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Aliens Vs Menstrual

Re-posting this so folks actually see the damn thing.

Please forgive the length… the plot bunny got away from me… very far away from me…

There was blood on the floor.

Avrex blinked and stared at the red droplets on the floor. More red caught xer eye. There was more just under the edge of the seat. As if someone had tried to wipe it up but hadn’t thought to get under the very edge. Only one species on board had red blood.

This had to belong to one of the humans.

But why would blood be here in waste room of all places? Granted, humans were an odd breed, and used the waste rooms for more than the elimination of waste. Some even installed mirrors and extra lights and spent an hour or more in there! But blood? Why here? And why on the waste reclaimer lid? Surely if one of the humans was injured they would go to the infirmary….

…wouldn’t they?

Avrex shook xer scaled head and stalked out of the waste room. Xey would get to the bottom of this.

The humans had been hired three months prior. Two at first. Then another two a month later. And a fifth one a month after that. They were extremely useful, and didn’t really take up much space.

Hunting down any of said humans was a challenge.

Three of the humans were mechanics, and could be found shimmying their slender bodies between various components of the ship to reach the part they desired to work on. Even with an extra set of large eyes, Avrex would often walk right by the little beings, missing their little oil and grease smeared bodies in amongst the equally oil and grease smeared engine components. At a hulking ten feet tall, Avrex often missed the little monsters because they were under something or other.

The massive first officer dismissed the mechanics as a viable first target for questions. Searching through the entrails of the ship for crew members that xey may or may not find was not an effective use of xer energy or time. Xey could always catch the mechanics at the designated meal time if the other two humans couldn’t answer xer questions satisfactorily.

The fourth human was no easier to find. He was a security guard, and could be anywhere on the ship at any given time. Despite the fact that he wasn’t a mechanic, he seemed to share their proclivity for climbing on things, and for crawling into spaces that were inaccessible to most of the rest of the crew.

That left Carl.

Avrex made xer ponderous way down to the metallurgy lab. The human designated as Carl was not like the others. He was much older. The kind, gentle being had been the first human the ship had taken on, and had paved the way for the four other humans that followed. The others respected him greatly, turning to him for wisdom and advice. Surely Carl would have some insight into why there was human blood in the waste room.

Carl was right where he was supposed to be.

Avrex pressed the alert button and patiently waited to be granted entry just outside the lab doors. The request was swiftly answered, the doors sliding open with a soft hiss to admit the ship’s first officer.

Carl had put his work station into a safe position, and turned in his seat to give the hulking alien from Jarrok his full and undivided attention. Avrex had always liked that about Carl. While the human ability to multi-task often came in useful, it was sometimes disconcerting to hold a conversation with a being that never once even glanced in xer general direction while they spoke.

Carl smiled as he stripped of his protective gear. “Avrex. What brings you down here?”

The first officer assumed a parade rest position. “I have a query about human behavior, and had hoped that you could explain.”

The human chuckled and ran a hand through his graying hair. “Well, I’ll do my best. Go on and fire away.”

Avrex paused, then decided to ignore the odd turn of phrase. Experience had shown that large amounts of time were wasted when human parlance was questioned. “I discovered a small amount of blood in one of the communal waste rooms. I am aware that humans use waste rooms for more than their intended purpose, but I am at a loss as to what form of task could take place in a waste room, and possessed the potential to cause injury. The blood was red, thus it can be safely assumed that such belonged to one of the humans on board. But none of the humans have sought out medical aid. If one of my crew is injured in any capacity, as first officer I am entitled to know, so that I may account for such injuries when drawing up the duty roster for the coming cycles.”

The elderly male frowned thoughtfully. “There are a couple things it might be. But I’m not going to stir up panic by picking the wrong one. Which waste room was it you found the blood?”

Feeling dread curdle in xer gut, Avrex gave him the correct room number.

Carl nodded. “Melanie was supposed to be working up near that sector. More’n likely it’s her blood you found. Come on, I’ll walk up with you and help straighten this mess out.” Avrex started to protest. Surely xey could manage without taking Carl away from his work if given the pertinent information. The elderly human shook his head in seeming amusement. “Trust me Avrex, it’s better if I go along. If this is what I think it is, you’d just end up with a very angry or hurt mechanic on your hands.”

The first officer shut xer maw, frilled ears pinned back against the sides of xer head. What could possibly be going on that would result in a human being injured or angry?

Xey walked back down to the correct deck with Carl, deciding to wait and see. If what Xey had heard from other ships was true, an angry human was something to be avoided if at all possible.

Despite the consistent trouble the rest of the crew had in locating the mechanics while about their work in the engines, Carl seemed to have no problem tracking down the correct human.

At his call, she crawled out of a space so tight Avrex wasn’t sure xey could’ve gotten a paw in.

The second human the ship had taken on, Melanie had been hired barely a week after Carl. She was by far the smallest of the humans, and the quietest. Her peers took shameless advantage of her small size, leaving work in the tightest spaces to her. She didn’t seem to mind, preferring to work alone rather than with her group as most humans were purported to do. In fact, with the exception of Carl she seemed to avoid all of her kind for the most part.

The raven haired female flashed her teeth in the odd threat gesture that humans insisted denoted welcome, amusement, or joy.

Melanie wiped her hand on a rag and stuck it out to Carl for a traditional human greeting. “Hey Carl. Did one of your do-dads break down again?”

“Not this time dear.” Carl assured. “The first officer swung by with a question, and it seemed you’d be most likely to have the answer. Seems Avrex swung by the restroom and found human blood on the floor. Any chance you’d know something about that?”

Melanie paled.

The elder human nodded and patted her shoulder, seeming to have derived his answer from her silence. “It’s alright dear, no need to worry. I was married for thirty-five years before cancer took my sweet Belle, and she and I raised six beautiful daughters. There isn’t a thing under the sun I haven’t seen, and I’ve made more trips to the store for feminine things than I could probably count! Do you need any help, or do you have everything in order?”

The young female slowly relaxed at his kindly manner. She shook her head, asserting that she had ‘it’ covered. Avrex shifted xer weight, subtly drawing the humans’ attention back to xer question.

“You’re the only woman on board, Mel. Would you like to explain? Or would you rather I did?”

Melanie’s cheeks started to change color underneath the grease. “I can do it.”

Carl seemed pleased by the answer. “Go get ‘em then. And if you need anything, you go ahead and ask me or Cal. That’s the lad over in security, in case you didn’t know. Lord knows he’s young, but he won’t give you any grief if you need something and can’t get it yourself.”

Calling a farewell, Carl patted Avrex on the shoulder and headed back to his lab, leaving the massive reptilian being towering over the tiny female.

Avrex slowly squatted down as low as xey could manage in an attempt to put her at ease. Xer experience with humans was still somewhat limited, but observation had shown that humans tended to be slightly intimidated by a difference in height.

Her cheeks were changing color again. Looking down, the human female mumbled something at the floor.

Avrex cocked xer head. “Could you repeat that more clearly please?”

Melanie seemed to gather her courage and finally looked the massive officer in the larger pair of xer four amber colored eyes.

“I’m on my period.” The admission made, she seemed to lose some of her discomfort. “It started a few hours ago while I was up in the machinery. I had to climb down and run to the rest roo-damnit, waste room to clean myself up. I’m sorry about the blood, I’ll be more careful in future.”

Avrex cocked xer head. “I do not understand. I was under the impression that ‘period’ is a form of punctuation denoting the end of a sentence. How then, can you be ‘on’ it?”

She stared at xem for a long moment, eyes widening as she slowly seemed to realize that xey genuinely had no idea what she was talking about. “Ok. Um… the word ‘period’ also means a length of time. Human females use the word as slang to talk about a specific time. It’s… God, I can’t believe I’m giving an alien the talk. Ok, so basically…”

Avrex listened in growing astonishment as the little female described a process by which one of her internal organs partially deconstructed itself once a month unless she put it to use in forming a baby. If she was to be believed, it happened once a month from approximately age eleven to age forty to fifty. Admittedly, compared to the amount of blood in the human body the amount lost during one of the episodes she described was relatively small. But, she explained that other fluids were expelled as well, along with pieces of the organ that was shredding and rebuilding itself. The entire process took place approximately every three to four weeks.

Avrex shook xer head. “Shouldn’t such a process be painful?”

Melanie shrugged. “Well yeah. I know some women who stay in bed the entire time they’re on because it hurts so bad.”

The first officer reared back in alarm. “Are you in pain?!”

