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Jaehee Week Day 2: Angst | Colours

I’m not sure if I did the theme right ^^; I swear it was full of colours before, it just somehow morphed into this. My thought process was “Maybe if I make most of the drawing black and white, the colours of the bubbles will pop (pun intended) out more”

Also, please tell me more people will join in on Jaehee week!!! COME JOIN ME PLZ BAEHEE NEEDS MORE LOVE!!! Here is the blog that runs it for more information: https://jaeheeweek.tumblr.com/ 

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confessions with nu’est

→ a/n: this is incredibly old—i actually wrote this before even making this blog—and i just re-discovered it and decided to publish it to make the wait for new content more bearable. i’m swamped with school work and doctor’s appointments right now, so i hope you’ll enjoy this for a while; ; also, i didn’t include minhyun in this because i plan on writing one of these for wanna one as well. i’ll make sure to link the post here once it’s up!

kim jonghyun

  • let’s be real jonghyun can be kind of awkward when it comes to feelings or relationships
  • but if he’s really warmed up to you he’s gonna want to be honest and let you know about his feelings towards you
  • that doesn’t mean he’ll rush it though
  • i feel like he might take his time with confessing, only because he wants to be entirely sure of what exactly he’s feeling
  • you might receive his confession through text or during a late-night-call
  • he doesn’t seem like the type to confess in person, not because he’s scared, but because he’d probably feel awkward and might not know what to do or say if you rejected him
  • however, when he actually does confess you basically melt at the way he puts his adoration for you into words because he’s so painfully honest and lets you know about every little thing
  • he’d tell you about the way his heart flutters when you laugh and how beautiful your smile is to him to how much he appreciates you being there for him when things get tough
  • and the entire thing is like a dream tbh but it’s real and that makes it even better

kwak aron

  • ok listen i feel like aron is really damn slick when it comes to these things
  • he’d probably go great lengths to let you know just how much he appreciates you, so he might set up a really extravagant date night as a surprise, pick you up in a limousine and take you to a fancy restaurant
  • when you ask him what you did to deserve this kind of special treatment he’d actually be a little flustered for a second and the faint blush that’s spreading across his face would make the whole scene even more endearing wow
  • but he’d stop fidgeting, straighten out his tie and tell you all about how you make him feel and that he’d like to be a little more than just a friend to you
  • when you accept his feelings you can basically see a heavy weight lifting off of his shoulders 
  • and you can’t help but peck him on the cheek with a small giggle and he kind of dies a little because you’re so cute and beautiful and holy shit you just said yes

kang dongho

  • i can see dongho honestly being a lost cause when it comes to romantic relationships
  • so it would probably require the help of the remaining members to actually make him confess
  • he’d wait out a certain point in your friendship where he can compliment you a lot without it being weird and kind of joke around about being together with you before actually letting you know about his feelings
  • when it comes to you he’s just really soft and protective but also incredibly shy so he’d probably get jealous over the starbucks barista flirting with you and start venting to the other members and they’re literally this close to slamming a fucking chair on his head because he wouldn’t have to be jealous if he stopped joking around and actually told you how he felt about you
  • he’d probably send you an awkward text message and at first you wouldn’t really be quite sure whether he’s serious or not
  • but when it turns out that he is you can’t help but grin brightly at your phone because kang dongho definitely is an idiot but he’s your idiot

choi minki

  • minki would be so casual about his confession that you’d probably miss it entirely the first time he tries to confess
  • one reason for his informal, spur-of-the-moment confession might be that he’s incredibly nervous when it comes to you, because you guys have a great friendship going on and he doesn’t want to jeopardize that
  • so he tries to be really lowkey in letting you know about his attraction towards you—the only problem is, he’s being too lowkey
  • tbh when his first attempts fail he’d probably confess to you with a kiss
  • you might have your head placed in his lap while watching some dumb reality shows at your place, his hand running softly through your hair and massaging your scalp lightly
  • and you look up at him and he looks down at you and there’s a spark and this kind of ‘now-or-never’ type of moment
  • so he leans down and his kiss is so gentle and filled to the brim with emotion and you honestly might just die right there on the spot bye