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i never thought that after the mess of last year that this is where we would be. i’m so proud of the boys. they must have worked so hard to get to this point. highlight is a new beginning. i have been thinking about it this morning just happy because the new name is so meaningful. it’s their last work as b2st. it’s their new start as the new group. they aren’t forgetting their past but incorporating it into their future. 

hi5hli5ht forever <3

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When Norman gets on social media in the morning I totally just think he woke up and is sitting on the toilet checking his phone to pass the time. It's his magazine.

I mean that’s normal right. Dropping the browns off at the super bowl and reading 

I wish I woke up to you.
I wish I rolled over only to find the comfort of my white sheets complimenting your blue compelling eyes.

I wish I got to see you every morning and learn your Dailey routine as my own;

Breakfast, bathroom, cigarette & coffee.

I wish the feeling and scent of your skin never left mine.

But instead, I wake up to the comfort of my sheets by myself.
With light from the sun piercing down on my empty bed.
I role over to find another pillow & barely have enough motivation to start my morning.

Thinking of you until I’m here.
Writing about you. Again.

-another one of my mornings

—  Loveme-never
A Spoonful of Sugar (ch. 3)

“No Fitz today?” Trip asks. “My man’s letting me down.”

“Apparently he has a very rare strain of flu,” Jemma tells him and tries to keep a straight face. “He was still in bed when I left this morning.”

“Funny, I think Hunter has the same thing,” Bobbi remarks and leans across the table to dip another potsticker in soy sauce. “Only he doesn’t have any gourmet leftovers to bribe Trip and Skye with.”

“Tell him that I’m shocked and heartbroken that he doesn’t want to paint mason jar vases with us for the wedding. And that the bribery definitely isn’t going to work, because he and Hunter are both permanently on my hit list,” Skye teases.

Read the rest on AO3!

D and I got into our first really big argument last night. Without going too into details, he did something during a date night that left me feeling disrespected and embarrassed. We talked immediately after, I felt better…and then I woke up this morning and got to work and started thinking about everything again and knew that things weren’t 100%. A friend of mine from Tumblr (you know who you are!) did an amazing job talking with me, centering me, and allowing me to vent and just be sad for a bit. As corny as it sounds, I needed to feel the depths of my emotions so I could really work out what I needed and wanted from another conversation with D.

We eventually spoke later this evening and he was - as always - incredibly willing to listen and let me say my piece. He took full responsibility for his actions last night, then we spoke about ways that we could rebuild and work through what proved to be a really difficult moment for me. He made no excuses for himself, let me be angry and tell him what I needed, and we are now on a path to something really positive.

Today was a long and difficult day. I left for work at 6:30 am, worked until 6 pm, babysat until 12:30 am, and just got home at 1 am. I’m exhausted. But I’ve washed my face, brushed my teeth, changed into clean clothes for bed, and - as silly as it sounds - I feel like I’m ready to conquer tomorrow. I can do it. I know I can.


Good Afternoon DHS by John Wolff
Via Flickr:
Not sure if I took this in the morning or afternoon, probably the afternoon I think as I walked to the Studios that day after being in Epcot for the morning. Thanks for looking and have a great weekend!


[26/100 Days of Productivity ]
Yay! It’s time for chapter no. 3.
Super windy weather motivated me to stay at home for all day. And of course I spent it with biology.

I had to choose one extra lecture for uncoming semester and I pick civil law and I think I’m crazy - srsly civil law? In every Tuesday morning me and my friend will be pretending law students <laugh>.

They finnaly gave us a schedule for next semester! I’m so excited cause I’ve got a lot of clinical classes in 2 hospitals. 

music:  New Americana by Halsey 

• my friend, cisco

nonnie requested: Hi, can you do a Cisco x reader fanfic where the reader doesn’t get along with her mother at all, and maybe he comforts her after a fight? Sorry if that’s too specific, you’re the best

A/N: That’s not too specific at all, I’m certainly not the best though heh. I appreciate the flattery nevertheless and that I have hit 201 followers this morning which I think is nuts. I love you guys and all the support you have given me. This drabble was a tad tricky as I’m really close to my mum but I hope you still like it though I wasn’t sure to do romance or friendship, so I went with friendship ‘cause I think Cisco could also be one awesome friend. Send more requests please? I’m not sorry for the Harry Potter references and the joke at the end. And as always requests are open unless stated otherwise by me!

