i was this close to make them cook dinner or go grocery shopping or many other things

Summer Fling Part 9

Title: Summer Fling: The Time Dean Winchester Made Dinner

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 4,054

Warnings: Fluff, Mentions of Cheating, Mentions of an Unhealthy Relationship.

Summary: After months of struggling, an impulse decision puts you on the road from Sioux Falls to Lawrence Kansas, hoping that your father, Bobby Singer, will take you in for the summer.  A breath of fresh air. A change of scenery. But little did you know, this summer was going to change your life forever.

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A/N: I can’t believe we’re on part 9 already! We’re almost halfway done the series! I would love if you could leave me some feedback. Literally anything would be amazing. Everything happens in time. Enjoy!


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You began to stir, your body felt relaxed and well rested for the first time all week. You felt a weight on your waist. Your eyes flew open and you soon realized just where you were. Dean’s room, you thought with a smile playing on your lips. It was Dean’s arm wrapped around your waist, and his chest pressed against your back. You stayed the night and spent it next to him. You opened up to him and here he was. Your boyfriend.

 You carefully turned in his hold, trying your hardest not to wake him in the process. You met with his sleeping form and a smile spread across your cheeks. Dean was so peaceful looking when he slept. The morning light shone perfectly, and you were able to see every freckle that peppered over his nose and cheeks. His hair was sticking up in different directions, his stubble was growing a little more. He was a handsome man and he was all yours. You wanted to drown him in kisses and show him just how much you appreciated him.

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and never let me go

Warning: infidelity, internalized homophobia, unhappy marriage

(More warnings: Don’t read if you’re uncomfortable with being trapped in an unhappy marriage because of sexuality) 

Bitty slammed the door shut and threw himself into Jack’s arms. Jack, in turn, pushed him against the door and kissed him roughly, bodies melding together and moving in tandem. They don’t bother removing any clothes, despite the desperate way they’re grasping at each other, only focusing on kissing and kissing and kissing.

“No marks,” Bitty reminded Jack. “And we only have three minutes before you have to go and pick Sophie up.”

“Come with me,” Jack said, in between kisses. “We’re taking my van anyway, there’s more room in the back and I can take you to your meeting after picking her up.”

“Jack-” Bitty let out an embarrassing whine when Jack bit his ears softly. “Okay, okay. Okay,” he pushed him away. “We gotta go now.”

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Not so hypothetically, but actually, a date

aka, what could have happened if Chase’s minions had been so kind as to hold off on their kidnapping spree an extra 24 hours

for my friends on twitter who told me I should write this and know I can’t say no to them :) 

psa: this is unbeta-ed and it’s past my bedtime, so read at your own risk of grammatical errors lol

Felicity opened her refrigerator in search of the leftover takeout she could’ve sworn was still in there somewhere. To her dismay, all she was greeted with was mostly empty shelves. She was not a big grocery shopping person to begin with, and with everything they had been dealing with over the past couple of weeks, she couldn’t remember the last time she pushed a cart through those fluorescent lit aisles.

“How did Oliver manage to be the Green Arrow and keep our refrigerator stocked,” she muttered to herself as she checked a container of yogurt to discover it had expired months ago.

Her eyes caught the box from Oliver’s party the night before and she slid it out, remembering that there had been a few leftover slices of cake. They were on summer break after all, so cake was an acceptable dinner… right?

She was debating eating it straight from the box versus preserving some of her dignity and getting a plate when she remembered that she didn’t have to spend her evening sitting at her counter eating cake alone.

Setting the box down and reaching for her phone, she hit her first number on speed dial and waited while it rang. Which wasn’t a long wait since he picked up before the first ring had finished.

“Are you okay?”

“Yes… Am I only allowed to call when I’m in danger?” she teased.

There was a pause. “Well, no I just—“

“Do you want to come over tonight?” She needed to get the words out before he gave her enough time to talk herself out of it. She could practically see his eyebrow rise in that way it did when she said something that could have multiple interpretations and she hastily added, “There’s just leftover birthday cake and I was about to eat it but I realized that you should probably get dibs on it since it was for your birthday.” And also, I just really want to see you. “I promise this isn’t a ruse. But if you’re busy I understand and—”

“No,” he interrupted her. “No I’m not busy. I’m just finishing up at City Hall and then I can be right over.”

The corners of her mouth flicked up in a small smile at the eagerness he was trying so hard and yet failing to hide in his voice.

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@whatrparks asked for an update on accidental relationship and pining. Here’s the pining update and I’ll probably do the accidental relationship one tomorrow! - Anastasia

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Daddy Dearest by StilinskiSexual (CurlyLahey)

(1/? I 186 I Explicit I Sterek)

Derek Hale is a strong, independent dad who don’t need no man.

Then why does he fantasize about bending his son’s new kindergarten teacher over his desk, and wants to cook him dinner?


Derek Hale is a single dad to baby Isaac and baby Liam and swears he doesn’t need anyone else, that is until he meets the most handsome man he’s ever seen with eyes that feel like home. No, he hasn’t been reading Erica’s Romance novels.

won’t sleep by triggeringthehealing (froggydarren)

(1/1 I 303 I General I Sterek)

He doesn’t sleep because on those nights, he doesn’t want to. Because on those nights, he finds a spot where he can see the sky, where he can keep his eyes on the bright circle in the darkness around it.

Pretty, Pale (and Mine) by OverMyFreckledBody

(1/1 I 591 I Mature I Jennifer/Kali)

From the first time Kali has set eyes on Julia, she’s known, wanted.

Julia’s got pale, perfect skin. Kali wants to mark it.

Real Life, Love by QuickLikeLight

(1/1 I 829 I General I Scott/Lydia)

The sound of Lydia’s key in the lock makes him breathe a small sigh of relief. Lydia’s home. She’ll know what to do.

Nonsexual Favors by 42hrb

(1/1 I 851 I Teen I Sterek)

Derek gets a text from Stiles in the middle of the night asking for help. He’ll always help Stiles.

The Twenty Dollar Date by Lacrosse_CandyCorn_Puns

(1/1 I 904 I General I Sterek)

Derek pines, Stiles pines, and Finstock just wants the cafeteria to stop serving those god awful fish tacos. Is that too much to ask?!

The Line by inatshej

(1/1 I 931 I Explicit I Sterek)

They spend the whole hour discussing the topic. Both leave with the list of the books to read. The line between them, so clear before – Derek is a TA, Stiles is a student – becomes blurry.

Strawberries and Lemonade by mikkimouse

(1/1 I 992 I Teen I Sterek)

Stiles had volunteered to help Derek out with the garden out at the pack house this summer, though also admittedly, he’d done so because he was nursing the most unrequited of unrequited crushes. Spending all summer staring at Derek’s well-muscled back and ass seemed like both the best and worst idea in the world at the same time, and Stiles had absolutely zero sense of self-preservation.

That’s Just My Face Stiles by 42hrb

(1/1 I 1,040 I Teen I Sterek)

After Scott manages to break all the centerpieces for Lydia and Jackson’s wedding Stiles and Derek are stuck together making new ones. 

meat cute by bleep0bleep

(1/1 I 1,046 I Teen I Sterek)

Stiles sees it when he’s grocery shopping, the display hardly touched, people opting for the cheaper, non-heart shaped packages of steak. He gets it, he really does, after all, what’s the point of buying specially packaged meats for your significant other if you’re just gonna take the thing out of the box and cook it, anyways?

But if you had a werewolf sweetheart, this would be awesome, right?

Stiles snaps a photo and sends it to Kira, asking if she’s got a present for Scott yet. She texts him back a second later with, aw thanks i already got him a present when i went xmas shopping tho

And then: u should give it to ur werewolf ;)

Stiles stares at his phone, because he doesn’t have a werewolf. Well, technically he has a crush on a werewolf, but that doesn’t really count.

He buys the steak anyways.

Derek’s bad luck? by Lonelyirises

(2/2 I 1,401 I General I Sterek)

For a few seconds he couldn’t believe his eyes, when he saw the mole speckled specimen of beauty was standing a few feet away from him, in process of moving heavy looking boxes in to the next house. And the second Derek got over the disbelief he realized his whole world had come crashing down. Why did the universe hate him so much?

Derek had left the his hometown, unable to deal with the heartache and moved to this “nowhere” town about 3 hours away from Beacon Hills, the day Stiles had married Lydia. What was more pathetic? Stiles had no idea Derek existed. And yet… and yet after everything Derek had gone through, and left behind, Stiles was moving in, right next door to him. Derek couldn’t believe his bad luck.

Under Development by dr_girlfriend

(1/? I 1,411 I Teen I Sterek)

Environmental lawyer Derek Hale is determined to stop the planned defacement of his beloved Beacon Hills Preserve by the mammoth Starr Development company. To do so, he makes a deal with the devil himself — Stiles Starr, the brash young scion of the Starr family and COO of Starr Development. Derek hates Stiles at first sight. Mieczysław Stilinski, on the other hand, is someone that Derek could grow to like…or even love.

Praise Jesus for Stiles Stilinki’s Hot Bod by TheChosenOneIamNot

(2/? I 1,508 I Mature I Sterek)

Derek and Stiles have been officially dating for six months now and everything is going great, except for one small thing. He’s never seen Stiles shirtless despite many heated makeout sessions that end in one or both having to change their pants. Obviously this must be due to Stiles lack of self esteem and must be remedied immediately. With the packs help, hopefully Derek will be able to get into Stiles pants (and shirt) before he dies of sexual frustration.

I Want You to Show Me by hazelNuts

(1/1 I 1,510 I General I Sterek)

Stiles slides out of his car and softly closes the door, wincing when the hinges groan. He trails behind Derek as they walk to his house, close enough that he can intervene if necessary, but far enough away that he knows he won’t wake Derek up. When they arrive at his place, he sits on the porch steps, pulls out his phone, and waits.

Pizza with a Side of Panic by SnazzyJazzyH

(1/1 I 1,767 I Teen I Sterek)

Stiles hates pizza but that sure doesn’t stop him from ordering pizza from Hale of a Pizza. Although the hot delivery guy probably had something to do with it.

Last Call by Inell

(1/1 I 1,822 I Teen I Stiles/Danny/Jackson)

Stiles decides to drown his sorrows but the bar owners aren’t cooperating with his plan.

Girl Crushed by ExpectroPatronum74

(1/1 I 2,111 I Mature I Sterek)

Derek is in love with Stiles and has been for months, but he has a problem. Stiles is dating Malia and Derek’s chances are not looking too good.

Haven’t you heard the rumours? by fairyfey

(1/1 I 2,162 I Teen I Sterek)

Stiles is a drama teacher who tends to overshare, Derek is a nerdy english teacher who somehow makes cardigans sexy and the students think they should be together.


We’re both high school teachers and my students ship us but I won’t let them tell you au

Eating habits by SourwolfZiam

(1/1 I 2,355 I Mature I Sterek)

“Have you ever eaten your own barf?

Or, Stiles and Derek get their shit together.

starry eyed and nerdified by haleofStilesheart

(1/1 I 2,392 I General I Sterek)

For the past two weeks Stiles has been leaving Derek anonymous love notes. Derek finally guesses who his secret admirer is.

quoting Rhett Butler by haleofStilesheart

(1/1 I 2,445 I Teen I Sterek)

Stiles has a bad habit of dating complete assholes. Good thing Derek’s there to knock some sense into him.

what in carnation? by haleofStilesheart

(1/1 I 2,985 I General I Sterek)

Deliveryman wasn’t exactly Derek’s dream job but it helped put him through school so he couldn’t complain. Especially since it helped him meet the love of his life.

I Fell in Love with My Best Friend (2.0) by DerekHaleGirl97

(1/1 I 3,515 I Not Rated I Sterek)

Now I realize you are the only one
It’s never too late to show it.
Grow old together,
Have feelings we had before
Back when we were so innocent

I pray for all your love
Girl, our love is so unreal
I just wanna reach and touch you, squeeze you, somebody pinch me
(I must be dreaming)
This is something like a movie
And I don’t know how it ends, girl
But I fell in love with my best friend…

Grand Jeté by thekissballad (kkpsigirl)

(1/1 I 3,753 I General I Sterek)

“I don’t mean to be rude, Dad,” she said toward Stiles before turning back to Derek, “but as you saw, Mr. Hale, he’s not the most graceful person.”

