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SBUK3: Sunday - Lana Panel

Lana’s Panel Periscope

  • She’s had to guide directors that haven’t known her character well in the past, but she’s also open to new ideas from directors (x)
  • She’s been enlightened in way she hasn’t expected in the past (x)
  • “I’m chewing gum, I never chew gum in a panel!… but I had to” (x)
  • she would take her laptop, precious things, her fathers things, and her pink elephant from when she was a baby, if there was a fire (x)
  • An Elsa cosplay is crying as she asks her question so Lana sang let it go (x)
  • Mal was like a mentor to Regina, Regina reminded her of her power, that’s when we saw their friendship (x)
  • Lana loves working with Kristin (x)
  • Lana doesn’t know if #dragonqueen we’re ever more than friends but she loves working with Kristin (x)
  • Lana has just remembered that Kristin HAS been in her bedroom, but she’s been in the dining room etc but we can run with the fantasy (x)
  • everyone has a turn to have a shitty day, when things are going wrong she’s like ahh okay it’s my day (x)
  • She’s a control freak and she’s trying to learn to let go (x)
  • Someone asked about Lana’s upcoming mile stone birthday and she was like ’ohhh … you mean when I turn thirty (x)
    • her friends are organising her birthday in July (x)
    • Lana’s mom surprised Lana at her 30th birthday with a room full of friends and people she hasn’t seen in a long time. (x)
  • Bob Marley or a good song, walking Lola along the beach, or a good movie (preferably scary) makes her feel better when she’s down (x)
  • Lana is just getting really confused at people’s questions and it’s really funny (x)
  • Lana says there’s an evil queen missing from the Wish Realm because we don’t see the evil queen or originally was after the charmings (x)
  • Regina would still go back to the EF of they returned (x)
  • A girl just told Lana that she help to save her life and Lana was like ‘well I’m glad you’re alive, I’m glad you’re here’ (x)
  • Lana feels really lucky that she’s played a part that has inspired so many people. (x)
  • She’s grateful we found peace and strength through her, and she hopes we continue to, and to make courageous decisions (x)
  • “choose self love, it’s important to love yourself first” (x)
  • “There’s many pranks I want to pull on people but we don’t have time. Most of you know I stole Bex’s dog once…” (x)
  • Lana says Josh and Colin are huge pranksters and Colin is notorious for trying to make the other cast laugh during takes (x)
  • Lana says her biggest strength is forgiveness and her biggest weakness hamburgers (x)
  • Lana is really selective about the roles she chooses. She wants roles that move her forward. (x)
  • Lana makes choices like the walking, the body language or even some words to differentiate the EQ and Regina (x)
  • she could never forgive murder, if someone killed someone she loved (x)
  • She had a cat named Stanley before Lenny (x)
  • Lana used to bring her cat Stanley to work on spin city and he used to cry in the trailer (x)
  • If she could witness any moment in history it would be MLK or Elvis performing (x)
  • Her fav musical is west side story because of her heritage (x)
  • she just did an evil queen facial expression for a little girl and the whole audience ooooooo-ed (x)
  • Lana is planning a weekend this month with Jared for his birthday (x)
  • If robin was in the dark curse, love might hve hanged her mind abit but she knows Regina was really filled with darkness (x)
  • 'regina needed to have henry first before her heart opened up again’ (x)
  • Lana said Regina needed to experience Henry’s love before she was ready to be open to any other love in her life (x)
  • It was hard for lana to remember and learn the medical jargon in Miami medical but she shadowed real trauma surgeons (x)
  • She spent a lot of nights with medical dictionarys (x)
    • she could help with first aid but she advises going to a real doctor (x)
  • lana’s biggest pet peeve is dirty underwear on the floor and dirty dishes in the sink, she likes cleanliness (x)
  • someone just asked lana when she was planning on running for president and the hall erupted, amazing (x)
  • if it weren’t raining all the time in vancouver she’d always want to film in the EF (x)
  • She likes to frolic in the woods and run over logs with Lola (x)
  • she thinks playing Regina isn’t hard as such, but a fun challenge (x)
  • if she doesn’t understand something, she’ll do more research or ring the producers (x)
  • Dark One Regina would have spikes and be in leather and have metal. It would be hard for Regina to resist the darkness (x)
  • it’s been a magical weekend and she loves us and she can’t wait to see us next time (x)



Accidentally fell for you

Title: Accidentally fell for you

Characters: Tony Stark x Reader, Clint, Steve, Natasha, Bruce, Thor, mentions of Pepper and Fury

Word Count: 3.5k

Warnings: mild language, Tony and Clint are assholes,

Summary: Tony and Clint make a bet so Tony could prove to his friends how he could have any woman if he wanted to. However Tony didn’t plan on someone as strong-willed as the reader.

“Request:” Or maybe Tony Stark and Clint. They seem like the types to argue who’s better with women and then they end up making a tipsy bet over a fellow Avenger (who is less scary than Nat, because even drunk!Tony and drunk!Clint wouldn’t mess with her) or maybe the reader is a temp for Stark Industries. Details later. But she’s sweet and maybe patches them up after a rough mission… Needless to say they totally fall for her. Tony x reader.

