i was teased my whole school life for it

My Imaginary Friend

I recently started thinking about my imaginary friend Electra Cree (yes weird name I know but I was a kid back then). She was my best friend and I considered her a literal member of the family. So many of my family and friends knew who Electra was and even though they couldn’t see her, they still acknowledged her. I remember going on amazing adventures with her all the time and we always had so much fun. She also helped me when I was getting severely bullied in secondary school (or high school for you Americans), and even though the bullies kept teasing me by saying they killed her, I knew she wasn’t dead and that no one could kill her. She was also a shapeshifter so she was able to shapeshift into many different forms.

Then one time later in in my life, when the whole imaginary friend thing stopped, I was talking with my best friend who also used to play with Electra too and we were talking about her and he said to me: “Electra’s still there but only inside your head.”

(Now just to let you know, my best friend doesn’t know anything about Tuplas or anything related to this kind of stuff) But that made me think…..is she? Could she be a Tulpa? Maybe she was inside my head and I never acknowledged it until now. Does this mean I can have Electra back? I’ve been thinking about her a lot lately and I miss her, a lot, even to the point I want to cry. I want to bring Electra back but how?

“I got very lucky. I started working for a family firm right out of high school. I was just doing clerical stuff in the back room at first. But whenever the boss’s kids didn’t show up for work, I’d raise my hand and say: ‘I can do that!’ So I started to be given more and more responsibility. I was one of the only women on the floor back then. The guys wanted to teach me as much as possible, because that meant they could take more breaks. I used to get teased but I didn’t care, because my older sister had been calling me an idiot my whole life. I thought: ‘Yell at me all you want, I’m going to use you for all the knowledge you have.’ Pretty soon, I was yelling right back at them.”