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Penelope & Derek’s Matchmaking Service

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Prompt: The reader and Reid both have a crush on the other person but are too scared of ruining their friendship to tell the other person. Penelope decided to give them a little push and drags Derek into her mischevious scheme.

A/N: This was an idea that popped into my head because I could definitely see Morgan and Garcia meddling in their coworkers love lives. I’m not opposed to making a part two of this, so let me know if that’s something that you would want. Also, anyone who can catch the subtle F.R.I.E.N.D.S. reference that is in here somewhere is my favorite person ever. Enjoy :)

Note: (Y/F/C) = your favorite candy

Warning: nothing

Word Count: 3k

Rating: PG

Penelope sighed in frustration as she watched you and Spencer alternate staring at each other. It was almost painful the way that neither of you actually caught the other doing so. It was like some form of fate caused you to look away a second before Spencer decided to look up. Derek noticed her standing in the doorway. “Hey Baby Girl,” he called and walked over to her. She muttered a “hello” before huffing and crossing her arms. “Whoa whoa whoa, what’s the matter gorgeous? Those processing systems in that big brain of yours hung up on something?”

“How does it not drive you crazy?” she mumbled and Morgan raised an eyebrow at her. 

“How does what not drive me crazy?”

“The two of them!” she whisper-shouted and spun around walking off toward her lair. Derek rolled his eyes, but obediently followed her down the hall. 

“Gonna need a little more information sweetness,” he told her, leaning against the doorframe. 

“Oh c’mon, do I need to spell it out for you? (Y/N) and Spencer. The way those two are pining after each other it’s both sickening and sweet at the same time. I’m not even a profiler and I can tell that they are head over heels. I mean I know (Y/N) is because she told me one night when I got her super drunk with the intent of forcing the information out of her, but that is beside the point,” Penelope explained as she pulled up the bullpen’s security video feed and maneuvered the cameras so they were facing you and Spencer’s desks. 

“What are you doing?”

“I’m people watching.”

“Do you do this all the time?” Morgan asked standing behind her chair.

“Only when we don’t have a case or anything else to do,” Penelope defended, “You would not believe how boring it gets in here and you people never come visit me!” 

“But why- you know what nevermind. Just please tell me that you don’t mess with the cameras in my office.”

“My vision, you are the object of my affection but for the most part my attentions have been focussed on my current OTP as you never do anything interesting in your office.”

“Forgive me for actually doing work instead of making googly eyes at my coworkers.”

“So you have noticed!”

“Of course I’ve noticed. The whole team has noticed. The only ones in the dark about it are the two of them,” Derek chuckled. Penelope smiled as she watched the two of you. You had gone over to ask Spencer something, but he had been so focused on his work you’d startled him and he’d almost spilled his coffee all over himself. 

“They are so cute,” she sighed, “Derek I want my OTP to be together!”

“Somehow I don’t think we get a vote or have the power to make that happen,” he replied, kissing the top of her head. Penelope suddenly perked up. 

“But what if we did?”

“What are you talking about?” he asked as she spun her chair around. 

“What if there was a way that we could force Reid’s hand and make him admit something or ask her out?”

“Baby Girl, Reid has specifically told me that he doesn’t want me messing with this. You think I haven’t tried to get him to make a move?”

“He told you that, but he never told me,” she chirped, turning back toward her computer and started typing away. She pulled up a website for custom floral arrangements and started clicking on various options. 

“What are you doing?”

“Creating something that all of you men hate. Competition,” she replied, patting the side of his face. A few more minutes of meddling the order had been placed, ready to be delivered tomorrow morning. 

“Why do I get the feeling I’m going to be the one he blames for this?” Derek sighed shaking his head. 

“Ha, do not worry my vision. If all goes bad, we pretend like it never happened,” Penelope told him.

You walked into the bullpen the next morning smiling happily as you carried two cups of coffee. You glanced around looking for Spencer, before nonchalantly setting one of the cups down on his desk and arranged the mountain of sugar packets you’d also brought into an orderly pile. You quickly scurried back to your desk and sat down, trying to look casual as you waited for Spencer to arrive. “No coffee for the rest of us, I’m genuinely hurt,” Derek teased, as he sat down on your desk.

“Hey, the only order I remember is Spence’s because it’s the easiest thing ever: a large black coffee and then just bring the whole container of sugar to him,” you replied trying to casually look around him. 

“Uh huh,” Morgan muttered, clearly unconvinced. 

“Good morning,” Reid said as he walked over to his desk past the two of you. 

“Hi, Spencer,” you chirped, “I stopped for coffee this morning and brought you some.”

“Thank you so much, you would not believe the morning I’ve had. How much do I owe you?”

“Don’t worry about it,” you replied tucking your hair behind your ear. 

“Well, thank you. Did you know that coffee was banned three times in three different cultures: once in Mecca in the 16th century, once when Charles II in Europe banned the drink in an attempt to quiet an ongoing revolution, and once when Frederick the Great banned coffee in Germany in 1677 because he was concerned people were spending too much money on the drink,” he rambled. You smiled and shoved Morgan off of your desk, so you could actually see Spencer. 

“Well, I didn’t know that, but I do know that banning coffee should be a crime,” you giggled. Reid smiled back at you and opened his mouth to say something but suddenly went pale. “What’s-”

“I have a delivery for a Miss (Y/N) (Y/L/N),” a man said cutting you off. 

“That would be me,” you replied, turning around. “What can..I..do..” you stuttered as you came face to face with a huge vase of lilies and red roses. 

“Sign here please,” the delivery man said, handing you a clipboard and setting the vase down on your desk. You scribbled your signature down on the form and handed it back to the man. “Have a nice day,” he said walking away. 

“Yeah, you too,” you muttered still too focussed on your flowers. 

“Oh my god, those are gorgeous,” JJ mentioned as she walked over to your desk. 

“Who are they from?” Emily asked, joining the two of you.

“I have no idea,” you replied, pulling the card off the side of the vase. 

“Read it,” JJ urged leaning in closer. None of you noticed that Spencer had unconsciously leaned closer to the group as well trying to listen. 

“Nothing can ever compare to your beauty, but these flowers are certainly a nice way to compliment it. I hope these make that lovely smile of yours appear on your face, signed your secret admirer,” you read out loud and closed the card. 

“Oooh, this is interesting,” Emily said nudging your shoulder. 

“Any idea who it could be?” JJ asked. 

“Not a clue,” you replied, sitting back down in your chair, “I’m not seeing anyone and no one has asked me out recently.”

“Anyone who you hope it is?” 

“Yeah, but considering he hasn’t shown the slightest sign of interest I’m pretty sure it isn’t him,” you mumbled. Unbeknownst to you, Spencer had wandered away into the break room fuming. This happened every time he’d finally work up the courage to ask you out on a date or flirt with you at all something would happen. Morgan would come interrupt,  Hotch would suddenly announce that you had a case, or in this case, some jerk would write you poetry and send you flowers. He downed the rest of the coffee that you had bought him and started making another cup. 

“You ok, Pretty Boy?” Derek asked watching Spencer stir the coffee quite angrily. 

“Just peachy,” Spencer growled. 

“Ya know, you could just ask her out. (Y/N) has no idea who sent her those flowers,” Derek casually mentioned. 

“Ha yeah right, I’m reasonably certain she’d rather have fancy flower man whoever he is,” he grumbled. 

“Fancy flower man? Really Reid, that’s the best you can come up with?” Derek asked trying not to laugh. 

“I have plenty of other vulgar things I could call him so don’t push it.”

“Hey, I’m not the one encroaching on your girl, but I would recommend you do something about it before you loose her to fancy flower man.”

“You think I should what?”

“Well, you’re her friend. I’m pretty sure you can find a way to top the giant array of flowers that he sent her.”

“I definitely could,” Spencer muttered, deep in thought, “I need to get to work but first I’m going to get Garcia to figure out who sent those to her.”

“Uh,” Derek stuttered, trying to come up with a way to divert him, “Why does it matter who it is? You should be more concerned with your plan to woo her, you can worry about who it was later.”

“You’re right. I’m going to take my lunch early. I need to go get a few things,” Spencer said and quickly rushed back to his desk to grab his wallet. Derek sighed in relief, happy that he’d managed to redirect Reid’s thought process, and made himself a cup of coffee. Your sudden presence in the break room caught his attention. “And where are you going lady of the hour?” he asked sipping his coffee.

“I’m grabbing another sugar for my coffee and then I’m going to get Garcia to find out who this admirer person is.” Derek did a spit take and started coughing. “Whoa, you ok?”

“Yes, yes, I’m fine. But maybe you should just let this play out? See if he reveals himself to you?”

“Derek, I just want to know who it is so I can tell him I’m not interested. There’s only one guy who’s attention I want and he seems to not really care.”

“Sweetness, Reid is a great guy just a little awkward and shy when it comes to ladies, you might try being a bit more obvious about it,” he teased. You furrowed your brow and slowly turned your head toward him. 

“How did you know I have a crush on Spencer?”

“I’m a profiler and I’m really good at my job.” Derek replied.

“Yeah sometimes I forget what we do for a living.”

“And the fact that Penelope can’t keep her mouth shut,” he muttered quietly to himself. Just not quiet enough.

“What did you say?”


“I’m going to kill her!” you growled and stormed off toward Penelope’s office. 

“No no no, wait!” Derek shouted as he chased after you. You tore the door open and walked in. 

“Hello my lovely, what can I do for you today?” Penelope chirped. You narrowed your eyes at her before flicking her on the side of the head. 

“OW!” she shrieked. “What was that for?” 

“I cannot believe you told Derek that I like Spencer. I told you that in confidence and you swore you wouldn’t tell another soul,” you fumed.

“Technically you told me that while you were drunk.”

“Same thing!”

“But you know I tell my chocolate thunder everything, so you should’ve expected this.”

“Ugh, my life is over,” you whined. “Spencer is still acting weird and now some stranger has sent me flowers. Can you make yourself useful and tell me who sent those at least?”

“I take offense to that comment!”

“Who told shared a secret that she swore she would take to the grave?”

“Fine,” she muttered, “but I already know who sent them. I looked it up earlier.”

“Then who is it?”

“It’s uh, Brian in payroll,” 

“Brian in payroll?”

“Mhm,” she mumbled, twisting a piece of hair around her finger.

“Uh huh, does Brian in payroll have a last name?” you asked crossing your arms.

“Yes, yes he definitely does.”

“Yeah? What it is then?”

“Well, I can tell you that it is most certainly not Morgan or Garcia.”

“Penelope,” you groaned. “Why would you do that?”

“I’m just trying to spice it up, you know force our dearest doctor’s hand.”

“Yes and in doing that you’ve managed to scare him. He took off fifteen minutes ago,” you grumbled flopping down in the chair beside her. 

“Aw, sweets it’s gonna be ok.”

“My life is over.”

“Hey look on the bright side, at least you got some bitchin flowers,” she said trying to lighten the mood. You lifted your head and glared at her.

“Not funny.” 

“(Y/N), you need to get back to your desk and take a look at this,” Derek said as he walked into Penelope’s office.

“And you! You knew she was going to do this and you didn’t stop her,” you growled and stalked over to him, poking his chest. 

“As upset as you are right now, I really think you should just go back to your desk. You might like what you find,” Derek replied pushing your hand away. You narrowed your eyes at him.

“If this is another part of this BS plan you two have going on, I’m going to kill you both,” you grumbled, stalking down the hallway. 

“What are you doing?” Penelope whispered at Derek, as they followed you. 

“Just watch,” he replied with a smug look on his face. You were expecting to see yet another bouquet of flowers that the two of them had sent to you, but you certainly weren’t expecting this. Your desk was scattered with various pieces of paper and rose petals. A large white teddy bear was sitting in your chair with a bouquet of gardenias nestled in its arms and a bag of (Y/F/C) tucked in beside it. You stood rooted in place out of surprise until Derek gave you a slight nudge. You walked forward and picked up one of the pieces of paper. You smiled as you recognized Spencer’s handwriting and started reading. It was a poem by Christina Rossetti, one of your favorites actually “I loved you first”. You had talked about this with Spencer months ago, when you both discovered your shared love of poetry. From the looks of it, he had managed to write down all of your favorite poems on these little notes (probably including a few of his own favorites) and put them all over your desk. You plucked the bouquet of gardenias out of the bear’s arms and smelled them. 

“Red roses traditionally symbolize love and passion while gardenias’ symbolize pure, secret love which more accurately displays how I feel about you,” Spencer mumbled from behind you. You immediately spun around and dropped the bouquet back in your chair, before throwing your arms around his neck and crashing your lips into his. He seemed to be stunned for a few seconds, before kissing you back and wrapping his arms around your waist. Hoots and hollers came from all around the office, mainly from Penelope and Emily. You separated a little breathlessly and rested your forehead against his. The pair of you were smiling from ear to ear. “Please tell me this isn’t a dream,” he muttered closing his eyes. 

“Nope,” you replied popping the “p”, “I’m real.”

“So I take it you like me too or else I think you’ve been sending some very mixed signals.” You chuckled and kissed him again. 

“Does that answer your question?” you asked, after you’d pulled back. 

“I think it does, and to think I had a whole speech planned out to make you at least go on one date with me,” he replied scratching the back of his neck sheepishly. You just shook your head and smiled at him.

“That’s so sweet, but how on earth did you have time to set this up? I couldn’t have been gone more than fifteen minutes,” you said, turning slightly to look at your desk,

“14 minutes and 23 seconds actually, but I’ve had the notes sitting in my bag for about a week now,” he told you. 

“Ok, that’s enough, back to work all of you,” Hotch said, commotion having finally drawn him out of his office. There was a collective “sorry” muttered from around the office, before Hotch turned his attention to the two of you. “Do we need to have a conversation or can I trust that this isn’t going to affect work?”

“I think we’re good,” you answered. 

“Good, now I need to call Dave and inform him that he owes me twenty bucks as do the two of you,” Hotch chuckled motioning JJ and Emily. The two women groaned slightly before reaching for their purses. 

“Wait, what?” Spencer asked raising an eyebrow, keeping his arms wrapped around your waist. 

“To make a long story short, we started a pool going for how long it would take the two of you to get together after three months of watching the two of you flirt. I had yesterday, Hotch had today, Rossi had tomorrow, and JJ had next Monday,” Emily explained as she walked up the stairs and handed the money to Hotch, who gladly pocketed it and went back in his office to presumably call Rossi who was off on vacation time. 

“I cannot believe this! How many people in this office are invloved in our love lives?” you cried in frustration, even though you were smiling. 

“Wait, who else is involved in our love life?” Spencer asked, looking down at you confused. 

“And that’s our cue to run chocolate thunder,” Penelope muttered, as she took off running dragging Derek along behind her. You shook your head and laughed, all irritation suddenly vanishing. 

“Wonder what that was about,” Reid thought out loud, as you unwound from his arms and moved all his gifts out of your chair. 

“Don’t worry about it, just remind me to tell Brian from payroll to send her some flowers,” you told him. He looked very confused but just shrugged and kissed your forehead. You grinned up at him, knowing that this was the start of one of the best times in your life. 