Another shrug. “My uterus is shredding it’s inner lining because I’m not knocked up with a baby. Yes, I hurt.”

Avrex had to work hard not to snap xer teeth in xer anger on Melanie’s behalf. “If human females require bed-rest while experiencing one of these ‘periods’, why are you not in bed? Surely if you explained the situation to the medical officer he would have given you medical leave. We do not require a crew member to return to active duty immediately after surgery, surely an internal organ coming apart cannot be so different!”

Melanie laughed. Laughed!

The little human caught xer hand and gave it a squeeze. “I said some humans Avrex. Some. Most don’t experience severe pain. If it gets bad, it means that more than likely something else is wrong. Most of us wear special liners in our clothes or inserted into our bodies to catch the blood so we don’t get it all over the place. And we just go on with our daily routine. Grin and bear it. We’ll be alright.”

The first officer wasn’t convinced. “At least tell me that you have spoken to the medical officer about something to relieve the pain.”

She shook her head, holding up a hand to forestall xer protests. “Some women do. I don’t like using pain medication for something I can tough out. Humans have this thing, where we can slowly build up an immunity to certain drugs through prolonged use. I avoid pain medication so I don’t build up an immunity. That way, when I do need it I know it works really well. As soon as I realize my period is starting, I start drinking more water. The human body is about sixty percent water, and making sure that I’m properly hydrated speeds up the process and makes it hurt less. Instead of dealing with it for six to seven days, it only lasts three to four. Seriously Avrex, I’m fine, and I’ve got a handle on the rest of the symptoms. There’s nothing to worry about.”

Avrex felt as if xer head was spinning. “Other symptoms?”

The human bared her teeth in another smile. “Most of us get moody because our hormone level fluctuate a bit. It hits every woman a bit differently. Some women turn into a weepy mess. Me? I turn into a grouchy, irritable, cow who avoids everyone like the plague. Other women will get angry at the drop of a hat and bite the head off the nearest individual that annoys her.” She must’ve seen the look of shock and horror on xer face because she immediately backtracked. “Shit, not literally! I mean they just get overly aggressive, usually verbally.”

She waited for a second, to make sure xey understood, then went on.

“Aside from the moodiness it’s a grab bag of ways your period will affect you. Some people get cravings, some people get back pain, or their breasts”, she put her hands illustratively on the soft mounds on her chest to be sure that there wasn’t any miscommunication between them about what ‘breasts’ were, “get sore. Most of us get cramps in our lower abdomens right about here.” Again the illustrative touch, this time to a spot just below her belt. “Some of us have an increased sex drive, while others just want to roll themselves up in a blanket like a burrito, and a lot of us are fatigued. Every woman’s different.”

Avrex slowly shook xer head, completely dumbfounded by the sudden influx of information. “Is…is there anything you currently require? I know that Carl already asked, and you informed him that you were sufficiently prepared, but…”

Her face softened. “I’m fine Avrex. Really. I just…”

“Hey! Melanie! You gonna keep up with the men today, or are you gonna have a tea party with the dinosaur all day?”

Avrex almost responded.


Instead, xey remained stationary, watching as a strange change came over the female before xem. Where before she had been timid and shy, at the sudden derogatory call from the newest of the five humans, a male named Dave, her face suddenly became calm and smooth as granite.

She slowly turned and cast a threatening, and yes Avrex was sure that this smile was definitely a threat, at Dave and the other male mechanic Josh. Josh had been the fourth human taken on, hired within days of Cal the security guard.

As Dave was the one who’d spoken, Melanie seemed to focus most of her attention on him. “Care to run that by me again smart mouth?”

Josh, older and more mature than Dave, seemed to understand the unspoken warning. “Dave…”

The younger human ignored him. “Ooh, someone woke up on the bitchy side of the bed this morning. What’s a matter sweet cheeks?” He made an expression that Avrex would later learn was called a leer. The male grabbed her by the arm. “Maybe you just need a little action to settle you down, yeah? How ‘bout it babe? I bet I can get that stick out of your ass. Hm? Maybe put something better…”

A large wrench whistled through the air and stopped within a micron’s breadth of the young human’s nose. It was easily the length of the male’s forearm, and had previously been occupying a loop on Melanie’s belt. He stared at it, cross eyed and pale, then looked at the diminutive little female who could’ve easily broken his nose if she’d had less control.

“What’s a matter?” She parroted the question back, voice tight and dark. “What’s a matter is that I started my day in a fountain of my own blood, and that’s how you’re going to end yours if you ever call me ‘sweet cheeks’, ‘babe’, or any other cutesy nickname again. And as for keeping up with you ‘men’, I’m already three days ahead of schedule. You’ve barely been on this ship a month and you’re already two weeks behind. So I’d say it’s you who aught to be keeping up with me, because it seems anything you can do I can do better and faster while bleeding.” Her dark eyes narrowed. “And lastly? If you ever lay hands on me again? I promise you, they will never find your body.”

She slid the wrench back into her belt, cast a respectful nod to Avrex, and calmly crawled back up into the machinery.

Dave stared after her for a long moment, then pointed. “Josh! Did you see what that bitch just…”

The older male cuffed him over the back of the head. “You’re an idiot. Never piss off something that bleeds for seven days a month and doesn’t die. I haven’t got to know her all that well yet, but Mel is worth ten of you. That woman works her ass off. If you ever go after her again, and she doesn’t kill you, you can bet that I will happily beat you black and blue!”

Avrex bared xer teeth, allowing a tiny warning growl to rumble deep inside xer barrel chest. The reptilian first officer slowly stood to xer full ten foot height, looming over the miscreant. “Consider yourself warned.”

An additional talk with Carl yielded a few ‘pearls of wisdom’ concerning ‘feminine’ needs.

With the thunderstruck captain’s blessing, Avrex ordered small metal receptacles installed in each of the public waste rooms on board at their next stop. Carl had suggested small boxes, but given the frequency of meteor showers and pirate attacks, evasive maneuvers were engaged fairly often. Avrex thought it better to have the receptacles affixed to the wall and a basic bolt lock placed on the lid so that the ‘feminine’ supplies wouldn’t be thrown around the waste rooms when the ship had to duck or roll suddenly.

Upon having the situation explained, the other alien members of the crew who hadn’t been released for shore leave were more than happy to help. They liked Melanie, and the discovery that she spent a week in pain each month and gave no outward sign was disconcerting to say the least.

Other changes included stain proof bedding, a heating pad, a new fluffy blanket, and a few earth sweets being slipped into her room.

Dave, the human who had harassed her, was not invited back to the ship.

Instead he was replaced with a male creylight from the Andromeda system. While not as small as the humans, he was still flexible enough to reach most of the components without taking a piece of the engine apart, and he was much stronger. The humans wouldn’t have to drag the lifting equipment out as often.

He was also made aware of how his predecessor had been fired for his disrespectful, inappropriate, and frankly downright threatening behavior towards Melanie.

The crew was not going to tolerate such treatment towards their favorite human.

Melanie nearly burst xer ear drums with her grateful calls upon returning from shore leave and discovering what xey had done.

She had been dreading coming back to work and having to deal with Dave. And then to find out he’d been fired, and to see what ‘sweethearts’ the rest of the crew had been…

As xey crouched down to receive the strongest ‘hug’ the little human could muster, Avrex couldn’t help but marvel at the change in her attitude. While she still treated Josh a little coolly, Melanie seemed much less guarded than she had before. She made friends with Cal, and Carl, and slowly started to get to know Josh. She was more outgoing while socializing with the rest of the crew. The timidity faded, an air of preparedness that the crew hadn’t even realized was there fell away. Leaving her relaxed and free. For the first time since she’d boarded the ship, she seemed truly happy.

She felt safe.

And Avrex couldn’t help but feel both saddened and enraged at how surprised she seemed that they would go out of their way to make her feel safe and comfortable. That she was so used to relying on no one but herself. So used to being stepped on and living in fear of the male half of her species taking advantage of her.

No more.

Avrex took care of xer crew.


translated by @maksisskambackwards and @linneaxskam and me :)
Adam, Mutasim, Simo, and Yousef

Host: Gutta boys. Hi. How are you doing tonight?

Adam: Good, very good. We’re enjoying ourselves.

Host: Even though Skam is over?

Simo: Yeah that’s sad, but it’s cosy atmosphere here.

Adam: Yes, everyone’s together.

Host: What will you miss the most?

Simo: The chemistry behind the camera. Everybody is like a little family, to put it that way.

