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Cherchez la Femme: Un Peu, Beaucoup (F)

A/N: So we’re doing this again, whoop. This is actually the last section of part one. The parts get longer as it goes on (mainly because I started this after I hadn’t written in a looooong time and had to get used to doing it again. 

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WARNINGS: Swearing, mentions of smut, mention of vomiting, some angst… here it comes, we start losing the fluff, sorry… if you think this is bad, wait until part 3


TRACK: I’ll Be Seeing You–Billie Holliday

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Lustrous (pt 1)

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Hybrid!Kook x Reader AU

Pt 1 | Pt 2 | Pt 3 | Pt 4

(A/n): I was supposed to post last night but I fell asleep whoops. Anyways this is a bit, or a lot, influenced by Teen Wolf and VD/The Originals. (However I didn’t watch VD/The Originals thanks wikia, so I might have tweaked stuff or will probably wing it and create random shit)

Also I may have started out with the intention to write in the way that the school is like any other school in Korea or Japan but I unknowingly wrote about a regular American school with different classes to attend instead of just one homeroom and teachers being the ones who have to go from room to room. Whoops.

The mortal world had merged long ago with the supernatural, humans finding a way to coexist with paranormal beings that now walk the same ground they set foot on. No doubt that humans complained about the safety of their kind with deadly monsters about in their world wearing the skin of a normal human being. But it was made a pact that the balance of nature was to be respected and that the supernatural were to not harm a mortal unless under special circumstances that it was under self-defense and vice-versa.

This merge has influenced the structure of society and its inhabitants, living areas and public places segregated with labels that kept out humans or the things they called monsters. However, some places welcomed the coexistence of the supernatural, letting the two races mingle and walk alongside each other.

You were mortal, living in a town near the big city of Seoul that harbored both your kind and the mystical beings. Long since have you been kicked out of your home for reasons unknown to you, forcing you to take your life into your own hands and care for yourself. You’d found a humble home in the attic of a kind old lady, who instructed you to address her as Yahiko or just Auntie. She wasn’t normal, you knew, an odd sensation in your nerves that alerts you of her supernatural powers.

“You’re not human,” you mumbled one day at dinner, and upon realization of what you’d blurted out, you bowed your head respectfully and in apology for your rudeness.

But she just cackled heartily and ladled more soup into your bowl and admitted her true self as a kitsune, explaining how she migrated all the way from Japan and settled down in South Korea with her late husband.

“You may not notice my dear child, but I’m over 900 years old,” she grins, eyes glowing a vibrant orange before fading back to their original brown color.

You didn’t catch how her eyebrows furrowed at you, trying to catch any hint of you being anything not normal. Maybe it was obvious that she wasn’t human when she accidentally tried feeding you pig liver on the first night you stayed there.

Eventually you’d have to start school, a high school where both mystical creatures and humans study.

Yahiko smiled down at you like a mother would at her child, her hands gingerly brushing your hair out of your face. She whispered encouragements along with warnings to keep an eye out for other supernatural creatures, to steer clear of them and find refuge with mortal students.

“I’ll be fine Auntie,” you groan as she pats down on your school uniform worriedly, “You act like you’re sending me to war.”

She flicks you on the forehead with a stern frown before huffing a drawn out sigh, “I’m just worried, okay.”

Before you can take off and begin your commute to school, she seizes you by the wrist and holds out an amulet. The mount is silver, intricately designed with small engravings of a language you don’t understand. Held in the middle is a smooth cut of an amber stone.

She looks at you expectantly, waiting patiently as you gather your hair and push it out of the way for her to wrap around the silver chain and clip the ends together behind your neck.

“There, now go before you’re late!”

As you walk to school, you look down at the amulet that rests on your chest, reaching up to finger the stone that’s set in the center. You don’t know what it is, or the reason she’s giving you such a beautiful gem, but there’s something off about it. Your fingertips resonate with a peculiar sensation as soon as you touch the amulet.

