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alright okay literally hux and kylo use science (NOT MPREG THIS IS SCIENCE) to combine their genes and make adorable force sensitive skywalker babies also hux is already emperor or something THEIR NAMES ARE SHEEVA AND BREXIT HUX and they are human disasters like their fathers before them heres a quick rundown of their personalities and just go through my twitter if you care to learn more about the royal hellspawn

I WANT T O STRESS THAT THIS ENTIRE THING IS BASICALLY A HUGE SHITPOST kylo and hux are awful parents to these spoiled evil twins but by god do they try  im accepting questions about them here and on twitter

lol sorry i’m having a moment of annoyance because honestly….older larries get told all the time to “go raise your children” even we don’t even have children and yet, here is this chick out there showing off her hair and makeup and being vapid as hell on social media when SHE’S the one with the supposed baby. Like where are all the antis tell her to go raise her kid? silence. 

instead they’re fawning over how hot she looks with her fake hair and plastic surgery.

good job.

PSA for Dirty Laundry Update

My normal posting schedule is every other day sometime between 8-11 pm PDT. Today (Sunday, July 24th) was supposed to be the next update! Just wanted to let you all know that I won’t be able to post today (My extended family appeared out of nowhere and I need to entertain them. Plus we are going to the Beach!) 

Posting will go back to the normal schedule tomorrow! I hope the wait is alright (But I’m hoping it’ll be worth it.) 

P.S. Abuelita is Coming 

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Okay dude hope this helps just kinda a really basic guide on what I usually do:

Of course it depends on the texture/weight of the hair (not all hair is created equally) but when it comes down to basic shapes they usually always follow the same general pattern. Tracing over photos to fine the curve/direction of the hair can help you get an idea on where things are supposed to go.

The pulled back hair always follows from the base of the hairline to where the tie is, so depending on where you put the ponytail it can change the direction of the lines. Typically it’s best to decide on where the ponytail goes and where the hairline is first.

(sorry my handwriting is crap lol) I usually make a basic shape of the hair, which starts out thicker and thins towards the end of the ponytail, then I go over that and add singular hairs on top to give it depth. Typically they all follow the same direction but adding varying thickness and length can help add depth, too.

Front ways used the same formula! Establish hairline first, then where the gather for the ponytail will be. This one can be easier cause it’s usually hidden by the head.

Sorry if this is confusing I’ve never tried to do a tutorial before, lol. Hope this helped even a little bit. Feel free to ask any follow up questions. 

I drew this for my Talonflame (Hottie) who, despite being the totally wrong Nature, having an inferior ability, and being nothing but an HM slave for the past three years, somehow managed to come out on top in a 3v1 situation in a Super Triple Battle. She was just supposed to be filler. I had zero faith in her. I’m so proud.

Not Such a Failure: Theo Raeken

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Request// First one is where the reader was made by the dread doctors to like assist Theo in taking down McCall’s pack. But she refuses, and they can no longer control her, or steal her life away with Mercury she is immune. (i haven’t figured out why she would be immune but she is) and she feels herself being drawn to Theo Raeken

Requested by @silverwingedfox hope you enjoy! Let me know if you want a part 2

“I’m not human.”

“I was created.”

“I’m not supposed to be alive.”

“What happened to me?”

“What is even going on?”

These thoughts raced around my head as I desperately searched the dark, damp room. The floor was slippery from the liquid that seemed to be oozing from the walls.

There was large heavy machinery everywhere and a large glass tank in the corner, which seemed to be empty. I hope it was empty.

I couldn’t remember anything. Well barely anything but I don’t think the random flashbacks I had been having was much to go on.

But I remembered the blow to my head. The cold, night air that stung my cheeks.  And the three tall figures that clouded my vision and jabbed a needle into my neck. And then my heart stopped.

And now I was trapped in a room, like a caged animal. I inspected every inch of the room and I couldn’t find the exit. So I done what came naturally.

I sat down on the floor, tucked my head between my knees and waited for someone to come along and kill me. The very idea of that made my new set of fangs sprout out of my gums and I could feel the pierce of my claws on my palms. The cuts healed instantly.

