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Without you.

Hii, Here is part 2 to ‘Give me a Break.“ I got so many great responses to it and I cant thank you enough. I hope you enjoy it.xxx

During the first week without him Y/N was alright. She busied herself with working and cleaning up the house and doing everything to take her mind off the fact that something was missing.
Or someone.

During the first week without her Harry was heartbroken. Just like every time he was away from her. It was worse this time though. He didn’t talk to her. And he had no idea where they were standing right now.
And he missed her.

During the second week without him it finally sunk in that he wasn’t there. Y/N finally realized what ‘taking a break’ really meant. It meant radio silence. Nothing. Nothing but her mind wandering to him and what happened. And how everything was so messed up.
And that was when she understood Harry’s doubts.

During the second week without her he got used to the empty feeling inside his heart. He got used to the sleepless nights and mornings filled with tears. He didn’t eat properly anymore. He hadn’t smiled ever since he left her standing in their foyer. He felt like he wasn’t able to breath. Like his lungs would collapse anytime.

When the day of his departure finally came he didn’t know what to do. He wanted to see her before he left for two weeks. He wanted a good luck kiss from her or else he was sure he would mess up SNL.
But when his finger hovered over the call button he hesitated. What if she didn’t want to talk to him? What if she didn’t want to see him?
He was scared.
No, terrified.
But he had to talk to her. He couldn’t take another second without hearing her voice.
So he took a deep breath and called her. And he waited. And waited. With ever beep his heart sunk lower and lower. Until finally it shattered when a female voice told him he could leave a message.
He tossed the phone onto the bed and gasped for air. Tears welled up in his eyes and streamed down his cheeks. Whimpers and silent sobs wrecked his body.
This can’t be happening.
She can’t be serious.
And again he began to doubt everything.

Two hours later his phone rang. When he saw her photo on his screen he closed his eyes for a second before he lifted his phone to his ear.
“Harry, oh my goodness. I’m so sorry I didn’t pick up earlier but I took a nap and I didn’t hear my phone ringing. I’m sorry. Please tell me you didn’t leave yet.”
His eyes closed again when he finally heard her voice again.
“I haven’t.”
“Alright. Okay. Then I’ll come over. You want me to come over, right? Or maybe you just called to let me know you’re leaving and you don’t even want to see me. God, I want to see you, Harry. Or even worse you called to-”
“Love. I want to see you. Or course I do.” he chuckled quietly.
“You do?”
“More than anything.”
“You don’t hate me?”
“I told you I could never hate you.”
“Okay. That’s good, because I don’t hate you either. I actually love you and-” she stopped talking abruptly.
“And I’m rambling.” she sighed out.
Harry chuckled and for the first time in weeks he smiled again. Because of her. Because she made him smile during the worst times.
“You want to come over now?”
“Yes. Of course. I’ll be twenty minutes tops. See you!”
“Drive safely.”
And with that they hung up.
He noticed that his hands were shaking and his face was burning up. Twenty minutes. Twenty minutes until he saw her again. God, he missed her.
He went into the bathroom and studied himself in the mirror. He had a bit of peach fuzz going on above his lips and around his jawline but he knew she liked that. His hair was messy but not too messy. He filled his hands with cold water and spritzt it onto his face to make sure he looked a bit more fresh.
He was wearing the yellow and black pullover from Gucci which Y/N absolutely loved. His legs were covered by black skinny jeans like always. On his fingers sat all the rings Y/N loved.
And she loved him.

Y/N was shaking too when she placed her phone down, her breathing heavier than usual.
She went into the bathroom to check her appearance. Her hair was straightened and framing her face nicely. Her makeup was natural but complimented every feature perfectly. She was wearing a dark blue V-neck pullover and around her neck she wore the golden necklace Harry gave her on their one year anniversary. Her legs were covered by blue ripped jeans and she knew Harry loved them.
But did he lover her?

When she finally arrived at Gemma’s house she was more nervous than ever. She didn’t know what would happen now. If she would only walk in, wish him good luck and then leave again. The worst was that she didn’t have a lot of time. Only an hour before she would have to leave in order to be on time for her dinner plans.
She took a deep breath before she got out of her car and made her way to the front door. She lifted her shaking hand and rung the doorbell. A few seconds later she heard footsteps making their way to the door. And then he opened it.
And he stood there in all his glory, looking even more handsome than ever. A soft smile grazed his lips and she heard him release the breath he was holding.
“Hello, lo-”
He didn’t get to finish his sentence because Y/N threw her arms around his neck and squeezed him tightly. She heard his surprised gasp and prayed he wouldn’t push her away, but he didn’t. Of course he didn’t. He only pulled her closer and nuzzled his face into her neck.
She smelled his familiar scent and tears sprung to her eyes immediately. His pillow lost his scent long ago and she missed it.
She smelled just like he remembered as well. Fresh and girly and so like home.
They stood like that for a few moments before Y/N pulled away and wiped the tears from her cheeks.
"Sorry, didn’t mean to jump on you like that. Just really missed you.”
Harry closed the door behind her and took hold of one of her hands.
“I missed you, too.”
Their eyes met and they both felt their hearts breaking all over again when they saw each others sadness.
Harry wrapped her in a tight hug again, his hands rubbing over her back in the way he knew she liked.
“You look very beautiful, my love.” he whispered into her neck.
“You look very handsome as well, Harry.” she replied and pulled back a bit so she could look at him.
Harry reached up to cup her cheek and stroked over her cheek gently.
“I cooked dinner. My legendary chicken that you love so much.” he smiled softly.
“I’d love to stay for dinner, but I can’t. I already made plans with someone.”
Y/N watched with horror as Harry’s face fell immediately and his hand dropped from her cheek. He took a step back and scratched his head awkwardly.
“A-Alright. Uhm, well-”
“Harry? Did I say something wrong?” she panicked, her hand reaching out for him but he took another step back.
“No. Everything’s okay.”
“Is… Is it because I said I made plans with someone?”
He looked at the floor, his fingers nervously playing with his rings. She sighed and shook her head.
“I made plans with someone new from work. His name is Tim and he needs some information and we thought it would be nice to do all that stuff over dinner.”
His eyes closed briefly when he heard his name.
Y/N sighed again, closed the gap between them and threaded her fingers through his.
“This is a business dinner, Harry. Not a date. I don’t go on dates with anyone but if I would want to I’d only go with you. Tim is nice and we get along and he needs a bit of help. That’s all.”
“Do you like him?”
“I don’t know him so there’s nothing to like or dislike.”
“Do you want to get to know him?”
“Harry!” she exclaimed frustrated.
“I told you it’s a business dinner. You have nothing to worry about, alright? Believe me, I would love to stay here and eat dinner with you. But I don’t think that’s exactly what we should do during our break and I can’t just ditch Tim.”
His eyes snapped to hers and his brows furrowed.
“You think we can’t spend a evening together just because we’re on a break?”
Her eyes closed briefly and she sighed. She looked up at him again and lifted the hand that wasn’t holding his to his cheek.
“We said we needed space, remember? I don’t want to mess anything up just because we’re desperately missing each other.”
You said we needed space, not me.” Harry mumbled.
“Harry.” she all but pleaded and Harry sighed and nodded.
“So you don’t have that much time, hm?”
“Well, at least you came. Wasn’t sure you’d want to.”
“Of course I wanted to. I missed you like crazy.”
The both stared into each other’s eyes for a few seconds before Harry sighed and leaned his forehead against hers.
“What are we doing, love?” he asked in a whisper.
“Let’s not talk about it now, yeah? We’ll do that when you’re back and we’ll have time.”
Y/N reached her arms up again and wrapped them around his neck, pressing a tiny kiss right behind his ear.
“I’m scared, H.”
“Me too, love.”
They pulled back and both sighed.
“I think it’s better when I’ll leave now.” she whispered after a few seconds.
Harry wanted to shake his head and hold her so she couldn’t leave. He wanted her to stay with him and not go out with another man. She was his after all.
But he nodded anyway. Because it was for the better.
“Promise me to take care, yeah? And don’t go out without at least one bodyguard, you know how crazy the fans in New York are.”
“I promise.” he smiled weakly.
“And promise not to forget about me.” she whimpered and Harry was shocked to see tears falling from her eyes.
“Love, I could never forget about you. I love you so much.”
And now they were both crying.
“I love you too.”
“God, we never cry this much when I have to leave.” Harry chuckled.
Y/N giggled softly wiped her constantly falling tears away.
“You can still call me anytime you need to, okay? I’m never too busy and I don’t care about time zones.”
“Same goes to you.” she nodded.
“Can I get a good luck kiss? Or else I think I’ll mess up.”
She laughed softly and leaned up to press her lips to his. Harry moaned quietly at the contact and pulled her closer. She melted against him like she always does and opened her mouth so Harry could deepen the kiss, but only for a moment before he pulled away to breath. He held her in place with his hand in her hair so she wouldn’t pull away and pressed countless soft kisses against her mouth. He wasn’t ready to let go yet.
“I’m gonna…”
“Be late.” she finally finished with a laugh when she pulled away enough that his lips didn’t touch hers anymore.
“Don’t care. That Tom guy can wait.”
“Even if his name was Gustav, Rudolph or Theodor I wouldn’t care.”
Y/N kissed him through her smile and pulled him closer. She wasn’t ready to let go either.
“I really have to go now.”
He sighed, nodded and kissed her again.
“You’ll kick ass in New York, alright?”
He chuckled and nodded.
“I’ll try.”
They kissed again and again until she really had to leave or else she would definitely make Tim wait.
“You know that I love you, right?” he asked just before she exited the house.
“I do. I love you, too. We’ll get through this.” she smiled at him.
“Pinky promise.” she nodded and slung her pinky around his.
“Bye.” he whispered.
“Bye. And let me know when you’ve landed, yeah?”
“I will.”
And after another kiss she left the house.

