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Exo Reacting to their angry S/O baking after an argument and the kitchen being full of sweets.

》 FAQ // Masterlist

Xiumin - He wouldn’t say anything but quietly sit near you and eat each cupcake you take out from the oven. He’d be more than pleased to see you not stopping making sweets, but after a few minutes his stomach wouldn’t say so.

“Jagi, what about you take a break?” 

Luhan - He’d be purely disgusted at the amount of sweets in your kitchen, but would also be amazed at such a capacity you have of making so many. He’d just continue doing his work and hope you stop being mad soon.

“Baobei, do we have anything that’s less sugar…y?”

Kris - He’d be so confused and taken aback and amazed at what you’ve done all at the same time. He’d probably circle round and stare in disbelief at the cupcakes you’ve planted all over the room.

“What have you done to the kitchen?”

Suho - He wouldn’t dare comment on what you’re doing knowing he’s the one at fault, and simply sit at the back of the kitchen and try some of the sweets you’ve made, concluding that you really should apply for a cooking show.

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Lay - He’d be over the moon when he sees all the cookies you’ve baked. He could swear you’ve never made anything this quick, but would promise never to be so stubborn again.

“Baobei, I love these, but let’s not argue anymore?”

Baekhyun - He’d be so suspicious of every little action of yours and would actually be anxious on how to react and what to say, so he’d carefully approach you and compliment how your cupcakes look pretty, hoping you’d forget about the argument that was clearly his fault.

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Chen - Chen would whine, and would whine loudly at the sight of all the cupcakes lying all over the kitchen. He’d try to eat as many as he can, but would probably give up after the third one and call your friends for a visit so you eat them all together, while he goes to the bathroom to recover.

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Chanyeol - It’s safe to say he’d be speechless when he first encounters numerous cupcakes lying wherever there was space left in the kitchen, but would muster up enough courage to leave a muffled comment.

“Jagiya, I do like sweets but this is… a lot.”

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D.O - He’d probably forget you’ve had an argument the moment he sees everything you’ve made and approach you with a grin on his face, discreetly proposing a conciliation.

“How about we make some dinner first and then eat these while watching some nice film?”

Tao - He’d be disgusted just at the amount of sweets he finds in the kitchen when he comes to reconcile and would probably have to rethink whether he really wants a person capable of making so many cupcakes at once or not. 

“I think I’ve already gotten diabetes just from looking at all these sweets.”

Kai - He’d challenge himself to eat all of the sweets you’ve made if that’d make you forgive him after the argument you’ve had. If that doesn’t work, he’ll challenge you on an eating battle, but make sure he loses so you feel a bit better.

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Sehun - To be honest, Sehun would probably wait for you to apologise after an argument, but when he sees what you’ve done to the kitchen, he’d try to strike up a conversation and call his hyungs to help him distribute the cupcakes to others, so you feel nice knowing people enjoyed your baking skills.

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Inazuma Walker Volume 4 White Day Special - summary
(Apologies for lack of pictures, but they can be found at @shawn-and-aiden-frost-9 under the tag Inazuma Walker and @edgarvaltinas under the tag Inazuma Eleven)

*All prefixes (-san, -chan etc…) are how Hino and Mo address the characters

New Character Contest:
Character designs that were created by fans that will appear in the anime and games
The girl’s name is Ponko and the boy is called Hyoujo
Mo comments his mouth is always like that - it looks like the number three or waves
I think the girl character is an actual tanuki that turns into a human
They talk about how cute she is; Mo praises the design and Hino says it’s a perfectly created tanuki - a real tanuki
They reminisce about the kappas from the original series
They also bring up the fact that playing soccer barefoot is dangerous
They congratulate the two winning designs, then Hino comments that it’s a wonderful idea that fan designs can appear in the show and games. Mo asks him if he is praising himself (for the idea).

Valentine Event Character Ranking:
The Inazuma Valentine’s Event 2017 ran from the 10th-17th of February on Twitter where fans could Tweet chocolate/sweets/food/pictures and ‘give’ them to their chosen character by hashtagging the name of the event and their character’s name. Each tweet counted as one vote. They received about 4,500 tweets and while they’d like to, they can’t show everything so they’ll show as many as possible. They really praise the effort fans took - making their own chocolate, drawing pictures, coming up with their own scenarios etc…

Here are some of the comments about specific characters. 

I think they said he received a lot, and they talked about one of the managers calling him Shin-sama

The girl’s message to Gazelle apologised in her tweet since she felt she failed in making her cupcakes. Mo explains the picture of the bar of chocolate surrounded by ice-packs as Gazelle giving a ‘cool/cold’ impression.

Mou explains the tulip theme is because of his hair, according to a lot of fans

Of course, Asuto-kun’s candy is the sun. Mo says ‘Go for it!’ Is that a catchphrase?

It’s a bento rather than chocolate, but it’s wonderfully made, right down to the bangs
Mo says this character is well-loved

The picture of him on the cake was drawn by hand, Mo seems impressed

The gold Endou-kun figure in one of the photos is a charm, called an o mamori in Japanese, and Endou-kun’s name is Mamoru (same kanji)
Mo says looks like an Ikemen/hottie in one of the pictures, and Hino can’t believe it’s Endou-kun but Mo insists it is. She says he looks cool.

They’re both happy to see Kinako-chan. Mo says she ranked very high.
Hino comments that she’s popular in spite of being a girl, and Moe corrects him that it doesn’t matter than she’s a girl - she’s popular regardless.

Hino mentions Hiroto makes an appearance on the top cupcake, then corrects himself that his name has changed to Tatsuya. I think Mo mentions something about using matcha to make green food, Hino adds because he has a ‘green’ image (like his name means green).

Kira Hiroto
All of his gifts are gum, not chocolate. Mo says, Happy Valentine! Here’s gum.

Even Goal-san is loved.

The captions in his picture are Hakuryuu protesting that he doesn’t eat sweet things, while his fan insists by shoving it into his mouth, and he calls her ‘kisama!’. Mo says fans love him because he’s cool.

The atmosphere is kind of tense in this picture, like she’s apologising while giving him the chocolate
Mou comments he’s popular because he played basketball as well as soccer

Mo says the picture for Aki-chan looks like official art. Hino agrees and I think he says it looks exactly like a picture by a particular artist

He got frog-shaped chocolate

Mo says he gets chocolate because Kidou is inside of him (same voice actor)

A lot of pictures have homework, and Mo mentions he’s popular

Mo says Gojou-san is great.

Steel-bar shaped chocolate. Hino says the fans have thought this through, and Mo says reluctantly that Kageyama is popular.

Even Hino and Mo got gifts. They once again praise the quality of the gifts, despite fans only having a week. Hino’s happy that the characters are so loved.

Top 10 Character Ranking:
Hino comments that even though they only had one week, so many people send tweets. A lot of magazines like Animage already guessed the most popular characters in their last issues, and they bring out one article as an example (for reference, that magazines lists Kazemaru, Fudou, Tatsuya, Aphrodi, Fubuki, Kidou, Gouenji, Endou, Gojou in that order as their guesses). Hino makes a joke about asking people to buy the magazine they showed (Famitsu?).

Kirino - 113 Tweets
“I’ve been supporting Kirino since my youth. And he’s still my favourite today.”

Mo says the picture looks really high quality, like something from a real manga or an anime frame, the image of him accepting the chocolate with a smile.
Then I think (and I could be wrong) Hino mentions that afterwards he’s going to have a worried look, which is why Mo reacts with ‘kowai, kowai, kowai…!’, meaning scary. (If I’m right, this is because Kirino shows hesitation about being popular with girls/ receiving things like Valentine’s…) EDIT: I’m completely wrong. Hino says the girl who drew the picture should come work for him as an animator lol

Tsurugi - 115 Tweets
“Please take my honmei choco*!!! And because you look freezing, please take this scarf too!”