You shrug as you enter through the gates of the school, cautious of those around you with Yahiko’s warning echoing in your ears. There’s a standing corkboard up ahead with a throng of students crowded in front of it, pushing and shoving to get a glimpse of their homeroom.

Not wanting to be jostled around like the poor boy with large circular glasses that’s shoved to the outer rim of the group by a rather tall boy, you stand to the side and wait until the group dies down.

“You’re smart, wouldn’t want to become a rag doll in the middle of that chaos am I right?” a voice pipes up from beside you.

Turning your head, you smile and nod your head at the girl who grins toothily back. Your first thought is to determine whether she’s mortal or not, focusing on any odd sensations you get from her presence. There’s nothing and you’re safe to conclude that she’s normal.

“Hyejin, just an average human if you were wondering,” she says. You take this moment to scan her features, her large brown eyes and shoulder-length brown hair. Her lips are plump and skin rosy, as she offers you a handshake. Taking her hand, you smile and reply with your name in return.

“Well then (Y/n), I hope you’re a first year too, let’s hope for the same homeroom, yeah?”

You both make light small talk, Hyejin complimenting your necklace at some point before you both find out that you are indeed in the same homeroom: class 1B and make your way to the said room.

She probably notices your weariness as soon as you both take seats beside each other, your eyes flitting around the room. The amount of different sensations overwhelm you, only used to being around one aura - Yahiko’s aura. The magical auras differ depending on the creature they are, you assume as you eye one that you believe is a vampire when their eyes flash red and the blue gem on their ring glints under the light of the sun.

“Hey, don’t worry too much about the others, just stick with me and you’ll be just fine!” she chirps, as the teacher begins calling roll before handing out schedules.

“Same classes!” she squealed as you both compared your schedules, “All but one… hm Potions I, that’s cool, I took that last year in middle school - not too fun when all the witches are excelling at it and bragging in your face, it gets really messy too when you have the dark kitsunes misusing the potions or brewing up some kind of weird concoction and tricking the normal kids into drinking it.”

“Yeah I don’t know, I just needed some kind of elective,” you shrug as the bell rings and you both head to your first period class: math.

Along the way as students pass you, there’s a certain sensation that sends your nerves haywire, the feeling overwhelming you more than how you felt back in the classroom. It’s like a tsunami struck you, and the thing was - this was just one aura that you were sensing, not multiple ones, just a singular person was exuberating such a massive amount of magical power.

“What the hell?” you whisper as it begins to fade, the person having walked passed you. You wonder how can just one person be able to hold so much power within themselves.

“What’s wrong?” Hyejin asks, noticing your quivering fingers. She takes your hand and hurries you both to your next class, “Did something happen - did someone touch you?!”

You hush her with a look, frowning at her conclusions and scolding her to whisper quietly when others turn their heads to eye you weirdly. You wonder if you should tell her that you can unusually sense the magical power of a supernatural being, it’d be horrible to right off the bat lie to your first friend.

“You’re joking right?” she asks with raised eyebrows, “But you’re human right?”

“Yeah,” you nod in agreement, “I knew you were human when we met this morning because I didn’t feel anything weird from you.”

Hyejin snorts, eyes switching from your lecturing teacher to you, “You sure you’re not some kind of hybrid or something?”

“I’m sure.”

Come lunch, you both reserve for yourselves a seat at a table not too far from the lunch line. Hyejin explains that with the downfall of having to go to school with the supernatural, the ones who have the ability to flash in and out or teleport like to cut in line - usually initiating an argument or worse: a fight. So you both hurry into line, ignoring the side of the menu that described unusual meals that didn’t sit in your stomach well: pork blood and pig liver. After getting a taste of pig liver, Yahiko’s mistake, you can barely look at the words without remembering that night with a gag.