A/n: this is for my Khal Drogo anon. I know you had to wait a long time, but I really hope you enjoyed what I did with your request and it was worth the wait. <3

“You really think you could have every woman on the planet, don’t you?”

It was another yeah-we-won-again party at the Avengers tower. Due to massive destruction during the fight Fury and Pepper Potts agreed to make it a big-ish charity thing so the public would be somehow soothed. Tony of course jumped at the opportunity to host a grand, slightly extravagant party on his top floor and he had outdone himself once again, awesome food, music and tons of alcohol. To say everyone had a good time was an understatement, people had always loved a good Stark party and Tony’s flirty and charming personality made even the last critical journalist smile.

Right now it was approaching two in the morning and people were starting to leave, hopefully to write some nice articles about how the Avengers saved the day and were terribly sorry for the damage. Tony finally took some time to relax and hang out with the people this party was really meant for, his fellow Avengers. He had found Clint at the bar and soon joking around had turned into a drinking contest. Both men were laughing, finally calm and relaxed after the alien invasion of the week. This was also how the conversation turned to women, because after all one thing drunk man loved to talk about most was their conquests and remarkable experience with the opposite sex. And of course former playboy Tony Stark had more than one story to share on that topic.

“My friend” Tony grin was loose his words just hinting at tipsy “I am Tony Stark.”

“Oh come on! There has to be at least one woman with some self-respect out there.”

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The 102- Part 19: Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked

Part One Here
Part Two Here
Part Three Here
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Part Seven Here
Part Eight Here
Part Nine Here
Part Ten Here
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Part Twelve Here
Part Thirteen Here
Part Fourteen Here
Part Fifteen Here
Part Sixteen Here
Part Seventeen Here
Part Eighteen Here

Pairing: Bellamy x reader
Characters: Bellamy, the reader, Clarke, Finn, Octavia, Myles, Jones, Allen 
Warnings: swearing, angst, breakups
Summary: After the camp realizes the object in the sky is in fact another dropship, probably full of supplies, possibly weapons, and definitely a way to contact the Ark, true colors and motivations are revealed. 
Taglist:@bellamybb@bellamyimagines@bellamyimaginess@bellamyfanclub@bellarkefanfiction@the100writers@the100fanfic@the100imagine@the100imaginess@the100imagines@the100imaginesblog@the100imaginesdaily@bellamyblakesgun@bellamyblakeedition@bellarkesurvivestogether@bellarkefanfictions@bellamyblake-imagine@bellarkewrites @the100-edits-and-imagines@bellamyimaginess@the100writers @bellamywritess-blog@thehundred-source @all-time-foes @beautiful-chaos-blake @the100imaginess  @justauthoring @livi-thewerewolf @your-fav-imagines-writer @blakesmurphy100 @wukindly @imaginebeauty @imagines-all-day-everyday  @imaginaryimagines @bellamyblake-imagines @sone-of-a-blake @clarkkeee @octavia-marie-blake @youcanjustimagineit @hesragnorssoulmate @tvshowturtle @ranbowbabyangel @tvfandomimagines @iausscribbles @sanestilinski @writingkeepsmewhole @iamfire355 @jordsie @helpimtrappedinastory @all-imaginess @bethelbee97 @john-murphy-smut @naturegirl16 @winter-commandos @theadventures-of @see-the-fandom-imagines @hellsbellsbellamy @murphysluv @fandomsmillion @johnmurphyneedslove @knocking-on-murphys-door @imagine-the-100 @dontstopxx @diary2000 @ilovejlsandthejanoskiansx@odonviagra​​ @eli-cya@thehundred-source @ourbellaangello @lovelynerdytraveler @mesmericbell

*Feedback is the best form of flattery*

Looking around, you saw that everyone else was slowly realizing it was another dropship. Their faces were turned up towards the sky, and whispers and murmurs of confusion rang snaked the crowd. 

You’d gotten to your feet to get a closer look as the ship plummeted past the tree line and out of view, and everyone else had done the same. One shaggy blonde haired girl yelled out, “They’re coming to help us!” And the skinny boy to her right shouted, “Now we can kick some grounder ass!” Pumping a fist in the air triumphantly. 

Bellamy was standing next to you, but he was different than the way he’d been moments earlier. The entire atmosphere between the two of you had changed and he hadn’t said anything since you figured out it was a dropship; he just stood there looking up at the sky. 

“Please tell me they brought down some shampoo,” Octavia groaned and turned to Jasper, who just shook his head and laughed in agreement. 

You turned to say something to Bellamy, but your breath caught in your throat when you saw that he was gone. What the hell? you thought, spinning around in a complete circle and seeing that he was nowhere to be found. He’d been acting strange the second he realized it was a dropship, and not a shooting star. You should have noticed it, really: he’d taken his arm off your shoulder and hadn’t said a word, keeping his eyes trained on the ship above. 

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Boyfriend Material (SugaHope)

Pairing: Yoonseok/SugaHope (Yoongi/Suga & Hoseok/J-Hope)
Rating: T
Genre: Fluff/Humor

Words: 2,614

Summary“It’s cotton,” Yoongi declares.

“Really? Because I think that it’s boyfriend material.”