Stiles snorted, turned red and covered his face while his daughter continued. “I don’t want him to perform a grand jeté and hurt himself. He needs to be able to catch all the bad guys. So…” she trailed off, looking between both men.

Code Sea Witch by ANTchan

(1/1 I 4,975 I General I Sterek)

At Lydia Martin’s Nereid Crown they have a code: “Somebody asked for the Sea Witch.”

Recipe for the heart. by skyblue993

(3/5 I 5,018 I Teen I Sterek)

It’s the last year of high school and Stiles is ready to leave everything behind but there’s only one thing he wants to do before leaving for college; Conquer Derek’s heart.

To Move On is to Grow by WhisperedWords12

(1/1 I 5,886 I Explicit I Stiles/Everyone)

Stiles decided to put on the collar that marked him as a sub for public use at 16. By law, it was the youngest he is allowed to, and was the only one in his year to do so. It’s when Scott gets bitten and Derek comes into town that everything changes.

What You Need by dragon_temeraire

(1/1 I 6,230 I Explicit I Sterek)

Derek is an alpha with unusual desires. 

Shadows We Make by Alwaysdreaming95

(3/? I 8,728 I Teen I Sterek)

After Defeating the Nogistune Stiles twin, Jada, ends up coming back to Beacon Hills after living in Ireland. The only problem in this family reunion is abondoment and the trouble that follows her home. She tries to deal with her past traumas and her nightmares. This is a story that follows Jada in her journey to deal with the alpha and his pack that wants her dea and her new… old life in Beacon Hills.

Sevens and Eights by calrissian18

(1/1 I 10,092 I Teen I Sterek)

Stiles has a bandage slung under his chin like a disembodied helmet strap when Derek first meets him. It’s complemented by a chipped front tooth and a scrape of road rash across his cheek.

Mischief and a SourWolf by LoneWolf1993

(6/? I 12,520 I Not Rated I Sterek I MCD)

It’s been four months since Derek left Beacon Hills and has began to settle into his new life. Until he gets a message from the life he left that has him coming back to the reason he left in the first place.

Easy, Cheesy by crookedcig

(6/? I 18,881 I Teen I Sterek)

Derek sets his kitchen on fire (a little bit). Stiles is a firefighter called to the scene. Derek communicates his anger with eyebrows alone, and Stiles falls in lust. Slowly, they both fall in more than that.

aka what happens when I try to write how their lives would be different if Laura had refused to ever go back to California.

I like to be called cupcake, too. by ellsaba (laceydean)

(16/? I 18,855 I Teen I Sterek)

It look a long time to come up with a name for the bakery.

Or, it took a long time for Stiles to accept that “no, we’re not going to call it Stilinski’s Bakeski’s, what is wrong with you, it’s not even your business”. Which, yeah, wasn’t one of his greater ideas, but it was one of his ideas. Plural.

Unbreakable by rufferto, SlasherFiend

(3/? I 42,478 I Explicit I Petopher)

After a particularly unsettling week alone in the house he used to share with the wife he loved, Chris has had a little bit too much to drink. Normally he can deal with pain and feelings. Normally he can sort everything out and soldier forward. When he is at the end of his rope there is something that he needs to do and someone who can help him if he chooses to. So he leaves himself open practically inviting the Werewolf to come kill him. But it’s not a fight he wants. A little more than ten years ago he had an affair with Peter Hale. At that time period, he’d needed someone, something to pull him out of the path he was on before it was too late. Before he became Gerard. Peter had been that person. Peter had been the only one to get through to him, make him talk. Peter was the reason Allison didn’t get trained at a young age. Chris handled the ending of it badly. He’d hurt Peter who had fallen in love with him. In spite of being in love, he’d chosen his family. Now he needs that again, he’s falling into that pit and only one man can pull him out of it, if he chooses to.

Sugar Smoke (M)

Getting yourself a sugar daddy was not in your plan. Having Jeon JungKook as your sugar daddy, was the last thing possible on your list. And no matter how much you try to lie to yourself, you already feel addicted to him, to your dirty little secret.

<- Previous chapter                                                                    Next chapter ->

Pairing: Jeon JungKook x Reader x Chanyeol | ft. Lisa, Jisoo 

Word count: 4033

Notes: I will update this every Sunday. Extra notes at the end. enjoy :)

The constant beeping sound that’s coming from the cash registers is drilling your head, mincing your mind into a thousand of tiny spikes of pain, spreading through the entirety of your body. 

Your gaze follows the flickering lights from above your head and you squeeze your eyes shut to block everything out. After a while, you look down, at the shining counter that you’ve just cleaned. Distorted, the reflection of your face stares back at you from its confines. It doesn’t exactly seem like you as if someone else is trapped in there instead of you. The thin hairs on your body raise as a chill runs through you and right in this moment, you can clearly smell his cologne. It’s all over you and you love and despise it at the same time.

You don’t have to see to know it’s him, and even though you expect his incoming words, you still jump in surprise on your chair.

“Y/N, hi!”

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Miracles and Nature (Joshua)

Originally posted by juunshua

Type: Fluff

Request: Can you please a write a return of superman scenario for Joshua from seventeen (I want his child to be a girl named Sunny) thank you

Your home was rather large and independent in the outskirts of Seoul. It gave off a modern vibe. You and your husband Joshua decided to spoil yourself with a home instead of an apartment so you could raise your family in one place for your whole life. 

Your daughter was 3 years old and was already sleeping on her own in her own bedroom. It had a canopy bed, light pink walls, and lots of toys all things Joshua’s rather antisocial princess needed. The sign to her door read Sunny in English. It was a variation of her Korean name Sunhee that she liked better and you two were willing to call her that. She didn’t understand why there was cameramen and cameras coming in and out of her home and room now until you and Joshua explained that you two were going to be join the cast of Return of Superman. A show that you three had watched together before hand. Your daughter didn’t socialize much outside of the family and now she was going to be entertaining Korean and international fans of the Return of Superman.


You and your daughter walked into the house after grocery shopping and your daughter instantly froze as she looked up at the camera above the shoe rack before she put her tiny duck covered shoes onto the shelf and took off running. She zoomed through the home before she jumped onto the couch face down. “Mommy I want a drink” Sunny called as you began waddling over to her holding a yogurt drink which she took from you. Joshua soon came out of his office offering a smile as your daughter “Joshua I left you a list then” you tell him as he nodded. Realzing you didnt take your jacket off “Don’t call me too often okay” you joke as he pressed a kiss to your cheek “Sunny come kiss mommy bye” he says as she rushed over to him and he picked her up and placed a kiss on your lips before he put her down. He walked you to the door as he smiled “call me if anything happens” he says as you wave him and your daughter off.

He smiled at his daughter as she stood there “come on daddy will make you something to eat” he says as it was roughly dinner time at the moment. “Where’s mommy gonna be?” she asked as she sat herself down in her high chair “mommy is gonna be staying with her brother for two days so you and I can film” he says as he looked in the fridge for ingredients before turning around seeing the groceries and a note. ‘Recipe for dinner tonight, its her favorite’ it read as it was a marinated chicken and fried rice.


“Hello my name is Hong Joshua” he says as he looks over at the seat beside him. “This is my daughter Hong Sunhee aka Sunny as she prefers” he continued. “My wife is a model and we’ve been married almost 7 years" he says awkwardly not knowing exactly what to say about you. “She had gotten her figure to the way she prefers and started modeling once more for about two months before she found out she was pregnant again” he laughs “she is nearly 8 months along now with our second child, another daughter so we may only be able to film for a little before she gives birth” he tells the camera with a smile. “We actually had a lot of trouble conceiving Sunny and she became such an important presence in our lives. So our second child was such a surprise to us because we didn’t want to go through all the steps we had to, to have our daughter again but nature was finally on our side” he said sweetly.

“Sunny and I have a rocky relationship with one another as of the past 6 months of knowing my wife was pregnant again” he says as his daughter takes off again to play away from the cameras. “She’s rather shy and often times when I come home from practice or whatever I’m at that point she’s sleeping which doesn't” he continues as he frowned. “Sunny seemed to believe for many months that we were going to love our other daughter more than her because she was a special gift. Sunny is our miracle and Mina will be natures gift” he spoke truthfully “She’s my eldest daughter and I want her and I to have a good standing and closeness that my friends have with their children. My groupmate Hoshi brings his son to work every time we have dance practice and I always get so jealous of how happy and close they are with one another” he was basically pouring his heart out on TV but it was the truth. “I want to be able to ask her if she wants to come with me and get a yes for once. She always says no so this show could help me break her out of her shell and her and I can be very close” he finished passionately.


Joshua and Sunny had one episode come out before you went into labor, they got through that day and when they made it into the second day you had called from the hospital. So their second episode consisted of your labor and birth of little Hong Mina who made her first appearance minutes after being born. That was there first two episodes in a nut shell. They spent two weeks not filming before it started up again with him and her. He had a note left by you telling him to take her to a baking class near by because she loves to bake and cook.

Walking into the class he realized he wasn’t the only dad there, only one more but it was better than nothing. “Let me tie your back” he says as she had put an apron on. The little class was rather pleasing and he was being praised by the other mothers who had watched his episode and thought he was a good husband because of all the things he did for you to make the experience more comfortable. He would thank them and smile before he went back to helping his daughter with cookies “are you making that one for mommy?” he asked her as she had been working very hard on the cookie “yeah” she says “well she’ll love it” he tells her as he looks at the messy creation. “Can you make one for daddy too?” he asked “no” she told him as he simply laughed in embarrassment wanting to crumble to the ground before he smiled at her. “Daddy is making you one” he says as he had tried to make it look like the ones you got from the bakeries.

He licked the bottom of one of the candies before sticking it straight onto her tip of her nose. He bent down to her level and pointed to his cheek as she picked up a piece and did the same to him. And it was the first moment they had in a long time where they were happy and enjoying every moment of being together in a long time.


After about 6 months they were much closer than they were before hand. And the next big question was if your younger daughter was going to be on or not. After much debate between the two of you, you agreed to test it out for a shoot.

“You remember how to make a bottle right” you asked him as he bounced Mina “yeah” he said as he waved you off. “Good luck” you tell him.

He put Mina down in her bouncer right away “alright” he says as he looked at Sunny who was busy watching TV. Neither of you were sure if Sunny liked Mina, she tolerated her little sister but never really did much with her. “Honey” Joshua says as Sunny looked up at him “can you play with your sister while I make breakfast?” he asked as she nodded. Joshua quickly headed into the kitchen constantly peaking into the living room from the island counter where he was preparing breakfast at. He watched as Sunny made her way over to her younger sister and the pair had an intense stare off. He was wondering what crazy animation the show would put with it.

Mina sucked on her pacifier contently as her eyes went back to the toys all along the bouncer. Joshua watched as Sunny lifted her hand. “Don’t hit her” he mouthed to himself not sure what to expect. Her little hand touched the top of her baby sister’s head as she began petting the dark brown locks on top. Mina continued playing with her toys as her older sister continued to touch her. Joshua smiled and letting out a happy sigh. He finished chopping vegetables up and got eggs out of the fridge and check one last time as he began making his daughter an omelet.

When he was done he called her to the table and began cutting up the omelet for her as came over. “Ketchup” he asked her as she nodded and he grabbed the bottle and put some on it. “Eat while I get sissy a bottle” he says as she nodded. He headed into the kitchen and grabbed a bottle from the cabinet to see that you had already filled it with powder as he sighed. And went to fill it with water.

He picked up Mina and brought her to the table and situated her in his arms and gave her the bottle and she began drinking. “Do you think we should have Mina on the show?” he asked Sunny who was staring at the food on her fork “can she eat this?” she asked as he shook his head no. He tilted the bottle up more “Sunny do you like your sister? I want you answer me this time understand” he says sternly. The nearing 4 year old looked up at him, she was smart and knew how to avoid situations well but her father wanted an honest answer. “Okay” Sunny responded “are you jealous that there’s another child in our home?” he asked as she shrugged.

