ I miss those times .” you sighed and Isaac let his hand grip yours .

     “ I miss them too but somehow it’s better that we are not kids anymore , I have been waiting to do this since forever .” Isaac confessed and he gently griped your chin , he made you turn your head to him and you couldn’t say nothing more as his lips touched yours in a demanding but still sweet way .

     You pushed Isaac apart and jumped in your feet , you gathered your things and ran away from that place not caring that Isaac was yelling for you to stop . You rushed to the girls toilet and locked yourself in before releasing the tears that created a stingy sensation on your eyes .

     You cried , a little bit overwhelmed by all your feelings . You knew that you didn’t had a chance at Isaac and deep down you knew that he was just playing with you but your feelings were darkening your judgment so you thought that you should at the least let this happen for a while so you’ll be able to live your dream , at the least for a while .

     The next month was very good since you and Isaac got along better and you started a relationship with him , he was caring and loving and you trusted him because he was your best friend . He was coming around to pick you up since you was supposed to stay at his house this night . You wasn’t sure what you should wear but you put on some casual clothes and packed some other clothes for tomorrow morning when you’ll need to change them .

    There’s a knock at your door and you smile at yourself as you take your backpack and go downstairs , you open the door and Isaac kisses you right away . You smile into the kiss and pull apart a little bit later . You two walk to the car talking and laughing and that’s how you spent your way to Isaac’s new home . 

     After you two arrive you play around for a while after you order some pizza and then you stay on the sofa , cuddled in Isaac’s chest looking fascinated at a action movie . Isaac runs his hand down your spine and arms distraction you from the movie . You look at him and he kisses you , the pleasure that he gives to you with his hands and the way that he kisses your lips makes you forget about the movie , you move so you sit now in his lap . Isaac kisses you passionately before he kisses down your jaw and your collar bones , his hands grip your hips before they move up and down your back making you moan gently . Isaac takes a grip of your shirt and rips it in two , he pushes the cloth down your arms before he starts to kiss the exposed skin of your chest . You moan in pleasure and Isaac sits up , you wrap your legs around his waist and he carries you to his room .

     He lays you in the bed and kisses you again until you feel your mind spinning , then he takes off his shirt and your bra , he kissed your soft , pink peaks who turn hard when he suckles and bites on them . You moan hard as he gives you pleasure and you feel your body tembling . His hand makes it’s way in your pants and touches the soft skin between your legs gently as you scream in pleasure , he touches your clit and then one of his fingers makes it’s way in your core , your muscles get tight around his finger and you scream and moan as he makes you feel so good . Isaac takes down all your clothes , then he takes his off . He searches for something in the nightstand and then he lest some music play on his phone as he makes it stand up .

     Isaac puts a condom on his manhood before he enters in your little , tight body . He kisses you and touches your skin in all the right places as he moves when fast , when slow in your body .

     He gets one of his hands between your bodies and rubs your clit fast . You scream out in pleasure as you feel your orgasm getting closer and closer .

     “ Isaac , I’m … going .. to come .” you moan out of breath and Isaac kisses down your neck as he speeds up his moves .

     You two come screaming each others name and then Isaac pulls out . He takes off his condom and throws it in a basket . Then he stops the music and climbs up into the bed , he pulls you in his arm and kisses your forehead before you fall asleep .

     “ So (Y/N) , how was Saturday night ? How big is Isaac ? Did he eat you out ?” Rebeca , one of your friends asks .

     “ What are you talking about ? How do you know that I slept with Isaac ?” you ask confused by what she told you .

     “ I’ve heard Matt , Isaac and their friends talking , he showed them a video of you two when you slept with each other and then every single one of his friends gave him 200 dollars .” She informs and your faces goes pale . You feel lightheaded and the room spins . You couldn’t believe that Isaac did this to you .You got angrier by the second that passed and when you get you control back you hugged Rebeca and kissed her cheek .

     “ Thank you for telling me !” You say before leaving the bathroom .

     You find Isaac in the yard of the school with his friends . You go straight to him and he freezes when he sees the expression on your face .

      “ Hi , babe !” he greets but you slap him , his face turns to the side and your hand prints it’s burning red on his face .

     “ If you ever dare to talk to me , touch me or come close to me again I swear that I’m going to kill you .” you yell and then you turn your back on him leaving the yard .

  As you arrive home you jump into the bed and burst into tears . You never thought that Isaac would do that to you . Your phone buzzes and you wipe the tears away from your face . You take your phone and open it , the message that you read makes your heart break once again and you start to cry again .

‘(Y/N) , please forgive me . You was never just a bet , I loved you from the start . Please , believe me . I love you , I really do . Please forgive me !” the text brings tears in your eyes again and you just close your phone as you let the tears fall on your face . 

Discovery: Matt meets a Paladin

Rating: T - gore

Pairings: None

Tags: Angst, Hurt & Comfort, Matt, Rescue Attempt

Matt stood up too fast, heart pounding wildly. He had to bend over quickly to prevent his head rush and hunger from making him pass out. He breathed once, twice, and rose again, making his way to the far side of the pit.

Another human in the general population cell. Another human… It had been months since his father had been taken to the infirmary, feverish and sick from the regular horrors the Druids inflicted on them, hoping for one of them to crack.

Matt was a pragmatist and hadn’t really expected to see his father alive again. He chose to listen to their guards, the other prisoners, for any scrap of information, really, hoping for something that would help him escape from this hell, and even rescue his friends.

His thoughts flickered to black hair, calm eyes, unwavering friendship. The last he had heard of Shiro was of him succeeding in the horrific games, a source of Galran pride and mockery. But then the news stopped trickling in and Matt had just thought his friend had been killed. Could he be back? His heart squeezed in his chest and he beat back any feeling of hope. This was the Galran army… Surprises were never pleasant or hopeful.

As he neared the cell door, he heard the familiar low moaning of a wounded animal. The other aliens had gathered around, bringing cloth and water to help clean the human off, just as they had done for Matt and Commander Holt when they had first been dumped here.

Matt smiled at that, some last shred of love in his heart clenching in gratitude at the goodness of his prison family. Some looked like leeches, others had tentacles, some had two heads, others nothing more than an orb of light. All victims of evil and bound together by the hope that this torture would end someday.

