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All I Want for Christmas (Part 1/5)

Bucky x Reader AU

Summary – You’ve put your career ahead of everything else in life. Then you meet a guy that makes you want to believe in love again, but he’s not interested in you.  What happens when Fate decides you deserve a second chance?  

Warnings – Robbery and death (This sounds bad, but I promise it’s going to get fluffy!!)

Word Count – 3,000

Notes –   This was supposed to have been my 1,500 Followers Celebration Fic, but I hit that milestone over a month ago (you guys are awesome, yay!).  I hit 2,000 last week, so this is still a Followers Celebration Fic!  There will be 5 parts, each part will post every day from now until Christmas Eve.  I’m basing this fic off of a TV Christmas movie, 12 Dates of Christmas.  I hope you enjoy!  Merry Christmas!!  As always, please feel free to leave me comments or asks to let me know what you thought!

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5


Christmas Fic Masterlist

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I don’t want a lot for Christmas
This is all I’m asking for
I just wanna see my baby
Standing right outside my door

I just want you for my own
More than you could ever know
Make my wish come true
Baby all I want for Christmas is you

All I want for Christmas is you, baby

You awoke to the radio playing Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas.  Your friends thought you were crazy for still using a clock radio for an alarm, but there was something soothing about waking up to music instead of a blaring alarm.  You also loved to listen to Rick and Lola in the Morning.  They were a husband and wife DJ team and they always made you laugh.  You waited for the song to end before getting up and making the bed.

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Tease-Sebastian Stan x Reader

A/N I guess it’s a little smutty, orgasm denial and it took me forever to write because exams in 2 weeks time. This was supposed to be posted days ago but I had school and shit

“Seb, you haven’t even gained that much muscle. Stop.” You laughed as you poked his bulging biceps. You might have lie but he didn’t need to know that. “You just look a little chubby, babe.”

He shoved you against the wall and pinned your arms above your head. The bastard only used one hand. You struggled against his hold and he simply smirked at you. “I think that I’ve gained a lot of muscle.” He rubbed his crotch against you and you leant closer to his body.

His lips descended and attacked your exposed neck and you let out a mewl against his broad shoulder. He nipped and sucked at your exposed skin and you were helpless against him. His free hand traced your soft skin and it travelled down your body and rested at the top of your thigh.

“Seb. Do something, please.” You wriggled against him but his arm held your midsection against the wall. He kissed you wildly and his lips only ever left yours so you could breathe. It was wet and passionate but when he left your swollen lips exposed to the air, the only thing that you wanted was him. “Sebastian Stan. Do something right now.”

“I don’t think that you deserve anything. You’ve been lying a lot today.” He smirked yet again and his hand descended to your dripping folds. “I can play all day, baby girl.”

You tried to get more friction but you were at a disadvantage. Sebastian planned to tease you for a long time and he wanted you to suffer. He teased you for ages, his fingers avoiding your clit and it made you squirm. “Sebastian. Please” You kept trying to get some friction but eventually, you gave up. Sebastian got bored himself and let go of you.

“Don’t even think about touching you.” You couldn’t help the sinking feeling that you felt at the knowledge that you could not orgasm. “Otherwise, bad girls get punished.”

  92 truths                                        

tagged by @risquetendencies (thank you <3)

rules: once you have been tagged you are supposed to write 92 truths about yourself. at the end, choose 25 people to tag.

[1] drink: grain coffee
[2] phone call: my gp telling me I have streptococci
[3] text message: my mom or Johanna, not sure
[4] song you listened to: Ladies’ Code - The Rain
[5] time you cried: about a week ago

[6] dated someone twice: no
[7] been cheated on: no
[8] kissed someone and regretted it: oh boy, most kisses
[9] lost someone special: yes, and it’s already been a year
[10] been depressed: : )
[11] gotten drunk and thrown up: do i know my limits? no. do i think i know my limits? yes.

