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Hey Flock! This is for your friend who's being threatened. I send a few messages to several other accounts too because I actually had the same situation so I have a little experience with anon threats and would like to help. Well as much as I can :/ There is a lot that can be done. Even if it's anon threat. The police can track their IP and this can even go as far as going to court. Threats are no joke. But your friend needs the messages. So please tell her not to delete anything.

@queencaitriona Not sure if you’ve already seen this from someone else. xoxo

calfreezy - yoga challenge

REQUESTED:  “ Could you do a Calfreezy x reader story where they’re both youtubers and do the yoga challenge and their fans ship them?”

“Hello everyone and welcome back to my channel!”

Cal’s loud voice boomed throughout the apartment, alerting me to the fact he had started recording. I watched him make his introduction patiently from the floor where I sat cross legged.

“Today I am making a video that’s quite popular as of now, you may have seen Simon and Cal do it and I’m pretty sure even Zoella has done it at some point - it’s the yoga challenge!”

“Woooo!” I cheered. Cal smiled down at me.

“Obviously I won’t be doing this by myself, incase you couldn’t already tell by the high pitched giggles I have someone here to join me, do you wanna introduce yourself?”

Pouting, I pinched his leg before jumping up.

“My giggle is not high pitched! But hi everyone!”

He laughed as he wrapped an arm around my shoulder. I smiled and waved at the camera.

“Yep so I have Y/n here with me today, you guys know who she is, you’ve seen her before but her links will be in the description nonetheless.”

“Damn straight they will,” I interrupted.

“Shut it you. Anyway, Y/n has actually done yoga before so I’m hoping I have a lot to learn - would you say you’re a pro?”

His blue eyes looked down at me. My mind was focused on the fact that his arm was still around my shoulder; I couldn’t help but stutter slightly as his long fingers stroked the exposed skin of my shoulder, where my tank top did not cover.

“A pro,” I repeated, realising I had not yet responded. “Well I wouldn’t go that far. But I’m very flexible!”

“Well that’s always good to know,” Cal looked up at the camera and I heard Harry laugh softly from behind it. “Well all of the positions have been chosen by none other than the wroetoshaw, and neither I nor Y/n have actually had a chance to see them yet, so here we go!”

I strolled over to the laptop balancing on the arm of the sofa. Cal filled the filming space with small conversation as I browsed through the photos - some I was familiar with, some seemingly impossible. 

“We’ll start with this one,” I called and Cal nodded. 

“Where do you want me?”

“Just standing up straight,” I continued to observe the photo in order to memorise the position. “It looks like you just have to hold me above your head.”

“That seems simple enough.” Cal shrugged, and I noticed Harry and Lux exchange a look behind the camera. 

I stood in front of Cal, the height difference more prominent than ever. He held out his arms and I leant back into them, instantly being lifted off the ground. One of his hands gripped firmly on my thigh, the other on the centre of my back. We held this for a couple of seconds before he placed me back on the ground.

“Well that was simple, what next?”

“Well, this is where it gets a bit more difficult.” My fingers tapped the laptop, scrolling through the many screenshots of poses. “I need you lying down.”

“Lying down?” he repeated, eyebrows furrowed and I nodded. 

“Yeah, lying down. And then I’m going to balance on top of you.”

“On top, right.”

He scratched the back of his neck, glancing at Lux before lying down on his back. I placed one leg on either side of his crotch before bending and placing my hands firmly on his thighs, causing him to squirm slightly. He cleared his throat. 

“I’m not gonna lie Y/n I don’t really know where to look right now.”

A laugh fell from my lips.

“Try not to get too excited, Cal.”

“Believe me I’m trying,” he responded under his breath, and I silently questioned whether or not I was supposed to hear it. I kicked my legs. Eventually I reached the final position, performing a hand stand on top of Cal. 

“I did it! I actually did it!”


“Thanks, man.”

As I attempted to graciously get down Cal squirmed again, causing me to lose grip. I reached out my hand in order to stop me falling and grabbed on to the first thing within distance - not, at this moment, realising I had just so happened to have grabbed onto his crotch.

“Jesus Y/n!” He groaned and I withdrew my hand, my jaw dropping. Lux and Harry erupted into fits of laughter from where they sat on the sofa, and I bit my lip at the camera. 