She made it to the restaurant right on time but Tim was sitting at the table already. She made her way through the room until she reached him and he stood up when he saw her.
“Hey.” he breathed and kissed her cheek.
“Hi, I’m sorry you had to wait. And I’m sorry that my outfit is so casual but I was a bit distracted earlier.” she blushed.
“Yeah.” she nodded and sat down on her chair.

She made it through dinner without thinking about Harry every second. She was actually able to let go for a bit and enjoy it. Tim was fun and made her laugh a lot which she really needed for a change.
She decided that she liked him, he worked hard and was very interested in all the things she brought for him and he was also relaxed and cool. And she would be lying if she said she didn’t find him attractive.
If she didn’t knew Harry, she thought, she might go out with him again. But she knew Harry, and was his girlfriend. And she knew that no one could ever compare.
When they left the restaurant Tim insisted to walk her to her car just to know she was safe. The still laughed and giggled and the atmosphere around them was light.
“I really enjoyed dinner with you, I really needed some fun.” she smiled at him when they reached her car.
And something about the was he looked at her and smiled should have let her know that they weren’t on the same page.
He leaned in and Y/N thought he’ll only kiss her cheek but when she felt his lips brush hers her eyes widened.

Gaiden Arc Episode 23 Review

At first, I was going to do the whole entire arc, but Tumblr was acting up and I just really loved episode 23 out of the whole entire Gaiden episodes so I’ll just talk about that.

Sakura holding her own with a guy who has dozens of Sharingans??? Okay, haters need to stop. Sakura isn’t useless and this episode definitely proved that. I think the family picture wasn’t included because they put so much into the fight scenes, which is expected, Boruto, although watched by tons of females is still at the end of the day, a Shounen anime

I also loved it when she said, “I won’t let you go after my husband and my daughter anymore!”  Yes, Sakura this is how you protect your family, just yes this is so precious.

And Sarada is so overprotective of her family, that fact really distinguishes her personality, she’s so mature to know the value of family at such a young age so much better than the other Next Gen kids, some people who dislike Sarada call her arrogant, which she was in Chapter 700 back when she was younger, but she’s no longer that way. Not to mention they also got mad at her for crying because she thought that her mother was  Karin. Which is actually pretty reasonable to cry over.

But can we just appreciate how overprotective she is over her own parents, you’d expect it to be the other way around, but no, and that’s amazing:

And how Sasuke managed to remain calm the whole time, but got pissed when his wife had those knives got lodged in Sakura’s arm and then how Sarada stopped him by screaming, it made me remember that time with the curse mark and when Sakura stopped him from killing that guy.

I also hate how people got mad at the fact that Sasuke didn’t kiss her or anything, this is Sasuke’s way of teasing Sakura, just because ya’ll don’t understand it, don’t try to twist it and ruin it for others, Sakura isn’t still that Sasuke fangirl she was at twelve years old, she prioritized Sarada over Sasuke. Which people still got pissed about after complaining about how she’s too obsessed with Sasuke? Jesus Christ, you can never satisfy this half of the fandom

Anyway, she looks so beautiful in this frame and in her dress:


But I really loved the last part, when Sarada tells Boruto she wants to become Hokage and Boruto gets mad, this could be for multiple reasons, and being a hardcore BoruSara shipper of course I’m thinking about all the cute ones.

And tears were already welling up in my eyes, but when I saw the ending credits I couldn’t hold it in anymore this was literally the best thing they could’ve done, sure Perriot Studio messes up sometimes, but they have their good moments.


(Gifs and photos all came from here, I’m not too good at detecting names/initials but I’m pretty sure they’re visible somewhere. As always, if you disagree with me come correctly or don’t come at all otherwise your comment or reblog will be deleted)

Picture Perfect (Tim Drake x Reader)

A/N: This is honestly such a cute idea! I love Tim very much! Also, thank you so much, I’m glad you like my writing. ❤

Warnings: Extreme corniness???

Request: Tim Drake where he sends S/O polaroids or developed photos when he has missions outside the country!! Reader has numerous albums of his photography, some of them are pics of S/O and him <3 You have magnificent writing skills! I can’t believe I just found your blog!!

Tim smiled as he sorted through the recently developed photographs. Mostly views and scenery that he knew you would love, but also several photos of him that he had gotten Dick to take for you.

One of the photos that he was particularly excited to send you was a simple photo of him, smiling into the camera and making a heart with his hands. He saved it to be the last picture that you’d see.

With a black pen, he wrote captions on miniature post-it notes, that he stuck onto every picture. When he reached the last one he paused, smiling softly before scribbling down a short note. He packed the photos into an envelope and took them to be shipped to Gotham.

You raced down the staircase of Wayne Manor, only stopping once you found Alfred in the kitchen.

“Alfred, is there any mail?” you questioned breathlessly, wheezing slightly after sprinting from your room.

“Yes, Miss (Y/N). Master Tim sent this for you,” Alfred responded, handing you a manila envelope.

You grinned, taking the envelope from his hands and carrying it over to the table, barely able to contain your joy. The boys had been gone for three weeks, and you missed Tim greatly.

You carefully undid the seal on the envelope and pulled out a stack of photos.

You sorted through them, grinning madly at the captions he had written for each picture, scrawled onto the tiny post-its.

There was a photo of a night sky, a full moon at the center of the photo. On the sticky-note it read: ‘I love you to the moon and back.’

You continued to look through the pictures, in awe at some of the amazing shots.

You smiled when you saw the pictures of Tim doing dumb poses, and one where Jason had decided to photobomb.

Your heart melted at the last photo, and tears started to trail down the sides of your face. ‘I love you from the bottom of my heart.’ It was stupid, and cheesy, but you loved it all the same.

You took the small pile of pictures into your hands, and carried them up to yours and Tim’s room. You shut the door behind you and moved to your bookshelf, pulling several leather-bound photo albums from the shelves.

You situated yourself on your bed, and began inserting the pictures into the album, writing the date and pasting Tim’s captions underneath each one.

When you were finished you flipped to the front of the book. You smiled fondly at the old memories. Pictures Tim had mailed to you were mixed in with photos of you and him.

His corny little captions never failed to make you smile.

A picture of the two of you on a sunny day, holding hands and smiling into the camera was labeled: ‘Your smile is brighter than the sun.’

You continued to look through the albums for hours, grinning like an idiot the whole time.
Tim smiled down at the little piece of paper in his hands. The one picture he didn’t send was of you. Just you.

‘I love you.’

Papa Winchester - Jeffrey Dean Morgan x Reader - Part 2

Title: Papa Winchester

Pairing: Jeffrey Dean Morgan x Reader

Word Count: 3,074

Warnings: None really

Prompt: YN and Jeffrey met on season 1 of SPn where she played his daughter(the middle Winchester sister) and have been together ever since,they'r married with kids by now, and the fans (specially the cast who’s her family) always makes fun of that during interviews and pannels,but it’s always cute because Jeffrey likes to surprise them ,specially when the fans are involved,and they all love and are very supportive of their relationship

Read Part 1 here!

A/N: I’m doing lots of writing today since I have time and more posting will be done tomorrow! Also, this was not betad so apologies!