[12] periwinkle
[13] not really a colour but iridescent/holographic
[14] rose gold

[15] made new friends: yes
[16] fallen out of love: no, i haven’t been in love in ages
[17] laughed until you cried: yes
[18] found out someone was talking about you?: not sure, i don’t think, but it’s probably happening anyway
[19] met someone who changed you: i think most people change you in little ways
[20] found out who your true friends are: more like I haven’t been a true friend and super distant
[21] kissed someone on your facebook list: yeah and it was dumb

[22] how many of your facebook friends do you know in real life: hmm, i guess 90%
[23] do you have any pets: no
[24] do you want to change your name: I don’t feel like it goes with my last name, but besides from that I’m good. oh yeah, and i wish people would stop the porn star allusions *shrug emoji*
[25] what did you do for your last birthday: had cake with the fam, met with some friends before going on a trip to Korea, which was a present to myself
[26] what time did you wake up: 1pm, which is starting to become a thing after late shift
[27] what were you doing at midnight last night: staring into the void after giving up trying to draw after late shift
[28] name something you cannot wait for: what’s excitement when you can have depression.. i’m going to be travelling but i wish i was excited already
[29] when was the last time you saw your mother: today
[30] what is one thing you wish you could change about your life: possibly growing up with both parents and both cultures, my brain : )
[31] what are you listening to right now: Mamamoo - Décalcomanie
[32] have you ever talked to a person named tom: my friend’s exchange student’s twin brother was named Tom and one of the first native English speakers I talked to
[33] something that is getting on your nerves: German bureaucracy
[34] most visited website: tumblr probably
[35] elementary: oh, a few of us would get to read in the book corner when we finished early, that was nice
[37] college: nightmare, especially considering i’ve almost finished but need to redo courses once i re-enroll. it’s not difficult but the organisational stuff has messed me up.
[38] hair colour: brown and it bores me, but colouring ruins it
[39] long or short hair: long, it’s more low maintenance in my case, though i like shorter styles
[40] do you have a crush on someone: what is love (no)
[41] what do you like about yourself? i do my best to be kind, i understand a lot of things quickly, i am good with languages
[42] piercings: nope, always wanted several but thought my face is too young/doll-ish
[43] blood type: who knows
[44] nickname: none. well, one friend likes to call me G
[45] relationship status: spending all my money on food and loving it
[46] zodiac sign: gemini
[47] pronouns: she/her, but i don’t really care
[48] fav tv show: hunter x hunter
[49] tattoos: a clef going into a note, one in korean.. and I saw an amazing artist who is from Seoul, so depending on their prices/my budget i might get my fox at last this year
[50] right or left handed: right handed

[51] surgery: none
[52] piercing: ears, when I was 14
[53] best friend: Marlene
[54] sport: strangely enough Taekwondo at 20, and still my current
[55] vacation: a small island called Borkum
[56] pair of trainers: phew, some cream coloured ones with some coloured accents

[57] eating: last thing was potato soup and homemade vegan Franzbrötchen (similar to cinnamon rolls)
[58] drinking: water
[59] i’m about to: go to bed soon
[60] listening to: Last Goodbye by Akdong Musician (can you tell my kpop playlist is running)
[61] waiting for: motivation to put on a sheet mask
[62] want: tomorrow to be over
[63] get married: i don’t see the appeal except for financially and pretty dresses
[64] career: god knows, when will someone pay me to draw gay fanart

[65] hugs or kisses: both are nice, but since i am never really in love i’ll go for hugs
[66] lips or eyes: eyes
[67] shorter or taller: everyone’s taller than me anyway
[68] older or younger: mostly older, but depends on the person
[70] nice arms or nice stomach: honestly, this makes me think about wanting to work out both my own arms and stomach.. but i can appreciate both
[71] sensitive or loud: sensitive probably, since i often try hard to make people feel comfortable
[72] hook up or relationship: I’m so rarely interested in people, i’d take either depending on the person
[73] troublemaker or hesitant: hesitant