In which Hoseok has an endless supply of cheesy puns that double as pick-up lines, Namjoon isn’t him helping at all, and Min Yoongi thinks he might just be losing his goddamn mind.

A/N: As always, Comments/Favs/Reblogs are appreciated~ <3 Enjoy!

When people ask Yoongi where he works he says that he works at a department store. When people ask where Yoongi works when Namjoon’s around, Namjoon interrupts him and says that Yoongi works in the women’s section of a department store.

Yoongi hates Namjoon.

…no he doesn’t, but he seriously wishes that Namjoon wouldn’t tell people that—even if it was the truth.

So yes, he works in the women’s department. Yes, it’s awkward when he has to take inventory on bras and panties. Yes, it’s infuriating when old women glare at him like he’s the lowest scum on the planet just because they spot him messing around in a section that he, as a guy, typically shouldn’t be in. But it’s his job, and he likes his paycheck, so he gets over their judgmental stares and does his job right.

Well…at least, that’s what he thinks until one day, Yoongi is faced with a new challenge. A man. A fucking batshit crazy man.

“Can I help you sir?” Yoongi says when he spots the black haired male looking through the racks of jeans in his section and the guy blinks innocently as he pulls a pair of jeans from the rack. He holds them up in front of him and looks them over thoroughly, Yoongi waiting impatiently, before he finally says, “Hey, can you try these on for me?”

Yoongi is appalled.

“Um, sir, those are women’s jeans, and I am I store employee, I can’t just—”

“I know,” the guy says, suddenly pouting from underneath his bangs, “but it says ‘boyfriend jeans’ and I want you to be my boyfriend, so I was hoping you’d try them on for me?”

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Fic Recommendations

Hello everybody! I’m assuming y’all are on Christmas break, and so am I! I’ve been reading a lot too much lately and I’ve stumbled over some REALLY GOOD FICS LIKE WHAT THE HELL THESE DESERVE PRAISE

Oh and thanks to @fruitysmellz for mentioning me in her post. YOU ROCK!


Some are AU, some are not, WHATEVER. Read them anyway.

  1. Pumpkins and Anthropology by maravelous

Pairings: ShikaTema and NejiTen (AU) 

Summary:  “I think humans are more beautiful than any story or picture ever made." 

Notes: maravelous’ prose is something you are gonna want to read. The fic is endearing, and whimsical, and oh—so—natural when you read it. It isn’t like all the other AU high school fics you read. This one actually has PURPOSE. (Also maravelous is my writing idol I love her)

     2. Four Conversations on the Subject of Flight by wildcatt

Pairings: NejiTen (Narutoverse)

Summary:  Flying is not as perfect as you imagine it to be, you know. Flying is just falling up.

Notes: pretty angsty. And beautiful. Something you can read for a good cry.

   3. a memory stick full of myspace friends by Straw8erries

Pairings: Nejiten (AU)

Summary:  fake facebook dating: it’s really cute, she swears

Notes: It’s a cute little thing. The romance is subtle, but not too subtle. May require more mature audiences though.

   4. borealis by hyperphonic

Pairings: NejiTen (Narutoverse)

Summary:  Beside him, Tenten runs her fingers over the foible of her katana, true edge facing the door. "They want your eyes.” It is not a question.

Notes: It’s a pretty fic. Breathtaking. Like the aurora.

   5. Goldilocks by a Different Name by Aquarius Galuxy

Pairings: NejiTen (Narutoverse)

Summary:  Tenten discovers that someone has been living in her apartment when she goes away on long missions.

Notes: Aquarius Galuxy is like the senpai of all teenager fics. While maravelous may be my idol, Aquarius Galuxy is a definite fav. Read her fics guys.

(Warning: Her fics may require more mature audiences. I speak for myself as well)


Some fics that exceed the “can be read in less than an hour” time limit. They’re still awesome though.

   1. like paper dolls and little notes by Seynee

Pairings: NejiTen (AU)

Summary:  It’s not that Tenten hates flying. In fact, she kind of likes it. Especially when she gets free cocktails. Especially when she’s sitting next to a handsome stranger. Especially when she gets to talk to him. This is going to be good.

Notes: Alright, I admit that I have been trying to read this fic for a long time. This is actually my first NejiTen fic, and I have attempted to read this more than three times. Good thing there’s no school on Sunday. The ending is EPIC.

(Warning: Fic is too good to be read. But read it anyway)

   2. Along the Way by MasterAverage

Pairings: NejiTen and some others (AU)

Summary:  It all started when Naruto refused to give Neji his house key back until he finally kissed a girl. 

Notes: Now HERE is your typical High School AU fic. But it’s still a must read. It’s fun, but there are some parts that are serious. Like a salad.

   3. Scars and Stitches by pusa.is.me

Pairings: NejiTen and some LeeTen to boot (Narutoverse)

Summary:  A love triangle of Gai-stronomic proportions.

Notes: Holy shit. This fic is like, the most beautiful Naruto fic I have ever read. Sure there is LeeTen, but fear not, NejiTen fans. This will make you cry. And laugh. And feel like a proud Papa Gai.


