i was there for motorhead and anthrax

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1. nicknames: Was called Luke Baker at one point.

2. gender: Male.

3. star sign: Scorpio.

4. height: 5″9

5. current time: 16:26

6. birthday: October  23rd

7. favorite bands: Choking Victim, Municipal Waste, Slayer, Megadeth, Anthrax, Metallica, Angelic Upstarts, Alestorm, Testament, The Cure, Motorhead, Leftover Crack etc… (I could go on for a while)

8. favorite solo artist(s): Positive Junk - all his stuff is recorded and mixed by himself in his bedroom and it’s sick.

9. song stuck in my head: Tornado of Souls - Megadeth.

10. last movie watched: Without a Paddle.

11. last show watched: Action Bronson, Travelling the Stars with Ancient Aliens.

12. when did i create my blog: December 2014.

13. what do i post: Whatever appeals to me really. Mostly punk stuff, cats and occasionally something slightly nsfw.

14. last thing i googled: How to edit Fallout 4 save files.

15. do you have other blogs: No.

16. do you get asks: Occasionally. Mostly it’s just abuse from certain cretins but sometimes it’s nice stuff :)

17. why did you choose you url: I like Choking Victim and I was changing my url kinda frequently due to aforementioned cretins.

18. following: 435

19. followers: 320

20. favorite colors: I don’t really have a favourite colour, I like most colours.

21. average hours of sleep: 7-9

22. lucky number: None

23. instruments: deez hands

24. what am i wearing: Blue cotton shirt that I got from work and some comfy waste man trousers.

25. how many blankets i sleep with: One or none.

26. dream job: I have no idea what I wanna do with my life so ???????????

27. dream trip: I’d love to go around and visit my friends that I’ve made on Tumblr.

28. favorite food:  Mac n Cheese.

29. nationality: English.

30. favorite song now: She’s Not There - Carlos Santana, or Deficit (Our Generation) - The Infested

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1) Well Respected Man by The Kinks

2) Last Child by Aerosmith

3) Caught In a Mosh by Anthrax

4) Sweet Leaf by Black Sabbath

5) Don’t Fear The Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult

6)  What Do I get by the Buzzcocks

7) Beats So Lonely by Charlie Sexton

8) Sudden Death by Megadeath

9) The Chase Is Better Than the Catch by Motorhead

10) Personality Crisis by New York Dolls

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1. im going into my second year of college for geology with a minor in anthropology! i really love studying geology at my college next summer were going to nova scotia for field work so thatll be cool! i already talk about this stuff a lot but i would like to focus on historical geo/paleontology and work in field research/museums in the future! id also like to maybe write science fiction one day!

2. i listen to a lot of different music and i go to a lot of concerts! right now im really into ghost bc like its kinda consuming my life ive seen them live twice in philly this summer and im still shaken to the core about it AHHHH BUT recently ive also seen anthrax, motorhead, crobot, pearl jam (twice), iron maiden, and astronoid!

3. i like doing stuff with my hair and i think body mod stuff is cool! ive had my hair dyed like every color its been blue, red, bleach blonde, teal/green, pink, purple and black and now its just my natural hair color i also had double undercuts in the 10th grade but ive never had my hair shorter than shoulder length. i dont think im gonna do any with it right now, but i am getting my first tattoo soon and im thinking about getting some more ear piercings! 

4. im rooming with two of my best friends this year so shoutout to @rhidemption and @jiminnss cant wait to scalp you two at the mall this weekend!!!

5. i love decorating a lot like any space im given i have to fill it with cute weird kitschy things i CANNOT stand a boring/bare room it needs to be cute and cozy and colorful and have fairy lights all over

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I’ve been working on this battle jacket for about a year and a half, though the last time I put a patch on it was the Judas Priest one and that was back in May I think. I gotta get back into buying patches since I really got into getting velcro ones for my backpack lately.

anonymous asked:

can you recommend any good songs or even bands. i love any kind of music!

pink floyd, nirvana, the rolling stones, the beatles, led zeppelin, metallica, guns n roses, the who, the red hot chili peppers, black sabbath, iron maiden, black flag, queen, the clash, ac/dc, my chemical romance, bring me the horizon, marilyn manson, green day, motley crue, judas priest, slayer, death, slipknot, megadeth, pantera, motorhead, anthrax, deep purple, children of bodom, lamb of god, van halen, pixies, the ramones, the sex pistols, blink 182, dead kennedys, black flag, misfits, the offspring, rancid, bad religion, soundgarden, pearl jam, 7 year bitch, L7, social distortion, alice in chains, stone temple pilots, mudhoney, screaming trees, mother love bone, temple of the dog, green river, hole, bush, foo fighters, tad, skin yard, mad season, sonic youth, candlebox, 9 inch nails, melvins, rage against the machine are my favourite bands!