[74] kissed a stranger? yeah
[75] drank hard liquor? i like whiskey
[76] lost glasses/contact lenses? i wear neither but i keep breaking all my sunglasses
[77] turned someone down: yes
[78] sex on first date? if you want to count ons
[79] broken someone’s heart? yeah, but it was more their issue than mine (in the sense that they made me too important and would have done the same with anyone else in my place)
[80] had your own heart broken? yeah and in hindsight they weren’t worth it
[81] been arrested? no
[82] cried when someone died? yes
[83] fallen for a friend: high school crushes, yes, but not seriously

[84] yourself? some things yes, some things no
[85] miracles? no
[86] love at first sight? yes but i think it’s unlikely to happen to me personally
[87] santa claus? no
[88] kiss on the first date? sure
[89] angels? not really

[90] current best friend’s name: i haven’t had best friends in ages, i value different things in my friends
[91] eye colour: hazel, but i like most eyes in general
[92] favourite movie: phew, i never watch any. Movies I want to watch again: JSA, I’m a Cyborg but that’s Ok, The Fox and the Girl

I think most of my tag meme crew has done this. @sirwallahoo in like the next 6 months maybe, @rouvere (idk if you even do these), @the-smallest-kurapika, @caseyvalhalla, @sayoko0, @schwanendreher, @daiousamashittykawa, @pyro-madder

Rules: once you have been tagged you are supposed to write 92 truths about yourself. at the end choose 25 people to tag. 
i was tagged by @i-am-the-dice-you-roll thank you lovely ❤

1. drink: earl grey tea
2. phone call: customer at work
3. text message: giving away cider to a mate
4. song listened to: You Can’t Take Me - Bryan Adams 
5. time i cried: couple of weeks ago I think?

6. dated somebody twice: nah
7. been cheated on: no
8. kissed someone and regretted it: nope
9. lost someone special: yes 
10. been depressed: yes
11. gotten drunk and puked: once, never again

12. Green
13. Grey
14. Copper

15. made new friends: yep
16. fallen out of love: no
17. laughed until you cried: yes 
18. found out someone was gossiping about you: no
19. met somebody who changed you: yes 
20. find out who your true friends are: ish
21. kissed somebody on your Facebook list: no

22. facebook friends do you have in real life: I know everyone on my friends list, though I wouldn’t stop in the street irl to talk to most of them 
23. pets: none at the moment ;-; puppy soon though
24. want to change name: having an unusual name is a curse sometimes, so yeah on occasion
WHAT: ???
25. did i get for my last birthday: tattoo money
26. time i woke up: 8.10?
27. doing at midnight: going to bed
28. something you cannot wait for: tattoos, Japan trip and getting a new dog
29. last time i saw my mom: literally 30 seconds ago
30. something you wish you could change about your life: the pressure to do the right thing and be perfect all the time - mostly self-inflicted I know
31. listening to right now: What Difference Does It Make - The Smiths
32. something that gets on your nerves: two-faced people and gossip
33. talked to a person named Tom: yeah
34. most visited website: amazon probably haha
35. elementary school: local one
36. high school: one I can see from my house haha
37. college: (is this uni? Idk) none
38. hair colour: brown with blonde highlights
39. long or short hair: long
40. crush: n/a
41. do you like about yourself: I have eyes like Fultium capsules apparently
42. piercings: couple of helixes
43. blood type: ???
44. nickname: Tee or Twig
45. relationship status: single
46. zodiac: Pisces mostly
47. pronouns: she/her
48. favourite show: Call the Midwife, Friends, Merlin
49. tattoos: small moon tattoo on my wrist but I’ve got a wrapping shoulder and a stag in the pipe line (deposits are all paid and first one is in a month!)
50. right or left handed: right handed

51. surgery: to fix my broken eardrum over ten years ago or so
52. piercing: upper ear
53. best friend: one I’m still friends with now
54. sport: not my cup of tea
55. vacation: Scotland
56. pair of shoes: not a clue