Hino says there was a fair amount of tweets for Tsurugi, and Mo adds because he’s cool. Hino then mentions that Kirino and Tsurugi were the two from Tenma’s story to make the top ten. They talk about the picture and Hino comments he doesn’t think Tsurugi looks cold at all, but he does look embarrassed. Mo says Tsurugi is a tsundere, except in front of his brother - then he acts like an angel.

*honmei chocolate - chocolate given to a boy on valentine’s day out of genuine sentiment

Gouenji - 131 Tweets
“The strawberries are fire, the whipped cream is your hair, and the blueberries are what the ball looks like after you make a shoot.”
His gifts are supposed to look like his face/image. Mo likes him so she was upset he wasn’t ranked higher, and only got 8th. A letter from the fan says she loves every aspect of Gouenji, from his hair to his face seen from the side to the kanji for his name. This fan loves him so much she can’t express it, and asks him to eat the cake she made if it’s alright.

Aphrodi - 134 Tweets
“Kami no cocoa. When you drink it you’ll feel refreshed.”
Mo says Aphrodi is a really popular character, loved by everyone. Hino comments on the Kami no Coco. They go to the next picture, and the message reads: “Don’t worry, it’s not Kami no Aqua - it’s Kami no Hot Chocolate!” Hino and Mo feel like these two would be friends, and find it amusing. They talk about how Aphrodi is cool.

Sakuma - 145 Tweets
“I’ll be your biggest fan from here on too! I’m supporting you! Do your best as a player for Teikoku and with the new coach!”
They talk about the eyepatch bear-chan, and the origami penguins. They mention Sakuma has become captain.

Kidou - 196 Tweets
“For White Day, I’d like a written notification for an offer to join Kidou financial group and Teikoku! Oops, you’ve seen my ambition!”
Hino says Kidou’s finally appeared. Mo says that while Kidou received a lot of chocolate, they chose the picture which really went all out to include everyone, like the koutei penguins, penguin Sakuma and Genda, Kageyama and even Gojou. Hino says it looks like a wallpaper. Another message from a fan says she made lots of onigiri chocolate, so please eat them with your close friends at Teikoku.

Kiyama Tatsuya (Hiroto) - 226 Tweets
“I love Kiyama, who always does his best to believe in his own path!! I’m looking forward to see what you do next!”
They talk about the cookies, in the form of Aliea, Ina Japan and even kappas. This fan mention since she can’t cook, she drew a picture.
He’s liked no matter what his name.
Hino mentions that when this person watches today’s PV, she’ll be amazed, and Mo teases him about praising himself again.

Fudou Akio - 374 Tweets
“Akio-chan, act as you did before.”
(I saw him called Fudou-chan/Akio-chan on the chat quite a lot too, must be a thing…)
They mention he’s very popular, and talk about the bear in the photo dressed as an Inazuma Japan rep.

Fubuki Shirou - 374 Tweets
“The white thing is a scarf. I like Fubuki no matter what series.”
Mo says the Fubuki-shaped cookies are absolutely adorable. Hino comments that the design is great, right down to the scarf, and Mo says they look like they could be sold as professional character-based cookies. Although the new Fubuki has no scarf.

Kazemaru Ichirouta - 512 Tweets
“I’ve supported you since I fell in love with you at first sight nine years ago! In contrast to you cool appearance, you’re so caring and sacrifice yourself for your team, with a warm Inazuma spirit. Do your best in Teikoku too! I’ll continue to support you from here!”
Mo says Famitsu (the magazine that guessed the top-ranking characters) and Animage were right, and Hino agrees it’s amazing a character got over 500 tweets, a huge amount. They congratulate Kazemaru.

They both mention they’re curious about Gojou’s rank, then move o to commenting on the top 50 character ranking.

From 50-30 (Character ranking can be found on my tumblr)
Even Kageyama’s name is there, in 50th place, with some female and GO characters. And in 33rd place is Hino himself! Before Desarm-san (34th) and behind Fideo (32nd). He thanks fans, as he’s happy, then Mo teases him if he eats all that chocolate he’ll get fat again. Hino mentions Matatagi (36th) and is impressed GO Galaxy characters made it. Hino mispronounces Matatagi’s name (Matatabi?) and Mo teases him that Japanese is difficult.

From 28-11
Both Hino and Mo talk about Minamisawa-senpai (22nd) (they call him senpai) for a little bit, as if they were expecting him to appear. Gojou-san got 21st. Hino looks amused that he’s near Minamisawa-senpai’s ranking. They mention Minamisawa-senpai’s pink phone. Hino notes Sangoku-san didn’t make it. Mo says he was 62nd. They talk about him for a bit, saying he’s very caring, though Hino calls him the ‘keeper who can’t stop goals’ and that there’s nothing really he’s able to stop, no joke. (Translator’s Notes: apologies to sangoku-san) They say it’s a pity Endou is in 11th place, just missing the top 10
Tenma is only 26th, even though he’s the protagonist of GO. Mo assures him tenma is very popular so it’s okay.

They thank everyone again for participating, then say they’ll give their White Day gift - a message from the top three characters.

Fudou’s Message
(I’m so sorry, but I had trouble understanding the second part of his message, so I’ll need more time before I can translate it properly!)
It seems like you went through a lot of effort to give me unnecessary things. Well, since you went through all that trouble, I guess I’ll accept.
But (missing) this isn’t a thank you or anything.
What? You want something in return? No way!

Hino smiles and says he’s very rude to fans. Mo says that’s the part of Fudou fans like. Hino wonders if this ‘thank you’ message is really okay… Still, it’s a Fudou-kun-like comment. So that’s Fudou’s ‘thank you’.

Fubuki’s Message

Thank you for these wonderful gifts!
I have to say something appropriate in response to your thoughts, right?
It might be difficult for Atsuya to feel the same way, but he’s not a bad person.
Because we’re going to show you cool moves together, stay with us from here on out too! 

 Hino comments Atsuya made a guest appearance in his picture, then I think they said his ranking was quite low in the top 50.
They said Fubuki-kun’s voice sounds genki and confident - he’s a new Fubuki-kun compared to the previous series, thanks to Atsuya.

Kazemaru’s Message
That you remembered me like this makes me so happy!!
Now I’m running in a new ground…
I feel a different wind, with new feelings.
But, I have a feeling not good things are going to happen…
Whatever happens from here on, I’ll only run forward, without forgetting Raimon spirit!
I’m depending on you to support me!

They said Kazemaru-san gave a perfect ‘thank you’.

Another White Day gift is the picture (Kaze, Fubu, Fudou), which can be downloaded from the Inazuma Walker page in many sizes. They talk about the picture for a bit, how all three look cool and Shirou’s doing his special training with his ski board to become like the wind, and Kazemaru-san has his running tracksuit. They said Atsuya’s not in this pic, but he makes his guest appearance in Shirou’s message.

Hino and Moe talk about how fans think so carefully about the InaIre characters, and they’re glad they held the event.

(I’ll upload the second part of the summary about the PV in another post)

Babies on the Brain

Jensen x reader

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You and Jensen were in his trailor talking having couply time when Jensen says something that suprises you.

“Babe I think I want kids” he tells you smiling. “We can’t” you replied him laughing. “Why it think we are ready I mean I would love to have kids and you would be a great mother the show wouldn’t be a problem” he says trying to convince you. “Babe it’s not the show” you tell him still laughing. “Then what, what possible reason is there to not have kids we have the time and money so why can’t we have kids?” He asks. “We already have two” you tell him. “What do you mean” he asks confused.