Loud, pounding footsteps were beginning to echo round the room but I was ready. I got to my feet, a long growl leaving my mouth as my eyes burned. I wasn’t sure why but it felt good.

Light suddenly flooded the room as a hidden door jolts open, revealing the same three “people” that injected me from before. Another growl leaves my mouth but I found I couldn’t move. My arms stayed frozen at my sides and my feet were rooted to the spot.

“Failure.” The word droned from behind their masks and I inwardly shivered.

“Failure.” They began chanting the word as one of them pulled out another long needle.

I was still frozen to the spot despite the fact I was fighting furiously against whatever was holding me to the ground.

They got closer and with their backs to the light three haunting silhouettes moved closer to me, the one brandishing the needle the closest.

And then it was suddenly in my neck, the cool liquid spreading through me like wildfire.

The taste of metal filled my mouth and I began crying tears of silver.

But I wasn’t sad, and suddenly my limbs were less heavy and a strong wave of strength washed over me as I snarled, baring my new set of teeth.

I turned my head to the side and roared, the cold liquid dripped from my open mouth as I growled. I brought up my clawed hand and swipe at the person’s mask, my nails scratching at the metal surface and he dropped me to the floor.

I turn back round to the other two figures, punching and clawing at them.

They backed away quickly and as soon as they did I backed away, turning round and sprinting for the door.

I threw myself out it, my bare feet cold against the concrete and oddly damp floor.

I made a beeline for the window at the end of the hallway and without even thinking I clenched my fists and punched straight through the glass.

I didn’t even feel the pain as the cuts instantly healed, leaving only a smudge of blood behind. I hoisted myself up, ignoring the shards of glass that pricked my skin as my feet touched the ground.

I shivered in the night air, looking round trying make out where I was but it was too dark.

I peeked back in through the window but there was no sign of the people in the masks. I turned and began running, the only light coming from the moon.

I managed to dodge trees and jump over the amount of tree roots and coyote traps littering the ground because of my lightning fast reflexes.

I dodged another tree before I heard the unmistakable sound of twigs snapping. I froze for a second, trying to calm my breathing which was pretty normal despite having run so fast and for so long.

More snapping noises and I quickly turned round and ran, hearing the footsteps pick up speed as they chased after me.

I vaulted myself over a low hanging tree branch and continued running, despite the tightness in my chest and the aching in my legs.

Before suddenly I was tackled off my feet, landing pinned beneath someone. Instantly my nails grew claws and long fangs jutted out my mouth.

I could feel the person’s heartbeat and smell their distinctively unhuman smell and I roared up at them.

“Easy there princess.” I heard them say and I glared angrily at them.

“Let me go!” I growled as I tried to throw him off but only succeeding in shifting him slightly.

“Damn I forgot how strong the new ones are.” He sounded impressed and I snarled.

“Now this may hurt just a pinch.” He said, his tone patronisingly sweet as I felt a needle pierce the side of my neck.

Instantly my thrashing limbs became heavy and my teeth and nails went back to normal.

“Who are you?” I managed to say with the last of my concentration as my eyelids slid close.

“Theo, princess. Theo Raeken.”

 Part 2?

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Why are you/we whispering - Darcy Lewis and Sam Wilson, because you write them together so god damn amazingly.

***Edit: also for @zepysgirl, because she asked for the same exact prompt.

Sam wasn’t sure what to expect when Darcy Lewis grabbed him by the wrist and dragged him into an empty conference room, but since it involved Darcy Lewis, he was game.  The lab assistant was bright, sweet, and funny, and he’d been considering asking her out for a few weeks now.

She dropped his hand and shut the door, turning to face him with a conflicted look on her face.  “I - “ she started, then stopped, folding over to put her face in her hands and letting out a frustrated grunt.  “Oh my god,” she muttered, and Sam got the impression he wasn’t supposed to be hearing this, “this is so freakin’ embarrassing, I am going to kill Clint.”  She stood back up, squaring her shoulders as she faced him.  “I’m sorry about this,” she whispered, “but I didn’t know what to do and you were - ugh!”

