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Book of Mormon characters in Camp Camp style

The Magician// pg. 1/  2(coming soon) >

heyyo! I mentioned doing something like this with my apprentice about a month ago and I want to turn this into a series. Maybe I can do a page weekly or something. I’d probably have to stop doing requests though because I’m a college student T-T. Let me know if you guys would rather I do this than requests!

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i realize i was stupid to do the ‘300 notes thing’ and i apologize because i was being really extra about it idk what came over me. i get now that it isn’t cool to do that so as a sorry i’m posting this waaaay sooner than expected
you were wheeled into your hospital room by shawn where you were supposed to be getting dressed into the hospital gown before the doctor came in.

“babe i’m going to tell you the same thing i told you nine months ago when this whole thing began.” shawn said, handing you the neatly folded hospital gown along with some fuzzy socks and a sports bra.

“what’s that?” you hummed, tying your hair into a quick messy bun.

“take your pants off.”

“oh my god shawn,” you laughed, swatting his chest before closing the door to the bathroom to change.

“it’s true though!” he yelled from the other side of the door. you laughed as you pulled on the large hospital gown over your sports bra. you opened the door, revealing shawn still standing on the other side.

“can you tie this?” you turned around, handing him the strings to tie the gown together.

“cute butt,” he commented as he finished tying the gown. you rolled your eyes, “yeah yeah, now help me get on this bed.”


it’s been five hours since you arrived at the hospital and no baby yet. you knew that the process wasn’t going to be quick, but it’s been 5 hours and as of an hour ago you were only 3 centimetres dilated. as for the baby, the doctors said it’s normal for them to come this early and there should be nothing wrong. they did an ultrasound just to make sure everything was okay, and as far as you and shawn knew, your little girl was in good condition.

the only sound in the room right now was your baby’s steady heartbeat coming from one of the many wires and wraps you were hooked up to. shawn was sitting on the chair next to the bed texting both your parents, and tweeting to update the fans on what’s going on. from what shawn told you, they understood that he wouldn’t be continuing the rest of tour for obvious reasons and you were glad. you knew they were going to be understanding, he was about to have a baby he won’t have any time to tour for a few years. in the earlier months of the pregnancy he told you and his team that once the baby was born he was probably going to take a break from everything. he said he probably won’t start touring again until she’s at least 3, but he’ll continue to write music and occasionally record some to keep the fans interested.

you drew in a deep breath as you felt another contraction hit. they weren’t that painful yet, but you could definitely feel them. you were a little worried because the baby hasn’t been moving as much as normal but when you expressed your concern to the nurse they said it was probably because she’s in a different position and i won’t feel her movements as much.

“another contraction?” shawn asked, immediately setting his phone down and grabbing your hand.

“yeah but it’s gone now, they aren’t that bad. i’m tired though, i just want to sleep.” you sighed, laying back onto the rather large hospital bed. “would they mind if i slept?”

“how can you sleep?” shawn chuckled, “aren’t you in pain?”

“yes but that’s what the drugs are for.”

shawn shook his head, “you’re not putting drugs into our baby.”

“oh really?” you asked. “you can decide that when you’re pushing a baby out of you. i’m getting the epidural shawn.” you have him the death stare, something you haven’t done in a long, long time. “i need it shawn, you don’t understand.”

“do you really need it?” he sighed. he was only being argumentative because he knew you wanted an all natural birth, and you clearly stated you never wanted an epidural because you absolutely hated needles. you did want an all natural birth at first, but after a few hours of labour you decided you wanted an epidural so you didn’t feel as much pain.

“i’m in pain shawn, anything to lessen it would be nice.” you said, closing your eyes as another contraction came along. this one was the most painful one so far, which had to mean you were getting closer to actually giving birth, right? you grasped the handle of the bed in need of something to hold for a few seconds before the contraction faded, which luckily it was a quick one.

“i’m hungry.” you announced. “let’s order some pizza or something.” you reached for your phone that was resting on the table next to your bed to order. shawn grabbed it from your hands, telling you he would order it even though it was 1am, and he would just pick it up from the store. “i can’t believe you’re literally about to have a baby and all you can think about it pizza.” he laughed, walking out of the room to quickly pick up your pizza from the pizza place that was luckily down the road.

while he was gone the doctor returned to come check your progress, and still nothing. you had only dilated one more centimetre in almost two hours. you were beginning to worry about the baby because isn’t it supposed to be quicker than this? you hadn’t read much on the actual time it may take from when your water breaks to when the baby is born, and you knew everyone was different, but you honestly thought it was going to be quicker than this.

shawn’s parents and aaliyah arrived shortly after the doctor left the room, you were glad they came. unfortunately your family lived in the states and couldn’t get her as quick as shawn’s family. you informed your parents what’s happening though, and they said they were booking a flight to come see you and the new baby.

