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Luna Lovegood: Professional quidditch commentator

-remember that time Luna Lovegood commentated on a quidditch match during her Hogwarts days?
-and kept getting distracted and talking about how much she liked Ginny and didn’t know what was going on?
-So headcanon: fast-forward to Ginny playing as Keeper for the Harpies
-Luna has a box seat with the commentator because, as #1 fan and girlfriend of the Harpies’ best keeper,she has special treatment
-one day, something happens that prevents the commentator from doing his job
-since Luna is always there with him, she just. Takes over for him. Like no biggie
-and it’s basically a repeat of the hogwarts game she commentated on when she was younger, but b e t t e r
-“I don’t actually know what’s going on here, but look at my girlfriend! Hi, Ginny! She’s so cute and nice. And also quite red. Must be from all the flying.”
-“Oh my, the keeper for the other team has the nicest fringe! And a wonderful figure… don’t worry, Ginny dear, I still love you the most.”
-the whole game just consists of Luna babbling on and on and on
-and she continues talking even after the snitch is caught??
-but it’s the most watched quidditch game in history because of how entertaining the commentator was, and everyone thought it was so funny and cute so she is asked to return
-Ginny tries to teach her how to do it properly but Luna just keeps flirting over the PA which makes Ginny all fired up so she played extra hard
-but at the end of the game Ginny flies over and kisses Luna all breathless and sweet
-and they unintentionally become like this high-profile couple because a picture of them kissing at the game gets put in the prophet??
-long story short, Luna and Ginny become a model couple for LGBT wizards and witches everywhere
-also Luna is a really good quidditch commentator the end

Boston General

(gif credit to the creator)

Part Seven - Hurricane

Master List

Pairing: Misha x Reader
Word Count: 1,345
Warnings: language, medical stuff, angst, things I can’t add without giving stuff away
A/N: I feel like it’s been forever and a day since I posted this but here is part 7! Huge thanks to Nicole (@iwantthedean​) for help with all the medical stuff. Title comes from Hurricane by Panic! At The Disco. I highly recommend listening while you read since I had it on repeat while I was writing this lol. If you’d like to be tagged let me know! Hope you guys like it! Anyway, feedback for this is awesome! :)

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“We used to play pretend“

Songs Series #1: “Stressed Out“

(A/N): Announcement, but not really, this is the first chapter of the new series I‘ll be doing. I chose this song because I personally think that it‘s so overrated, that it‘s underrated. At the moment I prefer to only write based on Twenty One Pilots songs. Feel free to let me know which one you‘d like me to use, enjoy x 

Words: 1,203

Originally posted by fulltimereject16

“I need a break“ Tyler snaps all of sudden and storms out of the room. 

You all have been stuck inside the studio, working on the new album for the whole day, with the only thing keeping you awake being caffein beverages. Everyone is intensely worn out, since all the energy has been drained out of your bodies. That‘s fairly noticeable by your bloodshot eyes defined with heavy black creases, longing for a good sleep. 

You immediately shoot Josh a concerning look the second after Tyler left the room to receive a simple shrug in response. The brown haired guy is for sure terribly exhausted, but so is everyone else. Meaning that could not be an explanation for his questioning outburst. Out of curiosity and confusion, you stand up from your seat and decide to go look for him. First, you had no clue where he could‘ve gone, but fortunately an idea popped into your mind. In less than five minutes after, you find him leaning with his elbows on the railing of the rooftop, he seems to be burying his head in both of his hands. Slowly, you make your way towards the guy. 

“Would you mind some company?“ 

The man shakes his head and lifts it off his hands, his gaze now focused on the low sky. The poor guy has been working his ass off nonstop for the past weeks, he‘s spend the most amount of time in the studio in comparison to the rest. You being his best friend, feel like having the responsibility for his wellbeing. With that in mind, you gave yourself the mission to frequently make sure that he has something else besides Redbull in his system and gets at least five hours of sleep per day. The fact that he‘s clearly overworking is more than obvious by now. 