Seeing that her hands were creeping back up into her hair, probably for some more frustrated tugging, Sam reached out and gently took hold of her wrists.  “Take a deep breath, then try again, Darcy,” he said softly.  “Maybe start with why we’re whispering?”

“Fucking Clint,” Darcy hissed, eyes glinting with fury.  She took a few deep breaths.  “Okay, so, Clint Goddamned Barton has gotten it into his head that the reason I’ve been mopey lately is I need a man of my own to occupy my time when Thor visits Jane and they run off to visit the bone zone together but that’s not why I’ve been mopey, I’ve been mopey because my little brother is getting married and I don’t have a date for the wedding and it’s going to be so, so awkward, Sam, you don’t even know, my family is the worst.  Invasive questions!  Awkward hints about my alternative lifestyle!  I just, augh!

“You know,” Sam said carefully, “it does kind of sound like Clint’s right.”  The look of utter betrayal on her face was unspeakably adorable, and that right there was the moment he knew that he was in too deep to back out now.  “Sounds like you need a man, or at least a date, to the wedding.”

She opened her mouth, shut it, turned thoughtful, then blushed and looked up at the ceiling as if gathering her thoughts.  It was fascinating to watch her go through such a myriad of expressions as she thought his words over.  “You’re right,” she said grudgingly, after a few more moments of facial contortions and deep deliberation.  “I do need a man.  My family knows I’m straight, a lady-date wouldn’t work.  But, oh my god, Sam, the guys that Clint has been picking out for me are so awful, I don’t - ”

“Did I say you should take one of the guys Clint picked out?” Sam asked, reminding her that he still had his hands on her wrists by starting a slow back-and-forth sweep across the lowermost portion of her forearms with his thumbs.

“N-no, but - ”

“I’m offering, Darcy,” he said gently.  “Would you like me to be your date to your brother’s wedding?”

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I’m sorry for sending a bunch of asks, but how can I write main AND background characters so that the readers fall in love and root for them? I always love when I absolutely fall in love with a character, and I want to be able to write characters in a way that my readers will love my characters. And how do I write a character that everyone’s suppose to hate without it being cliche?

It’s okay. That’s what I’m here for, after all. :)

Readers tend to fall in love with characters who are complex and well developed, so what you’re really looking to do is to completely flesh out your main characters, giving them interesting backgrounds, compelling personalities, strengths and flaws, internal and external goals, and complicated relationships with other characters. With background characters, you don’t have as much time to go into such detail, so you really want to choose big and endearing details. Lee Jordan from the Harry Potter series is a great example. Although he wasn’t a main character, he was still an integral part of the Hogwarts family. He was the boy with dreadlocks, the sometimes overly passionate quidditch commentator, pet tarantula owner, and good friends with the Weasley twins. Even if he didn’t get a lot of page time, these were details that made him memorable none-the-less. You can read more about character development in my post master list. (Link down below.)

As stated in my ask rules, I don’t answer questions about cliches. If there are cliches associated with something you want to write, it’s your job as the writer to learn what they are and figure out how to avoid them. Once you know what cliches to avoid, you can avoid them by simply not doing them or finding a way to do them differently. :)

Have a writing question? I’d love to hear from you! Please be sure to read my ask rules and master list first or your question may go unanswered. :)  


Final day with the 3BD crew. Craig’s and Brian’s signing was a magical squid adventure. Brian and Lanai recorded Periscopes so go check those out if you haven’t. Lots of shouting and laughing and SUHH SQUIDS. I was intending on going home at 5 ish, but Lui and Ze planned on going to the zoo but before that, we all wandered around the area at Pokestops. Then we took an Uber and while I was supposed to get on the bus, Lui invited me to tag along with them. So we stayed at the SD Zoo for a few hours then hit up Balboa Park. Then I went home because my legs were giving out.

PS: I’m too tired to add this on my guide RN but... RANDOM USEFUL INFO!

1) A person sent me a message about Klynts (the currency of Act2). Apparently, since they are supposed to be radioactive, they have a half-life. I quote: “once you have more than 500~600 it starts going down”. I didn’t notice that in my game, but this person thinks they might “expire” every x number of hours. I’ll keep you posted on this as soon as I can confirm it happened to me too.