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                       » Relationship(s): Reader & Family; Reader & Cisco Ramon (friendship) «

There were times you thought your mother wasn’t really your mother at all, you both have been on the rocks since you were a preteen and wanted to go out and do things. You two were like bubblegum and black licorice, two things that were of complete opposite of each other. You can decide which one you are as once again there had been another dispute on what you should go to college for as your mother didn’t like your career choice, of course she didn’t want you go in that felid. Nothing ever pleased this women as you turned to leave the door with your mother still yelling, “Where do you think your going, you wretched girl!?”

You E/C eyes glared at your mother before snapping back, “Somewhere I don’t have to see your face, you witch!” And with that you slammed the door behind you while ignoring your mother before walking to the one person you could really let your steam off. That one person would be Cisco, your friend who often sided with you of being well, you and your choices rather than your mother’s. You opened the door as you stormed in as Cisco jumped from, your sudden existence in the room while you kept your fumed face on. The long haired male awkwardly chewed of gummy candy that was in his mouth before examining your face, “Well damn, Hermione did Draco say something to you like being a mug blood?”

Your eyes rolled over to Cisco who put his hands up, “Okay, okay please don’t kill me since I said that reference.” You sighed but smiled a tiny bit as you both were Harry Potter fans and Hermione was or well, has always been your favorite. She was smart and full of wit plus you may have shared the same tangled mess of hair as a child as well. But you shook your head, “Mother and I had a fight. Again. And I feel just so god damn peachy.” Cisco laughed while taking another bite of the chewy candy and offered you some from the container.

“Careful Captain Cold might come back to you for stealing his line Y/N.” You chuckle as you took some of the candy before ranting again and sighing once you finished of the things you and mother fought about. Glancing at Cisco with the look you always gave before he shifted off as he knew that look perhaps to well. Your look meant that it was time to cheer you up and your brilliant minded friend always seem to know how to do it. Watching corny movies with snacks and letting you lean on him, “We should watch Twilight. heard they made Robert Patterson sparkle in the sun like Dracula and Tinker Bell had a baby named it Edward.”    


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What LBT recent interviews etc do I need to try and catch up on ? Fallon, the I heart radio thing and the today show. Have I missed any so far?? Really hard to keep track of all the way over here lol


I’m not very up to date currently because I’ve had a busy day but. The Fallon stuff is on youtube and Fallons website (i think I posted the performance link this morning for that). 

There’s this interview http://925xtu.cbslocal.com/2017/02/24/little-big-town-joins-the-xtu-morning-crew/

here are the today show vids https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QLesvlNsHT8 and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4mHMDqlMcq4

aaand i dont think the iheart thing is going to be up anywhere unless lbtmedia on twitter capped it. the lbt youtube may end up posting vids like they did with PK but idk for sure. 

AND they were on bobby bones this morning but i dont have the link for that just yet

ill edit with that. 

In three acts

I drank coffee before dance class this morning and I think it did make me perform better – minus the 10 minutes at the beginning where I felt queasy.

My department at work went through a huge re-org when I was out (details too boring to recount here) but one minor effect is that I have to move desks next week. HR tried to give me a really loud desk by a hallway but I successfully argued them back to a quieter one. Yes! I’ll also have more storage so I’m thinking about assembling a set of gym clothes that can sit here all the time. On the down side, I’m moving away from my closest work buddies… but trying to focus on the positive (and there is plenty). 

Last night I assembled my new food processor for the first time to make cookie butter. It was stupid easy and my coworkers love it slash are cursing my holy name. I won’t link to the recipe because it’ll ruin your life, but I’ll send it to you privately if you acknowledge that you understand the risks. I’ve never owned a food processor before, but I appreciate the 800 safeguards built in so I don’t accidentally blend that which must not be blended. Next up: maybe chimichurri?


Okay but if you edit out Peridot in that one scene in The New Crystal Gems, Lapis literally looks like she’s telling some kind of dramatic Shakespearean tale and getting super into it.

Alternitively, if you edit Lapis out, Peridot ends up pulling some 2012 Gangnam Style moves

here’s a thought

let’s tell young boys that they are brimming with kindness and imagination and nobility. point out their gentleness, their fierce joy and limitless capacity to love everyone and everything. tell them they are princes in a kingdom of wonders and beauty and thoughtfulness and the warmth of their own hearts. take them to museums and symphonies and forests to make tree forts in. raise them to empathize, innovate and do good things. with confidence and humility.


aka. the moment Rory wants to say something and Logan’s waiting for her to say it and she just doesn’t