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Matt Walker: Ryan, I think you might be a psychopath; you need to chill. Shane, you are cool.

Well I can’t imagine why Shane chose to pick this question for me to read. What is your thought process for having this be on the show? Ryan was running late today, he couldn’t pick the question, so I picked all the questions.

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I read a post earlier today and was wondering what you thought about it. Do you think it's possible that chuck isn't responding to deans prayers because he's rebuilding the archangels/possibly cas? Cause they talked about how rebuilding the angels takes a very long time, back in like season 11.

I like the idea that the rainbow was acknowledging that Chuck heard his prayer.

We’ll see later in the season but hey, it could be that he’s busy, perhaps already with Cas! Who knows, maybe he’s already in the empty chatting away and is like oh hey, Dean’s super upset, well he’ll have to wait, Cas has things to learn before he comes back.

Let’s see :)

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I think Niall's album will age really well. Because it's not following trends or anything it's just based solely on what he wanted to make. And this town to me aged well, all his songs really, at first I'm like ehh but gimme a couple months and I'll love them forever

me too!! i can easily imagine ‘slow hands’ or ‘on the loose’ being played on the new classic radio (we’re gonna be oLD y’all lmao) twenty years from now, much like u2′s ‘with or without you’ sounded so different at the time and, by virtue of sheer exposure, became somewhat standard!! i think his songs can be slow burners, especially the slower ones, but he’s so good at running the promo circuit and genuinely giving people the time to warm up to them that they become familiar and welcome! 

I dislike antis because many of them are conservative, christian (a few I’ve seen are outright mormon), homophobic misogynists that use “what about the children” as a smokescreen and I honestly cannot, cannot believe people on this website are falling for “think of the children,” literally the oldest christian moralization in the book, most widely used by homophobes trying to explain why gay love can’t be expressed in public. they have stirred conservative american christian values into their perception of the world and it shines through in everything they do from “why aren’t you married with children aren’t you too OLD” to “idk I just think talking/writing/thinking about sex, ever, even between adults, means maybe something is Wrong With You”

anyway they called themselves antis first so this whole smear campaign they’re doing about how “””normal””” people are all antis, really, and anybody who uses “anti” is a degenerate – spare me. they called themselves antis. I know you really wanna be up on the current discourse trends but you’re being manipulated by actual homophobes

and I’m pretty tired of people being like “oh but some of them are survivors of course they’re upset” when the people I see who hate antis the most, the absolute most, are survivors too and have every fucking right to think that sort of purity bullshit discourse is a damaging smokescreen for homophobic misogyny, which, btw, it absolutely is

yes, I know re///////////y/lo exists and they’re all damn loud about it, but you gotta understand that is the outlier. 90% of the ships these people get het up about are gay shit (pun absolutely intended) and they use social justice as a smokescreen, the same way discourse on this hellsite always fucking does and always fucking has

if you don’t believe this is something people do think back to the days of “monosexual privilege” 

straightarrowlife replied to your post: No running today. I stubbed/jammed my big toe…

I love how strangely, perfectly organized and methodical you are in everything you do. Honest to god. Also: I cannot live without body glide. I order a backup the minute I open a new one.

I just know about myself that unless I:

  1. Plan it, and
  2. Track it

I won’t do it.

It’s also about being lazy.

I do a bunch of work figuring out a schedule so that I can be lazy and not think about what I’d like to accomplish personally. In the same way, I’ve setup a complicated flow of laundry so I never have to spend time figuring out what to wear. I check the forecast and pop the next set of pants/tops/etc off the stack, which has been carefully organized and setup to ensure no article of clothing gets worn more than other.

I… I think I might need help.

A note on menstrual magic:

I was requested by @starseed-sourceress to provide links to this specific branch of practice. I regrettably cannot find much, but I have posted what I could find for now. I plan to make my own post on the matter soon, regarding my own practices and experience. I also encourage anyone else with additional info on this to send it my way, post and tag @starseed-sourceress in it, or just send it to them privately. I think this is a wonderful branch of magic that is not nearly discussed enough.

For those offended by the topic, there are tags you can block as per the warning I sent ahead of these posts: #menstrual magic #menstrual magick and #requested content will all block today’s postings if you choose to use them. No backlash will be tolerated aimed at me or at the requestor. We have given you your out… and this is a legitimate practice that need not be stigmatized.

