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Part two of this prompt fill for @wayward-authors-kitsune

college!au, angst with a happy ending

Avoiding Cas is surprisingly easy.

All Dean has to do is block him on all social media sites, park his car down the street at a friend’s house so Cas never knows when he’s home, rely more on public transportation to get to campus, and finally just never leave his apartment except for class.

Easy peasy.

That is, until Dean needs to go to the grocery store. He’s been living off Ramen noodles and mac and cheese for weeks now, too afraid to stop anywhere near campus in case Cas is nearby. 

But now he’s officially all out of beer and Captain Morgan and he figures he could probably use some non-microwaveable groceries while he’s out. 

He goes to the little market about four blocks away. He hits up the essentials first: booze, some hamburger, hot dogs, bread, eggs. He considers produce but immediately shakes that thought loose and decides that he’s entitled to some ice cream instead.


Dean freezes,  carton half way to his basket. It takes everything in him to turn around and the moment he connects with blue eyes he really wishes he hadn’t.

Cas looks sick staring back at him, eyes glasses over with a sort of disbelief, like he thinks he’s seeing a ghost. 

He says Dean’s name again but Dean doesn’t respond. They’re both tense, like they’re about to draw on each other in an old western movie instead of standing in a damn milk aisle. 

As awkward as the moment it, Dean almost wishes they could stay like this. Because it’s good to see Cas, the flesh and blood Cas. He’s missed him like you miss air when you’re holding your breath. But he also knows that if Cas talks, if he tries to come at him, Dean will run. He can feel his knees bracing for a take-off and he’s not ready to look away.

But Cas does it. He takes a step forward and Dean immediately takes one back. Cas’s eyes travel down to Dean’s feet and he looks hurt.

“Dean, please, let me-” He takes two quick steps and Dean is speeding past the checkout lines, dropping the basket somewhere alone the way.

He doesn’t breathe again until he’s back in his apartment. He falls on the couch and draws he knees up, settling his head between his legs as he sucks in breaths and lets his head clear.

He’s so fucked. So impossibly fucked. 

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An Apology After The Fact

Prompt: Maya accidentally makes Riley and Lucas revisit the first few days of high school and the incident with ‘the hole’ that made Riley cry herself to sleep.
Word Count: 1210

▲ ▼ ▲ ▼ ▲ ▼ ▲ ▼ ▲ ▼ ▲ ▼ ▲ ▼ ▲ ▼ ▲ ▼ ▲ ▼ ▲

After school Riley and Lucas stand in the middle of the stairs, or as it’s more commonly reffered to, the hole. The loved up couple are waiting for their friends to finish up at their lockers so they can all walk to the bakery together. 

Maya approaches with a loud ‘bleh’ as she spots the couple playing with each others fingers and staring into each others eyes. 

“Peaches,” Riley greets her best friend with a tilted head as she makes her disgust known. 

“Maya,” Lucas greets her with a nod and continues to be all gooey eyed at Riley. 

“You two should come with a cavity warning,” Maya’s nose remains crinkled. 

“Because we’re so sweet?” Riley bounces on her toes. 

“Yeah, something like that,” Maya says. 

“Isn’t it good though?” Riley asks as she links her free arm with Maya, “That things have worked out this way.. We’re all happy!” 

“Yeah, I suppose you’re right,” Maya smiles, “I mean to think six months ago we  were stuck in this hole on our first day and you cried yourself to sleep-” Maya’s eyes widen, she was just trying to make a harmless comparison but accidentally outed her friends emotional state the first week of high school in the process.

“What?” Lucas looks to Riley with hurt and confusion on his face. 

“Nothing, she meant nothing,” Riley’s face burns red with embarrassment. 

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moondoggiestyle  asked:

things you said after you kissed me + lirry or narry :)

“You’re a twat,” Niall says, spins on his heel, stomps out of the kitchen.

“Niall, wait,” Harry starts, but Niall’s not interested. In any of it.

He doesn’t want any of it, not the soft brush of Harry’s lips against his, or the helpless sounds that Harry makes in the back of his throat, or the squeeze of Harry’s hips under Niall’s greedy fingers, or the complete vulnerability that comes with being in love with Harry Styles.

He used to want that. But he’s grown now. Things have changed.

They’ve had nearly four years and careers and kids and time for things to grow and time for things to fall away.