How to Zookeep: Job Interview Basics

So I was tagged by @why-animals-do-the-thing in a post about what not to say in a job interview. It’s a bit overdue, but I figured this was a good opportunity to continue some of “How to Zookeep” and give y’all some insight on interviews. I’ve actually conducted quite a lot of interviews for an entry-level position. Here are just a few Do’s and Don’ts…

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General Maybe Do’s:

  • Wear an outfit that looks pretty nice, but don’t go too formal. You should be able to get muddy or hop a fence - just in case. Most of the time you’ll know if it’s a true working interview, but some interviews will involve a tour, meeting an animal, or other situations where you might get messy.
  • Show that you’ve researched the facility and the position. This is especially true for phone interviews or if you’re not from the area. If you’ve ever visited the facility, mention that. Mention specific parts of the job description and why you’re interested or why you would excel at it. I know I always make a good note if candidates reference something on our website or from the job description because it lets me know they’ve done their homework. (One time a candidate quoted something verbatim and it was a little jarring only because I wrote that part of the website and it was strange to hear someone quote me).
  • If at all possible, have specific examples from your past experiences that you can talk about. These could be examples of training, working well with others, strengths & weaknesses, general animal care, etc. Try to be able to tell a story about when you worked around a training difficulty or resolved an issue with a coworker. And yes, have a real answer for “strengths and weaknesses”.
  • Try to use the most ‘updated’ zoo language you can. Zoo terminology changes so fast it’s hard to keep up. Try to use some of the research (website and job description) to see what kind of language this particular facility uses and attempt to mirror it. Examples are “in human care” instead of captivity or “habitat / enclosure” instead of cage/exhibit. It’s just a bonus way to make a good impression.

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General Maybe Don’ts:

  • Don’t get political. This is what @why-animals-do-the-thing was asked about - mentioning animal rights activist groups in the interview. Unless you are completely sure that it is specifically relevant to the position try not to get into any heavy areas of debate, any controversial news stories (think Harambe), or politically charged organizations like PETA, HSUS, etc. And even though you might think that everyone in the zoo world agrees that US politics are terrible for zoos/the environment or something along those lines, a job interview is not the time to mention it.
  • Don’t ask for tips about a specific facility on a public forum. It’s important to do research, but this one crosses a bit of a professional line. I would advise against going on any public forum (like the facebook groups You Know You’re a Zookeeper When and Zookreepers) and asking for interview advice about a certain facility. Most people won’t want to comment publicly about their facility as it can be seen as unprofessional and a lot of their coworkers will see it. Most of the time the research you need can be done on the website and with some googling, but if you feel you just need to talk to someone who works there, try flexing your networking muscle a bit.
  • Don’t say you love animals. This sounds contradictory but hear me out here - this job is about much more than loving animals. A lot of interviewers are used to hearing this answer or seeing it in cover letters of people who think that liking animals is all you have to do for a job. Yes, you love animals, we know that. But what do you love about working with them? Do you like enrichment, exhibit design, training? What do you love about the career of zookeeper / aquarist / etc? It’s important to go beyond the surface of just wanting to be around animals and go into the details of how you will improve their lives when you literally have their lives in your hands. I’ve heard from a lot of interviewers that they’re tired of hearing about ‘passion’, they want to hear about action. They want to hear about cleaning, hard work, the real nitty-gritty of the job. This don’t also leads to a general tip (what if you don’t have examples of what you like yet?)

General Tips

Here’s a common problem: you’re applying for your first entry-level position and you don’t have any animal experience yet. What do you talk about? Here’s some ideas:

  • Academic research or fieldwork - did you go on birding trips? Did you do mist-netting? Have you worked in a lab that uses live animals? Those things can be beginner animal experience.
  • Volunteering - zoos, vet clinics, etc.
  • Formal domestic animal experience - even if it’s not with exotic animals, the basics of caring for small domestics (cats, dogs, rodents, fish, etc.) in a formal setting (vet, pet store, rescue) has some aspects that apply in zoos, such as restraint and medical care.
  • Personal pets (very carefully) - It’s not that personal pet experience isn’t helpful when you’re just starting out, but sometimes newer keepers come in with an idea that their pet experience is on the same level as caring for animals in a formal career setting. It is not. Caring for your own animal in your own home is VERY different from caring for it in a zoo, aquarium, vet’s office, etc. In a formal setting, there are legal guidelines to follow, teams of people to communicate with about animal care, and lots of formality/red tape that doesn’t exist in a home setting. Pets can be useful as examples in interviews if it is relevant (medicating, enrichment, restraint) but they are almost never seen as an actual qualification. Side note, please don’t list personal pet care on a resume. 

Overall in an interview, you want to try to be as collected and confident as possible. BUT if you get nervous and you’re really struggling, just tell us! It’s better to just laugh a bit and say sorry, I’m nervous, than to completely freeze up. I have done plenty of interviews where the person is nervous and that’s okay. I’ve hired people who were nervous or misspoke in their interview.

If you have any other questions, feel free to drop me a line. I’ve interviewed and hired people for just three years now, so I may not be particularly seasoned, but I can lend a little of my expertise.

What Is The Shape Of Your Monster? – Get Out and Thought-out Horror

Get out.

No, I’m dead serious. If you haven’t already seen Jordan Peele’s Get Out yet, I need you to do me a massive favor. I need you to bookmark this page, close this page, and absolutely do not read this page— or any other essay or article on Get Out— until you’ve finished watching it.

I’m not just saying this because this essay will contain major spoilers for a movie that is best enjoyed going in knowing as little as possible— I mean, yes, it will— but most of all I just want as many people to see this movie as possible. It is by far the most socially relevant American movie to come out this year, at time of writing, if not one of the most socially relevant pieces of American art of the past decade.

It’s also just a very good movie.


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jojoh7642  asked:

Did you ever feel suicidal because of ridicule because of your sexuality?

i didn’t. But many people do. Luckily, there are resources like The Trevor Project - a 24/7, confidential, & free lifeline that you can call & talk to a real human for support. They specialize in LGBTQ+ issues & help prevent crisis & suicide for LGBTQ+ youth specifically. You can call them, text them, go on their website & connect with people on their TrevorSpace forum - they’re incredible. My #1 piece of advice: you’re not alone. You can always reach out.


After being in the astro community for quite a while now, I’ve noticed a number of different ways that people make mistakes and assumptions. I’m very passionate about the way that astrology is received by the world, and I want it to be a practice that is RESPECTED and possibly even accepted by everyone (eventually). Here are some ways that astro blogs tend to invalidate astrology.

*DISCLAIMER* - I am not targeting any specific people. I’m a Virgo moon, and I only want people to become better astrologers and improve the way astrology is used on this website. And I also want everyone to think more before they post! I’m a naturally critical person and want to fix things, but I don’t want anyone to take personal offense to it (my Libra mars wouldn’t like that!). 

- Using sun sign alone. People rely heavily on sun-sign ONLY astrology. Why do people insist on only talking about sun signs? This is just one slice of someone’s personality - there is a whole chart that needs to be looked at, showing that each person has many other qualities other than the ones expressed by their sun. This is not real astrology, and never has been. This is the astrology created by popular media. Most people will not relate to their sun sign in posts anyway unless the post is about their ego, central identity, and general personality. Most astro bloggers make posts that are not about those things, yet they still insist on writing using sun sign instead of another planet that would be much more accurate. Before you write, think about which planet it would REALLY apply to. Please read my post here for a more detailed explanation of this.

- Forgetting your audience. When reading posts, most people ASSUME that the sun sign is the placement the post would apply to. For example, if the post says “Aquarius in love”, 99% of people (especially newcomers to astrology) try to relate it to Aquarius sun - when in fact, this would need to relate to Aquarius venus since venus is the planet of love. Aquarius suns would not have the qualities that this post describes, unless they have an Aquarius venus as well. Even some highly respectable blogs do this - they forget their audience. They don’t realize that most people don’t understand the way the planets work. I see this most often with sun sign posts, but it could also be true for others. Like, there could be a post about the moon signs that really would actually relate more to mercury. The idea is, remember that people don’t know right off the bat which placement the post would apply to. Help them out! Less people will write off your posts as inaccurate if you do this anyway.

- Including the 13th sign Ophiuchus. Just, no. Please don’t. This was a hoax created by NASA to try to prove astrology false. Astrology isn’t based on the constellations anyway, so there is no 13th sign. It’s based on the sections of the sky - they just happen to be named after certain constellations. The signs haven’t shifted. Read my post here about this for more information.

- Generalizing the signs. “Geminis are talkative and full of gossip!!!” “Cancers are soooo emotional and cry all the time!!!” “Leos want to hog the spotlight 24/7!!!!” Honestly, generalizing only leads to people getting upset. Not to mention the fact that it’s completely inaccurate. Most Geminis are not gossipy, most Cancers are not crybabies, and most Leos are not attention hogs. This could even happen with other planet placements (like moon signs or rising signs), I just happen to see it mostly with sun signs. These kind of posts are made by the same people who tend to only write about sun sign away. Read a real description of the sun signs (I recommend cafeastrology.com), or don’t say anything at all. The signs are complex, and can’t be labeled. Also, people don’t realize that all placements and signs can be either introverted or extroverted. They assume that the air/fire signs are extroverted and the earth/water signs are introverted. Sun signs cannot be limited to one personality type - not to mention the fact that the expression of introversion vs. extroversion is actually shown by the rising sign because that is the “shell” that the world sees. See my post here about how the rising signs can be both introverted and extroverted.

- Grouping the signs into categories. I’m sure everyone reading this has seen a post where half of the signs will be in one category and half of the signs will be in another. This isn’t accurate astrology. Signs cannot be grouped or limited - they are unique, and have 12 individual forms of expression. Limiting them to two or three categories makes astrology simple and trite, when in fact it is extremely complex (but fascinating). It’d be one thing if they grouped them by element (earth, air, water, fire), modality (cardinal, mutable, fixed), but most don’t even do that. It’s literally random most of the time. If you’re going to group the signs, at least offer an explanation why you put each sign in each category.

- Dismissing signs or placements as simply compatible or incompatible. Let’s be real here - each sign has the potential to be compatible with ANY sign. Also, compatibility should focus more on moon or venus sign as opposed to sun sign. Sun sign compatibility just determines the kind of general energy that would surround the relationship. Compatibility is complex. Instead of saying whether or not two people are compatible, say WHY. Show, for example, how their moon signs are different elements, how their venus signs are sextile, and how their rising signs are sister signs. Show how one person’s moon sign is the same sign as the other person’s sun sign. Compatibility is really about connections, anyway. Read my post here for more information.

- Basing astrology just on people you know. Not all Scorpios are energetic just because your best friend is. The reality is, your friend is a Sagittarius rising with an Aries mars. This has nothing to do with her being a Scorpio. When you make posts basing the information solely on one or two people you know, this is spreading false information. This could mean that readers would then assume in the future that all Scorpios are energetic just from reading your post. I hate to break it to you, but a lot of people believe everything they read. Especially if they’re beginners to astrology. Please do your best not to influence them to make assumptions.

- Posting without knowledge. You’d be surprised how much this one comes up. If you don’t know a lot about Taurus moons, don’t make a post about them. Simple as that. Play to your strengths to avoid spreading false information. Again, people believe everything they read more often than you think.

- Giving astrology a bad name. Astrology is fun. If you’re reading this, you probably would agree with me. But, there’s a difference between “fun” astrology that is accurate and “fun” astrology that just makes astrology a complete joke. “The signs as types of peanut butter” doesn’t improve people’s knowledge at all. I mean, sure, you could say it’s funny, but it really isn’t. It’s just pointless, and only serves to make readers think that astrology is a joke. Most people who make these don’t consider that people look at them and assume that that’s all astrology is. Every post you make is influencing people’s perception of the subject. Again, at least offer an explanation for WHY an Aries would sleep with five pillows if you’re really going to make a post about the number of pillows the signs sleep with. Chances are, you don’t have one anyway. Sure, you can say all you want that I’m “taking the fun out of it!!!!” or something. But I’m really not. I just want astrology to be perceived as something that really works, not something people make fun of. I’m sick of people laughing at astrology for the wrong reasons - and joke posts are not helping. You can make astrology accurate AND funny. Here’s an example of a post I made about the venus signs that people found amusing, yet also related to at the same time.

procrastination masterpost

There are three important steps in erasing the possibility of procrastination. You are never going to be entirely free from it, as Netflix, video games, sitting around, eating, etc. are never not going to be a temptation. It is a cycle that repeats, but taking the time to develop some self-control is worth it. 

When you are about to work and feeling tempted to procrastinate, there are two things you need to do. The first is to look at this list and identify your procrastination trigger. Next, look through this post to find the solution! After that, during future projects, look at the bottom for procrastination prevention.

common procrastination triggers:

  • perfectionism
  • low energy
  • overwhelmed
  • difficult work
  • boring work
  • distracted

Below are step-by-step solutions, then prevention methods:


Sometimes this is one of the easiest to resolve if you can simply remind yourself of a few things before you begin. Do these things:

  • Whatever you’re doing, treat it as a rough draft. It doesn’t have to be perfect, because you can get the same quality of work by just getting it done and then editing it after.
  • Once you get in motion, you can stay in motion. The “eat the frog” method often backfires for perfectionists, as they often have trouble getting started—try beginning with a simple task, then working through the rest from hardest to easiest.

low energy

  • Take a power nap
  • Get some caffeine
  • Wash your face
  • Get a snack

Anything to make you feel refreshed, energized and ready to go, even if you are tired. Remind yourself that you’ve got this, and you can take a break when you are done. Waiting only increases stress and anxiety.


  1. Break the task into pieces. If it is simply too much work to do in the time you have, see if you can delay some of it.
  2. Then make a detailed to-do list. Don’t leave anything out. If you are writing an essay, list that as the heading—- then add as sub-tasks the individual paragraphs, bibliography, etc.
  3. Now that you know what you have to do, you are likely to be calmer. Your path is laid out, all you need to do is prepare:
  4. Surroundings that are organized, clean and purposefully equipped lead to productivity. Take a moment to gather your needed items (pencil, notebooks, laptop, etc.), your chosen drink/snack, and anything else you may need. Place them on your desk or any other environment where you can work comfortably.
  5. Take a deep breath, and begin. You got this!

difficult work

If your work is too difficult for you to do immediately, this is likely for one of the following reasons:

  • There is too much work and you do not know where to begin.
  • You do not understand the content.
  • You do not know how to carry out the requirements of the task.

If you are hindered by the first in the list, go back to what to do if you are overwhelmed— the situation is similar.

If you do not understand the content, ask a friend or teacher/professor. If they are unavailable, consult google; Yahoo Answers, Mathway, Wikipedia, Youtube, Khan Academy, even the studyblr community, all are great resources if you lack an understanding of the material.

If you do not know how to do what you are expected to do (common with larger summative projects and papers), consult your teacher/professor. Read any material given to you that may contain instructions, suggestions, or ideas. If you still do not understand, look it up. Or ask a studyblr! My ask box is always open!

boring work

If the work is a lot of “busy work” that is repetitive and unchallenging, just remind yourself why you are doing it. And I don’t mean remind yourself “because my teacher made me do it”— I mean remind yourself why you are on this academic journey. Remind yourself why you started, give yourself some motivation. Then, suck it up, just work and you can get it done.


I am very easily distracted, so I have been through this. There are two options for people who are easily distracted:

  • Remove all possible temptation or opportunities to procrastinate, or:
  • Surround yourself with distraction.

The first option means a specific process— removing music, blocking websites, clearing your environment, getting rid of everything that could possibly take you away from your work for even a second.

The second option seems counter-intuitive, but I find that it works for me— it seems to force focus. Put on some music, turn on a fan, go in a crowded area (just don’t talk to anyone!), get a drink and a snack, anything. It’s kind of like an “eye of the hurricane” thing. And work hard, focus. You can do it.

other methods

  • If your problem is that you cannot work for a long time without a break, try the pomodoro method. Work for 25 minutes, then take a five minute break. After four pomodoros (25 working minutes, 5 break), take a longer break for 15-30 minutes. 
  • If you just feel like you’re not in a “working mood,” get the ball rolling with a smaller task. Put on some video game music to focus and get into a flow. 

preventing procrastination

  • Remind yourself that you deserve a break— after you get your work done.
  • Remind yourself why you are doing this work.
  • Remember that you have done things that have been more difficult.
  • You got this! I believe in you!

anonymous asked:

i know you're super busy all the time but just in case - any tips for law firm networking events? or, alternatively, as i have both this week, on how to sell yourself at an interview? you seem to be a person who knows how to play the game. anyway! loads of luck with all your things!