“What is up with you lately, Ty?“ you ask carefully, trying not to hit a nerve of his.

The brown haired guy finally looks at you with his bleary-eyes. “I don‘t know, (Y/N)! Why do I suck so much at my own job?“, he exclaims, catching you completely off guard and continues speaking before you could respond, “I wish I could find some sounds that no one has ever heard. I wish I had a better voice and sang some better words. I wish I found some chords in an order that is new. I wish I didn‘t have to rhyme every time I sang!

“What are you talking about? You are great at your job!“, you say, fully aware of his current vulnerable state, “And if you‘re not satisfied with your work, go ahead and do something about it. What‘s stopping you? “

“That‘s easier said than done“, he chuckles dryly and breaks the eye contact, “You know, I was told that when I get older all my fears would shrink, but know I‘m just insecure and care what people think

The rage of his voice starts to dwindle after involuntarily admitting that he‘s unsure of himself, therefore you decide to tune down as well, because you knew better than to raise your voice at him. “Everyone has their own fears. You just have to learn to cope with them. Just because you haven‘t found a way to deal with yours, does not mean you have to value other‘s option of you, Tyler“

The brown haired boy lets out a heavy huff at your attempt to make him feel better, or at least that‘s what he thinks it is. “I wish we could turn back time (Y/N), to the good ol‘ days. When our momma sang us to sleep, but now we‘re stressed out

“The harmless fears of our childhood has been replaced with serious adulthood‘s problems. Don‘t we all want to go back in time when our lives hasn‘t lost it‘s innocence?“ you sigh, leaning onto the railing next to him.

“Remember when we used to play pretend and give each other different names?“, he brings up out of blue with a small but genuine smile on his face, “We would build a rocket ship and then fly it far away, because we used to dream of outer space

“Of course!“, you instantly answer as a grin creeps onto your face, “We‘ve always dreamt about exploring new things and new places. But now we have to make an income and pay our bills“ you finish with a sarcastic chuckle.

“Why is that? The concept of being pressured into focusing on our jobs, so that we don‘t have time to enjoy life is ridiculous! I‘m instantly hearing voices inside my head saying ‘wake up, you need to make money‘, how messed up is that?“ Tyler exclaims, entirely speaking his mind.

You on the other hand, have a slightly different point of view. “They‘d laugh at our faces if we go back to our childhood fantasies and fun, Tyler. Don‘t you think we‘ve already passed that period of time?“

“Can you blame me though?“, the guy blurts out, out of pure frustration, “When we were younger, nothing really mattered. No problem was serious enough that a simple nap could‘t fix it! A child‘s belief has limitless possibilities, now we‘re summoned to deal with the brain damaging reality“

“I‘m not saying we should all be living a depressed life, but you just have to face responsibilities while growing up. That‘s the circle of life, even if it fucking sucks. Sorry but there‘s nothing you can do besides accepting it“ you tell him, without regretting one single word coming out of your mouth.

After a long silence, taking in what you have said Tyler finally gives in “I mean- I guess you‘re right“ 

“Aren‘t I always“

“Don‘t make me regret saying that“, he warns as the grin appears back on his face, “Thank you for keeping up with me by the way“

“Do I have choice?“, you respond jokingly. The man lets out a dramatic gasp and pretends to be hurt by the witty remark. “C‘mon let‘s go back“

Just when you were about to turn around, the brown haired guy stops you. “(Y/N)?“ 

“Yes, Tyler?“

“Hop on my back“ he says, making you arch your eyebrow.

“Hell no, you‘re just going to drop me like last time we played rocket ship“

“I was six! Don‘t you trust me?“ he asks, giving you the best puppy look he could pull off.

Doesn‘t matter how hard you try, there‘s no way you could ever say no to those big brown eyes and pouted lips. Therefore, you hesitantly agree to his idea. Bouncing a few times on the balls of your feet, you boost yourself up into his awaiting arms, hooking your legs around him. Tyler‘s hands instantly wrap tightly around your thighs, securing you in place as he makes his way towards the exit. At some point, his grip looses and he playfully lets go of you just for a brief second, causing you to let a loud squeal escape your lips.