“You know Uncle Jeonghan and Uncle Mingyu have it hard" he starts as she looked confused. “Uncle Jeonghan and Aunt Lili have it hard. They have 4 miracle babies. All 4 they have to give love and attention to at the same time. Uncle Mingyu and Aunt Daye have twins they have to give attention to” he says “they love all of them lots and lots though. No matter how many there is” he continued. “We love you as much as we did before Mina was born” he promised.

He pulled the empty bottle from Mina’s mouth as she was brought to his shoulder as he starting burping her. “Finish eating and we’ll watch cartoons” he told Sunny as she nodded. Joshua went to put the bottle into the sink as he looked a head and remembered the cameras. They were slowly becoming decorations now to him. His home life was as known as his professional life, he was even sure Sunny was becoming more popular than he was entertainment wise. He simply smiled as Mina began cuddling into him ready to fall asleep as he went to join Sunny at the table while she finished eating.

We Got Married With G-Dragon

Writer ; ~ MonsterYuYu/Yuyu ~

A/N ; “ Back at it again with the G-Dragon feels, also… i’ve been watching too much We Got Married lately. ~  “

P.S ; “ This is a bit different of ‘Life With G-Dragon’ because this one has conversations!! ~ “ - “ Grab a drink, THIS IS LONG LIKE REALLY LONG”

First Meeting/Day ;

  • You were just a rookie model that had debuted 2 years ago and you weren’t that popular
  • So, with the coming of We Got Married Season 5, your manager and you decided for you to go into the show and hopefully get noticed by media
  • It took around 4-5 months for you to get called for interview and auditon, where they would decide who you would be paired with
  • “I look up to G-Dragon, being a new model and also being friends with Park Soojoo, who said that he’s a really good model even if he is an idol and that i should look up to him made me do adore him.“
  • With the mention of Soojoo and him, they decided it would be interesting to pair you up with Jiyong 
  • Of course, they didn’t tell you who you were paired with
  • Jiyong was in the show as to show to his fans how he would treat his future girlfriend and wife, also hoping that his fans with this experience would be more open to let him date
  • The day of the shoot came and your manager said to you dress nicely and prettily 
  • Wich you did without complains 
  • While you were finishing your make-up, the cameras came and started filming right there
  • One staff reached out to give you the official red card of the show, you picked it up and thanked him softly, opening the envelope 
  • “Congratulations on getting married. Today you’ll meet your husband in one of these agencies ; “ JYP, YG or 1TheK “. One of your close friends know who is your husband and will tell you the correct agency if you call them. This friend is also an model”
  • So you call some of your friends who are models and they don’t know anything but rather tease and congratulate you in your marriage
  • Then, you put 2 pieces together, you mentiones Soojoo in the interview, so it should be her… right??
  • Correct. 
  • As soon as you call her she responds quickly “What took you so long?! I’m busy ~” Her strict voice came out followed with a bit of aegyo 
  • With a quick ‘sorry’, she tells you that the agency is YG
  • The thought of being G-Dragon didn’t even cross your mind, since he was already a sucessfull idol and didn’t need to be in the show 
  • The ride towards YG was embarrasing, you have never been in the building
  • And now, going around asking people if they knew who you were getting married with made you cringe from embarrassment 
  • The cameras followed you out of the car into the YG bulding, which made you become more nervous
  • Another red card was handed to you, you took it quickly
  • “Your husband is waiting you in the cafeteria in the first floor, go, meet him and arrange a date with him for the first time to wherever you both want to go.” 
  • While you were heading to the cafeteria, you could see some camera mans walking around and making way for you inside the cafeteria, meaning that your husband was there
  • When you walked into the cafeteria and faced G-Dragon, you were a bit dumbfounded but bowed as soon as he did
  • “Are you my husband?” You spoke without thinking, earning a shy laugh from Jiyong and a nod from his head “Yes. It’s nice to meet you.”
  • That was the first time you two meet, what leaded to both of you being shy and awkard with each other
  • After a bit of conversation about what he liked, what you liked,  you both decided to just go out, not having anything in mind to do
  • It was night, but not too late and there was still people in the street and that made you question your decisions whether it was a good idea or not
  • As soon as you both started to walk in the street you could feel many people looking and recording both of you but also not approaching to the point where it would be awkard
  • The first date would consist in just eating a bunch of street foods
  • After some time, you wouldn’t even notice the people around you anymore, nether the cameras
  • “Be careful.” Jiyong said, softly pushing you out of the street by your hand because of the car
  • That would be the first skinship between the two of you and it was natural so both of you didn’t pay attention to it, also because he let go of your hand quickly after
  • After a walk around you both would stop into a coffee shop and drink some americano, and another card made it’s presence
  • This time, Jiyong got up and got the card for both of you
  • “Since you both are a newly married couple, there’s a house waiting for you both to move in, go to this adress and meet your house. Some of your clothes are already into the house - What is this?..” Jiyong would read and laugh shyly at the end, not believing the situation “We’re going fast…” You would also laugh
  • The ride to ‘your’ house was both of you talking, the staff were driving both of you towards the new house
  • “What is your ideal type?…” You would ask, looking at him while waiting for an answer “… I don’t have an ideal type, my ideal type is the person i’m currently dating.” He waited a while before responding to your question “..Me?” Taking the chance you received, you pointed at yourself and said, quickly laughing from shyness short after and Jiyong also shyly laughing “You could say so. Since we’re married.” He nodded with a small smile 
  • When you both got into the house, it was na appartament, it was blank and there was no decoration in the walls, only the essencial for living
  • Both of you would open up your baggage, showing each other what you had inside and talking about fashion while looking at his clothes and yours
  • “I heard you’re friends with Soojoo.” Jiyong would suddenly say after you both had finished setting the clothes into the closet of the appartament “Yes,i’m her friend!” After saying that to him, he would nod “You can speak comfortably with me.” A smile was formed in his face while he said that “Yes. You should speak comfortably too” You said to him and he agreed “ Okay, we’ll talk comfortably then.”
  • When the time to eat dinner came, you both would go out again after putting more warm clothes because it was already too late but you both still had to go to the supermarket
  • Since it was the first time you both went shopping together, you had the chance to see what he liked eating and what he didn’t like
  • Something he loves to eat is Nato (Japanese dish) and you promised to him you would try to do it one day
  • He also said he would try to cook your favorite food sometime
  • Jiyong would offer to pay for the bill, saying that it had somethings he bought to eat, like snacks and soju 
  • Returning to you guys house, he helped you organize the groceries and take out things to cook
  • You would go change your clothes to more comfortables ones first and jiyong would also change into more comfortable clothes after you, still looking like a fashionista.
  • “To be honest…” You would pause before the pans and turn to look at him “I really can’t cook.” After this confession, Jiyong would let a breathy laugh “I can’t cook too.” He confessed, causing you both to let out a small laugh “I’ll help you.” Getting up, he would head towards you in the kitchen
  • After a while of confusion, a bit of struggles, you both would end up finishing some Korean dishes for the dinner
  • He would set up the table while you cleaned the mess you both made into the kitchen, literally, a tornado passed there.
  • “It’s okay?! Wow! Teamwork!” You would exclaim in surprise, Jiyong would also do the same as you, making sounds of approval “High-Five.” He would say, sticking out his hand up in the air, which you would gladly accept and hit his hand
  • Dinner would be quiet, because you both were busy eating 
  • “I’ll do the dishes, since you cleaned the pans and everything.” Jiyong would say, quickly going to his job in the kitchen
  • Since he was busy washing the dishes, you would take the chance and slip into the bathroom to take a bath, carefully to not take out your make-up 
  • After changing and walking into the bathroom, an realization would hit you
  • There’s only one bed
  • Wasn’t you both sleeping in there?? You both would sleep into the same bed into the first time meeting????
  • You were so lost in thoughts that you didn’t notice Jiyong entering the bedroom and he came to the same realization as you
  • “I… I can sleep into the couch if you want.” He would offer quickly “No, It’s okay!” You quickly affirmed, feeling bad for making him sleep into the couch just for you “…Okay. I’ll also take a bath and i’ll be back in a few.” With that said, he would pick some clothes from the closet and head towards the bathroom
  • Sitting on the bed, you would scroll trough your social medias while waiting for Jiyong
  • When he came into the bedroom, he was without any make-up and wearing some over-sized clothes as pyjamas 
  • He was a bit relucant to even sit on the bed, and because of that both of you turned awkard and shy while sitting on the bed together
  • No words were said for a few seconds before you both meet each other gazes, causing you both to laugh in embarrasment
  • “S-Should we… sleep ?” Jiyong would hesitantly say, mentioning towards the lamp next to the bed that was the only source of lighting in the bedroom. A laugh would escape your lips again in embarrasment “Ah! What is this?!” He would exclaim, also feeling embarrassed and cringing to himself 
  • It would take quite a while before you both could turn off the light and fall asleep comfortably
  • To be honest, you feel a sleep first
  • Jiyong was worrying to much about making you comfortable and not move too much so it took him a while to entirely fall asleep
  • An alarm going off at 4am would wake you both up
  • Jiyong would quickly get up and look towards his phone to check the time
  • “What is it?…” You would ask, still under the sheets and with the lights turned off you couldn’t see him very well “I have to go to the studio..” Jiyong would inform you, moving around the bedroom to find some clothes for him with the light from his phone screen, you would roll over to turn the lamp on “No, it’s okay! You can sleep, i’ll be back later.” He would quickly move over to turn off the lamp, without complains you would lay again in your spot and fall asleep short after
  • After putting some clothes on into the bathroom, he would move towards the bedroom again to pick up a face mask
  • “She’s already sleeping again.” He would laugh to himself, talking to the camera next to him  in a whisper tone 

Second Day ; 

