i was surprised that anyone even showed up

The Siren

The Siren | Once, a long, long time ago, Phil had heard a story – a strange story, so fantastical he hadn’t known whether or not to laugh, eyes wide and terrified amidst it all, - about a mermaid, a siren, who supposedly stole away the sailors of the sea to the bottom of the ocean, never to be seen again. | Phan | Teen and Up | Siren!Dan, Asexual!Phil | 3811 words

Happy birthday my dear Rachel, @phansdick​ <3 Sorry I suck at surprises and decided to spend all day teasing you about your birthday fic. I’m really, really glad I was able to pull this together for you, though, as I didn’t think I was going to make it, and low and behold, you ended up getting it early! I love you a lot, even if some times I really, really suck at showing it and disappear for days on end, and you’re the best friend anyone could ask for. You are truly one of a kind, perfect, amazing, and so incredibly strong. Thank you for always being there for me, and I hope that I can always be there for you as well. I sincrerely hope you enjoy this, because I think I legitimately took a turn with his most people probably won’t be expecting.

Based on that tumblr post asking for an asexual sailor to run into a siren.

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Is anyone else worried that the other bracelet girls aren’t even going to show up in the last episode? Obviously we know that they won’t have a speaking role, but I’m concerned that they won’t get brought back at all.

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Honestly I feel like the only one who said it was a shock was Naya and that wa wonky in her book? I feel like even Ryan admitted to sensing one thing there. Kevin and Jenna admitted to sensing stuff was up. Darren and Chris both have videos of side eyeing them. I don't honestly think it was a shock to anyone but apparently Naya or maybe she just said that in her book? I mean they got asked that question countless times over the years even behind the glee stuff would show glimpses of them especia


One Hand Washes the Other | Natasha and Lucifer

Natasha was a little nervous as she approached Professor Novak’s office. On one hand, she was grateful for the fact that he’d so readily helped her. But… The ease with which he took her word was surprising. That was enough to make her wary. After all she’d been through of late, it was hard to trust anyone.

Still, though. She was sure that if she didn’t show up to be his assistant, the offer would be rescinded. Dealing with Crowley was definitely the worse option, and so she was keeping her word. After a deep breath, she knocked on the door, then carefully opened it. “Good evening, professor,” she called, hesitating in the doorway. “May I come in?”


MerDer Season 9

Meredith: Take a look at the shirt that I bought Zola. It’s– It’s– It’s in the bag on the counter.
Derek: Oh, Meredith, guys don’t get all goo-goo over baby clothes.
Meredith: Just look.
Derek: What is this? (looks stares at the t-shirt, surprised. Meredith smiles and gets up, he shows her the writing on the t-shirt, which says: ‘World’s best big sister)
Meredith: It’s only 3 weeks, so I shouldn’t even be telling you. I mean, I still have a hostile uterus, and terrible things are constantly happening to us, which is why I haven’t told anyone. I haven’t even told Cristina. So… if you tell anyone, I-I swear I will kick you out of this house that you built.
Derek: Don’t worry. And good things happen to us. We’re gonna have another baby.
Meredith: We are gonna have another baby. (they kiss) 

EXO’s reaction to their 4′11-5′0 girlfriend

For anyone that’s interested in the reaction anon is talking about here it is. Enjoy!

*Gifs as always do not belong to me. Credit where it’s due. 

Xiumin: Pleasantly surprised, I don’t think Minseok would bring up his girlfriend’s height. He would keep his playful comments to himself, until further along in their relationship. Like the gentleman he is, Minseok would treat his girlfriend to a pleasant lunch, as well as a shopping spree, maybe even showing her to his favorite coffee shop. “I’m glad you made it jagi.” 

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Luhan: I think he’d really like this of all the members. Luhan would have that benign smile of his, once he recognizes his girlfriend by her face. “It’s so nice to see…all of you baobei,” he comment, scrutinizing over his girlfriend wholly. “You look great baobei!” Luhan would take her out, always keeping an arm around her, or a hand over her own, just to let the world proudly know that she’s his, and vice versa. 

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Kris: Kris would be all smiles with this. I can see him playfully teasing her since he would nearly tower her in height. “Aish baobei, you make me look like some giant when you stand near me. But it’s pretty cute,” he would comment lightheartedly, while stroking her filaments into place. Like Luhan, I can see Yifan developing a little penchant for his girlfriend’s height, however I think Kris’s would manifest over time whereas Luhan’s would have been established prior. 