   4. Manager and Other Side Jobs by Scintazzle

Pairings: NejiTen. There is some NejiSaku but let us not go to those dark times…(AU)

Summary:  Accepting the shady job offer wasn’t really one of her best choices…but discovering she threw up on her future boss was even worse. 

Notes: This was an amazing fic. A breather, but can clench your lungs as well. Based on being a celebrity and what the showbiz is actually like.

(Warning: Sakura may grate on your nerves for a while after reading this fic)

   5. Unexpected Hero by notesonlife

Pairings: NejiTen and some others

Summary:  Being a ‘dorm mother’, or slave in hell, to five elite shinobi is not an easy task, especially for Tenten.

Notes: Pretty serious~~~


Hey, not only NejiTen fics come with great authors. Here are some amazing Naruto fics you’re gonna wanna see.

   1. Songs for a Dancer by pusa.is.me

Pairings: ShikaTen, NejiTen (Narutoverse)

Summary: He was a genius, and he could predict two hundred different outcomes to a single scenario, and every outcome he could think of leads to only one thing—his heart getting broken.

Notes: Alright, I am a dedicated NejiTen fan. But this fic, my friends, is the definition of AMAZING. Even though it’s ShikaTen, one-sided love can only go so far. It gives a clear and in-depth POV about NejiTen by our one and only genius. 

   2. Eraser dusts by Wintry Leen

Pairings: SaiIno (AU)

Summary: He says I love you through his sketches.

Notes: I admit Sai is actually one of my favorite characters. Shoot me. But before that, read this first, and I swear even the most dedicated ShikaIno fans will find this endearing.

   3. Fifty Nine Moves by Oh Dee

Pairings: ShikaTema (Narutoverse)

Summary: It only took fifty nine moves for checkmate.

Notes: What can I say? I love ShikaTema. It’s well-written, thoughts of characters are on-point, and it’s overall a nice read. Perfect for lattes in late afternoon.

   4. What Remains Unmentioned by Dayadhvam

Pairings: NOTHING. Kakashi/Gai bromance. (Narutoverse)

Summary:  Kakashi keeps accepting Gai’s challenges because he likes to pretend that they still make a difference in the tally of their Eternal Rivalry. Because, really, he knows that he’s already lost. Gai is too kind to bring up the worst challenge of them all.

Notes: Prettay Angsty too D:

   5. Coffee Table Talk by firefly

Pairings: NOTHING. But Temari/Hidan interaction is actually quite funny. (Narutoverse)

Summary:  Meet Hidan, the religious fanatic. Meet Temari of the Sand, the no nonsense sister of Kankuro and Gaara. Watch what happens when they both happen to run into each other.

Notes: This is possibly the funniest thing I have ever read. Kudos to “what the fuck, guys, I send you a messenger and y’all just ignore him.” Comedy gold.

   6. Ink by xiaoyings

Pairings: SaiIno. (Narutoverse)

Summary: It’s his turn to catch her.

Notes: I’ve fallen in love with SaiIno. This fic is beautiful—leads you all the way from first encounters to marriage to old age, and overall, this fic was just one heck of a ride. Don’t blame me for cutting onions under your bed. It’s gonna make you cry.


Hey, it’s a pretty small world. There are people here too.

@misspandalily IS MY SAVIOR AND ALSO HAS FANFICTION. You can find her in fanfiction.net as misspandalily. She also has this fic called Immortal Love that is still in the making, and I lurv it.

@tabine is also working on a fic on fanfiction.net , also here on tumblr and in AO3. They’re working on this fic called The Secret Life of Teachers. Fun stuff.

@giada-luna also has ff.net and her fics are AMAZING. Go check her out sometime, I heard they’re really good.


If you need more fics, go check out my favorites in my fanfiction.net account aka. twinquies . ALL THOSE FICS ARE WORTHWHILE

I’ve also probably read 99.999% of all existing NejiTen fics, and yes—I have pretty high standards. I know y’all probably know NessieGG and Goldberry, and that’s why I haven’t added them here—there are other nice fics too. 


Durarara Alternates

I received an ask concerning who the alternates are and, since I typed so much, I decided to share in case there is anyone else out there wondering how things came to be. 

If I’m wrong on anything please feel free to correct me, this is all knowledge I gathered either first or second hand so some people might think differently from me on how things came to be. 

To get down to business, as I mentioned in my previous Alternates post the Durarara Alternates are based on official art that Yasuda/the Durarara Anime have released throughout the years when and after the anime was airing. Here, in chronological order, is a complete listing of all the alternate character’s original art written by Rukawagf. Pretty much as new art came out the fandom (both japanese and english fandoms) grabbed a hold of them and gave them personalities and names. For some of the characters, when the art was released with the anime dvd’s etc, they also came with a character song (which all the character songs are actually covers of older japanese songs that the seiyuu sang) and it was these songs that gave these alts their names and personalities.

(read more'ing due to length as I explain each alternates origins).

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Mystic Messenger Tickles! (HCS)

It iiish time again for me and Mia aka @tickly-writing to combine our trashy minds and give you guys some headcanons!

We both got asks for Mystic Messenger hcs, so that’s what we’ll be doing. I only started playing two days ago but I’m seriously hooked, and it’s all Mia’s fault<3

So here they are, for all these lovelies a bunch of tickly hcs, under the cut!