He edged his way through the circle and tears sprung up. A human… here… Younger than him, only a teenager. Not his dad. Not Shiro. Just a boy. How much more cruelty existed in Zarkon and his invaders?

The teen lay on his side, dressed in some strange white armor Matt had never seen before. His right leg was broken and lay stretched out oddly on the floor. He bled profusely from his mouth.

An Arusian, a new addition, shook Matt’s sleeve. “The human is leaking much from his face.. He cannot talk… We are thinking they removed some part and that is why we cannot stop it easily.”

Matt’s stomach turned at the thought of a Galra cutting out this kid’s tongue. What could he have possibly done? How could they find him? Had they begun invading Earth? His mom, his sister… Were they even alive? Matt shifted his thoughts to the kid, wondering how to help him.

The teen turned his head towards him, dark skin pale from his wounds, his blue gaze bright even in the gloom of the pit. His eyes widened as if recognizing him and, reaching for the other human, he lost his balance and fell. Matt had to stop himself from stepping back, still afraid of touch after all the pain. Instead he steadied the kid with a hand around his shoulder and told him he’d be ok (a bald-faced lie if ever one was spoken).

The boy’s hand shook as pressed his fingers to the floor and, to Matt’s disgust, started drawing letters in his own blood. P-I-D

“Pidge? What’s that? Is that your name?” Matt turned to look at the boy, who despite everything looked like he wanted to laugh, even as he groaned and tears glittered in his eyes.

He tried again, hands shaking, and wrote faster and messier, as if it hurt him. V-O-L-

“Voltron is coming? That doesn’t make any sense?” But as he spoke, he heard shocked gasps from the other prisoners, excitement in their whispers. He didn’t understand it but it was important. He tried to pull the kid away so they could treat his wounds but he jerked away, face wild.

The boy kept writing, shifting to get to a new patch of floor. He wrote until he passed out, Matt just pulling him closer, needing the human touch as never before, even as the aliens tried to staunch the blood from the kid’s mouth. And as he stared at the words written in blood, Matt felt hot tears fall for the first time in forever. Felt hope in his heart.




The Notes We Wrote

A/N: I found this prompt in a list of soulmate AU’s! I sort of took it as every time you write in your journal it appears in your soulmate’s journal. Hope you enjoy!

Prompt: Everyone is given a journal that they can use to write to their soulmate AU

Pairing: Lin x reader

Things you should know: 1.) Everyone receives their journal when they turn 18. 2.) The reader is 30 by the end of this. 3.) Lin’s dialogue is in quotations :)

Warnings: like one curse word

Masterlist | Request!
You were slightly younger than your soulmate so when you got your journal there were already things written in it. “Things” meaning there were already seven years of writing in it when you got it. Your soulmate was 25 years old and that’s all you knew. You didn’t know his name or where he lived; the universe did everything in its power to make sure you didn’t meet your soulmate before it was time. Everytime he tried to write his name or where he lived it showed up scribble out on your page.

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jeff | stupid cupid | hardy










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A Series of Accidents

Happy belated birthday, @fangirling-airi-style!!!

Based on my own gifset, because well - that’s how my brain works. 

In Which Dean and Cas (accidentally) adopt Satan Jr. Enjoy!

It’s an accident, really.

Well, adopting Lucifer’s kid is.

Taking him to the bunker is a given.

What else are they going to do? Chuck the kid into the streets and hope some non-satanist finds him? Take him to child services when every demon on the planet will be eagerly looking for him?

So, yeah, they take Satan Jr. to the bunker with them, because that’s the only thing they can do. Kelly died, just breathing long enough to see her son and whisper “I love you”, the failure to save yet another life on their shoulders.

At least they got rid of Dagon, or Crowley did.

Hey, he saw Lucifer’s kid and didn’t immediately try to kill it, so that’s a plus too.

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jostxnneil  asked:

Andreil getting secretly married (no wedding, just for convenience (Neil gets hurt too often and Andrew wants to be with him)&the foxes finding out bc Neil is hurt (ofc)

and the doctor goes up to Andrew like r u the husband and he just nods and jfc guys you didn’t tell us you were MARRIED

  • okay so it’s bad
  • it’s a very bad injury
  • like Andrew is panicking and he doesn’t know what to do because it’s so bad
  • he calls Wymack because if he doesn’t get someone to slow does his thoughts he’s going to kill the player that did this to Neil
    • Andrew was several hours away watching the game from home because they still play on different teams
    • so he’s driving
    • dangerously
    • while he’s calling Wymack
  • Wymack tells him to calm down and that he’ll drive over there if that’s what Andrew wants
    • Andrew doesn’t say no
  • by the time Andrew gets there, all of the Foxes (minus Nicky and Wymack and Aaron) are there
    • they were all watching the game ofc
    • Andrew can’t even be mad at them

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Accidents Happen

There IS going to be a smutty Part 2 later this week. :)
Word Count: 1,124.
Trigger Warning: blood?

Jeff Hardy comes to your rescue after a nasty ladder fall. What will unfold?

Get someone down here! She’s out! (Y/N), stay with me!

Your eyes slightly open, staring up at the arena ceiling. You barely catch a glimpse of the panic in the referees eyes before you close them again. The constant in and out of consciousness makes you sick to your stomach. This shouldn’t have happened, your TLC match with Charlotte Flair, you were supposed to win to become the Raw Women’s Champion. It was supposed to be your night. However, a botch in the match messed that up for you.

The Ref looks at you, assessing the damage to your head. “Tell me the last thing you remember”.

Your left arm reaches up and touches the liquid coming from your forehead, your face covered in red, sticky blood. You groan in pain, the sting of an open wound makes you wince, “I.. I was on the ladder.. reaching for the belt”, your arm flops down to the floor next to the ring as Charlotte jumps down to check on you, “..and then falling”.

Charlotte looks up at the ramp as both Matt and Jeff Hardy sprint out from the backstage area, Jeff clearly being the most worried as he jumps over the steps, skidding to a stop next to your body. Taking the rag out of his back pocket, he holds it to your head with pressure, soaking up some of the bloody mess. He looks to you, his soaking wet hair sticking all over his face, “(Y/N), do you know where you are?”