Networking events are a) the worst, b) incredibly valuable in expanding your circle of personal and professional contacts. Most of my tips are spawned from me viciously hating them, and simultaneously knowing they are Important For Career Development.

  • First of all, if you’re waiting for the magic rom-com moment when you totally connect with someone and they hire you on the spot—it’s not going to happen. (I definitely had to kill that fantasy, several times.)
    • Instead, it’s best to think of networking as a meet cute—the goal is to make an impression, and for that person to know who you are when you follow up with them afterwards.
    • ….and you are going to follow up afterwards.
  • Start with people you know. There are a lot of networking events I’ve attended where there are classmates/professors in attendance. It is perfectly good manners to approach someone you know, greet them, and then introduce yourself to whoever they’re talking to.
    • I mean, obviously you can’t be an asshole about it, you don’t want to interrupt them, but I’ve definitely pulled this move with great success. 
    • “Hey, [FRIEND] I saw you and I just had to say hello. Oh, I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be rude, I’m [NAME], I’m in [FRIEND]’s Corporate Law class.”
    • It also works really nicely if you can slip a compliment in for friend, both because it’s classy and they feel obligated to reciprocate.
  • Go in with 2-3 general questions that require more than a brief answer. Some of my favorites are “What’s the most interesting or challenging project/issue you’ve worked on in the last 6 months?” “What brought you to [area of specialization]?”
    • These are good because they don’t require you knowing anything about the person, but can get them to open up about their work. I haven’t met a lawyer who doesn’t enjoy sharing their war stories.
  • Work the room. If you’re talking to a single person for more than 15 minutes, you’re probably spending too much time with them.
  • It is totally appropriate to ask for a business card! Ask for a business card! This helps for the next step which is…
  • Follow up within the next business week. As I said before, networking events are meet cutes. If you really want to develop this individual as a contact, you’re going to have to keep reaching out to them.
    • I’ve had the most success in finding and friending them on LinkedIn directly afterwards. (Literally, I go home and spend an hour finding everyone I talked to.) In my connection request, I thank them for the conversation and mention one specific thing they talked about.
    • Then, about a week later, I email them directly and ask to grab coffee/have an informational interview.
      • Attach your resume to the request, and send them a reminder email 24 hours before with your resume attached.
  • Keep up contact. These types of relationships aren’t a one-shot deal, you need to stay at the forefront of the minds. Like the articles they post on LinkedIn. Reach out and congratulate them on new jobs/awards.
    • Almost all attorneys publish pretty frequently through their firm website/blog. If they post something related to your interests, I suggest reaching out and saying so—a couple sentences wishing them well ought to do the trick.

If you’re reading through this and it sounds incredibly daunting, it is. But it is also one of those things that gets easier with practice. Be polite, relaxed, and professional, and chances are you’re already leagues ahead in the game.


Annnnnd here it is: the Hyper Light Drifter Vinyl! Packaged with four records containing all the songs from the game, this hefty box is as much of a visual treat as the game itself. It also comes with three album decals (is that sword rendition new? I don’t remember it at all!) I know those came as a bonus specifically for peeps who pre-ordered the vinyl to compensate for the delays, so I have no idea if they will be available alongside the album for anyone buying post-release. 

As of this writeup, I haven’t listened to it yet, but yowza, it looks great! You can buy a copy at iam8bit’s website!

I just wanna say I really appreciate the science side of tumblr a lot because so many other science communities (mainly online, which is a cesspool for negativity to begin with) are ablest, negative toward religion/culture, etc. (thats not to say everyone in said communities is like that, of course, but in general) and it’s a major player as to why I decided against choosing a science career path (art communities always felt more open to diversity); while science tumblr is overall a very accepting place. It’s rekindled my love for science in such a powerful way, a love that I started to forget in my first or second year of high school.

And I know tumblr can be a handful sometimes and very big on drama and immaturity but I feel like sciblr is a comfy corner on this website for me. Palaeoblr in specific because its where I lurk the most.

This was just random thoughts and I don’t really talk to many people but I feel so happy in this corner of tumblr.

Q: Do you have any advice on manifesting new, loyal friends?

A: Yes! Firstly, on a piece of paper write “My New Friend” and around it put in detail all the qualities you would like them to have such as loyal, fun-loving, similar interests, supportive, etc. Get quite specific here. Only use positive terminology. And start with one person. 

Secondly, be mindful that you are loyal too. You probably are, and you probably are frustrated with the lack of loyalty of others though! Pay attention to your feelings once you’ve established a clear list of qualities you want this friend to have. And follow any subtle feelings, intuitions. It might be to reach out to someone you knew years ago, or you overhear a conversation that you want to add to in a coffee shop. 

Thirdly, visualize what activities you would do with your new friend, and feel how much fun you’re having. Feel how pleasant it is to be understood on every level. Feel how thankful you are for this. 

Lastly, if you have had friendships that have left you disappointed, find a way to let it go. Write down “ I release ____ to their highest good and me to mine.” See that if they knew better, they would do better. 

I have had great manifestations come out of this. Once in Starbucks I overheard two ladies talk about a subject I’m so interested in, so I politely joined in and went on to have coffee with one of the ladies and became friends. I showed her this website, actually, as she’s creating a personal development programme herself! So it was as something simple as following my curiosity in the moment. 
Another time I had specifically been looking for a meaningful soul friendship in my life, and then had a dream/vision where I was told someone who I was watching on TV at the time would come into my life. I took the action of making contact with that person, and it has happened! We met, connected and I am deeply grateful for it. 

*I now provide private law of attraction e-coaching. To know more please read here.*

anonymous asked:

Hey, I draw people quite often, but I can't find good reference poses. Do you have a specific website or resource you use? Your poses always feel so vibrant and lively, so I thought you would be a good person to ask?

Hi! This deviantArt blog; http://themalenudestock.deviantart.com/ got some AMAZING pose references. I just feel inspired looking through the galleries. 

But I’ve also done a lot of life drawing in my days, that would probably be the very best option, but also something not everyone is capable of experiencing for a number of reasons. I’m lucky because my school host life drawing sessions every monday. (Even though I truly wish I had my own model who could pose for me alone.)

Other than that I draw a lot of inspiration from classical paintings, and I look a lot at classic nude paintings from various decades. The older ones tend to have these really extravagant poses that I adore. 

And lastly, if you’re an adult and into that kind of thing, pornography could offer a whole array of vimisical poses. I know a lot of people who actually draw from porn so it’s defintely nothing to dismiss, haha! Hope I could help, thank you and good luck with posing your characters! <3

How to Write a Cover Letter Someone Will Actually Read

Okay, so when applying for jobs, you’re generally going to need 4 things: 1) a completed application, 2) your resume, 3) a cover letter, and 4) a list of references. The application you need to do on your own and it’s just filling in boxes, you can handle that. Resumes I’ve already covered! Now, it’s on to the joy absolute gut-wrenching hell that is writing a cover letter.

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When talking about mental health, and depression specifically, I’ve seen a lot of talk and understanding for symptoms like social anxiety, hopelessness and a general disregard for one’s own feelings and needs. This is all good and fine, obviously, keep doing it, because we all need to hear it! But what I want to talk about right now is self care. Not drinking water, showering and looking into the mirror, telling yourself you look good. I think we’ve covered that, and we’ll continue to cover it.

Right now I want to talk about dental care. This isn’t something I’ve come across on this website, even though it’s definitely a big topic for me. Me, personally? I’ve gone through years of not giving a shit about myself (still am) which often resulted in going through a week, brushing my teeth only once. Not only that, but also eating in bed constantly. Take this, and multiply it with days. Weeks. Months. Years.

I know there’s a lot wrong in there. I’m anxious and afraid to go to the dentist. I’m afraid of rejection, maybe, but mostly I’m just fucking embarrassed and disappointed and disgusted with myself. I have cavities. I have rotting teeth. It’s a mess in there. Of course, I can argue that I wasn’t in the state of mind to take care of myself. But that doesn’t take the rot away. It doesn’t take the emotional, but also physical pain away, because my tooth hurts so bad right now.

