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Imagine Jensen being a nervous goofball at your wedding rehearsal. 

Characters: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Fluff, mild wedding angst

Word Count: 1.7k

A/N: 6k Celebration and One Year Fic-i-verary Celebration Fic FIFTEEN. The line requested was, The line “Do I really say awesome a lot?” was requested by @iwrotemyownending . It will be highlighted in the fic. I combined it with a gif I just fell in love with.  Hope you enjoy it! It kind of came out of NOWHERE. It’s a little cliche, but I love it. Thanks for celebrating with me!

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Sounds So Sweet

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The Jensen ficlet I mentioned last night! Here’s the song, in case you don’t know it. 

Saturday Night Special was always a fun time, for fans and the on-stage guests as well. Of course, when Jensen Ackles took the stage, the screams in the crowd got even louder.

Honey, why are you calling me so late?
It’s kinda hard to talk right now
Honey, why are you crying, is everything okay?
I gotta whisper ‘cause I can’t be too loud

The opening chords of the old Hinder song had hinted to only some of the crowd what was coming next. When Jensen opened his mouth and started singing those words, however, the crowd went crazier than ever. He stayed at the microphone for that first verse and chorus, then moved to the front of the stage where girls and women were lined up and reaching out for him as they sang along.

One particular woman drew his attention, and caused Jensen to smile. Crouching down in front of her, he sang the words as though he was singing to her for the next full verse and chorus. With a wink and a caress of her cheek, pink from the heat in the place as well as the excitement of that moment, Jensen stood up and moved back to the microphone. Every so often, his eyes wandered back to that woman, and the grin would once again tug at his lips.

Jensen stuck around for the remainder of the Saturday Night Special, watching from the backstage and making a couple more appearances with the other guests. He was sweaty and tired, but there were other reasons to look forward to returning to his hotel room.

He slid the keycard into the slot, and the light turned green. He walked into the room, noting the beside lamp was already on, to where you were sitting against the headboard, legs stretched out in front of you. You were wearing one of his t-shirts and a tight, short pair of sleep shorts.

“Didn’t know you were going to sneak down for the concert,” Jensen said, kneeling on the mattress before crawling over to where you were.

You shrugged. “When you told me you were going to sing that song, I had to be there. Maybe the fandom is the other woman in this case, and I know we’ll go public eventually. But for now, it’s kind of fun, keeping our relationship a secret. Do think they have any idea?”

“Not a clue,” Jensen said, shaking his head before dipping his head lower so that his lips could meet yours.

Unintentional Chapter Two: Phone Calls

Chapter Summary: Things have been strange on set since you’d filmed those scenes with Jensen. Things get heated during a convention.

A/N: I just wanted to say this now, this story is going to involve a lot of cheating. I do not condone cheating in any way, this is simply for the purpose of fiction <3

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Phone sex, language (including dirty talk, but I guess that kind of goes hand in hand with phone sex?)

Word Count: 2.3k (oops?)

Unintentional Masterlist

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You were still aching for him. You pressed your legs together to try and help with the need for friction. There was lots you and Jensen needed to talk about. But you just, couldn’t. Then it would become real, and that would become a problem; and you had to avoid becoming the other woman at all costs.


Over the next couple of weeks, things had been…awkward between you and Jensen. No matter what you did, you couldn’t get him out of your head. You’d lie awake at night, watching old gag reels and outtakes, just to see him. Your heart would skip a beat when you saw him smile; and your breath would slip away when you heard his laugh.

You’d also been avoiding Misha and Jared. At least when Jensen wasn’t around anyway. When the four of you were together, there was too much goofing around to give either of them the chance to ask you about anything. They didn’t know about what had happened on set, but they could tell that something was up.

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Graduation Present

Title: Graduation Present

Paring: Teacher!Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 2,059

Warning: Delicious Jensen smut

A/N: I saw the gif below and immediately thought of Jensen as a teacher bending me over a desk and I thought I should share the fantasy with you all. Enjoy!!

Everyone else was counting down the seconds to the final bell signifying summer, graduation, and the final end of your undergraduate degree.

You were watching Mr. Ackles bend over to grab a textbook and then squat down to take a closer look.

Standing back up and turning his eyes raised to find yours. His signature wink made you shift in your seat as you bit at your lip.

Seconds before the bell rang he crossed to the classroom door and blocked it as kids groaned. “I know, I know, I just want you all to know that I enjoyed having you in my class. Good luck to you seniors, don’t trip on the stage.” His laugh rippled through his body as he looked up at the clock.

Just as the bell rang he turned back to the class, saluting. “It’s been a pleasure, now get out.”

Everyone grabbed their bags, heading out and making plans for the night. You motioned your friends to go ahead, making some excuse you had to talk to him about a grade or something.

“Hey Mr. Ackles,” he just laughed and shook his head.

“I told you guys to call me Jensen, I’m just an associate professor, no need to be too formal.”

“Well, Jensen, I need you to take a look at something for me. I’m turning in a late assignment for another class. We had to write what our goal for this semester was and if we achieved it. Can you take a look at it?” Jensen smiled and took the paper, walking back to the front table, not noticing you flip the lock on the door.