Niall looks out the glass door to the backyard, watches Liam and Louis smoke and shoot the shit next to the grill. This was supposed to be the weekend they figure their shit out. It’s not supposed to be the weekend Harry corners him in the kitchen and tries to snog him senseless.

“Look at me,” Harry says from behind him, and doesn’t everybody at every moment of the day want the pleasure to. Harry’d have the whole world looking his way, if he really wanted to.

Niall kids himself for as long as he can, tells himself he doesn’t have to do whatever Harry asks him to, even though some three minutes ago, he’d kissed Harry because Harry asked him to.

“Don’t touch me again.”

“I won’t,” Harry says quietly. He’s looking at his shoes when Niall looks at him.

“Where d’you get off, doing a thing like that?”

Harry quirks an eyebrow. “I didn’t get off, wasn’t that much of a kiss.”

“Now is not the time for one of your jokes, mate. I swear to god.”

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What Comes Next?

Okieriete Onaodowan x Reader

Note: Umm I wrote this after reading like 10 articles in a row about Oak and deciding that the best course of action would be to write this. Enjoy!

Warnings: that feeling when you’re in high school and you don’t know what the fuck you’re doing with your life, self doubt. 

Word Count:1,140

Tagged: @hamiltonsquills @rottwat @iamgrayfox @mehrmonga @pinetree111

Originally posted by lafeyettegunsandships

Oak sighs as he turns the last page of his book, War and Peace, and drops it onto his lap. His days had gone from hanging out with friends, training for football and neglecting his ever growing pile of homework to sitting on his ass all day in the hospital reading books and staring at the ceiling.

Really, he couldn’t blame anyone but himself for his predicament. He and his friends had been messing around one day after school when all of a sudden he had heard a distinct crack. Now he had no idea what was going to happen next for him, the doctors said that with his fractured femur he couldn’t play football anymore so what was he supposed to do next?

“You already finished it?” A voice sounds from the doorway, he quickly looks up to find his girlfriend Y/N leaning against the door frame.

“It’s easy to get through a book when you’ve got nothing else to do” he admits as Y/N makes her way over and plants a kiss on his cheek.

“That thing is over 1000 pages long, and I gave it to you like a week ago” she points out as she sinks into the chair by his bed.

He glances down at the thick novel in his hands and shrugs. “It wasn’t that bad, I just have a lot of time on my hands in here” he admits.

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Scarlet Savior Final Part.

Scarlet Savior Masterlist

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: Some of them said you were born gifted; you were able to magnify every single perception, from luck, to your own feelings. Others, that you were damned since the very beginning; you could also bring the worst from every single thing, every single person, even about you. However, you saw your powers as a part of yourself, a part that, like a silent virus, was infecting your own sanity. Cheating!Bucky,

Warnings: Angst. 

Words: 2726

A/N: Huh, I think I’m not the best person to ask for a continuation of a story because I can fuck the shit up… Just like this. I’m sorry. Thanks god I decided not to continue Kingdom and mess with a perfectly structured plot lmao.

Originally posted by pxggycxrters

People like to take things for granted, whether we hate what they make us feel or not. It’s a fact. We love to wake up and complain about how early it is. We loathe the coldness of the tile floors touching our bare feet the moment they touch the ground or the annoying beeping of the microwave when we’re all alone preparing our breakfast.

But dammit, how we miss those little details when they’re gone.

How we miss the darkness of the night when we used to be wide awake at 5 A.M, without the rays of the sun burning on our lids, making us see red. How we miss having a reason to open our eyes and live for another day.

How we miss the coldness freezing our toes the moment we can’t stand up anymore.

How we miss the sound when we’ve got nothing but silence.

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p1ratew3nch  asked:

Poly Reaper76, Gabe and the S/O ganging up on Jack to get rid of that thing that died on his lip. (The mustache from the Daredevil skin.)

Poly Reaper76 fluff? Or fluff for Reaper and 76? (Let the old men be happy!)

It starts with Lena’s innocent observation that he and Genji are the only men she’s never seen with a beard. There’s silence as everyone in the room mentally divides the Overwatch agents into those with a beard and those without. And former Strike-Commander Morrison comes up as babyfaced as the man who without his mask is still occasionally asked for his ID when buying alcohol.

“It’s cause he can’t grow it.” Gabriel says, their most recent ally and all too happy to throw Jack under the bus. He’s still uncomfortable among the new agents, sticks to Jack and you for the most part and otherwise pretends he’s a lot more unaffected by teaming up with his former enemies than he really is.

