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Gotta Learn Somehow

Request:  Can I request a smut where Carl walks in on (y/n) masturbating and he like joins her (he like masturbates with her) and they sort of watch each other and then he can’t take it anymore so they eventually end up having loud sex and then the next day everyone like makes jokes and stuff because they heard them? I love your imagines btw they’re amazing?? xo

Warning: SMUT, language idk.

a/n: I just can’t seem to let go of Glenn, someone messaged me asking me about why Glenn is always in my fics after 7x01 and it’s just because I’m in denial lol idk. Also I added a part with Rick’s PoV just because I thought it was cute lol.

Don’t be afraid to request anything or message me telling me what you think, I’ll always answer :) xo

You sit on the sofa and look at the coffee table in front of you and sigh. This had to be the most boring day of your life. Carl was on watch and Enid had gone over the walls and you just weren’t feeling that today. Rick was out with Michonne, Maggie and Glenn and Carol had Judith. You walk over to the book case in the corner and run your finger over each book.

None of them appeal to you and you let out a long, exasperated sigh as you walk to the stairs, up them and into Carl’s bedroom. You find a random comic and lie on his bed, flicking through the pages you sigh as you realise you’ve already read it. But you read it anyway, twice, until you see the sky has darkened drastically and you sigh to yourself.

Before you realise you’re doing it, you squeeze your thighs together and whimper. Recently you had been hornier than usual and on top of it all Carl had been very busy so he never had time.  Your hand ran down your body and to your clothed pussy as you began to rub small circles and you let out a quiet moan. You push your hand passed your trousers and your fingers found your clit as they began to rub harsh but small figure eights.

You back arches off of the bed and you moan as you shut your eyes and picture Carl’s hands instead of yours. You stop your actions for a quick minute to dispose of your clothes. You slide your top off first and through it along with your trousers and underwear.

You continue to do so until you feel yourself getting closer and closer to the edge and your legs start to twitch a little. Your eyes shoot open and your heart speeds up a little as you see Carl stood in the doorway, leaning against the frame, smirking. You don’t stop your actions you just continue to look at him while pleasuring yourself. He walks over to where you lay naked and he takes his hat off, placing it on the floor. You throw your head back as you continue your actions.

He rids himself of his clothes and lays next to you and you look into his eye for a moment before looking at what he’s doing. He takes a hold of his length and starts to pleasure himself. You moan at the sight of him as your hand comes up to your breast and you tug. You watch him as his hips buck up slightly as he watches you and you see his chest rise and fall deeply. Carl strokes himself as you begin to moan loudly, unaware of how loud you are actually being. Carl is grunting and moaning beside you as he watches you intently. You circle your entrance with a finger before inserting it and then you hear Carl growl beside you.

Before you know it his lips are on yours and his hand is pushing yours away to replace it with his. You gasp as he enters two fingers into you and you try to control your breathing. You fail as you moan out and breath harshly. His lips trail down your neck where he sucks and bites and you are sure he left a mark. He stops what he’s doing and you try to slow down your heart as it pounds heavily against your chest. His face is level with your dripping core as he looks at you.

“So (Y/n), tell me how your day has been.” He says, smirking, and you scoff.

“What?” You exclaim as he’s still level with your pussy but he makes no move.

“I won’t do so much as look at your pussy until you tell me what led you to laying here playing with yourself.” He utters as he still focuses on your face. “I’m waiting.”

“Okay, well before you got here I almost read-ah shit.” his tongue finally attaches to your core as he licks harshly at your clit and your back arches off the bed. He stops once he realises you’ve stopped talking. “Right um, I almost read a book b-but they all s-seemed too boring so I-I came up here t-to read a comic but one thing l-led to another and I ended up touching myself b-because I was s-so bored.” You manage to pant out as he doesn’t stop torturing your clit with his tongue.

“Now was that so hard.” He says as he brings a finger to your entrance and pushes in, causing you to moan very loudly. “Shh. We don’t want people complaining now do we.” He says before his lips attach to your clit again, sucking and licking as you become a moaning mess while he pumps a finger in and out of you.

“P-please Carl.” You mewl.

“Please what (Y/n)?” He whispers against your pussy. You feel yourself start to unravel as his fingers continue to move in and out, in and out.

“Please, I- oh my god Carl!” You almost scream as you come around his fingers and thrash against him. He starts to slow his actions as your hips grind against his fingers and you breath heavily until he removes his fingers and pops them in his mouth. You watch his and he winks at you when he notices you’re watching him and he moves you so you are on your side as he lays behind you so his face is level with your shoulder.

You can’t see what he’s doing behind you but you can feel it as he lines himself up to your entrance and only allows the tip to enter you. You wait for a couple of seconds before you feel his hips snap against yours and your head tips back as you rest on you elbows. He thrusts into you as you feel his lips kiss your shoulders as you moan loudly. With your free hand you clamp it over your mouth as you begin to breath heavily and you feel your high approaching for the second time that day.

Carl moans a string of the words ‘shit’ and 'fuck’ as he continues to thrust into you.

“Come (Y/n), do it for me.” He whispers in your ear before placing his lips upon your temple. Your hand drops from your mouth to the sheets as you grip at them and moan loudly as you come undone.

“Oh god Carl!” The sound of your voice vibrates from the walls as Carl, next to you, moans your name as he pulls out and shoots his load all over your back. You both still, fatigue rushing over your bones and breathing heavily as you try to calm your selves before you feel the bed dip and see Carl stand to grab his shirt from the ground only to wipe his come off of your back.

He pulls you to him so that your head is in his chest and his hand runs through your hair.

“Sleep now.” He whispers as he kisses your forehead.

“This day wasn’t so boring after all.” You say and you feel him smirk.

Ricks PoV: I step through the door and place my gun on the side, kicking my boots off while Michonne trails in behind me, holding Judith in her arms. Then the sound of (Y/n)’s voice rattles through the house.

“Oh god Carl!” I feel my eyes widen as (y/n)’s voice sounds more like a moan. I turn to look at Michonne and she stares back at me, her eyes as wide as mine. The sound of Carl’s moans then echo through the house.

“Are they-?” She whispers as her eyebrows furrow and she starts chuckle. I do the same as we walk into the living room.

“They’re kids, they have to learn sometime right?” I mutter as we both sit, chuckling to ourselves while Judith sits on Michonne’s lap and the moans stop.

We wait for almost 15 minutes to see if there would be anymore noises from the bedroom.

“I’m guessing they’re done?” Michonne says while Judith sleeps on the sofa.

“The only way to know for sure is to just go up there.” I say as I stand and Michonne stands with me. We both walk up the stairs and to Carls closed bedroom door. I knock before opening the door and prepare myself but when I step inside I breath out a sigh of relief. There are clothes scattered on the floor as they both lay asleep and Carl is hugging (Y/n) as close to him as he can. The sight is sobering and I smile. He may be young but I know he’s in love and that she makes him happy.

Normal PoV: You stir as you feel Carl’s arms wrapped around your torso and you rub your eyes and yawn. You climb out of the bed gently, making sure not to wake Carl as you reach for Carl’s flannel and your bottoms.

“Come back to bed for 5 more minutes please.” Carl’s whines and you laugh.

“Sorry I woke you but we should probably get up anyway.” You say as Carl’s huffs.

“Fine.” He sits up and grabs his trousers and a different flannel when he says you’re wearing his. You both walk down the stairs and to the kitchen but stop when you see there are eyes on you. Rick, Michonne, Glenn, Maggie, Daryl, Sasha and Carol all stare at you both as they smirk and you feel your cheeks heat up.

“What?” Carl’s brows furrow. Rick’s mouth hangs open as he stares at his son.

“What? Don’t what us. The whole of freaking Alexandria heard you two last night.” He says as he laughs.

“They’ve gotta learn somehow right?” Daryl chuckles and you laugh and Carl looks at you smiling.

“Hey.” Rick points to you two with his spoon. “We’re gonna talk about this later.” You both nod as he turns serious. He grabs your hand and leads you too the living room.

“That was so embarrassing.” You utter as your hands cover your face and you smile.

“They’re not going to let us live this down are they?” He chuckles and you shake your head.

“Nope. Maybe we should do it again just to piss them off.” You say and he smirks.

“Maybe we should just do it again because I fucking love you.” His eyebrow raises as you place a kiss to his lips.

“We’ll see.” You whisper.