57. eating: nothing
58. drinking: nada
59. im about to: shower and curl up in bed for a bit
60. listening to: haven’t we already had this question? :P I’ve gone back to Bryan Adams
61. waiting for: the weekend, so done with this week
62. want to see: my dog, I miss him so much ;-;
63. want to get married: never
64. career: honestly don’t know anymore

65. hugs/kisses: hugs
66. lips/eyes: eyes! 
67. shorter/taller: taller, then I’ll always have a great jawline haha
68. younger/older: older, but not a big gap
69. romantic/spontaneous: isn’t spontaneity part of being romantic?
70. nice arms/nice stomach: doesn’t make a difference
71. sensitive/loud: sensitive
72. hook up/relationship: relationship? But neither tbh
73. troublemaker/hesitant: what are these questions

74. kissed a stranger: nope
75. drank hard liquor: yeah?
76. lost glasses/contact lenses: oh boy
77. turned someone down: yes 
78. canoodling on first date: no
79. broken someones heart: probably, I’m sorry
80. had your own heart broken: nope
81: been arrested: nope
82: cried when someone died: yes
83: fallen for a friend: nah

84. yourself: *snorts* no
85. miracles: not really
86. love at first sight: yeah
87. Santa Clause: no
88. kiss on first date: depends on the situation surely?
89. angels: no

90. current best friends name: Jess ❤Jade ❤ Taya ❤
91. eye colour: blue
92. favourite movie/s: Forrest Gump, Sinbad (Legend of the Seven Seas)/ anything Disney, Bridget Jones and all that Richard Curtis soppy-ness

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“We were just having fun” (part 1) - Austin Carlile imagine

Hey everybody ! Sorry for the lack of imagines lately, but as I’ve told you I’ve been really busy with my finals and everything. Anyway, I wanted to post something so here’s an Austin Carlile imagine. It was requested a few weeks ago, and there’ll be a part 2 in a few days, based on a nother request, when my finals are finally over. Thanks for being so patient, I’ll be back soon !


SMUT warning!

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tiarules: once you have been tagged you are supposed to write 92 truths about yourself. at the end, choose 25 people to tag! (or just tag your pals or idk)

I got tagged by @anonymousletter thank sweetpie (I MISS YOU COME TO SEE ME)


[1] drink: Water

[2] phone call: My dad

[3] text message:  My best friend 

[4] song you listened to: Green Light -Lorde

[5] time you cried: I don´t know….. two weeks ago? Maybe?


[6] dated someone twice: What’s dating? (NO)

[7] been cheated on: Nope

[8] kissed someone and regretted it:  What’s kissing? (yes, I have)

[9] lost someone special: Yes

[10] been depressed: Yes, but without a diagnosis

[11] gotten drunk and thrown up: I’m the mom friend mate, my job is to CLEAN my friends’ puke


[12] (any shade of) Blue

[13] Purple

[14] Yellow


[15] made new friends: Yes!!!!!

[16] fallen out of love: What’s love? Stop using weird words please (NO)

[17] laughed until you cried: Yes, of course, always.

[18] found out someone was talking about you: I would remember it if it’s the case, so nop.

[19] met someone who changed you: In the last year? I don’t think so.

[20] found out who your true friends are: I already knew who they were (I LOVE YOU GUYS)

[21] kissed someone on your facebook list: You’re using weird words again (STOP)


[22] how many of your facebook friends do you know in real life: I don’t know the exact number, but a lot of them.

[23] do you have any pets: I wish :(

[24] do you want to change your name: Nah, I like my name.

[25] what did you do for your last birthday: I went out and had dinner with my family, later I watched a movie (THE BOY) with my friends

[26] what time did you wake up: monday to friday: 6:00 am. saturday and sunday: 9:00 am.

[27] what were you doing at midnight last night: I was dreaming about donuts

[28] name something you cannot wait for: I CAN’T WAIT FOR THEM TO *** **!

