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So, are you still 15, or are you thousands of years old? You're human again, so how would that work?

My physical body has certainly changed since I was that 15 year old boy…matured to some what reflect my long years.  Cognitively and mentally I have retained my knowledge of the centuries though.  The Void is strange and I don’t know yet what residual effects it will have on my human life and aging.

The Mayor and the Colonel

(( @endlcss-possibilities wanted some Damien/Will fluff and I am here to deliver! ))

The kiss was unexpected.

Damien had thrown a party in celebration of becoming Mayor of the city and William had turned up half way through the party with a giant flourish and a large bouquet of flowers. By that point Damien was a little tipsy, but he was extremely happy to see his old friend and hugged William for a long time before other people gained his attention.

William made a toast to Damien, and nearly came close to revealing some secrets that Damien really didn’t want people to know, so he had tackled his friend to the ground to much laughter. Damien ended up underneath William, panting hard and laughing himself as William pinned him down, hands around Damien’s wrists.

“Not a very nice way to silence those you dislike, Mayor.” William teased.

“Who says I dislike you, Colonel?” Damien breathed, smirking up at his friend.

Their faces were inches apart, and with no one else watching, William bent down and kissed Damien. It was short, sweet and Damien felt a stirring in his gut. He wanted more, wanted to pull William down and kiss him harder, but the Colonel refused to release his wrists.

“William.” Damien murmured, wriggling, “Let me go.”

“What are you two doing?!” Another guest laughed, and when attention slowly began to return to them, William slid off Damien, standing up and helping the Mayor to his feet.

“Just having a friendly chat.” Will laughed as he took two more drinks from a passing butler, passing one to Damien, who accepted it happily and knocked it back quickly. His face was extremely red from the kiss, but the majority of his guests believed it was from the alcohol and no one teased him about it.

By the time the party slowly dwindled down, William and Damien were eventually the only two guests left, lying together on a couch in Damien’s living room, William upside down on the couch with his legs hanging over the back and Damien’s head on his chest.

“Why did you kiss me?” Damien asked quietly.

“‘Cause I wanted to.” William chuckled, “You’ve got nice lips.”

“Would you do it again?” Damien asked, shifting and sitting up and pulling William up as well so they were face to face. “Please.”

William didn’t reply, merely jumped forward and brought their lips together. Damien curled his hand into William’s suspenders – and oh how he was glad that the Colonel always wore those under his coat – pulling Will even closer to him. Pushing the Mayor down onto the couch, William straddled him, still kissing and pulling Damien’s hands from his suspenders and pressing them down into the couch. With teeth at his neck, Damien’s back arched and he murmured William’s name, only for his friend to capture his lips again as his hands slid down Damien’s body, pulling his shirt out of his pants and slipping under it.

“Damien,” William whispered, “Do you want this?”

Nodding, Damien pulled William down again for another kiss before wrapping his legs around the Colonel’s waist and hooking him in place.

“So…what’s going on with you and the Colonel?”

Mark asked the question out of the blue and Damien jumped. So engrossed in his work he hadn’t heard Mark come in, let alone his receptionist’s announcement that Mark was there, and the mention of the Colonel had him blushing behind his hands, something that Mark evidently found amusing.

“Good day to you too Mark.” Damien said, “What brings you here?”

“I just told you,” Mark laughed, settling in a seat behind Damien’s desk and crossing one leg over the other. “What’s going on with you and William?”

“What makes you think anything is?” Damien inquired rather defensively, resisting the urge to fix his suit – a sure tell he was nervous.

“Well, whenever I bring him up in conversation, you always steer the conversation to another topic, and I know you haven’t seen each other recently.” Mark replied, “I have my sources, Damien, you can’t hide from me.”

Sighing, Damien rested his head in his hands. “We…may have taken our relationship a step further?”

“How much further? Touching, oral or sex?” Mark inquired as he leaned forward, intrigued and as crude as always.

“Mark please!” Damien exclaimed, “Keep your voice down. The walls in this place have ears and there are some things I don’t want people to know.”

“Sorry,” Mark grinned, “So…how far?”