It's My Turn to Take Care of You.

Everywhere Hide looked, someone else’s face was smudged or shadowed over. He couldn’t recognize anyone. But there was one figure he would never mistake; it was Kaneki. The raven haired boy’s back was to Hide. When Hide reached his friend and spun him around, Kaneki was crying with blood splattered all over him.

“Hide, help me…” Kaneki whimpered. There were tears running down his face.

With a yelp, Hide took a step back. The blond’s eyes drifted down to his hands. He, himself, was literally red handed.

“Hide…” Kaneki’s voice cracked.

Hide looked up at his friend, but his heart stopped. Before him was a blood drenched boy with white hair and unmistakable silver eyes. His face was void of all emotion.

“Kane-” Hide’s voice stopped working. “Ka-” Try, he might, but his body wasn’t responding to him.

“Why didn’t you help me, Hide? You promised me that you would always help me.” Kaneki’s wounds were beginning to heal. “Where were you, Hide? It hurt a lot. I’m broken because of you.”

Hide could only cry as he watched the already broken boy’s soul turn into dust. Kaneki’s pupils shrunk while a sinister smile spread across the ghoul’s face.

“Hey, Hide, I learned some new tricks during my time of torture.” The ghoul cracked his knuckle. “Do you know what it sounds like to have a centipede in your ear? Huh? Do you, Hide?”

Kaneki was swaying and stumbling around while chuckling to himself.

“Hey, Hide, what’s a thousand…” Kaneki was grunting in pain. “What’s a thousand…minus…..” Kaneki screams as a centipede looking kagune thrashed from Kaneki’s back. An ominous looking mask was shrouding the ghoul’s face. “What’s a thousand minus….seven?”

Hide still couldn’t talk. Couldn’t even move. He was frozen.

“WHY WOULD YOU LET ME BECOME LIKE THIS?!” Kaneki shrieks before shooting his kagune towards Hide. “WHY DID YOU LEAVE ME ALONE?! I THOUGHT I COULD COUNT ON YOU!”

Hide cries out and shrieks. Hide wakes up from the nightmare. His breath was ragged, and his whole body was drenched in cold sweat. His hair clung to his face and neck. It was the same dream that haunted him since the day Kaneki left. It wasn’t this bad before, but once Hide discovered everything that happened to Kaneki, he spends most nights avoiding sleep. Hide doesn’t want to dream about Kaneki’s suffering. Hide bit his lower lip until he tasted iron.

Hide just sits there sobbing silently with his face in his hands. A soft grumble makes Hide jump. The faint brushes of fingertips caressed Hide’s skin. The blond looked over and saw Kaneki fast asleep next to him. White hair covering Kaneki’s eyes.

‘I’m glad I didn’t wake him up this time.’ Hide thought to himself.

The blond runs his fingers through his hair before letting out a long sigh.

'I thought I could count on you.“ The words whispered in Hide’s head.

Tears pooled in Hide’s eyes and fell. The human let out painful and distressed whimpers. He didn’t know how to make the bad thoughts go away. Hide needed Kaneki. He needed him so bad!

The blond scooted close into Kaneki’s arms. The boy nuzzled Kaneki’s neck after giving Kaneki a light kiss. He filled his mind with Kaneki’s scent and radiating body heat. The blond could feel his hair being messed with by Kaneki’s breathing. Hide sighed in relief and satisfaction. He drapes his left arm over Kaneki’s side, and buries his face into Kaneki’s chest. Within a matter of minutes. Hide reluctantly fell back asleep.


Once Kaneki heard the evenly paced breaths from Hide, the half ghoul knew that Hide drifted back to sleep.

Kaneki carded his fingers through Hide’s blond locks while he placed light kisses against the side of Hide’s head. Every time Hide slept, this was to be expected. Each and every time Hide cried out Kaneki’s name desperately only broke more of The ghoul’s heart.

Hide would scream things like, "I’m sorry! Kaneki, I’m sorry!” and “I didn’t know! I didn’t know!” or “Don’t leave! I can still help! I’m sorry!”

Kaneki clung the blond to him securely so he could feel every twitch the human made. He hoped that whatever Hide dreamt, the boy would sense Kaneki right there with him. The fact that Hide believed that he needed to apologize to Kaneki was so mind boggling. As if he had anything to apologize for!

The half ghoul rubbed small circles into the blond’s back and murmured comforting words against Hide’s hair. Anytime Hide wanted to turn over, Kaneki kept him in place. If Hide woke up on terror again, the first thing he needs to see is Kaneki.

The thing that bugged Kaneki the most, was how Hide smiled and laughed it off when Kaneki tries to talk to Hide about it. Hide’s been holding this storm inside and it’s really taking a toll on the blond.

In the middle of Kaneki running his fingers back up to the top of Hide’s head, the blond stirred.

“Kaneki…?” Hide asked with a broken voice.

Kaneki didn’t respond. The half-ghoul just smiled gently. Hide rubbed his eyes with the back of his hand. Even in the dark, Kaneki could make out dark circles under the human’s eyes. Hide was still suffering from the previous night terror. Hide’s trembling body was a dead give away to that fact.

“What are you doing up?” Hide asked the half-ghoul. He didn’t process the situation entirely. Hide didn’t realize that Kaneki was awake throughout the whole episode Hide had. But it was connecting little by little. When it finally all came together, Hide looked up at Kaneki with wide eyes. “K-Kaneki? I…”

“I love you.” Kaneki says not breaking eyes once.

“Kanek-” Hide was blushing lightly at Kaneki’s abrupt confession. This wasn’t a new thing between them, but Kaneki isn’t usually this direct. This wasn’t just a confession though. Kaneki wanted Hide to understand that Kaneki never blamed Hide once. That he still loves Hide.

“I love you.” Kaneki held Hide closer. The half-ghoul rubbed his thumb soothingly against the back of Hide’s head. “So much. I love you so much.”

Hide’s steal wall of angsty emotions was beginning to crack. Kaneki could see it. He could see Hide’s eyes beginning to glisten. Kaneki nuzzles his face in Hide’s hair. The hand in Hide’s hair slid down the the back of the blond’s neck. The other arm was holding Hide securely to him by the human’s waist.

“Kaneki…wait…what are you talk-” Hidems voice was wavering. The tremble in Hide’s lower lip was evident.

“Hide, I love you. You saved me. You saved me. Thank you. Thank you, Hide. Thank you.” Kaneki knew Hide was about to crumble. The ghoul tucked Hide’s head under his chin. He wanted to spare the human’s pride when he cried.

“Kaneki…I’m so…..” Kaneki could feel water rolling down his neck. “I’m so sorry!”

“Shhh, you don’t have anything to be sorry for. You saved me, Hide. You saved me. You did. You did.” Kaneki kept chanting.

This went on for a while. Hide sobbed into Kaneki’s chest while Kaneki whispered praise and love into Hide’s skin. When Hide’s body was beginning to calm down from the spine breaking shudders, Kaneki pulled his face away to look at his beloved friend.

There were fingers attached to Kaneki’s shirt in a death grip. Hide was so terrified of Kaneki disappearing again. When Kaneki moved his face back, Hide whimpered painfully.

“Hide.” Kaneki whispered softly.

Hide looked up at the ghoul. His eyes were red and swollen. The blond’s hair was sticking up in every which direction.

“Kaneki, I’m sorry I let you down. You went through so much. I-” Kaneki cut Hide off by rubbing his thumb against Hide’s lower lip.

“You never let me down. Not once. Even when I wasn’t aware of it, you still had my back.” Kaneki’s thumb slid down Hide’s neck and pulled back the blond’s shirt collar a bit. A faint, healing scar was visible on Hide’s shoulder. “And don’t sell yourself short, Hide. It seems you went through a lot as well.” Kaneki leaned down to kiss the scar.

Hide only held Kaneki closer to him. He needed the reassurance desperately. Wanted to know that everything was okay. But Hide felt selfish for wanting this of Kaneki. Especially when Kaneki needs the comforting more than Hide does.

“I’m sorry.” Hide apologized again. “For making you do this. My problems are small and insignificant compared to yours. I should be comforting you instead…”

“Don’t ever think that, Hide. I’m happy when you let me help you. I don’t like seeing you suffer, especially if it’s so I won’t feel burdened. You always, always, take on my problems. You comfort me when I’m at my worst. You bring me back every time. Now, it’s my turn to make you feel better.” Kaneki never looked away from Hide’s gaze. A few stray tears left the blond’s eyes.