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A-Z: Things to be happy about

This week I’ve had a few friends say they feel a bit off or unsettled. I know the feeling - you get in to a slump and for whatever reason, can’t find an easy way out. The main piece of advice I give to people when they feel like this is that your slump is only temporary. Acknowledging this and knowing it will soon pass is a really effective way of ensuring you don’t dwell on the negativity you’re feeling.

So to help lift you from your slump, it’s important to start finding joy in the little moments. Rediscover the magic of the little things in life we often take for granted. Here’s some things that make me happy (and please feel free to A-Z things that make you happy!):

A: Autumn. The cold crisp air, blankets of leaves, blue skies, hues of gold, scarves, gloves, warm cups of tea and hot chocolate…
B: Beach trips. Going to the beach is literally the best thing ever in my book. It doesn’t even have to be hot - get your friends in a car and go on a road trip. Let the sea ground you. Take in the sound of the waves. Go on the pier and play on the 2p machines. Get fish and chips - followed by an ice cream of course! You could literally go this weekend…
C: Coffee shop catch-ups. Call an old friend (or your best friend), find a small, quirky coffee shop and spend the afternoon talking over the smell of coffee, yummy pastries and the clinking of teacups.
D: Dancing. Go out with your friends and have a boogie. Let yourself go! Or try a new dance class. Let yourself get lost in the music.
E: Eating good food. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love a good meal and the conversation/company/enjoyment that comes with it!
F: Fireworks night! Rainbows fizzing in the sky, toasting marshmallows and writing your name with sparklers.
G: Girls nights. Pampering yourselves with a glass of wine, good conversation and belly laughs.
H: Home. Being at home is one of life’s greatest comforts. Fully utilise your time at home. Get comfy, lounge on the sofa, do some gardening… whatever it is you enjoy. Appreciate it.
I: Intimacy. I’m a hugger. I love hugs. The other day I was cooking dinner and I gave my bestie a big, long squeeze. When’s the last time you really hugged your best mate? Do it.
J: Jumble sales. I bloody love a good bargain. There’s something magical about rooting through and finding old gems for a couple quid. And there’s also something really cute about getting up early, heading to a boot sale, coffee in hand and having a rummage.
K: Kindness. Why not make someones day? Do something kind. Leave your partner a note in their lunch. Smile at strangers. Buy the old guy at the cafe a coffee. It makes them feel good and it makes you feel good.
L: Live music. Whether it’s an intimate quirky bar, a busker in the tube station or your favourite band playing a sold-out arena tour. It’s the best, most euphoric drug in the world.
M: Movie nights. Either staying in and watching your fav flick OR going to the cinema. It’s a lovely way to get lost for a while. (And popcorn mmmmm)
N: Nights out! I literally love getting dressed up, going out with the girls, sipping a few cocktails (or ten) and having a boogie!
O: Organising. It feels so good to get your head straight in whatever way works for you. Spring cleaning, making new Pinterest boards, filling in your calendar…
P: Photos! Taking photos is one of my favourite things to do and the perfect way to preserve memories. Why not make a scrap book?
Q: Quiet. Take a few quiet moments to ground yourself every day and you’ll feel better almost instantly.
R: Romance. Like The Notebook - leave you a trail of roses/dancing the street- kind of romance. Butterflies and first kisses and anniversaries and spoons.
S: Sounds. The crackle of fire, rain on the window, the voice of your love in the morning, roaring thunder, the gasp of a surprise, the pouring of water from the kettle, crickets on a summer evening, the crack of ice in a cold drink, the trickle of water from a stream…
T: Thunderstorms. I find them so exciting! Lying in bed listening to the sound of great storm is brilliant.
U: Underwater adventures are literally my most favourite thing ever. Scuba diving/snorkelling can’t be beaten. Observing a totally different world for a while whilst feeling like a mermaid… it’s just the best. If you haven’t already, I seriously seriously suggest you do a diving course. It’s the most incredible, fun, mind-blowing experience and a brilliant new challenge. (There’s always deals on Groupon/Wowcher for courses!!)
V: Vinyl. There’s something magical about the process of putting on a record. If you love music and don’t yet collect vinyl… It’s such a lovely way to spend money and pass the time!
W: Woods. They’re enchanting and the best place to ground yourself. You can’t not feel alive when you’re amongst nature. Plus, what’s not to love about the cracking of twigs beneath your feet, sunlight streaming through the trees, the sound of birds, the smell of earth?
X: Xxxxxx. Kissessssss!
Y: Yoga. I don’t do it enough but it’s so so so good for you. You don’t have to go to a class either - invest in a mat (they’re cheap!) and watch a YouTube video. The other day my dad was telling me that he watched some people do yoga out at sea on surf boards. THAT COULD BE YOU!
Z: I think every single A-Z post is always going to end on ZzZzZ or zoos. Because literally I’d love to know what other words begin with Z?! And anyway, Zoos are fun. And sleeping is the best.

Ahh, look what I decided to do! And boy was it ever fun!, I can’t wait to do Frisk and Asriel with this as well! (I couldn’t possibly leave them out guys)

Here’s Frisk for those interested: https://crisy1001.tumblr.com/post/145161579359/

and Asriel: I haven’t started him yet, but he’ll be here when I’m done!