“where’s shawn?” aaliyah asked, taking a seat in the chair shawn once occupied.

“i’m right here, don’t worry i didn’t abandon her!” shawn exclaimed, rushing into the room with two pizza boxes. he set them down on the table at the far end of the room before greeting his family.

“hey kid, you’re in my chair.” he said, ruffling aaliyah’s hair.

“excuse me but someone had to sit next to y/n so she didn’t feel alone and clearly you weren’t doing the job…”

you smiled as you watched their playful sibling banter, hoping one day your little girl would have a sibling she could do this with. you had four older brothers growing up so this wasn’t new to you, but you also grew up with lots of play fights and being the dummy when they wanted to wrestle.

“okay first of all, i went quickly to pick up pizza she wanted that’s why i was gone. and second, she’s my wife so i win and you have to move.” he crossed his arms over his chest and smiled in triumph as she moved over to another chair next to her father.

“she didn’t have to move shawn,” you giggled. “you could’ve sat on the other side or with me. this bed is bigger than the normal hospital bed.”

“ha!” aaliyah yelled, earning a shush from both her parents. shawn rolled his eyes at her, turning his attention towards you.

“any more progress?” he asked, grabbing your hand full of IV needles and lightly kissing it.

“no,” you sighed. “they said i can try and get some sleep because this isn’t happening soon, but the nurse said the doctor is going to come in soon to do another ultrasound just to make sure everything is okay.” you took a bite from the slice of pizza that was on the small table in front of you, shawn must’ve put it there when you were talking to aaliyah.

“another ultrasound?” he asked, “that doesn’t sound good.”

“i’m sure she’s going to be fine shawn,” you tried to reassure him. “i’m going to try and get some sleep okay?”

he nodded, not being able to fathom the thought of something going wrong or something being wrong with his little girl. you made sure to do everything in your power to make this pregnancy go as smooth as possible, and if something were to go wrong now, shawn wouldn’t know what to do.

the last thing you heard before you drifted off to sleep was shawn placing his large hand on your even larger stomach and muttering something to his dad which you could barely make out.


“y/n!” you felt a harsh nudge, waking you up almost immediately. in front of you stood your husband, karen, manny, and aaliyah standing to the side looking worried, and almost a whole team of doctors rushing around you.

“wha-is it time? what’s going on?” you asked, rubbing your eyes due to the bright lights.

“they came in to do an ultrasound and you were sleeping but i didn’t want to wake you and i said they could do it while you slept so they did,” shawn said, a nurse soon interrupting him to explain the rest of the story.

“y/n, the cord has somehow wrapped its way around your baby’s neck in a very rare way and as she moves further down, the cord is getting tighter and tighter. we have an emergency c-section scheduled for you very soon.”

the nurse rushed away, leaving you at a loss for words. the entire room was chaotic right now and you weren’t sure what to do. shawn returned to your side, now in blue scrubs so he could come in the room with you. without you having to say anything, he wrapped his arms around you the best he could, knowing you needed some comfort.

“shawn,” you cried into his chest. “i’m scared.”

“i am too, but she’s a mendes y/n. she’s gonna fight, i know it.” he whispered, comfortingly rubbing your back.

before you knew it, the doctor gave you the epidural and you were being wheeled into the operating room for the c-section. the entire process was a blur to you, you couldn’t feel pain but you could feel the pressure of whatever they were doing on the other side of the blue curtain. you were definitely crying, you didn’t know wether your baby was okay or not. shawn was given a seat right next to you and under no circumstances was he allowed to look beyond the curtain or he would be kicked out of the room.

“she’s gonna be okay,” he whispered, “we’re going to have a baby soon y/n.” you gave him a small smile as he wiped the tears off your face.

after a few more minutes, you could hear the doctors finally telling you she was almost out. you heard the doctors announce that she was out after a few seconds. shawn smiled, “y/n! we have a baby!”

you both were silent, expecting to hear a cry come from the little girl but after a few seconds too long without a cry, you knew something was wrong.

lmao my tree bros one shot is at 25 000 words,, stay tuned.

i kinda want it to be my gift to my followers when im at 100 (im currently at 88 in the last three weeks of being on tumblr!!) but ill probably be a little late on that…. who knows. 