“You know what, I think that’s a great place to end this video,” Cal stood, keeping place behind me. “Thank you guys for watching-”

“You did two positions!”

“Shut up Harry, thank you guys for watching and I’ll see you next time bye!”

Cal ended the video and I gave him a questioning look.

“Cal. That was two poses. How are you gonna make a whole video out of that?”

He shrugged, rubbing the back of his neck. “I just won’t edit it. It’ll be like one massive bloopers video since the positions took us so long anyway.”

He left the room to go and upload the footage and I sat down on the sofa next to Harry. We engaged in conversation for a while, mainly consisting of him teasing me about Cal. Truth be told I liked him. We hadn’t known eachother all that long - only a year, when I’d met him through the sidemen - but I had developed feelings for him quickly. Nobody knew this, but Harry’s suspicions were soon growing.

Lux re entered the room and I hit Harry’s arm, signalling for him to shut up.

“Alright Cal? Y/n and I are just talking about how she’s gonna fuck Freezy.”


“Oh really, Y/n? It’s funny you should say that actually. Read the comments on the video.”

“It’s uploaded already?” I asked as Lux flopped down on the sofa next to me, handing me his phone. I began scrolling through comments.


“Go on, read them out I wanna hear!” Harry exclaimed, and I mentally cursed.

“Top comment: ‘Who’s betting he cut the camera off to fuck her?’ That already has one thousand likes?”

Both boys laughed.

“Second comment - I’ve never seen so much sexual tension in one ten minute video. The next four comments just say shit about us being in a secret relationship.”

“Keep reading,” Lux assured me.

“’Who wants to bet the next video we see of these two is a boyfriend girlfriend tag? This is like Zalfie all over again.’ Then someone just replied saying ‘they 100% are already fucking’…”

“There are some nice ones too!” Freezy interjected as he entered the room. I jumped. “The fans are shipping it, hardcore.”

“But…we’re not even in a relationship?”

All three boys exchanged a look.

Colour (Soulmate AU)

Request: Hi! could you write a soulmate AU Phil X Reader thing? Thank you!

I’m not sure if someone has already done this Soulmate AU, but basically its where when you meet your soulmate your vision goes into colour instead of black and white.

Word Count: 685

Warning: Pure fluff

I hope you like it! It was great to write.

Originally posted by phil-lester-smiling

The world seemed so boring in black and white.

When your parents painted your room a shade of blue, all you could see was grey.

When your friend gave you a red dress, all you could see was grey.

When you got your own house, you had to get someone else to paint it – all you could see was grey.

You chose to wear black, white and grey clothes so not to make a fool of yourself – you didn’t know which colour looked good or bad when your world was monochrome.

You were jealous of your friend, when she found her soulmate so early – in secondary school. You asked her to describe the world to you, and she called it ‘beautifully bright’.

Many years later, you had yet to experience this ‘beautifully bright’ world. In fact, you were petrified that you would live your life in a sea of plainness, never meeting your true love.

When you found two Youtubers called Dan and Phil, your world seemed brighter. Not colourful, no, but brighter. As soon as you saw their faces, the contrast between the grey and the black and the white seemed more extreme.

You told yourself you were imagining it out of hope that one of them were your soulmates – but surely Dan and Phil were soulmates? Phil wore such bright colours, and had bright colours everywhere, your friend had told you. Dan seemed to stick to black, but if he had lived 18 years without Phil, you understood why maybe you preferred to keep those familiar colours in your life.

When you found yourself booking in for a meet and greet, everything changed.

You started asking your friend about what the colours looked like, and how it happened. It seemed magical, this world of colour. It made you even more jealous that she had found her soulmate soon.

But you also asked your mother, whose previous soulmate had died, what it was like when she lost the colour world. She called it ‘Depressing, but strangely like home’. She had discovered a tally mark forever singed into her skin after the death of her soulmate – she liked to call it her trophy for surviving the pain.

So, here you were, standing in the line to meet your favourite people. Your friend had their arm wrapped round your waist to help your shaking body, and they whispered soothing things to you as your eyes continuously bled and dried.

You were now at the front of the line. Your vision was the brightest a monochrome world could be.

