i was testing colours


My initial design for Doctor Slys, which is Dr. Flug realizing his full potential as a Super Villain. Not so much a role reversal as a possible future in which the good in his heart is extinguished.

Design is quickly sketched up and so is subject to changes/tweaks as I play around with it. Wanted to test it with his default colour scheme but I think the red and blue clash too much. Decided to go with the pilot’s mask after talking to @recdrflxg but I took some liberties and will have to practice drawing masks from WWI and II. Like I said, this is a rough conception of what I had in mind but hopefully I was able to get my idea of Slys across.

I’ll write up a post about him and his au next.


I love playing with my overdramatic friend.
Having a pocket lucio is not the same as a mercy or an ana…

keep up!



Ardyn Izunia Make-up and wig progress

I bought the countouring palette from NYX and couldnt wait to give it a quick test. The quick test turned into the need to try on the wig too and BAM… this happened. 😂 I’m way more satisfied now. Will have to test it properly when i got my lenses and stubble tools.

Please bear with me some more. ❤

So far i can recomment this contouring palette. But i stil need an even darker shade.

What do you think? Slowly getting there?