Originally posted by wildling-heart

“They never let you catch a break, do they?” your driver and bodyguard asked with a chuckle as you surfed on the net, on your way to visiting your husband on set.

“It’s Jensen and Jared, Mike, of course they never do.” you chuckled, shaking your head “I mean, they might probably deny it but, I know it’s their favorite hobby!”

“I don’t think they are really denying it anymore.” he laughed, shaking his own head and you shrugged.

You glanced back at your daughter sleeping in her seat, it was already very early and you wanted to surprise her by visiting her dad on his work “Those sly bastards, I am sure they learned how to make memes just for us!”

“Jared for me wouldn’t be a surprise but Jensen? Are you sure about that?”

You laughed “Oh you really don’t know them that well, besides I think they sort of confirmed it during a Con. I am not sure, haven’t joined them in some time but I like to keep up, so I know that for sure. Here-” you opened your gallery, just at the moment he stopped on a red light “See this?”

Dad’s on a hunting trip. And he hasn’t been home in a few days.” he read and added “Well, classic line. It’s what started it all, Jensen’s favorite.”

“Yeah, just see the rest.” you said with a giggle as you showed him the full photo. Under a picture of Jensen’s from the pilot were the rest of the words.

A few days? Are you sure it’s a hunting trip?”

No, he’s- he’s making out with our sister in his trailer?” he ended up reading it as a question before laughing and shaking his head “Yes, alright Jensen is so the one to make this!”

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Missed Birthday Surprise

request: hey so this is gonna sound really weird but last night i had a dream that my family and i planned a surprise birthday party for shawn and he didn’t show up until it was completely over. do you think you could do an imagine based on that please. ily💛💛💛

Shawn’s birthday was in a few, but you weren’t going to be home due to a work event, so you wanted to throw him a party in advance. You had called Karen, and asked what day would work for her and Manny, since you had already talked to Aaliyah.

A surprise party? For his twentieth?” Karen asked.

“Yeah, I figure it’s probably been a hot minute since he’s had a surprise party, and I just wanna throw one, really. Do you think you guys could come down on the 4th? It’s the Saturday before, and it’s the last Saturday I’ll be home before I leave for work.”

Um,” Karen flipped the calander in their kitchen, and you saw Shawn pull into his parking space in front of the apartment building. “That day’s fine! See you then!” She said, and you promised to send her the time and everything later.

Shawn walked into the apartment, and you smiled at him. “Good evening, Shawn.”

“Hey, how was your day? Do anything exciting?” He asked, kissing you.

“No, just a little cleaning.” You said. “How was your day? Record anything good?” You asked, knowing he was having trouble with his album.

Shawn perked up, and nodded. He got out his phone, and played a voice memo for you, saying it was a song he was working on, “It doesn’t have a prechrous, or a title yet, but I think it’s going to be my favorite one from the album!”

The day came for Shawn’s party, and his sister and parents got there first. “So, what time is Shawn supposed to come home?” Aaliyah asked, texting some boy she’s been talking to lately.

“Fourish, maybe closer to five.” You said, looking out the window. “Why?”

“Because I have a date at six.”

“Ooh!” You teased the teenager, and she blushed. “I’m happy for you, Liyah.” You hugged her, and waved to Brian and his girlfriend as they walked in.

It didn’t take long for everyone to get to the apartment, aside from Shawn. It was nearing four o’clock, so you escaped to the balcony and called him. “Hello? Babe?” Shawn asked, answering the phone.

“Hi, hun, do you know when you’re going to be home?” You asked, looking out over the Toronto skyline.

Should be like, another half hour? Why? You got something planned?” Shawn asked, and you thought he knew about the parrty.

“No, just wanna cuddle my boyfriend. It’s been a while since we had a movie night, maybe we can have one tonight. Double feature if you leave soon enough.” You tried to persuade him.

Shawn laughed through the phone. “I’ll be home soon enough, love. I’ll send you a text when I leave.” He said, before hanging up.

It was eight-thirteen when Shawn walked through the door to the apartment. Everyone aside from Shawn’s parents had left, and that was only because they were helping you clean up. “What’s gonig on?” Shawn asked, dropping his keys into the ceramic dish next to the door.

You frowned, looking at the discarded “Happy Birthday!” banner on the floor. “Nothing, don’t worry about it.”

Shawn looked at his mom, who walked over, and handed him a card. “It’s from your sister.” She said, before she and Manny left, both saying goodnight to you.

The singer looked at you, and you felt your lower lip tremble. “Baby, is this- did you throw me a party?”

“Tried to.” You whispered, setting the garbage bag on the floor. “Wanted to surprise you. Since I won’t be home for your birthday.”

Shawn felt his heart shatter into a million pieces when he saw a tear running down your cheek. “Baby, no, don’t cry.”

“I just- I just wanted to surprise you! B-but you didn’t come home, and I felt so stupid, surrounded by all of your friends! They probably think I’m such a ditz now!” You couldn’t stop the tears, and Shawn wrapped you up in his arms, hands rubbing your back.

“They don’t, honey. They don’t think that.” He whispered, glancing in the kitchen. He saw the cake sitting on the counter, and his frown deepened. “Why don’t you go take a shower, hm? It’ll make you fell better.” Shawn said, knowing how you always perked up after a shower.

“I need to finish cleaning-”

“I got it, darling. Just go shower, ok? Think you can do that?” Shawn asked, kissing youre forehead.

You nodded, wiping away your tears. Shawn made sure he heard the shower start before he started cleaning up, and throwing out cups and plates. He put the lid back on the cake, and slid it into the fridge, before sitting on the couch, and looking at the small book on the cushion next to him. He opened it, and felt his heart constrict when he saw it was full of Polaroids, notes, normal photo prints- all labeled underneath, dated. You had been making a small photo album for Shawn, documenting your relationship, so when he went on tour, and missed you, he can open this.

“It’s my gift, had the photos printed specially on smaller photo paper so they would fit.” You said, and Shawn jumped, he didn’t even hear you come down the hall.

“Baby, thank you.” Shawn hugged you, and you smiled. “I’m so sorry I missed the party, but this,” he held up the album, “is the greatest gift you could ever get me.”

You hugged Shawn once more, happy he liked the birthday gift.

a/n: :( but also :) 

Ride With Me (Part 13)

PAIRING: readerxbuckybarnes au


WARNINGS: Swearing.

Mind reeling from learning Bucky was once part of the Hydra gang she returns to his apartment to demand the truth.

Previous Chapter 

Oooo we’re so close to the end, I just want to thank everyone who has supported this series! It really means a lot, I hope you all enjoy this chapter! 


Originally posted by jlstreck

You heaved the remaining contents of your stomach into the toilet bowl; with a shaky hand, you ripped a chunk of toilet paper to wipe your mouth with as you slammed your hand on the flush button. Wrenching the door open you were faced with a sympathetic looking brunette.

“You really had no clue?” you frowned at her as you splashed the cool running water on your face.

“No Peg, I didn’t have a fucking clue. And considering you’re sleeping with his best friend I wouldn’t be so pally with me right now” you all but growled at Peggy who sighed.

“I know you’re angry right now (Y/N) but you don’t know the full story…not even Coulson and Ward know the whole truth” you narrowed your eyes at her through the mirror.

“Whose side are you on Peg?” the older woman gave you an unreadable look.

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“Do you ______, take ______ to be your lawfully wedded wife/husband, promising to love and cherish, through joy and sorrow, sickness and health, and whatever challenges you may face, for as long as you both shall live?“ 

          ——————– “I do”

Some of you may know this already —
My father and I are finally moving out of the condo that we have been living in for the past nine years. Therefore, I’ve been pretty busy, having to pack and organize for the last couple weeks.

During the process, I found many family albums filled with old pictures of my brother and I. While sorting them out, I came across a small photo album I had never seen before. The album contained a rare collection of my parents photos, as a newly married couple.

There’s so much to do, so really, I have no time to get distracted, but… I couldn’t stop myself from staring at their photos.

It made me wonder…

—Where did things go wrong?

For those of you who do not know —
My mother left our house last year September. Currently, my parents are in the process of filing divorce… The two have not spoken to each other, since the night before she left.

If you think I’m one of those children who are against their parents’ divorce, that’s not true… In fact, I’ve been supporting the idea, ever since the day they brought it up.
Some people want their parents to stay together no matter what. I wanted my parents to stay together too, but that’s only if they’re a healthy couple.
As you can probably guess —
Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case for them.