So yeah, long post ahead (I swear I’ll try and figure out how to do the read more feature someday!……Aaaannd, it’s actually incredibly easy……wow…..great job me…..great job -_-

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❀I’ve spent a good portion of this year not studying, but reading fic. So, I thought I’d compile a list of my favorites from the year. Under the cut, you’ll find 60 fics that I really enjoyed reading this year.❀

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anonymous asked:

So, naruto next gen IS going to be unoriginal. Hm. Btw, since bolt's the new main chara shouldn't his look be more...unique?

I’m still blown away by the lack of creativity of this next gen. After recyclying everything we liked about our favs to make tasteless new kids, now we take back the first important villain who evolved (rightly or not) quite a lot in the last arc, And yet we’re back with him having the exact same role than he used to in the manga when he first appeared. Just.. *facepalm*

(Also if Orochimaru wants the Sharingan, I’m afraid they will probably try to treat Sarada as a Damsell in Distress. y'know like they did with Hinata. To develop a romance.) (of course this part is only supposition of my part).

As for Bolt, nah. The idea is to make a cheap rip off of what worked in the early time without the mistake of developping the two main boys’s bond by mixing Sakura and Sasuke together to create another tasteless character who’s at least female.

So nah. They need to stick even more to what we loved y'know. we loved Naruto. so we’re gonna give Bolt exactly everything we loved about Naruto (hE DOESN’T EVEN HAVE THE BYAKUUGAN JUST SO HE WOULD LOOK LIKE HIM MORE)

The next gen isn’t a continuation of a story, it is a rip off of the main story.

I’m totally against “stories about the kids” when it comes to series, films or books. Because mostly it’s always the same, they just go throught almost exactly the same things as their parents, and since they are the kids of their parents they would mostly have the same attitude. They don’t try to be original or whatever, at least most of the time.

But then, “to their credits” (mind the “”), it was hard to be original when the parents defeated a freaking Goddess. 

The bigger is the Final Boss of the Original Serie, the harder it is to actually manage to make a challenge for the kids. How do you top the Goddess of Chakra?

The ideas could have been to try to go on an original story. And I’m still hitting my head against the wall seeing my personal all fav possible continuation in term of “who could be the next villain” had never even been thought about by the writers.  They could also dare creating an entire new villain without thinking about the previous ones we got, which would at least make it less of a catastroph.

Or they could just rip off what made the first serie popular. 

Orochimaru being probably the villain who marked our generation (as much as the Akatsuki, Danzou and Madara were amazing villains (no comments on Kaguya), this is Orochimaru most of the people who grew up with Naruto remembers as the main villain of the serie.), forcing him back to the person he was the first time we saw him shows a lack of creativity which just will make you roll your eyes.

(By the way, why would BOLT be the star of a movie against OROCHIMARU? I mean, unlike Naruto and Sasuke back then, BOLT AND SARADA BOTH HAVE THEIR PARENTS? and most importantly, parents who already fought Orochimaru, Sasuke even absorbed and resurected Orochimaru. Why would a story with Orochimaru as a villain would have Bolt as a hero if not for lazy rip off? Couldn’t their parents take care of it or would they be “nah, I’m retired man, you deal with the life or dead situation I dealt with, aren’t you a ninja after all”?) 

The thing is that they are trying to recreate the chemistry we had with the characters when we first meet them, with just a rushed copy of those characters. But even by that point of view, it doesn’t work. 

Because the parents have a different background that the kids ;Most of the characters we love the most suffered from the loss of their parents in some way or another. By making the kids having the exact same personality as their parents, they forget that the personallity their parents had was because of their lack of family, which doens’t work since the kids have a family who apparently love them.

Therefore, some actions that were valid from the Original Characters POV (ex: Naruto wanting attention because he was an orphan and was hated without understanding why by the whole village) becomes totally invalid when their kids do the same thing because it woud make them look like their parents (ex: Bolt, who has both of his parents and a sister, is probably loved by the villagers at least the people Naruto is close to, and his privileges as the son of the Hokage and of the Heiress of the most powerful Clan of the village.)

So not only will they not be original with Bolt by keeping his chara design/personality close from his dad, but they will make a blant character because they are forcing on him a storyline that doesn’t give the same result on our appreciation of the character because of the difference of background between the Original Character and the Rip Off.

The next gen is well ready to be an imminant failure and I’m already celebrating. 

[Personal] Here's a thought.

The next person to say “why do you like suju? they’re so old” is gonna get bitch slapped all the way back up their mom’s v*****!!!

We are not fandom hoppers. We love them because they are a part of us, they are our family and a part of our life. You can say shit like “age doesn’t matter” when you are in love but you can’t say that when you’re talking about them? Do not forget that SuJu has won our hearts because of who they are as people, not only as idols, and not just by their looks either. They have given a lot of hope and happiness to their fans without knowing the hardships they went through, they’ve saved lives of their fans without knowing they could do that just by being who they are. There are fans I’ve met who were suicidal because they hated their life until they found SJ, fans who were hospitalized with disease and the only hope they had to pulled through was the desire to meet SJ one day, this one sj fanboy who was in a coma and did not wake up for a long time until a family member sat in the room and played sj songs on laptop hoping it would help one way or another and he did wake up later on. There are fans who have cancer and their last wish is to meet SJ, fans who will still look at their faces the night before they pass away in the hospital because SJ is more than just idols to them. And then there are lots of fans like me who don’t have any of these challenges to face but love them because they just make us happy. There is a bond between SJ and ELF’s love I wouldn’t expect you to understand.