Adam: I’m also gonna miss meeting everybody. Now we’ve met them regularly. Halla gutta (at the other boys).

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Just a Fight, huh?

I’m sorry if Carl seems a bit out of character, it’s my first time writing with him and my OC. Also, this is like the second time I’ve written a fluff before so it might be really awkward and bad. Also, it has vulgar language so be prepared for that.


Sapphire was beyond irritated: she was absolutely peeved at the brown-haired young man standing before her. The dark brown-haired young lady was pissed at Carl not only because she had been crushing on him for the past year to year and a half, but because he was being stupid. And they had been best friends since she was thirteen, when Rick’s group took her in. However, now there they were, living in Alexandria, and Carl was thinking with his dick. Thinking with his raging hormones. And by God did that piss her off. “Goddammit, Carl! Are you fucking kidding me!!?” screamed the green-eyed brunette lividly.

“Why are you so upset about me helping out Enid, Sapph?” questioned Carl. He did not understand why his long-time friend was so upset at him, nor did he know of her feelings.

Growling, Sapphire whipped her head to look at him, since she was facing away from him when he asked that. In fact, she turned her whole body to face him—her arms crossed over her chest and her emerald orbs narrowed to a point. “I’m upset, Grimes, because you’re a goddamn idiot!! You keep fucking helping that moron when she gets herself into trouble. Time and TIME again! I’m sick of you putting your life on the line for HER!!”

Carl’s face scrunched up in confusion. “What do you care? It’s none of your business whether I save her or help her out,” he countered, crossing his arms as well.

She threw her arms into the air, exclaiming, “You just asked me why I was upset!! Now you’re saying it none of my business!? You’re an inconsiderate asshole! Why do I care?” she scoffed, “I care about your idiotic actions trying to save that bitch because you’re not thinking with the right head!”

“Of course I—” he stopped mid-retort to process her last two words. “Wait… what? Right head?” he questioned, his blue eyes bored into Sapphire green orbs.

With her eyes still narrowed, she answered, “You know what I’m talking about. No doubt you’re thinking with your head, just not the head on your shoulders!”

Carl scoffed and rolled his eyes, answering her, “Yes, I am. I’m thinking with the head on my shoulders, Sapph. What other head would I be thinking with?”

“You are not thinking with the head on your shoulders, Carl!” she angrily answered, also poking at the center of his chest angrily, “You’re thinking with your dick!! Carl Grimes, you are not thinking properly! I repeat: you are thinking with your dick!! With your hormones! And it’s fucking annoying! You’re worrying me with these stupid stunts saving Enid!!”

Looking absolutely appalled by his best friend’s accusation, Carl huffed, now narrowing his eyes, “I’m not thinking with my dick, Sapph! I just don’t want to lose anybody else!!”

Grabbing Carl by the shirt, Sapphire pulled him down, close to her face and said in a low tone, “Yes, Carl, you’re thinking with your dick! You don’t even know her well. Every time you try to get to know her, she snubs you and clearly shows no interest. Yet, you continue chasing her tail, throwing yourself into dangerous situations to try and save her. And you know what?” She pulled away from him a few inches and continued in a louder, sad tone, “I bet you wouldn’t do the same for me! You would probably leave me for dead—just to go after Enid!!” Taking a moment to breathe, Sapphire noticed how her breath was skipping and the tears streaming down her cheeks. Letting go of Carl’s shirt, she wiped away her tears with the sleeve of her denim over-shirt and then looked at Carl. Their eyes met for the second time and the hurt in her eyes was almost suffocating.

“Sap—” he began but was cut off.

“Save it, Carl. I know how you feel about Enid. I’m just…” Sapphire let out a shaky sigh as she combed a hand through her hair, “… I’m just gonna go…” She then turned and left Carl’s home.

Carl was left utterly confused as he watched his best friend leave his home in tears. “What was that about, Sapph?” he questioned himself. He should have grabbed her while he had the chance and asked her herself. Deep down, Carl knew he messed up pretty bad if his best friend was upset at him. Upset enough to yell at him. “Shit…” he muttered.


Sapphire went back to her shared home with Glenn and Maggie. Tears still streaked down her face as she walked home, she kept her head down as to keep people from seeing her cry. When she got home and opened the door, Maggie greeted her, “Welcome home, honey. Wh—” she stopped and noticed the younger brunette’s crying, “Oh, sweetheart, what happened?”

Sniffling and whipping tears from her eyes, Sapphire answered her friend, “Carl and I got into a big fight. Uuuuggghhh! I hate him!!”

“About what, Sapphire, honey?” asked the older brunette.

Looking into the hazel eyes of Maggie, the young brunette said, “About Enid. About how he always goes outta his way to save that dumb bitch! He’s thinking with his dick!”

Touching Sapphire’s shoulder, Maggie answered, “I’m sorry, honey.”

“No, it’s fine, Mags. There’s nothing you could’ve done. Nothing I could’ve done to prevent this. It’s clear that he could never have feelings for me like I have for him,” said the still upset Sapphire. “I mean, why would he when Enid’s around? She’s a new face, someone who’s not been around Carl since the age of twelve.”

Maggie brought Sapphire into the living room and sat her on the couch. “Maybe Carl just hasn’t noticed his feelings for you? After all, you two have been friends since you were both about twelve or thirteen, there might be something there for him, too,” she said.

Looking at the wall with dull eyes, Sapphire shrugged. “I highly doubt it. He’d probably leave me for dead if it came down to saving either me or Enid,” she said monotonously.

“Oh, sweetheart, I’m sure you’re wrong about that. You are too well-versed in surviving for you to be in a life or death situation, though, Sapphire. From what I heard from Rick, you were by yourself before they took you in, right?” Maggie said, looking at Sapphire. The young brunette nodded in conformation. “See? Carl wouldn’t leave you for dead if you and Enid both got in trouble. He knows you can get yourself out of a sticky situation, while he does not know if Enid could do the same.”

The thought of being better than Enid at surviving made Sapphire smile. “I suppose you have a point, Mags. Thanks, I needed that pick-me-up,” thanked Sapphire, smiling at Maggie.

“You’re welcome, hon,” answered Maggie with a grin.

Standing up, Sapphire headed for the stairs. “Well, I’m going to read my book,” she announced.

“Which one?” asked Maggie.

“The Count of Monte Cristo,” came the dark brunette’s answer. A gentle smile graced her lips. It was a book her mother bought her before the Walker outbreak. Sapphire was always interested in reading since she was ten; she found them interesting and enticing.

Maggie smiled at Sapphire, she knew it was a gift from the young brunette’s mother. “Alright, enjoy your book, sweetie.”

“You know I will, Mags. I’ve been reading it any chance I can since I joined the group when I was thirteen,” laughed Sapphire. With that, Sapphire waved at Maggie and then ascended the stairs, but stopped halfway up. “Maggie,” she said. The older brunette grunted in recognition. “If Carl comes by, not that he will, can you tell him I’m sleeping? And that I don’t want to be bothered?”

Looking at Sapphire, Maggie smiled and answered, “I sure can and will, sweetie. Now go enjoy your book.”

“Thank you, Maggie,” Sapphire once again thanked the older brunette. With that said and done, she continued to go up the stairs. When she reached the top of the stairs, the dark brunette walked to her room. She opened her door and smiled as her eyes caught sight her cherished book. It was laying to the left-hand center of her plain bedspread. With a small smile at the memory of her mother, Sapphire made her way to her bed. Throwing herself onto her bed, a satisfied groan left her lips and she buried her face into her pillow. “Who knew fighting made your body so heavy,” she said into the pillow, “I know my head sure hurts after crying like that. Geez!” Casting her emerald orbs at her book, she noticed how heavy her eyes had become. “I really want to read you, Cristo… but, maybe a little catnap won’t hurt,” she said, reaching for her book to put it on her nightstand. Once that was done, she relaxed, still laying on her stomach. She rubbed her face into her pillow and got comfortable. Closing her eyes, Sapphire quickly drifted into a nap.


Carl knew that Sapphire would have gone back to her, Glenn and Maggie’s house after their fight. After playing the fight over and over in his head for about thirty minutes, accompanied with incessant pacing around the living room where they had fought, the Grimes boy decided to go talk to his best friend. He went into Judith’s room and picked her up. “Let’s go on an adventure, Judith,” he said with a smile. Carl bounced her around in his arms as he made his way out of his house.

Judith was cooing and giggling at Carl the whole way to Sapphire’s home. As they stood in front of the home’s door, Carl held his baby sister in one arm as he knocked on the door. A few seconds later, Maggie opened the door. “Can I help you, Carl?” she asked.

“Yes. Can I come in and talk to Sapph?” answered Carl.

Sucking in a breath, Maggie replied, “Sorry, Carl, but Sapphire just went upstairs for a nap. She does not want to be disturbed. She seemed drained after what happened between you two.”

The brown-haired Grimes boy was not surprised Sapphire had told Maggie what had occurred between them. For a brief moment, his eyes flickered to the ground. “I can wait for her to wake up. Maggie, please, I just need to talk to her. I don’t want to lose my best friend because of a dumb fight,” he said.

Sighing, the older brunette spoke, “You may think the fight happened for a stupid reason, Carl, but you need to think about this from her point of view. Come in, we can talk while you wait for her to wake up.” Carl stepped into their home and followed Maggie to the living room where he sat on the couch. Maggie sat in a chair in the room. “Okay, can you tell me how the fight started?” asked Maggie.

“Yeah. It started when I told her about something I did,” answered Carl.

“Yes, and I take it Sapphire wasn’t too keen on your action, right? Because you put yourself in danger for someone you hardly know, right?”

“How did you know it was for someone I hardly know?” he asked.

Maggie sighed, “Because, Carl, Sapphire told me. Now look, I’m not going to tell a soul about you sneaking out at night, and just sneaking out in general, with Enid. And how you are constantly risking your life to save hers. Sapphire has every right to be angry with you, Carl. You are doing stupid things for a girl who isn’t even an acquaintance to you. Think of how hard that must be for Sapphire to witness. To know she, even as your best friend, can do nothing to stop you because of how stubborn you can be.”

Carl looked at Maggie as she said that, trying to look at it from his best friend’s perspective. He still could not wrap his head around it. He cocked his head in confusion as he bounced Judith on his leg to entertain her. “I still don’t understand,” he said.

“I can’t make you understand, Carl,” came her voice. She stood up from her chair, it was time for her to do her job. “Anyways, I have to go do my gardening. You’re free to stay here and wait for her to wake up,” she said.

“Okay,” answered Carl as he watched Maggie leave.


Another thirty minutes pass by and Sapphire started to wake up. Slowly, Sapphire’s body woke up. Her eyes blinked slowly as her vision went from fuzzy to crisp. Stretching both arms into the air, she yawned loudly. “My GOD that was a good nap,” she exclaimed with a smile. “Wonder what Maggie’s doing?” Pushing herself off her bed, Sapphire walked out of her room and down the stairs. She had no idea that Carl had come over and was still over. So when she caught sight of a baby in someone’s lap, Sapphire stopped, mid-step and almost fell down the stairs. “J-Judith? W-wait… that means…?” stuttered the dark brunette girl.

Judith cooed and grabbed in your direction, which caused Carl to look back at you. “Sapph…” he said quietly, “Umm… Maggie went to garden about thirty minutes ago.”

“What are you here for, Carl?” asked Sapphire coldly, recovering from her initial shock. She continued to walk down the stairs until she reached the bottom, upon which she walked over to Carl and took Judith from him. “How are you doing, Judith?” she asked in a baby-voice. The dark brunette also bounced Judith around in her arms.

The blue-eyed Carl just watched his best friend amuse Judith. Judith to cooed loudly and even screamed in laughter. He had never noticed how well Sapphire acted with Judith. The happy smile that graced Sapphire’s face as she spoke to the young Grimes daughter had Carl almost smiling.

Gentle laughter came from Sapphire’s mouth as Judith grabbed onto her hair and gently pulling. “No, Judith. Don’t pull on my hair too much,” she cooed at the toddler. Judith seemingly pouted as she stopped playing with Sapphire’s hair. “Thank you, beautiful,” gently spoke Sapphire, kissing the young baby’s forehead. That made Judith smile and coo happily. Noting how Carl had not answered her question and instead opted to stare at her, Sapphire curtly said in a stern voice, “Carl.”

Snapping out of his trance-like observation of her, Carl responded, “Hm?”

“Why are you here,” the green-eyed girl asked in a cold voice.

“I’m here to talk, Sapph,” came his answer as he stood up from the couch.

Sapphire looked at Carl with blank orbs. “There is nothing to talk about, Grimes,” she curtly said. “Now please take Judith and leave. You’ve nothing to say to me, and I’ve nothing to say to you anymore.”

“No. I’m not leaving, Sapph. We definitely have some things to talk about,” said Carl, looking her in the eyes.

Setting Judith down onto the couch, Sapphire crossed her arms. Her eyes clashed with Carl’s and never left his as she said, “What things, Carl? You will obviously never understand my point of view. There’s no point in trying to discuss it with you further. It’s futile.”

Carl stepped toward Sapphire, stuffing his hands into his pockets. “Maybe you should give it a try? Look, Sapph, we’ve been best friends since the beginning of all this and I don’t want to lose your friendship because of a dumb fight,” he said.

That got her blood boiling once again. “Dumb? You think this whole fucking argument is dumb!? Well, let me put it this way, Grimes,” she had clenched her fists into tight balls, her eyes never leaving Carl’s. “Let’s say, and this is all hypothetical, that one night Ron sneaks out—goes outside of the walls—and let’s say I see him leave. I’m just a horny teenager who wants a dick inside of me, yeah? Just like you’re a horny teenager who wants a pussy wrapped around his dick. Against my better judgement, I decide to think with my vagina and go after Ron; so, I follow after him, going outside the walls. At night. When I find him, he is surrounded by Killers and instead of going to get back up from my best friend—aka you—I decide to save him. Singlehandedly. What have I just opened myself up to, eh? I use my knifes most of the time, Carl. Therefore, I just opened myself up to being bitten by a Killer. Just opened myself up to death. Just to save the life a stranger who doesn’t really like me much? Because I don’t want to ‘lose anybody else’!? No, I would do it so I can get some of his dick later. I would rather open myself up to death for the slightest not even promise of sex than live and still be able to be your friend. I, willingly, just momentarily threw away our friendship because my hormones made me crave someone’s dick. Would you have a problem with that?”

Carl had grown obviously irritated at the scenario his best friend described. It was obvious that he had bawled up his fists inside his pockets. And his jaw was clenched, so Sapphire knew he was not happy. It stung him, her hypothetical situation, in a way he did not know he could be stung. She was right, in her question—Carl would have a serious problem with that scenario, had it been real life. “Of course I would have a problem with it, Sapphire! You think I’d let you risk your life for Ron? Fuck no I wouldn’t let you! If you ever told you did that, I would stick to you like glue! You wouldn’t be able to get rid of me long enough to have sex with that idiot Ron,” snapped Carl.

With her arms still crossed, she answered, “Well, hate to break it to you, Carl… but you wouldn’t have any control over me. Or my hormones. If I went chasing Ron’s dick, I’m a stubborn girl, and I get what I want. No matter how many times I have to save Ron’s sorry ass. I would do it over and over again, I would risk my life for Ron, even though he clearly has shown no interest in me, just for his dick. I would want a relationship with a teen who does not care for me, Carl. And there is nothing you could do or say to get me to want or even think otherwise. Not even if you were to tell me you had feelings for me. I wouldn’t listen. Why? Because I would still be thinking with my hormones.”

Carl noticed the difference in her tone as she said the bit about him having feelings for her, in that hypothetical situation. However, he did not take it as her confessing her true feelings that he did not know she felt for him. But, it still pissed him off to no end. Just imagining Sapphire sneaking out of Alexandria to go find Ron and save him, just because her hormones clouded her judgement set a fire off in his belly. Carl could not bear the thought of Sapphire actually having sex with Ron, it infuriated him to no end. And he had no idea why he felt so irritated by the thought. “I would force you to listen to reason, Sapphire,” he said through his teeth.

Uncrossing her arms just to put her hands on her hips, Sapphire quipped, “Oh really? How would you force into listening to reason, Grimes? Calm my raging hormones by putting your dick in me? Calming my hormones by just having sex with me? In whatever way my hormones desired? Be it rough, gentle or just plain animalistic? Well!!?”

Smirking, Carl answered in a low, “I don’t see why not.” Hypothetically speaking, it was not a bad idea. His mind was already conjuring up images of what it would be like, and Carl honestly, did not dislike them.

Of course, Sapphire caught that and she gaped at him for a minute. “So… is that what you want me to do in order for you to listen to reason? Calm your hormones by doing whatever those hormones want,” she asked in a quiet whisper.

“Maybe,” came his reply, that smirk still on his face. He stepped toward her again, getting closer to her.

Sapphire’s breath caught in her throat. There was only a few inches left between their bodies after his two long strides toward her. Swallowing her embarrassment, she stuttered out a quiet, “I-if that’s what it takes… t-then… I’ll do it.” As soon as she said that, her green eyes noticed how Carl had started leaning towards her face. Her first reaction was to push him away from her face, her heart beating erratically. “N-not now, Grimes!” she hissed, “Tonight—when everyone’s asleep.”

The young man was unable to not feel disappointed as his best friend uttered that sentence. He did not want to wait, he wanted his hormones calmed at that very moment: by her. But, he sighed and said, “Sure, fine. I can wait.”

“And no kissing me during tonight, got it?” Sapphire said, looking directly into his eyes, “This is only to calm your hormones so you can listen to reason, Carl. It will not be some romantic bullshit where we can kiss each other, got it? Kinda like a…” she trailed off to think of the word, “… friends with benefits thing? Okay? That’s all it will ever be, yeah?” It broke her heart to say those words, but Sapphire thought she knew that Carl had no intentions of reciprocating her feelings.

Slightly disappointed by her words, Carl played it off by answering with, “Yeah, okay, sure. Friends with benefits. That’s all.”

“Good. Now, why don’t you take Judith back home and wait for tonight, I should come soon enough,” spoke Sapphire. Carl nodded, picked up his sister and walked to the door. Opening the door for them, Sapphire added in a quiet voice, “Don’t sneak out for Enid tonight…”

Carl almost flinched at the sadness in her voice, it was like she expected him to do it. “Who’s house are we going to meet at? Yours or mine?” he asked quietly.

“Yours. You have more reasons to be quiet over there and I don’t want anybody finding out about this,” came Sapphire’s clean, instantaneous answer.

“Okay,” said Carl as he and Judith waved before walking off. An excited smile was on his lips as his mind produced images of what will happen. These images came from the primal desire within him, since he had never had sex before. But, he had watch plenty of porn with Ron and the other guys, so he had an idea what it was actually like. His mind also wondered off into cooking up ways to steal a kiss from his best friend. Carl had no idea what made him suddenly was to kiss Sapphire nor did he know why he agreed to let her calm his hormones, but something was telling him it was right. Letting his imagination continue to run wild, Carl felt Sapphire lips against his own, tasting of vanilla. In his daydream, he relished in the softness of her lips on his, then suddenly, his daydream skipped ahead. Ahead to the part where her lips were everywhere on his body, and he got even more excited for that night. As he was lost in his daydream, he almost walked by his house.


Sapphire closed the door and pressed her back to it, a loud sigh escaping her body. What had she just agreed to? I just agreed to have sex with my best friend, she thought hysterically to herself. “And I didn’t even tell him my feelings!! FUCK!!” she yelled into the empty house. She stood up and started pacing in the living room, questioning and answering herself, “What if he wants this to happen more than once? Nah, no way would he want to have sex with me more than once. Can I really do this without confessing my feelings? Of course I can, it’s not like Carl will suddenly reciprocate my feelings, so I’m in the clear; this is just to clam his hormones. I don’t need to get invested in this. But isn’t this what happened with Maggie and Glenn? Didn’t they start off as a one-time thing? Well, yeah, they did now I think about it, and now they’re married.” Her face fell and she started to panic. “I can’t do this!! Oh yes you can, Piercy! No I can’t! I’ll get too nervous!”

Taking in a deep breath and having a moment of silence, Sapphire answered herself, “No, no. I can do this. I’m going to be the best damn friend Grimes will ever have! And I am gonna prove it tonight!” She thought about seeing him completely bare for her and she fell onto the couch. “How am I going to keep myself from passing out?” she asked herself. “Think of him as my husband? I mean, that could work. It would also may put my nerves at ease. Pretending he’s seen me naked countless times before today. Yeah! That’s it, I’ll just pretend we’re married for this to work!” Sapphire exclaimed, jumping off the couch.

“I’ve got to go get ready! Shower, here I come!” Sapphire called with a grin. It was the perfect plan, almost. As she ran to her bedroom for clothes, she thought more on the whole pretend to see Carl as her husband idea—and the more she thought, the worse it seemed. If she went into sex with Carl with that idea in mind, she would get even more romantic feelings for him than she already had. It would make her feelings grow exponentially. Stopping in front of her door, with her hand on her doorknob, she sighed, “Ya know, me… maybe it’s better just to think of him as my best friend and nothing more. That way it doesn’t get complicated and my feelings don’t get more in the way than I know they already will…”

The dark brunette nodded at her words, them making so much sense. “Yeah… I agree. He’s just my best friend… nothing more, nothing less. This is what friends do for each other. They help,” quietly spoke she, twisting her doorknob.


Carl was growing impatient. Where was she? Surely Sapphire did not wuss out on their agreement. No, that wasn’t the type of person Sapphire Piercy was. “Where is she,” he asked himself in a low voice. That was when he heard quiet knocking on his front door. Quickly and quietly, Carl crept down the stairs and silently opened the door.

“Hey,” she whispered, waving at him. It was at that moment that Carl noticed her attire. She was wearing her normal denim button-up shirt with it actually buttoned and not open, and it looked it she was not wearing pants. Was Sapphire really not wearing pants? His eyes remained on her legs for an extended period of time. “Carl?” she asked, waving her hand in front of his face.

“Huh?” he hummed in question, being brought back to reality.

Holding the end of her button-up, Sapphire quietly asked, “So… c-can I come in or not, Carl? It’s cold out here.”

Stepping out of the middle of the doorway, Carl let her come inside his home. “Yeah, of course,” he said, watching her as she quietly crept into his house. His blue eyes gravitated towards her legs, her very exposed legs. “Did you walk over here wearing no pants, Sapph,” he silently asked, closing the front door just as silently as he had spoken.

“No… I just have on some short shorts,” she quietly answered. Sapphire fiddled with the bottom of her denim flannel. “Can we go to your room? I wanna get this started already; I need you to start thinking reasonably again. As a worried best friend, y'know?”

“Yeah… I understand,” he lied, leading them to his room. For some unknown reason, it hurt Carl that she said that. Like Sapphire a few hours ago, Carl had to tell himself they were doing this as friends and nothing else. It was weird, suddenly he had felt something for his best friend. Ever since she told me that stupid hypothetical situation I have been feeling weird towards her, he thought to himself.

Sapphire grew kind of embarrassed, knowing what was about to happen in that room. She would never be able to be in it again without almost passing out. Her mind was muddled, the only thing running through it was her hysterically screaming, I can’t fucking believe I’m about have sex with my best friend!!! They had not even done anything, but her face was already heating up. “S-soooo…” she said, fidgeting with her shirt. “Wanna lay down? A-after all, I am the one calming your hormones… therefore I should do the work, right?”

“I don’t think it would be fair if you do all the work, Sapph. Shouldn’t we help each other with this?” he asked as he sat on the side of his bed.

“I… I guess you have a point. But unlike you, my hormones aren’t raging right now. I can control my vagina, while you can’t control your dick,” she said, pushing him down, his back against the bed. Resting her legs on either side of Carl’s body, Sapphire was sitting in his lap. They were face-to-face, briefly gazing into each other’s eyes before Sapphire looked away.

Carl watched on bated breath as she leaned her head forward. Is she going to kiss me? I thought she said no kissing, thought Carl. Not that he minded if she kissed him, he wanted her to kiss him. Even if just once, he wanted to feel hers against his. He felt something warm on his body, just not where he had wanted the warmth of her lips. His blue eyes glanced down and saw that Sapphire was kissing his jaw.

“I’ve always wanted to kiss your jawline,” she confessed against his skin. “Honestly, I’ve just wanted to have sex with you.”

“R-really?” he asked, his breath catching in his throat.

Sapphire hummed as she pulled away from him. “Yeah,” she answered, going to unbutton her shirt, “You’re just too dense to notice, Carl. You’re too dense to notice a lot of things.”

His eyebrows furrowed together at her words. “What? What do you mean, Sapph?” he asked her, his eyes darting to her hands. Watching them unbutton the flannel, one button at a time, slowly and meticulously. With each button that was undone, Carl got to see that she was not wearing her usual shirt under the flannel, it was just her bare skin.

With a shrug, Sapphire answered, “Doesn’t matter what I mean, Carl, I’m still calling you dense.” Since her eyes never left his face, she saw that Carl was intensely looking at her hands as she unbuttoned her flannel. One of her eyebrows raised in amusement as she snickered, “Liking what you’re seeing, Grimes?”

“Maybe,” he answered with a grin. His blue eyes still watching her hands.

Pouting playfully, Sapphire stopped undoing her flannel. “Oh,” she said in a pouty voice, “then maybe I’ll just go back home…”

“No,” Carl answered all too quickly. Blue eyes snapped upwards to green eyes. He saw the questioning gaze in her eyes, wondering why he had answered so quickly. Silently asking him why he was so adamant with his answer. Clearing his throat, he said, “No, aren’t you the one who wanted this to begin with?”

“I never said I wanted this. I am helping you as a friend, Carl. You are the one who needs this,” came her answer. And she was lying: she may have never said she wanted this, but has secretly wanted this for several months. “And if our roles were reversed, you’d help me, aye?”

Nodding, Carl agreed, “Yeah. If you needed this to keep you from sneaking out, I would do it.”

Sapphire smiled and leaned down to kiss his forehead, something she had always done since they were younger. “The things we do for each other, Carl,” she laughed quietly, returning to undoing her flannel.

Yeah, they prove something, he thought to himself. “Yeah… it amazes me what we do for each other too, Sapph,” he answered looking into her eyes.

“It’s what best friends do,” she quietly laughed again, finally completely unbuttoning her flannel. Under her flannel she was wearing a white simple semi-lacy bra. Removing the flannel from her shoulders, Sapphire threw it onto the floor. Now she was left with her shorts on. And of course her underwear, but that was a given. Her hands started fiddling with his shirt now. “Maybe we should get you outta yours now, yeah? Only seems fair,” she mused with a grin.

The brown-haired teen had not heard his best friend’s voice. He zoned out as he looked at her newly exposed skin of which he had never seen from his best friend. He had the sudden urge to reach out and touch her skin, to feel it under his hands. Maybe it was as hot as his was. Wait, when had he become so unbearably hot?

Sapphire felt his blue eyes burning through her body. She internally squealed, she was so embarrassed, but she had to press on. For Carl’s sake. Her hands snaked up his shirt as she started to drag it upwards. Getting up from her sitting position, Sapphire was now in a crouched stance, her body hovering over her seemingly dazed best friend. The more she lifted up his shirt, the more she felt herself getting excited. She bent her head down and started to kiss the skin of his exposed stomach. “Come on, Grimes, off with the shirt. We will be equal here,” she said against his skin.

“Huh?” Carl asked, finally hearing his best friend’s voice. It was then that he noticed Sapphire crouched over him, her lips and hands on the skin of his stomach. His eyes widened and Carl swore he lost his breath. Well, this was certainly a side of her he had never seen before. “Oh,” he said, understanding what she wanted. Carl allowed her to remove his shirt and throw it on the ground with her own.

Sapphire’s eyes seemingly darkened as she took off his shirt. She briefly sat down on his stomach, still straddling him, she bent down and cupped his face with her hands. Lowering her face towards his own, she felt his breath quicken. Pressing her forehead against his, she whispered, “Hey, Carl…”

“Yeah, Sapph?” he answered, his hands instinctively wrapping around her waist.

“I have something to tell you,” she said.

Carl’s heart started beating erratically. What did she have to say to him? “What is it, Piercy?” he asked.

“I-I…” she hesitated, like she wanted to tell him something, but sighed and said, “I’m gonna need to take off your pants.”

Her face then retreated from Carl’s, but the teen was not having it. His hands quickly moved from her waist to her face, pulling her face back down towards his. The teen felt his best friend’s body tense up as her face was dragged downwards. Carl rested her forehead on his again and this time his breath fanned over her face. “Hey, Sapphire,” he whispered.

“Y-yeah, Carl…” she stumbled over her words. Their faces were so close to each other again, but this time, Sapphire had no control over the situation. She had a feeling she knew what was about to happen; and as much as she wanted it, she did not want it as well. Sapphire thought it would ruin their friendship, because once they kissed, the dark brunette would not be able to hide her feelings. They would be conveyed through the kiss.

Carl looked into her green eyes as he leaned his head up, towards hers. He watched as her eyes widened a bit, before they closed in silent acceptance. They both knew there was no going back after Carl sealed their now inevitable kiss; he kept leaning towards her lips, until he could feel her uneven breath on his lips. The male teen hesitated a moment, his best friend’s uneven breathing throwing him off. It was so warm against his lips, so inviting, that it caused him to stop. His heart was beating so fast and echoed through his body so loud, Carl was surprised that she had not heard it too. He had to beat back any ideas of stopping himself from kissing her. For he only briefly hesitated; soon he continued until their lips met for the very first time.

I can’t believe I’m kissing my best friend, thought Carl. He took in the warmth accompanied by the soft texture of her lips against his. Almost melting into said kiss, the brown-haired young man’s mind became foggy.

For a moment, Sapphire forgot how to breathe. C-Carl… is kissing me!!? her muddled mind screamed, I am kissing my best friend!! Any thoughts of trying to ignore her feelings were dashed in that moment. Without a second of hesitation, Sapphire buried her hands into Carl’s brown tuft of hair; her lips started to gently move against his, returning the kiss with a subtle and gentle passion.

Carl was momentarily dumbstruck as she kissed him with a passion that, to him, had come from nowhere. The only thoughts on his mind, other than that he was kissing Sapphire, were of how soft her lips were and of how they did taste of vanilla (just like they did in his daydream earlier that day). His hands returned to her waist—unsure of what he could do, of where he could and could not touch her, but he did want to touch her. He wanted to feel her against him, and that desire was growing each and every moment their kiss dragged on. The kiss slowly, yet quickly, turned from a sweet, slow kiss to a heated one. Sapphire had begun to bite Carl’s lower lip, in a vain attempt of deepening their kiss. What is she trying to do? a confused Carl asked himself.

The green-eyed brunette again tried to coax her best friend into opening his mouth. This time she ran her tongue across his lower lip. Finally, Carl understood what she wanted and opened his mouth, letting her invade. Again, not even with the slightest bit of hesitation, her tongue stroked his, even coiling around his tongue before retreating. Carl was confused; why was she pulling her tongue away, he soon found out. Sapphire pulled away for a breath of air, regretfully and reluctantly. A string of saliva was the only indication of their kiss—the only bridge between their lips. “Wow…” Carl stated, both in amazement and breathlessness.

“What’s with the sounding so amazed, Carl,” spoke a slightly panting Sapphire.

Blinking slowly, Carl looking in her eyes and said, “That was quite passionate, Sapph… that’s why I sound amazed.”

Sapphire shrugged, her body feeling incredibly hot as bothered; a searing warmth pooled in her lower regions. Carl did not know what he had just unleashed in her, but he would soon know. “Yeah…” she answered with a deep inhalation of breath, “well, you just released the flood gates, Grimes. I said no kissing.”

“I’m so—”

Placing a finger on his lips to shush him, Sapphire chuckled out a reply, “No, it’s fine. Honestly, I just said that so you wouldn’t release the flood waters… but, you did it anyways.”

Carl smirked and said, “Well, I always do the things I’m told not to do. You know this, Sapph.”

Sighing, she answered with another small chuckle, “I know that I know, Carl. But now you’ve unleashed my hormones. Can you handle them? Because I’m ready to go. Might I say… we may have to do this,” she was referring to the sex they were going to have soon, “more often.” Her hands had started traveling across his bare chest, her lips curled up into a very devious smile. It was like she was a predator who had just caught her prey.

“I think I can handle your hormones, Sapph. The real question is: can you handle me?” he countered, still smirking.

Her devious smile turned into a smirk as she answered, “Oh, I can handle you, Carl Grimes. Believe me. I’ve dealt with Ron before, and he’s a spitfire that one. You just have to worry bout yourself… because I’ve had some… intense… fantasies, Carl. Some that are just down-right animalistic and rough. Ya sure you’re up for that? Considering I’m the first pussy that gets to wrap itself around your dick. Oh, doesn’t that make me lucky?”

He took her words as a challenge, slightly shuddering at her vulgar words. “I’m sure I’m up for it,” he answered.

“Hmmm,” hummed Sapphire in thought, “Ya know… I don’t think you’ve ever told me if you were an actual virgin or not, Carl. So, tell me, am I the lucky girl who gets to make you a man? Or did that idiot Enid take that pleasure away from me?”