[29] when was the last time you saw your mother: About 30 min ago.

[30] what is one thing you wish you could change about your life: The politicians, the president and the economic situation of my country (stolen from @anonymousletter)

[31] what are you listening to right now: The sound of the washing machine (?

[32] have you ever talked to a person named tom: Nope

[33] something that is getting on your nerves: My country’s situation and my university situation

[34] most visited website: Tumblr and Youtube (I’m not even sorry)

[35] elementary: Colegio Nuestra Señora de Lourdes

[36] high school: Go to #35  

[37] college: (I HOPE) Carabobo’s University (UC)

[38] hair color: Dark blonde/ light brown (mix them and you’ll get my hair color)

[39] long or short hair: It’s currently long, but I’m going to cut it as soon as I can.

[40] do you have a crush on someone: …Maybe?….why?

[41] what do you like about yourself? I like everything about myself, some things more than others, about both my physical appearance and my personality, but I’m working on it

[42] piercings: No pity nope

[43]blood type: B+ 

44] nickname: Nessa/Nessie

[45] relationship status: Single as a pringle

[46] zodiac sign: LEO

[47] pronouns: She/her please

[48] fav tv show: HARD QUESTION BYE

[49] tattoos: Nope

[50] right or left handed: right handed 

[51] surgery: No

[52] piercing: Is this a déjà-vu? (Go to #42)

[53] best friend: Yes, I have one (I know that’s not what you’re asking but i’m not putting her name out here, she doesn’t even have a blog). I also LOVE WITH ABSOLUTE MADDNESS these two little rays of sunshine and moonlight: @anonymousletter and @trashofdoom

[54] sport: I used to play Tennis, I also was in a swim team.

[55] vacation: Travel around the world and visit as many countries as possible.

[56] pair of trainers:  A pair of old black ballerinas  


[57] eating: Nothing, will do in a moment.

[58] drinking: Nothing

[59] i’m about to: Scroll through my dashboard/ have dinner.


[61] waiting for: I’M WAITING FOR THEM TO *** **! 

[62] want: to get in university, a job, money, for them to *** **, that all the problems of my country disappear, global peace ( BUENAS NOCHES POLIEDRO)

[63] get married: Yes, I’m counting on that

64] career: Medicine


[65] hugs or kisses: BOTH (I LOVE CUDDLES)

[66] lips or eyes: EYES

[67] shorter or taller: I don’t really think that’s important

[68] older or younger: I don’t mind as long as there isn’t pedophile or a huge gap between us, I’d like to be the younger tho.

[69] romantic or spontaneous: ROMANTICALY SPONTANEOUS

[70] nice arms or nice stomach: I.don’t.care

[71] sensitive or loud: Sensitive please

[72] hook up or relationship: I’m a relationship type of girl

[73] troublemaker or hesitant: Both, both is good


[74] kissed a stranger? N O 

[75] drank hard liquor? Yes

[76] lost glasses/contact lenses?  Nope, I’m very careful with my glasses

[77] turned someone down:  Yes

[78] sex on first date? WEIRD WORDS AGAIN!!! (N-O)

79] broken someone’s heart?: I think so

80] had your own heart broken? Not really

[81] been arrested? Nope

[82] cried when someone died? Well, yes of course

[83] fallen for a friend: Nope


[84] yourself? Hell yes.

[85] miracles? Yes

[86] love at first sight? Sometimes

[87] santa claus? In a perfect world? Yes I do

[88] kiss on the first date? Yes, why not.

[89] angels? Yes yes yes


[90] current best friend’s name: Not telling you, sorry. All I’m saying is that it starts with an E.

[91] eye colour: Dark brown 

[92] favourite movie: HARD QUESTION BYE

I tag @alw4ys-you @shadyshit91 @alarrylarrie @soul-angelo because i love them :)

Another text post right quick but I ordered a little one inch lonely island pin and it was supposed to arrive like seriously almost 3 weeks ago and I just figured it got lost in the mail but it fucking arrived yesterday and the pin is 2 and ¼ inches for some reason?? It’s way too big and I’m laughing like I got this to wear on my work vest and I’m like shit it’s such an awkward size should I even wear it…..?? yes. I’m gonna wear it. this large ass lonely island pin. YOLO.