Finally and most importantly: no indication- explicit or implied- on part of the resources I reblogged that menstrual magic is limited to “women only” is supported by this blog. I firmly believe that there are menstruating individuals of all genders, and that we each deserve this resource and the respect of utilizing our body’s power to the extent we are willing to do so. On my own posts on the matter you will notice I do not use binary or gendered language in regards to magic involving the uterus or menstruation. I cannot afford the same awareness when reblogging from other sources, as I did not write them. While I did my best to screen blatantly discriminating posts on the matter, for time and ease of posting purposes some of these implied messages may have snuck through. I do not support these ideas at all, but find the overall posts to have valuable information on the topic despite the unfortunate use of word choice that some may utilize. I thank you for understanding. :)

11 Question tag

More like 22 question tag

Ok guys get ready for a long ass ride ;) (I’ll try and keep the answers short and sweet and watch as I fail to do that, so I’m sorry for how long this post will be) 

@nc-ty Questions (Thanks ily!!) 

1. Which kpop artists do you like? 

NCT, BTS, B.A.P, A.C.E, Day6, Drug Restaurant, Golden Child, 10cm, Jeong Sewoon, seventeen, Highlight, 2pm, Exo, Wanna One, Shinee, Astro, onf, Monsta x and I listen to more but these are the main ones/ones I can think of for now 

2. How was your day today?

It was alright, just spent the day editing pictures of landscapes

3. Do you enjoy camping or is it your idea of hell?

LOVE IT!!! Always have and always will 

4. What’s your favourite Disney movie? or just movie if you don’t like Disney for some reason :/

Mary Poppins (My fave scene is step in time)

5. If you could speak to animals for a day which animal would you want to speak to and what would you say? (this is a weird question ik)

My dogs, ask why they reject my hugs 

6. Do you have any hobbies that you love? What are they?

I like photography (mainly of nature and landscapes) or tablet drawing (when I’m bored I make fan art that I will most likely never share) 

7. What’s your favourite book?

tbh I don’t really read books often (I get distracted and stop reading them half way through) but when I was younger I liked the Percy Jackson series

8. Tell me about your favourite outfit pls (pics would be cute if you want!!) and if you don’t have a fave outfit then.. what do your pyjamas look like??

This blue patterned long/oversize cardigan with a white tee and mum jeans with white (fake) converses (It’s just simple and comfy) 

9. Rant about something that pisses you off (I love listening to people rant)

This is recent but it’s when the teachers ask what is the meaning of my work and I JUST WANT TO MAKE ART THAT DOESN’T HAVE MEANING

10. You’re trapped on a deserted island and you can bring one kpop idol with you.. who do you bring?

Jin, can cook, tell bad jokes, has been on law of the jungle

11. If you had a week to do whatever you wanted with unlimited money and no responsibilities, how would you spend your time?

I would spend it traveling (Japan or Australia),also buy a beagle 

@spookyjaems Questions (thanks bub!)

1. What/who got you into kpop?

My friend, I sat next to her during lessons last year and always saw her listening/watching kpop, so gave it a listen and here I am loving it!!

2. Ideal vacation?

Tokyo or road trip around America or Travel around Europe 

3. Favorite song(s) at the moment?

  • Just U - Jeong Sewoon 
  • Phonecert - 10cm
  • DamDaDi - Golden Child
  • I need Someone - Day6 
  • Rewind - B.A.P

(ok I’m going to restrict myself by putting 5) 

4. What shows are you into right now?

I just finished watching Descendants of the sun (so good), Terrace House is also really good! 

5. What do you look for in you’re ideal type?

Someone with a good sense of humour,someone kind, generally someone I can naturally get along with 

6. Have you learned any choreos or which choreos do you want to learn?

I would love to learn most choreos (if I could dance hahah) but at the moment I keep re-watching Shape of you-Produce 101 so I’ll go with that choreography 

7. Star Wars or Star Trek?

Star wars bc even though I haven’t watched either (don’t hate me) I at least I know a tiny bit about star wars

9. Whats something you own that really has no purpose but its cool (like i have a tiny violin, for example)

I’ve got a clapperboard/movie slate whatever you want to call it

10. Are you a morning person or a night person?

idk? Night person I guess

11. Talk about your bias(es)!! Id love to hear what you love about them!!

Ok I realised my answer for this would be really long, so I thought I would go back and find the bias tag I did, so if you want to see more about my biases here you go!! 

