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If I'm ever given a second chance in life, 
I wanna be able to live only for myself.

I watched the Lego batman movie last night and I FRICKIN LOVED IT! (That ending though XD)
I especially like the flood of new batjokes shippers and all the new fanart/fanfiction fluff that they make! (I shipped batjokes before The movie made it popular so it brings me joy to see new people to share these guys twisted gay relationship ❤)

(I made this for funsies and I refuse to fix the animation/coloring errors ‘cause I’m lazy)


↳ hi
↳  everything alright?
↳ how you doin (english)
↳ right, I went to meet my friends but they all have exams
↳ I miss you a lot
↳ feels like it’s been months since weve seen each other
↳ I miss you (japanese)
↳ I can’t write music well
↳ there are a lot of times when I want to be lazy so I’m trying to fix it
↳ I need to read read books and study Japanese
↳ why do I want to loaf around so much
↳ It’s the same as when I was a high school student
↳ ohoho
↳ I have to go shoot
↳ I’ll be back
↳  see ya (english)
↳ XD
↳ 😘

trans; @hobuing | do not repost


Jaehee: I knew we should have used the van.

Jumin: No, we should’ve never joined.

–Based on a dream I had a few days ago lol XD and I’m lazy to put any shadows 

Edit: I just realized that I did a mistake for the format of the fake-chatroom lolol. Fixed it!





calzonasexytown  asked:

Are there any fics out there that you know of that are Carmilla and Laura star crossed lovers or one where they're not supposed to be together but they hide it or anything like that? Also, I love all of your fic recs. I save all the ones you post so I can eventually read them! Haha so thanks!

Sorry this took so long bc I honestly got lazy and it was too much research but I think I’ll start some kind of list XD  Not necessarily “star crossed lovers” or “forbidden.”  But something along the lines of “maybe we shouldn’t be together bc of what society/our family thinks” or whatever d:  This is a rough edit, I’ll fix this up when I’m not lazy.

That’s it for now… Anyone can feel free to suggest more by leaving me a message so I can add it on here!  Pretty sure I missed A LOT!


AU where Erik and Charles are single parents and co-workers who meet at Comic Con (where Charles and David are comic lovers, Wanda and Pietro too, and Erik know absolutely nothing about it)

♦Please do not repost, thank you
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hello tia ;) I got this inspiration a while ago, so why the hell not to try asking for a scenario from the best writer I know because I believe you can :D How about Aomine scenario doing video streaming(or live video on instagram) with his little son while his wife is away for business trip or smth and all of gom members watch them. Theen, surprise! She's joined too cuz she missed them so much. Sorry if this too detailed, I can't help myself. Thank you so much❤❤

Hi sweetie!! Of course I can write this for you!! It sounds really cute and interesting! So i hope you like what I came up with !!! :D (Btw, from now on, any son Aomine has will be named ‘Daisuke’. because I’m too lazy to think of different names xD)

“Dammit.. how do you fix this thing?!”

The little boy laughed, a hand on his belly as he watched his father scramble to fix the camera, preparing for their recording.

“You’re hopeless, old man! You should’ve just asked auntie Satsuki!”

He growled, turning to look at his son, “Shut up Daisuke! She’s not able to come over today, and I didn’t wanna wait for her! Why aren’t you helping me?!”

He raised an eyebrow, both hands on his hips. 

“Dad.. You never asked me.. Besides, you’re too proud… and you only want me to watch…”

He blushes, turning around and sighs heavily when it finally co-operates with him. He grabs the basketball, throwing it at Daisuke, before holding a finger over the start button.

“Are you ready son? We’re about to begin.. And everyone’s watching!”

He nods, quickly running over to the laptop, making sure everyone’s arrived.. All the gom were currently online, as well as their respective families.

“Aominecchi better prepare himself! Daicchi will kick his ass!”

“D-Dad! Don’t swear-ssu.. It’s not nice!!”

He laughs, giving them a wink, before  running on the court,  slowly dribbling the ball.. He watches his father, who is in a defensive position, and tilts his head.

“Dad.. Why is it so important for everyone to watch us playing basketball?”

He frowns, unsure of how to respond… It’s true he wanted to spend some quality time with his son.. But he didn’t want to admit missing you so much, and secretly hoping you’d be watching with everyone else.. He shrugs, looking at the screen before looking at him again.

“You need to be prepared for try-outs son.. Just because you’re my son, doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed a spot on the team..”

Daisuke doesn’t like how that sounds, so he makes a face, moving slowly closer to his dad. He barely sees his mom from the corner of his eye, but doesn’t make an effort to smile. He knows you’re going to surprise his dad, giving him an advantage to score, so he narrows his eyes, determined to pass Aomine.

He doesn’t understand why his son’s demeanour changed, but he prepares himself for anything.. It wouldn’t do him good to underestimate his own son. Though he felt his veins throb when the rest of his ex-teammates began cheering for his son.. 

Tch..  They’ve gone soft..

He sees the opening, and just as he lunges for Daisuke, he feels weight jump on him, causing him to crash to the ground, as he looks at you with wide eyes. W…What… What were you doing home so early?!

His lips are covered with yours, and a blush immediately overtakes him, having remembered they had an audience. He’s too stunned to respond, watching as you pull back, giggling at his dumbfounded expression…

God, he was so cute!!!

“Nice tackle mom!!!”

You laugh, pulling your son into a hug, before kissing his cheek, grinning when he makes a face, wiping his cheeks.

“EW! I got mom germs!”