“Don‘t do that!“ you shriek at your laughing best friend and start to repeatedly hit his back. 

“Stop hurting me! That‘s just payback for earlier“ Tyler claims between giggles, referring to your ‘rude‘ comment. 

“You‘re such a child“



Timeless Scenes for every episode (1x16)

It’s barely been a few days since the season(!) finale and none of us are really over it yet, but I wanted to get this out of my system because the episode was fantastic and heart breaking and I check for new fanfics every hour. (It’s only a small problem okay…)

Here are some of my thoughts on the scenes above and why they’re my favorite.

1- Noah… First, thank the heavens she finally broke up with him. Second, I felt bad for him in this episode, even though I never liked him; and now that my theories about her mother are canon I really don’t trust him. Like if Lucy is Rittenhouse royalty there’s no way that her mother would let her marry someone she didn’t truly approve of (which means he’s likely Rittenhouse too). But it was nice to see him look like he cared(s) about her and has a heart. I’m sure he’ll be back next season making her life more miserable along with her mother… SMH. (AND YES I HAVE 78% FAITH, WE’RE GETTING ANOTHER SEASON, BC IT WOULD BE WRONG TO NOT RENEW THIS SHOW).

2-Oh Jiya. I love Jiya. This scene was gold.

3&4- Any scene where anyone recognizes that Lucy and Wyatt are married af is my favorite.

5- Ethan Cahill killed me, a whole lot. I love him and he’s the one redeemable Rittenhouse member. His and Lucy’s relationship is the best and he treats her with so much love and respect. And he sees her and Wyatt as married af too, so that’s also amazing.

6-This scene made me so sad. I felt horrible for Flynn and wished he could have gone to save his family. AND FINALLY we got some answers in this scene even though it only led to more questions. And bc they have really good chemistry, and even though I am 100% a Lyatt shipper, I can recognize that Lucy and Flynn have got something good going on beneath all that mystery and loss too.

7&8- I hate slow burn ships and I would have given anything for them to be honest with each other and just shout that they love each other. But hugs… hugs and safety and comfort are some of the best things about a relationship. And this hug… they didn’t have to shout anything, it was so obviously there.

9- Same thing, but I’m glad Wyatt’s finally seeing that he doesn’t need to feel guilty for loving Lucy and wanting to move on with his life. It was a great natural progression that shouldn’t be rushed (I know I just contradicted myself from 7&8, but it’s true and taking care of grief in a positive way is something that needs to be done proper).

10- Jiya… again, I love Jiya. And I knew she could hear him. I was glad they at least got a semi-happy ending.

Okay, that’s all for now and not all of my posts will be this long I promise; but I’m just still so full of feels after that finale!

All gif maker credits available when you click on the images. 

Bonus (gif maker tag is on the gif itself):

11- I’m glad Connor wasn’t the evil dick we all thought he was. I mean I’m still mad but I don’t hate him. I didn’t want to believe he was evil but at the same time I found it totally plausible; but this scene where he’s back being his dorky self and his earlier scene with Agent Christopher where he explained he was playing the long game and protecting Rufus- that’s where he really redeemed himself for me.

Happy ASTRO Day! Wow I cant believe practically 1 year has passed since they debuted, and they put out 4 albums already and have achieved so much in their early months of their debut that I havent seen other groups as rookies have done. Im incredibly proud of them, they have grown since Hide and Seek to Should’ve Held On ; MJ, JinJin, Cha Eunwoo, Moonbin, Rocky and Yoon Sanha have given us and showcase us how much they appreciate us, care for us and showcase how talented they are but ONE thing that’s really important is that they stay true to themselves, they show their individual personality.
Without these 6 members, I truly wouldn’t be the person that I am today. If I hadnt discovered ASTRO, I wouldnt have made any friends and a new family, I’m thankful that I have discovered ASTRO because I made friends and a new family ( @parkminhyvks @tinytaeil @moonhyeoku @jinjins-freckles @jisoox @dontstealjiminsjams @pastelsuga @taelightsavings @sanhatation @astro-tastic @wydkook @sprjngup @phantasticlela @moonbinmeow @adorejinhao etc..)
Another year has passed since ASTRO debuted, came into the light, lets continue on to many more❤

i'm opening commissions soon!