As a child, there’s nothing more painful than to see your parents suffer.
Seeing the way they hurt each other,
or the way they were hurt from each other…
As much as I want to see them live happily together,
I don’t want to see them live miserably together.
So despite my wish for them to stay together,
I was happy for them for the choice they made.
Their happiness is my happiness.
For them to stay married or not is not important.

So why—
Why was my eyes locked on to their photos?
Why was my mind wandering off,
questioning on where they went wrong?
Why was my heart aching?—–

The reason why is because…

I saw it.
I saw what had happened.
I witnessed their marriage crumble.

I remember them arguing—
Arguing about things that doesn’t matter, or
even things that didn’t even happen.
Many lies, tears, and broken hearts.
Unappreciative, disloyal, and disrespectful.
Insecurities, anger, and greed.
I’ve witnessed it all, throughout my life.
Which is why, I didn’t hesitate to accept and support them to go separate ways.

But seeing those photos…

Those photos brought back memories

Memories I forgot existed

Those photos reminded me about the truth

The truth that there once was a time—

When the two felt they needed each other.

There once was a time—

When the two actually appreciated each other.

There once was a time—

When the two… They were truly in love.

…Or so they thought.

It’s trippy you know?
Seeing the two people you always saw together splitting up is one thing but I mean… I got so used to the way it’s been that I forgot that it wasn’t always like that.

Seeing them look so affectionate, caring, and so happy together…
I couldn’t help but to question,

“Where did things go wrong?”

Where did it go wrong…
All the unresolved problems that was pushed for later–
All the small/big lies and broken promises–
These slowly started to contaminate their world.

If only they remembered—
How lucky they are to have each other…
If only they remembered—
How important it is to appreciate each other…
If only

My heart ached when I saw those photos —
Not for my parents now, but for my parents then.
The young, loving, caring couple,
During that time, they truly believed that—

They’re in love
They’re meant for each other
Their love will last for all eternity

This young couple in the photos…
They didn’t see it coming.
Never would’ve thought such day would come.

This could happen to anyone

Yes, even you.

So remember my dear friend,

Don’t you ever forget…

How lucky you are to have him/her in your life.

Don’t you ever forget…

How you should always show appreciation towards him/her.

Don’t you ever forget…

How he/she is the person you love — the last person you ever would want to hurt.


Maybe then,
you will not end up like this young couple.
Maybe then,
your love can last for all eternity…

How the ‘Psych’ Guys Made ‘Stranger Things’ Star Shannon Purser Cry at Comic-Con

Yahoo had the pleasure of welcoming many stars of television and film to our suite at San Diego Comic-Con 2017, so we decided to bring back one of our favorite segments: “Stars Asking Stars.” From Kingsman: Golden Circle star Jeff Bridges to Stranger Things stars David Harbour, Paul Reiser, and Matthew Modine, we had stars ask a question to the next group of guests at our suite who would then answer it, and then ask something themselves.

We’ll have the entire piece for you soon, but there was one moment that was so sweet that we had to get it out right away. At the end of our interview with Psych stars James Roday and Dulé Hill, they had a question for Stranger Things star Shannon Purser. Purser, as you undoubtedly know, played the quickly-iconic role of Barb. While Barb’s (and Purser’s) future with the show seems unlikely to continue, Roday and Hill had a question for her nonetheless.

‘Stranger Things’ star Shannon Purser got emotional when she saw a video message from ‘Psych’ stars James Roday and Dulé Hill (Photo: Yahoo)

“Where’s Barb?” asked Roday.

“Where’s Barb?” Hill followed.

“And when are we going to get some of that?” said Roday.

“We want some Barb action,” Hill added.

What followed is easily the sweetest and most endearing moment that we experienced at Comic-Con. Purser immediately started to tear up.

“I need to have a moment,” said a beaming Purser. “I love that show so much. Why am I crying? I’m fine. I love that show so much. Where’s Barb? Barb is still living in Atlanta with her parents and she’s working. She’s a working girl.”

“I’m such a baby,” Purser joked. “I grew up with [Psych]. My sister is also a huge fan. It’s just so ridiculous, and like I said, I don’t know why I’m so emotional about it, but it’s just so funny and the writing was great. I’m really sad that it’s over.”

When we mentioned that Psych will return with a holiday movie this winter, Purser smiled.

“The holiday movie is coming and I’m so happy.”

Check out Purser and co-star David Harbour talking about the Emmy windfall for Stranger Things:

Read more of Yahoo TV’s coverage of Comic-Con:


Rachel Joy Scott’s funeral took place at the Trinity Christian Center on April 24, 1999. More than 2,500 people attended and it was televised worldwide on CNN, as well as multiple other TV channels. Millions watched across the world. Up to that day, it was the most watched event on CNN, even surpassing the funeral of Diana, the Princess of Wales.

An excerpt from “No Easy Answers” by Brooks Brown about Rachel’s funeral:

“Just a few days ago, Steve and I had driven around looking for Rachel, hoping to find her alive. Now she was here, in a closed casket at the front of the church. It still didn’t seem real.

There were several moments during that funeral that truly were beautiful. Rachel’s sister did an exact recreation of the Christian dance Rachel had performed at the talent show the year before, accompanied by the song “Watch the Lamb and Who Nailed Him There.” When it came time for Rachel’s friends to speak, Nick Baumgart gave a genuine, from-the-heart speech that focused on the positive memories we had of her. “Her trueness to herself was amazing,” Nick said. “She didn’t let anybody affect who she was. She didn’t let anybody tell her that what she believed and who she was wasn’t okay. She was true to herself, and because of that, she was true to everybody else. In a sense, she is still here. She always will be, and that smile will still be here … I’m lucky to have known her. I’m fortunate to have been her friend, and I’m fortunate to have called her my Prom date. But I’m truly blessed to have had her in my life.”

At the end of the funeral, as people were getting ready to file out, they asked the family to leave. No one was expecting what happened next.
They opened Rachel’s casket. There was Rachel. Dead. Her body, right there, in the casket for all to see. I don’t know what they were trying to show people by doing this, but in order to exit, you had no choice but to walk right by it. As we filed out, Doug was the first of our group to see her. He started crying. It was hard to watch. Steve (Rachel’s ex-boyfriend) was next. He saw Rachel’s body and collapsed on the floor in tears. Here was his former girlfriend, who still meant the world to him, and his body just failed him. Doug and I had to pick him back up and help him out of there. Of course, when I saw Steve lose it, I was right behind him. All the tears I hadn’t cried up to that point came gushing out, just like everybody else, as I saw Rachel lying there in that coffin.  As we walked out, holding Steve, there was a literal wall of cameras and reporters waiting for us. Taking pictures of us, looking at us, video-taping us.
We just wanted it to be over.”

Some videos of her funeral:

crying in the club / v

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summary: v breaks up with you saying he found another but when you meet him in the club you find out some things

words: 2,000+

genre: angst & fluff

‘‘i’m sorry but we have to break up.’‘ those were the words you kept on hearing in the back of your head over and over again. it was almost like your mind has stuck and it just kept repeating on and on. your boyfriend of 2 years had found another one to love while he was away performing as he was a famous and very well known k-pop star. you were so broken you couldn’t do anything. the lack of food and way to many hours of sleep turned into an actual routine. you forgot which day it was and you refused going to work. your life was flashing by you and you did nothing. your house was your safe place.

meanwhile your friends kept bombarding your mobile phone with texts, saying how you should go out tonight and have loose a bit. after all you have not seen a sun or a moon in days and you could really use some partying. that used to be one of your favorite hobbies if we can call it like that, until you got a boyfriend. all of your time was dedicated to him. spending days, weeks and months together, you couldn’t imagine a day without him. however it was time for you two wash your stained face, put on a party outfit, add some makeup and go out the door to the club. 

‘‘we are about to get so wasted, I can’t wait.’‘ one of your friend said as the others only nodded, while walking towards the club. 

‘‘i’m not so sure about that…’‘ you carefully added, before all of your friends turned to you and stopped in their tracks 

‘‘y/n listen…I know it must be so hard but have a good time tonight please…’‘ your friend suddenly pulled out a bottle of only the best champagne in the world and all of your friends started screaming 

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Romeo and Juliet (Archie Andrews x Reader)

Pairings: Archie x Reader

Warnings: Grief, Loss of a character

Word Count: 1,394


“We don’t know how long he has left, we’re sorry.” A single tear slipped down your cheek as the nurse spoke. The surrounding doctors and nurses blurred in your vision, the low muttering and distant beeping of machines falling silent. You let out a shaky breath and resumed your position in the hard plastic chair in the waiting room. The nurse’s steps brought you back to reality and the harsh truth that your father was losing his battle. Your mother turned to face you and reached for your hand, your sister remaining silent on the opposite side. Monday was going to be so difficult.

Here it was, Monday. The first steps into school were almost painful, and the only way to get through the halls was to put in your headphones, block everybody out and head straight to your locker. As the day continued, it got progressively easier to handle, the novelty wearing off and people finally stopping their incessant, judgmental staring. When lunch finally rolled around, you took your usual seat with your friends that Cheryl like to refer to as ‘the sad breakfast club’. You slid into a seat next to Betty and removed one of your earphones, turning to face the rest of the group with a sad smile. They all responded by asking how you were holding up pairing the phrase with sympathetic looks. After noticing your silence, they quickly changed the subject, which you were grateful for. You’d rather not have the attention on you at a time like this.

Your phone buzzed in your pocket and you pulled it out to check it. Once the screen showed it was from your mum, you prepared yourself for the worst and unlocked the device.


You need to get here immediately.

Your breath caught in your throat and you froze.

“[Y/N]? Is everything alright?” Archie’s voice pulled you from your panicked state, and you looked up into his kind eyes.

“I have to go.” That was all you could manage to say in response to your concerned best friend before the inevitable tears began to burn in your eyes.

You spun on your heel and headed straight for the large doors at the entrance of the school.

Meanwhile, Archie’s expression displayed sadness, worry, and a hint of something else. Unconditional adoration and love. Unfortunately, this particular emotion didn’t go unnoticed by the group. Of course, Veronica was the first one to speak up.

“Oh my god you’re in love with her!” The shock of her tone prompted the whole group to turn around, staring at Archie in concealed excitement. Archie dropped his head down towards his lap, his silence communicating the answer although no words came out of his mouth.

“What are you waiting for Romeo, go get your Juliet.”

He raised his head in surprise and turned to Betty, who was giving him a small grin.

“Not right now. She’s going through a rough time.”

“Exactly, she needs you now more than ever Archie.”

No matter the amount of encouragement and convincing that the group gave him, Archie stayed put in his seat.

He was gone. The angel of death had whisked the most important man in your life away and there was no way of bringing him back. You forced yourself to leave the room as the long, never ending beep begun to ring throughout your ears. You didn’t get far before collapsing against a wall and sliding to the floor in utter heartbreak. You pulled up your knees to your chest and gave in to the overwhelming urge to cry. Once you finally began to even out your breaths, your phone buzzed once again, and you lifted it to see Archie’s name light up on the screen. You unlocked it to see his message.


How’s your dad doing?

His concern made you tear up again and you almost threw the device away in confusion. Your dad was the last person who deserved an attack by a complete stranger and lose his life because of it. You had so many emotions built up inside of you, with no idea how to take them out. You wiped away the salty tears rolling down your cheeks and stood back up as your mum and sister approached.

“It’s just the three of us now,” your mum stopped and pulled you both into her embrace. “I love you both with all my heart and I need you to promise me that you will always be there for each other no matter what.” You both nodded and let a tear fall onto your widowed mother’s shoulder.

That night was even more difficult than you could have ever thought. First, you had walked past his study and nearly cracked, and then again when you saw your family photo in the living room. You couldn’t stay out there while everything reminded you of him. You came to the decision to stay in your room for the rest of the night until you heard a light knock at your door.

“Hey [Y/N], did you want to come get some dinner? Mum made our favourite.” Your sister’s voice pulled you from the memories you had been reminiscing over. You sat still for a few seconds as you contemplated your hunger levels.

“I might get some later, thanks [Y/S/N].” She didn’t bother to reply, leaving you lying flat on your bed. You didn’t know how to feel or what to do anymore, and everything seemed pointless.

When your mind finally gave up and you escaped from the endless supply of memories, you were shocked by the realization that it was raining. With a quick glance at the clock, you figured you had been zoned out for a while, as it was now 2am. You had also received another message from Archie.


I was texting your mum earlier to see if you were ok and she told me what happened. I’m so sorry, please come get the door.

You rose from your position for the first time in hours to head for the door in confusion. When you reached the front door and turned the doorknob, a drenched yet unbothered Archie Andrews was revealed. He didn’t let you get a word in before he launched into his speech.

“You and your family don’t deserve this; I know your dad was a great man and probably an amazing father.” His words made you hurt. He was right. The man you just lost was astonishing, he raised you to be the person you are today and you never had the chance to thank him for everything he did for you and your sister. Although you wanted to say all of that, you couldn’t, the words wouldn’t leave your mouth and all you could do was nod.

“I’ve needed to tell you something for years but I’ve always been too scared of rejection or losing you.” You looked at him and said nothing, hoping to hear what you have wanted him to say for what felt like forever.

“I’m in love with you [Y/N] [L/N] and I don’t need you to say it back or anything I just needed you to know and-” he began rambling and there was only one way to cut him off. You threw yourself out of the door and at him. You wrapped your arms around his neck and collided your lips with his. He instantly melted into the kiss and placed his hands on your hips to slightly pull you back and look directly into your eyes.

“Archie Andrews, I’ve loved you since our first day in kindergarten when I first laid eyes on you and nothing changed in all these years.” You smiled, mirroring his expression before he dipped his face down to yours to reconnect your lips.

The rain was long forgotten as the soft droplets mixed with your salty tears. You finally pulled back for air and he took your hand in his, making you smile for the first time in a while. He pulled you back inside your house and quietly up to your room in the darkness. When he reached your bedroom, he gently shut the door behind him as he headed towards your bed. You laid down beside him, and instantly he took you into his embrace, coaxing you into the best sleep you had experienced in weeks.

Push and Pull| Two

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[song inspiration: Jordan Sparks & Chris Brown - No Air]

|Chapter One| |Chapter Two| |Chapter Three|

pairing: Jimin x oc x Jaebum
genre: angst, slight humor
word count: 1.4k
a/n: Isolde spent three years with Jimin after meeting him by chance in a dance studio. He was perfect and he loved her, she thought he was the one she’d spend the rest of her life with. That all crumbles when he decides he wants to please his parents and leave her so he can be with someone like him. Isolde is plummeted into turmoil and leaves her job as a choreographer to move back home to the states. A mutual friend named Im Jaebum reaches out to console her, lift her back up from her fragile state. It’s a push and pull tug between what she thought she had and what she could have.

Within the week I had my entire apartment packed up and shipped back to my mom’s house in the states. Despite my request to Jimin not to contact me, he did anyway. He called over and over, sent text, left voicemails where I could tell by his tone he’d been crying. I did not answer though, I refused. I couldn’t. It would only make things more difficult than they already were for myself.

Yoongi’s girlfriend Suran, my best friend, was the first person I told. The morning after, I called her and asked if she’d help me start packing. She already knew what happened, Jimin had gone straight to Yoongi at two in the morning, knowing he was the only one awake. Suran didn’t ask questions, just told me she’d get everything set up and her and Yoongs would take over my lease since they’d already been looking for a place.

The next person I called was my mom, told her what happened and she supported my choice to come home, even though she didn’t think running away was the best way to deal with it. She paid to have everything I wanted to take shipped back, which was only clothes and all my books. All the furniture, electronics, all of it, I was leaving for Suran and Yoongi. They needed it more than I did and everything just reminded me of him.

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ngl when I swiped the last photo on phil's ig and saw their selfie i burst into tears

i just woke up and cried they are so cute and ! the heck

Angsty Break Up with Seventeen [Hip Hop Unit]

He leaned against the doorframe and watched you throwing your belongings into your suitcase, your eyes never meeting his once. He nervously chewed on his lower lip and simply nodded at your behavior. He didn’t want to accept how easily you gave up on the story you’ve drawn out for the both of you. He didn’t want to believe that all these years have gone to waste.

You grabbed your suitcase from the bed and stumbled towards him, tears streaming down your face like an unsteady river. He slammed his hand down on the door in front of you, stopping you from leaving so easily and slowly lifted his head to look at you. Slowly his walls came tumbling down and his feelings came out like an uproar from his throat, his lips trembling as he spoke,

“ When you fought with me, I stopped you and when I fought with you, you left me. How could you be so selfish?” 

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“It’s so much easier for you to interpret something that simply did not happen than to admit that for once, you’re the one to blame!” He yelled out in frustration, his fist coming down on the table in anger and his breathing became harsher. You only giggled at his words and continued with what you were doing in the first place. “Stop exaggerating for once and accept it.” you answered, not noticing him slowly lifting up his head. 

The muscles in his jaw worked to conceal the emotions he claimed he doesn’t have and he moved over to you, his hand slammed down on your shoulder and spun you around, his mouth only a hairs-breadth away from yours. 

“If you really want to see me overreact, you just have to say those things to me one more time and I’ll gladly show you. But I do not let you talk disrespectfully to me.”

Kim Mingyu:
He flung the picture frame across the room and watched it shatter into tiny pieces, not flinching at the echoing sound. You watched with shaking eyes as he stumbled over to the broken shards, a silent giggle escaping from his lips and your stomach tightened as you realized the outcome of your words. 

Your insides twisted as he brushed the tiny shards off the photo with his bare hands. He looked at it a little longer and you could swear you saw a tear escaping his glistening eyes. Yet, you didn’t dare to make a sound, afraid to even look him in the eyes. Suddenly his eyes shot up and his gaze met yours, his eyes glistened with intensity. 

“Did you enjoy toying with my feelings and throwing them away like they meant nothing to you? Is this everything I ever was in your eyes? A fucking toy?”

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“When have you become so obsessed with finding my imperfections? Am I suddenly not good enough anymore? Is that what it is? Do you need more attention?” He yelled in frustration, his hand coming up to remove a strain of hair. You flinched at the sudden movement and took a step back. 

Vernon simply giggled at your reaction and slowly took his hand down, clicking his tongue. “I’ll leave before you accuse me of domestic violence so I can become another throphy to you.” He simply said before slamming the door shut behind him. 

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Marry Me?

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Cheryl x reader

request:  Cheryl Blossom and Fem! Reader where the reader was away for a while and comes and surprises Cheryl in the middle of her cheering routine and proposes to her and Veronica helps her

summary: Reader surprises her sad girlfriend with a question. 

written by Jasmine

You felt incredibly helpless as Cheryl cried in front of you. Well, not exactly in front of you, over a skype call.

“I just miss you so much,” She cried, tears streaming down her face far too quickly for her to wipe them away.

“I miss you too, love. I’ll be back before you know it,” You assured her. You wanted to tell her you would see her the next day, with a huge surprise that you were hoping she would love.

“Not soon enough,” She whispered, shaking her head.

“Cheryl!” You heard somewhere offscreen, and she turned around.

“What?” She called back.


Cheryl groaned, turning back to you.

“I don’t want to leave you,” She mumbled, pouting. You smiled a bit.

“Go get some food. We can text once you’re done,” You promised, your finger hovering over the ‘end call’ button. She nodded, smiling at you as she wiped away her last few tears.

“I love you,” She said.

“I love you too.”

The call was then disconnected, and you got to work quickly. You pulled up the text conversation with your ring maker, opening the photo attachment she had sent you. You gasped once you saw it, the perfectly made diamond almost staring back at you.

“Oh my god,” You whispered, quickly typing in a thank you message. The ring was delivered to your mom’s house in Riverdale so it would be there once you arrived. You asked for confirmation that it was a size seven, and your nerves decreased when they responded with a yes. You pulled out a phone with a smile still on your face, dialing your best friend’s phone number.


“Ronnie! The ring is done!” You exclaimed.

“Send me a picture!” She ordered, and you quickly forwarded the message to her. You heard her gasp over the phone, which made your smile somehow grow.

“I love it!” She cried.

“Is everything else set?” You asked.

“Yep, I told all the girls about the plan. I’ve made the signs, and Archie’s going to pick you up from the airport tomorrow,” She explained.

“Awesome! Thank you so much, Veronica,” You breathed, so grateful that she was willing to help you out with the proposal. Even though Cheryl was only seventeen and still in her senior year of high school, you were sure she was the one. You could only hope that she felt the same.

“You’re so welcome! I have to go, Betty’s calling me. I’ll talk to you later!” And with she hung up, leaving you with your thoughts for a bit.

You had arrived in Riverdale, and you were beyond excited. Today was the day you would surprise and propose to Cheryl, and the stakes were high. You couldn’t stop fidgeting as you drove with Archie, and he chuckled at you.

“Nervous?” He asked as you checked to make sure you had the ring for the seventh time.

“Is it obvious?” You asked, adjusting your hair and clutching the bouquet of roses you held tighter.

“Very,” Archie answered bluntly, and you hit him playfully. He parked, and you looked up to see Riverdale High.

“Wow,” You breathed. You hadn’t been inside the school since you graduated two years ago, you had been studying at NYU for the past two years. That’s where you met Veronica, and she just so happened to move to the same town your girlfriend lived in a month after you arrived in New York.

You smoothed out your outfit as you walked inside, your hand holding onto the ring box inside your pocket. You gave Archie the bouquet of roses as you entered the building, making your way towards the gymnasium. You texted Veronica, letting her know you were there. She responded quickly, letting you know everything was set up to go flawlessly. You smiled as you approached the entrance to the gym, watching as Cheryl directed the girls. As soon as Veronica saw you, she made a gesture to one of the other girls, who quickly ran up and changed the music. The song Marry You by Bruno Mars came on, and you almost laughed. Cheryl went to scold her until the other girls grabbed their signs. They got into a formation, and you quickly got down on one knee. You pulled out the box and opened it, holding it in your hands.

Cheryl read the signs out loud, and you could hear the confusion in her voice.

“I want to spend the rest of my life with you-” She paused before reading the last two signs, which read ‘Marry Me? (Turn Around)’.

Her head whipped around, and her mouth fell open. She covered her mouth with both her hands, stepping away from you. Tears started to pool in her eyes as she walked towards you, nodding her head rapidly. You stood up, a grin on your face as Cheryl hugged you tightly. You laughed, pulling away to slip the ring onto her finger. Archie then came in, handing you the bouquet of flowers. You passed them to Cheryl, who shook her head.

“You ’re incredible!” She exclaimed.

“I know, I know,” You teased, kissing her forehead before pulling her back into a hug.

Come home

Word Count: 2,040

Jensen x reader

Warnings: huh.. maybe that the Reader has a lots of insecurities

Note: I wrote that just because I was bored at work. Haven’t had the time to proof-read. Enjoy anyways and let me know if you liked it or not. 

Part 2: Come Home - Part 2

Originally posted by hallowedbecastiel

Waking up to an empty spot in your bed has never been easy on you. Ever since you moved in with your boyfriend, whom you meet 3 years ago, there was this fear of yours of not being good enough for him. He was a successful actor and you were a normal secretary working for a big local company. You moved to the states a couple of years ago to start a new living where you meet this handsome man in a coffee shop. 

After meeting him and having some smalltalk a few times while waiting for your coffee he asked you out and you happily agreed. After dating for almost one and a half year he asked you to move in with him. To every other guy you most probably would’ve said no, but he was different.

There was this strong connection you felt towards him and you knew you could spend the rest of your life with him. But with him being away almost the entire year and all those convention he had to attend on weekends for his job, it wasn’t easy for you.

You started to get insecure of yourself, you started to think that you weren’t good enough for him, that you would hold him back from things he liked, and the fact that you weren’t happy how you looked like didn’t really help. You loved him, that was true, but you couldn’t take the feeling of being a burden anymore, even though he tried his best to let you feel his entire and strong love towards you.

It was a convention weekend and you woke up – alone. You knew that the panel of your boyfriend would start in about five minutes so you searched for your laptop and opened a livestream to watch your boyfriend and his best friend being on stage and having fun. This was a thing you always did during convention weekends. It helped you getting through the time of being alone. On this day you decided to take a quick look through Twitter which clearly wasn’t your best idea. You scrolled through the hashtags and saw a lot of pictures of your boyfriend posing with people. Mostly women. You weren’t jealous, well maybe a little bit, but seeing him this happy with other women only made you more insecure.

Half of the panel was done when you couldn’t take it anymore and decided to stop watching it. You took a shower and during that shower you made the hardest decision you ever had to make. You thought about it before but never actually had the courage to really do it. You thought you could change but sadly you couldn’t change who you were.  So after debating with yourself you came to the conclusion that it’d be the best if you just leave and let him live his life, without you being a burden.  You would do this for him.

You called your boss to take a few days off. After packing everything and putting it in your car, you wrote a goodbye letter for your boyfriend. Everything was done and you got into your car and drove to a friend of yours where you knew you could put your stuff for a few days.