No other group out there will ever be as amazing, unique and special as Super Junior. They were the stardom to all of asia and they ARE the kings of the korean wave whether you like it or not.  And of all the people, it’s you guys who fandom hop that have the gut to say this to another fandom?

 You who will most likely leave your new found idols for another debut group just because you will find them more attractive. Ha!

I don’t care if you are not their fan. I don’t care if you left SJ for another group. I really honestly 1000% don’t because I like that group too (or 3 members at least). I have friends who like both. I have friends who like another group more than SJ and it doesn’t change the fact that we are still friends. I respect their choices as they respect mine. But I do care when you are a bitch and go begging ELF to stop liking suju as if we are the same as you and we will simply leave them (for good) that easily. Don’t shove your opinions and views down other fans’ throats or you’ll end up getting choked one day.

I feel like ELF and SJ’s love has been challenge many times. But our biggest test was the day Hangeng left. And our 2nd biggest test as fans was when another SM group debuted and some fans left our fandom. It was a test for both ELF and SJ. It was a test (by god or whoever you believe in) for SJ to know how many loyal fans they had. How many of us would stick by them no matter what, just as we always promised. That we did not just speak in tongue but showed it visually too. Or maybe that is just how I think of it.


I don’t hate any idol groups because I know they are all friends. If they are all friends then why are we not the same way?

Long story short.
I don’t care who your fav idols are, just stop hating.

Okay, I’m done ranting.

Even if I am the only person left in this world who loves Super Junior. I will not leave them. Why? Because I love them too much.

The Last Elf Standing will be me.

Matthew B. Roberts Twitter Q&A

Since I’m in the holiday spirit… How about a short Q&A? #Outlander 

Q: How long has it been since you’ve read the whole series?
A: I read the books as they were published #Outlander

Q: Are you going to South Africa, Matt?
A: Yes, I’ll be in South Africa the whole time…

Q: I love your photography.  Will you every publish a book with your photographs?
A: One day I’ll do a book or exhibit of photographs but right now I’m just too busy with #Outlander

Q: Hi Matt, it’s my birthday today and it would be a real gift if you could share your favorite quote from Voyager
A: “Is that you Geordie?” #Outlander

Q: Hit Matt.  Is it difficult when you have to change the storyline a little for tv?  Besides people complaining lol
A: It’s a challenge to fit all the juicy parts of the books into 59 mins. And as you know there’s a lot of juice in these books

Q: Did you have to work the entire holiday?
A: Most of it.  My guess is you want to see #Outlander S3

Q: Whoa! I’ve never been on here when one of these starts. Where to begin? My mind is blank! #Outlander
A: What a time to have writer’s block Arrgh!

Q: Somewhere you and your camera want to go that you haven’t been before?
A: Iceland, New Zealand, Australia, Norway… and the list goes on

Q: Matt what do you do when you have writer’s block? or do you get writer’s block?
A: Reading and research is the best cure for writer’s block (for me).

Q: How many months in advance a location need to be chosen latest to start prep on time?
A: It depends on how complicated the scene is but at least 6 weeks some even more. #Outlander

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Hunger Games- gif challenge

The rules:

1. Open your gifs folder//I’m using my John Gifs exclusively 

2. Use every fourth gif.


//I’ve done my best to make this a cohesive story. John is from district 8, and Sherlock is his old friend from district 2. I’m assuming somehow they’ve met before thanks to heavy trade between the 2 districts.

You on the morning of the reaping:

“Not really sure how to feel. Nervous, I guess. Nervous for me and Harry.”

You waiting for the names to be called:

“I recall every Game that I’ve seen so far, try to picture myself in the competitor’s shoes. What would I do, when the time came?”

You when your name is called:


You when you find out who the other tribute is:

“Molly, was it? We’re in this together then… I’m so sorry…”

Saying goodbye to your family:

“What? Th-that wasn’t enough time!”

First thing you do on the tribute train:

“At least it’s not all bad…”

Reaction to the other tributes:

“No…. no, god no- YOU got called too? … VOLUNTEERED??? You know what that means, don’t you!? Sherlock, what were you thinking…”

What you think of your mentor:

[text] Greg Lestrade is a good man… If by some miracle I survive, I think I’d like to grab a pint with him. If i survive.

What you think of the capitol:

“it was all a bit overwhelming, really. I kept thinking how do people actually live this way?”

What you think of your stylist:

“She was very kind…  she dressed me in a peacekeeper uniform that our District [8] specializes in making. She said I looked like a proper soldier. Then she started crying.”


You during the Tributes Parade: 

“Smile, Laugh, be charming. Smile laugh be charming. Smile laugh…”

You during training:

“While the others were busy, Sherlock and I… we snuck off where no one would bother us and just… danced. We danced like the world wasn’t ending tomorrow, like one or both of us wasn’t going to die, and frankly… I’d never felt happier.”