Security let you through, and you came into the area where Dan and Phil waited. Phil smiled at you and opened his arms, and as soon as your skin brushed, the world shifted.


You gasped and began sobbing, Phil staring at you, star stricken.

Phil wore a thrilling bright blue shirt, with different colours within it. His hair was deep black, and his eyes a beautiful, soft blue. You couldn’t believe he had been seeing in black and white for so long, whilst also wearing such bright stuff.

Phil reached out and hesitantly touched your cheek, his eyes transfixed on yours.

“I found you…” He seemed to breath, grinning. You smiled and wiped away a tear, nodding a little.

“You took your time,” You joked, before collapsing into his arms. He embraced you, and instantly you felt at home, like you’d be lost all this time and you were arriving back.

When you eventually broke the hug, his hand settled on your shoulder, unwilling to leave your side as you came to Dan.

“I’m sorry, I took ages…” You trailed off.

“Not at all!” Dan laughed. “Hug?” You nodded, and he pulled you into a quick hug before returning you back to Phil’s warm touch. “I feel like we’ll be getting to know each other better very soon.”

“Yeah… Yeah, I think we will.” You looked up at Phil, who beamed down at you with those beautiful eyes.

Bright, beautiful, blue eyes.

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I'm really fuckin confused. Why are we wanting performers to wear corsets? I know people go nuts for that "backwards and in heels" stuff, but my response is a loud and aggrieved "They shouldn't HAVE to!" Like the lady who played Cinderella couldn't eat anything solid and had to piss in a bucket because she had to stay in the corset and sewn-on dress all day, why would Watson want that experience?

Not sure how to word this exactly and someone has probably already done so at length better than I can, but it has to do more with double standards than anything else. Or two double standards, or maybe a triple standard, in this case, since you brought up Cinderella. No, I wouldn’t want Emma Watson or literally anyone else to have the same experience as Lily James and oh my GOD I just IMDb’d to find out what her name is and Kenneth Branagh actually directed that steaming pile of shit movie? How does one go from Jane Foster to that? I–

I digress. 

The double standard is this: both Watson and Jacqueline Durran said the motive behind making a bunch of somehow… mysteriously… un… supported… garments in a story written in 18th century France was so Belle could be ~active~ and ~unrestricted~ and ~ride a horse~. 

First of all, this perpetuates a fundamental misunderstanding that’s kind of sad to hear from an actual costume designer. Stays and corsets are not inherently restrictive and uncomfortable (at least I have it on good authority, having never had the money for one myself, but I would love to own one someday because support garment that puts the weight of my boobies on my hips instead of my ribs and shoulders? yes please, basically check around and you’ll see people praising properly fitted stays to the high heavens). Women rode horses in corsets. Women did basically all things in corsets that we do today. 

And secondly, right now, in the year of our Lord 2017 (and last year, and the year before that), women on multiple stages in the United States are dancing and running and singing in full voice… while wearing boned stays. 

Basically there was never any reason why Emma Watson’s hypothetical corset experience would have to be like Lily James’s, because that’s terrible and they did it very very wrong and have I mentioned how much I fucking hate the 2015 Cinderella adaptation? But with a competent costumer and proper fittings she could do literally anything the role required.

Emma Watson didn’t want to wear a corset, so she didn’t, and Disney didn’t make her, even though they were willing to shove Lily James into one that made her waist the size of my calf. Nothing about those creative decisions make sense to me.

But the idea that she rejected the corset in order to be a better role model princess because it would have kept her from being active is a clear, obvious, giant lie, and if you don’t believe me you can ask Betsy Struxness and Morgan Marcell and Ariana DeBose and every other woman in Hamilton. Why is anyone celebrating Emma Watson for rejecting the corset in favor of being active when the Hamilton ladies are demonstrating on the regular that the two are not mutually exclusive? 

And before someone says it, yes, Beauty and the Beast is a fairytale, not history. Hamilton is musical fanfic about the Founding Fathers. They have equal reasons to strive for historically appropriate costuming. One of them made an effort, and the other just… gave up. 

And we don’t *have* to. We get to walk around all day in bras, or nah if that’s your thing, we are free of Oppression Garments in our daily lives! 

