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Night Security at a Zoo

by reddit user SeasideConflux

This was a really well-written story that had an extremely terrifying concept. 

“Damned, dirty apes,” Ronnie cursed into the radio.

“What’s going on out there?” I asked, giving his quote a chuckle. I could hear the shrieking of the baboons in the background. The storm came down worse than the pretty weather girl said on the television earlier that night. In fact, it was the complete opposite. The wind gusts blew through the zoo accompanied by torrents of cold, thick rain. She said it was supposed to become a drizzle in the next couples hours yet it was intensifying.

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To the best of my recollection here is what Epsilon said in the trailer till it comes out here you go.

Dear Chairman. My name is Epsilon. Sometimes called Alpha, sometimes called Church.

Youre investigating the occurrence on Chorus and I believe I can help with that. Your predecessor Malcolm Hargrove was responsible.

Ive attached the story of the brave men and women I faught with to stop him. Or against sometimes but yknow when I was supposed to be working with them. Ive titled it “red vs blue”.

Pay particular attention to parts 11-13

im sorry if this sounds a bit maudlin, but I guess I ahve a right to be
this is the story of how I died

Did I ever tell you guys about the guy in my German Mythology class that has the friendliest guide dog? This is Kennedy. She makes my Mon/Wed/Fri.’s. Normally you’re not supposed to pet guide dogs but his owner is totally fine if you pet her. She’s a big cuddly sweetheart too. <3 She also loves sandwiches and she was eye-balling mine when I took this pic. X)

She makes the 50 minutes I have to sit in that classroom bearable. :)


hey. so I just landed myself in the hospital, the day before I was supposed to meet the cube members. if anybody going to PAX East could at least get Will (kiingtong) to say ‘I love you Grace’ it would make my life. they all mean so much to me but I don’t want to ask too much and if you do this I will be forever grateful. my leg’s nerves are freaking out and I can’t move it or walk. this is probably the worst time for this to happen and it would just be so amazing if you could do this. thank you so much.

I want you to know that
this poem wasn’t supposed
to bleed, but I have no idea
how to stop this anymore.
I’ve learned that band aids
can’t fix this hole inside my
chest and the memories come
dripping from the paper no
matter what I seem to try.
It turns out you keep ripping
scars open everywhere you
choose to go.
—  wtm, please make it stop

1. I had a dream last night that mattfractionblog was named Lumbersexual of the Year and then his beard solved global warming.  I wish I was kidding.

2. Kid C’s so overstimulated from a day full of birthday festivities at the moment I’m pretty sure he’s going to be awake til midnight.  Which is awesome on a weekend when we lose an hour of sleep.

3. It’s supposed to be in the 40s this weekend/next week so I’m declaring winter officially over. Honestly? It was disappointing.  Hella cold in spots but next to no snow, no real opps for sledding or doing typical Midwestern stuff. I realize y’all in the Northeast are throwing crap at your screens right now but we’re SUPPOSED to get what you did. We didn’t. It freaks me out.

4. I’ve had the Humpty Dance stuck in my head for well over 24 hours. You’re welcome.

5. Mies van der Rohe once said, “God is in the details.” Weeks like this, I think that’s probably true.  It was a good week.

Happy weekend, cats and kittens.

Happy Without Me

Chapter Seven – I Should’ve Known Better

A/N: This is not going to be the most pleasant flashback. We may be all out of fluff for now. I might be able to get another one up quickly but if not it’ll only be a few days, no worries.

Summary: Sure, everyone says long distance doesn’t work. But if anyone was gonna make it work it was supposed to be them. They’ve always beat the odds – until now. Now, Amy is just walking away like they don’t have two decades worth of history. Karma doesn’t know why Amy made so many promises when she wasn’t going to follow through with any of them.

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So I saw that biracial people can participate in #blackout, so I decided to put up some pics at the last minute, but that didn’t come without a lot of contemplation. I often feel like I’m not supposed to be a part of these movements. I, a lot of the time, feel left out of both sides of these things; I’m white passing but they call me a half-breed or a halfie. I grew up not really belonging in either racial group.

I appreciate my white privilege because I do receive it, and I wish I could do more with this leverage I got by birth but the again, I also feel like I can’t go to protests or participate in the movement because I look white. Like I’m going to be cast aside as a white person looking for attention, which is not who I am.

So I’m putting up my photos because I know a lot of other biracial or “white looking” black folks probably feel the same way.

After silvergryphon06 made a theory about 5b possibly paralleling 4b, I decide to go back to 4x10 and found some good parallels with 5x10 that I will get into depth about in another post, I also noticed that Glenn picked up Hershel’s watch in 4x10 that shows the same time that was just found on bethgreenewarriorprincess ASZ tour post. I took a lot of screen shots but I’m not sure how to post them from my ipod. Also, remember how Morgan’s wall said “weren’t supposed to be there” in Clear? Well, we can take that off our Beth-related lists because it’s what Tara says about Lilly in 4x10

I plan on doing a series of posts starting with 4x9 mirroring 5x9 but it depends after I go back and watch 4x9 again to see if this is actually how it’s playing out.

When this happened, thought Amethyst was just messing with Greg.  By the end… I’m not so sure.

Greg said that he met Rose when she was the only person to show up to his concert. But what if Amethyst was the one who told Rose the concert was happening? What if Amethyst was supposed to go with her and just flaked out on it?

Update 3/6/15 - basically online

I am up and running, but won’t be super active for the next 2 hours or so. But I’m still on, following with this quick announcement!

I have downloaded tumblr onto my phone, so every time someone likes or reblogs or asks, it appears on my phone screen. I love it, because I get to see everyone’s usernames and what they liked. It’s like backwards stalking…I suppose. Anyways, weekend! I’ll get to work on ships, and some shorter one shots and try to post something tonight. 