Just then two adult men came barging into the room arguing with each other.

“Jesen tell Jared to give me back my cupcake” Misha whines. “You weren’t eating it” Jared argues. “I was about it” Misha shot back. “See babe we already have two children. Now daddy jensen I think this is a problem for you.” You told him giggling then directed your attention to the men “daddy jensen will fix your problem while momma (y/n) goes to get snacks” you then left giggling at both your joke and the boys who returned to arguing when you left the room.

Boyfriend Jaehyo

▪1200% would spoon u all day long
▪he doesnt care who big spoon is
▪as long as skinship is takin place hes 💯
▪probably wants to cuddle more than u
▪going to dog events even if neither of you had one
▪rlly wants to take u fishing but he’s afraid you’ll get bored.
▪he lets u pick the lures. promises an IOU
▪bakery/cupcake shop dates
▪"ok but jagi, its 12 and my favorite shop released a new Smores oreo mashup flavor"
▪"we gotta gooo, they’re gonna sell out!!!“
▪"no, i won’t just ‘bring you home one.’”
▪makes jokes about his big hands
▪calls it “the claw”
▪ would say things like : “wrrrrrrrr. ek. rrrrrr. target acquired” while grabbing ur head.
▪would think the decorative fruit was real and wonder why no one was eating it
▪v v v affectionate during movies. rubs ur hands, arms, head, ect. probably doesn’t realize it either.

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Prompt: Human AU where Gumball has a bakery whith an order for a crazy amount of dounuts for the rock star Marshall Lee.

Sorry this took awhile i changed it to Cupcakes because I think it would flow better. -gmleefairy 

What do you mean 700 hundred cupcakes?” I had four hours to bake seven hundred cupcakes by myself mind you. And who orders cupcakes to have at nine o'clock anyway.

“My bos, Mar-Mr. Nightosphere, would like to be ready for his concrete this evening.”

“This evening? Does he know how late of a notice that is. For the glory of glob, the day of?” Gumball stopped kneading the dough he was focused on and moved the phone to resign in the other side of his shoulder, cheek pressed on the screen to keep it from falling.

“Can you do it?”

“How much are you offering me for my trouble?” Gumball could bake anything that wasn’t even a question.

“Your price.”

“1600 dollars, and I’m giving you a good deal.” He could charge three dollars for each gourmet cupcake but Gumball didn’t think that he would have time for decorations like he wanted.

“Sounds good. I’ll email you the address of the venue and I will come in half and hour from now for the payment and will see you later for the concert.”

“Before you go. What’s his type?”

“Super sweet and perky backside”

“We’re talking about cupcakes right?”

“Oh, in that case anything with strawberries or red in it.”

“Red velvet cupcakes okay then . You might get a bunch with different colored frosting. I’m just going to have to use whatever I have on such late notice”

“Honestly your the only bakery he wanted cupcakes from so I’m insanely grateful you agreed.”

Gumball would have declined the offer, since it was such late notice, if the client hadn’t been so famous. It would be good publicity even if he slipped out bakery a tweet or an Instagram photo once he got them.

“Not surprising. I need to get work on to get all of this done. Call me if anything should arise.”

Gumball didn’t stop his movement, getting out bowls, whisks, cream cartons. He had pre made frosting, for emergency situations like this, that he pulled out from the freezer to defrost. From the freezer frosting, and the materials he had in the shop, he should be able to cover about 500 of them swirl frosting style. His swirl frosting was his signature, he couldn’t just abandon quality even if he was pressed for time.

It was only him in the shop right now, it was about 10 o'clock  and the show was about 7 o’clock. He needed more staff he called FIona, she said she’d be there soon but but she would have to bring the cat to the shop. Cake, the cat that is, was always welcomed as long as she stayed in the front of the store to attract customers and stay out of the kitchen.  Flame said he would help with the baking, he’s the only other person besides FIona Gumball let’s near his prized ovens (he has a good handle on the heat).

He was pounds deep in dough and frosting by the time he got an hour into it. He had to keep reminding himself why he was doing this.He was doing this for the bakry he told himself. He had to, the market was harsh on a young business owner and he wasn’t going to just turn down a good opportunity.

“Ya did BG” Fiona patted his shoulder in congratulations as he closed the last box. There were 14 large boxes filled with 50 cupcakes each. He had never baked so many cupcakes in his life, and his catered at weddings.

He was telling Fiona to load them into the van, she would deliver and Gumball would stay in the shop to clean up. He was in no shape to go anywhere anyway. he was tired and covered in flakes of frosting and smudges of red velvet. He didn’t take a break, didn’t eat lunch, and hasn’t had dinner.

“Fiona make sure to take plenty of pictures for the medias and what not,” Gumball said resting his head on the counter. Maybe he could sleep on some bags of flour in the storage closet for a little while until fiona gets back or just close up shop.

“You got it!”

His phone rang-”Wait, FIona, this might be them. Dammit if they even think about canceling their bloody order-” he answered . “Kingdom Cakes how can I help you?”

“Are you the owner? Can you please deliver them yourself. My employer would like to see the cupcakes delivered in person.”

Are you shitting me man. “Of course” This is the worst.

“He would also like you to stay for the concert. Paid for of course. Marshall Lee always gives a good performance.”

“I’m not familiar with this Marshall Lee but alright.” Mostly because I’m gonna probably drop dead after i deliver the cupcakes anyway and not even think about moving.  This guy better be cute.

“Yes he’s pretty damn cute,” The receptionist said. Crap. Gumball’s so tired that he started saying what he’s thinking again.

“Hey ,Cupcake, I know I didn’t order you ,sweet cheeks,” he got up and slung his guitar across his back, and walked over to me slowly with what Gumball can only assume is swagger, “Oh but you look so much tastier than a cupcake up close.”

Marshall walked closer and closer. Why was he doing that? Gumball could feel his cheeks heat up caught under the rockstar’s persistent and attractive stare. This is why he hated attractive people, he told himself, he always forgets how to function properly. What if he did something? If he did what would he do? What did I want him to do? Gumball hushed his thoughts, gripping the rim of the white box a little tighter but not enough to crush the contents inside.He had a job to do he didn’t have time for handsome charming rockstar’s who were too cute to be good. So Gumball started frowning shoving the first large box of the 50 cupcakes into his very broad and muscular chest. This man was criminal goodness.

“I-iI have the rest in the van.” Gumball stuttered smoothing out his company t-shirt

He took them and took a peek inside, inhaling the sweet aroma, and he released a moan that did nothing to Gumball what-so-ever. Not at all. Gumball did think that the air conditioning might have been faulty in the green room though.

“Are you some sort of a pastry angel.

“I prefer prince actually,” I crossed my arms mumbling.

He started to smile again, did it ever leave“Wha-who did you order this for anyway?”

“Just for my crew…. and everyone in the audience,” He smiled to himself combing his hands through his rather luxurious ravenous hair. He was lucky he was cute because I would have called him stupid to his face.

“well then,”

He, along with a couple of the security guards, assisted me in acquiring the rest of the cupcakes from out of the van. Gumball have never thought that a music icon, especially one with Marshall’s apparent character, would help with something as little as this. He seemed very close to his staff.

“You’re staying for the show?”

“Yeah..mostly because I’m too tired to go anywhere and I heard you’re good so…yeah.” Gumball said rubbing the side of his face. That probably wasn’t the most professional thing to say. “Sorry. I mean i’ve had a long day so I should have fun.”