“K-Kaneki…” Hide crumbled in Kaneki’s embrace. “Kaneki. Kaneki. Kaneki. It hurts. Kaneki, it hurts so much.”

“I know, Hide. I know. I’m here, though. I’m here now, so you’re not alone anymore. Hide, I’m right here.” As if to make the words more powerful in their meaning, Kaneki nuzzles Hide’s hair again then rests his forehead against the blond’s. Their eyes are still locked on each other’s. Kaneki whispers his lover’s name. “Hide. Hide. Hide.”

Hide brushes his fingertips below Kaneki’s left eye. Kaneki smiles and cups the side of Hide’s face.

“I love you.” Kaneki says and brings their lips together.

'It’s my turn to take care of you, Hide.’

Molested and abused her little sister?

I originally wrote some of this as a reply to someone weeks ago, but I wanted to make a standalone post to make it easier to link.

I don’t even fucking like Lena.  I’ve never watched Girls and really never ever thought about her in any capacity till people started parading this issue around. At first I simply accepted this “abuse” narrative given out because all the people saying it were people who are generally good at questioning dogma and baseless rhetoric.  I also believed it because I, like most humans, am more inclined to believe than question negative things about people I don’t care for very much.

I didn’t really question it until I heard objections from feminismisahatemovement, who seemed incredibly unlikely to be biased towards simply taking Lena’s side.  Not only did they object, but they used the book in their posts.  Most of you who are familiar with my blog know that I always prefer to look to a primary source and work from there.

So this post will be about the passages cited by people that allegedly detail abuse of her younger sister by her hand.

Here’s the one most often cited:

“Do we all have uteruses?” I asked my mother when I was seven.

“Yes,” she told me. “We’re born with them, and with all our eggs, but they start out very small. And they aren’t ready to make babies until we’re older.” I look at my sister, now a slim, tough one-year-old, and at her tiny belly. I imagined her eggs inside her, like the sack of spider eggs in Charlotte’s Webb, and her uterus, the size of a thimble.

“Does her vagina look like mine?”

“I guess so,” my mother said. “Just smaller.”

One day, as I sat in our driveway in Long Island playing with blocks and buckets, my curiosity got the best of me. Grace was sitting up, babbling and smiling, and I leaned down between her legs and carefully spread open her vagina. She didn’t resist and when I saw what was inside I shrieked.

My mother came running. “Mama, Mama! Grace has something in there!”

My mother didn’t bother asking why I had opened Grace’s vagina. This was within the spectrum of things I did. She just on her knees and looked for herself. It quickly became apparent that Grace had stuffed six or seven pebbles in there. My mother removed them patiently while Grace cackled, thrilled that her prank had been a success. (x)

So far as I can tell, this is what happened:

>Lena is a 7 year old who learned that babies are born with eggs in their uterus.  
>One day, she sees one year old Grace playing
>Goes over and tries to find Grace’s “eggs” and finds some pebbles
>Tells mom
>Mom looks and takes the pebbles out
>Grace laughs

I mean I guess I can see why people think it’s somewhat weird since it involves private parts, but Lena was curious about babies and making children.  She’s fucking 7.  

It’s not like she has an adult understanding  of babymaking and private parts as James Deen’s throbbing cock pounding Sasha Grey lady glove from doggy position until she ends up a human twinkie ready to pop one out in 9 months. She just thought “baby comes from uterus.  baby has uterus and eggs.  how does that work? will I be able to see?”

People will question the part about the sister “pranking” Lena as if that’s what the 1 year old was really trying to do!  The infant, who doesn’t even have a fully developed sense of object permanence, was pulling a prank.  What seems more reasonable is that Lena is writing an essay and trying not to make it like a boring documentation of history.  She projects a bit of agency onto her sister to make it seem cuter or whatever.  I don’t know, she’s not very good at it, but it’s clearly a literary device and not meant to reflect the infant child’s delight in deception.  Deception which she probably wouldn’t have the mental capacity to comprehend out at that age.

It’s just so strange that people are accusing a 7 year old of being a sexual predator.  This is the passage cited most often and people seemed outraged… at a seven year old.  I’m just not understanding what people think she was trying to do exactly.

People also focus on that line:

My mother didn’t bother asking why I had opened Grace’s vagina. This was within the spectrum of things I did

People will state that this means Lena just went around looking in people’s vaginas or something.  Something inappropriate and sexual.  This was just normal behavior for Lena.

In reality, it looks more like she’s just letting people know she was a curious child who had little regard for tact or personal space.  This seems pretty normal for 7 year olds in general.

This was a one off instance.  That’s what the fuss was about.  There’s no “grooming” or “abuse”.

However there are two more passages often cited:

As  she grew, I took to bribing her for her time and affection: one dollar in quarters if I could do her makeup like a “motorcycle chick.” Three pieces of candy if I could kiss her on the lips for five seconds.  Whatever she wanted to watch on TV if she would just “relax on me.”  Basically, anything a sexual predator might do to woo a small suburban girl I was trying.

Again, candy for a kiss from your sister is not being an abuser.  The part where she compares herself to a sexual predator, she’s describing her tactic of bribing her sister.  She fails at being laid back and funny, but it’s clear she’s describing a method of using rewards and positive reinforcement to gain voluntary attention and compliance.  There’s no allusion to sexual abuse other than the shitty analogy.

I was never a little girl, so I’m not sure how common it is to be drawn to positive attention, but I can’t imagine it’s rare.  I can concede that it might not be normal or healthy to the degree that Lena exercised it (I’m not really qualified to judge one way or the other), but it’s getting the pitchforks out a bit early to call this molestation or abuse.

This is the last passage people quote as “proof”:

I shared a bed with my sister, Grace, until I was seventeen years old.  She was afraid to sleep alone and would begin asking me around 5:00 P.M.  every day whether she could sleep with me. I put on a big show of  saying no, taking pleasure in watching her beg and sulk, but eventually I  always relented. Her sticky, muscly little body thrashed beside me  every night as I read Anne Sexton, watched reruns of SNL, sometimes even  as I slipped my hand into my underwear to figure some stuff out.

>Little sister often asks to sleep in same bed with Lena.
>This would happen till Lena was 17
>Lena was growing up and at some point discovers masturbation

If she went through puberty while her sister was still insisting on sleeping in the same bed, it’s perfectly expected of her to still explore herself.  I figured out how to masturbate while sharing a room with my older step brother.  Thank fuck for bunk beds.

Lena mentions three things with the purpose of illustrating that she was growing up and learning about herself in poetry(Ann Sexton), comedy(SNL), and sexuality(figuring stuff out), but to also add that there was a sleeping kid who insisted on being there, oblivious to the older sister’s discoveries and transformations as a person.

At no point was her sister described to be abused or touched in any way.

People will then combine any or all these passages to somehow state that she was bribing her sister until the age of 17 to be able to look in her vagina and masturbate in bed or some such nonsense like that.

Or they’ll say that she was getting off to her sister’s “muscly little body thrash[ing] beside [her]” when that’s not what is said at all.  Again, it’s a book and she’s trying not to be boring so rather than just say “girl with parents DNA unconscious on my sleeping mattress”, she decides to be (somewhat poorly) descriptive.

I just don’t see enough here to label her a child molester or abuser. Especially not some of the crazier accusations like sustained abuse for 10 years or whatever.  If someone disagrees or has found fault in my assessment, I’d love to know.

HP Preference #3- Dating Draco.

How you meet: 

“Hey Y/L/N, that was pretty impressive flying up there during that match. It’s a shame that my team beat you.” Draco teased you when you bumped into him while you went on your usual walk. “I’ll thrash you next time Malfoy. You watch.” You retorted back before going to walk away. You took five steps before he called your name. You turned around to see him smirking. “I hope to see you around, Y/L/N.” He smirked. You felt butterflies in your stomach, but you decided to ignore them. 

When he flirts with you: 

“Psst, Y/L/N.” Draco whispered from beside you. When you turned to face him, he blew a paper bird at you and signalled you to open and read it.  It read: “Y/L/N, I think you’re absolutely perfect. Date me?” You faced him again, this time you were blushing. You simply nodded. 