After 2 AM, is still in progress - I’m blocked! Thankfully, I have a professional who is going to help me this weekend. Though I make no promises about what’ll make it out this weekend, keep your fingers crossed! 

here’s a gif for ya’ll

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Bea and Ben + Their first Christmas as a couple

“You’re late,” Beatrice accused, perched on top of the monkey bars. “You were supposed to get here at midnight.”

It was nearly one in the morning – their Christmas plans with their families were so jam packed, they knew they weren’t going to be able to see each other, so they’re agreed to sneak out and meet up at the playground halfway between their houses to exchange gifts.

“Patience is a virtue, darling,” He held his hand out for her, and she took it, jumping down. “My mom was up late wrapping last minute gifts, I had to wait for her to go to bed. She still pretends they’re from Santa.”

“A likely story. You were probably scrambling to finish your gift.”

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149 days on T

I find that I need to wear much less when going outside. Before, I had no trouble wearing a sweatshirt underneath my jacket. Now if I wear anything more than a T-shirt over my binder, I heat up very quickly and I feel like I have to get naked to be comfortable. This is great since that means I don’t need to overdress when traveling but I dread the moment summer arrives. New York City has this distinct habit of being too cold one day and too hot the next. How will I get around with my binder in the summer? The humidity is awful.

Lawyer called me on the phone this morning to say that my certified copies of the court order have arrived and I can come pick it up anytime. They were supposed to have shown up yesterday after sending out the affidavit on Wednesday but it didn’t due to the snowstorm. I’ll be picking them up next Monday before I go to an in-person interview for The Trevor Project. I can’t contain my orga- I mean, excitement.

A question I’ve recently answered in my ask box got me thinking about the lack of diversity in our FTM community. All the well known transguys in the media are white and attractive looking, which isn’t a bad thing but still bothers me when people get the idea that they are the sole representation of the community. Their narrative is not my narrative, they will never know the struggles of a transgender person of color and what’s worse is that some of them don’t even recognize their privilege. It’s never even talked about at all. That has got to change.

So a customer came to my line a while back before I transfered to the Gas Station, and she was a little old lady as sweet as could be. We were talking about birds or something like that. I was happily scanning her items and placing them in bags. The store has a small carosil so usually I pack them up top on the carosil and they generally grab it and put it in the cart.

Now in our store, we generally are not supposed to bag, unless asked or if they look like they need help, which I had all intention of doing, but I still had room to pack stuff into bags, and was going to put them in the cart when I was finished etc. But her husband comes out of no where and puts them in the cart which I was happy about because how nice! 

But then the lady does a 180 and yells at him “DONT YOU DARE PUT THAT AWAY THAT IS THEIR JOB” I was astounded and a little bit offended, so I waited till she paid which she snatched her change from me, and went to go put the rest of the bags away the man had not gotten to. 

At the middle of the transaction I was told to turn my light off and head to Fast Lanes to cover a break, so I fixed my registered signed out and headed to fast lanes. THere was a mistake and was told to head back for someone else was already covering the break, but on my way back to register the same lady stopped me grabbing my arm and rudely asking “Arent you Cashiers supposed to put stuff in the carts.” I was like if we are asked of course, but I usually do it wh-” I want to speak to your manager” she interupted me and I bit my lip nodding going to explain to her. To be noted the lady never asked me to put the items away and I was going to do it anyway if she was paitent but as I headed to my manager I began to explain and she already looked annoyed as I told her.

"Why didnt you put them in her cart?" She asked before I even explained the whole thing and the old lady came up behind me having followed me to the office and basicaly pushed me aside to talk to her, I just sighed frstraited and went back to my lane not before hearing her "THIS IS NOT (Some store that sells low priced food) I PAY GOOD MONEY AND SHOULDNT HAVE TO PUT MY FOOD AWAY IN MY CART" I was like whatever, began to check out another customer.

I forgot about her for a few minutes but then she came up to my line in the middle of a transaction berating me in front of the woman I was helping. “I have your name ‘Insert my name here’ and I am calling coprate on you and getting you fired! You saw I needed help and my husband was to weak to put them in and you never offered!” I was astounded, and nearly retorted “Please fire me, I beg of you.”

I am sorry I didnt offer but I was more upset how you treated me like a dog and I was planning on helping you the entire time! And her husband never said a thing and she never asked me to put them away! She told the manager She asked me twice o put the items in the cart. I told her it wasnt true and she just looked annoyed like she did not believe me. Great to have backup. 

She did report me, but nothing came of it as the other manager answered it and took my word.

this is just my opinion but i feel like if you’re going for a perfect Anime Titty bodysuit thing you don’t want that crotch center seam that goes all the way up

like i feel like you’re better off with the leggings+leotard patterning style, it gives more crotch/butt definition

like tbh i’ve seen too many sad saggy crotches on bodysuits that are supposed to be super sexy

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Would you say that you get psychic feelings? Because I know I do. I mean I do readings for people and everything.. and you sound a lot like someone like me when you talk about having gut feelings and being able to put times and everything on it. If you dont already actually consider yourself to be at least a little psychic, I think you should. -Friendly Neighborhood Psychic

i suppose if we’re to go down the psychic feelings route i’m what you’d call a “claircognizance” (“a person acquires psychic knowledge primarily by means of intrinsic knowledge. it is the ability to know something without a physical explanation why you know it”), i’ve had dreams that have come true and stuff, and about 99% of my gut feelings/instinctual feelings turn out to be something, but i’ve never actually predicted anything, though? not in the way people tend to think of predictions, anyway. i get odd feelings that i can’t explain, but like i can’t do readings or anything :)