Got7: Jackson as your brother

•  whether he was your older or younger brother, he’d annoy you like it was his job
•  but you know he’s only good intentions
•  ….most of the time
•  if he sees that you crushing on someone and decide to bring them home, expect to have him sizing them up and asking them all sort of questions
•  "so, oranges or apples?“ “what exactly are your intentions with y/n?” “where do you see yourself in 17 years?”
•  but then he’d flip a switch and get along with them perfectly
•  he’s always in your business oml
•  though he doesn’t mean to be nosy, he just wants to know about everything happening in your life bc he loves you
•  throwing shade at the members if they’re being really nice
•  which is why he’ll probably hesitate before introducing you to them in the first place
•  whenever you tell him that he’s being way too nosy and it’s unfair, he’ll be like “okay, go ahead in my room and my closet, do you wanna see my phone? Do you wanna see my underwear drawer? Do you wanna know what I had for lunch 3 weeks ago?”
•  he’s the best at giving comforting hugs
•  he has a sixth sense when it comes to you
•  always knows what to say and do when you’re upset, but sometimes he’ll just hold you without saying a word
•  is always posting about you on insta then blocking the people who say you look hot ???
•  sharing a tub of ice cream late at night when you’re both supposed to be sleeping
•  it’s just become a habit when one of you can’t sleep, and it’s been like that since you were kids
•  him pinching your cheeks like you’re 2 years old still
•  being hella protective over you
•  but sometimes he’s lenient, bc he wants you to always come to him when you’re having trouble
•  is screaming in your ear about protection when having sex, then goes on to lecture you on how kids are going to ruin your life
•  and at some point he’s completely lost it and the whole neighborhood can hear him
•  stands up for you even when he knows you’re in the wrong
•  bc he knows you’d always do the same for him 💚

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Better Than Before

5k+  words 

AN:This was supposed to be posted damn near 2 weeks ago but  so many distractions the Kingsman trailer eggsy my love and my favorite video game getting an update and school to a much lesser degree than the first 2. also my laptop hates Buckys name now so that great and I still suck at endings and titles and writing in general 

 The first part A year and Six Months


Friday afternoon to Sunday night Bucky isn’t an Avenger he is a dad with a daughter. A daughter that loves piggy back rides and stories before bed. A daughter who hates apples but loves carrots more than any bunny rabbit in the world.

“Daddy!!” The now 2 and a half year old screeches in a fit of giggles as Bucky chases behind her. Her tiny legs carrying her as fast and as far as they can away from him.

It had been a long almost 2 years for you and Bucky after being away for so long it was a little weird in the beginning. He was insistent that you stay for longer than the few days you had intended so he could get to know everything he had missed out on in the year and 6 months you had been away. He was more then happy to take care of all the diapers Jamie had while you were there “A few poopy diapers is nothing compared to what you’ve had to deal with.” and any late night feeding he was more than ready to jump up and go get a bottle.

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Soul Mate AU: Heterochromatic eyes

Based on this post

“Soul Mate AU where everybody is born with heterochromia- your right eye is your own natural color but your left is the color of your soul mate’s. And it’s only once you meet and recognize your own eye staring back at you that your eyes change to match “

I saw this prompt weeks ago and I was supposed to draw it earlier but I kinda forgot so here ya go :))

EDIT: Cut the first strip into two. It got blurred when I posted it as a whole. ;u;

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I don't understand how you can say respect my wishes but spam a sub par book and tell everyone to rate it. You're not personable in the slightest. TBH I feel as though you think you're better than your followers. Your only response ever is "Thanks!" That made me wanna stop interacting with you. It hurts when you write nice things to a writer but then just get more begging and pleading. You were better a year ago. Now you act like an egotistical author. I looked up to you. Guess I was wrong to...

(Part 2) It wasn’t posted for you to respond. It was supposed to be a self reflection. What are you actually telling your audience rather than what are you trying. Again, you come off narcissistic. Other authors have books but they don’t spam them every single fucking day or even a week. But you’re gonna do what you want. So we can both be assholes together! 💁🏼❤️❤️❤️

So, the first message was sent as I was posting that I wasn’t going to respond any more messages today, and I didn’t see it until after. Then came the second. Sorry, but I need to respond to this one. I’ll put it under a cut, and then I’m logging off Tumblr for the day so y’all don’t have to see any more of this. I’m sorry for today, guys. My blog will be back to normal tomorrow.