2) I found out you are actually NOT supposed to fight Mysterio with Spider-Man cause he weakens the entire team. I’m not gonna bother trying to explain this, BUT I will leave here a link to a post on reddit which not only explains this, but also has a strategy on how to deal with Mysterio.

3) Also these are Mysterio’s stats (from here):

the last hour of my work life has been consumed by a middle aged man flat out RANTING at me about the bible. hooooo my god. get ready for this story.

so this guy is a semi-regular at the coffee shop i work at, and today has been particularly slow so when he came in i struck up a convo with him to pass time and try to get to kno this customer better, which my manager has been encouraging me to do. and like. at first the conversation was going great! i found out that he and my mom went to the same catholic high school, and that wed both been to the cool monastery at mt.Angel. things were very friendly and comfortable, so when he asked me if i was catholic i told him the truth. that i wasnt. and like i kno ur generally not supposed to talk about religion or politics in customer service, but so many regulars at our shop are heavily christian that it just sort of comes up in conversation whether u mean for it to or not.
after this he starts to get a little more intense and starts going on about the bible and how the snake was representational of sexuality or something, and how sex is ruining society. women r rebelious, something like that. idk i got kinda lost with where he was goin. there are absolutely no customers or anything for me to use to politely excuse myself from this increasingly uncomfortable conversation without him knowing im blatantly trying to get away…at this point i couldnt get a word in and all i could do was listen and nod.

like. i dont understand religious ppl. we were having a decent conversation until i made the mistake of inferring i wasnt very religious, and then he just started going off the rails. why do christians think its their job to indoctrinate every person they see. why r they like this.

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mikey as like the cute and young guitar teacher???

this is so cute

so like for ur birthday ur mom would sign u up to take guitar lessons bc u have always wanted to learn and u had a guitar. u drove up to the lil guitar shop a little before ur appointment. ur mom said to ask for michael and that he was the best guitarist they had!! as u walked into the shop there were dozens of guitars on the walls, pics everywhere, pianos, basses, you name it it was there. checking out the beautiful instruments before heading up to the corner where an older man was standing. u smiled and said “uhm excuse me is michael here. i believe i’m supposed to be getting guitar lessons from him”. the man put down his book and said “ah yes! just go straight through the hallway and the first door on your right. i would knock first sometimes he has headphones on doesn’t realize unless he feels the vibrations.” u laughed a little and thanked him before slowly walking down the hallway. the door was slightly cracked open and u knocked slightly til u pushed open the door to reveal a young boy with black jeans and a ripped denim jacket writing down sheet music with headphones in. he was beautiful just sitting there. when your mom said u were having lessons u didn’t think it would be a young kid u were expecting a lil grandpa. eventually michael gazed up at the door, slightly blushing and flustered at the fact he didn’t know how long u were standing there. he tried standing up to shake ur hand but got caught on the headphones causing u both to laugh. getting his composure, michael stood up and shook ur hand introducing himself. he smiled and said “uh let’s get started shall we”. u took out ur guitar showing it to michael. he was looking it over. “damn this is a nice one, where’d u get it”. u said “as a hand me down from my uncle. he stopped playing and wanted me to have it”. michael said “well u got a good one”. he showed u how to toon it and started with how to hold it, strum, and all the general basics. he had the prettiest green eyes. each time he looked at u u felt like u were looking into a beautiful green gem sparkling against the light. his voice was so calming, despite your butterflies he made less nervous each time he spoke to u. as the lesson went on he showed u the basic chords. your body felt like electricity as he moved your fingers to the correct placements. he had the cutest, smallest hands. towards the beginning u kept messing up causing him to laugh at u, making him adjust ur fingers even more. eventually u got it. he smiled and said “you’re a natural”. you smiled at him locking eyes in silence. eventually the man from the counter came back and knocked on the door saying “michael your next appointment is here”. michael said “my next appointment isn’t for another hour”. until michael looked at the clock realizing ur lesson went a little over time. u said “oh my god im sorry.” michael said “no no it’s my fault it’s okay don’t rush.” u looked at him again after packing up your stuff. you said “thank you” and shook his hand. he smiled at you again and said “same time tomorrow alright i can’t wait.” and u would smile at him
and blush and walk out to ur car not knowing u were more excited to learn how to play again or the fact that u were going to be seeing michael again.