Post that i was suppose to upload 2 weeks ago (but forgot)
My spring break was full of:

  • Caffeine (cause I screwed up my sleeping schedule
  • Reading Ender’s Game
  • Trying but failing to complete all of my school work 

Sorry about my handwriting, my injury sometimes make its hard for me to write neatly :)

eruri, 2.9k, post-canon.

since mary @erurisms wrote me the most beautiful fan fiction of all time for my birthday a few weeks ago, i wanted to do something in return for her. here’s some schmoopy plotless domestic fluff nonsense. feliz cumpleaños you wonderful demon!

also on ao3.

It begins at the end. Years later Levi supposes it was the only way it could have ever happened.

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to celebrate another year of being stuck on this shitty website i wanted to thank everyone i follow for making this awful year a bit more tolerable!!! i was supposed to post this on my bday like 2 weeks ago but i forgot rip. but anyways most of yall are mutuals some of you arent but whatever thanks for blessing my dash with your presence!!! and heres to hopefully a better new year yall 2016 zayn rise

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Yachiru’s (sugar-high) texts

As requested by yachiru-likes-candy​. :)

Normally this series features a Bleach character who is drunk and texting. But since Yachiru appears to be too young to drink, she’s going to text when she’s riding a sugar high. And by the way! I was supposed to post this weeks ago but it somehow fell off of my queue! My deepest apologies to the requester!!

1. To Kenpachi

ken-chan!! Guess how many jolly ranchers I ate!!

2. To Kenpachi

that’s right!

3. To Kenpachi

and then a couple hundred more!

4. To Kenpachi

i think i might be vibrating into another dimension!

5. To Nnoitra

u should play with Kenchan again!!!!!

6. To Nnoitra

he had so much fun and I think u did too!!!!!

7. To Nnoitra

don’t you want to get killed again? You seemed to enjoy it!!!!!!

8. To Byakuya

got any snacks?

9. To Byakuya

got any snacks?

10. To Byakuya

got any snacks?

11. To Byakuya

thanks for the snacks!!!

12. To Byakuya

don’t worry! you weren’t home so I just stopped by! you have a new door now too

13. To Nanao

vice president, we need to have a meeting!

14. To Nanao

because i had a great idea for a new project!

15. To Nanao

we’re gonna build a water park on byakki’s land!!!

16. To Nanao



17. To Nanao

well he didn’t say no!

18. To Matsumoto

water park on Byakki’s land - right?

19. To Nanao

Ranchan agrees with me!!

20. To Unohana

can i come over for a snack, Re-chan?

21. To Unohana

you’re the best!

22. To Ichigo

Ichi, you should play with Kenchan more! 

23. To Ichigo

because you both have new powers now!! it’ll be so fun!!!

24. To Yumichika

Yun-Yun! now that kenchan uses all his power I think you should too!

25. To Yumichika

come on we can be sparkly together!

27. To Orihime

when you die you have to join my club and you can be the vice president in charge of snacks! i’m the president in charge of snacks

28. To Ikkaku

cue ball your head is so shiny!!!! I love your shiny head

29. To Ikkaku

if santa comes to soul society and kenchan kills rudolph, then you can be the new rudolph because your shiny head will light the way!

30. To Nanao

I just had a GREAT IDEA for a new Christmas card

Hello guys…c: I delayed this follow day A LOT and its not even beautiful  but i really do LOVE these blogs, they always lighten up my dashboard with their wonderful posts~ I always scroll through these blogs daily..or at least every few days..lol . I’m sorry if you’re not on here..:c OH! and I just want to thank all of these blogs for having such lovely blogs~  original picture: ©

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