i was surprised how many of those were accurate


So, a few people have asked if I have any more pictures of my bizarre living environment.  Since it is currently even more of a mess due to a certain someone establishing his own territory in it, these are all somewhat-old pictures, but are still otherwise accurate.

All of this was accumulated over many years.

Someone mentioned before that some of the things in my room look expensive, but actually, you’d be surprised at how little a lot of these things cost.

I worked at a Hobby Lobby several years ago, and they frequently mark down older product in the “Home Accents” department.  Items there just keep getting marked down further and further, so you can find a lot of really nice things for extremely low prices (for example, those matching black and white shadow boxes in the lower right images were only $1 apiece, while the pillow on the chair was about $4).  On top of this, I also received the usual employee discount (and I receive a weekly %40 off coupon in my email that anyone can sign up for), as well as the advantage of knowing when things were going on sale, and when they were due to be marked down.  I will also admit to hiding things I liked behind other things until I could buy them.  Plus, when you have unusual tastes like I do (I have…a LOT of dice/poker themed things that aren’t in any of these pictures, particularly because they’re intended to go on/around the bar area, which isn’t finished), you’ll find that the things you like end up staying on the shelves long enough to be marked down as much as %80+.  You’d also be surprised what you can make yourself (I made several drink coasters out of poker chips, upholstered a cable spool with black faux leather, and made numerous decorative pillows out of discounted fabric).  Also, don’t be afraid to buy display models or damaged goods:  If you point out the imperfections, you can get them at a greatly reduced price, and then fix them up yourself later.  My desk was a whopping $15, and I got a nice end table that I’m still in the process of patching, sanding, and repainting for about the same.

When it comes to other things, such as the wicker chair and the giant watch clock, those were found at thrift stores (Goodwill, I believe).  The watch clock used to be blue, but I painted it checkered.  The bookshelf that I also painted is just cheap masonite.  Still other things were passed down through my family (that wicker lamp we’ve had since well before I was born, and the painting next to it was painted by my great-great-aunt), or came from my mother’s friend Eleanor (the palmistry figure and the pyramids on my bookshelf were hers).

Ebay proved a marvelous place to find original theatrical posters for very low prices (the Motel Hell, Popcorn, French Return of the Living Dead, Street Trash, and German Dawn of the Dead posters I have are all originals, and were all under $10).  Others were cheap reprints (the Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare and Texas Chainsaw Massacre posters I have (not pictured here) were sold at the Halloween store I worked for, so I snapped them up as soon as they went on sale the day after Halloween, before the customers were let into the store).  Other posters (like the Coca-Cola and Rosie the Riveter ones) I got for half off at Hobby Lobby (their posters frequently go half off, actually).  Pretty much all my posters are in cheap plexiglass frames, particularly because they’re a lot safer (i.e., they won’t shatter to pieces if they happen to fall.  R.I.P., my Marilyn Monroe print that was under glass…).

The floor tiles are just industrial-grade black and white tiles laid down in a checkered pattern by my ex brother-in-law (very good at flooring).  I ripped out the ugly carpeting beforehand, and MAN did that feel cathartic.  Those weird signs you see here and there (”Bust Stop”, “Load Limit”, etc.) were obtained at a wholesale retail warehouse where my mom went to get generic shopping baskets back when she had her fabric store (they were only 25¢ each).  It’s the same place where I got that gold, glittery head, and an arm meant for displaying bracelets (which has since been painted white with black nails.  You can sort of see it a little bit on the right side of the image with the Rosie poster.  Ignore the mess on the vanity).  That Pac-man arcade machine panel was something I found tossed to the curb on my way home from elementary school (I now really wish I had picked up other pieces of it).  I re-discovered it years later, and just glued a bracket onto it so I could hang it (humorously, I saw the same panel nearly two decades later sold at a novelty import store for $25).  Both sides of the room had that same wood paneling, but my father painted the tiled side white, which really opened up the room a lot.

Basically, I just surround myself with assorted neat, ecclectic shit that I like, and alter things to match them (plus, having a fondness for basic black and white makes decorating fairly simple).  Unlike my sister (who felt compelled to paint her basement in Eddie Bauer “suede” paint, and whose children had Tommy Hillfiger car seats), I’ve learned how to decorate on a limited budget.