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You'd think Kaneki would put two and two together lol. In his defense - admittedly a weak one lol -, he probably took what Itori said about ghoul mothers as gospel truth (that and the whole 'being busy with OEK stuff' thing). Why, after confirming his suspicions, he didn't talk to her, I wonder? (besides plot reasons) Maybe it’s related to him going somewhere...? Touka, even after reading the letter, should be safe for now. I mean she doesn't have any info about the letter (1)

Hello Anon and actually I was under the impression that Kaneki quit being dense in the new chapter and that he caught on about Touka’s pregnancy. First, Nishiki messed up xD

Then Kaneki ran to Touka and asked her several times about her body and health maybe hoping she’d confirm what Nishiki was implying…

but she seemed not to have anything to say so he thought he misunderstood until he saw the calendar…

And I personally think that’s when he caught on. :)

As for why he didn’t talk to her, well, she clearly didn’t want to mention it, seeing how she threw him out of her room when he saw the calendar, so he probably also realized that she had a reason for not mentioning it so far and thus he didn’t press the subject further. 

It was also probably a bit of a crazy realization, I mean, did you see how he ran when Nishiki told him? xD If he did realize about what the calendar meant and that he got a confirmation, then his brain might have temporarily stopped working under the surprise and the shock effect! I wonder if it is related to him not being in his room at the end of the chapter indeed, but I’m supposing we will have the answer next week. :)

About Furuta: yes, I completely agree with you, Anon! Targeting Yoriko is a move against Kaneki (that’s Mutsuki’s side of the plan) and a move against the Kuroiwa family (that’s more Furuta’s side of the plan). :)

Finally, about Yoriko, the thing is, with this official document, Touka knows at least that she was arrested and sentenced to death for the CCG and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out why, especially when Mutsuki already tried to achieve the same results with a fake hand. 

As for what Touka herself will do, it’s the dilemma that I discussed about here and here: Touka will have to decide between endangering her baby to save Yoriko or accepting that she doesn’t stand a chance (logically speaking) and thus choosing to do “nothing” and to protect her baby instead.

In my opinion, considering how Touka matured…

…and was able to keep her cool attitude during her fight against Mutsuki, I wouldn’t be surprised if her reaction was to confront Kaneki about it instead of rushing there, but

  1. she’s pregnant and has mood swings
  2. there is the fact that Kaneki hid that fact from her in the first place

These two points go together, as in, her pregnancy could be the reason she won’t rush to the CCG because she can realize that she doesn’t stand a chance and that it could be dangerous for the baby. At the same time, since Kaneki hid that fact from her, she might believe that he won’t save Yoriko and thus end up going by herself, if she can’t agree to the idea of her friend dying because of her.

Honestly, as of right now time is probably short for reflection (since it took some days before Kou delivered the letter) so if Kaneki can’t be found maybe she’ll act on her own, but I’d rather see her confronting Kaneki first.
…Unless we’re supposed to keep going with the miscommunication and that:

  • Touka, having realized about Yoriko’s predicament, goes to the CCG in Kaneki’s stead, despite her pregnancy
  • Kaneki, having realized about Touka’s pregnancy, finds out that Touka went on her own to the CCG because he hesitated and that she’s now within their hands


  • since Kanou is at the CCG, he might be interested by Touka’s pregnancy which would still be a guarantee that she’ll survive despite going to the CCG, because Kanou is interested by the nature of the future baby (V could even do the trick, since they wanted Eto at some point)
  • or the theories about Mutsuki stabbing Touka in the womb and killing the baby will turn out to be accurate 
  • Furuta’s plan about building his image of the super villain won’t be altered if he allows horrible thing to happen to Touka when she’s a pregnant young woman (remember the Ghoul counter measure law, article 13 clause 2? “It is prohibited to cause more pain to a ghoul than necessary”, I’d say he could have fun with horrifying people with trespassing this one). 

Just like last week, I feel that the amount of possibilities is just crazy and I can’t really decide about one that is more likely than the others, so I hope it was understandable, Anon!

