i was taking the money not givin it

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Wait if you're a minor are you able to legally use PayPal at all? Like for example doing art commissions where the customer pays you through PayPal

no. you are not allowed to have a paypal account in your name. all the websites that use paypal exclusively also specify you must be 18 years or older to use their services. 

so like if you have money flowing through your account in your name this is illegal. this can have serious legal implications. you cannot have a paypal. they can at any moment seize your funds and terminate your account, and it will stay on your record.

paypal doesnt delete accounts, the accounts are forever, for record keeping. and paypal is very serious about the age thing. so this WILL stick with you through your life. 

again. No. if you are a minor you cannot have a paypal account. you cannot use paypal. you cannot have an account. no account. it is illegal. there are no excuses or reasons or grey areas, if you are not 18 you cannot legally have a paypal account. 

if you need to make money through commissions and people want to pay you via paypal you’re going to need a trusted adult to make an account and have it all in their name and they must take full legal responsibility for the account, any actions you make with the account they must take full legal responsibility for and say they did it otherwise it is identity fraud… which is again ILLEGAL. 

I ain’t sayin this shit’s fair I’m just givin yall warning about the consequences of your actions.

Everything She Wants
Everything She Wants

“Somebody tell me why I work so hard for you? (To give you money)

Some people work for a living.

Some people work for fun.

Girl I just work for you.

They told me marriage was a give and take.

Well you show me you can take,

You’ve got some givin’ to do.

And now you tell me that you’re having my baby.

I’ll tell you that I’m happy if you want me to.

But one step further and my back will break.

If my best isn’t good enough, then how can it be good enough

for two?”

So she’s gonna throw it all away?just like that? All the plans they made all the dreams they had , to have a family together, to get married, all the romantic gestures,the best friends they started out as and then combined it in a love story that will be in history as one of the greatest true love stories in Hollywood history… that was …so so beautiful and kind and had ups and downs at times but still loved each other at the end of the day that’s what love is ,it gets bruised and may have some scars but sometimes it gets back up again and …sometimes you just give up …. I don’t know what the future will hold but I do know …that whatever happens will happen for a reason ….and I hope for the best for them .. I’ll always remember their love story and I want a love like that in my life it’s like a rare love that everyone wants in life like the love in the movies it only happens to one in a million people in the world it’s a love that is hard to find so who ever gets that love is so damn lucky ….so lucky! You should never throw that love away it’s so damn special and priceless you don’t wanna just drop it and move on in life cause you’ll never get a love like that ever again no matter how much you try to find that special Love you won’t find it … cause you didn’t appreciate the love that was givin to you from god , god gives only a few lucky couples in life that special rare love you see in the movies and you should never take it for granted because having it is like winning the lottery , I mean you would never wanna just say I DONT WANT ALL THAT MONEY so you throw it away , you wouldn’t throw all that money away you’d keep it and never let it go .Love is hard man.. it really is fucking hard! But when you love someone so much you never wanna let them go at the slightest bit, how I put it if you love someone and there was so much love and sometimes heart break too I mean that was real love givin to you and if you just throw it all away did it really actually mean anything to you ? In reality, if you ask yourself… did you just go through all of that to just throw it all away in the end? Or stay because you went through all of that love and heartbreak but your still there because your not a quitter you’re a fighter and it doesn’t matter all the bitching , the love,the happiness,the heartbreak , you went through all of that because it doesn’t matter cause you love that person so much you’d never leave them and put them in the past if it meant something…to you … and your heart . You’re heart matters and how you feel matters .if someone tries to tell you how to you should feel screw them !they don’t know what’s inside your heart and you’re true feelings , you feel what what you feel and if people don’t accept how you are feeling inside don’t let them change how you feel cause you do you and never let anyone change you or control your life ! If you love something you go and love it and don’t care what anyone thinks not your friends , not people around you , no one you do you man!and don’t let anyone stop you ! If your pretending your life and what I mean by that is if you don’t wanna do something then don’t do it ! No one is pressuring you just don’t do it if you don’t want to ! If people are trying to control you life for you go find fucking new people ! Because you control you’re own fucking life !! If something is holding you back from getting what you love in life do t let them hold you back it’s your fucking life live it to the fucking fullest get what’s you'res ! Life is fucking short and you never know when it’ll be you’re last day , your last hour, your last minute… on the face of this earth so you live it with someone you love ! And don’t spend it fucking up your life just to make others happy . Do what makes you happy and live your life to the fullest . Everyone is blessed to be put on this earth and don’t take it for granted and live it with people you love ! Don’t waste your life pretending to feel what others are making you do , it’s your life and never ever let anyone control your life and your feelings and your heart! I believe that if your just living this life to pretend how you feel/act just to make others happy even though you realize inside you don’t love what you’re doing then I’m ashamed of you cause your taking this life for granted ! You live it ! . In that special kinda rare love there’s more love then actually heart break you might have not noticed that but with the fights and heartbreak you still love that person sigh all your heart even though you wanna kill them sometimes you still love them like mama Pattie says LOVE WINS also Love Conquers all heart break . You go and grab the person you love the most in the entire world , it doesn’t matter where they are you go and you tell them that you love them ! Life is a blessing don’t take it for granted.