How he kisses you: 

“You’re an absolute arsehole you know that? Stop being horrible to my friends!” You yelled as you bumped into him in the corridor. He dragged you into an empty classroom. “I like it when you get all angry.” He smirked before kissing you passionately. Your anger all went away at his touch, his kisses always had that effect on you. 

When his father doesn’t like you: 

“Draco, I want you to stop seeing that girl of yours. She’s not worthy.” His father demanded. Draco looked hurt and refused to look his father in the eye. “I’ve always obeyed you father, but not today. I love her. I’m never going to leave her.” He said bravely before storming out of his house. When you saw Draco on the train you noticed him looking angry. “My father wanted me to stop seeing you. He doesn’t think that you’re good enough for me.” He admitted. “And? Are you going to do what he wants?” You asked nervously. “Over my dead body.” Draco laughed. You were relived, you could never bare losing him. 

When you bump into each other during the battle of Hogwarts: 

“DRACO!” You squealed after looking for him everywhere. You ran into his arms and be hugged you tightly, burying his face into your hair. “I love you.” You mumbled. “I l love you too. Stay safe. We’re going to survive this.” He insisted before kissing your forehead. 

When he joins Voldemort’s side: 

“Draco, come on.” Draco’s father hisses as Voldemort recruited people after the death of Harry. “You should go, your mother needs you.” You whispered. He looked at his mother and you saw him swallow. He looked at you sadly, he knew that you would rather die than go with him, he touched your hand and walked away from you. You felt a piece of you break away from that moment. 

You and Draco marry after the war after his mother forces Lucius to give you his blessing. 

“I love you Mrs Malfoy. You are what makes my life worth living.” He told you after you sealed your marriage with a kiss. “I love you too Mr Malfoy.” You smiled. You were in so love with him, you couldn’t wait to spend the rest of your life with him. 

tina-nightray  asked:

Hello there~ 😁 hope doing fine dear~😀 can I ask for KuroMahi (24- is it snowing~ ?) please~~ and thank you~ btw I love your fics~ Tina~🌹

[CHRISTMAS SENTENCE PROMPTS FIC #3] - Servamp (Kuro/Mahiru) - 24: ”Is it snowing?”  Thanks Tinaaa!<3 Here’s the KuroMahi for you, I hope you like it!! And btw to the little sillies who are cheering me on: I AM SO EMBARRASSED! XD 

Will you guys believe me if I say I had to write this twice ^^;. I was writing it on Tumblr ask- answer and accidentally clicked back to my dashboard. Bye fic.

Word Count: 871

“Ahhh only a little bit more until holidays. I’m so tired,” Mahiru whined. He had gotten up too late again, had to skip breakfast, even had to drag Kuro out of bed and stuff the little cat into his backpack before hurrying outside to get to school.

“When I’m free for the holidays, let’s sleep a lot Kuro. For once, I’ll join you and…” Mahiru opened his sleepy eyes wide when he felt his shoes sink into something cold and wet. Snow. 

“Snow…” Mahiru looked around in shock.

“Is it snowing?” he gasped, and he looked up at the sky. Snowflakes rained down on him and joined the thick snow that covered the streets.

“Kuro! It’s snowing!” The fact that he even skipped breakfast to get to school on time was completely forgotten. Excited like a little kid, Mahiru put down his backpack and opened it. The little cat inside curled up in a ball and opened one sleepy eye.

“Kuro, come on out! It’s snowing!” Mahiru said, and he grabbed him softly and took him out.

“Hmmmhh.. snow…..” Kuro mumbled sleepily.

“Snooowww..snow.. wait. Snow!?” Kuro’s eyes were wide open now and he looked around as he dangled in Mahiru’s hold.

“No! Get me back in!” Kuro kicked his little legs and tried to flee back into the backpack, but because of his sudden struggling Mahiru dropped the cat into the snow. This was where Kuro transformed, and a grumpy vampire looked up at the Eve from his position in the cold now.

“I hate snow, Mahiru!” Kuro groaned, and he shook his head. Mahiru stared at him in shock and then smirked.

“Do you now?” he asked with a cheeky grin, and he picked up a handful of snow, snickering down at the Servamp.

“Mahiru - no!” Before Kuro could transform back or run, Mahiru advanced on him. The snow in his hands was aimed at Kuro’s neck, where Mahiru could find a small opening to have the cold snow make contact with the vampire’s skin.

“COLD! AhhhH!” Kuro was shrieking, and Mahiru laughed out loud. The hysterical vampire fell back into the snow, and he followed him down and wriggled his cold fingers through the opening of his coat. Making contact with Kuro’s warm skin, Mahiru could feel his body jump at the sensation, and the usually lazy and quiet Kuro now burst in a hysterical fit of squeals.

“MAHI-COLD! HAHA no! That tickles!” Just as Mahiru was shoving more snow in his neck, Mahiru blinked his eyes and ohohooo the human was chuckling mischievously now.

“Watch it Kuro, the evil snow will come and tickle you!” Mahiru threatened playfully. Swinging one leg over Kuro’s squirming body, Mahiru pinned him down and started to wriggle his cold and wet fingers back into Kuro’s collar. 

While Kuro snorted and giggled from the neck tickling, Mahiru undid the buttons of his coat swiftly with his other hand and soon sneaked both hands under Kuro’s shirt. 

“MAhihihiru! Stahaap I swear!” Mahiru didn’t care people were passing by and watching them questioningly. He didn’t even realize he was going to be late for school. This was too much fun. Because when did Kuro ever laugh like this?

“Is it my cold fingers? Are you so weak against tickling? Is it both? Why are you laauuughing Kuro?” Mahiru had become the biggest tease ever now, and he was not being modest in expressing that, all the while squeezing and scratching Kuro’s warm flesh without mercy.

“EEHehehe stahahp!” Snow was flying all around them as Kuro kicked and thrashed around. 

“You’re such a wild cat Kuro! What happens if I tickle your tuuummy?” Kuro gasped sharply when Mahiru scratched his tummy.

“NOhoho!!!” Kuro was reacting so wildly that he managed to flip around, but now with his bare tummy pressed into the cold snow, a hilarious shriek got mixed in his giggle fit. Mahiru never stopped the dancing of his fingers, up and down the ticklish vampire’s sides, and he laughed at his misery.

“Woops! Isn’t that cold!” he sang. The mischievous Eve was losing himself. Kuro, the Kuro who could be a pretty merciless tickler himself… The usually serious, lazy and stoic Kuro was now one laughing mess and at his mercy. He felt victorious, he felt awesome, he… should have paid better attention.

Mahiru wasn’t sure where it went wrong, he might have lost his tight grip on Kuro when he was getting carried away in the tickling, but he shrieked when his world suddenly turned around. A sky came into view, his head fell back into cold snow, and the bright morning sky was only in sight for a brief moment since Kuro’s drenched face now hung above him. 

Waterdrops dripped from Kuro’s capuchon onto Mahiru’s face, and the nervous brunet panted and the corners of his lips twitched up into an innocent smile.

“Hi K-Kuro. Wasn’t that fun?” he asked, but he knew he was in for some revenge and he deserved it. 

“Not as much as fun as this will be.” Mahiru wasn’t getting away without finding out what it was like to be subjected to ice cold snow- tickles, annnnd oops. He did not go to school that day.

Any other way ||| Harry Potter

Pairing: Harry x Reader

(Y/N) your name (Y/H/C) your hair color (Y/E/C) your eye color

⚠ warning: MCD (major character death)

‘You could give me hell
You could give me death
Break before I bend
I will have revenge

Fire through my veins
I will fan the flames
Until my dying breath’


It had been months since you last saw Harry. You went back to Hogwarts and he went off in search of the horocruxes. You knew it wouldn’t be long before the fight was brought to your home, it was just a gut feeling you had. It was confirmed when everyone was called into the great hall and they asked for any information on the whereabouts of Harry Potter. That was almost twenty minutes ago.

The fight was in full swing by this point as you ran the halls, sending ‘avada kedava’ at any death eaters you saw. You winced slightly as Voldemorts voice filled your ears. He was calling off his death eaters, allowing everyone to collect their dead. You felt a pang of sorrow at the thought of who all you could’ve lost, letting a single tear roll down your cheek. As he addressed Harry, calling him into the forest to die, you felt your stomach drop. You looked around, your (Y/E/C) eyes darting frantically around as you ran down the corridors.

“Harry!” You shouted, rushing down the stairs as he started walking towards the front doors.

