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translated by @maksisskambackwards and @linneaxskam and me :)
Adam, Mutasim, Simo, and Yousef

Host: Gutta boys. Hi. How are you doing tonight?

Adam: Good, very good. We’re enjoying ourselves.

Host: Even though Skam is over?

Simo: Yeah that’s sad, but it’s cosy atmosphere here.

Adam: Yes, everyone’s together.

Host: What will you miss the most?

Simo: The chemistry behind the camera. Everybody is like a little family, to put it that way.

Adam: I’m also gonna miss meeting everybody. Now we’ve met them regularly. Halla gutta (at the other boys).

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i feel like carl would go w enid to Sephora and he’d let her swatch lipsticks and eyeshadows on his arm, like he knows the drill, the second she picks something up he rolls up his sleeve and is like “i got u babe”

he’d make commentary even though he has absolutely no fucking clue what anything is.  he just wants to feel included.

“yeah enid that eyeshadow is pretty but is it really your shade??? :// doesnt match your skin” all matter-of-factly. 

“carl, this is highlighter…and, eyeshadow isnt supposed to match your skin.”

“pfft, i knew that. youre talking to a makeup expert here, Enid. dont i watch you put it on every morning? y’know, you use the brush…and the spongey thing….and the..um, the eyeliner…and the powder…” which makes her laugh bc hes so adorable. 

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Here's a prompt for ya! Carl thinks Ron is dead because he doesn't come back with Rick after the run they went on, and as Carl is in the mist of having a breakdown, Ron comes back and surprises him. Is that too long? Oh well. Keep up the good work! XD

Thanks for the prompt, nonnie~ And I’m sooo sorry this took so long to come out. This one’s longer than my other stuff and it sucks but lmao at least i got it done

Rick didn’t really want to take Ron on the supply run. Sure, Carl had been teaching him how to use a gun, but Rick couldn’t help but feel like something was going to go wrong. He normally would’ve just told Ron to stay in Alexandria, but Ron insisted on going with them and Rick eventually gave in and let him come.

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Here ya go, anon! 


You run, not stopping once. With desperation taking over you, you scream and shout, sure to attract even more walkers. They left you alone with only a gun low on ammo, no knife, no hope.

Sure that you’re going to die out here, you slowly sink your sore back down the rough bark of a tree, not bothering to check for danger first.
All you want is for everything to be normal. Back before the apocalypse, when you had a home, a family, a future, a life. What’s there to  live for now? Nothing. Everything has gone. Never to be the same again. 

You where just about to give up on everything in life, before you heard the voice of him: Carl. Never have you been so relieved, yet… angry. Carl left you there, he knew that you were in trouble, yet he chose to run off with Rick; how could he? 

“It’s okay, Dad. We’re nearly there” Carl softly says in the distance. 
‘Ugh, thanks for your help, Carl’ you sarcastically think to yourself.

You stand and wave your arms like a lunatic, desperately trying to catch their attention as their silhouettes grow closer.

“Carl! Rick!” You scream, unsuccessfully getting them to notice.

Rick lifts his beaten head, alerted by your voice, “I think I can hear y/n?” he grumbles, spluttering gloopy blood.

“What? Where is she?” Carl replies, picking up pace to find you.

“Carl I’m over here! I’m coming, stay there!” You scream, darting through the trees, the gun hitting your back.

“Y/n! Are you okay?” Carl shouts, checking your grubby body over for cuts and bites.

 "Oh so now you’re so bothered…“ you mumble, folding your grazed arms.

"What’s that supposed to mean?…” He questions, backing off.

“You saw me, you knew I was in trouble and you didn’t bother to help me!? What’s that all about, huh?” You shout, pointing in his face. Carl gives you look of 'are you serious right now?' 

“My Dad was near death! He needed me more than you did, lets be honest.” Carl tries to keep the situation under control, but it clearly doesn’t work. 

“I’m sure he would have been fine for two minutes whilst you got me!” The realization of whats happened finally hits you, causing you to explode with tears. You haven’t had time to cry yet, with all of the chaos. You drop to the floor, hugging yourself.

“Carl I’m sorry” you weep, shaking and spluttering.

“Hey, hey, come on. It’s not your fault. I’m sorry too..” He takes a 'seat’ next to you, cradling your worn frame.

“Whats happened? Everything’s ruined, our home, our lives, everyone’s dead and I don’t know what to do!”

“You don’t know that. They’re all out there somewhere, we’ve just got to find them. So, come on, we have to get moving” Carl reassures you as he gently pulls you up by your hand. 

Haha this one is really bad :/ sorry about that :( I don’t know how to end it so it’s super cheesy lul :D

-Becky x

Day 24

(Richonne- @lyraverse prompted me to write this.) 

Rick glanced over to where Michonne sat on the edge of the couch, sharpening her sword and looking grumpy as she flicked her thick dreads over her shoulder for the hundredth time in less than a minute. She looked like a pissed off panther annoyed by a fly. He wondered if it were partly his fault somehow. She’d been nothing but smiles the day before, her white teeth flashing in her dark face, causing him to grin in response. But now she kept frowning at him.

He heard footsteps on the stairs and sighed in relief when Carl appeared carrying Judith. The plump baby always managed to make Michonne smile no matter how hard her day had been.

“Hey, Michonne!” Carl said happily before greeting Rick. “What flew up your butt?” he asked laughingly when he saw her annoyance.

Rick gaped at his son.

Michonne didn’t seem to mind. She grumbled and sank back into the couch like a wrung out dish towel. “A walker got his grimy hands all over my favorite hair scarf, now I gotta walk around trying to do my thing with dreads in my eyes.”

Oh good, not my fault, Rick thought.

“Your dad wasn’t watching my back close enough and it was right up on me while I was trying to pick some berries out in the woods.”

“Hey, you said you didn’t need me hovering all over you. Said I was getting on your nerves.”

“That walker came from the exact direction your dad wasn’t facing,” she complained, turning to Carl.

Carl just chuckled, before placing Judith into her waiting arms.

She allowed a brief smile, but still shot a glare over at Rick.

“Thought we were supposed to look out for each other out there, Dad,” Carl scolded, shaking his head and clicking his tongue. “You’re setting a bad example.”

“I was looking out for her!” He protested, a light blush staining his cheeks. Well…he had been looking out for her…but more like just looking at her. Her skin looked amazing with the sunlight brightening some parts of it and losing other parts to shadows cast by the leaves. Jesus, he’d been sitting there writing mind poetry about her skin and she’d nearly been eaten alive.

That was a lie.

The walker had barely shambled out of the brush before Michonne was on it faster than it took Rick to register it was there. She’d honestly just messed up her scarf by tangling it in thorn bushes while trying to get at some blackberries. He guessed she was too embarrassed to admit that. She was probably more annoyed he’d seen that particular moment than the actual walker attack. The woman was a sweets addict and the berries were close enough to candy that she’d about lost her mind in ecstasy when she’d seen them.

Michonne met his eyes over Judith’s head and narrowed hers as if she could hear what he was thinking.

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