“Are you serious?!” Mark cried and Damien shot him a scathing look. “Sorry,” He whispered, “But you’re serious?”

“Yes I’m serious.” Damien huffed, “Why would I lie about that specifically? Honestly Mark it’s not that big a deal I mean-.”

“But you have feelings for him.” Mark interupted, “Does he know?”

“Of course not!”

“Why not?!”

“Well he clearly does not want anything with strings attached? Otherwise he would have…been in touch I suppose?” Damien trailed off. He hoped that wasn’t the case, but the evidence for it was strong.

Mark rolled his eyes. “Please, he’s probably trying to protect your image.”

“What do you mean?”

“Damien, you’ve just been elected Mayor. Your rivals will be looking for anything they can use to bury you, and you getting into a relationship with the Colonel will definitely be that thing. William is probably thinking of your career and not your heart. Go and speak to him, you’ll see I’m right.” Mark explained, exasperated and like he was talking to a child.

“Because you always are.” Damien added sarcastically, but the knowing smile Mark gave him told him that Mark knew Damien was going to follow his advice.

William happily came for a visit to Damien’s house, bringing some of his favourite port which Damien stored for later. He didn’t want to be drunk for this confrontation. First, he would have to ask William about Celine. It was a sore subject William, but Damien needed to know.

“How is Celine?” He asked casually as he poured wine for the two of them. William paused before he took the glass and shrugged.

“She’s fine. You could talk to her yourself you know.” He murmured.

“I suppose. But you know what I mean William.” Damien muttered.

Silence fell between them before William sighed. “We’re not seeing each other Damien. We haven’t been for a while.”


“Why are you asking?” William pressed.

“Well…I was thinking about the night of the party.” Damien said after a moment, keeping his back to William and gripping the wine glass tightly. He waited for William’s response, and jumped when he felt a hand on his shoulder, slowly spinning him until he was face to face to William, who was smiling softly.

“Is that’s what’s been bothering you?” The Colonel laughed, “Oh Damien, you should have told me, I was waiting for you to make a move. You know, make sure you could take that step because of your position.”


So, Mark had been right. He was going to be happy about that when Damien inevitably told him.

“So…can I ask where this is going?” He asked softly.

“Wherever you want it to.” William murmured, taking Damien’s wine glass and setting it aside to draw the Mayor closer.

With his breath hitching slightly, Damien smiled and leaned forward to kiss William. “As far as we can take it.” He replied, wrapping his arms around William’s waist. “Forever.”

“Bully.” Colonel grinned, pushing Damien against the nearest wall for a deep kiss.


Upgraded Nori to a bigger tank– going from the 2.5 to the 5 gallon. I was hoping it would fit on my desk like in the first picture, but it was just a hair too long. I also underestimated the amount of realestate I was going to be working with– hopefully the pennywort and duckweed and whatever the mystery plant that came with them will grow fast enough.

The light is so bright too. We’ll see how it all goes I suppose! 8D

Date Saver

This was inspired by a prompt that @expectogladiolus posted a while back. I do not any FFXV character or the game. I wish I did. I hope you enjoy this Gladio being a sweety.

I was sitting in the restaurant checking my phone for what seemed like the hundredth time. ‘God, where is he? I bet he ditched me, again.’ My so called boyfriend was suppose to meet me for dinner, but noooo. He would rather be with his friends or cheating.

But instead of just leaving the restaurant in shame I stay telling the waitress that he’s just late. After a while people start giving me sad looks. ‘I am gonna go home and dump his ass.’ I sigh and as I am about to get up, a tall, muscular, and very attractive man comes up to me and smiles.

“Hey babe. So so sorry I am late. My boss wouldn’t let me go even though I told him I had a date with you tonight.” He leans down and hugs me. “My name is Gladio. Go along with it.” He pecks my cheek and winks.

I blush a thousand shades of red as he sits across from me. “Oh that’s ok. I understand how your work can be Gladio.” I kind of like how his name rolls off my tongue. He just grins and we order. After our food arrives and people stop staring at us I finally tell him my name. 

“Nice to meet you (y/n). Sorry I kind of pushed myself on ya.”