My Questions!

  1. Who were the first kpop group that you properly got into?
  2. Do you have a favourite song on repeat atm? 
  3. Favourite musical? 
  4. What’s your favourite thing in your bedroom? (except your bed) 
  5. Favourite slow kpop song(s)? 
  6. Are there any new hobbies you would like to start? 
  7. What’s the oddest food combination you like? 
  8. Fave childhood memory? 
  9. First kpop mv you watched (and can you remember what your first thoughts were)? 
  10. Anything your looking forward to? (e.g. a concert, the weekend, meeting up with someone, sleeping etc) 
  11. Do you normally have a real or fake christmas tree? 

(ok you can tell I ran out of ideas for questions hahahh) 

I’m going try to tag new people by tagging the last 4 people in my notifications that I’ve never tagged before, so HI, HELLO!!!

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I really liked your awkward Hanzo comics~ Could you make one where McCree compliments his hair (particularly the white little hair-wings part thing) and the next day someone (Genji? Symm?) finds him with a little smile trying extra hard to make them perfect? (not in a snooty/prideful way. more of a "i hope they look good today maybe he'll talk to me again" way) I am not sure if I'm allowed to make requests/suggestions so i hope this does not come off as pushy~ '3' Welp, 25 letters left so this -

im super glad you liked it omg thank yOU!!! i am 1000% down for requests & suggestions hehe there u go!!!


I absolutely emailed Melissa’s publicity team, her agents, and her managers, buuuuut someone is in fact on vacation so at least one is out of the office until the 25th. 

Even so, I sent it to a handful of others and I’m posting it because I want to do right by all of you. I attached some screenshots of quotes that I had permission to use that aren’t pictured here, and the email addresses of Melissa’s representatives were attained professionally. I hope this message is well-received because I think that as a community wlw deserve a lot better than what our Supergirl showed us today. ♡

klance things that should happen esp after s3:

  • “I care about you a lot”
  • keith talking to some random stranger about lance and complimenting him like he did with him in beta traz while looking down fondly. “i have a…friend who always complains about my mullet. he’s a very good sharpshooter and also my right-hand man i don’t know what i would without him.” “you seem fond of him.” “I am.”
  • training session together where 50% of the stuff they do is flirting
  • another solo mission together where they fight back to back
  • they find an alternate reality where they’re together and this makes them think a lot about what they could be in theirs
  • lance starts wearing something red to match his new lion and keith tells him “you look good in my colors”
  • the team starts noticing lance flirts less than usual 
  • one of those clichè scenes where one character makes a decision that makes their loved one proud and has them looking softly at them
  • keith and lance offering to wingman for each other but ending up describing each other as their ideal partner while talking to someone “ofc you would like lance who wouldn’t he’s beautiful i mean what”
  • they’re facing off an enemy who’s making fun of them for not being strong enough and lance is lie “he’s strong!! he cradled me in his arms once!!” and keith deadass stops in the middle of the battle to shout “YOU REMEMBER”
  • holding! hands! in! battle! as! they’re! running! away! from! something!
  • “lance makes me happy”
  • a parallel of the shut your quiznak scene but this time lance is saying it fondly and keith laughs while saying “i still don’t think you’re using that correctly”
  • “he’s not my boyfriend!!” “but you want him to be”
  • lance making a cryptid joke for keith
  • lance leans in for an hug and keith blushes bc he thinks he was gonna kiss him
  • “well i do have a boyfriend!!!” *points at keith panicking*
  •  awkwardly asking each other out for a date in the pool but both make sure they don’t mention the word “date” at all
  • lance distracting keith during a plan exposition by putting his hand on his shoulder or on his own hand
  • keith sees that someone is trying to make lance feel bad and he’s furious and goes up to that person like “yo take that back immediately”
  • lance being slightly jealous of seeing someone talking to keith and masks it with an excuse like “i don’t want him to find someone before me cuz ya know…rivals” (no one believes that though) keith: lance i’m not with xx i just wanted to see if u were gonna confess
  • keith gets asked if he likes someone and he’s like “well there is someone…” *looks at lance while sighing*
  • they take a selfie with lance’s space phone. (bc duh, needs to happen)
  • keith looking fondly at lance while everyone else is looking at something else. “cute right?” keith, looking at lance: yeah “i’m not sure we’re talking about the same thing”
  • keith gifting lance with something and blushing while handing it to him. idc what it is it can be whatever and lance being almost speechless. “you got this…for me?”
  • keith: please be careful!! lance: always am!
  • keith to lance: man you are cuddly
  • lance: did i miss something pidge: oh just keith complaining about bonding moments lance: ok so nothing new then
  • keith telling lance “i’ve never met anyone like you” because i live for the clichè stuff dont judge
  • the classic “ we got stuck somewhere alone together and now we gotta talk about our feelings” kind of thing
  • lance showing off his bf once they’re dating “yep! i’m dating him!!!” 
  • more alone conversations where lance tells keith about his life as an uncle
  • hunk accidentally mentioning that lance had a crush on keith at the garrison.  “ like at the garrison you clearly like ke—” “KEN I LIKED KEN REMEMBER KEN?? AHHA GOOD OL’ GUY” “there was no one…named ken”
  • running after each other for something? because i’ve realized we’ve never seen that in canon and soft music is playing in the back
  • keith gifting lance with his bom blade once they’re together “i want you to have this”
  • an “i thought you were dead!” moment where keith kisses lance without hesitation and lance replies with “well i am know”
  • lance fingergunning at keith pls and thank u
  • the “fine” “fine” “fine” “FINE” thing when they get into arguments and they end up giving each other the silent treatment but it lasts like one minute and if it starts seriously, it ends jokingly
  • the pool scene becomes an inside joke like the bonding moment:  “we went to the pool together!!!!”  “keith you wanted to stay away from me??” “well you forgot our bonding moment!”“oh god not this again….”
  • a moment where they both turn at each other smirking and everybody is like “lol ur smiling at each other” and they’re like “no we’re not” but their mouths are still curved in a smile
  • they become very clingy with each other and don’t realize it until someone points it out
  • they swap clothes for one day and no one questions it. “they’re doing their thing as usual”
  • “are you hugging me?” “looks like i am” “thank you i needed that”
  • “when i said that I don’t hate you….i meant something else also”
  • can we uhhhh get mind-reading aliens that can sense their feelings for each other
  • “lets do this” and then they smile at each other
  • keith slipping that he likes lance in the middle of a very tough battle bc he doesnt know what will happen OR “if i dont make it…tell lance i love him”
  • keith at 2 am: hey pidge lance looked at me for more than one second today what do you think i should do
  • they try to make sure they always stand next to each other
Questions to Ask When: Developing Character Appearance

Hey everyone, Abby here! Today I’m coming at you with something a little different from the usual “advice on a certain topic”; this is something that has a lot to do with development instead. So what I’m going to do is think of as many questions as I can about character appearances and list them all here; hopefully it helps!

The Questions

  • What color are their eyes? 
  • Do they have heterochromia or anything like it?
  • How tall are they? 
  • How much do they weigh?
  • Are the answers to the previous two questions about the same as the average where your character lives?
  • What are your character’s three most prominent features?
  • Which of their features are they the most proud of?
  • Which of them are they most insecure about?
  • What color is their hair?
  • What is their favorite hairstyle? Do they wear it like this daily?
  • How much do they actually care about their hair?
  • Do they enjoy changing the style and color often, or will they wear it the same way their whole lives given the chance?
  • What race (or races) is your character?
  • Do they have any tattoos or scars?
  • How easily do they emote? 
  • Do they have a generally emotional face?
  • Which emotion do they most easily show?
  • Do they enjoy wearing makeup? If yes, do they prefer a more subtle or bold look?
  • Do they enjoy wearing jewelry? If yes, what sort do they prefer (necklace, bracelet, ring, etc.)?
  • How often do they wear makeup or jewelry?
  • Does you character ever wear merchandise for things they like?
  • Are they more likely to be found in a long- or short-sleeved shirt?
  • If your character had the opportunity, would they choose ripped or regular jeans?
  • Do they wear hats often? If yes, which one do they wear the most?
  • Take a look at their wardrobe. Which color is most prominently featured?
  • Still looking at their wardrobe, how would you describe the color scheme: monochromatic, gray-ish, pastels, earth tones, bright colors, or all over the place?
  • What is their favorite article of clothing to wear? Do they wear it more for look or for feel?
  • When choosing their clothes, does your character base their decision on look, feel, or both?
  • What constitutes as pajamas for them? Does it have to be strictly things meant to be pajamas or just anything comfortable enough to sleep in?
  • Your character has nothing to do today; they’re staying at home and nobody super important is going to see them. How are they dressed?