I just feel so much shame right now, but I know I have to go to the dentist. I feel shame about having to go to a dentist that specializes in people who are afraid of going to the dentist.

But I still felt inclined to make this post. If anyone reads this, knowing that they’re in the same position as I am, please know you’re not alone. You’re not an embarrassment. You did not do this to yourself. You do not need to punish yourself with the pain and say, “I deserve this.”

I hope you find the strength within you to make that call and set the appointment. I hope you find the strength to calmly explain the situation, your fear, and your desire to start anew. Realistically speaking, dentists have seen a lot. I think they want to help you. They didn’t get into the profession to only help clients with perfect teeth, did they?

I’m still struggling with this topic, I’ll be perfectly honest about that. But I just wanted to try and talk about it. If this reaches at least one person who recognizes themselves in this story, this post will have served its purpose.

Tiptoe (Chicago P.D.)

Title: Tiptoe

Fandom: Chicago P.D.

Rating: T/PG-13

Author’s Note: I’ll refrain from writing a diatribe about how angry I am a scene with Jay talking about his PTSD was cut, and instead offer up this (quick) drabble-ish fic I wrote up that attempts to fill in the obvious gap in the break room scene between Erin and Jay at the end of 4x18. I couldn’t find specifics on where PTSD support groups meet in Chicago so I used the locations of Veteran Service Officers from the Illinois Warrior Assistance Program’s website as a proxy.

“Thank God for the job, though, right? I mean, every day you get to meet somebody who’s problems are bigger than yours.”

“Yeah, I guess so,” he replies with a nod of his head because she’s right. The job keeps him grounded; the job keeps him focused and tethered to the here and now.

Yet the words still feel heavy and wrong as she explains how she’s gone above and beyond to help today’s somebody, as she provides herself with an out to leave him in the breakroom. And his gaze immediately shifts to the floor; his head tilting downward so he doesn’t have to look at the small smile she offers him as she moves to tiptoe past him.

“Erin,” he softly calls out, and he can hear her boots scuff on the linoleum floor as she skids to a stop long before he’s fully turned around to face her. “I—”

“I, uh,” he says pausing to swallow the lump in his throat. Her back is still turned to him; her body nearly halfway out the door. And — despite all their conversations in here, despite the fact that he followed her in her and initiated this — the break room isn’t exactly where he imagined himself telling her about this. Telling her about something he’s spent most of the last eight years trying to tiptoe around.

Yet he spent Monday night’s meeting listening to an artillery field officer named Jon talk about how he tiptoed around things until he tried something stupid and this afternoon listening to Voight tell him to he’ll be out of the unit if he doesn’t stop tiptoeing around what’s going on. So he squares his shoulders, lifts his head, and forces himself to find the words to tell her that, in fact, some days somebody else’s problems don’t seem all that bigger than his.

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anonymous asked:

What do you do to practice Korean grammar?

I use the KGIU (Korean Grammar in Use) series specifically the Beginner’s Level

I regularly do lectures from Quick Korean which also offers culture lessons. There is an option for English and other languages in level 1 but I prefer to learn in Korean ^^

Another good source is Talk to Me in Korean but I prefer Quick Korean to this. I still use it though~

And if I need more in depth explanations on grammar points I go to How to Study Korean.

Hope this helps ^^ 

So here’s something I’ve meaning to get off of my chest for a while now.

As you may have noticed, I have a love/hate relationship with this website.  There are some things I love about it, like amazing fan works, jokes, funny pictures, and puppies, and there is stuff I despise about it, like the broken-ass gender politics, the alarming amount of self-entitlement, the blatant spreading of misinformation, constant hypocrisy of users, and over-all pretentiousness of the entire website.

As such, it’s not uncommon for me to receive this simple question over and and over again.

“Why do you continue to stay on this site if most of it bothers you so much?”

At first I didn’t have a solid answer.

Sure the art is nice, and some of the people I have met were great, but there’s also all the other shit I mentioned earlier.

It’s also worth noting that there were times where I actually DID consider saying “fuck it” and deleting everything.

However, the more I thought, the more I realized that I had the answer this entire time.

It’s because I care.

You see, it’s no secret that tumblr is a host to many groups outside of what would be considered in today’s society as “normal”.  I happen to have many friends who fit that mould.  

This website, despite being very public and very open, is considered a safe-space by those who use it.  It’s used as a way for people to find others to relate to, and leave all of their emotional baggage.  To be open and free about whatever the fuck they like.  Social Media wise, tumblr is perfect for that kind of environment.  Politics and activist-wise, it’s one of the worst places for it.

You see, I have met many people who are outside of the cis heteronormative bubble.  They’ve told me their stories, their hobbies, their likes, but above all else they told me their struggles.  I have been told things that have moved me and broke my heart to the point of tears.  I welcomed these people into my life with open arms.

I’ll be the first one to admit it.  I’m an asshole.  But the thing of it is, if you come to me wanting to tell me something, I’ll be more than happy to listen when no one else would.  That’s the thing most people don’t seem to get.  They look at my posts and look at the videos I make and think to themselves “wow what a fucking asshole” but they’re not seeing the big picture.  I’m an asshole because I care.

I love my friends, and I would do anything I could to help them, even if it is as simple as a signal boost……..so when I see posts on tumblr, making the horrible shit they go through into a joke…I get mad.

scratch that.

I get furious.

My LGBT friends, particularly those under the trans umbrella, have enough trouble fitting in and being accepted as it is.  So when I see people saying mindbogglingly ignorant posts like

“gender is a social construct”
“trans is a choice”
“i wish everyone was trans”
“I’m a polysexual genderfab space bunny and all of my headmates are named bob”

I think back to my friends, and I think about how their struggles are already seen as a joke….now they gotta deal with THIS shit.

Here’s the thing about gender being a social construct.

If that was really the case, not only would Dr. John Money’s experiment be a legit success, David Reimer would still be a woman, and he would also still be alive.

Gender isn’t a construct….Gender ROLES are.  To tell a trans person that gender is a construct would be to tell them their dysphoria is imaginary.

Back on point, I reblog and piss and moan about tumblr because I care.  God damn it, I fucking care.  I give a shit when people I care about are made a mockery of by people trying to be “edgy” and “progressive” because their normal lives are just too mundane, so they spice it up by obtaining imaginary and quite frankly, bullshit labels so they can be “cool” and “hip” like all those trans and queer people they hear so much about…..because wanting to be part of a persecuted and abused group of people because “fuck cishet whitey” is the new goth phase I guess.

Tumblr is the only place I have seen where people actively go out of their way to out-marginalize each other, to see who can get the most oppression points to use as an excuse to be an overall terrible human being.  Before they tell anyone else to “check their privilege” they desperately need to check their fucking entitlement.

Another reason why I care is the grave-standing.  People using recent tragedies to attack problems that were completely unrelated to them to begin with, in order to further some twisted agenda.

The most recent example of this I can think of is the recent and tragic suicide of Leelah Alcorn.

When I read Leelah’s suicide note, my heart broke.  I couldn’t stop tearing up.  I didn’t want her death to be in vain.  I wanted people to know what happened to her, and that if they are ever in need of someone, they are not alone.  I was there to listen.

However, my sadness quickly turned to rage when I found out people were attempting to use her as a scapegoat to further their own twisted agendas.

To quote a specific example, Brianna Wu used her as an excuse to attack GamerGate, saying “look what GamerGate is doing to trans women” when Leelah never mentioned a single thing about the hash tag.

Others were using her to promote their twisted brand of feminism, claiming that her death was a result of misogyny, rather than asshole parents who drank too much of the Jesus Juice. 

It makes me so mad.  I can’t help but to talk about it, and there’s no way in hell you can convince me to keep quiet about it.

