i was the first thing i thought of when i saw it

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when I first heard about it… maybe almost a decade ago, it was just “we believe life on earth originated from alien beings” and I was like OK, I’ve heard theories like that before. then in recent years I’ve seen documentaries on some extremely cult behavior its like… wow, this got dark

it’s fucking wild. 

cause yeah that was all I really knew about it before and just thought it was a silly stupid joke thing but then saw a murder show about a lady that was killed by her son because she was a Scientologist and they don’t believe in getting psychiatric help and it made me curious to learn more about it

Even the alien thing when I learned about the details of it is like… they believe that some alien overlord ordered planes filled with alien beings (knowns as Thetans) to be dropped on Earth into volcanoes and then the volcanoes bombed with hydrogen bombs and it’s the spirits of those alien Thetans that weigh us down thru past life experiences and shit and the only way to get rid of them is thru “auditing” and uncovering those past traumas to suppress our “reactive mind”

and it makes you wonder how the people that are in it actually believe that but they aren’t even TOLD that shit until they have invested thousands and thousands of dollars and are already in too deep to bail out when they realize how bat-shit it is

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I know you reblogged this FOREVER AGO but if I had to critique your art… wow this is harder than I thought... I'd say you give everyone the same body type. It's not bad, and certainly a nice and shapely body, but it's consistently the same body type for all characters/people you draw. Regardless, I still love your art

First off, thank you so much for the critique! I got excited when I saw it in my inbox.

I wish YouTubers had a more diverse body types for me to draw actually. I enjoy drawing different body types. This is why original characters I create go against normal body standards for beauty.

Heck, I like drawing myself the way I look, because I’m a marshmallow and I love it.

But yeah, I can see why you’d gather that, and there are certain body parts I do draw the same every single time (I’m looking at you noses and feet). I’ll have to see if I can shake certain things up in the future~

Small Rant

So I watched a little bit of Onion’s “Difference Between Sex and Gender” stream or whatever, and I wanted to talk about a few things I saw in the parts I skimmed through.

So like, when I started hearing about everything going on in the stream, my first thought was “Taylor is so insistent that she only argues with Greg in private, why is this public..?”

And then I noticed her comment

She’s basically saying that she tried to handle it privately, so I guess Greg was the one who “Nah I’m gonna use all my fans to prove you wrong.”? Correct me if I’m wrong, like I said I kinda skimmed. However, Greg did also say in the stream that Taylor told him that he would be “ripped apart” if he went on and streamed. I mean, I truly applaud Taylor that she’s standing up for herself, but… honey, telling him that he’ll be ripped apart… I don’t think that’s how you go about it.

Last thing, before Greg told the audience about what Taylor said, he started with all of the people who were commenting things like “I’m sorry Lainey.” Saying they had no reason to be sorry for her.

I have to admit, it’s things like these that make me question my own opinion on Taylor. I do have pity for her, and do feel that she’s trapped. Despite what things she’s done, I do feel pretty sorry for her.

Not to mention Greg tried to lovebomb her a while after the stream and god I hope she doesn’t forgive, at least not easily.

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Who do you ship your mutuals with and why?

oooh, i love it!! (but a word of warning. i’m terrible at explaining “why”, so apologies for the half assed responses. i wish i could word things better.) 

@byungjoo: i ship with bjoo. this was my immediate thought when i saw this. i am a loyal laurjoo stan. idk, they would just be hella cute together. (…almost TOO cute, in fact!!) not to mention, our double dates need to happen, sooo. 

@roh-tae: i ship with roh taehyun. they’re both so adorable. they’re smiles just light up a room. i’d just love to see these two cuties together. 

@channynipa: i ship with park jimin. honestly every time she sends in a selfie to be shipped, he is my first thought. their smiles. oHGOD, THEIR SMILES!! just a sunshine couple. 

♡ @powerclaudi: i ship with himchan. visuals for days!! idk, they just both seem really chill…& chic. a total power couple. 

@happywonhoe: i ship with wonho. two cuties, but also two hella attractive humans.  GORG-EOUS!!!!!!!! just gorgeous!!!

@lifelessgirll: i ship with rowoon. she’s beautful. he’s beautiful. what else is there to say. idk, i just think visually they would look amazing together. and they both seem so sweet, yet totally chic. 

@artistvicky: i ship with haechan. two. cinnamon. rolls. i remember victoria first requesting a ship with nct & i immediately thought of haechan. idk what it is. but i ship it HARD!!