“Yeah, I’m on the floor trying not to move”, Matt kneels down by your legs, watching his younger brother try to clean up your face. Jeff shakes his head, “quit being sarcastic, you’re really hurt”. The entire crowd is dead silent, watching this unfold. They realize this isn’t scripted and you’re actually bleeding. Jeff looks for any sign of a medical team, when he takes your legs in his right arm and your neck in his left. As your mind is still swimming, the sudden feeling of floating startles you.

Staring up at Jeff, who is still visibly shaken and now walking back up the ramp with you in his arms, your eyes slowly close as you black out.

You haven’t been in WWE long, but you quickly became a fan favorite as you teamed up with the Hardy Boyz to make Team Extreme 2.0. Your death defying stunts and willingness to put your body on the line night after night really drew fans to you. Matt and Jeff became your best friends in the WWE, Matt with his in and out of the Broken gimmick always made you feel better, Jeff with his crazy antics and love for music could manage to put a smile on your face, but it was Jeff you were growing close to.

Only you and Charlotte knew that you were going to win the title. Vince wanted it to be a surprise to everyone, including the superstars. You had wandered around backstage, nervous for your upcoming match. You put your head in your hands, running your fingers through your (Y/H/L)(Y/H/C) hair. Jeff sneaks up on you, tapping your shoulder.

“Ya nervous?” his eyebrows raise as a sly smile plays on his face. You nod as Charlotte’s theme plays out into the arena, making her entrance to the ring.

“Very, I feel like I’m gonna puke”, you laugh, wiping sweat off your head, listening to the crowd chanting for you. Jeff grabs your shoulder with his hand, “if it makes you feel any better, Matt and I told the sound guys that you could use our theme song”. You smile up at him, silently thanking him.

“I’ll be right here after you kick ass”, his hand slides down your arm, sending shocks up your spine like fireworks.

“And her opponent.”

Jeff squeezes your hand as the Hardy Boyz theme plays, “oh, and good luck”.
You nod before disappearing through the curtain, to the vast sea of people screaming your name.

Your eyes open to the sight of the backstage medical center, almost empty. You turn your head to the left, seeing Matt sitting there, texting his wife Reby. Propping yourself up, you sit, and Matts head shoots up faster than you’d expect.

“Are you alright?”, he asks, setting his phone down mid text. You lift your arm up and feel your forehead, feeling the 8 stitches against your skin. You groan.

“I’m fine. Hurt, but fine. Where’s Jeff?”

Matt smiles, standing up to help you off the medical bed, “he’s out in the backstage hall pacing like a worried mother”, you gather your stuff in a backpack, “I’ll give you guys time to talk, I’ll be out in the car”.

Matt exits the room as Jeff saunters in, barely out of his wrestling gear. His black and pink shirt hangs off his waist, sporting a slightly clean black tank top. He stops, looking at your bruised eyes and the stitches.

“I should have been there faster..”, he mumbles quietly, placing his thumb and forefinger on the bridge of his nose. Your eyes look him up and down, from his tied up hair to his scuffed up wrestling boots, “I could have..”

“Jeff, you could have been as fast as the flash and it wouldn’t have changed the outcome”, you shove your gear into your backpack, trying to stop yourself from getting flustered, “I still would have been injured no matter what”.

You turn to leave the room and run right into Jeffs chest. You gulp and take a deep breath, “Jeff, please move. I’m tired and want to get on the road”. He wraps his arms around your shoulders, squeezing lightly, the stick of his skin against yours makes your heart beat rapidly, and your breathing increase.

“(Y/N), I’ve seen too many people become incapable to wrestle, and watching you.. fall.. like that”, he squeezes a bit tighter, “I don’t think.. I’m just worried about you is all”. You lean back, “there’s no reason for you-“.

He cuts you off by cupping his hands around your jaw, holding your head delicately in his hands, staring down into your (Y/E/C) eyes. Looking up into his beautiful green eyes, he leans down and places his lips against yours. He smiles against your lips, and then he realizes what he just did.

Jeff jumps back and freezes, staring at you in shock.

“Uh, eh, yeah I’m gonna go now”, Jeff turns and damn near bolts out the door, running down the hall to meet up with Matt. Before you make it out into the hall, Jeff is already out of sight and gone. You shake your head with a giant grin on your face.

“See you next week, Jeff”.

Don’t Say I Didn’t Warn You (Jason Todd x Reader)

Request - Hey Cee! So there’s this show called Shadowhunters, I don’t know if you watch it, and there was this particular scene that screamed Jason and his S/O and I was wondering if you could make a drabble based on it? It involves two siblings, Izzy and Alec, going to a fight club where one of the fighters flirts with Izzy and Alec defends her, only Izzy can defend herself and kicks the guy’s ass while Alec watches on amused. I hope this isn’t too confusing and please ignore the sibling part.

A/N - Sorry I’ve been putting off this request, I was just having a LOT of difficulty writing it and you can probably see that. I’m not particularly proud of it, but it’s still going on the masterlist.


“Hey, babe,” You hear someone say, wondering if the comment was directed towards you. You continued walking, trying to find Jason amongst the many people in the dimly lit basement. You feel a soft touch on your shoulder, revealing a tall man with silvery blonde hair, a flirtatious smile playing his lips, “Name’s Matt, what’s yours, pretty little lady?” you give him a sideways look, “Um… I have a boyfriend.” you state plainly, brushing his hand off your shoulder.

As soon as his hand is brushed off, he wraps his arm around your shoulders, “Oh, come on, just tell me your name, pretty please, dollface? Maybe we can have a little bit of fun afterwards too…” he whispers in a low voice in your ear. You jerk yourself away from him, taking his arm and twisting it backwards, “What part of “I have a boyfriend” do you not understand?” you hiss, giving him your famous death glare. If looks could kill, he’d be dead about now.

Jason soon spots you about to fucking kill someone and decides to intervene, “Hey, Y/N, uh… what’d he do?” he asks, raising an eyebrow at you, and you transferred your glare to him. Matt smirks and looks back up to you, ignoring the horrible pain you were causing him. Jason at this point was just confused at the whole scene unrolling out in front of him.

“Ah, so this beauty’s name is Y/N… quite fitting, might I add.” Jason looks at you, but you still wore a sour expression.