Marshall chuckled,” Then you came to see the right guy.” He set the last box down.

The rest of the staff went on about there business prepping for the show. Gumball was allowed to stay in the dressing room (to take a nap mostly) while Fiona and Flame waited with the rest of the audience taking pictures or most like snogging in some corner. Gumball feels like the worst third wheel ever.

Gumball was lying on two joint chairs nesting his head on his hands as Marshall leisurely warmed up on an acoustic guitar. The sounds were all relaxing, slow scales and soft songs, Gumball almost thought that he was being considerate.

“You’re pretty good.” Gumball smiled half asleep.

“And you’re pretty cute.”

“uh?” Gumball sat up at that rubbing one of his eyes with the heel of his hand and brushing his pink hair back.

Marshall stopped playing, “You heard me. I said you were cute.”

“Oh…” Gumball brought his knees up to his chest, still very tired and in need of a good cup of coffee. “Thanks. You have good proportions” Gumball closed his eyes. Yes very good proportions, and good hair, and good shoulders, and a good face, and very handsome.

“Proportions? are you always like this when you’re tired.” Gumball could here him set the guitar down on the floor with a slight thump

“uhhhh-huhhh,” Gumball nodded making consenting sounds.

Gumball was about to drift off when he felt a hand on his cheek. His eyes blew wide when he saw Marshall, dark ravenous hair and all, kneeling on his knees in front of him.

“You got cupcake on your cheek….Cupcake,” Marshall moved forward and licked the batter right off of Gumball’s cheek in slow movements. Gumball could feel the his breath on his skin, Marshall’s lips on the corner of his mouth. Gumball practically purred at the madness of it all. Definitely not professional.

“You do this to all the bakery owners who give you pastries?”

“Only the cutest ones.” Marshall whispered and didn’t that send shivers down Gumball’s spine in the nicest way. “Are you always this attractive?”

Gumball giggled a little, quiet, almost to himself, “That’s my question.” Marshall shifted his hand from his cheek to his hair, he started to move his hands. He had Artist’s hands, strong and lean, and Marshall was caressing Gumball’s still very tired head with them. It felt so good. Gumball didn’t want him to stop.

“Stop doing that,” Gumball whined. Another shiver went through Gumball as Marshall traced Gumball’s jaw with his lips.

“Do you not like it?” Marshall looked and Gumball as if he was actually the cupcake.

“It’s just not fair,” Gumball moved away but only a little. “I’m too tired. I-” Gumball yawned. “-I ugh.” Marshall kissed his temple. “You have a show to do in like five minutes.” Gumball pulled Marshall’s hands out of his hair because that really needed to stop before he started to shamelessly moan.

“They can wait.” Marshall nosed his neck and Gumball whimpered.

“Oh my,” Gumball was starting to get more awake now.

“I promise to make you feel good.” Marshall says, but it already does.  Marshall traces small circles on the inside of Gumball’s wrists then somehow pulls Gumball on the floor with him.

Gumball’s straddled on his lap now. Marshall’s rubbing his thighs in ways he didn’t think was possible. “I want that,” Gumball says giving in a little.

“yeah?” Marshall said rolling his hips in enthusiasm.

Gumball gasped,“B-but- oh my goodness I can’t believe I’m saying this- Can we wait?” Gumball didn’t want to be rushed. Marshall would be, hands down, the most beautiful man he ever associated with and he wanted that to last. Just in case he might cast him away.

Marshall with this look Gumball thought was understanding agreed, “Alright Sugar Lips.” Marshall kissed Gumball’s neck good bye for now and helped Gumball up to standing. “Sorry I just jumped you but…You’re gorgeous. I couldn’t help myself.”

“You’re used to getting what you want huh?” Gumball said straightening his clothes.

“I’m practically royalty so yeah.’ Marshall said as he pulled their hips together. “Thank you for the cupcakes. See you later?”



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Jaytim 43

This is a continuation of this drabble from earlier, in a verse in which Jason adopts a little girl, Toni. 


“Nice apron.”

Jason carefully sets the hot cupcake pan on a trivet and nudges shut the oven door with his foot. “Thanks.”

“Let me guess,” Tim says, leaning against the counter nearby, “Toni picked it out?”

“Quite the detective you are, dear.” 

The apron in question says, Kiss the cook! Leave the cook alone before you get smacked with a ladle.

“So what’s up,” Jason asks, slipping off the oven mitt. “Did we have plans today?”

Tim sniffs the cooling cupcakes appreciatively. “No. A little birdie told me I should come by. And look-y here, I found cupcakes.” 

“They’re not for you,” Jason says, lightly smacking Tim away. “They’re for school. An honest to fuck bake sale. I didn’t think those actually happened.”

“Can I help?”

Jason narrows his eyes, regarding Tim with suspicion. “You just want to eat them. You’re gonna sneak them when I’m not looking.”

“Well. I might. One or two,” Tim confesses, because they both understand each other too well for him to try to lie. “But I really do want to help.”

“…Fine. Here.” Jason passes over a tray of cupcakes that have already cooled, and a bowl of purple frosting.  

“Cool, cool. Does this mean you’re gonna look the other way while I eat this?” Tim asks, peeling back the paper of a chocolate cake. 

Jason grimaces. “Yes, because you’re a disgusting savage about it.”

“You think it’th thexy,” Tim mumbles around a mouthful. 

“Just frost the damn cupcakes.”

Tim swallows. “You should eat one too. It’ll make you feel better.”

“I feel fine.”

“Sure. What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” Jason picks up another bowl of frosting, this one blue, and beats it with a whisk. Even though it’s already smooth. 

“Bullshit,” Tim and Toni say at the same time as she walks into the kitchen. 

“Hey, kiddo.”

“Hey, Tim.” The ten year-old climbs up on a bar stool and levels Jason with a flat look. “Talk to your boyfriend, Jason. I got him over here for you, now let him fix whatever pissed you off.”

“First of all,” Jason says, pointing at his daughter with the whisk, “language. Second, I don’t need anyone to fix my problems for me. Even Tim. And what do you mean you got him over here?”

“She texted me.”

Toni says, “You were mixing the cake batter like it was a criminal, and talking to yourself.”

“Was not!”

“Totally were, you weirdo,” she shoots back. 

“Jason,” Tim sighs, “just tell us what’s bothering you.”

“Fine!” Jason throws his hands up, but he’s still holding the whisk and blue frosting splatters across the counter. “I’m nervous, okay? The other PTA moms are gonna be judging me, and those women don’t think I can handle raising Toni by myself. So I’m gonna show them that I can handle this! They’ll eat my perfect cupcakes and their words.”

“Honey, I’m sure they’re not-”

“They are, Tim. I can see it on their faces.”

“Okay.” Tim wants to wrap Jason in a hug, but now’s not a good time for that, he can tell. “Okay, so we’re going to make the most perfect cupcakes ever. You used Alfred’s recipe?”

“Of course.”

“Well, then they’ll be the best thing at that bake sale,” Tim says, and Jason relaxes a fraction. “Now let’s make them all pretty. You want to help, Toni?”

“Yeah,” the girl says, taking the blue frosting away from Jason. He lets her. 

Tim says, “It’ll be okay, Jay. What those women think doesn’t matter.”

“You’re right,” Jason sighs. “I know. It’s just. I don’t want to mess this up, you know?” And he’s talking to Tim, but looking at Toni. 

“I know. But you’re doing just fine.”

“Thank you, Tim.” Jason picks up the now cool pan and turns it over, popping out the next batch of cupcakes. “I kind of hope Brenda chokes on these.”

anonymous asked:

Lisa pls halp. I love the Addicted/Calloway sisters series and I love Christina Lauren as well - do you have any other sexy NA recommendations? I haven't had much luck with sexy romances beyond those series.