just a heads up! ♡ this’ll be my first time trying to do commissions, so wish me luck!!

a little info about commissions:
- my prices will range from $1 to $4!!
- i’m opening these because i’m trying to save up for a new art tablet!
- i won’t have slots with these because i figure i’ll get a lot less buyers than i did with bell commissions since it’s real money. so once these open, you’ll be able to buy one anytime! c:

i’m excited, and i hope you guys are too!! ♡ thank you all for putting me in a position where i feel comfortable doing this! i hope you have a great day!

anonymous asked:

I watched PP2 for the first time (yes, ever) just the other day, and is it fair to say I felt…underwhelmed? It's just that I've read SO.MUCH incredible fic since it came out, be it Bechloe, Mitchsen, even Becommissar, that the actual movie just didn't measure up. 😪

It’s impossible for a film like PP 1 or 2 to measure up when you’re comparing it to fanfic. Fanfic is tailor-made for the fans. It, ideally, gives you everything missing from the pairing or movie itself. There’s no way it CAN stand up against fanfic. Fanfic gives us the pairings the movies don’t or won’t. They’re two separate entities. All I can say is, enjoy the films for what they are. I do. And thank fuck for fanfic. ;)

anonymous asked:

Sorry, it's just I do work with kids and have kids of my own, you're less likely to give them a bug it's more the other way around trust me, how often are you sick? It seems a couple weeks ago or something you were off of your placement or college one of the two either way they're both really important for your future I don't understand how you can keep having days off or even what was it you called it a few months ago? A "mental health day" we all have our bad days but in an adult world we deal

i had the cold/throat infection/bad asthma and i took two days off for that (1 college, 1 placement). i took today off because i phoned up and was told ‘no it’s best if you stay off’. Since August, I think i’ve had 4/5 days off.. it’s not worrying when there’s people in my class who are taking two days off every other week. Besides, I’ve not had a mental health day since my first year of college last year, I am dealing ahaha. I’ve been awake all night being sick and with an incredibly painful stomach. I know it’s important but i physically can’t help if I’m ill plus there’s no point in going in if i’m not going to feel my best or provide the best support for the children ya know? x


21/02/17, ink

Fun times! I was tagged by my friend Gabrysia to dig out some old crap and post it (1 work every day for a week), but I have to complicate my life and decided to make it fancier and remake that shit to take a look at my progress. So here goes. This is my dear friend Ytril’s character, Meroh, as I drew him 6 years ago, and as I drew him today. Man, I actually am proud of myself.

You might think Meroh is an impressive dude, since he can turn into a dragon and stuff… except his dragon form is like, Mushu sized. Well, one just can’t have everything.

Here’s the tag for this comparison of mine. Probably I’ll go for more than 7, who knows. Who knows indeed. This is actually fun, as long as I don’t have to spend more than 2 hours on the remake. 

And yes, of course I avoided drawing hands, for obvious reasons. Now look at me go. I love drawing hands. ¯\_( ̄▽ ̄)_/¯

Oh and the old one was done with a watercolour graphite pencil. Cool stuff. But haven’t used it since.

Me /is so asleep from running on 3 hours sleep thanks to @ arsen for fucking me up with Weather that I just liked my own post after someone reblogged it and had to unlike it

I know I’ve only just posted that one (1) Gio post but I’ve really gotta sleep since it’s been a wee bit of a rough day and I am just ded

Goodnight! ♡♡

I’ve been tagged by the lovely @scottryder to post 11 facts about myself, so let’s goooooo

1. I have an aunt and uncle who are both professors at Bryn Mawr University.

2. I have a scar on my chin that I apparently got from hitting my chin too hard on the back of a couch. Granted I have no recollection of this happening, but i’ve been told as such.