So, I think this should be enough to help you get started on developing your character’s appearance; I hope this helped! If you or anyone else wants to see me cover another topic in my next post, please don’t hesitate to leave a message in my ask. Until next time, much love! <333


That’s definitely not the first thing that should have come to mind, Kuroo

(tho it looks like no one really minds

aside from bokuto that is)

there are some major issues with episode 4 of season 3 of voltron, i’d want to rewrite it so that in this universe, the war never existed in the first place. altea is thriving and one of the peaceful influences within the universe along with the galra empire.  we learn about the culture surrounding altea, learning about everything that was taken away or destroyed in voltron’s reality. we meet alteans that would have lived if the war never happened, maybe coran’s great-great grandchildren, or even allura’s great greandchildren. in this alternate reality allura probably never had reason to destroy alfor’s a.i., and probably was able to find him and communicate with him during her visit to altea.

instead of the plot of ‘here’s how the alteans could’ve been just as evil as the bad guys’, it’s a backstory ep. it’s a sobering episode to what was lost with altea, with the other cultures. it’s allura being comforted by her people and the paladins, about allura’s want to stay there forever and only choosing to leave when she remembers coran, her only living family member, and her dedication to freeing and protecting the people that can’t protect themselves on the other side of the wormhole. 

allura getting the respect to her grief and trauma from the genocide of her people that we deserve.

10 years into the future
  • me, a chem teacher: so kids, how was your spring break?
  • me: *softly gasps. a single tear rolls down my cheek* attack on titan season 3....

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Hi I've been scrolling for 28 years and I still can't find what everyone is talking about. Bangladesh? What happened I was off Tumblr today. Help Obi-Wan your my only hope

your bangladesh thing in there is cracking me up, i’m sorry.  i’m guessing that was autocorreect lolll anyway, i wasn’t really on today either, but i did see louis made some comments on a kappa IG post earlier (i think it was kappa?) and that’s all i knew of other than some social media posts by niall and liam, but then….

and everyone was like what the fuck.  and then…

so then we were like, a: DO YOU SEE THE SCREENNAME HE REPLIED TO??? and b: okay what kind of industry shit, why is this being taken to twitter, what’s gonna go down, lemme get my popcorn popped so i’m ready to watch, yeah?  and then…

OKAY I’VE GOT MY BOXING GLOVES WHO WE GOING AFTER? and then he liked this tweet…

which, yeah, i’m still riled!  tell me where i’ve gotta go!  but then he did a 180 and…

really?  liam gallagher?  what the fuck?  AND THEN


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anyway.  that’s what you’ve missed on glee.  so far.  fucker.

‘Let the past die. Kill it, if you have to. That’s the only way to become what you were meant to be.’ - (This does not mean what you think it does....)

I haven’t written many original posts recently, but given what has happened today, expect quite a few over the next couple of days.

My first post is about the quote above. I wanted to just let my feelings settle a bit before writing this, but it just happens to be the first thing I noticed.

For those unfamiliar, I wrote a post a couple months ago about Kylo Ren and his motivations. It pretty much sums up what Lucasfilm presented to us in this trailer, as far as where Kylo Ren is, psychologically speaking, at the end of The Force Awakens. I would REALLY recommend reading it in order to understand where I am coming from concerning this post.


As many of us suspected, the central theme of ‘The Last Jedi’ seems to be indeed that of finding one’s sense of identity

With the above quote I found myself viewing it in a very different light after watching the trailer a few times.

It’s partially to do with the tone of Kylo’s voice. He’s not angry, not even sad exactly. He almost sounds like he is advising someone. And the language also suggests that, when he talks about ‘what YOU were meant to be’, to me this alludes to the fact that he is either being metaphorical or speaking directly to somebody else.