              This semester started with the goal to graduate, pass all my classes, and finally finish my degree. When I saw Mr. Jensen Ackles walk into my classroom though, goals changed. Now all I could think about was ripping his tie off, running my fingers through that sexy hair, palming the delicious looking bulge in the front of his pants, among other things.

              Did I achieve this goal? I’m about to find out.

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2,500 Followers Oneshot

Summary: Jensen tries to convince the reader to be his pretend girlfriend.

Prompt: "You’ve given up being sexy a long time ago haven’t you?“

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 1,266

Requested by: @starswirlblitz

Work today was fucking torture. It was too long, too boring and filled with too many morons. You can only fake being nice for so long, it’s exhausting.

Trying to get into a more relaxed head space, you decide to pamper yourself a bit. You down a much needed glass of wine then take a soothing bubble bath. Soon after you throw on a black mud mask that clarifies, it’s weird looking but it works awesome.

Deciding to give yourself a pedicure, you pick out a dark red nail polish and get yourself settled on the couch. Finally feeling a little more relaxed, you breathe a happy sigh for the peace and quiet.


Son of a bitch.

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You Love It

Characters: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: fluff, implied smut

Word Count: 1.1k

A/N: This is the NINTH fic for my 6k celebration and one year fic-i-versary. The line requested was, “My god, you’re a freak.” It will be highlighted in the fic. The line was picked by the lovely @smoothdogsgirl Hope you enjoy this little blurb!

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8 and 16 for Jensen please. And congrates my darling Rosie! You deserve it so much 😘

#8 - “I’ll give you $200 if you don’t bring it up again.”
#16 - “Is it supposed to look like that?”

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“Hey babe do you know where th-” You stopped short when you saw Jensen standing outside, his hand on his mouth while the other was propped up on his hip. What was he looking at? You moved over to the kitchen window to peek out and saw a bunch of wooden pieces clumped together. He was supposed to be making a bench, what the hell was that? 

Pushing the sliding the door, you walked out and stood next to Jensen and pointed to the wood. “That the bench?”


“Is it supposed to look like that?” You brought the back of your hand up to your mouth as you tried to suppress a giggle. 

“Y/N….come on.” Jensen ran a hand through his hair and you could tell by his tone of voice he was exhausted with trying to figure out how it was supposed to look. “I followed the directions I don’t know how many times and I’ve taken it apart like twice. Obviously I’m just not meant to build this goddamn bench.” He kicked the clump of wood and stormed inside. 

Looking around you found the instructions lying on the chair, yeah it was definitely not supposed to look like that. You couldn’t help the small giggle that left your mouth now that Jensen wasn’t around. Looking inside you noticed Jensen was lying on the couch with the TV now on. Snickering to yourself you got your phone out and took a picture of what the bench was supposed to look like versus what Jensen actually made, sending it Jared. 

What you weren’t expecting was Jensen’s phone to start ringing and the look on his face when his head turned towards you, you didn’t know whether to laugh or run. He made his way back outside and gave you a ‘come here’ motion with his fingers as he still talked on the phone. 

Letting out a sigh he pinched the bridge of his nose, “Dude seriously?! You’re a dick.”

Slowly you made your way over to him but stood out of arms reach, “Alright fine Jared! I’ll give you $200 if you don’t bring it up again.” Rolling his eyes he hung up the phone and looked at you. “So you think this is funny, huh?”

Shaking your head you started to back away, with a huge grin on your face, when he stepped forward. “You’re gonna get it!” 

Squealing you ran inside as fast as you could, running around the house’s obstacles until Jensen’s arms were around your waist, “You owe me $200 missy.”

“Do you accept other forms of payment?” You turned in his arms and bit your lip.

He pretended to think about it as his lips got closer to yours, “For you…I think I can make an exception.”

“C'mon, you know you love me.” - “I’d sell you to Satan for an oreo.”


Since a little eternity you wait for Dean in bed until you’re having enough and stand up. With cold feet you tap through the bunker, following his voice which comes out of the garage where you find him.
You’ve to hide a smile as he worships his Baby like a real gentleman. Loud you clear your throat and immediately he turns around to you.
Playfully pissed off you cross your arms in front of the chest and turn away from him. A second later you feel his warm arms around your body and his lips on your shoulder.
“C'mon, don’t be mad.” Dean makes a whiny noise which let you snort amused. “You know you love me.”
“I’d sell you to Satan for an Oreo.”
“Then I should be lucky that Crowley rules the hell.”
With a smile you turn around and glance over his shoulder. “You should. Do you think Baby likes some action?”
His eyes darkened at your words. “Absolutely.”

Imagine: Dean stealing your glasses to get your attention.