LISA TO THE RESCUEEEEE *superhero noises* 

ok that’s not funny but I just got home and I’m wiped and it’s 9 pm and I’m going to bed in a sec ok enough whining Lisa 


hmmmm…..NA eh? tbh I don’t think I read that much NA? 85% of the romance I read is adult (I find myself gravitate towards books with more mature MCs ((age > 28)) as I grow *whispers* older–college age sometimes just doesn’t cut it for me anymore) but these are my usuals:

now I don’t know how open you are to reading adult BUT I’m gonna plead my case anyway

  • The Winner Takes it All by Jennifer Dawson - think COBALLOWAY type attraction / rivalry (!!!)
  • The Name of the Game by Jennifer Dawson - reluctant attraction between one uptight professor whose body is a temple and the loud baker who keeps trying to get him to eat her goddamn cupcakes (no seriously their banter is so good!) 
  • Act Like It by Lucy Parker - recent favourite of mine. features FAKE DATING, my all time favourite trope. 
  • Something About You by Julie James - READ THIS FOR JACK PALLAS. and while you’re at it, READ THE WHOLE GODDAMN SERIES
  • The Trouble With Love by Lauren Layne -  this one is my fav because THE ANGST and also SECOND CHANCE LOVE 
  • Zack by Sawyer Bennett - I just love the adorkable Kate 
  • Animal Attraction by Jill Shalvis - SEXUAL TENSION. kbye

I was thinking about inserting my fav erotica as well but this list is already too long AHAHAHAHAHA but yeah that’s basically it?? I think??? tell me what you think if you ever picked up any of these??? I really hope one of them will at least meet your taste :D

p.s need more recs? allow me to direct you to our brand new FAQ page at @fizzlereads <3

ETA: I can’t believe I forgot to add Laura Florand’s books on here omg omg omg what is this blasphemy

  • The Chocolate Thief - do it for the chocolate mentions. and details. and basically sexy arrogant French chocolatiers.

I love how Laura Florand writes her males as all passionate and emotional and sensitive, like they’re trying not to be but everybody can see straight through them ok I just love Laura Florand so much bye

REQUEST: Complimenting Sam

Request: Can you write a oneshot where Sam and the reader are dating and they’re laying in bed together and she starts running her fingers through his hair and randomly starts listing all the things she loves about him?

Word Count: 637

I hope it’s okay and that you enjoy it! It’s literally a bucket of fluff.

The room is warm, made even warmer by the hot body that’s wrapped itself around yours. You sigh in bliss, looking up at the face of the body.

Sam. The only guy you’ve ever really loved, the one who’s vowed a million times to stay by your side forever. Your hand reaches up and runs through his hair carefully. You love the feeling, the hair soft against your fingers.

His eyes slowly open, and you smile.

“Morning, sunshine.” You say, and he groans, pulling you closer to him. He never was a morning person. You laugh as he kisses you tenderly.

“What time is it?” He mumbles, letting you go slightly so you can look at him.

“Almost nine.” You tell him, absentmindedly running your hand through his hair again. There’s a long moment when you stare into each other’s eyes, and it makes you smile wide.

“I love your eyes.” You remark, gazing into the hazel vortex. “They’re such an amazing mix of colour.”

“Thank you.” He smiles, curling a lock of your hair around his finger delicately.

“Your nose, too. It’s just perfect. And don’t even get me started on those lips.” You laugh quietly, brushing your thumb over his bottom lip.

“You’ll make me blush.” He whispers.

“Good, ‘cause I’m not stopping there. See…” You trail your hand down his jaw, and resting it on his chest. “The whole of you, physically, is amazing. But…” You slide your hand over to the side, lying it over his heart. “It’s what’s inside that I really love.”

He’s smiling, looking down at you.

“You’re incredible. You never, ever give up on anything. All you care about is other people, you’re so selfless. Maybe it’s a fault but I love it.” You smile, looking up and gazing into his eyes. “You’re brave and seemingly fearless, never daunted by anything. Not a monster, not a demon, not heaven and not hell.”

“I wouldn’t go that far.” He shrugs it off, a pink stain over his cheeks.

You shake your head. “I would. You make me a better person, you see. Like, without you? I’m nothing. And I love that, I love that you’re always there to improve me. We may not have it all together, but together, we have it all.”

“You’re so lovely.”

“Sometimes, you’re really weird. But you know what? All of the coolest people are. You’re cooler than ninjas and pirates combined.” You say, totally serious.

“That is quite the compliment.” He laughs.

“Hey, you’re the human embodiment of a Mars bar, you’re so sweet.” You tell him, “You’re a while lot of lovely.” You have to pause for a moment, letting yourself think.

“Running out of compliments?” He asks, wrapping his hair around your finger.

“It’s very difficult to come up with a compliment worthy of such a magnificent being.” You shrug, making him laugh. “How about… if you were a cupcake, I’d eat you. Then feel really guilty because I just ate the best cupcake in the world. Also because I just ate my boyfriend.”

He chuckles, burying his face in your hair. “You’re brilliant.”

“Hey, this is your compliment session. But in all seriousness, you’re the most incredible person I know. Every day I spend with you… it only ever gets better and better. Every second I’m with you, you make me while and if you leave it’s like there’s a hole that’s going to swallow me up. But you know what? It’s so worth it.”

At this point, there’s a tear running down his cheek and a huge smile on his face. “Thank you, Y/N. You’re amazing too.” He sits up and pulls you onto his lap. He presses his lips to yours, one hand on each of your hips.  “I love you so much.”

“I love you too, Sam. Always.”

I want to do everything innocent with you.

I want to cuddle on our couch and hold your hand and rub your thumbs and kiss your face that hasn’t been shaved in like 3 days and take cute pictures and funny pictures and I wanna hear your giggle and talk about your hair and dreams and fears and why you prefer coffee over tea (even tho tea is better) and have debates about the problems in the world and I wanna bake cookies and cupcakes and muffins and other goodies that we will eat and then go on walks together or do yoga or run then take a shower where we simply shower and I’ll tell you how beautiful you are and then you’ll say something about how I am too and ill blush and shake my head because I don’t think I am but you make me feel like a fucking princess and then we fall asleep in our messy room on our messy bed made for one while we spoon and talk about our favorite songs and what the lyrics mean to us and I’ll wake up to you sleeping on top of me with messy hair and snoring and I’ll laugh and think of how lucky I am then you’ll wake up and we will share an innocent kiss that yells I love you and I’ll never let you go

I just want one Ramadan. Just one. Where people can mind their own business and focus on themselves. It’s annoying because then I’m put into a position of being a referee for a game, I never wanted to watch, let alone adjudicate.

You need to focus on yourself, and not in this new-age, I have a Buddha statute and t-shirt because I like to exploit other cultures while I do yoga and then laugh at Indian people type of focus on yourself, I mean, you need to figure out you.

When people ask me about “is this haram” or “is that halal” or whatever, I think before you can ask that question, you need to know yourself. (Cue people who are like “but LYk OsAmAAZ, isn’t JOINing a MonGoL hOrDe and RaiDing the TanG DyNasTy HARAM?!” Sure, why not, yes, but that’s not what we’re talking about here cupcake.)

So, knowing yourself.

Peanut butter isn’t haram. (This is where someone goes “UMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm actually, peanut butter is made when companies eat bacon and then say peanut, so it’s like… not halal)

Okay, peanut butter is not haram.