“Oh (Y/N) thank Godric you’re okay,” he gasped as you launched into his arms, gripping the back of his shirt tightly in your fist.

“Don’t go,” you begged, letting your tears soak into his shirt. You felt him card his fingers through your (Y/H/C) hair, taking a deep breathe to calm himself.

“I have to love, you know I do, if I don’t he will kill everyone here,” he reasoned, pulling back to press his forehead to yours, his rough hands cupping your face.

“If you go, he will kill you,” you cried softly, memorizing every inch of his face.

“I can’t risk him killing you,” he sighed, using the pad of his thumb to wipe away your tears. “I love you (Y/N), more than anything.”

“Don’t say that like this is goodbye, you aren’t going, you can’t,” you rushed, tightening your grip on his shirt.

“Let me go, please,” he begged, sighing in relief when Ron began to pull you away from Harry. You don’t know when he had gotten there.

“No! Let me go!” You screamed, tears running down your face as you thrashed around in Ron’s hold in an attempt to get to Harry. All you could do was watch while the man you loved walked to his death.

You stood in the courtyard as dawn broke, watching for any sign of his return. As the group of death eaters walked up, you jumped to your feet. “Whose that in Hagrids arms Hermionie? Who is it?”

“Harry Potter is dead!”


“I’m excited because it’s a side of myself that I don’t use that much lately. Most of the time I’m Jack’s mom, hanging out at the neighborhood sandbox or watching Curious George while making him dinner. Many days I don’t put on makeup, and if I wear a necklace it’s getting ripped off. I get to strap the boots on, pour glitter all over myself and thrash around onstage with my badass rock band. YES! I’m ready! ~ Amy Lee (2016)

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Imagine isaac walking in on you touching yourself ohhhhhhhhhgg god

omg he’d hear you moaning from downstairs and he’d know exactly what you were doing. i think he would enter your room uninvited with that cocky shit eating grin. “don’t stop on my account, princess,” he’d tease. i think he’d stand at the foot of your bed, cross his arms, and look down at you, watch you get yourself off. 

“can you rub your clit for me? yeah, just like that.”

“let’s try adding another finger.” 

“does that feel good? your thighs are shaking.” 

“i want you to twist your nipple and fuck yourself at the same time. there you go, that’s a good girl.”

“you look so pretty like this, so open and good for me.” 

“god you’re so hot…” 

he would say encouraging things when you say you’re close and smirk while you thrash around, desperately begging him to join you. he’d politely decline, because he’s never watched his princess pleasure herself. but i think he’d be powerless to stop himself from palming his erection when you come, whimpering his name over and over. the gentleman he is, he’d help clean you up. with his mouth. 

Wilde Times with kids: Morning Routine. (Zootopia Drabble)

“Morning Routine”

He was the first to wake up. He stared aimlessly at the white speckled ceiling watching as a ray of sunlight slowly began to creep across the room. A rap of light slapped over his eyes making him cringe from the blinding sun. He turned away, rubbing his eyes as he went on his side, going to something much more pleasant to his sore eyeballs.
Beside the fox was his beautiful wife Judy, sleeping peacefully. She was curled up underneath the covers. Her ears were flopped over her cheeks, almost caressing her sculpted cheeks. She was the one who usually gets up before him but in these rare moments, he had the chance to wake her. In his own fun way.
She nuzzled her pillow, letting out a breathe of full bliss. Nick’s nose wiggled as he was only a few inches away from her mouth. Making it easier to lean in. He felt her stir right away while his lips danced over her mouth. She softly groaned stirring him on. He took the chance to close the small gap between them and wrapped his arms around her. Her eyelids began to move, almost trying to force her to wake up. Her lips parted making him give her a more passionate wake up call. He jerked his body forward wanting to capture her. Unknowingly sliding right over something hiding under the covers.
A high pitched yelp made Nick jump back, almost falling off the bed while Judy eyes snapped open. Her arms immediately wrapping around a struggling round ball protectively.

“The baby!” She gasped. She tossed the blanket aside as she sat up. In her arms was a three month old fox pup, clutching his tail while crying into his mother’s bosom. Nick had completely forgotten that the baby was sleeping in between them. The small pup was clutching its tail while Judy bounced him gently who whirled at Nick. “You hurt his tail!”

“I-I’m sorry I forgot he was there! I didn’t see him!” He exclaimed, stammering his words while the pup cried louder. Judy ran her thumb over her son’s cheek, shushing him gently.

“It’s okay sweetie, you’re okay…how could you forget?” She demanded when she turned back to Nick, holding the baby closer to her. She was patting his back trying desperately to calm him.

“I-I didn’t see him! I thought he was in his crib!” He yelled, motioning to the white crib at the end of the bed. If he saw his son, he wouldn’t have rolled right onto of his sensitive tail.

“Oh Nick I can’t believe you!” She said angrily removing herself off of the bed and heading into the bathroom. She needed to assist in the damage. Baby fox tails are extremely fragile and it would prove disastrous if the little bones are broken or misaligned. Leading to a crooked tail or worse. Having a removal.
Nick ran his paws down the back of his head when he followed her. Sweating at the thought that he had injured their new son after just barely adopting him two months prior.
The small fox pup wiggled against his mother’s arms and his constricting green onesie, fussing against her as she tried to remove his tail out of his mouth.

“Please sweetheart I just need to see it!” She begged him gently as she sat down over the closed toilet seat.

“Ouii! Ouii!” He cried, the tears already staining his bright orange fur. He had his mouth over the tip of his tail refusing to let his mother touch it. Just the sight of seeing him suffer just made her even more angry at Nick, who stood at the doorway with his nails in his teeth. Unsure of what to do.

“Oh!” She huffed, retracting her fingers back from her son’s sharp claws. “Look at what you done Nick!”

“How many times do I have to say sorry!” He retorted fighting against his wife’s frustration towards him. The pup started to cry louder making Judy’s eyes gloss over and Nick’s ears lower.

“Sorry is not enough! Just look at him! He won’t even let me look at his tail!” She shouted, bouncing her child up and down while also trying to pull his small fluffy tail away. “I-it might be broken!”

“I-it’s not broken!” Nick argued, but even he wasn’t sure. Their pup shrieked even louder the moment Judy made a grab for his tail. She gasped letting go of it and watching as her son put it back into his mouth.

She pressed her face into her baby’s neck, rocking him back and forth. “It is! It is!” She began to cry out. “I should have put him back in his crib! His tail’s broken a-and now he might need a cast o-or they might even-!” She hugged her pup closer hearing him wail into her ear. She didn’t want to say it. She never wanted to think that it would happen to her precious child. Having his tail cut so young. A fox’s source of pride? The trait that made them so special?
Nick went down on his knees, placing a paw on her shaking back while she continued to rock their baby. She was crying alongside their son’s wails, sharing in his pain.

“Judy!” Nick called out, rubbing her back trying to soothe her. “Let’s look at his tail again! Everything will fine when we make sure!”

She shook her head, refusing to look at him. “N-No! I-I don’t want to know!”

“Judy!….whiskers please! Maybe it’s nothing, let me just look at him!” Nick put his paws into her arms forcing her chest back when he separated them. Nick found his pup still wailing with the tail in his mouth and with determination, forced his son’s small paws away while he removed the tail off of his mouth. That immediately made the pup thrash and kick in protest. Judy had to hold him more firmly as she watched Nick, examined the tail. He put his thumb and index around the middle, feeling the bone as he worked his way down. Knowing it was causing his son discomfort he had to make sure everything was in place, all the way up to its tip.

“W-well?” Judy asked, seeing him brush the tail gently.

He sighed, giving her a small smile. “He’s fine, he’s fine…just a little bruise I think.”

“Are you sure?” She said, she didn’t want to get her hopes up. She stroked her son’s ears down when Nick nodded. Judy gave out a shaky breathe of relief. She gave her crying son a small nuzzle in his neck, finally hearing his cries slowly die down. She glance back at his tail. “B-but maybe we should take him to the doctor, just to be sure.”

She blinked when Nick brushed her lingering tears aside with his thumb. “He’s fine, don’t worry…” His touch made her slowly calm down.

“B-but, just make an appointment, I want to make sure.”