That seems to snap him from his daze, and he stands up with you, swallowing the lump in his throat.

“_-_____! When did you - ?”

“I got released this morning!” you respond, rubbing his shoulders. “I was going to call you.. But I figured you’d be spending time with Daisuke, and I didn’t want to interrupt that… So I figured it could be a surprise!!”

You wrap your arms around him, snuggling into his warmth.

“I’ve missed you, Daiki…”

He coughs, awkwardly rubbing the back of his head before returning the embrace, sighing softly.

“I’ve missed you too ____…”

‘A lot….’

There was a muffled cough, and it only dawned on him the livestream was still recording… With everyone still watching.. And that made the happiness he felt melt into one of mortification and anger.. He stalked towards the camera, preparing to break it, when his son jumped, grabbing it and showing everyone what he looked like up close.

“I hate to interrupt this touching reunion… But we wanted to see you get your ass handed to you by Daisuke, Aomine.”

He flustered, opening his mouth before you kissed him, giggling at the ever-growing blush.

“Sorry everyone!! I didn’t want to be OUT of the video!” you giggled, scratching your head, “Guess i crashed it huh?”

“Not really… You’re gorgeous as ever ____-san.. And it was quite funny watching you tackle Aomine-kun like that..”

He flustered, glaring at the screen, “S…Shut up Tetsu!”

“If all we’re going to see is Aomine acting like a shy teenager, I have much better things to do nanodayo.. It was nice seeing you ____.”

“OI! Watch your tongue Midorima!”

They heard snoring from the other end, making them laugh.

“You put Murasakibaracchi to sleep Aominecchi!! You should’ve started sooner!”

he growled, “I’m gonna kill you, Kise!”

“Daisuke, control your moronic dad! i have to do that with mine!”

“SO mean!!”

He threw the basketball at  his dad, huffing at being  ignored.

“This is boring.. I’m heading to my room to nap.”

“OI! Get back here brat!”

“Let him go, Daiki..” you purred, leaning up to nip his ear. “I want to show you just how MUCH I’ve missed you..”

He blinked, before a smirk curled on his lips, and without a second thought, picked you up and ran inside the house. Screw everyone else. As long as he had you to hold,  to sleep with every night, he didn’t care…

He did have to beat his son in a one-on-one though… 

“Hey human, wanna play a quick game with me?”

(aa I LOVE STRETCH so much (srry guys x3))

The idea of pocky and him came into my mind immediately when I was having an art block =w= I couldn’t resist =3=~

I should make this into a comic…


I still haven’t moved on from LawPhelia :’D

On the side note, I drew this with my fingers on my dad’s tablet. It’s hard, but it’s fun! XD I plan to draw fireflies around the two of them and on Ophie’s fingers, but I need to look for some reference first wahaha~☆

I drew some more ErrorFresh, honestly this is my only sanscest otp, and I don’t know why either XD I just find it cute, also I know the fresh can’t blush because of no feelings, but throw that out the window, I like blushy ukes sooo l3c I’m getting bolder and bolder with my drawings

Omggg I keep forgetting the glitches XD I’m too lazy to fix it, so I’ll just keep it that way

Error and fresh belongs to @loverofpiggies
(P.s. I didn’t let me tag before but now it does, oh well)


So… I kinda forgot to post this. >u>“

Our next character up is WX-78! My friend @johnyume likes to play him a lot and he just looks really adorable. ( especially with a flower crown! ) Rain was always an issue but MAN he can be tough after a few upgrades. And his food tolerance is insane.

I actually have a lot of fun drawing his face. I like trying to make him have emotions when his face seems really limited. I also like to come up with little head canons for this guy. XD

uh.. @cadmiumzirconium why i can’t tag u :o


Seeing as it’s Valentine’s day, I made these in paint xD. I never want to clean up images pixel by pixel agaaaain my eyes hurt boohoo. I don’t actually know what the proper dimensions for this type of thing are supposed to be, so all of them probably have different sizes.

Kira and Sissel are taken from screenshots I took myself, the Lynne and Alfendi sprites were taken from asklynne.tumblr.com and askalfendilayton.tumblr.com respectively because I got lazy. Enjoy! (Though I doubt anyone will see this… X’D ) 

Edit: Fixed a couple of mistakes; I had some uncolored spaces on the Lynne valentines. (And oh wow, this has 20 notes!! That’s 20 more than I expected thankyouthankyouall)

yasminoliveira534  asked:

Hey Matt! ^-^ ... 6, 10, 33, 37, 55, 69, 71, 87, 95, 98 please dear? :)

Hey Yasmin! ^-^ and thank you for the ask!!!

6. Describe your personality in 3 words: hmm xD Mindful, Optimistic, and Obsessive XP

10. How would you describe your style? Hipsterish i think xD

33. Favorite actor? Does Nick Wilde count? Jk definitely Melissa McCarthy

37. Do you read alot? Whats your favorite book? I dont read much :/ (either dont have the time or too lazy i need to fix that) but a favorite book i have read is Into the Wild

55. What is your drram job? Working as an IT specialist possibly owning my own technology company would be cool!

69. Do you play an instrument? I play the violin (little rusty on it) and i love playing the Native American flute its so relaxing

71. Tea or coffee? Tea ^-^

87. Are you outgoing or shy? Very outgoing with people with similar interests :)

95. Summer or winter? Winter ^-^ i love the snow on the Rockies!

98. Favorite month? December :)


Merry Christmas!

Comic starts from top left! Click for full view (especially the last strip)!