“That’s a lie. He’s lying.” Jack looks around the room, willing everyone to accept his beard-growing skills. Tracer is doubtful, everyone else doesn’t even pretend to believe him.

“Babe, you’ve been shaving your smooth chin since our days in the SEP, you don’t fool me.”

Realising no one else will come to his aid, Jack turns to you.

“You believe me. Right?”

It’s a bit of an asshole-ish thing to do but instead of taking his side, you lean against Gabriel’s chair, tracing his beard with the pad of your thumb.

“I don’t know. Seems strange you never grew one. No shame in it if you can’t …”

“There’s probably pills for that.” Gabriel throws in and cackles, tipping his head back to beg a kiss off you.

“Maybe some stimulating cream.” you add, grinning against his lips.

Jack huffs and leaves, finishing his grand retreat with an ominous “Just you wait.”

In hindsight that should have worried you more.

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anonymous asked:

I was checking an older gentleman into the hotel a couple weeks ago and asked for an email address, like I'm supposed to. He said "no" like I had asked him for his social security number, then asked me for my email address and basically said it was the same thing, like I was gonna stalk him or something (and actually said something about me being a stalker). You could have just said no, you didn't have to make it weird.


I bought a vitamin C serum a couple of weeks ago. When I put it on, the smell makes me a little queasy but also seems pleasantly familiar. I’ve found myself thinking of Boston and feeling a distant sense of anticipation without being able to put my finger on the reason.

I figured out the other day that it’s because the serum smells very much like a TnT, which was my drink of choice for clubbing – and overindulging, hence the queasy – during grad school.

I suppose I could always hold my breath, but since the association isn’t altogether unpleasant …

anonymous asked:

do you read other fic? will you do a request for bellarke + holding hands at the end of the world? :)

Yeah, I do read other fic, although not as much as I used to because these days I have loads of work.

And yeah, this is a great prompt, thanks! :)

Also on AO3

It’s funny but he’s never noticed the sky before. Not until it turns blood red, seeping into orange, black smoke trailing like an ugly rip that shows what this planet’s become.

He’s never noticed how it used to be blue, not until Clarke leans her head on his shoulder and lets out a sigh. “It doesn’t look right. It looks so– angry.”

There is a wrinkle in her nose as she speaks, something Bellamy would call cute once upon a time but now it’s just tragic because she turned eighteen two weeks ago and now the Earth is dying. 

“Yeah, it does.” 

Because what is he supposed to say - shit, we’ve lived in the sky for so long but I’ve never actually thought to look up once we landed on Earth and now I want to smash my head against the walls - 

stupid stupid stupid 

They’re gonna make it out of this one, Bellamy’s pretty sure. Nothing has managed to kill them so far and after everything they’ve done, they’d be lucky to get away.

No, they’re gonna survive this too and it doesn’t give him hope, not like it should. It just makes him feel tired, small, like he’d be happy to just curl up, and not take care of a hundred people for a few years.

He’s staring at the sky, a kid somewhere close by shouting “It’s red, the sky is red!” with actual enthusiasm in his voice, when he feels Clarke’s hand slip into his.

“Are you scared?” she asks, freezing cold fingers and her face peering out of two vests and a scarf. If they were all gonna survive in here, the heating can’t be turned up, Raven explained. Then she shoved a coat at him and called it a friendship.

It’s as good as anything, Bellamy figures.

But no, he’s not scared. “I’m just annoyed.”

Clarke scoffs, glimmer in her eyes and there’s that blue he should’ve thought to look at but never did. The sky used to be like that every day and he never looked up. It sounds like something straight out of a song, a metaphor for learning to do better the next time around but it feels like he’s been given one too many chances.

“Yeah, you would be. Bellamy Blake, annoyed that he didn’t get to sacrifice himself or something equally as noble or stupid.”

“That’s how I feel.”

“You don’t know how you feel,” she shoots back, dropping his hand to step up on the tips of her toes, her nose nearly brushing his. Now she’s angry and it just makes him laugh, how persistent she is. “When’s it gonna be enough, huh? When are you actually going to get that you’re just a person, you’re not all good or all bad, you’re just a person. You’re trying to do good, sure, yeah, but Bell - we don’t get to be that. We don’t get to be good people. What, are we going to make flower crowns instead of making calls to save our people? Do you seriously think that was ever an option?”

