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Evergoing Spell

This is a long lasting spell to protect, cleanse, calm and bring love to yourself or another. The spell will last for as long as the marble remains in the circle.

You Will Need

  • A marble, stone or other representative of yourself or your target
  • A small bowl or dish
  • Regular salt and pink Himalayan sea salt (protection, cleansing, and love)
  • Peach leaves or peach tea leaves (love and healing)
  • Lavender buds (calming and anti anxiety)
  • Moonstone and Sunstone (or other representatives of the moon and sun)

Note: Instead of moonstone and sunstone, I used a marble which was charged under the total eclipse of August 21st. The moonstone and sunstone are supposed to bring you protection so long as you are under the moon or the sun.

The Spell

  1. Make sure your bowl or dish is clean.
  2. In the bowl or dish, add all ingredients and form them into a circle (except for the marble and stones).
  3.  In the center of the circle, place your marble.
  4. Set the stones on either side of the bowl or dish and leave overnight.
  5. Leave the spell to manifest as long as possible. You can remove the Moonstone and Sunstone at any time, but the spell ends when the marble leaves the circle. The spell can be recast at any time if you must remove the marble or dismantle the spell. 

person : nct 127’s fire truck was a mess

me : your insults personally offends me, they are pitiful at best. I, for one, thought you could forge something more decent, something more–refined. But with such rebuttals coming from a person whose username is longer than their brain capacity; an illiterate bum; and a bigot who has a loss of vision (probably cataracts, you poor thing), then I suppose my expectations were far too high. There, that is how an insult is supposed to sound: Ah but wait, it wouldn’t be complete without a smiley, so let me add that in :)

i was supposed to just draw taeyong but my hand slipped so here’s hyung line

Plance Day Ficlet

It’s short! For real!

Unedited because I literally tried to bang this out in 30 minutes. Thanks to @longhairpidge for constant inspiration:

“Hey, isn’t that the component-thingy you’ve been looking for?”

Pidge looks up from the data screen she’s fiddling with just in time to avoid being whacked in the face by an errant Lance-hand. She squints against the harsh, pink daylight of the tiny swap moon they’re on and tries to see where Lance is pointing. Next to her, Hunk stops and turns and follows her stare. The streets are thick with bodies all trying to get to the various stalls, kiosks, and outdoor shops that make up the bustling, whole-moon market.

“I don’t see what you’re pointing at, dude.” Hunk says, “Though this light is seriously messing with my vision.” He rubs at his eyes and peers through the dense, alien crowd.

“Maybe you two just need glasses - real glasses,” Lance adds, shooting a grin in her direction.

For half a tick, Pidge forgets that she’s supposed to play it cool, that she’s supposed to pretend that smile doesn’t make her feel like she’s seeing the world through rose-tinted lenses. Figuratively, that is, since it literally looks like she is right now. She bites back a smile and goes,

“Maybe you just need to stop pretending like you know anything about the ship’s tech.”

With a gasp, Lance clutches at his heart.

“Pidgey-Pie, you wound me!”

She rolls her eyes and starts walking away from where Lance had stopped, hoping to catch up with Keith and Allura ahead. But Lance isn’t having it. It takes him two swooping steps to duck ahead and throw his arm around her shoulder.

“Look, doubt me all you want, but I definitely saw the component you’re looking for down that row,” Lance says. “And to prove to you how confident I am that it’s there, I’ll personally escort you myself.”

Steering her back towards the street he’d pointed out, Lance looks over his shoulder towards a rather bewildered looking Hunk and calls, “You go meet up with the others, we’ll snap the part and meet back up with you!”

They’re too far away and the market too noisy to hear Hunk’s reply, but his face as it bobs over the sea of aliens looks somewhere between exasperated and resigned. Lance laughs, and Pidge rolls her eyes again, and she’s whisked away down the busy side street.

They walk in silence for a dobosh or two, Lance’s arm still slung around her shoulders. The further they get from the main thoroughfare, though, the closer in he draws her. His fingers trail small, errant circles through her shirt, and despite the relative warmth of the swap moon, a slight shiver runs from her skin to spine. Pidge glances around, then tucks her head against his chest as they walk.

“So what’s this all about?” she finally asks, glancing up at him.

Lance shrugs, a casual gesture, but she can the nerves in the way he bites at the inside of his cheek before answering. “Well, you know, Coran said we needed to get some parts for the ship and would have to stop at a swap moon, and so I figured we’d have a day to wander and get what we needed…” he trails off. His cheeks seem to darken, though in the light it all looks like pink on deeper pink. “You mentioned wanting to get that one doohickey, and I’ve been craving weird alien food and so I thought we could maybe… make up for having our first date cut short.”

Her eyes narrow, but when she speaks, it’s louder than it needs to be, as if she could cover up the sudden thud of her heart waling on her ribs. “Lance, don’t tell me you made up seeing the part I needed just to get us away from the rest of the team.”

“Pshaw, like I would do that!” he says, though she sees his eyes dart from stall to stall, searching. “I had fully pure intentions of making sure you found the component you needed… after I swept you away for a brief romantic interlude.”