  • It was still the same day when you returned to the house, waiting for Jiyong to come back from his job
  • Realizing how much time he had spend into the YG Building since 4am and how much idols go trough in just one day
  • “In my way to here… i bought something.” You would show the camera a box of Nato “Should i say i made it? I put everything into this small box..” You would ask yourself if you should trick Jiyong or not
  • But you didn’t have much time because the sound of the door opening meant he was home 
  • Jiyong would appear into the living room with make-up done, but you still could see he was a bit tired, what you expected.
  • “Here. I bought it for you! It’s Nato!” Handing him the small box filled with Nato, he would accept it and look at you “Thank you?.. I didn’t get anything for you though..” He would say slowly, feeling guilty over receiving something and not giving in return
  • After getting over the feeling of guilty, he would eat with pleasure
  • “I made it!~” You would say happily, causing him to look at you “Did you?..” He would ask not believing you entirely “Of course i did! Why - does it tastes bad?” Quickly hiding the lie with a question, he was fooled easily “No! It’s great! Wow -  didn’t you say you’re a bad cook?” He would ask, still eating it “I asked my mom to help me make it.” Another lie well told causing Jiyong to nod his head happily “Your mother is a good cook then.” He would tease you “No!~ I just followed her instructions!” A whine would leave your lips causing him to laugh “That’s cute.. ~”
  • After he finished eating, a red card would be handed to both of you again, this time you reached out to get it
  • “Since Jiyong is busy and has to go back to YG. Why don’t (Y/N) try to become an idol - No.” You would stop Reading before it finished, causing Jiyong to laugh next to you and take the red card from your hands, you would look towards the camera mans “I’m an model, i can’t dance, i can’t sing. Why are you doing this to me?” You would cry out towards they, while Jiyong grinned happily next to you while reading the same sentance over and over again
  • “It will be fun.” He would laugh “For you!” You would softly hit him
  • After that, he would help you gather some clothes for practice that were comfortable and some other clothes for later on
  • Inside the YG Building was different, you saw G-Dragon and just a little of Jiyong
  • Until you both got into the practice room for dancing and you found YoungBae
  • Who happily congratulated you in your ‘marriage’, you were friends with him because you were close friend with Min HyoRin
  • When you said that you were close friends with YoungBae and Hyorin, Jiyong would start to question why he hadn’t meet you before
  • The practice went with struggles, but with YoungBae there it felt more of 3 friends hanging around trying diferente things
  • “Did you guys held hands or hug yet?” Youngbae asked directly towards both of you who were out of breath “No! What are you saying? I meet him yesterday” You complained towards him “You are married aren’t you?” Youngbae kept joking until Jiyong called him out with a embarrassed ‘Ya!..’ 
  • The rest of the day was pretty chill, diferente from what you were expecting
  • But the hardest was the dance, which you gave up quickly and both boys didn’t push you to try more
  • The rest of the day was pretty chill, diferente from what you were expecting
  • But the hardest was the dance, which you gave up quickly and both boys didn’t push you to try more
  • “I called Park Soojoo, she’s coming here.”&#157; Youngbae would say out of nowhere while all of you were eating
  • And you’re like , oh damn.
  • What is this girl going to do?Â
  • Since she was pretty close to both you and Jiyong, you expected the worse from her
  • Meanwhile, there were already cameras  waiting for Soojoo out of the building
  • Youngbae said that if they waited for her, she could help the shy couple grow more used to each other
  • Because Soojoo was going to make they close
  • So the staff were like ‘thats exactly what we want’
  • When Soojoo entered the YG’s cafeteria, she directly went to give Jiyong and you a quick hug and a high-five to Youngbae
  • You greeted her a bit shaky, a bit afraid of what that crazy girl was going to do
  • “Why are you so tense?~”She would point out towards you with a laugh ”I’m your cupid today! an agressive cupid ~” She joked with both of you, feeling Jiyong also kinda of scared what she was going to do “You’re both too far away, sit closer. You’re married.” With that said, she would get up and bring you closer to Jiyong “Wait a second” She murmured, grabbing your and Jiyong’s hands to interlace with each other, causing you both to laugh and stop eating in embarrassment “That’s better.” She said calmly, like it was the most normal thing ever
  • That was basically your lunch, Soojoo kept an eye to see if you both had your hands still held
  • She was na agressive cupid, honestly
  • Her job was to make you close to each other by any means, you both were her friends, so why not?
  • YoungBae laughed most of the time when she asked if you guys were still holding hands and kept teasing you guys saying how you both couldn’t ‘pry your hands off of each other’, literally.
  • Soojoo wouldn’t let you guys be awkard “Let’s play a game.” Soojoo said after you guys had put the plates away and the table was now empty “What are you thinking of doing?” You would complain but she would just laugh and brush you off “Let’s play truth and dare. Me and YoungBae agaisnt You and Jiyong.” She offered quickly, dragging Youngbae into her plan aswell “The winners decide the punishment for the loser.” He would add with a smirk
  • The first round you guys won, causing displeasent noises from both soojoo and youngbae “You both really want to embarrass us don’t you?” Jiyong would ask both of they, letting go of your hand “Hand.” Soojoo would point out sternly making jiyong grab your hand again then a smile returned on her face “Yes, that was our punishment, having to tell the truth.Thank you, next round.” Soojoo quickly said
  • Loss
  • And a few happy squeals from her “K-k .. kiss?” Youngbae would say thinking about it, you would send a glare at him “No no no! Back hug! Back hug!” Soojoo quickly jumped in “GO!” She would say with a loud voice and Jiyong got up to back hug you “Do it properly. Or i’ll say for you to do it again.” Again with her comment, she watched the scene with interest, focusing in your flustered face while Jiyong hugged you still sitting in the bench “GOOD! GOOD!” Soojoo would give both of you a thumbs up with a huge smile “My job as cupid is working!” 
  • Both Soojoo and Youngbae would let you guys out of the game, agreeing that it was a lot of skinship for a day
  • As time passed, Soojoo would make time to tease the hell out of you, saying how much you admired Jiyong and looked up at him
  • Also telling you some embarrassing stories from both Jiyong and Min Hyorin
  • “She knows Hyorin?” 
  • Soojoo would confirm it to Jiyong that you knew her, causing him to wonder how he hadn’t meet you before
  • That was the whole day
  • And the last day of the shooting for the week, you both would film it on sundays and saturdays

Overall ; 

  • Overall, being on We got Married with Jiyong would be na adventure
  • Having his friends over you, having your friends over him
  • And your mutual friends Soojoo teasing you guys all the time and forcing skinship 
  • As time passed, you both would get closer and closer
  • Which would turn the teasing into utterly disgust from both of you being so cute to each other
  • Park Soojoo, Taeyang, Seungri, Min Hyorin would all be active guests in the show, almost as if they had to be on it
  • You both would go abroad to the country of your choice as ‘honeymoon’
  • After a while, skinship would turn natural and nicknames would be a must when calling each other
  • When you guys end the show
  • Jiyong will ask to still keep in touch with you, the decision if you want to date him for real
  • Is yours.

Tessa didn’t remember when she had fallen, only that her knees ached as the cold of the bathroom tiles seeped into her bones.

It wasn’t that she hadn’t thought about it. It was something she knew—something she had always known that she wanted and that she had wanted to give to Jem.

She had thought about it often, even more so recently. Jem was getting older and she knew better than most how time could get away from you if you weren’t careful. She just hadn’t expected it to happen without any preparation.

Her mind wondered to when she had found out about her Jamie. Little Lucie had been easier, no less frightening, but easier in that she could better deal with the fear. But now…

Was it wrong, she asked herself. Would they hate her for moving on and having more children? Would they think that they were only a passing moment? Would this little one think that?

Then a new vision entered her mind and it calmed her somehow. In it there was a little brown haired girl brutally debauching a note on a violin and Jem standing over her and adjusting her grip, the note coming out strangled still, but less so than before. Then a little boy flew into her mind, sitting in her lap with a child’s book and mispronouncing almost every word wrong while she gently corrected him and he would repeat the word wrongly a few more times before he got it right. She saw her and Jem and the little boy and girl sitting at a dinner table, smiling at one another and laughing at jokes that their family shared between only their selves.

It was as lovely as it was frightening.

“Tessa?” The voice was Jem’s. The crinkling sound of plastic bags altered her that he had been grocery shopping. She could see him in her mind’s eye with bags weighing him down, walking in the door to their little London apartment and kicking it shut behind him. Then she pictured it again, but this time she changed one detail. He still carried the bags, but this time there was a little child, pulling at all of them, trying to find something of theirs. “Tessa, I’m home,” he called out again.

She wanted to answer enthusiastically, to come out of the bathroom beaming like a soon-to-be-mother should be, to kiss him and tell him of a new someone who would share their future with them.

But that wasn’t what she did. Instead, her mind went to Will and James and Lucie. Would she be the same with her and Jem? When he aged and finally died—she shivered at the thought—would she run off and leave her child or her children like she did to Jamie and Lucie—visiting rarely, watching from afar and only knowing that they were gone from this world through the words of others?

She remembered Lucie, who had gone first. It had been two years after her death before Tessa had even found out. Once they had reached their sixties she had cut off all contact with them, knowing that their deaths would be soon.

She knew of James’s though. He had written her a letter just a few days before he had gone, one she still kept with her, though she rarely read it.She had memorized it, but somehow looking at the words, written in his handwriting that was aged with him. Shaky because his hand shook. He had been so old—seventy-seven, and she remembered wanting to pretend that the dried and crinkled droplets on it were from something other than his tears, though she knew that they were not.

He had written so many beautiful things—Will’s lovely way with words had been passed to their son. In the letter, he had expressed his wish to die. It had and still did make her heart ache. When she had gotten it, it had filled her with envy and empathy. Envy because he would find his peace, and empathy because he, just as she, had watched everyone he loved wither and die. He had watched his parabatai, his sister, his wife—but most of all she felt pain, because the letter was signed two months before she ever had the courage to open it, and she had known then that he was gone. Her golden-eyed baby boy was gone.

Would she feel the same pain she felt looking at the Herondale and the Blackthorn families when she looked her new baby’s family in the future when her own was all gone?

A cabinet banged in the kitchen.

Shakily standing up she took the pregnancy test and threw it in the trash, wrapping some toilet paper in her hand and throwing it over, though she doubted Jem would know what is was anyway. Then again, he had formed a certain affinity with modern soap operas, so she wasn’t taking any chances.

She walked into the kitchen, praying to the Angel that her hands weren’t still shaking. Jem was staring at the label of a can of something, brows furrowed and fully engrossed in whatever he was seeing. When she had first taken him grocery shopping, he had been surprised and delighted at all the things that you could buy canned. But that had gone out the window when he realized he couldn’t pronounce half of the ingredients.

She went up and wrapped her arms around his waist. “Hello,” she said, kissing his neck and leaning her head against his back. His sweater was soft and she felt herself close her eyes and lean into him even more. “You didn’t have to go to the store. I could have done it.”

He unwound her arms from around him and turned to face her, his face alight with gentle love. “It is my apology.” His hands were still wrapped around her wrists. He brought them back around his waist and then put his own around her and pulled her close so that they were chest to chest. “Since you are the only one who can cook, I decided that I would be the one to get the groceries.”

Her heart swelled with love. Even Jem, who was from a time when it was solely the woman’s job to take care of everything at the house, thought to help her out. Only her Jem would have listened to her when she made the comment that they were almost out of laundry detergent and go and buy some…

Her heart stopped as she gazed at the laundry detergent that he had purchased, sitting on the counter behind him in all of its accusatory wonders. It was a brand made specifically for infants and was meant to be gentle and non-allergenic.

“You bought detergent meant for a child?” It came out accusatory. Did he know? He couldn’t have, could he?

Jem looked bashfully at the blue bottle sitting on the counter. “I must have grabbed the wrong one,” he admitted with a shrug. It was the truth. Jem had always been a terrible liar when it came to her. “Sorry,” he ducked his head down. “Perhaps my trying to help is more of a burden for you than help if I can’t get the right things.”

Tessa immediately felt bad. She hadn’t meant for her words to come out like that. “Don’t be ridiculous Jem. We can use the detergent just the same. Besides,” she added, smiling at him warmly. “How do you know that I am the only one who can cook? Have you ever tried?”

At this, his face became very red and he ducked his head down even more. “No,” he said. There was that terrible liar.

“Oh, now you’ve got me interested.” She stood up on her tiptoes and kissed his chin lovingly. “I must hear about his.”

He smiled down at her. His face was still red but it had diminished a bit. He nuzzled her jaw, and she imagined that it was more to hide his embarrassment that it was anything else.

“I attempted to cook a meat loaf once while you were out with Catarina.” He leaned back up and bit his lip, scratching his neck. “Even Church would not eat it.”

Tessa giggled. “Well, I appreciate the thought.”

He grinned and his eyes crinkled at the corners. “I should probably put the milk up before it ruins.”

Tessa stepped back reluctantly and allowed him to grab the milk cartons and put them into the fridge. All the while she was eyeing the detergent.

“I can take it back you know,” Jem said seriously. He had stopped what he was doing and stood looking at her, a box of cereal in his hand. “It really isn’t a problem Tessa.”

“No,” she murmured. “No, that’s okay. Who knows, we might need it.” It had been a suggestive thing to say, and she carefully gauged his reaction. He only tilted his head to the side and furrowed his brows, sticking the cereal into the cabinet before turning around and grabbing some more groceries.

“Well, yes.” He put something else in the fridge. “I know that. I doubt you’d be able to stand me if I did not use soap. You might still smell okay, but I would not. What I mean to say is that while we will certainly need it, it doesn’t have to be that specific brand meant for infants. I can go and get another brand.”

She cleared her throat. Her palms felt slick. “What I mean to say,” she spoke and was surprised that her voice wasn’t shaky, “is that we might well need that brand.”

Jem had stopped what he was doing and had leaned back against the counter top. He was truly confused.

It was in that moment that Tessa realized that of course, he wouldn’t have any idea what she was talking about, and for not the first time in her life, she felt pity for him.