In the last six months that they’ve been trying to save the people (if they can’t save the world) they’ve barely had time to talk but Bellamy’s noticed - of course he has - how much Clarke’s changed. How more at ease she seems, sure of herself, knowing that her back isn’t big enough for all the kill marks but seemingly not having a problem with it.

He wishes he could do the same but all the horrible things he’s done just come back to haunt him in the end and he still can’t stop seeing Gina whenever he closes his eyes, can’t stop imagining what it must’ve been like for Octavia to see Lincoln, just can’t stop torturing himself. He’s escaped actual torture but he’s trying to make up for it, one thought at a time.

“I should’ve been out there” is all he says in the end, Clarke huffing and panting in front of him, biting into her lower lip to wait him out. And then she rolls her eyes, a moment of her resolve cracking before she slips back into her place next to him. 

The hallway is full of people by now. Everyone’s come to watch the end of the world. Again.

“If you think I’m going to try to give you forgiveness again, you’re wrong. You don’t need it anymore.”

“So you don’t need it either?”

This is how they are: she’ll come into his room late at night when she can’t sleep and he’ll pretend like he doesn’t hear her calling out the names of the people she’s loved (one night she dreams of Wells and wakes up crying, lets Bellamy help her pick up all the pieces she’s lost along the way and remember the good things). Bellamy will jab at her and then he’ll apologize, he’ll sneak into her bed just before the dawn and she’ll start talking, won’t stop until he’s had at least half an hour of shut-eye. 

This time, she shakes her head. “No. And you don’t, either. So just get your head straight and let’s do this. Let’s watch the world end and let’s start again in the morning.”

She makes it sound so easy and Bellamy wishes he could believe it really is. It’s not. But he nods all the same, takes a hold of her hand and laces their fingers together. The trees start burning on the other side of the glass. 

Clarke’s cheek is soft against his forehand when she brings it up for a nuzzle and he can’t help himself, wraps an arm around her waist even though she should probably be angry with her for calling him out.

But she’s also his best friend and he’d rip his heart out of his chest if it meant Clarke being safe and happy, so. It’s not like he can help himself. And the world is ending, after all.

Two hours later there’s nothing but green smoke where air should be and the people have gone back to their rooms, nothing more left to see but stumps where flowers have once been.

That’s when he’ll kiss her, slide a hand into her choppy locks and hold her close until they’re both breathless and laughing.

“No forgiveness, huh?”

Clarke’s lips are red and her eyes are burning. The world’s end’s got nothing on her. “No. Not anymore. Now we fight.”

And Bellamy can live with that.

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A Little Too Late Part 39

gifs are not mine

Title: A Little Too Late Part 39

Characters: Denise (mom minor OC), Lucifer, Castiel, Gabriel, Y/N (final no pairing chapter!)

Word Count: 1,111

Warnings: slight angst, fluff

A/N: The reader gets some comfort from her mom before she has to choose who she will be with for the rest of eternity.  WHO WILL IT BE? Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much! <3<3

The masterlist for this series can be found HERE!

As you got dressed, you thought back to a few nights ago.  There was nothing but laughter while the four of you ate.  The angels didn’t eat, but they smiled while you, Sam, Dean, and your mother talked.  You knew today would be different no matter what.

As you slipped on your rings, you smiled at the one Balthazar had given you the first day he met you.  It was the ring that you could seal sigils with.  The other rings were gifts from some of the other angels such as Naomi, Samandriel, and Michael.

There was a knock on your door, causing you to turn around.  Your mother walked into your room, a sheepish smile on her lips.  “Hey [Y/N],” your mother spoke softly.  “I just wanted to see if I could borrow a sweater.”

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Pretty Flowers Are Made For Blooming ~ Part 1

Rating: Mature

Relationships: Dean Winchester/Original Female Character (sister Winchester)

Additional Tags for this part: Teenage Drama, Wincest - Freeform, Teen Dean Winchester, Fluff and Angst, Pining, First Kiss, First Love,Young Winchesters, Female Winchesters

Author’s Note: I took the original version of this story down so I could post the reworked version. Hope you all enjoy this new version. Thank you to my beta and cohort on this story’s progression, @helvonasche. She’s one helluva plotter and beta. Also, thank you to the gals on skype who listen to me grumble through plots, @lucibae-is-dancing-in-hell @when-the-day–met-the-night @trisscar368 @formidablepassion.