“What? Why? I mean are you being serious, (Y/N)?” your friend said when you arrived. You just nodded and whipped away a tear while putting your things in an empty room. “I am sorry but I have to leave. I can’t be a burden for him anymore. I have nothing to offer. I am just a normal woman and he… he is Jensen Ackles. I don’t understand why he went out with me in the first place anyways.” Your friend looked at you with disbelieve. “You do know that he really loves you, right? You can offer so much, why don’t you see that, (Y/N)!”

“I’ll fly back home for a couple of days. I’ll let you know when I’ll be back. Bye.” With that you got into your car and drove to the airport, flying home to your mom.

In the meantime Jensen was finished with his panel and tried to call you. He always called you when he was away and you normally picked up immediately. But not this time. He came straight to your voicemail which was weird.

“Everything alright, Jensen?” Jared asked when he saw Jensen staring at his phone. “She’s not picking up the phone.” Jensen’s eyes still were focused on the phone. “Maybe she’s just being busy or ran out of battery, I am sure everything’s alright.” Jared tried to comfort Jensen.

“No, Jared. You don’t understand. She always picks up the phone when I am at a convention. There has to be something wrong. I came straight to her voicemail. You know that she feels so insecure about herself when I am gone. I try my best to make her feel my love and my feelings for her, but it seems that it gets worse with every time I am gone.” Jensen started to feel the panic slowly rising in his head.

He knew how you felt about yourself. He knew that you thought you couldn’t offer much. He knew that you had insecurities and he hated himself for not being able to make you understand how much he loved you and how perfect you were to him.

“Yeah, you told me about her insecurities but man, I am sure everything’s fine. Let’s finish this convention and then you can fly home. Thankfully we have the week off of filming.” Jared smiled to Jensen who only nodded and got up to get ready for the photo ops.

Ten hours later, Jensen finally was home. He unlocked the door and stepped in. “Sweetheart! I am home!” but there was now answer. “(Y/N), you here?” When there still was no sight of you, he started to panic. He ran up to your shared bedroom and looked around. Everything seemed to be normal. At least until he turned around and saw a handwritten letter lying on the dresser. He took the letter, opened it, sat down on the bed and read it with tears forming in his eyes.

Dear Jensen,

I am sorry that I am not good enough. I am sorry that I let you down. I am sorry that I am a burden. I am sorry that I hold you back. I am sorry for not being able to stay here anymore. I need you to be happy. I need you to live a happy life without me being around and that’s why I have to leave. I feel like that’s the only way you can live your life without me holding you back anymore.

I packed my stuff and stored it at my friend’s. I’ll send someone to get the rest of it.

Please know that I am truly sorry for stealing your past three years.

I love you.




He couldn’t quite believe what he was reading. He took out his phone and dialed your number but you still weren’t picking up. After he tried a couple of times he called Jared. “Jensen? Everything okay?” Jared asked with confusion.

“She’s gone, Jared. I don’t know where and I am freaking out.” Jensen nearly screamed in his phone. Jared had troubles to keep up with what his friend was saying. “Wait, what? What do you mean with (Y/N) is gone?”

 “I mean that she packed her stuff, wrote me a goodbye letter and left” Jensen had to take a deep breath while saying that. After all you were his love of a lifetime. “It’s my fault, man. I wasn’t able to show her just how much she meant to me. She wrote that she didn’t want to be a burden anymore and that her leaving is the only way how I can have a happy life.“

 “Okay. First of all calm down, J” Jared tried his best to calm Jensen down, “I’ll be there in 15 and we are gonna find her, alright?” Jensen had to hold back tears. “Thanks, Jared.” With that he hung up.

15 minutes later Jared was standing in front of Jensen door. He didn’t have to knock because the door was being open. He stepped in and went straight for the bedroom in which Jensen still was sitting on the bed.

“Do you know where she could be?” Jared asked while walking into the room. Jensen looked up, a sad smile across his face. “She’s still not picking up but she wrote that she brought her stuff to a friend. (Y/F/N) is the only one I can think of.”

“Alright, well that’s a beginning. Do you know where (Y/F/N) lives?” Jared asked and Jensen nodded a tiny yes. “So what are you waiting for, let’s drive to (Y/F/N) and ask her if she knows something.”

The two of them got up, locked the front door and made their way over to where your friend was leaving. Jensen could feel his heartbeat speed up when they reached the front door of your friend’s apartment. “You ready?” Jared asked.

Jensen knocked on the door and whispered “Let’s do this.” After knocking a few times your friend finally opened the door. “Jensen? What can I do for you?” She asked. “Hey, (Y/F/N). I know (Y/N) was here bringing you some stuff of hers. Do you know where she is now?” Jensen asked nervously. “Uh, yeah. She was here. She… She told me she has to leave.” (Y/F/N) told the two men standing in front of her home.

 “Did she say where she was going?” Jared asked with a polite smile on his lips. “She said she was gonna spend some time at home. She wanted to fly back to Europe to visit her mom there. That’s all I know.” Your friend returned the smile to Jared.

“Thank you.” Jensen said and turned around to go back to the car. Jared said goodbye and followed his friend. They got in the SUV and started to drive back to Jensen’s. “What are you gonna do now?” Jared asked. “I am gonna take the next flight to Europe. I need her to know that I love her and that I want her to be here… here with me.”

After an eleven hour flight you arrive at the airport near your home town. Your mother picked you up from the airport and as soon as you saw her you began to cry because you missed her so much.

 “I missed you, too.” She assured you while hugging you. “But sweetie, why are you here? Don’t get me wrong, I am happy that you came but did anything happen?”

You didn’t want to tell your mom why you really came to visit so you lied to her. “Everything is fine, mom. No worries. I just wanted to see you.” The two of you made your way to the car. You loaded your small suitcase in the back and started to drive back home. You didn’t talk much because you were exhausted and you were thankful that your mother seemed to understand that. But every now and then she would ask you something and suddenly the question you feared popped up.

“How’s your boyfriend doing?” You froze when you heard that question. “Earth to (Y/N). Did you hear me, sweetie?” your mother asked when you weren’t giving her an answer in the first place.

 “He’s doing well. Everything is fine.” You lied to avoid any further questions. After driving for about half an hour you reached your old home. You said your hello’s to everyone at home and made your way to your old room. It was just the way you left it the last time you were here. Your bed, your dresser, your pictures on the wall. Exactly how you remembered it.

Before you went to bed, you took a warm shower to realis some of the stress you felt in the past few hours. Your thoughts always were with Jensen and if he already found your letter. Little did you know that he already was at the airport, boarding a plane and thinking about you non-stop

Promise - Huang Justin Requested Scenario


Genre: angst/fluff

Message?: I’ve been waiting for this

I gasped, “Justin! You never told me Jung Jung could do that!”

“I kind of did,” Justin laughed, looking at Jung Jung as well as he stood next to me in the Yuehua practise room.

“I’m still so shocked he didn’t get through eliminations,” I said, shaking my head.

“I’m surprised I didn’t get knocked out in the first ones,” Jung Jung said from the floor whilst he did the splits.

“Um… no!” I exclaimed, “I mean you’re literally talking to me while doing the splits.”

He laughed, standing up, “thank Y/N.”

“Oh, Y/N,” Justin said, putting his arm around my waist, an action he never did, “we said we needed to go shopping.”

I nodded, taking his arm off my waist and holding his hand.

“See you later Jung Jung,” I said, waving as Justin just dragged me out the room.

“Justin!” I exclaimed, “that hurts!”

“Sorry,” he muttered, letting go of my hand.

I shook my head as we walked out of Yuehua training studios.

“What store?” I asked.

He shrugged but carried on walking.

I shook my head, catching up with him.

“What the fuck,” I spat when I was next to him.

“I could say the same to you,” he muttered.

“Justin!” I exclaimed, “the fuck did I do?!”

He shook his head walking into the shop.

I followed him, walking behind him slightly as I was so annoyed. Why was he being like this?!

I didn’t speak to him for the whole of the time we were walking around. When he asked me what type he should buy I shrugged, just as he did when I asked him something.

“Right, we’re done,” Justin sighed, “you can leave.”

“No,” I said, “I want to ask you what’s wrong.”

“I could say the same to you!” he shouted as we got in the car, “why were you ignoring me?!”

“Because you were!” I shouted back.

Justin laughed, but I could tell it wasn’t a proper laugh, “I had a good reason.”

“Uh-huh,” I said, licking my teeth, “what?!”

“You were being so rude earlier!” he exclaimed, “do you actually have dementia?!”

“What?! When?!”