3. I have a stuffed dog named Blackberry that I’ve had since I was like… five that I still cuddle to get to sleep.

4. I’d really like to learn ASL one day!

5. I enjoy urban fantasy novels, and hope to publish one someday. 

6. I learned to knit about five years ago. I can make scarves and hats and blankets, among other things

7.  My favorite color is purple (even before getting into Saints Row)

8. I really, really like jackets. I have no idea why.

9. I was a soprano in my high school choir. I don’t sing formally anymore at the moment, but maybe that will change.

10. I am a Nintendo fucker for life and you will pry the love of that company and the games they produce out of my cold dead hands.

11. I have a different scar on my cheek that I got the day I was born from a scalpel slipping as they were giving my mom a C-section.

Let’s see… I tag @nocciolinafelice. @simplykasai, @pierceaholic, @no-longer-living, @cary0phyllaceae, @jencforcarolina, and anyone else who would like to do this! <3

anonymous asked:

Hey, mom, I've been feeling a bit weird. I spent my week at the beach with some friends I've known since kindergarten (I start freshman year on monday), and eve though I love this place we were at I just felt kinda... Odd, I think. Idk, I didn't feel like being with them most of the time and I kind of felt pressured by everyone to do whatever they were doing. I mean, I was supposed to be making the most of it (school actually started 3 days ago, so I missed the first days). (1/2)

(2/2) Everyone is saying I’m antisocial and maybe I am, I don’t know, what’s wrong with it?! It’s my life, you know? I guess I’m just tired, and so not ready to start High School in two days. Thanks for supporting us I know you go through a lot of stuff to do that, you’re really awesome.       

Hi sweetie – what you’re experiencing sounds perfectly reasonable to me! A lot of times, going away with people – even and perhaps especially people we know really well – comes with a lot of pressures to, as you say, do everything together and stuff. This is especially the case when you’re going off to high school so soon (congratulations!). That pressure can for sure be overwhelming – it would for sure make me antisocial! There is nothing wrong with needing alone time and space – there is nothing wrong with asserting what you need. In short, there is nothing wrong with you. I am sending you so much love and support, darling: you’re perfect!! <3 <3 <3

anonymous asked:

omg have you posted any pics of the merch you got? :o id love to see it ;;;

i did!! it’s right here :’)

in answer to the anon about the hacking: they found out it was an indonesian twice/bts anti that wanted to start hate between the two groups since the mv’s came out on the same day.

oh damn :-(

Can you please reblog this? ;; the music shows are starting and its important so bts-info*tumblr*com/post/157543250009/dont-go-to-bighits-page

isn’t the page working again tho?? ;;; but signal boost!!

what’s your number 1 ultimate FAVE OF ALL FAVES taekook moment?

HOW could you possibly ask me this,,,, btu it’d have to be the bon voyage sleepy cuddle for sure

angel-bythewings  asked:

Hey!! We have the same height, would you pass me some tips to weight like you? Have a great day 😘

Hey! 🌹

-the most important part for me was to get a food routine. To have specific times where you eat. for example, I don’t breakfast at home, I breakfast in school. And I have one slice of bread for the first break and 1 slice for the second break.
this routine is hella important for me and maybe it helps you too ☁️

-the next tip is a bit hard for me since I’m still living with my family but if you can, get rid of all the food you could binge on. If there isn’t any binge material at home you probably won’t binge.

- drink lots of water!

- maybe safe some thinspo on your phone so you can look at it and remind yourself why you’re doing this

- don’t force yourself to work out! During weightloss you might get really weak, depends on how fast you’re losing weight. if you don’t feel like you should workout then don’t do it!

- care about your health!

yeah these were a few tips 🕊 have a wonderful day ❤

stay safe and healthy please ❤