He promptly shook his head, answering her, “No, you’ll be my first.”

Sapphire smiled softly, her raging bitch hormones quelled at the knowledge that she would be his first and he would be hers. “Oh,” she sighed in relief, “that’s wonderful. You’re my first, too.” Her keen green eyes caught how Carl’s breath caught in his throat at her confession; her lips curled into an alluring smile. Soon, she was crouched over him once again, this time her hands diving right for the male teen’s waistline. Her lips pressed against the skin of Carl’s chest and stomach at random intervals, leaving his body suddenly aching for so much more. “Ya know what, Carl…” she said in a now low, lustful voice, “I think these pants should come off now, don’t'cha think?”

Hazily, and after a few seconds, Carl nodded slowly. “Yeah… I agree…” he groaned, “also, I thought you and Ron have done stuff?”

“Oh, we have, just haven’t ever gone all the way. I never intended on him snagging my virginity. I’ve given him some blowjobs here and there, he’s eaten me out a few times—poorly, but still,” she answered. Sapphire started to unbuckle his pants, very slowly as to tease Carl. She pressed her lips against his navel countless times. Once the dark brunette had completely unbuckled her best friend’s belt, and undid his pants, she ushered him to lift up his hips, whispering against his skin, “Carl… lift your hips up.”

The seductive tone in her voice caused him to groan and he did as she asked. Carl Grimes had never before thought that his best friend could set such a fire off in his body. To make his whole body drown in pleasure, when she had not done anything to him. All she had done was pull off his pants and shirt. Wait, if my pants come off, so do hers… equal grounds, right? he thought to himself, remembering her words from earlier. And Carl would not deny that he wanted to see Sapphire without her shorts on. “Sapph… now you take off your pants,” he said confidently.

She stopped what she was doing and looked up at him. “Excuse me?” asked the dark brunette.

“You heard me, take off your shorts. We will be equal here, isn’t that what you said earlier? You took off shirt and made me take mine off?” Carl retorted, “So, take off your pants.”

“Or what, you’ll tear off my shorts yourself? Show me a real good time like Ron usually does?” Sapphire laughed.

Carl growled at her words, flipping her over as well; now he was on top of her and had control. Control that he wanted. “I’ll show you a better time than Ron ever could, Sapphire,” he claimed as he peeled off her shorts in a rough motion. All Sapphire could do was gasp. Carl took a minute to take in Sapphire’s form—simply clad in a simple white semi-lace bra with matching panties—it was glorious. He had never seen so much of her skin before and he truthfully loved it. Carl licked his lips as he stared down at his best friend. “You know, I have to say, you look gorgeous right now,” he said.

“You’re just horny, Carl,” came her shy answer, her hands itched to cover her body. However, when she went to cover herself, Carl pinned down her hands by her side. The action caused Sapphire to feel increasingly awkward. Yes, the Piercy girl was feeling incredibly awkward at that moment as she laid beneath her best friend in nothing but her simple, semi-lacy underwear. How could she not? This was Carl Grimes she was beneath, the young man she had known since she was thirteen—two, long grueling years. Two years filled with such strife that it felt like they had known each other longer than just two years. Also adding to the awkwardness was the fact that it was each of their first time having sex, so neither were really experienced—they only knew what they heard of from the other kids in Alexandria, and Sapphire knew a few things about giving a guy a blowjob from her time fooling around with Ron.

As Carl’s blue eyes drank in her lack of apparel and the sight of her flushed skin, the boy noticed the change in her attitude. Sapphire had always been confident in any and everything she did, not to mention very bull-headed—and she rarely showed any sight of a shy, reserved side—so now that the shaggy-haired Grimes boy saw her face overcome with shyness threw him off. “Are you okay, Sapphire?” he asked, genuinely. “You seem… different…”

“Well… yeah, I’m fine… I just…” she breathed out, wanting to comb a hand threw her hair but could not, “… feel awkward… really awkward…”

Carl slightly nodded at her statement, understanding why she felt awkward. “Yeah… I won’t deny that I feel awkward myself. I mean, I’ve never seen so much of your skin, Sapphire… and I…” he trailed off, biting his lip as his eyes raked over her body, “quite frankly find it downright sexy.” He growled as he leaned forward and nipped at her collarbone.

The fifteen-year-old gasped breathily and arched her back, pressing her bra-clad chest against Carl’s bare chest, “Carl…!!”

The blue-eyed boy smirked victoriously as he snaked one of his hands to the small of Sapphire’s back and moved it upwards. Towards her bra-clasp situated in the middle of her back and once his hand touched it, he fiddled with it, trying to get it off. Feeling the fumbling Carl was doing and the lack of success it produced, Sapphire pushed her hand against his chest, signaling him to let her sit up. Reluctantly, Carl sat back and let her sit up, watching her intensely as she unclasp her bra with one hand. With heavily bated breath, he watched as the semi-lace bra fell from her skin, exposing her breasts to him for the first time. He swallowed thickly as Sapphire let her breasts be seen by him, off-handedly noting how irresistible she looked with that shy blush painting her cheeks. Sapphire’s breasts were absolutely perfect to him, so much so that Carl could not stop himself as he unconsciously reached out to grab them. So soft, was the first thought that ran through Carl’s mind as he caressed her breasts.

Just the simple caresses had Sapphire practically swallowing her tongue. Yes, Ron had touched her on occasion, but it never meant anything to her—this time Carl Grimes was touching her. He was touching her gently and carefully, like she was porcelain and he did not want to break her. And also touching her experimentally, testing out what would rouse a reaction from the dark brunette. Truly, Sapphire loved it, she had to bite her lower lip to conceal some of her louder moans as Carl found some sweet-spots. It’s so different when Carl does it, she thought to herself as pleasure drowned her body, he’s so gentle and caring when compared to Ron, who is rough and uncaring. She even noted how he had not even started to truly play with her like she fantasized about. “You… can touch me more, ya know, and you don’t have to treat me like a porcelain doll that’s easy to break,” she sighed out in pleasure.

Taking note of her words, Carl pulled her up so that they were sitting up and Sapphire was straddling him. “If that’s what you want, then you shall receive,” he spoke in a low voice, drawing his lips to her collarbone as he kneaded her breasts. Carl left ghosting kisses across her collarbone, up towards her neck, one of his hands finally toying with her hardening nipple. His other hands withdrew itself from her other breast and slipped around her waist, resting on the small of her back. His soft lips continued to leave ghosting kisses on her neck and soon moved briefly to her jawline—peppering it with searing kisses that left the woman straddling him breathless.

When had the tables turned from him being the shy one to him being the dominant one dealing out pleasure? Sapphire had to wonder, she also had to wonder just how exactly he knew how to turn her on so effortlessly. Maybe it was because they had spent so much time together, just talking and Carl even offering her back-rubs when times got hard; yes, that had to be when Carl made notes of areas that left her sighing in pleasure. Returning to the moment at hand, her hands had long-since found their way into his chocolate brown mop of hair, pulling at it whenever she felt like it. The dark brunette was left even more of a mess when Carl’s hand at the small of her back started pushing her hips into his—finally she felt what affect she had on her best friend and it left her feeling like she was floating. He was so hard and ready for her, yet she was not ready yet: she was still feeling slightly awkward about this.“Hehe…” she cooed in a breathless chuckle, “…someone’s happy to see me…”

Groaning into her neck at the friction between their hips, Carl rasped out a snarky, “That’s a wonderful observation, Sapph. What gave you that idea? The fact of how hard I am right now?” Soon after he said that, his lips trailed downwards towards her neglected breast. Sapphire was rilled up for a retort, but Carl quickly banished all thoughts of her retorting by latching his mouth onto her untouched nipple. His action caused her to arched her chest against him, quietly moaning out. Smirking to himself, he continued to kiss and flick his tongue against her nipple. The hand that had been tweaking her other bud finally stopped its assault as he decided to trail it down the front of her body, leaving a trail of feather-like touches.

“Fuck,” mewled Sapphire, her hips subconsciously rolling against his again. God was her skin on fire, and she swore a sheen of sweat glazed her skin. Deep breathing was not helping her in trying to cool herself off, between her trying not to moan loudly—like Ron said she liked to—and her futile attempt to cool off, Sapphire felt like she was panting. Her body was tingly as Carl lightly touched her stomach and inner thighs. “Oh, Carl,” she whispered. Her body wanted to be touched in her most intimate place—as well as feel Carl’s dick inside her. “H-hey…” she mewled almost awkwardly, “C-Carl…” He was too lost in the pleasure, as he was rolling his hips against hers and groaning against her skin. Sapphire had to pull his hair roughly just for him to come back to reality. “Carl…” she purred.