But let’s say you have a peanut allergy. A severe one, not like those people who are lactose intolerant, and then you’re like “oh my gosh, sorry about serving you ice cream, I didn’t know!” but then they’re like “oh, hahahaha, I’ll eat it anyway,” and then they make a crass reference to the flatulence they will bestow upon you, while making eye contact that goes beyond the normal amount when sharing that sort of information.

Okay, so let’s say you have a peanut allergy. Peanut butter, which is not haram, becomes haram to you.

In order to understand the rules of Islam, to understand how they work, to understand how they impact you, you need to understand your self. But we don’t do that.

We know what hurts us, but we don’t take the time to ask, why are we doing certain behaviors, what are the behaviors that we do that hurt others, or make me do activities that I don’t want to do anymore–or am giving up during Ramadan.

Maybe you’re saying “ummmmmMMMMMMMMMM Osama… like… I totally overthink everything I do, have you seen the depressing memes on my tumblr?”

No, I haven’t seen your tumblr, but yes, I know that jokes about your life being terrible are hilarious and I’m sure the Spongebob reference that you scream about (that I don’t understand because I’ve never watched the show [yes, yes, wow I’m so terrible, it’s a TV show people, and I grew up in India, show some sensitivity]) and thus you think you know yourself.

But dig deeper. We all (look at the pronoun, “we,” folks) have “blind spots” about ourselves. So take the time to explore that. To open yourself to that. To don’t open up to your insecurities to beat yourself up, but to understand why God told us to do certain things in The Qur’an, The Holy and Venerable Qur’an which was bestowed upon us this month.

Insha Allah, we’ll do this together, and therefore–with God’s Grace–become better, together.

“I love you”

Author: deanwinchester-af

Words: 1k

Pairings: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language.

Summary: No matter the feelings between them; ‘best friends before soulmates’ has always been the deal… Or at least that’s what they thought.

Beta by: @20secspnfam4 & @waywardlullabies

Day 3 of Countdown to Halloween Collab

Prompt: Baking + Cuddling

A/N: please remember this is a series, that’s written in first person and is also a tattoo soulmate au (dean isn’t a hunter and he’s in college) hope you guys like this one; remember to check out lau’s (@waywardlullabies) & karo’s (@loveitsallineed) pieces, and also to leave feedback ♥ xoxox.


Mary greeted me into her home with lovely hugs. She’s the sweetest and kindest person I know. Dean has a lot of his mother in him, her blonde hair being one of them. Walking in, I hugged her with the same love she hugged me. After breaking our hug Mary tucked her son into a brand new one. She placed a kiss on his cheek, ignoring the two days scruff. Dean’s curves lifted up forming a cute smile for his mother.

“You guys must be hungry.” Mary’s hands still on her elder.

“Starving,” Dean and I exclaimed at the same time.

She chuckled. “Get comfortable, I’ll fix you something sweethearts.”

“Where’s Sammy?” Dean took off his jacket, putting it along with mine inside the closet.

“He’s at the store with Jess.” Mary said from the kitchen. “They’ll be here any minute.”

“And dad?” 

She smiled at Dean, “Working late at the shop.”

I yawned once down on the couch.

“Rough night?” He asked, having a seat next to me.

I rubbed my fingers over my eyes. “Don’t start.”

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Exo Reactions To Their Girlfriend Baking Because She’s Upset

Now, these are not very similar but I needed to combine them just to make a little progress with my requests. I hope it’s still enjoyable. xo

/I do not own any gifs unless stated otherwise/


Baekhyun: *stands in the doorway, thinking for a minute* “What did I do? Is she mad at me? Fuck, I’m screwed…”

Chanyeol: “Please tell me what’s wrong. I don’t like you being so quiet.” *whines & stands in the way of whatever she’s trying to get to*

Chen: *stands & watches her for a while, thinking about what he’d said or done or if something could have happened while he was gone but he waits to talk to her until she’s not around sharp items*

D.O.: “Did… Did I do something wrong?” *avoids eye contact*

Kai: “Oh my god, cupcakes! Oh… shit.”

Kris: “I’m in so much trouble… I wish I could fly away right now.”

Lay: “Do… you need any help? Someone to eat those rice cakes, or…?”

Luhan: “I just want to start by saying that I don’t know what I did but I’m very sorry… Can I have a cookie, please?”

Sehun: “OOOH, look at all the sugary snacks!” *obliviously starts stuffing his face*

Suho: “Are you okay? Do you need help? Was it something I did? Do you want to talk about it? Please talk to me.”

Tao: *realizes he probably won’t get to eat any of the cake she made*

Xiumin: “So… I’m guessing by the amount of brownies on the counter that you’re pretty upset, huh? Is it something you want to talk about? Was someone rude to you? Or… uh… did I forget something? Talk to me, I want to make it better.”

If you have a request for a reaction, feel free to let me know. xo

2009121723  asked:

I don't know if your accepting prompts right now but I'm hoping. Birthday fic where Kara is super excited also a paranoid puppy thought no one remember her birthday, not even Cat. Okay this is me yesterday. 😆 Thank you in advance. ❤️

Happy happy birthday once again! Got to this faster than I thought. Hope you enjoy (:


It wasn’t like Kara to ask for things. She couldn’t have been more grateful for all the opportunities and blessings and friendships she had in her life. Most days, honestly, she was just thankful for surviving, that she’d made it to Earth and somehow continued to beat every hurdle, every monster, every weird, alien-killing militia the world threw at her. But today, of all days, was the one day she did secretly wish she had it in her to ask for more.

At first, birthdays were too painful, too much of a reminder of the family she’d lost, the way they used to celebrate with all her favorite delicacies, a feast like no other. She’d told the Danvers not to make a fuss. They didn’t listen, of course, but they kept it sweet and simple, with a cake and a few modest gifts around the kitchen table. When she got older, Alex coaxed her into at least telling other people when it was, and in the past few years, especially since working at CatCo, she’d begun to enjoy it. Winn and James and Lucy all made a big deal out of it last year. They’d gone out for dinner and drinks and then back to her place for game night, and it was so much fun she was able to forget for a little while about what it used to be like, dozens of kin singing her name to Rao, asking him to grant her success and safety and joy on her continued journey. Beer and new headphones and charades were a far cry from that life, but she did love it now, along with all the people who made her feel at home.

This year, things were different, in more ways than one. It had been chaos these past few months, between battling Cadmus and trying to balance all her superhero duties with her new job as a reporter. Everyone was so busy. Winn and James were oddly distant lately, and Alex was distracted with Maggie. Still, she had a feeling they would be waiting back at her apartment with some sort of surprise, if she could ever get out of the office. Her deadline was quickly approaching, and all she wanted was to finish and head home, to a place that reminded her less of the one person whose birthday wishes she was too ashamed to admit she missed the most.

Even if it was a generic company birthday card, Cat always signed it personally, with a little note about not spending her bonus check on booze or another cheap addition to her attire. But it made Kara’s heart swell. She missed her every day that she was gone, but today more than usual, and if she could ask for just one birthday wish, it would undoubtedly be to have her back, just for one second, just for one night.

“Danvers?” a voice startled her, snapping her out of her daze.

“Y-yes?” she gulped, looking up at the mail room attendant.

“Package for you,” he told her, dropping the white, square box on her desk.

“Oh,” Kara looked it at curiously. “T-thank you.”

He nodded, leaving her to stare at the box. She could smell the sweetness of whatever tasty treat was inside already, before even opening it, knowing exactly what is was. She’d seen those boxes far too often, knew the bakery and who their most loyal patron was, including which flavors were her favorite.

She flung open the top, and to no shock, found a huge, single, fluffy chocolate cupcake with baby blue frosting, white candy pearls, and a candle sticking out of the top. It was almost too pretty to eat. Almost.