“Sorry if I’m interrupting anything, but can someone please explain to me what the hell is going on here?” You sigh angrily, then point at Matt, “This asshole is trying to get me in his pants yet, I’ve told him twice since our very,” you grit your teeth, “enlightening conversation that I have a fucking boyfriend.” Jason looks at Matt, eyes narrowed at the blonde man.

“You do realize I am said boyfriend, right?”

Matt chuckles as you release his arm, not because you cared about the state of his arm, more like you didn’t want to pay for any hospital bills for any ripped ligaments, because yes, you were known to do that. “You do realize I don’t mind right, my Y/N is just playing hard to get, then once we get on, we may even invite you, if you were up to it, of course.”

Oh no, that was it. “You, me, ring, now.” You shout, leaving Jason in shock as you dragged Matt by his hair, fuming. “Oh, God. You’re dead.” He tells him, and for the first time tonight, Matt’s fearful for his life. You weren’t even going to try and put up with it, you legit wanted to bring this guy down and crying for his mommy. And guess what, you won’t fail to deliver.

“YOU,” You connected your fist to his “perfect” jaw, causing a spray of saliva to fall upon the row beside him. “NO GOOD,” You place your hands on each shoulder and knee him in the groin. “SON OF A BITCH!” You quickly turn his back towards you and you capture him in a headlock, not releasing him until he fell unconscious. You hear Jason screaming your name in the background and you face the crowd, “May this be a reminded to you that when you’re trying to hit on a girl,” she yells, her voice loud and clear, “stop the moment she mentions she has a boyfriend, or whenever she makes it VERY OBVIOUS THAT SHE’S NOT INTERESTED, she probably has the skills to kick your sorry ass! Don’t say I didn’t warn ya, goodnight, Gotham!”

Contact (Matt X Fem!Reader)

Characters: Matt Murdock X Fem!Reader *PLATONIC

Universe: Marvel, Daredevil

Warnings: None


Request: Would you mind making another Matt x Reader fic where she’s really tactile and touchy, but then gets a lot more cautious of touching him after she finds out about his senses? She’s upset that she was probably being a lot to handle, and he misunderstands why she stopped. Thanks 💜

Originally posted by mattmurdovck

“Heya Mattie boy! How’s my favourite blind guy?” You asked, squeezing him tightly from behind. Matt cracked a smile at your giggle.

“I’m the only blind person you know, Y/N.” He reminded you, putting a gentle hand on your arm.

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amoxli  asked:

If you're still accepting prompts, can I have Matt and Lance just becoming a feedback loop of memes and bad pickup lines after everyone is reunited? And maybe some broganes at the end of their rope watching their boyfriends be idiots on every mission. This is like the most indulgent thing I have ever asked for but I am so deep in Shatt hell rn and also ur writing is incredible

Prompt fill for my Follower Celebration! Will also be posted on Ao3 under Towards the Sky.

I knew no memes, so let me thank @irishpixiewrites, @saltedsaltine​, and @starsoup14​ for spamming the @voltronbucks​ discord with memes for me.

@melonbugg is the answer to all of my prayers.

It was the truest moment of love, hope and family, as Pidge led her brother to the waiting members of team Voltron. She wiped the tears of joy from her eyes and introduced them.

“This is my team,” she said.

Matt’s ears perked up and he looked at her.

“What team?”

Keith started to answer, “Vol—” but Lance had already straightened his head, feeling his calling.

He took a deep breath as Keith tried to respond and interrupted.


Matt and Lance locked eyes and grinned ear to ear. A beautiful friendship was born that day.

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Midnight Special

Originally posted by nbcsnl

A/N: I don’t have one.

Summary: As graduation approaches, you have one last project. But, you are paired up with Matt aka the guy who hates your guts. 

“Jenny, it’s ok. The professor said he’d drop the lowest grade.” You took the seat next to her and consoled your friend. “To be honest, I think everyone did terrible on this assignment.” The deep masculine voice caught your attention. Looking up from your seat, your eyes met the tall, broad man. Pushing up his glasses, as his face still held no expression as he continued, “Don’t put too much pressure on yourself.”. You had never really cared for him, he was one of the smartest people in your class and made sure everybody knew it. Especially you. Furrowing your brows, you tilted your head as if you were trying to figure something out. Never had he ever attempted in any type of sympathetic actions. “Really?” Jenny sniffled. “Yeah, this is the only time I would say this but listen to Matt.” you chimed in, earning a laugh from Jenny. If you weren’t giving Jenny your undivided attention, you might’ve seen the small smirk that ghosted on Matt’s lips.

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#1 jake Gardiner

hey, can I request a jake gardiner imagine? a fluffy one where jake introduces the reader to the team and everybody loves her and she and jake kind of become the parents of the team/the rookies and the reader helps take care of them when they’re injured/puts up with all of their dumb bullshit but likes them anyway? I recently saw a gifset describing jake gardiner as the mama bird of the group so this request popped into my head

will be a two parter so prepare yourself for that

Song suggestion of the day:

Originally posted by brandoncarlo

“Mitchy put that down.” Jake scolded as his tiny teammate attempted to duel Mo with a branch he’d found while they were walking.

“Let your hatred fuel you.” Mitch cackled, poking Jake in the side. “Come to the darkside.”

“Don’t encourage him.” Jake warned Mo as he pried the stick from mitch as auston snickered.

“Don’t be nervous, Jakey, we already love her.” Mo declared, throwing an am around his best friend’s shoulders.

“Yeah, that’s not why I’m nervous.” Jake replied and Mitch feinted hurt but was quickly distracted by trying to catch the grape Matt threw him in his mouth.

Sure you’d met a few of the guys before, Mo included, but you had get to meet the bundles of joy that were the baby leafs. He used the term joy loosely because it definitely did not feel that way at times.

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ex’s and oh’s

Summary: The reader is in the apartment when Elektra breaks in.

Word Count: 683

Warnings: None.

You were halfway through a book when you heard the door open, followed by an annoyed huff. Your heart jumped but you frowned a moment later – Matt always greeted you when he came home.

There was a hum and you pressed yourself against the wall of your shared room, hands balled at your sides. It was feminine, unfamiliar to you and faintly, you wondered who it could’ve been, who could’ve figured out that Matt was Daredevil and try to get to him through you. He spoke about it about it briefly once, saying – I don’t want you to get hurt, nose buried in the crook of your shoulder.