“Hmm?” he hummed against her skin, looking up at her, as he was still sucking her breasts. When he unlatched his mouth from her breast, a shiver shot down Sapphire’s spine at the cold air. Leaning his head between her breasts, his eyes never leaving her face, Carl asked, “What is it, Sapph?”

Still feeling awkward, she spoke in a shy tone, “I want you to… ummm… touch me…” Her hands scaled down from Carl’s chocolate mop to his basically unmarred shoulders. Oh how she yearned to mar his seemingly perfect pale skin, to leave marks reminding the young teen of their actions for many weeks to follow this little rendezvous. As she dazed off into her own little world where she marked Carl and he marked her, she had almost missed what he had said: “But I am touching you”. “Noooo… not in the way you are now… but I want you to touch my…” she trailed off, blushing heavily, “…to touch my pussy, Carl… you need to work me up before you just stuff your dick inside of me—because I don’t want it to hurt too much…”

Carl’s face scrunched up in confusion at her words. “What are you talking about, Sapphire? With the wet spot I’m feeling, I would say you’re more than ready,” came his confused answer.

“Fine,” she breathed out, honestly too long-gone to care at that point, “if you think I’m ready, then fuck me already, Grimes!” Honestly, the more she thought about it, the more Sapphire realized her nerves were fried and her mind was frazzled. “Just know I’ll get you back for not preparing me probably…” she faux-threatened.

With a gleam in his gorgeous, lust-darkened blue eyes Carl pushed his best friend down onto her back, her head being laid onto his pillows. “Of course you will, Sapph,” he answered, his hand reaching for the panties that matched her long-since discarded bra. Peeling the now darkened and dampened panties away from his best friend’s core, Carl gulped audibly. Now Sapphire laid completely bare beneath him, and more than willing to let him have her—in fact, the way her body was reacting to him the whole time, he could tell she was silently begging for him to take her. His heart thumped against his chest in the most erratic way possible as he reached out to touch her inner thigh. Carl felt the way her skin shuddered as he touched the velvety soft skin of her inner thigh, it felt almost too good—just like how good Sapphire looked to him. Hazily, his mind recalled what she had said about Ron earlier: “he’s eaten me out a few times—poorly, but still”. That was when he decided he would try his luck, sure he may not have had the experience Ron had, but he cared for Sapphire more than the oldest Anderson son did. Carl was determined to do what Ron could not do, and so it was decided.


Carl Grimes x reader (kind of)

Warnings: I think a curse word, bad writing, creepy men

Summary: Carl save the reader

Request: Can you do a Carl walking dead imagine where he saves you from a Wolve

A/N: I hope you enjoy! Also I hope that you meant “wolve” as in those creepy men with the W’s and not the actual animal.


I were just on a routine run to pick up some supplies from a Kmart a couple miles down the road it was supposed to be simple, but when was anything simple in this post apocalyptic shit world.

I had just finished filling by backpack with food when I was ambushed by two men with W’s on their foreheads.

“My, my what’s a pretty little thing like you doing out here all alone?” One of the men said, stepping forward, “You know it’s very dangerous out here.”

“I can handle myself,” I growled, trying to escape.

“I don’t think so,” He took another step forward and my back hit the wall as they cornered me, I will not die like this, I thought as I shuffled off my pack and threw it into the stomach of one of the men. He stumbled and fell back as I ran out the door while the longer haired one was on my tail. I ran into a nearby forest stumbling while trying to avoid both the walkers and the man behind me. I ran another few feet before I tripped over a rock, stupid horror movie cliches. The man looked down at me with a sickening grin on his face.

“Don’t worry, this will be very painful,” He laughed moving closer unsheathing his gun. He pointed his gun down ready to fire. I would’ve jumped up or ran, but I was frozen in time. I clenched my eyes shut accepting the fate I had been given. I heard a gunshot but felt no impact on my body, maybe he missed? I opened my eyes to see a blue eyed boy in a brown hat standing over the body of the man who was about to kill me.

“Please don’t kill me,” I pleaded, backing away.

“It’s okay i’m not going to hurt you,” He whispered putting his hands up.

I looked at him for a minute before getting up from the ground. “Thanks,” I breathed out, a little shaken up from almost dying, “There aren’t many people who would help someone in trouble.”

He laughed holstering his gun, ”Well I’m not like most people.” I smiled shaking my head, “My names Carl by the way,” He stuck out his hand and I shook it.


i feel like carl would go w enid to Sephora and he’d let her swatch lipsticks and eyeshadows on his arm, like he knows the drill, the second she picks something up he rolls up his sleeve and is like “i got u babe”

he’d make commentary even though he has absolutely no fucking clue what anything is.  he just wants to feel included.

“yeah enid that eyeshadow is pretty but is it really your shade??? :// doesnt match your skin” all matter-of-factly. 

“carl, this is highlighter…and, eyeshadow isnt supposed to match your skin.”

“pfft, i knew that. youre talking to a makeup expert here, Enid. dont i watch you put it on every morning? y’know, you use the brush…and the spongey thing….and the..um, the eyeliner…and the powder…” which makes her laugh bc hes so adorable. 

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Here's a prompt for ya! Carl thinks Ron is dead because he doesn't come back with Rick after the run they went on, and as Carl is in the mist of having a breakdown, Ron comes back and surprises him. Is that too long? Oh well. Keep up the good work! XD

Thanks for the prompt, nonnie~ And I’m sooo sorry this took so long to come out. This one’s longer than my other stuff and it sucks but lmao at least i got it done

Rick didn’t really want to take Ron on the supply run. Sure, Carl had been teaching him how to use a gun, but Rick couldn’t help but feel like something was going to go wrong. He normally would’ve just told Ron to stay in Alexandria, but Ron insisted on going with them and Rick eventually gave in and let him come.

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Day 24

(Richonne- @lyraverse prompted me to write this.) 

Rick glanced over to where Michonne sat on the edge of the couch, sharpening her sword and looking grumpy as she flicked her thick dreads over her shoulder for the hundredth time in less than a minute. She looked like a pissed off panther annoyed by a fly. He wondered if it were partly his fault somehow. She’d been nothing but smiles the day before, her white teeth flashing in her dark face, causing him to grin in response. But now she kept frowning at him.

He heard footsteps on the stairs and sighed in relief when Carl appeared carrying Judith. The plump baby always managed to make Michonne smile no matter how hard her day had been.

“Hey, Michonne!” Carl said happily before greeting Rick. “What flew up your butt?” he asked laughingly when he saw her annoyance.

Rick gaped at his son.

Michonne didn’t seem to mind. She grumbled and sank back into the couch like a wrung out dish towel. “A walker got his grimy hands all over my favorite hair scarf, now I gotta walk around trying to do my thing with dreads in my eyes.”

Oh good, not my fault, Rick thought.

“Your dad wasn’t watching my back close enough and it was right up on me while I was trying to pick some berries out in the woods.”

“Hey, you said you didn’t need me hovering all over you. Said I was getting on your nerves.”

“That walker came from the exact direction your dad wasn’t facing,” she complained, turning to Carl.

Carl just chuckled, before placing Judith into her waiting arms.

She allowed a brief smile, but still shot a glare over at Rick.

“Thought we were supposed to look out for each other out there, Dad,” Carl scolded, shaking his head and clicking his tongue. “You’re setting a bad example.”

“I was looking out for her!” He protested, a light blush staining his cheeks. Well…he had been looking out for her…but more like just looking at her. Her skin looked amazing with the sunlight brightening some parts of it and losing other parts to shadows cast by the leaves. Jesus, he’d been sitting there writing mind poetry about her skin and she’d nearly been eaten alive.

That was a lie.

The walker had barely shambled out of the brush before Michonne was on it faster than it took Rick to register it was there. She’d honestly just messed up her scarf by tangling it in thorn bushes while trying to get at some blackberries. He guessed she was too embarrassed to admit that. She was probably more annoyed he’d seen that particular moment than the actual walker attack. The woman was a sweets addict and the berries were close enough to candy that she’d about lost her mind in ecstasy when she’d seen them.

Michonne met his eyes over Judith’s head and narrowed hers as if she could hear what he was thinking.

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