Before she dug in, she put her hand back in the box, searching for a card, until she found it, pulling it onto the desk, tearing it open as her heart beat steadily in her ears.

Happy birthday, Kara. I hope your day is filled with all the things you deserve. Please eat this cupcake on my behalf. It’s one of the things I truly miss about National City while traveling, though admittedly, not the thing I miss most.


Kara bit her lip so hard she thought the skin might break. Her eyes watered.

She stared at the card, then the cupcake, then back again.

For the first time in her life, she didn’t think she could eat the dessert sitting in front of her, even if she wanted to. Instead, she wished she could preserve it forever, have it cast in gold, keep it next to her bed or an a shelf where she could always look at it. But she knew Cat would roll her eyes at such waste, so instead, she grinned widely, peeling back the paper, before taking a mouthful of the most incredible cupcake in existence.

Just then, her phone chirped. She picked it up and read the text.

On your way home yet, sis? ;)

Okay, so maybe Alex hadn’t forgotten.

She spent the next half hour finishing her article, hitting send, before scooping up the rest of her gift, and heading home.

Turns out, it was shaping up to be a great birthday after all.

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Rest of the boys pestering Hanamiya to introduce his gf to them since they don't know who she is, and is it isn't a bother, finally meeting the said gf

I apologize for the lack of posts yesterday. Life kept me busy…

Keep in mind that our boys swear a little more than necessary here.

HANAMIYA could now admit; this was gradually turning out to be a huge hassle and he had no intention whatsoever to just sit by and endure it for much longer. His patience was running thin.

HARA’s persistent comments came like a thunderstorm every time he was not busy with training. “Come on, Boss. Let us meet her~” he often brought the subject up while popping his bubbles in that characteristic, leisure way of his. “How bad can she be? Or you’re actually afraid she might fall in love with one of us and dump you? Or…” he contemplated and grinned widely. “Or… she is too damn pretty and you don’t want the rest of us to set our eyes on her? Naaah. I don’t believe that. I bet her boobs are too—”

Hanamiya did not offer a coherent reply whatsoever. He simply moved to, oh so accidentally, step on Hara’s toes and increased the number of rounds he had to run around Kirisaki Daiichi’s gym. And the number of push-ups. And the number of squats… amongst other things. Times like these made being the team’s Coach immensely satisfying and worth the trouble. It felt quite liberating too.

As soon as Hara’s pestering paused, a new wave came to flood him. “How is she called again?” FURUHASHI wondered out loud, features unmoving and undisturbed. It was an indirect challenge for Hanamiya to take active part in the conversation. He’d me damned if he fell into that ridiculous trap, though. Hanamiya resumed the process of changing clothes with deliberate nonchalance.

Despite seeing Hanamiya’s apparent refusal to participate, Furuhashi did not stop. “What do you think, Yamazaki?” he turned to the other man, changing his tactics by acting as though Hanamiya was not actually present and very much able to hear anything that transpired. That might pick their Captain’s interest more. “Is she a senpai or a kouhai? Maybe she’s a classmate?” he paused to consider the matter carefully. “I hardly know anyone in our year-group that is worth paying attention to, though. And a small age difference might bring more spice to the relationship,” he muses, with a sense of only just lukewarm interest lacing his words.

YAMAZAKI was not late to join this peculiar annoy-the-hell-out-of-Hanamiya dance. “Are you sure she’s attending Kirisaki? Maybe she’s his neighbor or something. Peeking through half-closed windows is a damn great way to start a relationship; if you know what I mean.”

“I hope she is at Kirisaki,” Furuhashi insisted. “If not, and assuming that we’ll need to beat some sense into certain nuisances and potential rivals sometime soon, then that will mean the Student Council will eventually have to get involved. The President gets on my nerves.”

“You’re damn right,” Yamazaki agrees. “She keeps an eye on us like we’re planning to jump her! As if… stupid bitch. Boss better not—”

Hanamiya could no longer keep his calm façade. “What Student Council nonsense are you spurting out, you morons?” he scoffed, huffing a few strands of hair away from his face. “Stop assuming bullshit and dress up already!”

Yamazaki was the only one of the two that grimaced lightly and soon both of them started removing their sweaty shirts and reaching to grab their towels to wipe their perspiration.

“Where is that bastard Hara anyway?” Yamazaki randomly inquired, kicking the bench on which SETO slept absentmindedly, while putting on another clean T-shirt. “He always drops the best ideas at times like these.” As soon as those words left Yamazaki’s mouth, Furuhashi turned to level his teammate with a questioning stare. “Eh… don’t tell the prick I said that,” Yamazaki desperately warned and started cursing at the still resting Seto, at the same time as putting on his jacket. The tall Center was rather rudely stirred into action. “Move your ass already, lazy gorilla!” the red-haired growled, kicking the bench relentlessly once more.

Seto finally pulled himself into a sitting position. “Like anyone could sleep with you bickering like damned chickens. Do yourselves a favor; go find a few women, get laid and stop murmuring like gossiping old women all the time!” He admonished and, shortly after, a meaningful glare from Hanamiya wordlessly ordered him to get dressed fucking now and go home. The sooner they had locked and left the locker room, the better.

Hanamiya, namely the cause of Hara’s disappearance, did not answer Yamazaki’s question; in fact, he ignored it altogether and calmly clad his neck with his scarf. Furuhashi was the one who did reply. “Running probably. His sports bag is still here. Damn, captain sure is tough at enacting vengeance.”At that Hanamiya couldn’t help but internally snicker. He might have pretended not to listen, and they might also pretend he wasn’t there only a while ago, but that never meant he didn’t actually pay attention.

Only a moment later. “Damn. I really want to meet that chick. Getting a few tips on how to handle Captain’s mood swings won’t hurt at all. Hara and I always are the punching bags,” Yamazaki remarked, finally reaching for his sack, ready to take his leave. Hanamiya’s annoyed growl was the last thing he heard before being kicked out of the locker room for “taking too much fucking time”.


She was everything and yet nothing like they imagined; pretty, elegant-looking, eyes gleaming with not-yet-fully-manifested intelligence, a little on the cute side and yet confident enough to carry herself proudly.

 Frankly, they couldn’t even properly believe Hanamiya finally agreed to introduce them. He was standing right next to her the entire time, like a hyena protecting her young ones. Hanamiya was never a fan of public displays of affection, but he wasn’t particularly inclined to feed his girlfriend to the starving wolves he called teammates either. His hand was possessively secured around her waist all the while the meeting lasted.

“Holy shit! Just when I started thinking she wasn’t actually real!” Hara exclaimed in surprise, mouth titled upwards as he regarded the pair. “Good job, Captain. She looks good enough to eat. What’s your name, cupcake?”

Yamazaki titled his head to the side, eyeing her from her toes and upwards. “I stand by what I said last time. I’m really glad we got to feast our eyes on this.” The only thing left after appreciating her physical appearance was to ask her about the nature of the methods she implemented to bend the usually ruthless and strict Hanamiya in all ways necessary.

Seto, knowing what Yamazaki was entertaining, laughed mockingly under his breath before commenting, “Drop that thought. Whatever methods she uses, I’m sure would be impossible for you.”

Slightly affronted, Yamazaki turned to cast a brief glare towards the taller player. “What’s with the look?” Seto scowled in return. “Can’t you see the assets she possesses and you don’t? Or you think you can calm Hanamiya down with a kiss or something? I’d rather wash my eyes with chlorine than see this happening.”

“Asshole!” Yamazaki countered defensively. “Don’t give her any wrong impressions!”