“Okay. Okay.” Nick said, giving in. It was for the best, he didn’t want her to worry about their pup anymore. Also deep down, he wanted to make sure their son’s tail is alright.
He grabbed his phone from the dresser with Judy waited silently on the bed, holding the small tail down to avoid their fussing pup’s paws. His cries finally died down into soft whimpering, his large green eyes staring up into his mother’s eyes. Judy gently gave him a kiss on the forehead, making the pup gurgle in response.

“Hello, this is an emergency I just need to make an appointment with Dr. Quillington?….” Nick began. “Yes, I have a pup and…his tail is hurt, we just want to make sure it’s fine…yes, for today…alright 10:00 is good, thank you.” They were both happy to know that their son’s tail was fine and they both decided to keep their son, Nicholas Jr, in his crib.

This is new set of Drabbles! Call it a side story.
It’s called Wilde Times with kids, and I will write about them and their children. So I hope you like this!
Also to reflect, I’m taking a small break because I’m so winded and I think once I see the movie I’ll have more motivation and ideas to write about.^^

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#43 SouRin (lee rin plssss) <3

Originally posted by k-atsuragi

Free! (sourin, lee Rin) - 43: “I’ve made a huge mistake…” - Thanks to everyone who sent me their headcanons when I asked for them! I really appreciate it~

The winner who inspired me most was the Sourin one though (close call with Roxas/Xion hc) so I immediately wrote this down. BUT, I have to say, I twisted the headcanon around a bit..;)

“Fastest swimmer wins! Are you ready to lose?” Rin smirked at Sousuke as he bent down in his perfect position to dive in, and Sousuke did the same.

“Slowest pays for movies. You’d better be ready,” he said, nodding at Rin who chuckled in response at this. They were at it again, as a competitive as always, and Rin was determined to win this time. Racing each other like this had become a habit for the couple, after practice at night when they had the place all for themselves.

“Ready? Go!” Both of them soared before colliding with the water, setting off for their match. They swam with all their might, not wanting to lose to the other, but in the end it was Sousuke who finished first.

“Ha! That’s a free movie-date for me!” he sang, pulling up his goggles and laughing at his breathless boyfriend.

“Hahh, no fair,” Rin groaned, throwing his head back before he placed his hands against the surface to raise himself out of the water.

“I get to pick now too, don’t I? I’d like to see that new action one,” Sousuke said, moving his hand through his wet hair as he remained in the water while Rin sat at the edge of the pool.

“Hmm we could do that. But oh nooo!” Rin suddenly said, exaggerated and overly acted.

“I’ve made a huge mistake… I forgot my wallet. So… no movie! Bye!” Rin quickly got to his feet and hurried towards the showers. Sousuke first sputtered but then shook his head in disbelief before climbing out of the pool to chase after him.

“Hold it right there you little -” Sousuke was fast. Not only at swimming, but also at running. So Rin’s quick plan to briefly run the shower and get outta here failed miserably when Sousuke caught his wrist and pulled him back, pushing him against the cold wall while the shower kept running.

“No wallet eh? That’s no problem. Reminds me I’ve got much better entertainment to claim than a simple movie,” Sousuke said, and Rin protested when his boyfriend pressed his wet and muscled body against his, effectively trapping him against the wall

“Like wha-hahahaa ohnooohoho Sousukehee! No fair!” Rin shrieked when Sousuke’s skilled fingers danced up and down his wet sides. The shower kept running, water streaming all over both their bodies and making Rin extra ticklish against those devilish fingers that new exactly where to tickle.

“Very fair if you ask me,” Sousuke said teasingly, leaning in so he could nuzzle Rin’s ear while he squeezed his ribs firmly. Rin’s arms flailed around and landed against Sousuke’s chest, pushing in vain.

“NOhoho Sousukehehe AHah!” Rin laughed helplessly. Sousuke switched to running his fingers all over Rin’s bare slippery body, and Rin squirmed at the torturous sensations. Coughs started to mix with Rin’s laughter as water entered his wide open mouth, but even so, Sousuke was relentless.

Alright! SAhaha-Sousuke! I lied I liehehe- lied! I have monehehee!” Sousuke frowned. Rin was already surrendering? No fun!

“So?” he replied, clawing and scratching at Rin’s ribcage while a grin spread on his own face.

“MOVIE Hahaha I’ll paahaay!” Rin shrieked, squirming and thrashing hysterically.

“I’m sorry but I am no longer interested,” Sousuke said calmly as he watched his giggling boyfriend intently. He spidered his fingers down Rin’s body and attacked his hips. Meanwhile, the shower had stopped running and Rin’s laughter was sounding louder than ever without the noise of the water.

“STAHAP! Not theeehehere!” Rin’s legs shook a little and his body looked as if it was ready to slide to the floor, but Sousuke wouldn’t allow this. He wrapped one arm around Rin to support him, his hand positioned on his ribcage and able to squeeze-tickle him mercilessly.

Tickle fights weren’t rare in their relationship. Sousuke had experience, and he knew when Rin was at his limit, which was not yet the case.

“Not wheeere? Here? What about here then?” After a couple of teasing hip-squeezes with his free hand while his other hand remained at his ribs, Sousuke crawled his fingers back up and circled them around on Rin’s tummy. Rin snorted and a new laughing fit echoed through the room.

“Nonono p-please stohohop! PLEASE -” Sousuke smirked. As much as Rin could laugh and plead, he wasn’t as serious as he sounded unless he’d say that uncool word ‘please’.

“Yes?” Sousuke slowly decreased the tickling and only lightly scribbled his fingers all over Rin’s tummy, slow enough for Rin to weakly grasp one of his hands.

“P-please st- stop! I can’t b-breheathe!” Rin was really breathless. His shaking hand tried to push Sousuke’s hand away from his hyperticklish stomach, and Sousuke finally smiled and released him.

Rin sank on his knees and panted loudly. Sousuke smirked and turned the shower back on so he could shower properly while Rin continued to sit and pant, the water dripping from his hair and body.

“So mean,” Rin panted, astonished at the discovery of how much more ticklish he was when his body was soaked with water.

“So deserved,” Sousuke said teasingly. Rin sighed and nodded.

“Yeah. I’ll take you to the movies,” he said.

“No need,” Sousuke replied.

“But I thought you wanted -?” Rin looked up, and Sousuke stopped the shower and smiled at him.

“I told you right? I took my prize right here,” he said, and he leaned down so he could mumble in his ear:

“There’s no better entertainment than tickling you to death.” Rin blushed and Sousuke walked away to get dressed. Still recovering, Rin slowly got back to his feet, a dark smirk slowly replacing his exhausted expression.

No better entertainment than tickling him to death hm? He should just wait and see. Sousuke was so going to pay for this. Tonight!

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Hey so I saw some of your posts talking about lucid dreaming and stuff and I was wondering if you know any way to learn how to lucid dream? It sounds very interesting!!

Hello friend!!! I am very, very happy that you are interested in lucid dreaming! It’s honestly my favorite thing in the entire world. I have learned a lot in the time I have been actively lucid dreaming (on and off for 5+ years) so I have a bunch of useful tips and tricks! I am to the point now where I basically live my normal life, go to bed, live an entirely different life, wake up, and start again. It’s fucking incredible. Everything feels so real.

whoops I am readmore-ing this because I could ramble about this topic for DAYS. Sorry anon, you unleashed the beast

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Ruined Sheets

The third time the police arrested me for child abuse, I tried to run from the crime-scene bedroom still clenching my boy’s blood-soaked sheets.

Officer Wallace slapped on the cuffs, then threw me into the back of his car as the paramedics were loading my catatonic, seven-year-old into an ambulance. Strapped to the gurney, face awash in gore, eyes wide, my boy looked like a corpse. Suddenly, he snapped out of the trance and reached out with both hands, breaking the paramedics restraints. “Daddy! Daddy!”

I slammed my shoulder into the cruiser’s door and screamed. It wasn’t any use. Seconds later, the ambulance pulled away in one direction, then the cruiser went another while I still thrashed around in the back, cursing the witness.

Wallace stared at me in the rearview more than he watched the foggy road ahead of him. After a while, I calmed down and closed my eyes. I knew what kind of treatment awaited, but there wasn’t anything else I could do but play the game.

At the station, Wallace and his partner showed me photos of my boy’s bedroom. The brand new white sheets I had just purchased for him were stained bright red. Pools of crimson spread across the floor where the blood had flowed over the edge of his mattress. The walls seemed as if they were crying red tears. Stalactites of slaughter hung in congealed masses from the ceiling. Complete Carnage. No one should have survived.