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Mistletoe Event- McCree

Your job at Blackwatch was meant to be confidential. Not like you thought it was a big deal. Most of the people in Blackwatch were agents–their whole lives were kept secret! But you were an office boy/girl. Your whole job was to gather mission reports, organize them by date, type, participants, and outcome. So yeah, you worked for Blackwatch and it was supposed to be a secret, but your secret had nowhere near the same gravity that agents did.

It was just one day before the winter break and you were eager to leave as soon as possible. Just one more report compilation sent off to Overwatch headquarters, and you could leave the base early! Finally, away from the office and curled up at home by the fireplace. But as you were going through the stack of reports, you realized you were missing one. McCree’s report should have been in almost a week ago! You couldn’t turn in a stack of monthly reports if one was missing!

Facepalming, you got up from your desk in search of McCree. He had been working for Blackwatch for almost three years now, but despite all that time, the renegade still didn’t understand that he needed to write a report after EVERY mission. Storming through the halls in search of him, you came across the break room. The sound of clinking glasses and laughter could be heard from inside. Well, wherever there were drinks, there was a cowboy.

Swinging the door open, you saw McCree slouched at the table with other notoriously lazy agents. They all held glasses of whiskey and looked relatively tipsy.

“Oh, hey, [Name]!” one of them laughed, “Why don’t you come and join us? The break is practically here already!”

“Not right now,” you snapped, “I need to talk to McCree.”

Jesse gave you a curious look as he swirled his drink.

“Come outside with me.” you ordered and went back out into the hall.

“Righty then,” McCree sighed, finished off his glass of whisky with one gulp, and followed, “Be right back, fellas.”

As soon as he shut the door behind him, you let him have it.

“Look, I know you’re great at your job, McCree–”

“–The best.”

“–But you need to write reports after every job!” you scolded him, “And guess what I’m still missing from you!”

Rolling his eyes, he mumbled, “My report.”

“Exactly. Now, our winter break starts tomorrow, and if you take any longer than that getting it to me, I’ll have to work overtime.”

“Oh.” he scratched the back of his neck awkwardly.


“Well, I was kinda plannin’ on doin’ it over break and givin’ it to ya when I got back.” he admitted.

Your mouth hung open for a few seconds. He was going to leave you hanging all throughout break?!

“You mean to tell me you haven’t even started on it?!” you shrieked.

“Jeez, cool it, Money Penny.” he chuckled.

“I told you to stop calling me that!”

“What? You work in an office, you’re adorable, you work for secret agents– you’re just like her!” he pointed out.

“Quit avoiding the issue at hand.”

“What issue?”

McCree!” you hissed.

“Ugh fine, I’ll have it to ya by tonight!” he groaned.

“Good.” you huffed.

A few seconds passed as you tried to calm down. You had been so mad at him the whole time, you didn’t realize how out of breath you were.

“And look, I won’t nag you about the spelling or grammar this time,” you relented, “I just want it done so I can–”

“Hey, Money Penny.” he cut you off.

“What?” you growled.

Smirking, McCree pointed to the ceiling. You eyes followed his finger to find a branch of mistletoe hanging just above the break room door. Fuck. You forgot that was there and you had been so worked up chewing McCree out that you hadn’t realized it was above you the whole time. Glancing back at McCree, you saw a big, smarmy grin on his face.

“N-No!” you squeaked, “Absolutely not!”

“Ah c’mon, it’s tradition,” he laughed, “You wouldn’t go against that, would ya?”

“If it involves an ingrate like you– yes.” you remarked bluntly.

“Now don’t be like that,” he said, “How about this. You kiss me, and I promise I’ll get right to working on that report.”

That caught your attention. You had been longing all day to pack up and leave the claustrophobic office. Curiously, you dropped your hostile front.

“You’d be out of here before tomorrow.” he sang.

“Okay, okay fine!” you finally gave in, “B-But only because I want to get out of here.”

“Of course. Alright now, pucker up, missy.”

And just like that, he wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you in. You were totally unprepared as his lips collided with yours, deepening the kiss by the second. Although he was a slacker, Jesse McCree was a damn fine kisser! By the time he pulled away, your hair was frazzled and you had a starstruck look in your eye.

“U-Uh…” you stammered, your face turning beet red.

Tipping his hat to you, McCree smirked, “I’ll see you later tonight?”

“T-t-t-tonight?!” you gasped, thinking of what usually followed passionate encounters like this, “What? Why? What for?!”

“Hahahaha!” he laughed, “To give you that report, of course!”

“Oh! R-Right. Of course…” you mumbled as he left you standing in a daze in the middle of the hallway.