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SasuSaku Month 2017

Day - Heartbreak Hotel

Title: Check Out

Summary: Modern AU/ Inspired by Elvis’ Heartbreak Hotel. Their lives followed different directions, and yet, they try their best to hold on to whatever is left of their love.
A/N: Okay, first of all, I AM SO SO SORRY!! This story was supposed to have been posted 2 weeks ago, but honestly, guys… These past few weeks have been the most rushed of my life, and I’m just glad they’re over. I won’t take that long to post the next one, I promise. Now, enough with my babbling! I hope you all enjoy this one, and please, leave me your… Honest thoughts regarding this one. Have fun!
It was a good night for heartbreak.

As expected from mid November, a cold drizzle hit the windows’ glasses around the town, spreading a melancholic feeling everywhere. Curtains were closed, families were already resting in the safety of their homes, and normal people were getting ready for a new, ordinary day that would follow.

Normal, intelligent people that knew loneliness could not be cured with a dose of whiskey.

The hotel’s bar was rather quiet that Wednesday evening. A calm, background music enveloped the entire room, creating the perfect mood for those who just wanted to enjoy their drinks and forget about their days. The bartender— a man whose white locks were already covering half of his head— was listening to the guests’ stories, nodding while filling their cups with whatever flavor of alcohol they had asked him to. Those people had tales to tell, and even if he couldn’t care less about them, Uchiha Sasuke couldn’t help but listen to the tragic stories of hearts that were once loved.

Those were lost people, he learned while sitting on the bar’s stool. Lost and broken people who used to be complete until they lost their significant ones. All the stories were all so sad and dramatic, and some even ended with people claiming their lives had lost their meaning now that they were alone. That was certainly an extreme feeling he could not relate to, yet, if there was one thing he shared with all those people, was the loneliness brought by a wounded heart.

Yes, he knew how that felt very well. He knew how it felt to look around and find no one standing by his side, and he knew how terrible it was to wait up for those who would never come back home. It was a desperate, empty feeling that had been eating him alive for years now, and even if he was supposed to be used to that already, being alone and deprived of love will never stop causing him pain. Those things will sting him until the day he dies, and for as funny as that could be, Sasuke only had himself to blame for his actual condition.

As he took a sip from his Jack Daniel’s, his dark orbs fell on the mahogany bar stained by water marks left by the glasses. At that moment, if he were to be honest, the alcohol had already anesthetized his senses, but not enough to make him forget the very reason why— after so many years— he was drinking at that mediocre place located down at the end of what should be called Lonely Street. Even if he had told himself many times that he would never set foot on that place again, and that he would get a grip on his life, in the end, all his efforts had been useless when he answered his phone earlier that day.

She had called him, after all.

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chiaroscuroverse  asked:

♡ Hello, Reader of the Month! Let's begin our interview! :) 1. Can you tell us about some of your favorite Doctor/Rose fanfics and why you love them so much? 2. Do you read a lot of PWPs? 3. Do you like reading fluff? ♡

Hellloooo! Oh gosh, I feel so fancy and important being interviewed, LOL!

OK, let’s get started!.

1. Can you tell us about some of your favorite Doctor/Rose fanfics and why you love them so much?

Oh my goodness, there’s a bottomless well! There are so many wonderful fics that I love that I could go on forever! I’ll try and cover a few of my favs here, it won’t be all and I’m apologising up front to those that I don’t mention, because I love them! Generally though, I’m drawn to fics with a genuine, believable characterisation of the characters, and especially the Doctor and Rose. I personally favour Nine x Rose or Ten x Rose and the odd bit of Eight x Rose (although Nine x Rose is easily my favourite because Nine is my Doctor forever and ever). I love a well written plot, sure, but really, with good characterisation, they could be examining a lettuce leaf and it would be wonderful. That said, a great plot with awesome characterisation makes me giddy with glee. Here are a few.

These are in no particular order, by the way.

Tangled Up In Blue by @jessalrynn - This Nine x Rose is one of the very first whofics I read and I love it as much now, if not MORE, than when I first read it. It’s fluffy and sexy and funny and quirky and so very, very THEM. The characterisations are on point, the plot adorable, the smut is steamy and I love the ending. Basically, it is fabulous. A masterpiece of Nine x Rose.

An Education- by @anne-hedonia- Another Nine x Rose masterpiece and also one of my first whofics. It’s a Human Nature fic set in Farrington in 1913 and it’s just….there are no words. Sheer brilliance. The writing is gorgeous, the emotions and characterisations real, the tension believable and the smut is just GAH. I have no words.

The Shades of Blue series by @bluedawn0123 - this is EPIC. An absolutely BRILLIANT (if you’ll pardon the word) Doomsday fixit that takes us through several incarnations of the Doctor and how Rose is necessary to each and every one, and resolves their awful and unjust separation (still haven’t forgiven RTD for that yet) in a believable, wonderful way. Honestly, I wish they’d hired her to write the script because I’d take it over JE ANYDAY. It’s fair to its characters, it’s in keeping with the Doctor and Rose, and it sorts out the issues they have between them before going forward. It’s absolutely wonderful.

Leave Us Behind by @goingtothetardis post-GITF fixit. Anyone who knows me knows this is always going to be on my list. This was the first fic I ever commented on, just over a year ago as I moved out of lurkdom and ended up making one of the best friends a girl could ask for. The fact that it drew me from my lurkdom is nothing less than miraculous, and it’s even more special to me because of that. But what first drew me to it (and still does) is that it’s a very beautiful, heartfelt, raw, gritty piece that perfectly captures what Rose and the Doctor would be feeling after that stupid, wretched awful episode (I will NEVER forgive Moffat, NEVER) and resolves it in a believable, well-characterised way. I love it. Really, that’s all I can say. It’s amazing. 

Looking Glass by @chiaroscuroverse and @fleurdeneuf - pheeeewwww! This was just WOWSA! Nine x Rose aphrodisiac fic, (attempted non-con warning, although nothing eventuates in that regard). Oh my goodness, this fic, I just cannot say how much I love it. It’s sexy and intense, yes, but even better, it’s so very, very them. It’s heartfelt and beautiful and makes me wish that RTD had let these ladies have a go at the script because we all know this is what Nine and Rose were all about. They belong together and it’s just gorgeous. I think one of the things I loved most about this fic was how it flowed directly from the canon characters we know and love (totally believable). Just wow. 

A Timely Rescue by @chocolatequeennk- this is an awesome Doomsday fixit, one of the first I ever read. This is still one of my favourites because not only does it fix Doomsday (yep, still mad about that episode), but it addresses Rose’s very real concerns and feelings afterwards, especially about the Doctor being wiling to send her away against her will. This is something that is SO important to me, so I loved this. 

Heirs and Graces by @caedmonfaith @beth51276 and @rishidiams.- OK where do I begin? Human AU, Royalty AU Nine x Rose. . Just…GAH! I have no words. This beautiful, wonderful fic is sexy and sweet and tense and scary and everything all at once and I LOVE it. How could you not? 

The Gift of a Blessing by @caedmonfaith- Nine x Rose, POTW AU. I absolutely LOVED this little advent fic from last year. It’s so beautifully poignant and sweet and I maintain that this absolutely happened in canon. Nine did not regenerate, Nine and Rose are together and they and Jack go to visit Jackie for Christmas and ….*trails off in tears and sobs violently. * Just gorgeous. Go read it.

Antidote by @asthewheelwills- Rose AU. Nine x Rose. OH. MY GOODNESS!!!! I cannot count how many times I’ve read this and it is FABULOUS every time. The writing is absolutely brilliant and it just grabs your heart and oh, THIS. Just read it. I won’t spoil it for you by saying anymore.

Death and Rose by @redthreads- nine x rose, human and…well nine AU. This is a recent addition to my list, as it was only posted a few weeks ago. I won’t spoil it for you, but it is so very well-crafted and poignant and REAL and just absolutely beautiful. Stunning and amazingly in character.

OK, I’m going to shut up now before I go mental posting every fic I love because we’d be here all year!

2. Do you read a lot of PWPs?

Hahahaha why do I suddenly have the urge to blush?

I suppose the answer is it depends. If it’s something that flows from the ‘nineness’ (or ‘tenness’) and ‘Roseness’ of our beloved duo and their love for each other and their oh so intense desire, then yes, absolutely, because even in that you can see how they feel about each other and its just…gah. So lovely. But generally, it tends to be more smut in an actual fic rather than just a straight PWP.