“You said that Jung Jung did not deserve to be eliminated!” he shouted, tears in his eyes, “what about me?! Did I deserve it?! Was I deserving of elimination!”

I looked at him, speechless, as a couple tears fell from his eyes.

“Justin,” I whispered.

He looked away and began driving while wiping away his tears.

“Justin,” I said again, trying to get him to look at me.

I gave up after a couple minutes when we pulled up outside my house.

“Justin I just didn’t want to remind you!” I shouted, “I know you were hurting because of it! So I didn’t say anything!”

Justin sighed and opened my car door.

I shook my head, muttering, “I’ve never seen this you. I don’t think I like it.”

“Yeah and neither do I,” Justin said, “so go because I need to think.”

I wiped away the tears that had fallen from my eyes as I got out and watched him drive away. I sadly walked up to my front door and let myself in.

“Your home early!” my mum said.

“Yep,” I said, regaining myself so she didn’t see.

“Want some lunch?” she asked.

“Umm, I’m okay thank you,” I smiled, carrying on and walking to my room.

“Tell me when you do!” she called after me.

“Will do!” I called back, walking up the stairs.

When I got to the top of the stairs I ran to my room and fell on the bed. What even are me and Justin anymore?!

I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket, getting it out I saw Jung Jung, one of the last people I wanted to speak to right now.

I declined his call and threw my phone across the room, screaming into a pillow. After a few moments I looked up, breathing heavily as tears kept falling from my eyes.

I couldn’t bring myself to look at the walls. The walls which were full of photos of me and Justin, notes that Justin had given me, tickets and receipts of things and places that I had seen and bought with Justin. And this was how we left it?

I lay on my bed for what only felt like a few minutes but when I got up again, the clock told me that it was 11pm.

I sighed, sinking to the floor in a hopeless pile. I didn’t know what to do. I was confused.

Slowly I realised that my phone was buzzing again. I crawled over to it and picked it up, Justin was calling. Did I want to answer it? Yes. Was it what was best for me? Yes. Which is why I declined the call.

I stayed sitting on the floor, looking out the window until I heard Justin’s words in my head ‘if ever you feel lonely, look out the window at the moon, and I will be looking at the same moon, so you can smile, knowing we’re somehow connected’. But I didn’t stop looking at the moon.

The clock told me it was 00:30 when I heard a knock on my door, I opened it, expecting it to be my mum but instead seeing Justin with tear stains down his face.

“Will you let me in?” he asked.

I swallowed, “it depends.”

He sighed, playing with his fingers, “Sometimes I do this thing where I scare myself. And usually if I’m scared of myself, other people will be scared of me. And that happened today, I became scared of myself and blocked you out and I’m so sorry.”

Tears started falling from his eyes again. I wiped away the stray tear that fell from mine.

“But you were just being childish,” I spoke.

“I know, and I know I was wrong,” Justin said, “I’ve spent the day in China Town trying to remember things about myself.”

I chuckled slightly at his cute behaviour.

“And I remembered the angry me which is what I showed today. And it’s not a nice me, I don’t like it,” Justin said, more tears falling, “Y/N please. I just want another chance.”

Tears started falling once again from my own eyes seeing Justin stood in the doorway crying. He looked so helpless. I remembered that he doesn’t have any family here. He’s here on his own, he barely knows the language. And now this.

I leaned forward, wiping away the tears that were falling from his eyes. He held my hand that was on my cheek and I slowly nodded my head.

He breathed a sigh of relief and quickly pulled me into his arms, my head in his chest, his hand on the back of my head.

“Please never let me do that again,” Justin said, “I got scared.”

“As long as you promise to take care of me as well,” I whispered.

“I promise,” Justin whispered back, “I promise you forever.”

Arranged Marriage

Where my family comes from, arranged marriages are still very much the norm. It’s really not what most people think when they hear “arranged marriage”; it’s more like going on a blind date set up by people (usually your parents) who know you, love you, and have your best interests at heart with a very clear endgame. My parents always said that my opinion would be the only one that mattered in the end and that I could say no to whoever they brought home, no questions asked. A love match also wasn’t entirely off the table, even if it wasn’t their ideal choice for me.

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hellyeachi-hitoka  asked:

hi :) could I please req; Aomine meet his ex gf by fate at the coffee shop when they were couple, she brings a baby boy(who looks alike him, which happens to be their son. She was pregnant when they were broke up and he didn't know) part 1

They were broke up cuz he went to US for play bball as pro. At first, she was okay with long distance relationship but one day she found out he “cheated” on her. What should he do to make her believe him and make her back to love him again? Thanks :)

Hey sweetie! So I’m going to make this into two parts! This will be the first, and then I’ll write the second part in another scenario! Just so it works better for me :)

“Daisuke-chan. It’s okay sweetie!” you whisper, bouncing him lightly in your arms. God, standing in line on this hot day was a mistake.. But it wasn’t this hot a few days ago… You were grabbing your favourite drink, or that’s what you wanted, but the line seems to go on forever.. And your little boy was getting more and more fussy..

You may have to leave after all…


That voice..

You turned your head, eyes widened when you saw your ex boyfriend, and his eyes weren’t on you.. Oh no.. they were on the small bundle in your arms, that had the same navy blue hair, and navy blue hues.. Staring back at him.. 


Without wasting time, you yanked on his arm, ignoring the heat running through your hand at his touch, pulling him out of the shop. You’d completely forgotten about your order, not wanting a scene to start since he’d made eye contact with your.. Correction.. HIS child..

Without thinking, you’d taken him back to your house, making sure the fan is on before bouncing Daisuke in your arms. You cooed at him, not noticing the look of love, pain and adoration in his hues.. When he’d settled down, you placed him in the little crib, tucking the blanket over his body before sighing, turning to look at the taller male.

“Please take a seat… I’ll get you something to drink…”

You tried very hard to busy yourself, waiting for the kettle to finish boiling, sighing heavily.. Oh god.. You really didn’t expect him to be back.. Although you knew he’d find out eventually about Daisuke.. but you weren’t ready for this.. 

Ugh.. You needed to calm down..

Shaking your head, you grabbed the kettle pouring a cup of tea for yourself, coffee for him, and carried it to the living room. Placing it in front of him, you sat on the other couch, looking down at the table, trying to find the words to say.. 

He didn’t say anything, which is something you were somewhat grateful for.. But you were also nervous.. Was he mad? You didn’t say anything when you found out.. But at the same time, you’d broken up with him.. This whole situation is complicated..

“Just so you know..” you whispered, feeling him look at you, “I found out I was pregnant after I left you…” you finished, rubbing your hands together.. “I.. I didn’t know how to tell you.. And that was my fault.. I take responsibility for that.”

He looked from you to the little baby, releasing a heavy sigh, scratching his head.

“W…Were you ever planning on telling me?”

You bit your lip, rubbing your face as you tried to come up with words.. Honestly, were you ever planning on telling him? Tch.. Who were you kidding? Of course you were.. You just didn’t know when.

“I.. I wanted to.. But we’d just broken up… And I didn’t want to make you think I was using my pregnancy as an excuse to keep you tied to me. Not after everything that happened.”

He stood up, sitting on his knees in front of you, grabbing your hand, 

“____.. Do you really think I’d cheat on you?! Is that what you really think?”

You bit your lip, looking at him with teary eyes,

“I don’t. know!” you sighed, looking at his hand. “D..Do you really think I wanted to believe you cheated?! Satsuki tried to convince me it was all rumours.. and you know what?! I wanted to believe it was a lie.. I wanted to believe you were still loyal to me.. But I saw the photos Daiki! They don’t lie.. How close you were with her..”

It was the closeness he only ever had with you…

You shook your head, wiping the tears from your eyes.. Besides, what you did, it was for the best anyway..

“When I came back home, I realized I didn’t break up with you because of that rumour..” you start, not looking at him, “I did it because I was scared..I felt our relationship was doing more damage than good.. And i just couldn’t handle it.. I couldn’t deal with the thought of tying you down.”

You looked at him, sighing shakily, “I’m sorry Daiki.. With Daisuke, I can’t afford to take trips to the States.. I can’t visit you when you’re over there.. Whatever made you come back, I don’t know.. But right now he’s my priority..” you let go of his hand, walking towards the little bundle of joy.

He’s an exact copy of Aomine.. 

“I’m not going to stop you from being in his life.. You’re his father, and he needs you..” I need you . “But as for US.. I just don’t know Daiki..”

I don’t know if I can love you the way you deserve.