He had been so young when he had been told he was dying. At just eleven he would have never thought about having children, and after that, he had been sick and dying and still could not have thought about it. Even after he had been freed from the brotherhood and had been with her for almost five years he did not consider it because it was always so far away—so impossible for him.

“Tessa, why would we need a brand designed for infants?” he asked, looking at her strangely. He looked like she had lost her mind and then, all of the sudden his eyebrows shot up and she thought, he has finally realized. But that was not so. “Are you allergic to the other detergent?” he asked.

It was such a very bizarre thing to say that she might have laughed had she not been so sad that that was the first conclusion he could come to. It seemed more realistic to him that she had been hiding an allergy towards their laundry detergent for five years than it was that she could have been talking about a child.

She walked up and to him, close but not touching.

“We might not need it,” she told him. She looked down at the musician’s hand that hung at his side, and reached out, grabbing it loosely. He watched her downturned eyes. “But someone else might.”

She didn’t dare look him in his face, but his chest seemed to rise and fall faster and his hand tightened in hers.

“Who?” His voiced cracked and he cleared it. “Who might need it?”

“A baby?” she shrugged and then added a soft, “perhaps”.

It was whispered so softly that she didn’t know if he heard until he asked, “A baby?” He still held her hand in his but it had stiffened. His voice had risen an octave. “Where would we get a baby?”

A nervous giggle left her mouth and before she could stop it, it had turned into a full tide of nervous laughter that she couldn’t get to stop. When she finally, did her eyes were full of tears that she knew were not from the laughter. One rolled down her cheek unchecked. “You don’t know what it is we’ve been doing all this time? I assumed you realized that that might result in one.” One—a baby, but if hung between them unsaid.

He had been staring at their joined hands and now he looked up at her through dark lashes. A darkness that she had to become accustomed to after so long of silver—after so long of closed eyes, though they were never unseeing. “You want to have a baby?” he whispered. He was breathing so fast now. He dropped her hand but quickly moved it to cup her cheeks. He was so close and his breath fell against her lips in short, warm bursts. “You want to have a baby with me?” His eyes were wide with wonder and something that looked like… hope. “Tessa, I—” he broke off looking flustered and shaking his head in amazement. “I had never even considered. It—the thought. It was always so far away—impossible. It has never been an option for me. And I did not know if you wanted to—not after…” James and Lucie. The words were unspoken between them. He above all knew the pain that came with losing her children. The unnatural deep ache of not going before them. “Tessa?” his voice broke and he looked at her with wide eyes that held such hope and happiness and fear that she was forced to look away. “Do you want to have a baby?”

She gave him a crooked smile. “Actually,” another tear broke free from her eye and rolled down a path beside where the other one had. “I already do.”

She gently took one of his hands off her face and brought it down to where she rested it against her stomach. His eyes remained on her face for a moment before they followed the trail of his hand.

She was not showing yet and her stomach was as flat as it had always been, but something about the gesture must have done something to Jem.

“Oh God.” It was somewhere between a choke and a sob as he fell to his knees, burying his face against her stomach and holding her against him. She kept her eyes up, stroking his silky hair. Though it had changed colors, it had never lost is texture. It still felt like pinfeathers between her finger.

Something about it all, the way he grasped at her as if she was his living and breathing salvation, the way his hands gripped at her back almost painfully, how she could feel his sobbing breaths through her clothing—and she remembered the night he had proposed to her. The heartbreaking proposal of a man who knew he could only offer her nothing but himself and a short time but promised to give everything of himself in that time. The disbelief in his silver eyes when she had said yes—everything was so similar to that night that she could not help but fall down in front of his and bury her face against his neck so tightly that she could taste her own salty tears against his skin.

And there was no thought about the future or the past, about James and Lucie or Will, or the inevitability of how she would be forced to watch the man in her arms and the child in herself age and die. It was just Jem and Tessa and the one new addition to their strange little family.

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Maggie was not pleased.

“I don’t need any help. I will be fine. I’ll scoot around on my backside and …”

Scully stopped her, “Mom, there is no Earthly or un-Earthly way you are going to be able to get up on a toilet, reach the toothpaste, eat anything other than the crackers you have on the bottom shelf of the pantry because if you try to cook, you’ll burn the house down.”

Charlie cut her off, “mom, it’s either Dana moves in or I do and do you really want your son helping you go to the bathroom. I mean, I will, no complaints but just think about it for a minute.”

“Charles …”

“Hey, even my full name isn’t going to change my mind. It’s her or me, take your pick.”

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Spectator Sports

Word Count: 2891

Warnings: Pure Smut, Girl on Girl, Voyeurism

A/N: This was a ton of fun to write and I have totally left it open for a part 2; we’ll see. 

Summary: Sam and Dean have met a couple of girls. One night, after a few drinks,  the girls run into each other in the kitchen and things take a turn for the better; Dean is woken up by the noises echoing through the Bunker, he wakes Sam and together they investigate the disturbance only to find their girlfriends going to town on one another in the middle of the Library. The boys are not invited to join but are told to just sit back enjoy the show.

(none of the images are mine - thank you tumblr porn and google)

Sam and Dean had lived in the Bunker for a few years now, more than a few, actually, after the Darkness came and went, they decided to take some time off from hunting. They still worked research for other hunters, became a safe haven when for them when needed. That is how they came to meet Y/N and Callie.

One night, Sam got a call from Garth, saying there were two hunters in the area that needed a place to hole up and recover from a bad hunt.  Needless to say both boys were unprepared for what they found when they opened the heavy steel door that night six months ago.

Callie met Y/N a few years ago on a case and they have been hunting together ever since. Callie was tall and beautiful with dark skin, light eyes and a mess of curls topping her ever curious brain. Y/N was almost her polar opposite, and she was tougher than she looked for her size. But they worked well together and were badass. Their wounds had healed months ago, but neither was anxious to get back on the road. They had found more than refuge here at the Men Of Letters Bunker.

Within only a few weeks, each girl had picked their poison. Callie, the taller of the two was instantly drawn to Sam. He was an Adonis with intellect that rivaled her own. They soon found themselves alone too many nights in the Library, researching turned to strewn books all over the table, making room for hot bodies.

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Something Catty

Pairing: Seungcheol X Reader

Genre: fluff

Description: Seungcheol has been busy lately and you do something Catty for his attention

Length: 1,477

“Babe..baby.” Nothing. He’s been starring at the computer all day. He told me he was wanting to dable in composing but I didn’t expect it to take up all of his free time. Rolling my eyes I sit up on the bed. “Baby you’ve been working on that all day. Why don’t you come cuddle with me?” I smile opening my arms knowing cuddles are a winner for him. “Not now sweetie, I’m almost finished.” I felt a little hurt that he’d turn it down so easily but I understand it’s his job. Laying back in the bed I sigh thinking of something to pass the time. After about an hour of painful silence aside from the clicking I’ve had enough and stand up walking into the kitchen to clean. I start with the washing the dishes and cleaning the counters through out the room.I just want his attention. I hate to be that girlfriend but I’ve been so needy for affection lately that I think I’m going insane. After the room is spotless I neatly place the dishes into their appropriate spot in the cabinet and lean against the sink. “How can I get his attention?…” Things at work haven’t been the best lately and it’s really starting to affect me. My boss constantly is hanging over my shoulder telling me to hurry up or I’m doing something wrong while my lazy co-worker sits in the corner on her phone the whole time. My friends aren’t talking to me and it feels like I can’t really do anything right lately. All I want is for my boyfriend to hold me but it would be wrong to disturb his work. I decide to start some laundry and get in the shower. For many the shower is a time for peace and easy thinking and that’s exactly what I plan on doing. Seungcheol will be busy all day for the next two weeks so it’s important I get his attention tonight,even if it’s just a small hug I’ll be fine. I don’t want to seem like that clingy girlfriend that will only get on his nerves but today I guess I am. Suddenly the door opens breaking me from my thoughts. “Seungcheol, we should watch a movie together.” I smile at the idea but he only grunts in response. “Maybe we can go to the park?” “I’m busy” “oh..okay” I let out a laugh so he doesn’t catch on to my disappointment as washes his hands leaving me alone again. I sigh letting the weight of the week and my loneliness hit me. I stay in the shower until all the water has turned cold and shut it off. Stepping out I dry off and realize how selfish I’m being. He’s working his ass off and I’m over here complaining because he’s working. He’ll give me his attention when he’s able to. I get an idea and wrap a towel around me going to my closet quietly not wanting to disturb him and dig the close looking for an outfit. I find a flowey white dress and some tan sandals. After putting them on I go to the bathroom to finish getting ready. Standing in front of the mirror I brush and style my hair in wavy curls leaving it down over my shoulders. I apply a natural layer of make up double checking myself in the mirror doing a little turn. Once I decide I look nice enough I grab my phone and purse leaving a kiss on Seungcheol’s cheek before walking out the door. I’ve decided to make a special dinner tonight for him since he’s been working so hard. The walk to the subway station isn’t too long and actually felt nice. There are a lot of people out enjoying the warm weather today. Once I get to the station I pay for my trip and take a seat in a bench. It’s lunch time so it’s going to be crowded so I decide to wait it through not really in the mood to be pushed and shoved. It doesn’t take long for another train to come and I get on holding onto the dirty rail for support as it takes off. The ride wasn’t long but it was still somewhat crowded. When we finally stopped I made my way out and straight into the bathroom to clean my arms. I walk out and go back above ground to browse a few stores when I come across a pet store with a beautiful long haired white kitten in the window sitting on top of a pink box. Her eyes where blue and the the bottoms of her feet a soft shade of pink. She definitely caught my attention but she would have to wait until I was finished shopping. I take one last glance and go into the grocery story next door. Walking down the isles I keep thinking of the cat. A companion would be nice to have while he’s away or busy. Surely he won’t mind if I get one. If she’s still there when I finish here I’ll get her and bring her home.

I stand in line waiting to check out going over what I need to do for tonight’s surprise. Maybe I should get some flowers, he seems to love them even if he won’t admit it. I pay and go to a floral shop picking out a bundle of wild flowers. Full of excitement I leave the shop walking straight to the subway station when I remember the little kitten and turn around going back. I open the door and the little bell at top dings announcing my arrival. I walk around and look at all the animals lined up on shelves and by the wall. They were all cute but my heart was set on the little long haired kitten that seemed to be missing. “How may I help you?” A friendly elderly woman in uniform walked up to me while I look at the empty class case. “There was a white long hair kitten in the window earlier.” “Oh yes, she’s getting a bath but if you’d like to purchase her we can get that taken care of.” “Yes please.” I follow her to the counter and fill out all the appropriate adoption papers handing them back to her. I purchase a collar and other items recommended to keep her healthy and they bring her out to me with a pretty bow attached.

With my pet and new found excitement i rush home to begin his surprise. Cracking the bedroom door open I see he’s still in the same position as he was when I left and run back to the kitchen. I start prepping the meal and cooking it when I decide it’s time for him to have a break. I walk into the room and sit on the bed holding the kitten in my hand watching. “Seungcheol.” Still nothing. Looking at the cat I get an idea. Cats always know how to get someone’s attention when they want it. I set her on the bed and stand behind him rubbing his shoulders softly. He smiles and pats my hand still watching the screen, and I nuzzle against him making the best purr sound I can. “Baby stop.” He laughs at my behavior but it only encourages me more. “Meow” I whisper in his ear and he stops clicking the mouse. “I promise I’m almost finished” I sigh and go back into the kitchen finishing the meal. I set the table placing the bundle of flowers for him by his chair and fix the plates. “Well kitty, this is the last straw. He will take a break.” Walking into the room I don’t give him a chance to make an excuse and crawl over his lap sitting on the desk in his way. “Babe not now.” “Meow.” I say crossing my arms at him. He gives me a strange look and I move into his lap stretching out causing him to hold onto me. “Save it. I have a lovely dinner ready for you and a little surprise.” Smiling he gives me a kiss saving his work. I get off his lap and he stands stretching. “My body feels so stiff.” Laughing I take his hand and lead him to his chair. “That’s what happens when you sit in front of a computer all day.” I hand him the flowers and he smiles putting them in water. “Thanks for all of this. It means a lot.” “Don’t worry, I gladly did it.” I smile and pick up the little white creature and show him. “Meet our new roommate” We happily eat our dinner and spend the rest of the evening on the couch spending time together with our new little friend.