3. Do you like reading fluff? 

Oh yes!!!! Of course! Sometimes, especially after a hard day, it’s just what the Doctor (tee-hee!) ordered. There is a place for all things in fandom and fluff is certainly up there for me. There are some very happy, lovely fluff fics with the most amazing characterisation that just make me warm inside.

Oh gosh this is long! Hope I haven’t bored you :) Thanks for asking!

Refrain ( Saizo's Song fic )

A/N: This song fic is requested by @minminami and it’s supposed to be posted a few weeks ago but since lots of things happened So I ended up posting later. This song is a bit long so I teamed up with my sister to write this heartbreaking series :3 minmin wants heartbreak so why not I recommend to hear this song Refrain by Miyano Mamoru the super awesome song XD while reading this fic.for more feels and angsty XD since I wrote this based on that Hope you guys will love it :)

Part 2 is here

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Trigger warning: Death and Suicide
you have been warned.

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If this is true then it would be around 3pm in NYC (Ash London is going off AEST time). The eclipse is supposed to reach its peak at 2:47pm in NYC. And remember Scott’s pic a few weeks ago with the clock pointing to 2:50pm with the quote ‘you can’t recycle wasted time’? It all coincides with each other.
This is also one of the few quotes Scott has posted that has an unknown author.
Coincidence? I think not.

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Hey everyone. So i know i rarely use my blog anymore except a post here and there every week but i’m in a bit of trouble and need some help.

Recently my girlfriend and I quit our jobs to start a new one that works around school hours better. It’s a factory job through a temp service and we were supposed to start immediately (so there shouldn’t have been a pay gap). Well that didn’t happen. There was an issue with the paperwork for over 30 of us so we still don’t have badges to get in. No badge = no job. And that was 2 weeks ago. They are working on it and trying to get us in ASAP. However that still means that we have no money for at least 3 weeks. We live on our own and have a plethora of bills. I have sold or pawned everything i can and we have burned through the little bit of savings we had (this was very unexpected)

The bills we have coming up are:

Utility - 170
Rent - 500
Phone/Internet - 230
Car Insurance - 310
Car note (combined 500)

That is not including food that we are out of and gas for when we do start working. I can provide pictures of the bills/statements if need be.

If anyone can help us that would be amazing and we would be truly thankful. We don’t have any family that can assist and are running out of options.

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Yeah. I know you’re having a good time with friends. But you’re always so calm and maybe you find some wise words to say. I can’t take it anymore. This girls is always around. And now DD goes to LA. I’m terrified that they’re dating for real. I can’t believe a man like him would fall in love with a girl that lives partying and posting photos on the beach. And where is that supposed bf of her? I think it’s hard not to believe in all the bs those anons say. Is gillovny dead? Help!

First of all, Gillovny will never die. Then, this girl posted a picture saying she’ll be back in Vancouver in 2 weeks, which matches with David’s concert and David’s band is in LA too at this moment. She’ll probably turn up at his concert as expected, and that will be it. Once again, this girl has a boyfriend. She posted a story with a picture of him a few weeks ago, I think he’s name is Shane. David isn’t dating that girl. Period. Don’t worry! :)


Hey! I wanted to participate today, posting 2 selfies of myself, comparing to Abby. She is supposed to be me actually, I mentioned it a lot but she’s like my 5.0 version ;–; 

There’s Abby with her latest look, I took the second pic a week ago I think, a bit before attending to a party. The last one is like 1 year old? I can’t remember, I took it on a school road trip haha.
Bonus: more “cute” pics of fetus me.

Sorry for the bad English, que yo hablo español man.

Last line meme

@alexeiiimashkov tagged me over 2 weeks ago and I keep forgetting! I’ve seen this meme trending so apologies if any/all of you have already been tagged.

THE RULE: Post the last sentence you wrote (fanfic/original/anything!) and tag as many people as there are words in the sentence.

“Well… I suppose I could go, for a few minutes.”

I can’t say much about it but expect to see it this winter (fingers crossed that I finish it on time)!

I’m tagging @aj4668, @penaltywaltz, @onethousandhurrahs, @dollsome-does-tumblr, @dizzy-redhead, @solrosan, @anarfea and anyone else who hasn’t participated yet but wants to. I’m totally cheating on the tag count, and you can too!