Reader tags are below. If at any time you wish to be removed or added to this story’s tag list, don’t hesitate to send a friendly request via IM or ask. I’ll be happy to oblige.

Summary: The Winchester twins, Dean and Maggie, have enough on their plates with keeping track of Sam and learning to be hunters, but then they had to go and fall in love.

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anonymous asked:

Hey, hun!!! Can you recommend some really well written fic with plot, good utterance, good descriptions, just skillfully written ones.

I was supposed to make this fic rec long time ago (are you the same anon than weeks ago?) so here we are, let’s do this tonight.

- Coup de Foudre : Harry moves to the front door accompanied by insistent lightning flashes. He acknowledges it could also be a murderer on the other side and that he will likely be dead in five minutes.It should stop him. It doesn’t. Harry decides not to waste another second and calls through to the other side, “Just a second.” He turns the key in the latch and opens it and—everything around him drops away in one long cloud coming into another cloud. (15k)

- my heart’s a stereo (and this melody is meant for you) : Louis Tomlinson, an ex-boybander now stuck in the rut of a comfortable has-been, gets the chance to resuscitate his career when a pop star asks him to write a duet for her highly-anticipated comeback album. Through a chance encounter, he finds a quirky lyricist in Harry Styles, the curly-haired baker and former writer with an above-average sense of rhyme and inexplicable interest in personal questions.Or: the Music & Lyrics AU that no one asked for, in which Louis is Hugh Grant, and Harry is Drew Barrymore, and the slow burn is (hopefully) worth the wait. (122k)

- over fire and water (for your love): non au; where a car accident changes everything, except for what they call home. (6k)

- once upon a dream : Louis is psychic and gets caught in the middle of a murder investigation led by FBI Special Agent Harry Styles.aka. the Medium/Criminal Minds-inspired AU no one ever asked for. (33k)

- Cameras Flashing  : With his breakout single platinum three times over and his second album still selling out in stores around the world, Louis Tomlinson has made it to the top. However, his position as Pop Heartthrob of the Decade is threatened by the edgier, more artistic Zayn, who happens to be releasing an album a week after Louis’ upcoming third. Louis needs something groundbreaking- scandalous, even- to push past him in the charts. Much to Louis’ dismay, his PR team calls in The Sexpert. Consulting with PR firm Shady, Lane and Associates pays the bills so that Harry Styles can spend his down time doing what he really loves: poring over data. On weekends and late into the evenings, he researches gender, presentation, and sexual orientation, analysing the longitudinal study that is his father’s life’s work. That is, until his newest client, the popstar with the fascinating secret, drags him off his couch and frighteningly close to the spotlight. As the album’s release date approaches, will Tomlinson and Styles be able to pull off the most risky PR scheme of the millennium and beat Zayn in sales or will the heat of their feelings for each other compromise everything? (81k)

- a house built out of stone : Louis has a used bookshop and Harry has a habit of claiming things that don’t belong to him. (22k)

- To Give You a Hand to Hold : Marine Louis Tomlinson is medically discharged when an IED explodes in Afghanistan. Months later, he’s reunited Stateside with his Navy medic Harry Styles. The two of them shelter each other even as they refuse to admit they’re in the throes of PTSD, until one night nearly destroys them.   (26k)

- taking tips and getting stoned : Louis drives a taxi. He hasn’t seen Harry in eight years when they have a chance meeting. A lot has changed in that time. But not everything. (24k)

- on a thousand miles and more       : That’s why, after Granada, they decide to stick to the places they went to together.  Retrospectively, maybe that’s when it becomes less of a holiday and more of a pilgrimage. Louis thinks he’s beginning to understand what they’re searching for. It’s something akin to closure, but not closure exactly. Something more tenuous than that. More difficult to put into words.  Something like the first exhalation you take after a particularly horrendous nightmare and you think god, it wasn’t real, it wasn’t real, it wasn’t real.   Except that, in their case, it was.“[Harry and Louis go back to the places that made them who they are.] (12k)

- we’re only stones around the sun       : Harry used to talk about him like that once, months ago when he wouldn’t let himself linger on touches that lasted a beat too long or looks that held unspoken promises. Back then it’d been easy, with the hiding of feelings, now it’s all a mess, complicated and hard. He doesn’t know where one feeling starts and another one stops, how he’s supposed to figure it all out. He doesn’t know where to begin, which thread to pick up and begin untangling, where it’s going to lead him if he does. He doesn’t know if he wants to find out. or, Harry finds that he can’t ignore his feelings for his best friend when the months start ticking down to Louis’s graduation. (46k)