Hanamiya’s mighty glare rendered them all silent for a few seconds. “After all your damn complaining, this is what you needed to see her for?” he groaned lowly and moved to whisper something next to her ear.

“Your name?” Furuhashi coolly asked, continuing from where Hara left off, blinking once in a hardly interested manner.

“I am__ __.Nice to meet you!” she bowed in greetings and smiled genuinely at the team’s regulars. “I’ve heard a lot about you all!”

This was a very worrying fact by itself.



Lay: *looks at you blinking* does that taste good?

Tao:  Do you like me more or that peanut better? (you say: of course you!!!) *gets super happy and say* I LOVE YOU!!!

Chen: forget about the peanut butter, let’s kiss first!

Luhan: oooo~~~ that looks so good *stomach growls* *looks away because of embarrassment*

Xiumin: mmm, that looks good. Do you want to share with baozi oppa?

Kris: *judges the peanut better hard* I’m way better than a peanut better..

External image


Suho *acts cute* why are you still so adorable while eating?

Kai: *judges you while eating peanut butter* do you think you look sexier while eating peanut better?

External image

Sehun: *looks at you* *shake his head* I still think bubble tea are better!

D.O: *gumps* i want to try some…

Chanyeol: I have this cupcake… I was about to share with you but you are eating already without me… fine, this cupcake is ALL mine!

Baekhyun: I’ m cuter or the peanut butter is cuter? 


EXO being teachers

Xiumin: Xiumin would be that health/nutritionist teacher that will tell you about all the harmful  effects of junk food while eating a cupcake…He’s that teacher that will have a mini fridge in his classroom. He’s also the one that’s willing to give out food to his students.  

Luhan: Librarian? If he was a teacher, I could see him being a math teacher. He’ll make stupid jokes about number and math and no one will laugh cause everyone hates math. I think he’ll be sort of strict? but really goofy at the same time.

Kris: Kris could either be that really chill P.E coach that doesn’t care for anything or that weird Astronomy teacher who talks about aliens to his students. But it’s okay he’s that one teacher who doesn’t have the really hard quizzes, and he’ll be super chill. He’s the one you can distract with by asking stupid questions about the galaxy…

Suho: Hmmm Suho seems like an social studies teacher. Or he could be the principal LOL. Yeah I see him more of like the principal. He’ll walk around the school with a cup of coffee in his hands while observing the students and teacher. Omfg, I have a feeling he’ll be the strictest principal. Like especially with dresscode and he’ll do something stupid like make everyone join the spelling bee…or get a really lame mascot…

Lay: Lay is the teacher that constantly forgets the students’ names and the quiz dates…that’s good and all right? But wait until he forgets to put in your grades..But Lay seems like a music teacher. 

Baekhyun: Baek seems like a tech teacher too. I think he’ll teach digital media? Again, he’s that teacher that goofs around too much and ends up not teaching his students much. I mean that seems fun and all until you have to do a test….

Chen: Chen seems like a choir teacher. The one that trolls all the students, but he’ll be very nice. He’ll just sit and whine under the students sing the song correctly. He’s that teacher that complains a lot…

Chanyeol: I can see Chanyeol doing technology. Com sci? A tech teacher. He’s that playful teacher that everyone likes, he’s that teacher will pull pranks on the students. His class is like one of the easiest also, cause all he’ll do is joke around with the students. 

D.O.: Kyungsoo could either be the that home economics teacher where he teaches you how to cook and care for the flour baby and all or he’ll be that super duper mean english teacher that makes the whole class do a Romeo and Juliet play. He wouldn’t be strict…just creepy looking. Like his glares are hella scary.

Tao: Tao wouldn’t be teaching lol. He’ll be that hall monitor that stands by the vending machine to see what the students buy. He probably wouldn’t even monitor the halls, he’ll probably go bother Kris at the gym cause he’s hiding from Suho. 

Kai: Kai would be an english teacher? Or the dance instructor? I think he’ll be a strict teacher. He’ll constantly push his students to work harder. Ahhh he’s that one teacher that falls asleep at school. He’s also the one that makes jokes that no one gets but is forced to laugh at… 

Sehun: Lunch lady omfg jkjk. He seems like the english teacher that’s all interested in poems. He’ll sit around and read his poems to the classroom. I don’t think he’ll be strict, just chill? He’s that one teacher that disappear very often and can be found in the staff lounge.


Career Ending Cupcake

So I was riding through the 6 with my woes when I saw this bakery. I was feeling extra slim this day so I figured grabbing a pastry would change that. Do you ever have moments like that? You feel so skinny and you’re like swimming around in your extra slim Dior Jeans?? You’re like ultra mad you ‘sized up’ on that Billy Reid bomber??  Come on fam you know you’re not built like that. It’s just not you. 

Formerly known as Frosted, the Confection Co-op brings a new look and some new flavors like Coolhaus icecream and Bluebottle coffee. After that cupcake trend/craze a few years back, cupcakes were so basic. You’d be ruined if you were seen eating a cupcake in person. Career over. U know how mad your mom would be if she found out you killed your career for some Magnolia joints??? It was the standard basic bitch food, and for a while I was coo with that. Didn’t miss those c cakes at all. OFF THAT. But I think it’s sort of leveled out now and JUST IN TIME bc I was about to CRACK yo. I was looking for any excuse to get some cakes. Shit imma grab some greens ones for St. Patricks day. Always cover your tracks with a holiday. It makes everything ok. SWISH!

The Confection Co-op

Tip: they usually have samples of the cupcake of the day. really doesn’t make things easier.

Tip: buy something for a friend, family member, etc. Especially if you’re in trouble.

Tip: There are a few seats outside. Nice spot to sip a coffee.

Where: 1200 Highland Ave Los Angeles

Times: 9am-7pm

Phone: (323) 467-1080

This dog. 

Let me tell you a little something about this dog. I have made numerous mentions in the past about this boy’s voracious appetite, so it really should be of no surprise when I say that he doesn’t even chew some of the stuff he’s given. 

Example 1: I went to Sprinkles Cupcakes on Sunday to get myself a cupcake and while I was there decided to get Scoutsby one pupcake each. The pupcakes aren’t very big; I’d say they’re about 1.5″-2″ in diameter. Anyway, so I get home, and give each corg their pupcake. Scout likes to take her treats – whether it’s a Whimzee, frozen yogurt, bully stick, etc. – over to what she thinks is a “secluded” area, and by ‘secluded’ I mean, away from her brother. So, she takes her pupcake and goes under the dining table and eats hers there. Gatsby meanwhile…Well. 

He literally just took the pupcake from my hand and swallowed it. Whole. No chewing. No savoring of the flavor. Just…one second it was in my hand, the next second, it’s gone. And I’m left standing there like:

Example 2: Yesterday, the pups celebrated Miggy’s 8th birthday with doggie cake. The cake I got was 5″ in diameter and it was split evenly among the four dogs, so each dog got a pretty good chunk of the cake. Miggy, Sammy and Scout took their time with their cake pieces. ….Not Gatsby.

To paint a distinct picture for you guys: think of a snake feeding. You know how they like to swallow their meal whole? It was like that. Gatsby took the entire piece in his mouth and just inhaled it. Corgdad watched in horror and was like, “OH MY GAHHHHD GATSBY. CHEW, BUDDY, CHEW IT!” The whole thing was in his mouth and he was doing this like, ‘chugging’ motion – which, thinking about it now, I think was him trying to chew and swallow at the same time.

It took him less than 10 seconds to eat his piece and we were all like,

I mean, really. He’s ridiculous. Now we will be cutting up everything we give him into small pieces because what he’s doing is definitely dangerous. /sigh