You had been doing research all evening, neglecting your poor boyfriend who was trying to get you to stop. “(y/n), please.” he whined. “you really prefere those old books when you could spend time with me?” You sighed. “Dean, just let me finnish this, i’ll be done in a minute.” You could imagine the way he rolled his eyes. “But that’s what you said an hour ago.” Before you knew it you felt your glasses being plucked off your nose and you lauged as he placed them on his. A giggle escaped your lips. “You actually look quite good with those, sexy even.” You knew the sly grinn that formed around his lips all to well. “So you think i’m sexy?” Your hands traveled up his torso, as his hands dipped under your shirt and explored your bare back. “Yes i do.” You quickly take back your glasses and push him away softly. “But i still think i need to finnish this research first.”

ps: i don’t wear glasses myself, but i thought this was kind of cute

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#6 with Dean or Jensen? 3.1K - teach me your ways of getting followers so quick!! You rock!! ❤

“You, me, a bottle of whiskey, and a good fuck.”

Post-convention and you were coming down off the weekend-long high, as usual. You were everywhere all at once for three days straight, then it was back to the lull of every day life. You were Jensen’s personal assistant for the conventions. You’d gotten your start as a volunteer to stand by the autograph table and check the props fans brought, but now, you were always up close and personal with Jensen Ackles. 

In another life, you’d have given anything to get the man alone. But since it was your life to stand by his side day and night, the excitement wasn’t really there. This weekend though, something felt different. Jensen was super-charged and you couldn’t put your finger on why. After Sunday had wrapped up, and before everyone loaded onto the plane to head back to Vancouver the next morning, the guys decided a night out was the way to celebrate another amazing con.

You all loaded into the stretch-SUV Clif had insisted on calling for, you pulling on your dress to make sure nothing popped out where it wasn’t supposed to, Jensen climbing in behind you, loudly and already half-drunkenly proclaiming that he was your body guard. Giggling, you settled in on the leather between him and Jared. Jensen’s hand fell to your knee, and your heart jumped in your chest. You stole a glance at him and caught him licking his lips.

The night seemed to slip by, songs and bars blurring together in an alcoholic haze. While everyone chattered, trying to figure out where you were headed next, Jensen clutched your hand and pulled you into a small alcove in the back of the bar.

“What are you doing, Ackles?” You snipped at him.

“Maybe my personal assistant should be paying a little more attention to me, huh?” He grinned, hand still holding your wrist.

“I shouldn’t have to watch you like a child.” Throwing your free hand on your hip, you sassed him, complete with an eye roll.

“You don’t have to watch me, but you have been. All night.” He winked.

You swallowed hard, throat suddenly dry as your eyes darted frantically around, searching for anyone who could get you out of this situation.

“You know, I’ve been thinking…” He started, licking his lips. “When we get back to Vancouver, maybe you could be a little more than my personal assistant. We could even start tonight if you wanted. What do you say? You, me, a bottle of whiskey, and a good fuck.” His smile could’ve killed you on the spot - so fucking smug.

“I - you - um, yes?” You didn’t mean for it to sound like a question, but Jensen Ackles was propositioning you with a night sure to fulfill every fantasy you’d ever had about him.

“Good. There’s a cab outside. Go tell them I’m too drunk or something. See you in a few.” Nodding, he gave your hips a light shove and urged you back to your friends.

You would’ve gotten away with everything, had Jensen not decided to swat your ass as you were walking away, eliciting a half-moan, half-yelp from deep in your throat. His wicked chuckle was almost audible over the pounding bar music. You sighed as he shot you another wink and exited the bar, waiting for you to join him.

Jensen fucking Ackles.

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Convince Me

Drabble Prompt: “Are you asking me to marry you with a plastic ring?“

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Requested by: @starswirlblitz

Are you ridiculous? Yes. Are you shameless? Hell yes. Do you care anymore? Fuck no.

You’re patiently waiting for Dr. Jensen Ackles, your son’s pediatrician, to come strolling into the exam room. The man is too damn handsome for his own good.

Your son Max has had an earache for a couple of days now, you wouldn’t know it by looking at him though. If you were being honest, he doesn’t really need to be checked out by a doctor.

There’s a pretty good chance his earache will clear up within a day or two. You’re definitely lying to yourself, for an excuse to see Jensen. It’s pretty pathetic but you’ve made your peace with it.

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Imagine exchanging love letters with Jensen on your wedding day.

Characters: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: fluff

Word Count: 1.6k

A/N: This is the EIGHTH fic for my 6k celebration and one year fic-i-versary. The line requested was, If you’re not living the life that you want, you fight for that life. It will be highlighted in the fic. The line was picked by the lovely @chaos-and-the-calm67 Bev, I hope you like it. You requested flangst, but I’ll be honest, there isn’t a damn bit of angst in it. This was where the line took me. I hope you aren’t too disappointed! This is a fic that belongs in my Best Friends Universe. It can be read in isolation or you can put it in that world. 

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Imagine: Having to wear a dress for a Job. When Dean sees you he can’t help but stare.

“Oh c’mon Y/N, we need to get going!” Dean all but shouted.

“Aight, I’m coming… Just, don’t laugh at me please” you replied.

“Why would we-” Dean started but was cut off at the sight of you.

The boys asked you, well forced you, to wear a dress, a skin tight one, only to impress the vampire at the bar so that you could allure it and soon enough get out of the bar, where Dean would show up and chop off its head. 