- 210 Days : Harry is in the army and Louis is back in New York. Together, they get through Harry’s six month leave by sending a series of letters back and forth. They’ve done it before, and they can do it again. (16k)

UPDATE (last update on April 3rd 2017)

- Feels Like Coming Home  : The last thing Harry Styles expects when he’s hanging out at the Someday Cafe in Somerville one rainy October day is for his ex, Louis Tomlinson to walk through the door, but that’s exactly what happens. After a spectacularly ugly break-up three years prior, Harry hasn’t heard one word from Louis, and he’s moved on. Gotten over him. But having Louis back in his life, not to mention working at the restaurant where he’s a chef, isn’t easy, and the feelings that Harry thought he’d left turn out to be not so easily forgotten. This is a story about love and the power of forgiveness, and how the hard choices we make define us, and change our lives. (60k)

- Where Your Heart Is  : Louis is ready for his brand new adventure. So what if he suffers from a genetic condition that prevents him from being touched? College is going to be awesome. It has to. Karma kind of owes him right now. Forget about his overprotective mother, or Liam– his entirely too chipper step brother– or his mess of a roommate. Forget about the gloves he has to wear at all times. He’s here to expand his knowledge, write and drown himself in books – No matter how distracting ‘Hallway Boy’ may be– The obnoxious, flirty frat wannabe determined to become the bane of Louis’ existence.Or, a college AU set in San Francisco where two lost boys who seemingly have nothing in common find inspiration, each other, and themselves in the process. (154k)

anonymous asked:

14 or 19 for nurseydex? (from this prompt list: sleepy-skittles(.)tumblr (.)com/ post/155287327552/50-a-softer-world-prompts) or nurseydex and baking? idk whatever you want i just really love your writing!! esp the NHL future fic that was so cute and funny :)) thank you!

(I’m really really glad you like the NHL one!! It’s probably one of my favourite things I’ve ever written omg,,@ here’s Nursey and Dex baking, set sometime before Bitty and Jack come out to the team heh)

The bowl hit the ground with a deep thud, echoing off the wooden floors as berries and syrupy blue liquid oozed out and puddled around Nursey’s feet.

“Derek Malik Nurse, what was that?” Bitty exclaims, whipping around to find Nursey standing, sheepish, in the middle of the blue puddle. Bitty closes his eyes, lips tight.

“Chill, I can go buy some more berries right now, if you want.” He says, but Bitty’s face is starting to crumple; his eyes crinkle slightly and, for one horrifying moment, Nursey thinks he might cry. “Shit, shit, are you okay? Bits, I’m sorry.” Nursey urges softly, walking over to put a hand on Bitty’s shoulder. He flinches and Nursey drops his hand.

“No, it’s–” Bitty wipes his eye with the back of his hand. “It’s fine, I’m fine, I just…I’m having a tough week. I’m sorry.” Nursey raises an eyebrow.

“Do you want to talk about it?” Bitty laughs weakly.

“No, I’m gonna…I’m going to the store and then I’m gonna pack pack. I, uh, I’m gonna head down to Providence later. For the weekend.” Bitty says and Nursey nods. He thinks it’s pretty cool how close Bitty and Jack are. Not only does Nursey love the guy, he plays for the NHL and that’s, like, the coolest. Bitty looks down. “If you wouldn’t mind cleaning that, though…” Bitty says, grabbing his wallet and keys, before heading towards the door.

“Oh! Yeah, of course, man.” He says and tries to reach the rag on the counter without having to trek blue spots through the kitchen. He never actually hears the door shut, though, because, as soon as Bitty is out of the Haus, Dex takes his place.

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STOP!” cried the archdeacon.


that ttazz part talking about merles reasons for leaving from a few weeks ago finally gave me the push i needed to indulge in my vague ‘merle as the archdeacon from the hunchback of notre dame and the whole first song playing loosely into his backstory’ au. listen it barely makes any sense but i love it ok. also what hes holding is supposed to be a vague pan holy symbol since he doesn’t have his book


visual version here

Check out the continuation!

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i. prologue 

“Mrs. Kim? Yeah, it’s me. I was just wondering if Taehyung has left the house yet?”

“He’s… what?”

good morning! so glad you found your way to this. (you don’t always pick it up and days are bad when you don’t.) anyways, please do read to the end, you need every memory you can get out of this.

- 12.03.14 

you turn twenty-one this christmas. remember to give family and friends a phone call!

- 21.01.16

ii. re-run

“What do you mean… he’s gone?“


“I understand. I- I have made a huge mistake… I’m sorry about this, Mrs. Kim. If I call again, please do not hesitate to tell me the truth. Nothing but the truth.”

three years ago, you were diagnosed with anterograde amnesia. a car accident, they said. although you can’t remember how it happened. the therapist suggested you make a scrapbook to keep track of things.

- 12.03.14

iii. encounter

“Why are you staring at me like that? Have we met?”

“I sing at the bar just across the post office you work at, maybe you’ve seen me there? My name’s Jungkook.”

“Oh, no wonder. But how did you know I work at the post office?

“Um, lucky guess, I think.”

you have a best friend named taehyung. you’re both from daegu. it happens that your birthdays are only five days apart. you used to share birthday cakes, but-

- 04.06.14

you can’t figure out why the memo is incomplete. it looks like someone scratched it off. you hope it’s not important.

- 12.08.14

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Vader: [text message] omfg tarkin is so boring this meeting sucks it’s sooo tempting to just fall asleep 😴 😴 😴 
Vader: they’d never know lol 
Obi-Wan: I’ve been very clear that I don’t think we should still be texting each other, Anakin. 
Vader: well……..if you’d prefer you could come here and we could chat in person 😘
Vader: Oops that was supposed to be 😈
Obi-Wan: 🙄 Sure it was.  
Vader: lol u love it 💕 
Obi-Wan: I am going to meditate. And block your number. 
Vader: yeah yeah u said that 5 years ago old man
Vader: who drunk-dialed me from a cantina last week??? hmmm???
Vader: i know youre making that face right now lol
Obi-Wan: I am not making any sort of face, thank you.
Obi-Wan: I have to go now.  
Vader: talk to you soon 😚
Obi-Wan: Ugh.

Joker Imagine - Kill For You

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Your P.O.V.

This situation was probably the most tense in my entire life. Whatever I would do next would determine the rest of my life, whether it’d be long or short, happy or sad, loved or not. Of course it made me nervous, although I was pretty sure what I would do next. 

How did I get myself into this?

I was a doctor, I worked at Arkham asylum. I wasn’t a mental doctor or a psychiatrist, but I was a real doctor. Joker was inside the asylum and he had somehow gotten a cut on his thigh. I was sent to go in and help him. Damn when they told me to go into Joker’s cell, I felt like that was it, he’d kill me for sure. Still I walked in and saw the green haired clown prince of crime. The second I laid my eyes on him, I felt something strange. I was attracted to him, even tho I shouldn’t.

I had stitched up his wound without a problem. He even talked to me, which was surprising because he refused to cooperate with anyone else. That continued for two weeks as I checked up on his wound. Our little sessions turned longer because he wanted me there, he wanted to talk. I felt special and it slowly made me pity him. He didn’t have to be here when he could be outside, making Gotham interesting again.

The day I was supposed to take off his stitches, he said something that changed my life. I knew I had a chance to say no and never go back, but I didn’t want to. I felt a need to help him. I still remember the conversation like it happened a minute ago.

‘’Oh doll face you will help me again, right?’’ Joker had asked me softly and looked at me with big blue eyes. I knew that whatever he had to say was different than stitching up his wound. ‘’Yeah’’ I breathed out and glanced at the door. The guards couldn’t hear us.

Joker had leaned closer to me, so close that I felt his breath on my skin. ‘’I need you to do something really brave’’ He started mysteriously, his voice getting deeper. I remember how I held my breath as I waited for him to continue. ‘’Say that I got something really bad and we need an ambulance. You should also get a gun, a really powerful one. You’ll find one next to the mall, there’s a club and there’s a backdoor in the alley. Come here tomorrow, take me to the ambulance and make sure you still have the gun’’ Joker whispered his carefully thought plan to me. It shocked me that he trusted me with that.

I had stayed quiet because I was in shock. Our eyes met and I watched his lips curving into a smile. ‘’What do you say baby girl?’’ He questioned me, calling me that to seem softer. ‘’Of c- yes, yes um.. I’ll do that’’ I stuttered and knew that it would turn my life around. ‘’Excellent’’ Joker had said and then I left his cell.

                         The next day things went exactly how he had planned. I had the gun in my jacket and I waited for him to act like he got a serious attack or something. I ran through the guards and got into the cell. He was on the ground, looking completely lifeless. ‘’We need an ambulance!’’ I yelled loudly and pretended to do something. I pressed his chest and tried not to give him fake mouth to mouth. 

It didn’t take too long until two ambulance men ran into the room and put him on a bed. ‘’I’ll come with you’’ I offered them. The ambulance men didn’t mind, they needed someone that knew Joker a little bit. So we hurried through the halls and outside Arkham Asylum. The guards shut the doors after us and just let Joker leave like that. I felt a little nervous, but excited at the same time. I knew it was wrong, but it felt right.

We were inside the ambulance where I still was. They were driving to the hospital as I sat in the back, next to Joker. The two ambulance men were in the front because I said I’ll take over. They trusted me because I was a doctor. Why would a doctor lie? Well, they would find out soon.

Joker opened his eyes and I saw him smiling. He looked at me and I noticed something weird, there was something dark  in his look. He was free, he could do anything. ‘’Good job Y/N’’ Joker purred and stood up. I tried to shush him, but it was too late. The ambulance slowed down and the men looked at us in horror. I knew I was the one who would determine the situation. I could shoot Joker and be a good guy, or then I would listen to Joker.

‘’Did you really think that I would need to go to hospital?’’ Joker laughed loudly at the men. His laugh as different, it belonged to someone crazy. That’s when I realised how serious this was. ‘’Y/N take out the gun’’ Joker demanded and  all eyes were on me. With trembling hands I grabbed the black gun that I found. When I got it, I felt like a criminal. Damn I had a gun.

‘’Now listen carefully’’ Joker said slowly and stepped next to me. I watched how scared the ambulance men were. Their eyes were big and they seemed like they had seen a ghost. ‘’I’ll show you what to do’’ Joker told me and then grabbed the gun. I stared at the gun in his hands. I should be scared, but I wasn’t. I stood next to the most wanted criminal who held a gun, but I wasn’t scared.

I was actually happy. He had managed to make me develope feelings for him. Damn it.

Joker pulled the trigger and suddenly one of the guys fell down on the ground, bleeding from his head. Joker had shot him straight through the brain. I had never witnessed something like this. Someone just died and I was a part of it. ‘’Now you do it’’ Joker broke the silence. The other man was panicking. He collapsed on his knees next to his friend and he tried to shake his body, but it wouldn’t help. Tears were rolling down his face and he was sobbing.

‘’Kill him Y/N to prove that you care about me’’ Joker demanded and it made me nervous. I felt like blushing. I glanced at Joker who seemed angry, yet he had a smile on his face. ‘’It’s obvious baby’’ He whispered quietly. I looked at my victim and then took a deep breath. ‘’No..d-don’t’’ He begged, his brown eyes full of fear. I loaded the gun and pointed at him. My trembling finger was on the trigger and I only had to pull it.

‘’Don’t! You could shoot the Joker! Think about how good that would b-be. Shoot him!’’ My victim tried to make me change my mind. Wrong move. It just pissed me off. I kicked his chest and stepped on his stomach. ‘’You’ll never say that again’’ I hissed and then pulled the trigger repeatedly, piercing bullets through his body in anger.

My blood was boiling from rage. Did he really think I would shoot J? I stopped when I felt a hand on my waist. I held my breath and stared at the bloody body beneath me. I had killed that guy. I killed someone for Joker. ‘’I’m proud of you. You really got a fire somewhere in there’’ Joker chuckled and made me turn around to face him. I felt dumbfounded. This all just happened so fast. I was surprised from my sudden anger. I really cared about Joker.

‘’Now let’s go. We can celebrate at my penthouse’’ He whispered into my ear and took the gun away from me. A smile spread on my face. ‘’So you won’t make me go?’’ I asked him a little too happily. Joker examined me for a little while until he sighed. ‘’Why would I let go of such a gem? You’re going to frighten the entire world with a few twists and turns’’ He let me know darkly. I had nothing to lose anymore.

‘’Now let’s go. I hope I can drive this thing’’ Joker thought out loud and sat down on the driver’s seat. I sat next to him and fastened my seatbelt. Although I wasn’t 100% sure what Joker would do to me, I hoped for the best. I really wanted to be by his side. I already proved my loyalty to him.