654) I envy people who’ve known their sexuality all along. I’m 16 and still have no idea. I have never even held hands with someone so how am I supposed to fucking figure it out?! I’m an ugly boring fatass, not like anyone is going to date me anytime soon! Til then I’ll feel like I’m faking to be special like some disgusting attention whore!

“I need a Margarita.” Was how Lyla started the story. This was supposed to be a girls night out since Lyla and Opie were getting married. It had been your whole idea. What’s that saying even the best-laid plans fall apart? Well, your plans went nothing like expected. Lyla was standing next to the bar when Opie next to her, You had made it to the table closest to them. Chibs had pulled his hair closer to you and had his arm around your chair. “So I need a Margarita is what ended the night with you two going to jail.” Opie said trying not to laugh “Y/N you wanted to tell them what happen?” Lyla looked over at you “Not really.” You said back “Tell us, love.” Chibs leaned over and whispered in your ear. After taking a moment enjoy the way Chibs made you feel. You would much rather be enjoying his lips on your neck then being told to tell the story. “It’s really not that bad.” You started but Opie cut you off. “We just got you from jail.” Rolling your eyes at him “Anyway, at the bar, we went to. It was going okay. We danced and was joking around. Till this guy kept asking me to dance.” You felt Chibs stiff up a little. “Putting your hand on his leg you continued your story. "After about the tenth time of telling this guy to leave me alone. I turn to Lyla and said I need a margarita.” Lyla laughed looking over at you. “Y/N’s great idea was to go over to Gemma’s and see if she had things to make them.” Lyla giggled Opie and Chibs just looked at each other wanting this story to end. “It was just eight when we got there. Gemma was relaxing by herself since Clay was with you guys. Once we talk her into making us some drinks. We see she doesn’t have any limes.” You paused to take a drink of your water “Gemma was like I’ll make something else but little miss won’t take no for an answer was like I’ll go get some limes.” Lyla said to Opie “I wasn’t going by myself so I grabbed little miss wanted the fun to end and we got in the car to run up to the store.” You said winking at her. By this point, you had moved to Chibs lap and Lyla and Opie had moved over to the table with you guys. “We walk over to the Limes and there are only four left and I’ll be damned it’s the guy from the bar and he’s reaching for them the same time I am.” You decided to leave out the part where he started flirting with you again. “Trying to act like I didn’t recognize him I reach over for the limes. That’s when he looks at me and winks and takes the limes from me. By then I’m so done. After I may not have asked so nice for them he called me some names.” You felt Chibs hand getting tighter around your waist. Leaning down to give him a quick kiss. Lyla finished telling the story. “That’s when Y/N grabbed the closest thing. Which happen to be mango’s and she starts throwing them at him. The best part was she was hitting him with everyone she threw. He’s screaming like a baby. Calling her names and Y/N’s screaming give me the damn limes.” By then everyone is laughing as they think about you throwing Mango’s and screaming. “I’m chasing this ass all around the fruit and vegetables. Then my heel drops on the extension card on the ground. I’m reaching forward to grab something to hold on to but instead, I grab this guy and we started falling and he lands into the lobster tank and the whole things fall over.” Between laughing at you Chibs finally asked.“ How did you two end up in jail.” “Oh, that’s easy. When the guy got up and threw a lobster at Y/N. He dropped the limes and they flew in the air. One hit her in the head. Next thing I know she is after him and drags him over to one of these freezers and puts him in it.” Lyla can’t stop laughing. You are getting more embarrassed as the story goes on. You can actually feel your face getting red. “The guys friend called the cops when the owner wouldn’t. So the shorter part of the story. We all get taken to jail. I couldn’t get ahold of you. So I call Gemma and when the guy who called the cops starts yelling why do I get a second phone call. Unser tells him because my old man would want me to get that second phone call. Then Lyla who has finally had enough. Looked at his friend and goes because your old man is going to kick your ass when he gets here.” You say taking another drink. “The guy is like I’m not scared of this bitch old man. Unser looks over at him and tells him who you are. The guy starts flipping out and decides it was all a miss understanding. Then you came and got us. Remind me to thank you later, but first I’m making me a damn Margarita.” You said getting up and grabbing the limes from your purse.