Now it was actually happening and you waited for footsteps to draw closer, rough shouting and the cocking of guns, but-

“Really, Matthew?” The women opened your fridge, audibly scoffing at what was inside. There was the click click click of heels as she walked across the living room, picking something up from the couch before throwing it back on.

You furrowed your eyebrows. She knew Matt?

Against your better judgement, you stepped out of the room. She turned to face you, unfazed.

“There’s the woman of the hour.” She smiled. “I thought he would’ve grown out of one night stands at his age.”

“We’ve been together for ten months,” you deadpanned.

“That explains the lack of alcohol.”

“Who the hell are you?” She took a swig of the beer she took from your fridge, shrugging.

“Has he not told you about me?” She paused, but you said nothing. “An acquaintance. I’d dare say an old friend.”

You racked your mind to remember what Matt told you about his ‘old friends.’

“Are you the redhead, dietician, or the Greek?” She tilted her head.


“He said you were crazy.”

“Didn’t think that ten years ago.”

“That’s nice.” You didn’t bother feigning a smile. “Now get out.”

“I was just visiting the city – thought I’d drop by and say hi.”

“At eleven o’clock at night?”

She tapped a nail on the glass. “I was busy.”

“Get out.”

“Last I checked the apartment was under the name Murdock.”

“Last I checked I paid half the bills,” your hand itched for your phone. “Now get out before I call the police.”

She sighed, placing her bottle on the coffee table. “You really don’t want to do that.”

The door burst open and Matt ran in, pushing you behind him. His hand was tight around your forearm.


“Matthew.” She smiled, but you didn’t have to be looking at him to know that he was angry.

“Get out.”

“You haven’t even introduced me to your girlfriend, yet,” she said.

“Why would I do that?” Matt asked through his teeth.

“Because we’re friends.”

“Far from it.”

“I wasn’t going to hurt her, Matt.” You swallowed, looking between her and the back of Matt’s head. He told you about her, but you were forgetting something – something she did.

He laughed bitterly and you felt chills run down your spine, bringing your hand up to cover his. “I don’t know that. The last time I saw you, you tried to make me kill a man.”

Elektra’s eyes flickered to you. “That’s an awful lot of information you’re giving out, Mattie.”

“She knows.” Ah, right. You tried your best to steady your breathing.

“Well, then, that makes things easier.” She stepped forward and Matt tensed up. “I need your help.”


“It’s important.”

“I’m sure it is.”

“Some help, please?” She looked at you and you narrowed your eyes. “I see. This was a waste of time.” Elektra grabbed her beer and started walking towards the door. “You know, I’m not letting this go.”

“You should,” Matt said.

“See you tomorrow.”

The door clicked shut and Matt exhaled, turning around to pull you close.

“She seemed nice,” you said and he laughed amidst his heavy breaths.

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s not your fault.” He placed a hand on your chest, frowning. “Hey, I’m fine. Let’s not talk about this, okay?”

Matt sighed. “Alright.”

“Besides, talking about exes is never fun.”

He smiled. “Come on.”

Tyler Joseph Fic Part 4

This is the last part to my Tyler Joseph fic that I have yet to name, hope you guys enjoyed it xx. 

Christmas morning came and went in what felt like an instant.  Tyler always said the holiday should be a week-long event, because it always felt like a lot of hype and excitement that just ended way too suddenly.  

Tyler was starting to feel guilty for lying to his family, but at the same time, he couldn’t help but be grateful that he did. If he hadn’t spun the web about Y/N, the last few days wouldn’t have happened, and Tyler would have gone on continuing to stubbornly dislike her. Maybe Tyler would tell his family the truth in the future, but not today.

On Tyler and Y/N’s last day in Columbus, Josh called, inviting the two of them over for the afternoon.  When Tyler looked to Y/N for a yes or no, she nodded her head excitedly.

Despite how close by Josh lived, the two of them still opted to take Tyler’s car to avoid walking in the blistering cold.  

“I feel kinda bad that we barely saw him at the party,” Y/N admits.

“Oh don’t worry, Zach told me that he ended up leaving early.  Apparently he had plans with this girl named Debby,” He made air quotes around Debby’s name and chuckled.

“Wait,” she said, “What’s with the quotes?”

Tyler burst out laughing, “There’s absolutely no way,” he said, “Josh’s supposedly been seeing this girl for month and I’ve never met her. He showed me a picture of her one time,” he added with a shrug. “But I’m pretty sure it was just a selfie he stole off of some random model’s instagram account.”

Y/N let out an obnoxious snort, followed by a fit of laughter.  She covered her mouth with her hand and doubled over in the front seat.   Now that Tyler was giving her a second chance, he found that he thought pretty much everything about her was adorable, especially the things he once found annoying. Tyler used to roll his eyes at the stupid way she laughed, but now it seemed endearing and kinda funny.

“Maybe we should set him up with someone!” she suggested, face lighting up in excitement. “Does he prefer a specific type or is he flexible?  Because I know a friend of mine mentioned a friend of hers who—”

“No,” Tyler interrupted. “We aren’t setting him up with anyone. That’s how people end up with fake girlfriends in the first place.”

“Worked out okay for us, didn’t it though?” she asked. She winked at Tyler, but still looked anxious for affirmation, like she still wasn’t positive Tyler was actually giving her a second chance.

Tyler smiled at her. “I’d say so, yeah.”


The ride back to Chicago was much more enjoyable than the ride from.  Tyler thought it might have something to do with the fact that he no longer despised his passenger, but there was no telling for sure.  

Even though the ride was less dreadful, the two of them were both still exhausted by the time they pulled into the lot of the apartment building.  

They lugged their bags up the stairs in silence, only stopping when they got to Y/N’s door.  

“What a weird trip,” she said, smirking.

Tyler nodded in agreement.  It felt weird to be dropping her off at her door after spending the past three nights in the same room together.

“Thanks for inviting me though, I really did have a good time.”

Tyler nodded. “Yeah, anytime I guess,” he said awkwardly.   He wasn’t really sure what the protocol was for dropping your fake-girlfriend off at her door after a weekend spent together. “I guess I’ll see you around?”