“Oh God this is embarrassing” you mumbled to yourself.

“Woah Y/N, you look gorgeous” Sam told you, smiling at you.

“Uh t- thanks Sammy” you blushed and smiled back.

Then you turned your head towards Dean’s direction, he was staring at you, eyeing you up and down, licking his bottom lip every once in a while.

Thing, that got you blushing even more, you glanced the floor, not daring to look at him.

But soon enough, you found some courage and broke the silence which filled the room a few minutes ago.

“So Dean, what do you think?” you asked, a smirk on your lips.

“I- uh- hot… I mean… fuck uh” he stuttered, fighting for words that somehow, couldn’t be found.

You giggled at his ‘answer’ and instead turn around so that he could have a better view of your… well ass.

At that Dean gasped, his eyes widening.

“I take that as a yes” you answered chuckling.

“Words” - A Cockles Fic

A late birthday present to the Nonny who asked me for a fic about the Cockles ring.

I hope you like it!

They never really talk about it.

Even after the first time it happened, Misha wanted to—but as soon as he saw Jensen on set the next day, he froze. And maybe he would’ve been more inclined to say something to him, if the man had actually acted weird—if he’d pushed Misha away or given him the silent treatment; but he didn’t. Jensen acted a hundred percent normal.

As soon as he saw him, he patted Misha on the back, told him “Good morning”, handed him a cup of tea and then walked off to the make-up trailer. It was almost as if the night before, never even happened—so Misha assumed that that’s the way Jensen wanted it. He wanted to forget it all, pretend everything was the same while praying to God that Misha wouldn’t mess up the illusion for him … so Misha didn’t.

He pretended too.

And soon enough, it all felt like some sort of a weird fever dream. Hazy around the edges, but still grounded with memories of touch and smell, and the sensation of someone else’s tongue running across his lips. It was fine. He would be fine. He rationalized it to himself over and over; it was just an odd moment between friends. He’s had plenty of those while growing up— with Darius, mostly … but those are something he’s used to, so this shouldn’t throw him in the least.

Misha could deal.

Vicki didn’t think so… but he totally could deal.

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Imagine Dean thinking you’re an intruder

An ‘oomfph’ sound escaped your lips as your back collided with wooden floor. All air left your lungs as the weight of Dean Winchester crushed you, yet you couldn’t help but laugh, the sound raspy as you struggled slightly for breath.

“Y/N?” He instantly pulled back, eyes staring intensely at you as he recognised the sound of your laughter immediately. “What the hell are you doing?“

“It was meant to be a surprise Winchester.” You jabbed his chest with your index finger not missing the way his gaze flitted from your face to the bare skin of your neck. “But you ruined it.”

“Why didn’t you call?” He shifted slightly, legs straddling your hips and hands either side of your head, casing you in.

“I think that defeats the purpose of a surprise don’t you?” Your right eye brow cocked up in amusement, a smirk on your lips. “Are you going to help me up or not?”

“You know-” He brought his face down to yours, lips ghosting over your ear lobe as he whispered. “I always did like you on your back.”

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Imagine ignoring Gabriel because he annoyed you with pranks

Word count: 454

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader

A/N: Requests for imagines/one shots are open. Also, if you want me to ship you with a supernatural character send me a mini paragraph describing you and I’ll ship you with someone <3 x

Lately, Gabriel’s pranks have been getting on your nerves. It started off small, simply hiding valuable objects in random places such as your car keys in your shoes or your phone in the bread bin.

Gradually, the pranks became worse and worse. From getting drenched in water then flour causing you to be late to an important meet up with Sam and Dean, to waking up at early hours of the morning from random alarm clocks hidden in your room, Gabriel did everything he could to annoy you (and oh boy was it working, every second of your day was spent thinking about that cute, annoying angel). Each prank would end up with you getting angry and shouting causing Gabriel to laugh, call you cute when you’re mad and just poof away.

You put up with his shenanigans for months until eventually you decided enough was enough.

Calmly, you sat down at the kitchen counter, pouring yourself a bowl of cereal, when the familiar sound of wings filled your ears.

“What’s up sugar,” Gabriel’s voice filled the room as he sat down on the chair next to yours.

Peacefully, you grabbed your spoon and began to eat the cereal trying your best not to acknowledge the angel next to you.

“Are you ignoring me?” Gabriel’s question was once again met with silence.

“Well, two can play at that game,” he huffed crossing his arms and pouting.

The room became quiet as you ate and Gabriel sat, looking like a child who had just gotten his candy taken away from him.

“Uggh, why are you doing this?” Gabriel gave in throwing his head backwards jokingly.

“You want to know why I’m not talking Gabriel, it’s because I’m fed up with you constantly pranking me, it’s not even funny anymore and it’s just making my life a living hell so If you want to continue pranking me, don’t bother talking to me,” you almost shouted, months of rage released into a few sentences.

“Y/N I had no idea you felt like that, I’m sorry,” he apologised, “I promise I won’t do it again, ever.”

“It’s fine… I should have told you earlier. It’s just, why did you constantly pick on me and not Sam or Dean?”