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Lately I’ve become more and more interested in Mexican culture! My entire life I’ve grown up with Mexican friends, eating the food, and hearing the music being blasted from little vans going down the street. :) 
But lately I’ve become more and more interested in it. To be honest, I think a lot of it came from watching SVTFOE, because before that, the show I’d ever regularly watched with Mexican culture was Maya and Miguel when I was little! 
But I’ve ALWAYS been interested in Dia de los Muertos, and I would love to see it in person some day. :) 
When I was small it creeped me out, and I thought it was Mexico’s Halloween! I thought it was supposed to be a scary holiday! But then as I learned more about it I found out about how sweet the real meaning is, and how it’s much nicer to celebrate lives than mourn them. 
Like this? This is one of my favorite short films, please watch it.

I don’t know, I just… Lately I’ve become more and more interested and I’ve found myself falling in love with the culture. The art, the music, the importance of family ties… It’s gorgeous. And I want to learn more. :) 

If you were following the suggestions of your Inner Being, if you had practiced yourself subject by subject, leaning by leaning, fork by fork, into vibrational alignment with how your Source feels about you, in every moment, Oh what a hypnotic trance that would be!

You would walk around and you would be saying, whether you say it out loud or you say it to yourself, “I am a wonderful Being.
There is nothing that I cannot achieve.
The world addresses itself to me always in positive ways.
Everything always works out magnificently for me.
I live a charmed life.
Things are supposed to and always do, go well for me.
Seas part for me.
I have the resources of the Universe at my disposal.
I live in an environment where I am inspired to a new thought.
And as soon as I give birth to it, things align in order to bring me the actualization or the manifestation of it.
I am an extension of Source Energy.

—  Abraham Hicks
Seijoh4 Week Day 5

Prompt; Rainy Day 

 Hanamaki blinks through the rain, wrapping his jacket tighter around himself. He’s currently on his way to Oikawa’s house, where the other three are waiting for him. Halfway there, though, the sky opened up and rain descended upon him.

Shivering violently, he looks through the downpour, trying to figure out which way to go. It’s dark, and everything is being blocked by the rain.

He’s probably lost.

Squinting, he begins walking again, eyes scanning for any familiar ground. He couldn’t of strayed too far off, seeing as how he was already halfway there before it started to rain. His foot suddenly hits part of the sidewalk that’s lifted up some, causing him to trip and stumble forward. He throws his hands out, hissing as his knees scrape against the concrete of the sidewalk, his hands hitting the concrete harshly.

When he stands up, he finds his right knee bleeding, his left one just scratched. His hands are red, throbbing from the pain.

“Shit,” he whispers, winching as he takes a careful step. He continues to walk, his clothes soaked through, clinging to his skin. He’s not sure where he is anymore, but he knows that he doesn’t notice any of his surroundings.

Stepping under a tree in the hopes it’ll block the rain somewhat, he pulls his phone out. He has many missed calls and messages from the others. Quickly pressing on Iwaizumi’s contact, he places the device to his ear. It rings for five seconds before he answers.

“Hana? Where are you?”

“I-I d-d-d-don’t kno-know,” he stutters out, not realizing he’s shivering so badly.

“Shit, are you lost?”

Hanamaki hums to confirm the question.

“How long have you been out there?” Matsukawa asks, voice laced with concern.

Hanamaki’s teeth clatters together as he violently shivers, cold rain running down his back, “U-um…I-I was half-halfway to Oikawa’s house be-before the storm hit and I tr-tried to find my way but the rain m-made it hard.”

“Where are you? My dad can come pick you up,” Oikawa’s voice says, obviously desperate and worried.

Hanamaki looks around, his eyes landing on a small park a little ways ahead of him. “Theres a p-park?” he supplies.

