i was thinking about salmon


Because I have written 21,000 words and 40 pages worth of Monsters so far this week, have two previews and two bloopers.

(All the stuff in blue has been added this week.)

iamatrashfan  asked:

You remind me of a beautiful girl in a cute dress sitting in a little coffee shop thinking about.... "what should I write for my next smut?" XDDDD

You are soooooo sweet, Salmon!!! ;_; ❤❤❤

And yeah I do tend to think about writing smut out and about. In the subway, in the car, waiting in line, at the museum… :’)

In fall my mind is full of deserts—they move through me like empty battlefields. I can feel other places happen in me, too: rainy, Midwest Halloweens and the hot springs when early cold falls gently on the mountains. Every day the things I don’t know become greater than the things I do and I try to use the places inside me to understand more about how fixed we can be and how the earth only holds us for a time.

There are places in me from many lifetimes ago: saloons and badlands, Alaskan snows, and empty Midwestern fields. It feels more and more important to communicate with them—to understand something, and because there is life inside me, the ear bones growing, I want to be able to tell her these things.

There is a field. At night it fills with rivers. In the rivers swim wild salmon. They imagine a world of other fish headed south, in the endless tracks of what has come before. As I’m going to sleep, I think about the field that fills with rivers and salmon, and the loneliness of their preoccupations and I think of the far off sounds of other fish and the years that have built up, and the lost mammals, and how each place survives and how we continue to hold each place inside us and how each place continues, gigantically, to hold us.

—  Jennifer Denrow, from “History,” Divine Magnet (ONE)