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BTW I’m not even trying to be hard on Dipper here, he’s a sweet boy but he’s been taught by society and media that this is how a boy is supposed to act when he has a crush on a girl. 

But it’s also so important that the narrative calls out this behavior as bad and that Dipper learns his lesson.

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Miraculous Ladybug fans talk about how romantic it is that Marinette loves Adrien enough to give up her miraculous-her identity- to save him in the Volpina episode, but I don’t really see remarks about how stUPID THAT IS. Not even for the selfish “you have half of an ultimate power and are a famous superhero and you’d give that up for a boy you can’t talk to?!” But because if Hawkmoth gets the Miraculous, she would lose everything, including Adrien.

Because Hawkmoth would have the Ladybug Miraculous. Then no akumas could be purified. Then they would be running rampant. And Chat Noir wouldn’t be able to do anything.

So yeah, it shows Ladybug cares for Adrien. She cares to an obsessive, excessive, and dangerous level.

Yooo I’m Garnet (she/they), I chose Team Mystic because Articuno is my favorite legendary and blue is my favorite color, and I just snagged a canon Zelda url directly related to one of my favorite characters so I’m in a pretty good mood even though I can only sort of smile ;p

I may go through with this AU idea thing I’ve been kicking around afterall? I have no idea of a plot(plot? What’s plot?lol) I just want to draw things. And I’ve got an idea of hinata as a crow demon and he’s kinda stuck in my head. So, the only logical thing to do would be to actually draw it, right? Lol

It’s really an excuse to draw characters with cute pointy ear, fangs and/or claws. Cause I live for this kind of thing.


This took me 2 hours to make ._. I drew this with my new drawing tablet I got for Xmas, I barley use it cause I like drawing on paper but I got curious and drew with the tablet.

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WHOA!!! Good thing you have something like that… I struggle on drawing with my fingers as the stylus… Q -Q

But ya know you should practice more ~~ Pretty sure you’ll do better next time~ ^^

  • Me: Alright! I just played Kingdom Hearts on the PS4 for 14 hours straight because I wanted to see how far I could get in one sitting!
  • My brain: Liar.
  • Me: What?
  • My brain: You wanted to see Sephiroth.
  • Me: No! I just wanted to see how far I could get!
  • My brain: You're a terrible a liar.
  • Me: ...
  • My brain: ...
  • Me: Dammit...

im honestly super optimistic about this summer now bc the new manager is SUPER nice and she seems really enthusiastic about making sure everyone like enjoys working there and making it a fun environment, and she even like checked w me about if i wanted to start later so i had time to relax after getting back from school? so like compared to my old manager who like, sent out schedules at 11 the night before and had yelling arguments with his boyfriend when they were on the clock im already feeling this summer is gonna be less stressful lmao

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  1. girl that you love by p!atd
  2. haunting by halsey
  3. galway girl by ed sheeran
  4. mercy by shawn mendes
  5. where do we go from here by ruelle
  6. jupiter by sleeping at last
  7. gaston from the beauty and the beast soundtrack
  8. therapy by all time low
  9. flaws by bastille
  10. sad beautiful tragic by taylor swift

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