Reaction to your training score:

“YES! OH HELL YES! THANK GOD! I may make it through this after all!!!" 

//he IS a crack shot…

During your interview prep:

"so… what you’re saying is…you want me to act gay? HOW? Should I walk up to Ceasar, or would you rather I sashay?”

During your interview:

“……….. [pained] I love to…. boogie……….”

How you spend your night before the games:

“It was our last chance, after all… I wanted to make it proper, you know? Since we were saying goodbye in the morning.”

Waiting in the launch room:

“I was not, am not, and never will be ready for this.”

You during the bloodbath at the Cornucopia: 

“Sherlock, he… h-he distracted the others to give me a chance… the last I saw of him, he and a career- um Moriarty I think- were hurling over some structure. The canon fired for both of them that night…”

Reaction when someone asks to be allies:

“HAHA! So you can slit my throat the first chance you get? Thanks Moran, but I think I’ll take my chances”

What you do for most of the games:

“I um…. I tried to play to the sponsors a bit… I don’t think I’m the greatest actor…”

The first time you kill someone:

“Don’t think about it. Don’t think about the blood, just keep your head up and keep moving. Keep moving.”

When the other tribute from your district dies:

“What kept running through my mind was how am I supposed to face her family? Poor Molly, she had always been so sweet.”

How you feel when you win:

“……………………………I what now….?”

How you greet your stylist and mentor:

“They asked me how I was doing, how I felt. I couldn’t possibly tell them the truth, so I said ‘I’m fair enough’.”

Watching the replay of the games: 

“Now I need to act gay for the rest of my life. Wonderful.”

First thing you do when you get home: 


“Not. Dead. Hello John”


anonymous asked:

Imagine Dan, Phil, Joe and Caspar doing a collab with the roommate/boyfriend [whichever works for you tbh] tag. [Also my Phan and Jaspar trash heart would really like to think of headcannons but I'm crap at writing those kinds of things. If you don't mind thinking about it, could you think of at least 6 headcannons/moments? Thanks. 🤓

ahhh this is all i want in life!!! i think ive said before that id really like them to do something where theyre competing against each other??? basically i want them to be lowkey fighting about which pair knows each other better/ works best together. like, imagine: 

  • caspar getting cocky about how well he knows joe (like he does in pretty much every best friend challenge they do. “yeah we can answer any question about each other! i know everything about joe!! his fav colour, the number of sugars he likes in his coffee, the exact time and location of his birth…”)
  • them doing something really silly like the binoculolz challenge; jaspar vs phan. i’d also really like them to do something where one persons blindfolded and the other person has to guide them somewhere, or help them complete a task. which seems kinda random just but imagine how much touching would be involved. ok thanks. 
  • also with this i need lots of insults towards the other team to try and put them off. like, dan bringing up the fact that caspar looks like a pineapple (actually i feel like most of the #bants would be between dan and caspar but i can imagine phil getting competitive and blurting out something insulting and everyone freezing and dan bursting out laughing) 
  • listen,,,they need do something offensive or kinda dirty like play cards against humanity or never have i ever. i feel like itd bring them a lot closer together as people. 
  • a room mate swap. dan and joe at the ‘phlat’, caspar and phil at the ‘jaspar pad’. i feel like this would be a skit, and i’d need it to include scenes like: joe walking into the glass kitchen door, dan showing him anime, joe being surprised/scared by the one direction poster on the toilet door, a shot where joe notices dan’s haru pillow and looks at it quizzically while dan glances at the camera and quickly gets joe to focus on something else. and: caspar getting phil to dj, the two of them playing fifa, phil finding the emma lee doll like stuffed in drawer or something and deciding that he is her father now, he and caspar then fighting over her. and a scene at the end where jaspar and phan reunite and they go on abt how much they missed each other and how they wouldnt really want to live with anyone else.
  • but really i dont care what kind of video they do bc im sure itd be cute and hilarious no matter what i just need this collab to happen already!!! 

anonymous asked:

any STOP headcanons?

I’m going to cry I was working on this. It was so long. So extensive. The most beautiful Bullet HC post of my life. And I hit the wrong button and lost THE ENTIRE POST. I want to cry. This is the third time I’ve had to write this out. I lost it earlier when I was on mobile too. This post doesn’t want to be written. The world isn’t ready for the beauty of STOP. I will persevere. (Parsevere. Ha.)
There’s a ton under the cut. (Credit to @foxtrotdefencesquad for writing the first thing. Life immitates art. Art immitates life. And here we are.) 
• OK so to start with. The pets. Between Kent “A Literal Old Cat Lady” Parson, Neal “I genuinely enjoy throwing the ball for my dogs for HOURS” O’Wool, Wango “Do you want to hold my Hamster?” Tango, and Snowy “My parrot says Fuck too” TheGoalie, their house is just covered in animals
• Plus their first date was the zoo, so, you know
• It’s special to them
• Also Tango definitely falls for the old “They told me it was a teacup pig and after a few months I came to realize that they definitely lied to me But I Love My Large Weird Fat Dog Anyways”

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