To tell me to get off the website if it bothers me is such a fucking copout.  It isn’t like watching TV and changing the channel if something you don’t like comes on, there are real fucking people at stake.  I can’t turn off something that could effect a friend of mine, hurt a genuinely good cause, or is deliberately spreading misinformation.

You know those stupid fucking pronouns I mentioned eons ago?  That they were making trans folks look more like freaks than people already make them out to be?

Well guess what?  Because of those morons, several trans friends of mine are no longer being taken seriously about their dysphoria by their parents.  And you want to know why?  They found one of those stupid fucking blogs, and assumed that their child was simply going through a phase that would pass in a year or so, and is now refusing to give them the help and therapy they need.

And you want me to just ignore that shit?

To turn it off?

To seep it under the rug?

Not a chance in hell.

I care about people I meet.  People I hang out with year after year.  Even if it’s only a few days a year at conventions, I still give a fuck about them.  I want to help them however I can.  And if helping involves being a blowhard asshole and putting idiots in their place then so be it.

Ableism In Journalism: Media Buzzwords (And Why They’re a Bad Thing)

Every now and again, I’ll come across advertisements and articles in the media about people with disabilities. In fact, reading an article on the Playbill website is what prompted me to write this. These articles tend to, more often than not, use very specific words and phrases when referring to the disabled people themselves. Of course, I’m talking about terms like ‘differently abled’ and ‘handicapable’. I’ve even heard, from a friend of mine, that ‘twice exceptional’ is one of the terms now.

I don’t know who first coined these terms, cringe every time I see them. Not because they’re embarrassingly cheesy (which they are), but because they are a form of censorship. Like creative dubbing in movies to replace expletives with other words to make them safe for basic cable channels, these terms are used to replace ‘disabled’. This promotes the notion that ‘disabled’ is a bad word. In turn, it also promotes the notion that disabled is a bad thing to be. That, like the expletives in those movies, disability is something that is improper and inappropriate for certain audiences. This harms not only the people being referenced in these articles and ads, but the disabled community as a whole. It makes it look like we’re unfit for the public eye unless sugarcoated and sprinkled over with a heavy dose of inspiration porn.

So, please, every business who has ever used these terms- Please stop. It’s embarrassing and annoying.

anonymous asked:

Ramadan Mubarak:) I am a Muslim from birth, but my mother is Catholic so we often neglect certain holidays for her sake. I don't agree with this myself, but when you're young pleasing parents is usually a bigger priority. I'm now seventeen and don't know how to pray at all, I don't know any passages from the Quran, and I'm old enough now to do things on my own. I'm so lost, but I know what I believe. What can I do?

Wa Alaikum Salam, my Dear Sister ♥

I am so happy to read this message as it shows me your Emaan, ma shaa Allah ♥ May Allah SWT reward you and give you a good life and afterlife, Ameen ♥

It is ok that you do not know how to pray (Salah) yet ♥ as you always need to start somewhere ♥ but Sister it is better that you are making the effort to make Salah, in shaa Allah, and that is very admirable, ma shaa Allah ♥

You need to start off slowly and with the basics my dear Sister ♥ because you know Islam and all that is required of you, you might not know where to start, but it is all very basic ♥ just take it one step at a time and in shaa Allah you will cover miles Ameen ♥

So the first thing I would show you are the Miracles in the Quran ♥ They are scientific, mathematical, biological (you name it)! Sitting and reading through some of these Miracles is a lot of motivation to know Allah SWT and start praising Him ♥ In shaa Allah ♥
Please go to the following website:
www.miraclesof thequran.com

Once you know some of the Miracles and In shaa Allah feel closer to Allah SWT, you can start making some Du’a and talking to Him ♥
Please read the following blog post on how to make Du’a:

Now it is for the Salah ♥ There are five a day ♥ and they come at very specific times and last for a certain amount of time only ♥

Fajr – Before Sunrise
Dhur – When the sun is highest in the sky
Asr – Late Afternoon
Magrib – Sunset
Esha – Nightime

Each prayer has a certain amount of Rakaat ♥ A Rakaat is a single up and down movement done with prayers being recited ♥

Fajr – 2
Dhur – 4
Asr – 4
Magrib – 3
Esha – 4

In order to make Salah and perform these Rakaats, you need to know some certain Quranic verses and chapters (short ones for now, you can always lengthen it if you wish) ♥ So if you want to start making Salah, you can start by learning these prayers from the Quran ♥

If it looks like too much, don’t worry Sister, start off slowly ♥ Try to put these prayers somewhere you can easily access them, and recite them as much as possible for protection, guidance and forgiveness ♥ The more you casually recite the verses, the quicker you will learn them ♥ in shaa Allah ♥

You pronunciation does not need to be perfect, as long as you understand what you saying, that is what is most important ♥

The Fatigha ♥
This is the opening Surah (Chapter) of the Quran, and it is what you recite at the beginning of each Rakaat ♥

Bismillaah ar-Rahman ar-Raheem
Al hamdu lillaahi rabbil ‘alameen
Ar-Rahman ar-Raheem Maaliki yaumid Deen
Iyyaaka na’abudu wa iyyaaka nasta’een
Ihdinas siraatal mustaqeem
Siraatal ladheena an ‘amta’ alaihim
Ghairil maghduubi’ alaihim waladaaleen

In the name of God, the infinitely Compassionate and Merciful.
Praise be to God, Lord of all the worlds.
The Compassionate, the Merciful. Ruler on the Day of Reckoning.
You alone do we worship, and You alone do we ask for help.
Guide us on the straight path,
the path of those who have received your grace;
not the path of those who have brought down wrath, nor of those who wander astray.

Al-Ikhlas (Purity)
This is a short Surah (Chapter number 112) which you can recite after the Fatigha, for one of the first two Rakaats only ♥

Bismillaah ar-Rahman ar-Raheem
Qul huwallaahu ahad
Allahus samad
Lam yalid wa lam yuulad
Wa lamyakun lahuuu kufuwan ahad

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.
Say: He is Allah, the One.
He is Allah, the Eternal,
Who was never born, nor ever gave birth.
The One beyond compare.

An-Naas (Mankind)
This is a short Surah (Chapter number 114) which you can recite after the Fatigha, for one of the first two Rakaats only ♥

Bismillaah ar-Rahman ar-Raheem
Qul a’uudhi bi rabbin naas
Malikin naas
Ilaahin naas
Min sharril wawaasil khannas
Alladhee yuwaswisu fee suduurin naas
Minal Jinnati wa naas

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful
Say: I take refuge in the Lord of mankind,
the Master of mankind,
the God of mankind,
from the evil of the secret tempter
who whispers in the hearts of men,
of the jinns and men.

Now to learn the movements and when to say those Dua’s:

You need to be facing the direction of the Qibla with wudu (ablution) and you need to be covered as prescribed, so that is everything except your face, hands and feet (from your ankles are veiled ♥
You need to be standing on mat which is clean and to be kept clean, for prayer in shaa Allah ♥
Please read the following link on how to make Wudu (ablution) ♥

If you are confused about in which direction the Qibla is, there are apps which you can download such as Salatuk, which use GPS to direct you what direction the Qibla is in and give reminders of the Salah times ♥ especially if there are no mosques around you ♥

Please read the following link on how to make Salah ♥ (it has pictures which is very helpful, ma shaa Allah):

Aaytul Kursi ♥
This Du’a is a section of verses from the Quranic Chapter two, Surah Baqara ♥
This prayer you should recite frequently for protection, this prayer is not necessary for Salah though ♥

Allahu laaa ilaaha illaa huwal haiyul qai-yoom;
laa taakhuzuhoo sinatunw wa laa nawm;
lahoo maa fissamaawaati wa maa fil ard;
man zallazee yashfa'u indahooo illaa be iznih;
ya'lamu maa baina aideehim wa maa khalfahum;
wa laa yuheetoona beshai ‘immin ‘ilmihee illa be maa shaaaa;
wasi'a kursiyyuhus samaa waati wal arda wa la ya'ooduho hifzuhumaa;
wa huwal aliyyul ‘azeem

Allah! There is no god but He - the Living, The Self-subsisting, Eternal.
No slumber can seize Him Nor Sleep.
His are all things In the heavens and on earth.
Who is there can intercede In His presence except As he permitteth?
He knoweth What (appeareth to His creatures As) Before or After or Behind them.
Nor shall they compass Aught of his knowledge Except as He willeth.
His throne doth extend Over the heavens And on earth,
and He feeleth No fatigue in guarding And preserving them,
For He is the Most High. The Supreme (in glory).