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SH Month 2017: Stress

So I’m always gonna be behind the rest of the class but I’m gonna get some of these out, eventually… I had this idea way back when, I just couldn’t expand on it and let it sit in a folder until the prompt list came out. So I’m kind of cheating, LOL.

Ino hummed happily as she shopped. Her groceries list had gotten much longer now that she had to think of her boyfriend. Being teammates with Choji had prepared her to deal with someone with a large appetite but Kiba and Akamaru caused her to stress out when it was her turn to cook. There were dietary restrictions she had to keep in mind as well as what could poison or sicken the canine.

Frankly she didn’t know how Hinata and Shino dealt with them. She had heard a rumor that one of Team Eight was a real glutton and lamented that she had fallen in love with him. Thankfully this was just a dinner for her and Kiba.

Crossing off the last item on her list, she heard an argument on the other side of the aisle.

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skater girl || calum hood

You turn your snapback around on your head and put your helmet on, you grab your skateboard and your dog’s leash.

“There’s my favorite man!” You grin as he comes trotting towards you. “You ready to go Harry?” You ask the Australian Shepherd now sitting at your feet. You lean over and he gives you a kiss. You chuckle and grab his harness and strap him in it and hook his leash.

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SamCait FanFic - The Storm P1

Caitriona lit the last of several candles on their kitchen table and blew out the match. A thin line of smoke curled away from the bright flames. She was setting the table for dinner, as well as preparing for the loss of power. The news reported Capetown would get a large tropical storm that night and following morning and all shooting for the next day was cancelled.

She and Sam made arrangements, going grocery shopping with their cast mates and colleagues, as well as picking up other provisions: wine, candles, and…Sam ran off for a secret errand that he refused to share with her. He said it was a spooky surprise and promised he’d fill her in soon enough.

The sky was already pitch black though it was still before sundown. A few small lamps illuminated the apartment along with the candles at the table. Caitriona was cooking up a tasty shrimp stir-fry on their (thankfully) gas stove while Sam was in the shower, readying himself for the night.

He entered the kitchen in a t-shirt and sweats, his hair damp and his body clean, “Mo chirdhe, that smells delicious.”

“Why, thank you dahhhling.” He kissed her neck and embraced her from behind, careful not to interrupt her focus on the shrimp and vegetables in the sizzling wok.

“Shall I open the wine?”

“Yes, please.”

He left her and opened a bottle, the cork popping out with a satisfying plonk.

“Which did you choose?”

“The red. It’s more fitting.”

“For what?”

“For this spooky scary storm!” His accent was thicker for emphasis, and she giggled at his showmanship. He poured them both glasses and placed them on the table. “Are you afraid?”

The question wasn’t sinister but Sam was grinning like a wicked Jack-O-Lantern as she came towards him with two steaming plates of food.

“No. The only things that scare me are small with lots of legs.”

“No ghosties or ghoulies, then?”

“No, I’m not like you!”

“We canna control the forces of the universe. They are bigger than we ken…” He dug his fork into a broccoli floret and attempted a nibble before continuing, suddenly serious, “I heard that there was a murder on the floor of this building.”

Caitriona stopped and studied him, trying to discern if he was lying. “When was this?”

“A few years ago. The doorman was telling me about it. Said it was a lover’s quarrel and the woman stabbed her boyfriend to death.”

“Hmm…sounds terribly scandalous.” Caitriona took a gulp of her wine and continued watching him closely, waiting for him to get to the point.

“He said there are stories from tenants waking up to dark puddles of blood on the floor, but when they turn on the lights, there’s nothing there…”

Despite her distrust, she was starting to get spooked.

“That’s why I chose the blood red”, he held up his glass to the candlelight, “I thought it fit better with my story.” His grin returned as he took a sip.

“Sam! You are going to pay for this! That didn’t really happen, did it?”

“Maybe…” He winked and continued eating. “This is delicious.”

Caitriona had an idea, and hoped she’d get a chance to use it later.

After they finished their food and cleared the dirty plates, Sam ran off to retrieve his surprise.

The rain was light, but it blew against the dark windows and the wind produced howling noises between the buildings. They still had electricity, for now.

Sam reappeared with small paper bag and handed it to her. “Thought this would be perfect for tonight…” She opened the bag and found a copy of “The Collected Poems of Edgar Allen Poe”.

Caitriona smiled, “How romantic and macabre of you, darling.” She kissed him and gently ran the fingers of her free hand along the soft, delicate pulse in his neck.

“I thought we could read them aloud. Something to do if we lose power.” He slid his hands down to her hips and pulled her to him, “Well, it’s one thing we can do…”

A loud rumble of thunder startled them. “We should enjoy the lights while they last, aye?”

Cait refilled their wine glasses and went to their bedroom to change into something more comfortable. She emerged in a thin t-shirt and a small pair of cotton shorts. Sam was already on the couch, having moved two candles and their wine glasses to the coffee table in front of him..

“Come” he patted the cushion next to him, “I’ve a poem for ye, mo leannan.”

“Mmmmm, do you now?” Caitriona sat and draped a blanket over them. Before relaxing back onto the pillows, she slid her hand under his shirt, feeling the hard muscles there. He gasped.

“Cait, your hands are freezing.”

“It is a bit chilly in here.” Actually, she’d run her hands under the cold tap in their bathroom before joining him. She could be creepy, too.

There was another rumble of thunder, followed by a crack and a barrage of heavy rain against their windows. A howl of wind came and then–the few lights they’d kept on vanished.

“It’s started…” Sam remarked, his face lit only by the light of the candles in front of them.

“Read me something! Can you see?”

“I can. Which should I pick..?” Cait was sitting with her legs over his lap and her torso against the side of the couch. The light blanket covered both their legs and made for a cozy, intimate atmosphere.

Sam cleared his throat,

“It was many and many a year ago,
In a kingdom by the sea,
That a maiden there lived whom you may know
By the name of Annabel Lee…”

He continued, his vowels smooth and his consonants sharp. His drama school teachers would be proud. Caitriona found herself taken by the sad tale and almost forgot how irritated she was with him for scaring her earlier. Almost.

When he finished she leaned over and kissed him, “That was beautiful. Can I read one, now?”

“Of course, mo chirdhe.”

“I’m going to read…” she paused to make a crude bird call.

“The Raven!”

“Nah…let’s find something less popular…” She flipped through the slim volume and selected a short poem titled “The Valley of Unrest”. She read it with a clear voice, discovering it along with Sam.

“They weep:—from off their delicate stems
Perennial tears descend in gems. ”

When she finished, he reached his thumb to her bottom lip before leaning in to kiss her. She opened to him and he snatched the book from her and threw it to the floor. Within seconds he was on top of her, hungry for her flesh. He pressed her into the couch and his hands caressed her skin as they moved her t-shirt up towards her neck. Caitriona was pinned and losing track of her plan. His weight on her and his natural musk made her wet between her legs. She tried to press herself to him while thinking “Please let’s make it to the bedroom.” It was important that they did.

“Sam,” she panted. “Let’s get to the bed.”

He paused, looking up from her bare breasts and sighed, “Whatever you want.” He rose and offered his hand to help her up. She took it, and grabbed one of the candles from the table before they left the room.

“Blow out the other candle, love.”

He met her eyes as he blew it out, leaving them with nothing to see by except the candle in her hand. They maneuvered into the bedroom, Caitriona in front and Sam flush behind her with his fingers tucked into the back of her shorts.

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for the ultimate ship meme: Obisaku


Send in two (or more) names and I’ll fill all this out about the ship!


Originally posted by dreaming-of-tokyo


  • Rate the Ship -  
    Awful | Ew | No pics pls | I’m not comfortable | Alright | I like it! | Got Pics? | Let’s do it! | Why is this not getting more attention?! | The OTP to rule all other OTPs
  • How long will they last? - Well considering how far they’d go for those they care about- forever and ever, death isn’t even splitting these two up
  • How quickly did/will they fall in love? - This’d be a slowburn for sure, they have a lot of issues to work through before anything could happen
  • How was their first kiss? - desperate, passionate, ‘dont-you-dare-leave-me-too’


  • Who proposed? - Obito
  • Who is the best man/men? - Kakashi, but Naruto wormed his way into being the unofficial best man…especially when Kakashi showed up as late as the bride.
  • Who is the braid’s maid(s)? - Ino, annnnnd Naruto may or may not have henged to get a spot here too, much to Sakura’s amusement. 
  • Who did the most planning? - Sakura- but Obito was a close second
  • Who stressed the most? - Obito
  • How fancy was the ceremony? -
    Back of a pickup truck | 2 | 3 | 4 | Normal Church Wedding | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | Kate and William wish they were this big.
  • Who was specifically not invited to the wedding? - Sasuke No one was specifically uninvited but there were certain individuals whose invitation couldn’t be found after being made.


  • Who is on top? - Obito more often than not, but they do like to switch it up.
  • Who is the one to instigate things? - Both do whenever they’re in the mood or need a quick stress relief after work/missions.
  • How healthy is their sex life? -
    Barely touch themselves let alone each other | 2 | 3 | 4 | Once a couple weeks, nothing overboard | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | They are humping each other on the couch right now
  • How kinky are they? -
    Straight missionary with the lights off | 2 | 3 | 4 | Might try some butt stuff and toys | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | Don’t go into the sex dungeon without a horse’s head
  • How long do they normally last? - They’re ninja dude….all night or longer if they get into a playful mood.
  • Do they make sure each person gets an equal amount of orgasms? - Yep! though more often than not Obito likes to make sure Sakura gets off more than he does as he adores the little noises she makes and teh way her body shivers.
  • How rough are they in bed? -
    Softer than a butterfly on the back of a bunny | 2 | 3 | 4 | The bed’s shaking and squeaking every time | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | Their dirty talk is so vulgar it’d make Dwayne Johnson blush. Also, the wall’s so weak it could collapse the next time they do it.
  • How much cuddling/snuggling do they do?
    No touching after sex | 2 | 3 | 4 | A little spooning at night, or on the couch, but not in public | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | They snuggle and kiss more often than a teen couple on their fifth date to a pillow factory.


  • How many children will they have naturally? - One or two
  • How many children will they adopt? -Maybe another one, but it depends on what’s going on in their lives.
  • Who gets stuck with the most diapers? - Sakura but she makes sure to get petty revenge by making Obito get up at all hours of the night when their child starts crying.
  • Who is the stricter parent? - Obito surprisingly, He only wants whats best for them and he worries okay? He doesnt want them taking stupid risks and hurting themselves.
  • Who stops the kid(s) from doing dangerous stunts after school? - Obito the mother hen.
  • Who remembers to pack the lunch(es)? - Obito since Sakura is usually at work or sleeping around that time.
  • Who is the more loved parent? - They’re both loved dearly…(but uncle Naruto will always get the biggest grins when he comes around)
  • Who is more likely to attend the PTA meetings?- Sakura, and she takes no nonsense and the teachers always come out looking for ways to fix their own problems and better their learning environment so maybe next time she wont have as many things to point out…
  • Who cried the most at graduation? - Sakura, and Obito may or may not have cried over it at home afterwards.
  • Who is more likely to bail the child(ren) out of trouble with the law? - Uncle Kakashi Sakura, since Obito’s pulling the whole ‘why would you do this??’ thing


  • Who does the most cooking? - Sakura, Obito mostly just sticks to takeout if left to his own devices 
  • Who is the most picky in their food choice? - Obito
  • Who does the grocery shopping? - Obito
  • How often do they bake desserts? - Sakura likes to bake in the spring, and you can almost always find people at their house during this time hoping for Obito to give them whatever he doesnt have room to store.
  • Are they more of a meat lover or a salad eater? - Both have very balanced diets due to their line of work.
  • Who is more likely to surprise the other(s) with an anniversary dinner? - Obito
  • Who is more likely to suggest going out? - Sakura
  • Who is more likely to burn the house down accidently while cooking? -…Obito


  • Who cleans the room? - Obito since he likes clean spaces.
  • Who is really against chores? - Sakura, she thinks things should be done as they’re needed and no sooner, though Obito argues that’s a habit she’s picked up from her mentors since her definition of ‘as needed’ means empty pantrys, a pile of old mission torn clothing that still needs mending and 12 different kinds of old leftovers forgotten in the back of the fridge. 
  • Who cleans up after the pets? - Sakura,if they get one.
  • Who is more likely to sweep everything under the rug? - Sakura
  • Who stresses the most when guests are coming over? - Obito
  • Who found a dollar between the couch cushions while cleaning? - Sakura and she’d gloat playfully about if all day.