“Okay, I see what happened. You must’ve turned right and not left. Stay where you are, okay? We’ll be there in five.” Oikawa says, and the phone shuts off.

Hanamaki crouches down after putting his phone away, wrapping his arms tightly around himself in a futile attempt to get warm. About five minutes later, he sees bright headlights in the distance, an old pickup driving up towards the park. He squints as the door is thrown up, watching as someone runs up to him.

“Makki!” Matsukawa gasps in relief, grabbing his hand. “Holy shit you’re freezing!”

Hanamaki tries to speak, only for his teeth to clack together as he shivers uselessly. Matsukawa sighs, shrugging off his jacket and wrapping it around Hanamaki. He instantly wraps the warm fabric tight around himself, letting Matsukawa lead him to the car.

Right as he gets in, Oikawa turns around from his place in the front, eyes wide, “Makki, oh my god you’re soaked! Are you okay?”

“I-I-I’m f-f-f-fine,” he stutters out, sinking into the warmth of Matsukawa’s jacket. He feels another jacket being wrapped around him, and he turns his head to smile at Iwaizumi.

Oikawa’s dad quickly turns the car around, heading back to the house. When they get there, Hanamaki takes shaky steps towards the house, and as he enters, he hears a small gasp from Oikawa’s mother.

“Oh, your leg!” she exclaims, running up to him with a towel. She gently places it onto his head, turning to Oikawa to tell him to get their first aid kit, but he’s already down the hallway. Iwaizumi slips into the kitchen to get a warm drink, and Matsukawa goes to get a warm blanket.

By the time Oikawa is back, Hanamaki has dried his hair and is sitting on one of the bar stools, hugging the two jackets close to his body, having already discarded his wet one.

“Thank you, dear,” Oikawa’s mom says, taking the kit from her son. She places it on the ground, opening it up and taking out some disinfectant spray. She gently sprays the wound, Hanamaki hissing slightly from the sting. She then places a bandage to the wound, smiling as she stands up. “You need to get out of those clothes, okay? You can borrow some of Tooru’s.”

Oikawa beams, holding out the clothes he already got.

“T-Thank you,” Hanamaki mumbles, taking the clothes and hopping down from the barstool. He goes down to the restroom, walking in and closing the door. He quickly strips off his wet clothes, cringing as it sticks to his skin. As he slips on his new clothes, he sneezes, stumbling a step back from the impact of it. Shaking his head, he steps back out of the restroom, holding his wet clothes. He carefully walks back towards the kitchen, and right as he enters, Oikawa’s mother takes his clothes and ushers him towards the living room.

“Oh- um- thank you, Oikawa-san-”

“It’s no problem, no go warm up!” she smiles, going back into the kitchen.

Hanamaki nods, still feeling slightly cold. Of course, he didn’t want to tell them that, so he wordlessly walks into the living room.

“Nice shirt,” Masukawa snorts, He blinks in surprise, finally looking down at the clothes Oikawa had given him.

“Oh, go to hell,” he sighs, shaking his head. Of course Oikawa gave him an alien shirt.

He walks over to the couch, blinking in surprise again as Iwaizumi places a warm mug in his hands. “Thanks, Iwaizumi,” he smiles, sitting down beside Matsukawa. Iwaizumi only nods, offering up a small smile as he ruffles Hanamaki’s hair.

“I’m glad you’re okay,” Iwaizumi says, sitting down on the other side of Matsukawa. Oikawa then enters with a bowl of popcorn, quickly running to the couch and plopping down beside Hanamaki. He sets the bowl on the table, taking the blanket that Matsukwaa had retrieved, gently spreading it out so that it drapes over the four of them.

Hanamaki sighs in content, sinking into the warmth of the blanket and his boyfriends, listening to the rumble of thunder in the distance.

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At my store (it's a small store) there's usually only one cashier so at certain times/on certain days I just do not get a moment to myself. Not one. So, when customers decide they're going to just leave their carts scattered AROUND the row where they're supposed to be as opposed to actually putting them in there, it creates a real mess, because god only knows when I'll have a chance to fix it. But occasionally some customer will help out and do it and it's awesome :D