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Suho: “Aw, there’s my jagi,” he would blithely call to his girlfriend, upon first seeing her wholly. Like Xiumin, I don’t think Suho would be too fazed or even perplexed with his girlfriend’s appearance, simply because I don’t think it’s in his nature. Nonetheless, he’d still make a remarkable first impression, with how much of a gentleman he is. I can see Suho already have a gift for her for when they meet. 

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Lay: Pretty much exactly like my previous scenario, I don’t think Lay would even register his girlfriend’s height initially. Just like normal, he’d greet her amiably, take her out with her hand held securely within his, etc. In this case however, I think Yixing would suddenly take notice in his girlfriend’s height much later than with the 5′11/6′0 girlfriend. And just out of spontaneity, he’d bring it up with her. “Baobei, have you always been this tall? I feel like I hadn’t even noticed…” 

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Baekhyun: After finding his girlfriend amongst a throng of people, Baekhyun would nearly laugh to himself over how cute his girlfriend looks, and in a different way than he had pictured. “Look at you. Being all adorable just for me~ You look different babe. But it’s not in a bad way! I promise! In a cute way! Well, a cuter way,” he’d explain himself hastily, much to his girlfriend’s amusement. Like Kris, Baek would find it cute to lightheartedly tease his girlfriend occasionally. 

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Chen: “Aw, cute~” Jongdae would murmur half to himself when greeting his girlfriend for the first time in person. “You’re just as cute as I expected.” Embracing her benignly, in this instance, like I’ve said before, I think Chen would be pretty cool at playing off any shock when seeing his girlfriend for the first time. I don’t think in this particular scenario Jongdae would be as surprised or astounded, he would mostly find his girlfriend’s height to be a cute add-on to her overall allurement. 

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Chanyeol: Somewhat similar to my previous reaction, all his thoughts would race at a frenzied pace upon catching glimpse of his girlfriend for the first time, full-bodied. ‘What? That’s her! Wow, she’s tiny compared to me! I wouldn’t have known..’ He’d still be just as flustered, when actually speaking to her, unable to conceal the highly evident surprise. “No really jagi! I’m fine! But..I didn’t know you were this small! I mean, look at us! It’s not bad it’s just unexpected. Wow jagi.” Chanyeol would definitely grow a palpable penchant for this in the future after receding from the initial shock. 

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D.O: Of all the members, Kyungsoo would be the least fazed. Perhaps a twinge of surprise would register with him, but that would be it. His girlfriend wouldn’t be able to detect any perplexity from him, merely carrying on with their meet up like normal. Kyungsoo wouldn’t even bring it up with her, since he would be more so focused on the date itself rather than her initial appearance. “It’s so nice to finally see you jagi.” 

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Tao: “My baobei is so small!” Tao would immediately chime once seeing his girlfriend fully for the first time. After an amiable exchange, that’s when Tao would continue to stare at his girlfriend with a mixture of jubilation and disbelief. “So small baobei. I would have never guessed!” His girlfriend would then ask if it’s a good thing that her height is on the shorter spectrum to which Tao would nod fervidly. “It’s great! We make a good-looking couple anyways!” 

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Kai: Chuckling in a baffled manner, Jongin would carefully scrutinize over his girlfriend, just to ensure he isn’t seeing things. He’d merely be in a reverie of bewilderment thinking back to the times he pictured his girlfriend fully and how she’s turned out opposite to those thoughts. Nonetheless, Jongin would be one of the more visibly enthralled members upon registering his girlfriend’s height. “It’s not much jagi. You look amazing though.”  

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Sehun: Like in my previous, Sehun would be able to mask his surprise, proficiently, behind a cool, aloof front. His girlfriend wouldn’t discern anything awry in him throughout the date. And Sehun would do his part in keeping to himself on the matter. Eventually, the shock will subside. In general, his girlfriend’s height wouldn’t completely impact him, even when looking back at those events leading up to him meeting her for the first time. 

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This is why Newt, from The Maze Runner, is my favourite character of all times:

 Newt seems to be the strongest character who is always trying to help, putting a smile on someone else’s face and giving advice; someone that immediately realises what is wrong and tries to solve the problem. Furthermore, he’s kind, caring and will always be there for you (also he’s bloody sassy). 