This is purely my own speculation, but in my mind, he is actually speaking to Rey. This line might have been put in simply for the trailer and doesn’t actually exist in the film, but I think it’s part of a conversation. A conversation while Rey and Kylo are connected through the force? A conversation after Kylo reveals Rey’s past, including what happened to her family? Maybe. These are all possibilities.

But why would I jump to this conclusion? After all, isn’t he simply talking about killing his mother and uncle, after having killed his father?

Originally posted by chatnoirs-baton

Actually, I say no.

And it’s for a very simple, logical reason that has nothing to do with sentimentality (although I, like many of you out there I suspect, did indeed tear up when Kylo’s thumb hovered over that button which, if pushed, would end up killing his mother).

It comes from comparing TFA with this trailer. You have to take into account of what has happened in TFA and how that has changed everyone. I don’t actually think Kylo is repeating himself here, that I believe is misdirect but again I might just be overthinking.

Kylo Ren says in the official trailer for TFA that ‘he will finish what Darth Vader started’.

Originally posted by star-wars-is-life

Throughout Episode VII, Kylo Ren is constantly emulating his grandfather, most likely because he wants to be like him. He cherishes Darth Vader’s crumpled mask like an old relic in a museum and wears his own mask proudly at the beginning of the film.

Now let’s compare that to this trailer. What does he do when he says -

‘Let the past die. Kill it, if you have to. That’s the only way to become what you were meant to be.’ 

What does he do?

Originally posted by boomdafunk

He destroys his mask.

In other words, he destroys his old self. The old self that emulated Darth Vader, that was trying to be like the grandfather and hid behind a mask.

This is incredibly literal as this is what the trailer actually wants you to see. The first interpretation one could logically form. And you see how Kylo Ren is doing a complete u-turn here. He is literally doing the opposite to what he did in the TFA trailer. You miss it perhaps because of the impact of what happens soon after this shot. But this point can be expanded upon, as I did in my previous post above.

Kylo Ren, Ben Solo, whoever he is, is trying to find his sense of identity. But he is no longer satisfied with trying to find it by looking into the past, by looking into his family’s history. This INCLUDES Darth Vader, not just Luke, Leia or Han.

I think he is in fact turning his back on his own lineage. Because he thought it would be enough. He thought that by finding out his grandfather was the powerful Sith Lord Darth Vader, he would be able to answer the question of why he could never find balance within himself.


He’s even more lost now than he was before. He knows that the answer no longer lies with Darth Vader.

So how does this connect to his dialogue?

Because this mirrors another character’s trajectory. And I believe he says these words to the said character later in the film, when he realizes his past mistake.

Originally posted by starwarsfilms


Why? Because she is still struggling, just as he is, with finding ‘her place in all this’. In other words, finding her sense of identity.

What I think is truly amazing is that somebody else in this sequel trilogy has already said these words before, or at least something to this effect.

Originally posted by bruceewayne

‘The belonging you seek is not behind you, it is ahead.’

Phrased completely differently but when you put that next to -

‘Let the past die. That’s the only way to become what you were meant to be.’

Yes, I know I cut a piece of dialogue out but it’s clear what is happening here, and in fact what is happening throughout this trailer.

Kylo and Rey’s paths are not just similar.

They are one and the same.

This is why people have come away from this trailer questioning whom Snoke is referring to. Because in a way it doesn’t matter. The point Lucasfilm is making here is that ‘Rey and Kylo are two halves-’

And you can finish off the rest of that sentence.

Now back to what I said at the beginning of this post. I think we will find out more of Rey’s past, but my daydreaming self is saying that Kylo warns Rey, just as Maz did, to not let her past completely inform her future. Otherwise, she could end up like him, misguided and lost. When he says ‘kill it if you have to’, this could be on a figurative level or it may allude to Rey’s dark origins (stay turned for that post).

If what he’s saying is basically the same as what Maz recommends to Rey, then what does that say about Kylo? What does that say about the light and dark, if they are essentially saying the same thing? :-)

So what do you guys think? Let me know through comments and reblog and check out for more posts in the coming days. This is such an exciting time to be part of this fandom and I love you all very much! You make the experience a hundred times more moving and fun! I nearly screamed at the end of that trailer and for a minute thought I was genuinely hallucinating. Gobsmacked, speechless, is best way I can describe it.