But Emma Watson chose to take a role in a film set during a period where stays were part of a woman’s daily life, and indeed where all the other lady characters I can find images of are wearing corsets, and she said “no, not me, I’m special”. 

So on the one hand we have the double standard of Disney telling Lily James to starve herself so she could be the atrocious shape they wanted Cinderella to model for young girls, versus Disney not saying shit to Emma Watson, and on the other hand we have the double standard of Hamilton’s ladies actually committing to what their roles entailed, versus Emma Watson deciding her 21st century notion of empowerment belongs in an 18th century story. 

tl;dr: I am not saying anyone has to wear corsets, ever. I am saying Emma Watson’s stated reason for not wearing a corset is absolute bullshit. 


I made a few wallpapers (even though I am sure that someone has already done these photos) There isn’t one for youngjae because the one that I had was already posted on Tumblr, which makes it pointless for me to make another one. I will take request (for any group) as long as the request is simple. No fancy ish

Please like/reblog if you use it or save it. (You don’t really have to tho. It just let’s me know that you like them)

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If Louis slapped a girls phone out of her hand for no reason you know he'd get called unhinged but when El does it I see fans making excuses like "she was just protecting Louis ok and she was tired and stressed". Oh you mean stressed from her Jamaican vacation? She had no right to do that, if someone had done that to Eleanor she'd be calling them low life peasants. She could of been a grown ass adult and walked past them. Louis was already being filmed by paps so her doing that doesn't add up.

it might not make sense to you and me but it sure fits with her personality

Going Ghost

I’m sure someone’s already done this, but I haven’t seen it, so humor me? I modified the timeline to fit my own interests. Had an idea last night and wrote this super messy and unedited drabble.

You’re fourteen and you’ve just survived your first ghost attack. Not just survived— won! Ever since the accident you’ve been off kilter, but for the first time you feel like you’ve found your purpose. It’s like stepping outside on a brisk winter morning. Crisp. Crystalline.

You lock away the Lunch Lady in the Fenton Thermos, find that fiery warmth that pulses somewhere behind your stomach, and change back. It only takes a faint pull. The trigger is sensitive and touchy. Going human is like running downhill compared to going ghost. A wave of relief and exhaustion batters you. The edges of your vision darken. You shake your head sharply in an attempt to shake away dizziness.

Yesterday you found out the cost of these new powers after fainting. They drain you, and the longer you stay ghost the more exhausted you get when you change back, but, you’re pretty sure that with practice it will get better in time.

Sam and Tucker notice your wobbly knees and hook their arms in yours, grabbing you by the armpits. Together you watch your parents stampede away from the school. Their Fenton Finder chirp chirp chirps.

“So you’re not gonna tell them?” Tucker asks.

“Nah,” you say. “I finally think I understand what these powers are for.”

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Stranger Things Starters

“Mornings are for coffee and contemplation.”
“Science is neat, but I’m afraid it’s not very forgiving.”
“Friends don’t lie.”
“The gate… I opened it. I’m the monster.”
“I know who you are. I know what you’ve done.”
“S/he’s our friend and she’s crazy!”
“We never would have upset you if we knew you had superpowers.”
“S/he can… Do things.”
“S/he broke my arm! My arm!”
“Are you feeling any better?”
“Hold on, we’re almost there, we’re almost there.”
“The bad man’s gone. We’ll be home soon.”
“No more.”
“Something’s coming. Something angry. Hungers for your blood.”
“Oh, so you can speak!”
“S/he tried to get naked!”
“Bite me.”
“Now remember: Whatever it is, it can’t hurt you.”
“There’s nothing to be frightened of.”
“It’s calling you.”
“Are you lost?”
“Aw! Hey there Princess!”
“Can you believe that I was actually worried about you?”
“I always took you for a queer, but I guess you’re just a total screw-up.”
“Wait, wait, what?! What is going on?!”
“You have five seconds to get out of here.”
“This is crazy, this is crazy, this is crazy, this is crazy, THIS IS CRAZY!”
“Go to hell, you son of a bitch!”

Okay so, I volunteer at the library and today i was wiping off those cardboard books in the children section it was going pretty good most of the books were surprisingly clean and im pretty sure someone else had already done half of them but i dont care i was told to do from z-m so im doing z-m i will not back down from this challenge no matter how clean or dirty they are because one thing i have learned in the past few weeks is that some children are sneaky little monsters and you never know what to expect.