 However, very deep inside he’s not okay. We know he even wanted to finish with that pain that consumed him but failed. Maybe he didn’t understand why it hurt, but he tried not to show that pain anymore. Newt tried to hide the pain he felt so it wouldn’t affect anyone else.

 What surprises me the most is that we never see him crying. In the books he’s always described as someone that is gloomy or deep in his thoughts when he’s worried, but I don’t remember any line saying he cries. He bottles up his emotions. 

 Newt dealt with depression and a horrible mental illness that made him turn into someone he didn’t want to be, so he decided to do what he thought was the best for the others… but not for him. 

Again, Newt focuses on helping everyone, he makes justice to his name: The Glue. The glue that cared for his friends. The glue that puts everyone else’s lifes before his own. The glue that hid his own fears to fight against the trials, in order to escape from WICKED with the gladers. The glue that holds everyone together, although he has a rough time trying to hold himself together… 

 If I have to explain why Newt is my favourite character very detailled, I’d never finish writing; (Also I’m not an English native speaker so I’ll have a lot of grammar mistakes) but I want you to know I respect this character a bloody lot and I’ll always be thankful to James Dashner for creating such an amazing person as Newt is. 

(PD: I know what you’re thinking; I love and hate JD at the same time.)

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Sooo… it took 12 hours, but @swanqueenproof and I have come up with a meta that… makes a surprising amount of sense. Is obviously Swan Queen af and we’ll have to rewatch the entire show to make sense of it.

I’ve also started crying more times than I can count just talking about it and if we’re right this season has been so much darker than we even thought. It really is their Empire strikes back.

Again, not here to give anyone hope, but for the people who do want to read something that attempts to make sense of this episode and season… and show, it’s coming, but it’s going to us take a while.

If this is what they’re really doing… it’s pretty genius. If it isn’t, I guess I’m keeping the idea, because it should be what they’re doing.

Bitch, please.

LOL Julie says she’s not a fan of BonKai because Kai is an asshole. As opposed to all of the other male characters who she’s put in relationships on the show? As opposed to brother-torturing Damon, mother-killing Klaus, glass-throwing Tyler, ancestor-slaughtering Stefan? But why am I even surprised, Julie doesn’t ship Bonnie with anyone and uses the same patronizing excuse that Bonnie is too good for the men on the show, too good to be wanted, too good for romance, too good for sex, too good for attention.

So I loved this scene more than words can say. Honestly, I think this was the scene I was looking forward to the most (even more than the hug!) But something that made it even more hilarious to me is that after Makoto gets over his surprise at Aigis showing up out of nowhere, he is simply chilling and letting her do as she wishes.

There’s Aigis quite adamantly trying to trade rooms, and he doesn’t even bother to say A Thing. It literally takes Aigis nearly shoving Ryoji and Junpei off the balcony for him to intervene!

It’s just way too hilarious haha But I think that what makes this scene such a treasure is that aside from being a riot, it’s also pretty cute. (Like their in-sync reactions right here:)

All while being ridiculously sweet, to boot.

I love that Aigis being Aigis helped made this sight – Makoto honest to god laughing for the first time – possible. That rather than being annoyed at her antics, Makoto found the entire thing (which involved trespassing!! and falling down a balcony!!) as hilarious as we did.

These movies have been so good to their dynamic, I feel blessed.

it's so important to know you should be happy and proud of who you are

summary: dan being gross and sentimental

genre: pure unadulterated fluff. this is gross. i’ve no clue what it is other than gross and potentially cringey fluff.

words: 600+

No matter how many times they do this, it never fails to amaze Dan how many people show up to their meet and greets, and now, shows and book signings. He sees the long line of arrivers and is always surprised that anyone, let alone hundreds, even thousands of people would care enough about him to wait for hours for even a few seconds of meeting him.

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I wish Marvel could have kept the announcement of Spiderman a secret. Imagine him showing up in Civil War in full spidergear, where we only have the mysterious actor’s acting skills to judge, and then at the very end he takes off his mask and it’s revealed that he is Dev Patel, or Shameik Moore, or hell, even Emma Stone as SpiderGwen instead *surprise!* Literally anyone else that would slap the crybaby fanboys in the face with the fact that anyone can be hero.