And yet, my boy did.

I rolled my eyes then slammed my chained fists on the table. “It’s not the first time. You aren’t showing me anything I haven’t seen before!”

Hatred burned in Wallace’s eyes, the kind reserved for subhuman waste or disease-spreading rats. “You hurt him in the past? Or are you saying you’ve hurt other children?” When I didn’t answer, he jumped up from his chair, grabbed my t-shirt, and stood within an inch of my face. The corners of his eyes spasmed and he clenched his jaw before barring his teeth. “Give me a reason, you sick fuck.”

I knew then what kind of man I was dealing with and laughed despite myself. "A reason? Fine, how’s this: Those pictures are mild in comparison to last time, and the time before that, and the time befo-”

Wallace’s partner whispered, “What in god’s name did you do to that poor child?”

Without turning away from Wallace I said, “Not another word until you let me see my boy.”

Wallace threw me back down into the chair. "Get this piece of shit out of my sight!”

I sat up straight, smoothed my blood-splattered t-shirt, and did my best to keep a smug grin on my face. Being the monster they wanted wasn’t easy, but I knew from experience he would likely hurt me if I tried to play the concerned, innocent father card. The whole time I’d been thinking about my boy swarmed by social workers and doctors. Luckily, he knew better than to talk. Daddy had taught him well.

After a sleepless night on a hard cot stinking of piss, Wallace’s partner called my name and let me out of the holding cell. The sheet of paper he handed me had been stamped in red with the words: Charges Dropped.

I collected my belongings, made a few quick phone calls, then stood outside waiting for a taxi in the thick morning fog. It had rained again and the light mist blowing in the wind cooled my face. Freedom felt great. I couldn’t wait to find my boy.

Wallace came running out of the police station. I knew he wanted to rough me up, or worse. For fifteen minutes he stared daggers into the side of my head. Finally, he said, “The Captain let you free and he wouldn’t tell me why.”

I nodded.

Wallace took a step back. “I don’t know what the fuck is going on, but this isn’t over.”

I nodded again, knowing exactly what he thought of me, knowing how confused and angry he would be without answers. Out of the corner of my eye, I watched him seething and wondered if the next time he put his hand on his service weapon if he was going to shoot me in the back of the head.

The taxi pulled up. I let out a relieved sigh and climbed inside. “Hospital. Quick.” The driver went to pull away. “No, wait,” I said, and the car came to a stop. I wound down the window. “Follow me if you want to see something.”

Wallace nodded, his face giving nothing away. I took the blank expression to mean he still wanted to kill me. I nodded back, smiled, then tapped the door, signaling the driver to go.

At the hospital roundabout, my boy waited outside in a wheelchair, smiling. Two women in scrubs stood behind him, pale and visibly frightened. The second I exited the taxi, my boy, looking good as new, ran and jumped into my arms. The two woman approached me almost cautiously, while Wallace edged along to the side, mouth hung open.

I hugged my boy as if I hadn’t seen him in years. “What did you tell them?”

“Nothing, Daddy. Are we going to have to move again?”

I nodded. “It isn’t your fault. The old lady next door heard your screams before I could mask them.”

Wallace shook his head. "He was… I saw… How?”

One of my boy’s doctors said, "Once we cleared away all the blood…”

The other finished, “We couldn’t find a mark. Not a single cut, scratch, or bruise. Far as we can tell, he’s a perfectly healthy little boy.”

My boy tugged at my sleeve. “Can we go, Daddy?”

“Yeah.” I climbed into the taxi still holding him tight.

“Wait!” Wallace leaned in the window. “Is this some sick joke? I saw what you did to that child. I saw the room.”

I closed my eyes. “As you can see he’s perfectly fine.”

“That doesn’t make any sense.”

“I never said it would.”

“You told me you’ve done worse, made it clear you’ve hurt other kids. I have that on tape.”

“Listen to your tape again. I said I’ve seen it happen before.”

Wallace narrowed his eyes. “Think you’re smart? Throwing animal blood over a kid, mentally torturing him, that’s enough to put you away.” He smiled, leaned closer, and whispered, “Even if it isn’t. I won’t let this go. I’ll stop you myself.”

I hugged my boy tighter, remembered how sour events can turn when some would-be-hero has it out for you based on preconceived notions and tinfoil-hat theories about a child’s well being. My boy lost his mother to a vigilante, murdered to protect him from harm that she never inflicted. Since then, I’ve learned to adapt. My act at the supposed crime scene, my attitude at the station, the invitation for Wallace to follow, even what I would say to him next…calculated damage control. All of it to protect my boy.

“You want me dead, but you aren’t the first person that’s threatened me and my boy. I would tell you to leave it to the case workers, but officer, have you taken a look around?”

Wallace turned toward the doctors. “Where are they? Where’s that man from social services?”

One of the doctors swallowed hard. “Gone. Said there was nothing he could do.”

I bit my thumbnail, wondering how many more times I would need to deal with a situation like this. “Tell him what you found, please, Doctor?”

The doctors looked at each other then at Wallace. “We thought it had to be animal blood,” one of them said.

“It wasn’t,” the other added. “The blood is definitely human.”

“It’s my boy’s blood,” I said. “And they know it.”

Both doctors nodded.

“Yes, we triple checked,” one of them said. “The blood is a match for the child.”

The other stepped forward. “Sir, we would like to keep him for some further tests.”

I sighed. “No tests. Never again. Thank you both for cleaning my boy up.”

They nodded, then turned and walked back into the hospital, muttering something about devils and miracles.

Wallace seemed to deflate. He knelt and stared at my boy. The rain had picked up again and it made it look as if he were crying. He opened his mouth, but I put up my hand.

“This has happened before so many times. He wakes up screaming and covered in his own blood, more than could fit in his little body.”

“How am I supposed believe this?”

“I don’t expect you to believe anything. I asked you here because I don’t want you to be a problem for us. We need to move and change our identities again before the doctors send in their report.”

“How often does it happen?”

“Every few months. Sometimes every day of the week, it varies. The longest lapse was two years, four through six. When it happens, I clean him up. If we’re caught, we leave, fast. There are people who want to lock him up and study this. I can’t let that happen.” I look down at my boy. “Besides it’s just an accident during the night, nothing to be ashamed of, right buddy?”

“Right, Daddy.“

I smiled.

Wallace clicked his tongue. “This is insane.”

"Maybe so, but it’s true.” I press my palms to my boy’s ears. “I’ve been dealing with his condition since he was born. The blood used to terrify me, but it’s not what scares me anymore. While waking him from the screaming, he’s begun to speak.”

Wallace scratched his ear. He lowered his tone and said, “What does he say?“

I press a little harder on my boy’s ears. “‘The blood debt…will…be…paid. The blood debt…will…be…paid.’” I took my hands away and nudged my boy playfully in the side. "You ready to get home so we can pack?”


“That’s my boy.”

As the taxi pulled off, I thought about the 9mm backup plan locked in the safe at home. So far, I hadn’t needed to take a life to protect my boy. I turned and nodded at Officer Wallace standing in the middle of the road, hoping that he’d stay away. He faded into the morning fog until there was nothing left except a clean white sheet of mist.


You are going back on tour with Evanescence in just a couple of months! What are you most excited and concerned about, considering your new life as a mom with a toddler? (And are you bringing him on tour?!)

Amy Lee: I’m excited because it’s a side of myself that I don’t use that much lately. Most of the time I’m Jack’s mom, hanging out at the neighborhood sandbox or watching Curious George while making him dinner. Many days I don’t put on makeup, and if I wear a necklace it’s getting ripped off. I get to strap the boots on, pour glitter all over myself and thrash around onstage with my badass rock band. YES! I’m ready! The hard part is leaving him. It’s insanely painful. We will see each other but with long stretches in between, this will be the longest we’ve been apart and it’s killing me just thinking about it.

I Know What You Did Last Summer (Prologue

Synopsis: Eleanor Swan led a simple, pure life, complete with a nice house in a nice neighborhood where she taught at a nice school and was engaged to her nice, high school sweetheart. One uncomplicated by secret, sin, and seduction. That is, until he plummeted into her life. After Jeon Jungkook captured her lips with his, nothing was ever nice again.