I was half way through cleaning the row, going along i had found books with dirt, gum, other substances i honestly dont know, the usual. Then, i come across a wonderpets board book, seemed pretty clean, i wiped it off then i see a spot right on the little hamster dudes face. I start scrubbing it then i notice that on the wipe its coming off like a brownish-green. Maybe its playdough? Nope. No. i dont have that kind of luck. There is no such thing as luck in the boardbook section. Its totally poop. Some little toddler reached into their diaper got some poop on their finger then put it right on that poor animal superhero hamster. The worst part of this is my first thought after the discovery was not “ do i tell the person in charge?” Or “oh god im going to throw up” or anything of that rational nature. No, my first thought after this was “well i guess it was a shitty book”

March has just sucked. We’ve really began our busy season at work and half the Fucking idiots I work with just make my already stressful job that much worse. Ok top of that within a week we’ve had our sewer back up in our basement, a tree fall on our house, and I was turned down for a position I really wanted because someone who had worked there longer decided to apply at the last second (or even after the posting was done, I’m not even sure). This all has happened in a week. Due to the power outrage the computer in our rage isn’t working so we don’t have an over and the stove too thankfully still kind of works.

I’m not a religious person per se but I do feel spiritual. I feel like the universe is testing me, is really putting Nik and I through the ringer right now and I just don’t know if I can handle it. With the stress from work already and trying to deal with tree removal places, roofers, etc I just want to give the fuck up. We have an outing tomorrow and all these people get paired up with their friends in the same groups and as usual I’m separated from the people that I enjoy to be around, the people that truly make work worth coming to.

I know I probably sound whiny or like I’m a victim or some shot but I don’t rightly care anymore. I just want this month to be over.

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So i have a dilemma , for the longest time whenever i have a crush on a guy i day dream or dream about them and make up cute scenarios . But i like this guy he's very sweet sarcastic good morals etc. but i can never bring myself to dream or day dream about him. what's stranger is i can daydream about my Best guy friend , all the time sometimes even cutesy stuff. But i'm freaking out because i can't dream about my crush.Do i even like him is it forced?! Do i actually like my bff but denying it ?

I honestly have no idea kid. I’ve kind of had this problem before where like I liked someone, genuinely liked them but I wasn’t sure I could see us … doing cute things together. It was weird. I think part of it is maybe if you’ve already done a lot with them, that could help to create the scenarios idk. Sometimes it’s hard to see yourself with people but you GENIUNELY like them!! This kind of reminds me of this episode of Friends where Joey kept thinking about Monica but like he didn’t like her like that, he just wanted someone ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Missing letters tag

Missing letters tag

Rules: Copy this post into a new text post, remove my answers and put in your own. when you are done tag up to 10 people….most importantly, have fun!

tagged by @parkcyeollie  and @kittyhunnie and @sassybookshelf(wow thank youuu guys,,,, i´ve already done something similar to this but you know I´m bored and have no hobbies so here we goo)

a / age: 17  
b / biggest fear: guurl i´m constantly living in fear 
c / current time: 9pm
d / drink you had last: chai (tea)
e / everyday starts with: suffering
f / favourite song: how should i know?? 
g / ghosts are real? sure why not i believe in you gerhard (our schoolghost)!!!
h / hometown: ödsoafölstadlpauradfsae
i / in love with: yall knooow 
j / jealous of: idk
k / killed someone: yup just yesterday 
l / last time you cried: …
n / number of siblings: 2 
o / one wish: CHANSOO SUBUNIT 
p / person you last called/texted: lara (a friend who´s getting back into kpop:))
q / questions you’re always asked: why? 
s / song last sang: history by exo :))
u / underwear colour: black
v / vacation destination: pls just let me stay at home 
w / worst habit: singing along to EVERY song even n public :))) (and yes even korean lyrics I´m so embarassing)
x / xrays you have had: bout 3
y / your favourite food: food 
z / zodiac sign: taurus 

I tag @yeol-stole-my-soul (heeyyy guuurl`;))) and @prettylittlesunshines and @lovinthesoo