i was thinking to do it with plus white or light

When my plus-sized or fat girlfriends tell me, “I wish I had a body like yours,” or “I don’t feel good in my body,” I don’t say, “Well, skinny-shaming hurts too and I also have low self-esteem.” Even though the latter is true, I don’t try to one-up my friends’ experiences and plights. I say, “You’re beautiful and your body is fine the way it is. Do what makes you happy but society’s beauty standards are bullshit. People who put down women because they’re larger are ignorant and they’re not telling the truth.” I assure and affirm them and am aware of my thin privilege. I may have low self-esteem and don’t think I’m very beautiful either but that’s irrelevant when talking about thin privilege, which I have. I really wish people who have light-skinned, thin or white privilege would stop one-upping dark-skinned, black and large bodies whenever they express low self-esteem due to correlating beauty privileges and standards. I get tired of hearing, “Well, one hurt isn’t worse than the other.”

Valentine's Day imagines.

Carlos wakes up pricking his finger on something. He realises he is surrounded by bouquets of 12 roses (which I think represents devotion) and lots of chocolate bars. (From Jay)

Mal finally lets Ben kiss her, but only for a second.

Ben gets Mal chocolate covered strawberries and insists he feed them to her.

Jay let’s Carlos pick whatever thing he wants to do. He chooses video games, pizza, cuddles and a piggyback ride around Auradon prep.

Every student in Auradon prep drops by Carlos’s dorm to kiss Dude (much to the annoyance of Jaylos because they can’t have a moment).

From the roof of Auradon prep, Audrey and the others decide to drop pink, purple, red, white and light blue heart-shaped confetti on couples who walk by. This means they have to kiss for at least 20 seconds. Jaylos passed by and insisted on staying for 5 minutes before going to the dorm.

The rotten 4 plus Ben and Doug put pink and red fluffy pillows in the girls’ dorm and cuddle while watching The Fault in our Stars and Paper towns.

Ok since the dragon games I think the thing that most people are talking about is this:

Now a lot of people have been debating whether Apple woke up because of Darling’s “mouth to mouth” or “true love’s kiss”. Now I’m going to hopefully prove to you that this was because of “true love’s kiss”.

first. The light

If this really was mouth to mouth I don’t think that there would light emitting from where their lips touch (Classic true love’s kiss trope right here!).

second: The poison apple

(Yeah I know this is from Snow White not the cartoon but I couldn’t find it) You have to remember that Apple is poisoned by a magical poisoned apple. This is enchanted, normal mouth to mouth wouldn’t do anything to counteract a magical curse. Plus this curse can ONLY be unbroken by “true love’s kiss” kind of suggesting that only a kiss from her true love could wake her up.

Try to prove me wrong! (I know someone will)