Author’s Note: Hey guys, this is a new chapter fiction that I am going to be starting up! Let me know what you think, ok?? Good or bad. If you aren’t into it, please let me know and I will take it down or rework it.

I Know What You Did Last Summer…


“I love you.” His voice scrapes down my neck, clenching around my chest, suffocating the constant ba-dump-dump it finds there.

Swallow. I force the lie through the blockade of desperate, clawing truths coating my throat. “I love you, too.”

It’s dead, hollow. I cannot meet his eyes. I cannot show him the brokenness—the monster—I have accumulated over the summer.

“Have a good first day,” he says. “Try not miss me too much.”

A stab to the gut. No, a joke, I consider distantly, forcing down a gasp. He doesn’t know my secret—he can’t. I force a laugh, fix his tie.  

He’s drifting toward the door, just a shadow upon the porch, dotting the sidewalk and clambering into his car to head to the office. I sigh, relinquishing the withheld, poisonous fears and notions and lies I’ve kept contained for months now.

Pushing hair from my face, I mutter, “I have missed you for far too long, Hoseok. Look where it has gotten us…”


The breakroom smells just the way it did the previous school year, like coffee, cigarette smoke, and exhaustion. I smile brightly as Namjoon stalks over with a cracked, worn mug, saying by way of greeting, “Those shitheads threw a stink bomb in my office this morning.”

Surprised, I cover my mouth and laugh. “Wow. Starting early this year. Must be an ambitious bunch.”

He narrows his eyes at the corkboard full of back-to-school propaganda and fliers. “I can think of other unprintable words I’d rather use.”

“Hey, that’s the price for being the hard-ass professor of the school,” a familiar voice drawls.

Yoongi looks up from the tattered leather couch, bits of stuffing peeking out from little tears in the cushions. He wiggles his fingers at me, avoiding the playful swat from Namjoon’s paperback copy of Hamlet. “Hey, Elle, how’s Hoseok?”

I stiffen momentarily before forcing my shoulders to relax, a pretty smile flitting across the line of my mouth. “He’s doing well. He mentioned wanting to grab dinner with you and Leah soon.”

“That would be awesome, actually,” he says, stretching his legs with a withdrawn yawn. “What happened to you guys this summer, anyway? You just—disappeared.”

A surreptitious smile. An uneasy laugh. A flurry of fidgeting fingers. “Oh, you know how it is, Yoongi. Planning for a wedding is time consuming.”

Namjoon and Yoongi exchange a quick, secretive glance of their own, before he nods. “Yeah, well, actually Leah was the one who did most of the planning, so I can’t say my schedule was really affected all that much.”

“Typical boy.” I dangle the bait. Fingers crossed that he’ll pounce and that the tension built around us will dissipate.

“Hey!” It works. “Don’t go lumping me with the brats we teach. I’m much more mature by comparison.”

Namjoon stifles a laugh in the crook of his elbow. “Please. Dude, you still spit paper-wads out of a straw at dinner for fun. I’d hardly call you mature.”

Yoongi pouts. Namjoon smirks. I laugh. The tension? Falls by the wayside.

I can do this. I can make it through this school year.


I cannot make it through this year. Hell, it would be a miracle if I somehow trudged through the rest of today.

Those impossibly dark eyes watch me intently from across the room, lips achingly captivating as he bites down on the eraser of his pencil. I am unsure what I’m even saying anymore. Something about expectations and the literature we’ll be covering, I think. No looks of confusion—well, none that I wouldn’t expect otherwise—glare up at me from the sea of desks, so I must be doing a convincing job.

“Right,” I sigh, coming to the end of the syllabus. “Well, let’s get started then, shall we?”

A nervous gasp engulfs the room in an undulating wave. I lift a stack of papers from my desk.

“A test? Aw, come on, Miss. S!” A boy with mousy blonde hair and glasses whines from one corner.

Smiling gently, I disperse the papers while explaining the pop quiz. “I warned you all at the end of our last semester that we would have a quiz over your summer reading the first day. This is a college level course. We will be moving through our material quickly.”

An indignant huff is my only answer from the boy. I pat his shoulder, a natural motherly gesture, one I display for all of my students—well, all but one.

Sweat pools at my back, the sheer gauze of my blouse clings to the dampness. The air conditioning must be faulty again—or maybe it’s that I’m rounding the last set of desks toward his. He regards me with curious, innocent eyes. I flush involuntarily at the memory of how they’d blazed into something far more sensual and primal in the heat of summer.

“Thank you, Miss. Swan.” His voice is so soft; a formless, puff of clouds wrapping around a ray of sunshine. His fingers graze mine, sending shockwaves all the way through me, and just like that he’s pulling away, utterly unaware of how he’s just unraveled me with one touch of his skin.

Stumbling back to my desk, I try to regain my composure, pinching the bridge of my nose wearily, letting my eyelids flutter closed. Lately, I’d been losing sleep—lying awake for hours on end, or sweating and thrashing through terrible, cloying fantasies about a boy with midnight hair and hungry lips riding out a storm within me. However, upon waking I realize that those aren’t dreams, they’re memories—guilt trapped in overflowing boxes in my head, my heart.

A burning sensation on my throat pulls me back into the classroom, peering through the haze of heat at the watchful pair across the room. He smirks subtly, quickly, and then begins thoughtfully answering each question, while several others nervously tap their pencils around him in a sort of rehearsed tune.

Perhaps he does know what he’s doing to me after all. In fact, after our encounters, and witnessing that dramatic, shocking transformation at the last one, I wouldn’t doubt it at all.

“You are mine, and I am yours. Forever.”

His teeth sunk deep into my neck in a feral, lupine gesture. I had no time to speak, the only thing I could do was gasp and moan and arch into him.


The sound of his name stilled him, gleaming eyes peering through curtains of black hair. It was the first time I’d ever moaned his name aloud. A wicked little grin lifted the corners of his mouth, morphing more of him into that primitive beast I’d just glimpsed. “Say it again, Miss. Swan.”

A finger slid over the delicate pattern of my underwear. “Jungkook—ah!”

“My name,” he murmured over the shell of my ear, electrifying my spine until it completely left the floor. “It will be the only one you moan from now on.”

“Here you are, Miss. Swan. I’m finished.” Jungkook’s usual timid voice breaks through my reverie.

Grabbing the paper from him, careful not to elicit anymore stray brushes of skin, I smile slowly, hesitantly. “Thank you, Jungkook.”

My mouth curls around his name carelessly, sensually, needy. I cannot stop it, cannot suppress the desire harboring refuge in my stomach. I curse myself inwardly.

No…you can’t do this, Elle. This has to stop. It’s wrong…

He shudders visibly beneath my gaze, shifting his backpack over one shoulder and I note immediately how the sculpted muscles beneath his tee-shirt move deliciously with him. Biting my lip, I dismiss him with a tight, uncomfortable smile. “I’ll see you tomorrow. Enjoy the rest of your first day.”

“You too, Miss. Swan.” He ducks, lowering his voice, reaching boldly across the expanse of the desk to touch a button upon my blouse, pretending to grab a tissue. “I’ll see you after?”

“We need to talk.” I breathe, scooting further back into the safety of my chair.

“Oh,” he says, worry creasing his young, flawless features. “Of course. Is—is everything alright? Are you ok?”

“I’m, uh, finished, Miss. Swan,” a boy with shockingly wide eyes and plush lips says, breaking into our temporary reality.

A flutter of eyelashes. A soft smile. “Here, I’ll take it Jimin, thank you. Enjoy the rest of your first day.”

Nodding, he smiles and gives Jungkook a wary, suspicious look. “Right. Thanks, Miss. Swan. Will do.”

Waiting expectantly for his friend, Jimin pauses at the door, jerking his chin toward him. Jungkook disappears with one lingering glance over his shoulder, and I feel the breath return to my lungs—finally.

Chairs scrape against the floor, as one by one the remainder of the class carry their tests up to the desk. Some bear smiles, others dissatisfied frowns, and others simply grimace.

Alone, I settle into my seat with a long, weary sigh. Today exhausted me.

But, it was far from over…

I have to end it today. I have no choice.

With determination lining my brow, and resolve squaring my shoulders I make my way to my office.

This summer affair is over…

Is it? A dark, sultry voice echoes over and over again.


Author’s Note: So, what did you think? Different, huh? Sorry if Kookie seems…erm…not himself. I’m focusing on different facets of his personality. Anyway, let me know what you think.