“Look Y/N, I know it’s stupid, but I love you and I didn’t think you liked me so I played pranks on you to get your attention and-” you cut him off by connecting your lips with his sweet candy tasting ones.

“I..er,” Gabriel stuttered his face flushed pink.

“Gabe, I’ve liked you too, for a while now, but next time you want my attention just ask,” You joked causing him to chuckle before pulling him into another sweet kiss.

Hips Don’t Lie

I stood there, smiling wide, as I watched my husband break out the best dad moves he had in his repertoire.

As the song beat on and those sinful hips swayed from side to side, I couldn’t help but let my mind wonder to a similar moment just nights ago.

There were a couple key differences.

There were no flashing lights.

It was only Jensen and I.

There were no clothes involved.

And let me tell you, seeing those hips swing freely like that, no burdensome clothes obscuring the view. That’ll do things to a girl.

Dreadfully wonderful things.

Those bare hips, moving sensually towards me. Those thick, bow legs torturing me with their movements. His soft, yet defined stomach, rolling with each step. His broad shoulders and biceps stretching and flexing as he cornered me. My breath quick, my body aching to be touched.

Then he grabbed my naked hips, pulling me into his warmth, slowly encouraging my body to move in time with his. Our bodies knew exactly how to move together.

Let’s just say, it didn’t take long for things to escalate. It didn’t take long before those hips were rolling on top of mine, showing me just how well they could move as long as I begged.

“Hey there beautiful,” Jensen’s voice sounded, breaking me out of my memory. “You look all worked up,” he noted, swaying his hips dangerously as he grabbed mine, guiding me along with him.

“Well, if you’d cut that shit out, I wouldn’t be ready to jump you in front of all those people,” I whispered, locking eyes with his.

“Oh you mean like this,” he said, grabbing my hips, rolling them against his, his hand pressed firmly at the small of my back, pushing me into his hardness.

“You’re lucky we’re back stage,” I moaned, my fingers brushing the fine hairs at the nape of his neck as my lips met his.

“How about we find somewhere a little more private the second this panel is over?” He suggested when my lips were swollen and red.

“You read my mind, Jense,” I breathed against his mouth, pushing him away from me. “Get going so we can get going,” I smirked, raising my eyebrows suggestively.

He pulled me to him once more, his lips crashing to mine hungrily.

“Yes ma'am,” he growled. “I think it’s time for the last question,” he said, heading back on stage.

The music started, and Jensen’s voice rang out with Rob’s. I pulled myself together, waiting patiently to drag my husband back to our room, those hips and what they were capable of the only thing on my mind.

A deal with the Devil (part 2)

Summary: The reader, after making a deal with Lucifer, begins to have nightmares and hallucinations about him. When the baby’s birth is finally over, things get complicated.

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader, Lucifer, Crowley, Sam Winchester (mentioned, sorry)

Warnings: Angst

Word Count: 1800 (approximately)

A/N: So, here I am. First of all I wanted to say something very important. When I say I’m going to write a story, that’s just a part, or two, I do. The problem is that sometimes I get a little to write, but either a day or a week, what I promised to write I write it.
Anyway, here is the second part of “A deal with the devil”. I wrote the first part for Ana’s “Shit My Patients Say” Challenge, by @just-a-touch-of-sass-and-fandoms (If you mind that I tagged you, sorry I don’t do it again lol). Many people have asked me for a second part, and after so long, here it is! I thought I would write a THIRD part, but I don’t know. I have to think about it, also because I have so many other ideas in my mind, and I would like to write it before forgetting ahah.
All right. Up, up! Go to read!

When the baby is born, I will come pick you up. And you’ll have to choose. Or you, or the child.