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(Part 3) Sanji x Nami hints - Thematic parallels

So this is part three in my attempt to collect some possible hints Oda has given us when it comes to the pair Sanji and Nami. I’ve talked about their names sharing a connection in PART 1 and how their colors might mean something in PART 2. If you haven’t read those yet feel free to go over there and see what you think. :)

For this post I’ll focus on things that Sanji and Nami have in common or certain themes that might bind them together. Of course it’s all just speculation, but I still feel like there are some interesting points to bring up.


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*lil peep voice*

same shoes and clothes every single week, want new clothes but they aint that cheap… tryin to achieve my dreams so i get no sleep, i’m almost there gotta take the last leap (oh)… i take that leap but i fall short, need some money to pay child support, gotta sell weed, it’s my last resort (oh) also cocaine for people that wanna snort, see my man sellin drugs up on the block… damn who dat be? shytina walkin in heels not givin a fuck about me, now you see, the conditions that i live in, i need to get signed, so i can make a livin… *slowed down synth noize* can i make it? this industry is unforgiving… unfortunately, this is the world that we live in @pruhns

I may smoke but i do it in my own time and on my own dime. I’m not out there robbing the rich houses up the road or dealin dope to the neighborhood kids to make ends meet. I won’t lie to my mother, to the cops, to you or to anyone for that matter, i have enough bs to deal with on the daily, the last thing i need is to have to keep track of my own bullshit as well. I dont lie so i dont ever have to hesitate and make sure my stories line up. Iget my ass up early every morning and make sure I’m the first one at the shop. I bust my ass all day long and and it’s not rare for me to be the last one to leave. For years I’ve showed, every day. I don’t call in sick, I don’t leave home early and I don’t take vacations. For over 4 years I have worked every hour that I’ve been scheduled to work and countless hours beyond that. Never less than 60 hour weeks. I don’t believe in excuses, if I can’t show because I’ve been up to long and I’m crashing then I don’t deserve the opportunities I’ve been givin and it’s time to let someone else take the spot. That’ll never happen with me. It’s all or nothing, it’s go hard or go the fuck home. So don’t ever just assume someone with an addiction like mine, or of any kind is weak, lazy, unmotivated, unintelligent or dishonest. Because I’ll work circles around just about anyone and you’ll never catch me in a lie because I’ll never create one to be caught in. So get to know someone before you assume. Everyone deserves at least one chance to prove themselves.

Official ‘Yard Sale’ Lyrics
Produced by Kinetics & One Love
Written by Neon Hitch, Jeremy Dussoliett and Tim Sommers

Roll up
I’m having a yard sale with my old stuff
I gotta get rid of this old love
The satisfaction isn’t guaranteed
No money back
No money back 

I’m moving out
And I ain’t taking nothing
Cleaning up, put my troubles in the dust bin 

Our stereo ain’t playing love songs no no more (oohh oohh oohh) 

I’m having a yard sale, giving away all of the things that I used to call my own (that I used to call my own)
I’m having a yard sale, giving away all of the memories that used to fill our home
I got a box, I got a box, all of these boxes
And I am givin’ them all away for free
‘Cause in the box there is a person that could love you
But that person is the old me
Yeah, that’s the old me
Yeah, that’s the old me
(I’m having a yard sale, yard sale, yard sale)
But the person is the old me
Yeah, that’s the old me 

Closed box, I buried our pictures in a closed box
You only loved me with my clothes off
Well… I took your ring off my finger, middle finger
Baby, look it now (look it now) 

I’m moving out
And I ain’t taking nothing
Cleaning up, put my troubles in the dust bin 

Our stereo ain’t playing love songs no no more (oohh oohh oohh) 

I’m having a yard sale, giving away all of the things that I used to call my own (that I used to call my own)
I’m having a yard sale, giving away all of the memories that used to fill our home
I got a box, I got a box, all of these boxes
And I am givin’ them all away for free
‘Cause in the box there is a person that could love you
But that person is the old me
Yeah, that’s the old me
Yeah, that’s the old me
(I’m having a yard sale, yard sale, yard sale)
But the person is the old me
Yeah, that’s the old me

It took all my life to forget you
I’m movin’ on
I’ll be gone tonight
And all you have is the old me

I'm Much Obliged For Such A Pleasant Stay

Ask: I adore your work on Ao3, especially Sweet Dreams Are Made of This. If you are taking requests, I think Sam needs a Sam/reader comfort fic because he looks like he’s in worse shape than Cas, who is actively dying. A fic where the reader is comforting Sam and it leads to smut.
Author: Spectaculacular-Sammy
Reader Gender: Female
Word Count: 6725
Warnings: none that I can think of.

I’m Much Obliged For Such A Pleasant Stay

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Me before Feb. 5th:
“lol look at this fuckin Harry Potter looking ass weak ass nigga. He looks like all the nerds I used to bully in high school. That nigga ain’t shit compare to Yu and Minato. Nigga ain’t never gonna get no bitches in his virgin life.”

Me after Feb. 5th: