i was supposed to make it a secret santa thing

Dear Felicia (@thejilyship ), 

Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2017! Above all, however, a very happy Jily Secret Santa! I hope you like this. I decided to go with “anything canon where it’s that sweet spot right before they’re together but they both fancy each other and just don’t know that the other one fancies them”. I hope this makes you smile!


“He’s going to ask her out.”

Who’s going to ask who out?”

“Pay attention.”

“You say so many things. How am I supposed to keep track of it all?“

"I never gossip, though.”

“But you’re gossiping now.”

“Well… yes, but that’s beside the point.”

“What were you talking about again?”

“You know. About him and that he’s asking her out.

“Dear Merlin… Lily, can you please explain who we’re talking about, so that I can be properly disgusted?”

“Do you ever listen to a word I say?”

“I listen plenty. I just tend to avoid listening to what is clearly dragon’s dung.”

“Well, this isn’t.”

“Prove it!”

“Could you put your quill down and look me in the eye?”

“I have to finish this essay.”

“Five minutes?”

“Ugh… okay…”

“Thank you, Marly!”

“So… who is asking out who?”

“Potter. He’s asking out Greengrass.”

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My Secret Santa for aromanticludwig. I had a lot of fun making this!  I actually changed a ton of things about this.  For starters, there were supposed to be actual dialogue!  I replaced the dialogue with pictures with the help of hypocriticalpost-teen once the lineart was done.  I’ve always wanted to make a story without the aid of words.  And when I finished the lineart, I found I could make it work.  In fact, it was difficult to get through the kind of dialogue I wanted with pictures, so I changed it to what you see above.  I’m surprised, the picto dialogue fits better than I expected!

In fact, my first idea is much different than the final product!  In my first draft, they didn’t even touch.  I had to change that!  

All in all, I’m very happy with how this came out.  It was a blast to make!