I bump into the bed, waking up suddenly. My hands are sticky, and I feel the drops of sweat coming down my forehead. I close my eyes, and I breathe deeply. It is the umpteenth time that I dream Lucifer who continues to say those words. It’s been almost a month since I came in and left the cage to save my son, and the day of his birth is approaching more and more. And I do not do more than to see Lucifer from all sides while he laughs at my back; it’s a nightmare. I get up from the bed and left the room, I begin to wander the bunker, aimlessly. Dean and Sam aren’t there; Dean stayed with me for three weeks because he was afraid I would do some other shit, but in the end me and Sam managed to convince him to go hunting. His conditions were that I didn’t leave the bunker, and that I always had the phone near me, and that he would call me every hour. I feel more caged at this time, than a month ago with Lucifer. But I can understand Dean’s concern: he was about to lose his son, and he was going to lose me too. I think I’ve done the biggest shit since I was born, but for my son, I would have done everything. And if in a few months, I’ll have to die, or I’ll have to go to hell, or I’ll have to become.. Lucifer’s slave, I do not care. My son will be safe. Dean? He doesn’t know anything of course; how can I tell him such a thing? Whenever I stay alone with him, I feel I’m betraying him, not saying anything about what really happened in that cage.
Yet, I should stay calm: Lucifer is imprisoned in the cage, in hell, and he can’t get out. So I’m safe.. right?
As I keep wandering in the corridors in the bunker, I hear noises coming from the library. I turn, and staying alert, I walk slowly toward the library. I’m speechless when I see who it was to cause those noises: Lucifer. He’s there, sitting in a chair, with a book in his hands; he looks up, and smiling at me, he gets up and approaches more and more. I lean back, shaking my head.
“You’re not here. You’re not real.”
“Y/n, is this how are the guests treated? Come here, hug me.”
“You’re not real!”
I put my head in the hands, and I close my eyes, hoping it’s just a bad dream, and that in a few moments I wake up in my bed. But nothing happens, and I hear Lucifer’s steps getting closer to me.
“You’re not real. You’re not real. You’re not real..”
Lucifer’s hand sits under my chin, and he forces me to look up and meet his.
“Oh darling. But I’m real. And I’m looking forward to having you all for me. Just you and me. Forever.”
In the blink of an eye, Lucifer is gone. What have I just seen? Was he really, or is it just the result of my imagination? I close my eyes, and I hear the tears forming in my eyes.
I look up, and I see the king of hell behind me. I quickly brush my face out of tears, and I try not to show any emotion.
“Crowley. What are you doing here?”
“Will come the day when you call me ‘Dad’?”
I continue to watch him, but without going to answer his question; Crowley approaches the liquor table, and pouring the scotch into a glass, he starts to make small sips.
“What it wasn’t real?”
I froze; how long he had arrived in the bunker? That he had heard the whole conversation I had with Lucifer, or whatever it was?
“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” I say, watching every Crowley’s move. Not even he knows what happened with Lucifer in the cage, and even if he knew, I don’t think he really cares about me. Crowley approaches me, and his eyes are fixed on mine.
“Don’t lie to me, sugar. I know Lucifer would never let you go without having anything in return. So we both know what’s happening to you. He has come into your head, and even though it’s in the cage, slowly he maddening you more and more. You need help.”
“Help? From you? No thanks.”
Crowley sighs, and looks down. He puts the empty glass on the table and glances at me.
“If you don’t ask for help to me, at least ask for help to Winchester. You trust them, don’t you? So why not tell them the truth? Accept my help, darling. Or when Lucifer comes to pick you up, it will be too late.”
And in a second, he disappears, remaining the only person in the bunker again.

“It’s about to get the time, honey.”

A scream, and I’m awake again in my bed. I breathe short, and tears flow over my face.
“Y/n, hey. Are you okay?”
Dean is by my side, and my nightmare made him wake up; I feel his arms rub my back. He knows this gesture can always calm me after a nightmare. But this time it’s different. After all these months, I miss a few weeks at the birth of my son; it’s male or female, we don’t know. Me and Dean have decided to find out when it will be born.
He’s still in my head, and he’s becoming more and more real. And now Dean has noticed that something is wrong; I say it’s the baby, pregnancy, hormones.. but I know he starts to believe me no more. He knows something is wrong, and I don’t know what excuse to reverse to keep him calm.
“I’m fine.” I say to Dean as I get up from bed and go to the bathroom to wash my face. I feel Dean get out of bed, and come to me. His arms wrapped around me, and his hands are placed on my belly, now become pretty big.
“Y/n, why don’t you tell me what is happening to you?”
My gaze sits on the mirror in front of me, and in the reflection, I see Dean look at me. I turn around, and I make a forced smile to the hunter while I wrap my arms around his neck.
“I’m fine Dean. It’s just the bab-”
“Yeah. The baby. It’s weeks you say to me that it’s fault of pregnancy, and of the hormones that you aren’t comfortable with. But I don’t believe you. I can’t do it. I read it in your eyes that something troubles you. And the fact that you don’t want to tell me, it makes me worry even more.”
“I.. I don’t know what to say to you. I’m afraid.. when our son will born. I’m afraid of not being good at being a mom.”
Oh, Dean.. how sorry I am. I would like to tell you the truth, but I can’t. I can’t.
Dean takes my face in his hands and kisses me. If he knew.. things shouldn’t be so.
“You will be a fantastic mom. You should worry that I will suck!”
I burst out laughing; how long I didn’t laugh for real.
“You’re very good with children. And you’ll be a perfect dad.” I say, as tears flow more and more to my face. Dean wipes my cheeks with my thumbs, and holds me tight to him. How will he feel when I’m gone? He’ll have to take care of our son alone, without me. But, hey, there’ll be Sam with him. And Castiel. They will help him to move on, and to grow our son. I know Dean can get on without me. He will have to do it.

“It’s time, honey. I’m coming to pick you up.”