She nods while opening her door.  

Tyler starts to walk towards his own door when she calls out to him.

“Hey Ty?”

“Hm?” he says, turning around instantly.

“Mark’s throwing this New Year’s party at his place.  I wasn’t going to go, but I thought with you, it might be fun.  Would you maybe want to go with me?”

Tyler smiles.  “It’s a date.”


The week flew by in a blur of work, sleep, and Tyler panicking about his first official date with Y/N.  He knew he shouldn’t be nervous.  He’d spent three entire days with her for Christ’s sake.  But this felt different.  

“What should I wear?” he asked Josh over the phone on the day of the party. “Maybe a sweater? Keep it casual?  Or maybe it’s a fancier party and I should dress up a bit?  Should I ask her?  Oh and should I bring a gift?  I bet other people are bringing gifts.”

“Tyler,” Josh sighed, “You need to relax.”

“I am relaxed Joshua,” he snaps.

“She invited me, you know?”

“What?” Tyler asks.

“Y/N invited me and Debby to the New Year’s party.”

“You and Debby?  It’s not even her party…”

“I know, that’s what I said.  But she told me she checked with that dude, what’s his name? Matt?”


“Right, Mark.  She checked with Mark and he said it was cool. She told me that she knew I was your best friend, and she wanted me to be there if it meant you’d have a good time.”

Tyler’s chest deflated a bit and he let out a heavy sigh.  

“She said that?”

Josh hums in response.  “She did.  She likes you man… A lot.  So just relax, okay?”

Tyler nods before his face breaks out into a huge grin, “Wait a minute… Are you coming to the party then?”

“That’s the plan.  As long as I can crash as your place.”

“And are you bringing Debby?” Tyler sneers.

“She’s going to see if she can get work off, but hopefully, yeah.”

“Can’t wait to meet her, bro,” Tyler says, his voice thick with sarcasm.  He still wasn’t convinced that she was real, but he didn’t comment any further.

When it came time for the party, Tyler texted Y/N, just to make sure she was ready.  Her response came moments later with her telling him to get his butt next door, respectfully.  He smiled at her intensity and grabbed his coat.  

He knocked an odd little rhythm on the door before stepping back.  He waited, bouncing lighting on his heels before he heard footsteps and an off voice call, “Coming!” from inside.  Suddenly, there were knots in his stomach again.

When Y/N opened the door, her face immediately broke out in an immense grin.

“Hey there,” he said, smiling back. “You look great.”  

He surveyed her outfit.  Simple.  Dark jeans and a black, knit sweater.  But he meant it.  She looked incredible.

“Thanks,” she said, closing the door behind her and clutching her purse to her chest.  “You ready to party?”

“I was born ready,” he snickered, extending his arm for her to take.  She side-eyed him, but willingly took his gesture.  

“It’s still strange— you showing affection when there’s no one around to impress.”

“Well, you never know when they might be watching,” Tyler teased as he led the way down the stairs and out of the building.  

Mark only lived a few blocks away, so the two of them decided it would probably be easier just to walk over.  There was a small dusting on the ground, but nothing that couldn’t be trudged through.

“I heard you invited Josh,” he says.

She looks up, looking guilty, “I hope you’re not mad.  I didn’t want to overstep— I just thought you might like it if he was there.”

Tyler waves his hand like he was swatting away her nonsense.  

“Good,” she says smiling at the ground, “I also kinda wanted to see if his girlfriend was real or not.”

Tyler laughs out loud, pleased with her deviance.  “I knew there was a reason I liked you.”

The party was already bustling with people by the time Tyler and Y/N arrived.  They saw the lights flashing from the outside window on their way in, and the noise only increased the closer that they got.

“Mark’s in media, he knows a lot of people,” she explains.

When they get to his door, Y/N doesn’t even knock before pushing her way inside.  

Tyler is initially speechless at the size of Mark’s apartment.  Even with the crowds of people hanging around, the place looked huge.  

“I should add that Mark’s very successful in media,” she says after taking one look at Tyler’s gawking face.

She takes his hand and drags him inside, right in the midst of the madness.

Tyler finds himself third wheeling most of the night.  Y/N knows, quite literally, everyone at the party.  She pulls Tyler around, introducing him to people above the loud music before dragging on to the next group.  He wonders if this was how she felt at his family party.  

“No fucking way—“ he says suddenly.  A puff of pink hair comes into view and Tyler nearly chokes once he sees the pretty blonde attached to his side.  

Tyler turns and nudges Y/N’s shoulder excitedly.  

When she catches wave of what he’s looking at her face lights up and she laughs.

“Holy shit!”  

The two of them make their way over to Josh and his date with smug looks plastered over their faces.  

“Josh!” Tyler calls, breaking free from the crowd and hugging him.

“Hey man,” Josh says, giving him a pat on the back.  Once they’re done, he moves in to hug Y/N.  He squeezes lightly before backing off and putting his arm around the girl.

“Tyler, Y/N, this is Debby… my girlfriend.”

Tyler wishes he could wipe the shit eating grin off from his face, but he can’t, so instead, he plays it off as just being over-friendly and rolls with it.

Tyler finds himself having more fun than he thought.  A few drinks and introductions later, and he’s started a beer pong game with Josh as his partner, versus two guys he barely knew.    

With only ten minutes until midnight and the New Year, Y/N sneaks up on Tyler and grabs his hand.

“Hey, come with me,” she says.

Tyler notices the bottle of wine in her hand and looks at her questionably.

“Where are you going?”

“Just common.”

Tyler lets her lead him across the room blindly.  He’s buzzed and happy and frankly, he’d follow her anywhere at this point.  

He stops in his tracks when she reaches the sliding door leading to Mark’s balcony and smirks.  

“Well? Are you coming?” she asks as she steps outside.  

The air is brisk, but when Tyler looks up at the sky, he gasps at how clear it is outside.  

“Look at the stars,” he mumbles, gazing at the thousands of shimmering speckles across the sky.  

“I thought you’d like that,” she whispers, passing him the bottle of wine.  

Tyler takes a swig and the two of them pass it back and forth, settling in on the ground with their legs dangling over the balcony and just staring up.  

Only when they hear the music die down inside and the countdown begin do they look back at each other.