  • Who takes the longer showers/baths? - Sakura
  • Who takes the dog out for a walk? - Obito
  • How often do they decorate the room/house for the holidays? - Near every holiday since team Kakashi tends to pretty much live with them either way and why not make it a big deal?
  • What are their goals for the relationship? - Happiness and to be content with each other. Whatever else comes from that is just a plus.
  • Who is most likely to sleep till noon? - Sakura after a late shift, Obito if he hasnt got anything better to do that morning.
  • Who plays the most pranks? - Sakura at first as a way to get him to open up, but then Obito got playful and one upped her after every other attempt.
Twisted Desires Chapter Twenty

A/N - There’s a lot of stuff coming up that is dark. It’s just the path the story took. All chapters will have specific warnings when needed.

Quick Info - Y/N goes to dinner with Gen. Jensen makes effort
Word Count -2356
Warnings - language, angst, fluff

Part twenty of twenty five. Hope you enjoy this series as much as i enjoyed writing it.

This is my first Jensen series. I mean no disrespect toward Jensen or Danneel. This is purely a fictitious story that I tried with Dean but it didn’t work as well. Thank you to @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid, @tankcupcakes and @atc74 for their beta and encouragement with this series.

Twisted Desires Masterlist

My Masterlist

Twisted Desires Chapter Twenty

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Ultimate ship meme Natsu x Erza

Thank you!


  • Rate the Ship -  
    Awful | Ew | No pics pls | I’m not comfortable | Alright | I like it! | Got Pics? | Let’s do it! | Why is this not getting more attention?! | The OTP to rule all other OTPs
  • How long will they last? - If they start they will not ever stop. Death would not stop them, they are too stubborn.
  • How quickly did/will they fall in love? - Slowly. It takes them years to deal with everything that’s happening and feelings are confusing and *cough cough jellal cough* so it happens slowly.
  • How was their first kiss? - Awkward but good enough that they kept trying for ten minutes until they got a really good one. Neither of them knew what they were doing at all.


  • Who proposed? - Erza.
  • Who is the best man/men? - Gray and Laxus
  • Who is the bride’s maid(s)? - Lucy and Wendy
  • Who did the most planning? - Cana. She waited outside the guild hall until they finished breaking the news that they were together, then she dramatically slammed open the doors and declared herself in charge. Erza helped her with a lot though.
  • Who stressed the most? - Erza had the ‘most’ serious stress. Natsu had a lot of ‘comical’ stress though.
  • How fancy was the ceremony? -
    Back of a pickup truck | 2 | 3 | 4 | Normal Church Wedding | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | Kate and William wish they were this big.
  • Who was specifically not invited to the wedding? - Jellal was not invited. Gajeel wasn’t either, but as a joke, he went anyway.


  • Who is on top? - They switch pretty regularly, but Erza likes being on top more so she tends to top more often.
  • Who is the one to instigate things? - Erza.
  • How healthy is their sex life? -
    Barely touch themselves let alone each other | 2 | 3 | 4 | Once a couple weeks, nothing overboard | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | They are humping each other on the couch right now
  • How kinky are they? -
    Straight missionary with the lights off | 2 | 3 | 4 | Might try some butt stuff and toys | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | Don’t go into the sex dungeon without a horse’s head
  • How long do they normally last? - Two hours, because there are interventions in between and because of certain kinks
  • Do they make sure each person gets an equal amount of orgasms? - Yes they’re very good with this stuff
  • How rough are they in bed? -
    Softer than a butterfly on the back of a bunny | 2 | 3 | 4 | The bed’s shaking and squeaking every time | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | Their dirty talk is so vulgar it’d make Dwayne Johnson blush. Also, the wall’s so weak it could collapse the next time they do it.
  • How much cuddling/snuggling do they do? -
    No touching after sex | 2 | 3 | 4 | A little spooning at night, or on the couch, but not in public | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | They snuggle and kiss more often than a teen couple on their fifth date to a pillow factory.


  • How many children will they have naturally? - 1
  • How many children will they adopt? - 2
  • Who gets stuck with the most diapers? - Erza, Natsu’s nose is too sensitive
  • Who is the stricter parent? - Erza
  • Who stops the kid(s) from doing dangerous stunts after school? - Neither of them stop it? Natsu encourages them and Erza thinks it’ll build character
  • Who remembers to pack the lunch(es)? - Natsu
  • Who is the more loved parent? - It’s close, but the kids all agree Natsu is a lot more carefree and they think that’s fun
  • Who is more likely to attend the PTA meetings? Both of them, or whoever isn’t on a job at the time
  • Who cried the most at graduation? - Erza, though Natsu was also crying a lot
  • Who is more likely to bail the child(ren) out of trouble with the law? - Natsu, but it isn’t really bailing them out it’s possibly blowing something up as a distraction, grabbing the kids and running for the hills


  • Who does the most cooking? - Natsu, which is not saying much he doesn’t do it often it’s just that Erza is a disaster in the kitchen
  • Who is the most picky in their food choice? - Natsu
  • Who does the grocery shopping? - Natsu
  • How often do they bake desserts? - They don’t, they buy from Erza’s favourite place instead
  • Are they more of a meat lover or a salad eater? - Meat meat meat meat
  • Who is more likely to surprise the other(s) with an anniversary dinner? - Erza
  • Who is more likely to suggest going out? - Their default thing is to go out for food
  • Who is more likely to burn the house down accidentally while cooking? - Erza! Again, she is a disaster


  • Who cleans the room? - Erza does, but not very often
  • Who is really against chores? - Natsu, he only wants to sleep
  • Who cleans up after the pets? - Happy cleans up after himself
  • Who is more likely to sweep everything under the rug? - Natsu
  • Who stresses the most when guests are coming over? - Erza
  • Who found a dollar between the couch cushions while cleaning? - Erza, she’s the only one who cleans


  • Who takes the longer showers/baths? - Erza, they help her relax
  • Who takes the dog “Exceed” out for a walk? - Happy flies himself
  • How often do they decorate the room/house for the holidays? -  In true ft fashion, they go overboard with everything, though they do most decorating in the guildhall with everyone else
  • What are their goals for the relationship? - Be happy and not die
  • Who is most likely to sleep till noon? - Natsu
  • Who plays the most pranks? - Happy Natsu

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um of course you should do bodhi/cassian :D

(after that initial mishap, here goes attempt 2)

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i lov

proposes: bodhi! even with his anxiety, if he wants something desperately enough, he wont let the nerves get in his way of at least trying. meanwhile cassian has grown up learning that everyone and everything is temporary and no one ever stays, so he would never expect for any one to pledge to stay with him for the rest of their lives, and he especially doesnt think he deserves for someone to, either, not after everything hes done, even after he and bodhi have been together for years, he always fears, but expects, it to end. (bodhi talks some sense into him. “That may be what you think, but what do you want, Cassian?” And he does. He wants this so desperately. He says yes)

shops for groceries: together because its a novelty neither of them have had the opportunity to indulge in for so many years, if ever. theyre that one disgustingly cute couple who fight over which cereal to buy, then kiss over the cart

kills the spiders: cassian, but he doesnt kill them, he puts them outside. (“but what if it comes back inside?!” “it’s just a spider bodhi” “spiders existing is homophobia, cassian!”)

comes home drunk at 3am: bodhi doesnt drink, but cassian usually wont stay out that late or get that smashed either, especially without bodhi. on the rare occasion kes keeps him out so long, he always gets home and is super snuggly and just octopus’ himself around bodhi

remembers to feed the fish: technically it’s bodhis responsibility since cassian is away often and it should just be part of bodhis routine except it isnt and he forgets a lot, then overfeeds it the next day. when cassian gets home, hes no better. eventually they install an automatic food dispenser

initiates duets: cassian! theyre in the mess and a song comes over the sound system, one that cassian has been playing in the ship for weeks. cassian smirks at him and starts singing the words, encouraging bodhi to join in. he buries his head in his arms for the first minute but eventually its gets to That Point in the song and he gives in and fully belts it out and cassian is grinning and singing and bodhi keeps singing and k2so stares at them like theyre mad and at the end the half empty mess cheers. bodhi tries to melt into the floor. cassian kisses his cheek and distracts him entirely.

falls asleep first: it varies day to day. sometimes cassian is so exhausted from a mission that he knocks right out the moment he lies down. sometimes its a different kind of exhaustion, the kind that keeps him awake all night, unable to stop thinking about everything, the kind that whenever he closes his eyes he has to force them open again because he cant see the faces of all the people he’s killed, all the names hes forgotten. he cant spend 6 hours watching them on repeat on the back of his eyelids. so he stays awake. bodhi on the other hand, sometime just works till he falls asleep in the hangar, working on his ship. hes also the type to fall into a food coma nap. but sometimes late at night, cassian already snoring beside him, the tentacles creep back. these nights, he lights a candle and crawls close to cassian and watches the soft dancing shadows on the wall, like how he would watch the dust and sand over the desert outside NiJedha, and lets the memories of childhood soothe him.

plans spontaneous trips: bodhi, i feel. cassian has his regimented routine because it gives some order to the chaos of war, but bodhi, finally away from the oppressive restrictions of the Empire, makes the most of his new freedom

wakes the other up at 3am demanding pancakes: bodhi cant cook. he spent most of his adulthood on a cargo ship with no kitchen, or on a base with a mess. he wakes up in his ship in the hangar after dozing off in the middle of fixing something and goes to wake up cassian because hes starving and the cooks are asleep, “please cassian i missed dinner and you make the best pancakes in the galaxy” “1. that was your fault. 2. sucking up will get you no where. 3….. you know what, yes it does, lets go. but only cos i love you” cassian doesnt even notice its the first time hes said it until later, but thats because bodhi is happy groaning while shovelling pancakes at lightspeed and professing his own love for cassian (and his pancakes), so really, theyre even

sends the other unsolicited nudes: not sure if either of them are the type, maaaaaaybe bodhi, but their holos are resistance-issued and probably connected to a common server which could potentially lead to some extremely embarassing situations with certain senior officers

brags about knowing karate even though they never made it past yellow belt: cassian! baze and chirrut start teaching bodhi how to fight and cassian comes over like “oh i know this!” and theyre like mmhmmmmm, so bodhi and cassian have a go sparring, or trying to. theres a reason cassian is an intelligence officer and carries a blaster because bodhi flattens him in 0.02s. “i thought you were a novice!” “i thought you were an expert!” (theyre not together at this point and then they realise bodhi is fully lying on top of cassian and theyre really very close and they scramble away smiling awkwardly. baze snorts and chirrut sniggers from the background. they know)

comes to a halt outside bakeries/candy shops: bodhi!! cassian didnt really have that kind of thing as a kid, and he was barely a kid for long enough anyway, but bodhi remembers the rare trips, the treats his mother would get them maybe twice or three times a year, and the excitement he always felt, the wonder. he always slows, wistfully looking in. after a few times, cassian notices. bodhi tries to insist its not necessary but cassian insists that it is and drags him inside and spends all the spare credits they have on sweets and pastries

blows sarcastic kisses after doing ridiculous shit: cassian. he just pulled some stupid and partially unnecesary stunt to save bodhis skin in a battle. bodhi rolls his eyes

killed the guy (also, which hid the body): if its part of the mission, cassian will kill the person and bodhi will help hide the body, but cassian will only kill someone if it is absolutely necessary and avoids it if at all possible. he has already seen and dealt out so much death, he doesnt if he can at all avoid it.