Thanks for passing by, I hope you had a nice weekend too! :)

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1, 3, 6, 21 from the dig deeper asks

1.)  Do you prefer writing with black or blue pen?

Black pen always. Preferably a fountain pen for writing because I like to think my chicken scratches have some importance

3.) If you could learn a new skill, what would it be?

To know how to actually draw lol. No artistic though, if I could learn archery or improve my (lack of) bass skill that’d be great

6.) Do you prefer baths or showers?

Showers. I haven’t been able to fit in the tub for 5 years so no more baths for me ;-;

21.) What are you most thankful for?

At this point, I’d say all the awesome people here in ze zoot fandom (cheesy I know), but coming here has helped me a lot when I was dealing with stuff minor or major. 

Thanks for asking @ryutolbx ! You hath kept me from ze boredom that comes with 3am

greetings. it is i, temi. i joined like 2 or 3 months ago and i made an introduction post but no one saw it so i deleted it and thought why not make a better one, now that i’ve seen some better intro posts. so lemme just pretend this is my first post.

basic things:

  • my name is temi
  • im nigerian
  • i like memes
  • i like feminist-related things

what grade am i going to?

im going tp 9th grade and i’m actually pretty excited for it!

what classes am i taking?

  • world geography
  • pre-ap biology
  • pre-ap english 1
  • pre-ap geometry
  • principles of digital editing
  • floral design
  • japanese 1 and 2

what do i plan to do when i get out of high school?

i want to take some sort of animation courses in college or possibly be a herpetologist

what will i post?

  • pictures of my notes when school starts again
  • bujo spreads
  • some annoying feminist content
  • screaming abt daft punk’s hiatus
  • positive things even though i think pretty low of myself
  • my “workspace” if i feel like it
  • pictures of my d i y projects

favorite stuff:

  • daft punk
  • large puzzles
  • oreos
  • bread
  • animating
  • snakes

favs who inspire me:

@snowystudiess   @studyrellablr   @sprouht-studies   @cwote   @stvdybuddies   @emmastudies   @studywithinspo   @bionctes   @peepstudies   and a bunch more i can’t think of sorry lol

i hope my studying adventure is lit (i am sorry) and it presents me with lots of challenges. <— that’s me trying to sound like an intellectual. i think i might even try the 100 days of productivity challenge. but thanks for reading I LOVE YOU IF YOU READ THIS 

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I notice you're using Photoshop. Well I wanted to tell you there's an excellent program on par with Photoshop that you don't have to pay monthly for. Clip Studio Paint! They're having a summer sale that will end on June 27th. The whole program will be $87 if you get it before the sale closes. I think you'll enjoy this program! Anyway I love your art!

This confused me when I first saw it, I thought it was an ad (if it’s not, you should consider becoming a sales person, you certainly know how to sell it).

Thankfully, at the moment the photoshop I use I was given by my school long ago, so I don’t pay for it. Should things ever change, I’ll look into this.

Although I’m not a huge fan of change and I’m so used to photoshop by now. But thank you for the suggestion.

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When I first saw your blog, my first assumption is out of this world, it's more like my first impression of your art. Ofc, not in a bad way. I'm fascinated with most of the ideas of your art, it's something myself personally won't even be able to think of and thought it would work and ended up loving them so much. It's just amazing!! I also think you're chill and nice, based on how you always respond to asks from anon & users :"D

oh my this is such a nice assumption and I am so goddamn honored to be assumed about this way

But I don’t want small talk. Text me, and without saying hello, tell me why you got so angry at your neighbor this morning. Tell me why you have a scar shaped like the letter S on your palm. Send me paragraphs about the time you spent at your grandmother’s house that one summer. Call me when I’m half asleep and tell me why you fear owls . Tell me about the first time you saw your dad cry. Tell me about your friends’ childhood funny stories, tell me about the little girl who used to annoy you when you were kids. Text me at 4 AM to tell me about the dream that woke you up , come at my door to show me your writings . Talk to me about your wildest dreams that you feel embarrassed to share with anyone Go on for hours about things that may not seem important because I promise that I’ll be hanging on to every word you say. Tell me everything. I don’t want someone who just talks about the weather.
—  warmsnow07