“Ten!” they call from inside.

Tyler meets Y/N’s eyes.  


They were shining beautifully in the moonlight.


He feels the familiar butterflies return to their place in his stomach.


She’s smiling at him.  


It’s wide enough to make her eyes crinkle.  


He’d never seen laughter lines so sweet.


He’s anticipating what’s about to happen.


He bites his tongue.


He leans in.  


Tyler presses his lips to hers with intent.  He scoots himself closer so that he can cup her chin, where he strokes the skin softly with his thumb.  Their lips move in unison and he only vaguely hears the crowd cheering “Happy New Year!” in the back.  

When he finally pulls away, he can feel his cheeks growing red, but he immediately decides that he can just play that off as the cold’s fault.  

She smiles back at him sweetly and whispers, “Happy New Year, Tyler,” before turning to look back up at the stars.  

Tyler can’t help but stare at her instead, because man, she was so beautiful. And in all honesty, this time… he wanted to take his time figuring her out. There was still so much to learn about her, but he knew that something about them felt right.

“What are you thinking about?” she asked, eyeing him after clearly noticing him staring.

Tyler sighs softly, meeting her gaze and smiling softly, “You.”

Does anyone else remember this pop song from around 2008?

by reddit user hartijay

I used to work on my university campus radio station in college. We used to talk about current events around the school, any news around the surrounding town, and played requested songs for students, something our school surprisingly allowed. I remember a very weird couple of months where students who tuned into the show constantly requested a song called “See You After, Babe”, a pop song by some one-hit-wonder group called Symmetry Icon, the dumbest name for a band I’ve ever heard. But that song was huge around October and November of 2008. As one of the campus radio’s DJs, I had to play that song over like a hundred times in two months. I heard it everywhere, in malls, gas stations, on real radio stations, and I think even on MTV.

Something was weird about that song, but I couldn’t remember exactly what. I tried Googling the song and band, but nothing came up in the results for either. Not even YouTube had a single clip of the song.

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Caught In The Act

Prompt:“I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.”

Stephanie wondered if he knew that she knew. He probably didn’t, probably thought he was being real subtle. To be fair, it had taken Stephanie some time to see it, but that was because she had been looking at him the same way. But once she saw it she couldn’t un-see it.

Every time he thought she wasn’t paying attention, he’d stare at her, and when she turned her attention to him he’d quickly glance away with a light blush dusting his cheeks. She knew how he felt, she had done the same multiple times before. She wondered if maybe he had caught her one of those times. If he had he certainly hadn’t done anything with the information, as he remained the loyal best friend he always was.

The way he looked at her made her feel warm and giddy at the same time. Now she knew that he liked her back, that it wasn’t just her feeling these things. She didn’t have to feel bad for falling for her best friend anymore.

She smiled again at the thought, Matthew liked her, she liked him, this could actually turn into something real, tangible. The thought was almost unbearably exciting, it made her heart beat faster.

She was startled out of her thoughts by Matt’s voice calling her name. She waved back at him and tried to calm the blush that was probably on her face.

“Aren’t you all smiley today,” Matt teased as he sat down beside her. She blushed and looked down at the papers strewn across the desk, where an attempt at studying had been made.

“Shut up,” she huffed and shoved him, her hands tingling with newfound excitement at the touch.

“Ooh, you’re blushing,” he continued to tease, “What happened, meet a guy?”

Oh don’t you know it, she thought, then realized that he didn’t know it. Matthew didn’t know that she knew, he didn’t even know that she liked him back. A slow and slightly evil grin made a way to her face. Oh, she could have some fun with this.

Suppressing her smile, she put on a nonchalant air and replied, “Maybe….”

She almost laughed at Matt’s surprised face, he hadn’t expected this answer.

“What?” He asked, aghast.

“It’s nothing,” she waved off knowing full well that Matthew would not take it as “nothing”.

“No, it’s not nothing,” he insisted, looking a slightly panicked. He was trying to hide it but she knew him well enough to see through it. She almost felt sorry for the guy.

“What?” She asked innocently. Matthew shot her a skeptical look,

“You know what! You can’t just say something like that then wave it out. Spill,” he demanded.

Stephanie bit back a grin, now it was time for the real fun to start.

“I don’t know, there just this really cute guy,” she said breezily.

“And,” Matthew pressed, as she knew he would.

“And I really like him,” she shrugged and moved her textbook in front of her.

“And?” Matt asked again, but looking more disappointed with every answer.

“And I found out he likes me back,” she concluded, digging through the papers to find the homework her professor had assigned last minute.

“Oh,” Matt’s voice went really quiet and it hurt her to see the hurt look flash on his face before he forced out a smile.

“But what’s his name? How come you’ve never told me about him?” He asked, nudging her shoulder lightly.

“Well you haven’t told me any of the girls you have a crush on,” she replied. Matthew mumbled something incoherent at that.

“What was that?” She asked raising an eyebrow.

“I said it doesn’t matter because she doesn’t like me back,” he mumbled.

“Well you want to know how I found out that this guy liked me back?” She asked as she started packing up her stuff. There was no way she was going to get any work done now.

“How?” He asked, avoiding her eyes and staring around the study lounge desolately.

She turned his face so it would meet hers.

“I saw the way he looked at me when he thought I wouldn’t notice,” she said softly and winked at him.

She could see the pieces clicking into place as Matthew’s face went from sadness to confusion and finally broke out in a smile that was immediately followed by a blush.

He ran a hand through his hair nervously.

“So I guess you caught me then,” he muttered a bit shyly.

She nodded and moved to hold his hand and was about to speak when Matt cut her off.

“Wait hold on, you said you liked me back!” He exclaimed as if he had just realized this vital piece of information.

“Did I?” She teased lightly.

Matt turned to her with a wide smile on his face which quickly turned to s frown, “Wait, if you knew I liked you then why’d you scare me like that? That was mean,” he pouted.

She laughed, “I had to mess with you somehow, because you see,” she said as she moved closer to him, “While I caught you,” she moved even closer, leaning in just close enough for a kiss, “You didn’t catch me.”

@unitywesker said: Tom/Tord 19

“You… you used me.”