My eyes open slowly. I see a figure in front of me, and immediately I go panic; I open my eyes and start to shake.
“Y/n, I’m Dean. Calm down.”
In front of me, Dean tries to stop my movements, and after taking a deep breath, I calm down.
“You’re okay. Everything is alright. What’s the last thing you remember?”
I close my eyes and concentrate on the last memories I have: I was in my room, and suddenly I felt a pain in the belly.. the water broke. I was going into labor.
“The baby..”
“Everything is alright. You’re faint, and me and Sam brought you to the hospital right away. They had to operate emergency. But you’re fine.. and she too.”
Dean smiles, and his brilliant smile also smokes me. It’s a girl. I am a mother of a baby girl.
“Where is she?”
“She’s sleeping. Do you want to see her?”
I nod vigorously, and after that Dean has helped me get out of bed, we go both to the room where all the kids are asleep.
“Here it is. It’s her.”
A tiny corpse, wrapped in a dress, gently rests in the cradle. I feel the tears come into my eyes; I am so happy that any other thought has vanished from my mind.
“How do we want to call her?” Dean asks me. I open my mouth to talk, but suddenly, I feel dumb in the head. I groan in pain, and I hold my head in the hands. The pain is getting stronger and I can’t breathe.
“Y/n? Y/n!”
Dean takes me in his arms and brings me back to my room. When I open my eyes, I see him. Lucifer, who enjoys the panorama outside the window. He turns slowly towards us, and when his eyes met mine, a smile appears on his face.
“How are you doing here?”
“Who is here?” asks Dean looking me confused. I look at him, and I frown. Only I can see Lucifer, and no one else. I turn back to Lucifer, and I know. I know the time has come to say goodbye.
“Take care of her. Dean, takes care of our daughter.”
“Y/n, what are you saying?”
I open my mouth to say something, but I can’t think of anything else except kissing Dean. My lips sit on his, and we’re exchanging the most passionate kiss I remember. I hold him tight to me, as I try to hold back the tears.
“I’ll always love you.”
Taking Dean aback, I push him out of the room, and I lock the door. I turn to Lucifer, as I listen to Dean’s screaming from outside.
“At last you are mine, darling. Ah, how much we and I will have fun in hell.”
I close my eyes. And then. Fire.

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Merry Christmas

Jensen sighed as he plopped down on the bench in the mall. He had been here for hours, fighting through crowds, searching and scanning for anything and everything that would make a great Christmas gift for you.
You two had only been dating for 8 months, which was really nothing, but he loved you. He loved being with you and spending time with you, learning about you. You always intrigued him.

Biting his lip, he pulled out his phone and scrolled through his contacts before finally landing on the one he was searching for. Jared’s. He had never wanted to call your brother, but he was sure he had no other choice.
“Hey brother what’s up?” Jared asked, laughing, he could Gen in the background telling Jared to stop ramming their cart into everything.
“I need help, bro..” Jensen sighed, running his hand over his face.
“Meet me at Target in 20” and then hung up, leaving Jensen in a weird and confused state.

Target wasn’t tiffany’s or Prada. You couldn’t get boots made of pure alligator skin at Target. You bough groceries at Target; but nevertheless, Jensen was at Target in 15 minutes and calling Jared.
“I’m here, man”
“Alright, we are in isle 15, better hurry before Gen moves us again” Jensen chuckled at this, knowing how impatient she could be at times.

“What the hell is this?” Jensen asked, staring into the buggy that Jared had picked out.
“This, dude, is a shopping cart filled with things your girlfriend, my sister, would love!” Jared exclaimed.
“It’s all… cheap” Jensen stared, bewildered, making Jared sigh.
“Jay, dude, come on. My sister is a pretty cheap date.”
“Yeah, I get that.. but this is.. not Christmas.” Jensen groaned, sitting across from Gen at the Starbucks.
He watched as Jared sighed and sat next to his wife.
“Dude, I know this is hard for you but..”
“Y/N isn’t like Danneel..” Gen finished, making Jared nod.
“Dannie and I are friends, and I love her still, but she is nothing like Y/N. They are on two completely different sides of the spectrum. Dannie has expensive tastes, she was born that way and she will live that way.. Y/N has never been like that.” Gen sighed, taking Jays hands in hers.
“What if she doesn’t like it? I’m terrified of losing her to some dumb Christmas present that wasn’t good enough.” Jensen admitted, his shoulders slouching.
“My sister would appreciate a waded up paper ball that has a piece of gum in it if it came from you,” Jared laughed.
“You really think she will like this stuff?” He asked, arching his eyebrow.
“I know she will, dude.”

Jensen wrapped each present nervously, scared that if he didn’t wrap it perfectly that it would cause a fight between you two. Deep down, he knew that you weren’t like that, that you couldn’t careless about how he wrapped a present, he was just conditioned to think that way over his last relationship.

Then he waited, he had seen you so many times before Christmas, the closer it got the more nervous he got. There had been several times that he almost blabbed about what he got you, but he wanted it to be a genuine surprise.
“So, Babe, do you want to open our presents here alone or would you rather take them to Jared’s and open them with everyone else?” You asked, munching on a carrot stick as Jensen cooked dinner.
He looked back at you and smiled, “uh let’s do it here, before hand”
“Mkay” you smiled, wrapping your arms around his abdomen as you laid your head on his back.
Jensen relaxed into your embrace, still not completely used to this kind of PDA in a relationship; this was something Danneel would never do.