In the middle of your lunch, you pause when you feel that distinct overflow of power. Sitting up straighter than ever, you scan the room, searching for the person that’s caught your senses. That’s when you focus on a tall figure, standing in the lunch line with two other males who are alarmingly good looking. The person you have your eyes on is speaking to the raven-haired boy that stands shorter than him.

The boy has what you assume as ebony colored hair, parted to the side with a few strands falling over his dark eyes. His skin is honey, smooth and free of imperfections in your eyes. He stands tall with confidence, body lean underneath his school uniform missing the issued school blazer and sporting only the white dress shirt and a black tie. He must’ve felt your eyes burning into the side of his head as he turns to scan the cafeteria before landing on you as you quickly look away.

“Who are you staring at?” Hyejin asks curiously, turning her head and squinting at the crowd of students at the lunch line before her eyes widen, “You’re looking at the Bangtan boys huh?”

You furrow your eyebrows at her, “Bangtan? Who are they?”

“Those three boys right over there!” she explains with serious eyes as she jabs her thumb at the trio you had been shamelessly checking out, “Well forget about it, they’re popular and paranormal, there’s four others in the pack but I hear they graduated already. From what I’ve heard the group consists of both werewolves and vampires and even a witch - er well a warlock.”

Your nose wrinkles at the combination of different creatures in the group, wondering how they even got along.

“You’re probably eyeing Jeon Jungkook aren’t you? I graduated from the same middle school as him, he’s a big heartthrob, but also very powerful and dangerous from what I’ve heard - the star student amongst everyone including the mortals here.”

It’s minuscule, but you catch something in her voice, your eyes examining her expression only to find it blank as she continues to eat, “It’s best you stay away from him, he’s not much of a talker either.”

As you attend your remaining classes, you notice that Jungkook is in a few of your classes. It isn’t until your very last period, Potions, do you get closer to the character named Jeon Jungkook.

Your teacher assigns seats right off the bat, putting you at a table with Jungkook. He doesn’t speak to you, maybe offering an awkward smile as you take your seat and drown out all voices around you to doze off.

His presence is bothering you, you admit.

Nothing big happens until your pencil decides to roll off the table and land in between your stools. You bend down to reach for it when his fingers brush against yours as he does the same. Your nerves run crazy on the spot he just barely grazed, your hand retracting instantly as he picks up your pencil and hands it to you.

“Th-thanks..” you mumble thoughtfully, squinting your eyes at your lab partner for the next semester or so.

Surely, Jungkook has piqued your interest now if not back at lunch. You want to know what he is, what makes him exuberate such an amount of power, what makes Hyejin say that he’s so dangerous. You want to know him.

Not a fairy tale

A/N:So this is my entry for @one-shots-supernatural’s SPN Hiatus Writing Challenge. It’s my first time attempting this challenge. I hope you guys have as much fun reading it as I had writing it.

Word count: 1621

Dean X Reader

Prompt: “Are you.. watching a Disney movie?”

Warning: Dean fluff?

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“Pick another one”

“What? No!”

“Come on Sam, you are better than this”

“What’s your point? The movie was a blockbuster”

“That’s it, we are leaving. Move your ass”

“No. I am buying this”

“Hah.. Sure go ahead Sammy.”

“Dude! Where’s my money? Give me back my money”

“I’ll see you in the car, Sammy”


You silently laughed to yourself as you waited outside the shop. Dean emerged from the insides wearing a smug smile, followed by Sam who was glaring at Dean’s back.

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Lies My Soldier Told Me (Senyuu fanfiction)

Title: Lies My Soldier Told Me
Characters: Alba, Ros
Summary: If Alba had managed to stop Ros at that last moment… for a moment.
Notes: End of Part 1. You know which scene. FF.net/AO3.

So I wondered if there was any possible way to make that scene any worse, and my hands kind of slipped. Whoops. I need to write happier things.

Also I’M SORRY I STILL HAVEN’T PUT OUT REQUESTS! I swear two of them are done but it’s out of order and I’m picky about that so I haven’t posted them……….. Please wait a little more…

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