Tom could feel his throat clogging up and his sockets filling with water. He was drunk but at this moment he couldn’t care to care. He had just wanted to get drunk off his ass and just stumble through the streets. But he had ran into a stranger and went to apologize before recognizing that smell. The smell of the fucking cigar smoke.

“No. no.” The voice broke Tom out of his thoughts and Tom wanted to hurl at just the sound of the norwegian accent. “I used your house. But not you.”

“You.” Tom growled pointing a finger hastily in tords chest. “You.”

“I?” Tord asked obviously amused by the incident that was happening. “Finish your sentences.”

“You fucking used me.” Tom growled pushing the finger harsher into tords chest. “You used my emotions.” His voice cracked and he pulled away looking at the man who was just staring back as if looking at tom would help him understand what tom was trying to say.

“I thought you loved me!” Tom went on his drunken mind not registering what he wanted to keep a secret. “I thought we were in love. And then you used me and crushed me. LITERALLY!” Tom threw his hands up some of the whiskey in his flask that was in his hand splashed out onto his hair.

“Tom.” Tord said softly but tom didn’t want to listen.

“No.” Tom snapped. “No, no no. You are not going to make me love you again!”

“Tom. You’re drunk.” Tom scoffed loudly waving the flask in front of his face.

“What gave you that impression?!?” He felt his legs go weak and his head spin. He couldn’t see and fell, falling asleep on the harsh cold pavement.


Tom woke with a groan and was meet with pain. The was headache probably from the hangover and where he hit it when he fell to the ground.His arm hurt and he gasped in pain when he tried to move it, looking over to see it was bandaged and folded across his chest.

“You really should be careful where you pass out.” The voice startled him and he snapped his head in the direction of the voice instantly regretting it with the throbbing in the back of his skull.

“Where am i?” He groaned, squinting his eyes shut.

“Well, i couldn’t leave you out on the street.” Tord said stepping into the room and sitting on the end of the bed. “And i didn’t want to break into your apartment.”

“Take me home.” Tom said ignoring what Tord had said and he sat up gasping at the pain again and wincing in protest as Tord pushed him back down.

“I will, don’t worry just get some rest.” Tord said before standing and going back to leave.

“Wait tord.” Toms voice cracked as he fought off the darkness. Tord turned and looked over his shoulder. “I love you.”

He didn’t have time to process what he said or tords reaction before he was pulled back into the darkness.


When Tom woke again he as back in his apartment, laid in his bed and tucked under the blankets. He thought about calling out to see if tord was there but stopped himself realizing he didn’t want to know the answer. He sat up and noticed a small letter with his name on the front.

It took about an hour for Tom to finally open the letter. It took him another to finally read what was written on the letter.

Dear Tom,

I did use you. I used youm i used edd, and i used Matt. Yes, i do regret using all of you, i regret using you the most.  

I don’t know if you’ll remember or if you’ll believe me but last night you told me you loved me. And you didn’t have time to hear my reply.

I took up your request and took you home, and don’t worry i won’t be there to bug you anymore. So i hope you grow happy tom, because that’s the only thing that can make me happy. Keep Edd and Matt safe. Keep yourself safe. And take the drinking easily, i don’t want to see you die young,

~ Tord

Tom stayed in bed for two days clutching the letter and crying. Edd eventually came around and dragged him out of bed making him shower and going out.

Tom knew it was stupid but he bought a locket out, cut out the small Signature tord had said and put it in the locket, hanging it around his neck but hiding it with his hoodie. So wherever he went he could feel Tord. He could know tord was safe. He could whisper i love you to the slip of paper.

Give me suggestions with this!

They say that your life flashes and run through your head before you die. It was different for me. The last few hours flew by me again. I relived it all from the rumble, to the memories I had with—
He died in the last few hours. I remember just getting him in a head lock just the other day, I remember rubbing his head and the way he would look at me. I saw something in Johnny’s eyes that I have never seen in anyone else’s. Pure innocence. It doesn’t matter the people he’s killed. To me his innocence ran just like my memories, fast and flashing.
I know I’m dying. I know I’m loosing my life, I desperately needed help. Or maybe I needed a release. The last memory I had. What was it? Don’t think about him in the hospital, don’t think about him burnt, don’t think about him dead. I remember.
I called his name. He was there with me; he was there when I saw Johnny as his usual self. In the car. At a Dairy Queen. That kid was just shoving french fries in his face. I told him to slow down, I remember. I remember Johnny Cade. I reached the feet of the gang and the last thing I saw was the look on their faces. It didn’t bother me though. I felt my eyes close and myself drift away. Remembering. Johnny Cade.

Loathing [b.b] (5/10)

Originally posted by itsjustmycrazyvibe

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

Series Title: Loathing (AU)
Fandom: MCU
Characters: Bucky Barnes x female!reader, Natasha Romanoff, Steve Rogers, mentions of Sam Wilson
Warnings: Alternate Universe, minor swearing
Word Count: 2,867
Requested: No
Short Description: You try to process the news Steve gave you as Bucky tries to figure out how to tell you himself; not realising that you already know he’s in love with you. Nat sets you up on a blind date with another guy and it doesn’t go the way you expected it too.

Disclaimer: not my gif

[Y/N] = your first name

Bucky told me he was in love with you.” Steve had told you, smiling giddily. Obviously, he was drunk. “I have no idea why I hadn’t suspected it.” Steve went on, still looking satisfied with himself. “I mean, he’s always been protective of you. Despite all of the constant tormenting, of course.” 

“Stevie, I think you’re drunk.” You told your older brother gently, brows folded together with concern. “Bucky isn’t in love with me. I mean, you have to be pretty damn drunk to think that he is.” You added, mostly to yourself as you pondered it over.

“He admitted it just three days ago!” Steve exclaimed, looking offended that you would assume he was lying. His brows were pulled together as he looked you up and down, shaking his head slightly as if he couldn’t believe you. The sight was humorous, but you didn’t feel amused. “Three! That’s like… one more than two.” He added, looking cross with you.

This reaction was even more comical, but you weren’t in the mood to smile at that point. “Steve…” you said his name, annunciating the syllable very carefully as you forced him to pay meticulous attention to your words. “I think you’ve told me something that you weren’t supposed to.” You told him in a cautious tone. “If you’re sure that what you’re saying is true.”

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