I wave my hand, “Oh no it’s fine. But may I ask why you did.”

He flashes that attractive grin again, “Well I was walking past and saw a beautiful lady alone. I also didn’t like how these people were looking at you.” He takes a sip from his glass. “Mind me asking why you were alone?”

I tell him about ass of a (ex)boyfriend. After I breathe feeling good to finally telling someone he grabs my hand.

“I’m sorry. He sounds like a jerk and totally doesn’t deserve you.”

I smile and we continue on having a nice dinner. When the bill comes Gladio pays for it and offers me his arm to take.

I take his arm and he head out. As we are talking and laughing my ex-boyfriend comes up to us. “What the hell (y/n)!? Who is this?!” He starts yelling and pointing at Gladio.

“His name is Gladio and he kindly saved me from the dinner you were suppose to be at. But I am done Tyler. We are through.”

Tyler makes a move towards me and Gladio places me behind him. “You heard the lady. Get lost and don’t come near her.” Gladio growls at Tyler as he walks away from us.

When Tyler is gone I look up at Gladio. “Thanks. I know he won’t come near me now.”

He just smiles and takes my hand in his much larger one. ‘Is everything about him big?!’ (*wink wink* sorry not sorry.) I shake my head as I feel a blush rise to my face.

“No problem. Come on let’s get you home.” He walks me to my apartment. When I get up the step, I turn to so I am somewhat eye level with him.

“Thanks Gladio.” He smiles and places his hands in his coat pockets. “For what exactly?”

“For saving me at the restaurant, for making my ex leave me alone, for walking me home. Just being a really nice guy.” I summon all of my courage and kiss his cheek, “Night Gladio.”

He grabs my hand, “Hey um can I get your number? I know like we just met and all but I would like to take you out on a real date. Like be my girlfriend kind of date, but I know you just got out of a relationship and I don’t want to make you feel pressured.”

I giggle and peck his lips. “You’re rambling. I would love to go on a date with you Gladio and to be your girlfriend.” He hugs me and holds me close, “Oh thank the Astrals.”

I just laugh and give him my number. “Goodnight Gladio. Text me.”

He kisses me one last time and grins. “Of course. Night babe.” With that he walks off. Who knew being stoop up would be a good thing.

That was longer than I thought it was. Well I hope you enjoyed it. :) <3

INKTOBER THE 17TH  - preggers Mairon lookin all stately and majestic while Melkor stumbles over himself lost in awe and reverence 

Another sketch for my upcoming fic of the Angbaby AU :) Ok, Melkor was supposed to be in this picture holding Mairon with his hands on her belly because he’s the clingiest husband ever but my drawing skills weren’t up to the task haha… sorry this one is a bit simplistic, it’s been a long day. 

let’s not think about how much whiteout was used and subsequently photoshopped out of this, i just couldn’t draw today


“You’ve only been here a day” Britland pointed out “he’s never had one steady girl. He has hook ups. A lot of hook ups.”

“Oh” she blinked looking away.

“Sorry” he felt impelled to say something even though he really didn’t know why.

“It’s not your fault” Miranda put a hand to his cheek “you love who you love. I know that better than anyone.”

“So you’re not disappointed…”

“Maybe a little” she laughed “I had so many hopes for little green-skinned pinked haired grandchildren. I suppose now” she looked over her shoulder towards her husband and Carson, “I’ll have to settle for purple instead.”

“Mom” he protested his cheeks burning as he watched his Dad and Carson turn towards them and wave.


These took absolutely forever but I finally finished it. Here, have the dork squad based on @waiting4codot‘s CodotVerse because his voices and stories help keep me extremely entertained through tough days. I tried my best to keep to the descriptions and drawings he did so do forgive me if I messed up some things. This is just a start. 

Check him out because his stories are pure fun (and pain). Have a fantastic one folks! :)

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something not specific - a cute kyle doing cute kyle things

i guess these arent specifically cute things but hes always cute so it doesnt rly matter

Inktober 07 - Planets.
Stay strong, you can do it.

Me and Mary are doing Inktober half and half! (Check out Day 6)