wears the least clothing around the house: bodhi! after the war when they settle down on yavin iv (not far from the damerons), well. yavin iv is a fairly warm planet and jedha was very much not, so bodhi is very used to the cold. in the middle of winter and its -10 degrees and cassian has wool socks, 3+ fluffy jackets and at least 5 blankets, and still feels cold, bodhi is walking around barefoot in a tshirt and pants. (“youre making me cold just looking at you!”) (cassian gets his vindication when summer rolls around and bodhi feels like the entire planet is just a sauna 24/7)

has icky sentimental moments for no apparent reason: cassian!!!!! my first thought was bodhi but, i feel like he would have at least vaguely apparent reasoning to be sappy. cassian, on the other hand, internalises pretty much everything, its so hard for most people to know what hes thinking that when he suddenly throws his arms around bodhi and whispers how much he loves him, most people are completely thrown, moments earlier thinking he’d just found a cool pattern in the bottom of his mug or something. at first bodhi is even thrown a little by it, but he soon learns cassians tells. there may be no reason apparent to anyone else, but bodhi always knows.

send me a pairing and ill tell you who does what!

darkladytsuki  asked:

Hi!^^...Do you think you can maybe do one where RFA +Saeran +V find out that its MCs birthday on the actual day and they need to get her something asap or do something sweet with her(if you know what I mean) :)

Hello! Yes I do think I can and I do think I know what you mean *wink wonk*

Warning: Suggestive NSFW


  • Don’t get this poor puppy wrong
  • He knew when your birthday was, he just didn’t know what today’s date was
  • So when he checked his phone after a quick appointment with a sick puppy to find a text from Baehee Jaehee asking what he got you
  • He freaked
  • With luck on his side, there being no more appointments to attend to, he headed straight for the grocery store to grab the ingredients for a cake
  • He pleaded Jaehee over the phone to take you out for a surprise coffee and she was willing to help but not before she scolded him for not being prepared
  • He rushed home and stared cooking the best cake he ever made
  • When you got home Yoousung had just finished putting the icing on the cake
  • He was an utter mess
  • Flour in his hair and on his apron
  • Pink icing on his face
  • The cake had read Happy Birthday MC with hearts around it
  • you wiped the icing off his cheek and sucked it off your fingers
  • When Yoosung looked this cute you couldn’t resist yourself
  • “Yoosung, after we eat this let’s get to the real dessert, Ok?”

ZEN (Im sorry Zen’s is so short! Don’t hate me I love him!)

  • He had just got home from rehearsal when he saw a box at his doorstep
  • He picked it up to find that it was from Jumin
  • He read the letter attached to it and when he saw the Happy Birthday in fancy print
  • Oh the guilt
  • The guilt hit this man like a wrecking ball
  • How could he not have known?
  • The topic just never came up?
  • Oh man did he feel terrible
  • He opened the door, carrying the box and saw you laying on the couch scrolling on your phone
  • “Jagiya, Oh Jagiya could you ever forgive me?”
  • “Umm… ZEN?”
  • “Let me make it up to you, princess”
  • He kneeled in front of you
  • Grabbed your hands
  • And sang the most beautiful version of Happy Birthday that you’ve ever heard
  • You never knew that old, traditional song could ever sound so amazing
  • He kissed your knuckles and then picked you up off the couch with his strong arms
  • “Since today is your birthday you know what that means right, Jagiya?”
  • birthday sex


  • You both are always so busy with the café
  • But with all the time you spend together she’d think she would at least know your birthday
  • But when she checked the messenger before coming into work and saw all the Happy Birthday messages
  • She felt like the worst girlfriend best friend ever to exist
  • She sent in her happy birthday text on the messenger along with the others and headed to the café
  • All day she felt so guilty that she couldn’t even make eye contact with you
  • She was very distant and focused on work
  • Finally, after the café she invited you over to watch some ZEN DVDs
  • After watching about the third DVD you began to get tired
  • She noticed you kept trying to pop your back and neck
  • “MC, if you don’t mind, I could give you a massage”
  • “Really, Jaehee? That’s just what I need, honestly”
  • You laid down on her bed and she went to go get oils and lotion
  • When she returned, she asked you to remove your shirt and bra
  • You obliged and took them off facing away from her
  • She was a wide eyed blushing mess
  • When she began rubbing the oils In your skin little moans would slip past your lips
  • It’d make her cheeks burn and her hands work harder
  • She massaged you until you fell asleep


  • He’s been so caught up with work
  • His dad forced a project on him and to make things better Jumin had been feeling quite inspirational about new cat project as of late
  • So when he finally has time for a breather he checks his phone to see six missed calls from Zen
  • Reluctantly, Jumin called back to be answered by an enraged Zen
  • Jumin barely cared enough to actually listen in on Zen’s colorful vocabulary, choosing instead to look over papers while holding the phone to his ear with his shoulder
  • That is until he heard, “What kind of husband forgets his wife’s birthday”
  • Jumin froze
  • Utter shock
  • He hung up on Zen immediately and dropped everything he was doing
  • He briefly told Jeahee he had an emergency to take care of and that she was in charge for the rest of the day
  • She had an idea of what his “emergency” might be
  • He called driver Kim to take him home to his wife
  • On the way, they drove past a flower shop and Jumin stopped the car to buy 3 dozen red roses and had many more sent to the penthouse ASAP
  • In the car, he called to rent out the fanciest restaurant in the city for the night
  • Once he got home, he saw MC reading on the couch with Elizabeth III curled up on her lap
  • Jumin rushed to MC with the roses and held them out to her
  • “Happy birthday, my beautiful and loving wife. I love you with every atom of my being and I apologize from the very bottom of my heart for not realizing exactly what important day it is today. I hope you’ll forgive me and accompany me for dinner tonight to celebrate this most special occasion”
  • MC smiled before taking the enormous bouquet and setting it on the glass table
  • She embraced her husband in a tight hug and laughed
  • “Jumin, I don’t need bouquets or fancy dinners for my birthday. I’m more than satisfied with you. You’re all I want for my birthday.”
  • MC pulled Jumin close by the tie, their lips just barely brushing against each other
  • “So let me have you”
  • Jumin gladly obliged


  • Of course God Seven knew when you’re birthday was
  • But that doesn’t mean that God Seven isn’t a forgetful god
  • He woke up at two in the afternoon because why not
  • Walked into the living room to find Saeran holding out a tiny wrapped present to MC
  • Seven’s not stupid, but that’s all his mind was screaming at him while he grabbed his keys and ran out the door
  • Leaving behind a very confused MC and Saeran
  • While in the car he thought, “what do girls like the most?”
  • Exactly after the question, a convertible full of girls pulled up next to him at a red light and whistled at him
  • The answer occurred to him
  • Girls like sexy ass cars
  • He sped to the nearest dealership and asked to see the most expensive car they had
  • Once he saw it, his eyes sparkled so bright
  • He asked the clerk how much the car was, pulled out his wallet and paid for the down payment in cash of course, because, again, why not
  • Pretty sure the salesman had never seen that much money in his life
  • Seven drove it back to his house but not before threating to have anyone that damaged his car to be wiped off the face of the earth entirely
  • He sent MC a text to come in the garage
  • As soon as she opened the door he revved the engine
  • Saeran rolled his eyes and walked back inside
  • “Hey, beautiful. Look what I found”
  • “Saeyoung, tell me you didn’t”
  • “But I did. Now are you gonna stand there and gawk at it or are you gonna take it for a spin”
  • MC walked up to the car and got inside
  • “Actually, how about we get rid of this new car smell”
  • Let’s just say Saeran had to put his earphones on the highest volume it could go


  • There wasn’t much communication in MC and Saeran’s relationship
  • So the topic of her birthday never really came up
  • He just always seems to be caught up in his thoughts
  • So when he walked into the living room to find Seven and MC with party hats on and cupcakes in hand it didn’t take him long to put the pieces together
  • He grabbed Seven’s wallet and MC’s hand and marched out the front door
  • MC would question where he was taking her but it was so foreign for him to do such a bold act and it was very rare for him to hold her hand so she just held her tongue and basked in the moment
  • He had managed to drag her to their favorite ice cream shop
  • He walked up to the counter, slammed some money down, and ordered their favorites
  • Once they had their ice cream in hand they sat at the table by the window eating in silence, which MC didn’t mind because she knew Saeran wasn’t a big talker
  • After they finished Saeran grabbed hold of MC’s hand again and they walked to the park not too far away
  • They sat at their favorite bench and Saeran still didn’t let go of MC’s hand
  • “I’m sorry I didn’t know”
  • MC was about to tell him it was okay but Saeran continued
  • “I’m sorry I don’t talk to you like I should either. If I talked to you like normal couples do then I would know but… I’m just not very good at being normal. That or… I just get nervous around you”
  • “Saeran…”
  • “I don’t talk to you much because you do things to me. You make me feel warm and like no one has ever made me feel.”
  • His hand left MC’s which she felt sad about… until she felt it’s presence somewhere else
  • He slid his hand along her thigh, up her skirt
  • “Usually, I can control myself, but you make me feel so weak and vulnerable”
  • “When I’m around you… my body just seems to have a mind of it’s own”
  • His hand had found your clothed heat
  • “Saeran… take me home, please”
  • He snatched his hand back and his eyes were wide with horror
  • Had he gone too far?
  • “Take me home and let your body do the talking”
  • Saeran swallowed and you’ve never been dragged anywhere so fast

V (V’s is particularly long but I guess that’s because I’m just excited for his route)

  • V is spending the weekend in Venice taking photos for his next gallery
  • This sunflower knew his MC’s birthday of course
  • But being so caught up in his passion for photography and always on the move trying to capture the beauty of the world, it may have slipped his mind as to what today was.
  • It wasn’t until he randomly decided to check his phone when a notification from his calendar popped up stating that it was MC’s birthday that the guilt sunk it
  • Oh the guilt
  • This poor sunflower is always taking the blame for things and he lets the guilt sink down in him until it is engraved into his soul, this poor precious boy
  • Oh did he feel so bad
  • Of course he had to choose the weekend that his love’s birthday was on to go to Venice
  • The least he could’ve done was bring her with him but he didn’t even think to ask 
  • A new burst of inspiration flooded his veins and he was on the move
  • V was on the search for the most beautiful of views , the utmost of aesthetics
  • That night he left MC an apology, goodnight, and happy birthday text, turning his phone on silent and going to sleep before he could even read her reply
  • Once V returned home from his trip, he found MC watching Netflix in the living room in her PJ’s
  • V sighed at the sight. Just the sight of seeing his lover cuddled up and watching movies gave him a comforting warmth
  • “Hello, sunshine”
  • MC jumped up when she heard the familiar voice like honey
  • “V, you’re back! I missed you” She grasped him and pulled him into a hug and the guilt sunk in again. How could she be so happy to see the one person that wasn’t there for her on her birthday?
  • “I apologize for not being here on your birthday, my love. I want to show you some things that I hope will make up for it. And then I will continue to keep making up for it a thousand times over”
  • He spoke into the crook of her neck, her familiar, sweet scent filling his lungs
  • “V, you don’t have to feel bad. I have plenty more birthdays for you to attend in the future”
  • V smiled at this and lead MC to the couch and pulled out his camera
  • He showed her multiple pictures of beautiful views, capturing angles not everyone would think to look from
  • “Do you see these places, Darling? Do you see how beautiful the world is?”
  • “I do see, V. You always do an excellent job at capturing the beauty of the world”
  • “All of these places” he began to delete the photos
  • “V! What are you doing? Stop!”
  • “All of these places mean nothing to me, MC. They mean nothing to me because you are my home. Wherever you are that’s where I want to be. Being in Venice without you, it felt so wrong. Missing your birthday because I was gone has made me realize that I never want to chance missing a single moment with you. I want to experience the world with you, MC. Will you join me on my next trip, and every trip after that?”
  • V realized that MC is his sun, and that he would worship her like a goddess
  • That night he worshiped his goddess over and over again.

- admin Naomi