Sister, I would just like to repeat that I have given you alot of information and I don’t want you to become overwhelmed by it, so take it at your pace in shaa Allah ♥

Start off with getting familiar with the prayers, by reciting them as much as possible ♥
Become familiar with the movements by imitating them, first without saying any prayers and then by simply saying the name of the prayer in the place where it should be in as you do the movements ♥

When you are ready to pray properly, do so ♥ The ideal is that you know the prayer off by heart and recite them from memory in Salah, but if in the beginning you need to read the prayers off from somewhere while making Salah, Allah SWT is Most-Merciful in shaa Allah ♥ 

If you need more help or are confused or too overwhelmed, please contact me over Tumblr chat or Kik (username: Merhmayd), or send me another question via the ask-box as this one; in shaa Allah ♥ Ameen ♥ Please just make reference that you are the one who sent this message, just so I know who I am talking to as this message is anonymous ♥ 

In shaa Allah all will be well with you, Sister ♥ Ameen 

♥♥ Ramadaan Mubarak ♥♥

anonymous asked:

Hello! I'm sure this is a common question, but I have learned the Korean alphabet, counting system, clock and very basic grammar.. Do you have advice how I should continue now? And would you have some learning sources for me? Thank you and sorry for the disturbance...

Hello and thanks for asking :D

Can I first ask you a few questions, to make sure I’m helping you properly ? 

1. So you’ve learned the counting system. Both of them ?  일.이.삼 Vs 하나.둘.셋 ?

2. Are you familiar with classifiers ? What I call ‘classifiers’ are the words you use to count things. ex: one cat = 고양이 한 마리 // two books = 잭 두 (if not, don’t hesitate and tell me. I’ll be glad to help you and make you a list)

3. Clock. I assume you mean you can tell the hour. Do you know the words like ‘morning, afternoon, midnight’ etc as well?

4. Grammar. Could you maybe tell me which points you’ve studied so that I can help you ?

My first advice would be to focus on vocabulary. Grammar is important but without words to put into your sentences, you’ll find yourself in front of a wall. (you can create your own lists with words you actually use everyday OR you can use apps. ex: Memrise ; and also flash cards apps like Ankidroid)

Develop your grammar. Well we’ll see this with your next answer I suppose ^^

Train your ears. Listen to Korean as much as you can. Music, dramas, KBS, kid shows, etc. Even if you don’t understand everything, you’ll realize you’ll recognize some grammar forms here and there and also vocab. It could also be a great way to decide you need to learn vocab on a specific subject.

Most important, in my opinion (but it might not be everyone’s opinion) : try and speak with someone while learning Korean. As far as I’m concerned, I consider myself a good learner as long as linguistics are concerned. But my brain is not cooperating when listening/speaking is concerned. I’m going to try and study with my sister who decided she’d start learning Korean as well. Plus, it’s always better to learn a language with someone. That’s what languages are made for… communicate with others ? ^^

Recommendations :

  • Talk To Me in Korean is one of my fave websites. They have various lessons and media (free pdf, videos on Youtube, books, soundcloud, videos on Demand as well)
  • Don’t forget culture !! It’s really important to learn someone’s language. What about watching some Youtubers ? Chonunmigooksaram (american) ; Whitneybae (american) ; Togen (french) ; Maangchi (Korean cook speaking in English)

Don’t hesitate and ask anything that pops into your mind ! I love questions and, you know, by helping you, I’m learning as well ^^

dickkory week, day 2: domestic life

Couldn’t help myself, I’m so sorry for this. On a side note, to understand the joke you have to watch TT: The Judas Contract.

warnings: nc17, swearing, stuff.

“Richard, would you like to try oral sex in public?”

 The sudden question makes him spurt out the food on his mouth. He had been ready for anything except that. He looks their proximities immediately, as if waiting to feel his embarrassment worsen up because of the presence of their teammates, fortunately, they were alone, the luck was on his side this time.

 "What are you talking about, Kori?“

 She grabs his phone, it had been resting on his side as he took breakfast, and starts searching for something, it takes her a few seconds. She then shows him his explorer charging and suddenly a porn website opens, specifically, a video he had seen a few days ago.

 "I was searching for a page I myself had opened before you left and then I saw the website’s direction so I got curious about the kind of porn you watch while you’re away.”

 He can’t speak, he’d rather have some of the teens hearing them out right when they’re about to get naughty than having his girlfriend know about the porn he watches.

 "You know I do that?“

 "Yes, I do miss you too.”

 He stops.

“… You watch porn too?”

 "Well, not exactly, I mostly think about you, but I understand human males have a need for the visual.“

 He is speechless. She grabs a strawberry.

 "Anyways, let me know if you want me to do that move, because I am willing.”


“I have discovered something.”

 "Really?,“ he asks, not waving his sight off the computer.

 "I can get wet just by hearing your voice.”

 Once again he finds himself with his mouth open, he even presses a few wrong keys just as his eyes search for hers. He should be shocked, he actually is (a bit), the mouth part should be enough cue; But, most of all, he is aroused and flattered. He forgets almost immediately about work, he grabs her hips and pulls her to his lap. She always does this, she gets out of the shower with this short bathrobe and sits in the arm of his chair to read something or help him with work, the only problem is that her work ends up rather early, she has to deal with the training part of the Teen Titans and being the leader in the missions―the detective stuff, he kind of deals with that until morning, or so he would if she wasn’t that distracting.

 "You do?“

 Then, again, he isn’t exactly complaining. She smiles brightly and lets the book she was reading a second ago fall to the floor, her arms encircle his neck while kissing him briefly on the lips.

 "I do.”

 "Do you like it that much?“

 He actually knew this, it has been awhile since he noted how she would cum faster if he whispered in her ear, but he had thought it was the words doing the job, not his voice. He shouldn’t be this happy, he shouldn’t be feeling this flattered and aroused.

 "I love it.”

 He does not hold it anymore, as she presses hard against his crotch, he slides his hand between his legs, finding nothing underneath that could stop the finger that presses against her center, inside her.

 "Will you be a good girl and cum hard for me while I finger you?“

 He feels her twitch and then she gets a bit more wet. Damn his male pride.

 "I don’t think I can, not just with your fingers… I want you inside me.”

 He is thankful, he wouldn’t have been able to hold it either. He leans back as she gets up and straddles him, wasting no time to open her bathrobe and kiss her breasts as she works on his pants.



 Kori covers herself as they both watch the screen of the computer, where Damian’s image is facing them.

 "I will remind you that as the Robin of the Teen Titans it is my duty to keep eyes and ears in the whole tower, which includes this room. Also, you have the communicator activated, which means that the whole group is hearing you.” Richard groans and deactivates de communicator. “Please, control your hormones.”

 Kori sighs. He kind of feels bad because, hell, he really should control his hormones, did he just got hard again because she sighed? Things like that repeat a couple times, like Garfield walking up on them as they were showering or even getting a hard on during breakfast while everyone was on the table because Kori liked to keep her legs over him and wiggle her toes.

 Sex hadn’t been an issue before, they were friends for a long time and then they were not sexually active and then he was more preoccupied trying not to kill Speedy over jealousy and then, yeah, they were all grown ups and then he had things to do away from her and then the Teen Titans were a bunch of teens again; but, now he was back and he wanted to get laid in peace, that’s what couples at his age do, he wasn’t asking for too much, right?

 In the end, everything led to one solution: he had to buy an apartment.




 "Who takes out the garbage?


 "At your apartment, who takes out the garbage?”

 "I do, why?“

 Damian’s frown deepens and then walks away. He really doesn’t want to know what was that for.