That morning, Jensen woke up in your arms. His head was on your stomach, and his arms around your torso; one of this favorite positions. He felt your delicate fingers gently brushing through his hair, sending a shiver down his spine.
“What are you thinking about?” He asked, smiling as he looked up at you. He watched as a small smile broke from your lips, but your eyes never lost contact with the ceiling.
“Every Christmas morning, I like to kinda lay and think about things that I’m grateful for that I wasn’t last year,”
He had never expected that to come from you, but those were the words that pushed him over the edge, and made him completely and madly in love with you.
Reaching over, he cupped you face on his hand and placed a gentle kiss on your lips.
“I’m most grateful for you” you whispered, just as the kiss ended.
“I love you” he whispered, looking into your eyes.
“I love you too, Jay” nuzzling your head in his neck for a few minutes, relishing in the warmth he provided.
“You ready?” He asked, caressing your arm with his fingertips.

Jensen laughed as you handed him a giant rectangular box, poorly wrapped in newspapers.
“I thought it’d be funnier than using actual wrapping paper” you admitted, making his fears of his terrible wrapping skills diminish.
He tore open the paper and ripped the tape off the box, and laughed out loud.
“Holy shit” he laughed, gently pulling it out of the box.
“No way!”
“Do you like it?” You asked, sitting next to him.
“I love it, baby” he smiled, pulling you closer and kissing you on the head.
“How’d you know I always wanted one of these?” He asked, looking at you wit complete adoration in his eyes.
“On our first date, we stayed here and watched movies and ate really bad popcorn. During the Christmas Story, I remember you telling me that you had always wanted the leg lamp since you had first seen the movie” you admitted, pressing a kiss to his cheek.
“Well now I feel bad about what I got you” he said, sheepishly.
“Jay, I’m sure it’s wonderful” you smiled, looking up at him.
“It’s not nearly as thoughtful as the leg lamp from the Christmas story!” He laughed, but you could tell he was nervous as he handed you one of your presents.
Smiling wildly, you pulled the wrapping paper off and squealed so loud he thought his ear drum burst.
“Oh my god, Jay I love it!” You smiled, tearing the cardboard piece off it it and wrapping it around you. It was a giant, pink and white cow print fuzzy blanket.
“Do you really?” He asked, amusement written all over his face.
“I really do” you smiled wrapping it around him as you sat in his lap.
“It really is soft” he smiled, kissing you.

After you had opened all of your presents, Jensen felt stupid for worrying that you wouldn’t like them. He laughed as you put on the shark onesie pajamas with the fuzzy reindeer socks and slid across the wooden floor and danced to Bob Seger’s “Old Time Rock & Roll.”

Jensen had loved everything you had gotten him, A membership to the Nature trail, promising him that you would hike with him for real, new boots because he had kept forgetting to buy his own and an Ugly Christmas sweater that had Rudolph on it to which you had the matching one with Clarice on it.

After you two had come back with armfuls of gifts from your friends and relatives, you collapsed on the bed next to each other.
“I almost forgot” Jensen smiled, reaching over into his bedside drawer and pulled out a small black box.
“What’s this?” You asked, smiling.
“Open it”
You gasped and looked up at him.
“Jay, they’re beautiful”
“Jared helped me with the stuff you got downstairs, I wanted to get you something that I picked.” he smiled. They were tiny blue earrings with little specs of green and white in them.
“They look like snow globes” you smiled, putting them in your ears.
“I got something else for you too” you smiled, getting up and reaching into your purse, you pulled out a small red box. Taking it from you, he pulled off the top and smiled.
“A key?” He asked, and you nodded.
“I want you to move in with me” you smiled.

In that moment you had never looked more beautiful to Jensen. Nodded slightly, he leaned over the bed and pressed a kiss to your lips.
“Of corse I’ll move in with you.”

A/N: No hate to Danneel at all! I think she is beautiful and her and Jensen are great together! I just had this on my mind and wanted to make a story of it :)

When Jensen Bites His Lip

I would like to interrupt your daily tumblr routine with:

Jensen Ackle biting his really fucking pretty, pink, soft, cock sucking, pussy devouring, nibble worthy lips. 

External image

oh my lord that look

External image

this mother fucker

External image

the way you can see how hard he’s pushing against his lips because they turn white.

the fact that he is wearing a suit makes it about 70 billion percent worse

does this count?

External image


External image

what in the fugatory does he actually think he is doing?!?!

External image

External image

I mean could you look at that glass a little more suggestively you little shit

but the fact that he is in a priest outfit is all levels of wrong that makes it just soooooooooo right

External image

I like to call this “i-am-looking-at-my-brother-platonically-lip-bite”

External image

I mean he looks like such a dork though…but that’s just hot

*fans self*

External image

WHAT IN THE WORLD IS HE EVEN DOING!? (this counts as a lip bite screw you)

External image

my favorite lip-bite of them all

he was totally having a happy dream in this moment

External image

literally I could sit around and watch this all day

you little adorable shit

i just don’t know which one is worse even though they are both the same!

External image


External image


fuck you man…literally…please

im still filing this under lip-biting

External image

i can’t anymor

Oh and enjoy this gif I found while creating this:

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