“You truly are a master of romance,” she says, voice flat.

But then Lance does that thing, that thing he always seems to do just when she’s least expecting it, that thing he did the moment before she first realized she was falling, hard and fast. They lock eyes, and his grin softens. A bright ball of heat bounces around in her gut. He stops, in the middle of the packed street, tips his head down, and presses his lips to hers. It’s soft, and chaste, and Pidge wishes he’d do it over and over again. So, she raises up on her tiptoes and plants a kiss on him. How long they stand there, surrounded by shopping aliens under a magenta sky, she’s not sure - a few ticks, maybe a dobosh, maybe an eternity - but it’s long enough to make her dizzy from lack of air and far, far too short to ever want to quit.

They pull away, and breathe, and some alien bumps into Pidge and mutters something that, if her Mynoxian is up to scratch, she knows would make even Lance blush.

“This is a pretty good start to a second date,” she concedes. “What else you got?”

He shakes his head, but there’s an undeniable fondness in his features. “So demanding,” he says. With a flourish, he pulls from the inside pocket of his jacket the very part Pidge had been on the hunt for. “And you’d think finding the piece you needed would be solid boyfriending, but nooooo…”

She cuts him short with another kiss, then plucks the component from his hands. “Thank you, Lance,” she says. Pidge tucks the piece in her small bag, then slides her hand in his. “Now, I believe you said something about weird alien food?” 

I usually try to keep my opinions to myself on this blog–or at the very least, in tags where people can scroll past/ignore them at their leisure–but honestly I think the one thing that frustrates me the most about people’s perception of Goro Akechi is that they think he is one sure, solid, cemented character type. That he is this one thing, or that he moves from this point to that. The way I see it, that’s not strictly true. Akechi wouldn’t let himself grow beyond something that wasn’t only unhealthy for him, but not helpful either. He gets in the way of his own growth and progress–he’s the boy who blocked his own shot, and in a lot of ways is like Hamlet. That not only is why he’s so fascinating as a character, it’s why his fate is so frustrating and gutting, and why it’s so difficult for me to deal with.

(As a side bar, that’s always why I loved his relationship with Joker–because it offers him the chance to open up, to give in, to let go and be a little vulnerable, which is everything he needs. It’s a contrast to everything the true villains of the game set him up to be, which was all about taking control from him. Incidentally, that’s everything Joker offers to every S-Link he has in the game [freedom, release], so I fail to see why Akechi should be an exception?)

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different kinds of affection:

- passionate as the sun; pupils dilated, lips seeking kisses, emotions without boundaries.

- soft as a breeze; butterflies every time you see them, quiet admiration, gentle kisses against a warm forehead.

- tranquil as the moon; listening intently, fingers intertwining, sleepy declarations of love.

- bright as a star; tight embraces, flustered cheeks, conversations lasting for hours on end.

Mabel painting Ford’s nails, as requested by @piningforthefords

(It’s just a quick drabble)


“Hold still,” Mabel exclaims, holding one of Ford’s hands delicately, “your nails are going to be a mess.”

“I’ve never done this before, how am I supposed to know?” The old man croaks.

The overwhelming aroma of acetate makes Ford feel quite woozy, and he finds it difficult to hold his breath for much longer.

 “I’m making your nails rainbow colored! It will represent you perfectly.” Mabel says.

 Ford rolls his eyes idly and resists the urge to stretch his fingers.
He’d promised his niece he’d spend some time with her, as Stan had urged him to do so for a while, but nail painting wasn’t on Ford’s mind. It still isn’t, but he wants to make Mabel happy. 

“There’s one hand. You can set it aside gently, but don’t move it until the polish dries all the way.”

 Red, orange, yellow, green..blue..and violet. Ford realizes that each color fits perfectly, due to his extra digit; who would’ve guessed. 

“ I suppose you’re going to add a bunch of glitter once this is finished?“ He asks.

 "Of course!” Mabel squeals. 

 Ages pass once she coats his other hand, and by the time all twelve of his nails have dried, she adds a clear coat and sprinkles little pieces of glitter on top.

 Translucent moons, pink hearts, and blue stars twinkle. Magnificent, Ford thinks to himself sheepishly. This didn’t turn out bad at all. 

 "Now, take off your boots. We aren’t finished here.“ Mabel says. 

 Ford takes note of the smirk on her face and sighs. 

 "Okay, but when we’re finished here I’m going to make sure we pin Stanley down and do the same to him.“ 

 "Oh, great idea Grunkle Ford!” Mabel giggles, and taps a bottle of polish against her palm.

phanofgay  asked:

i got an idea for prince!tom and servant!marco, yeah since tom is a prince and everything he will have to get married some day right? why don't you add star to the story and let's say she's the girl HE HAS to marry by a family accord and then you add up your ideas!!!

This is such a good idea! I love this au it’s so super cute!!!! I hope you like the story! I really liked writing this! Enjoy!

“Star Butterfly?” Tom asked. The two kids were standing across from each other, Moon gave Star a little nudge and she took a step forward.

“Hi, I’m Star.” She smiled brightly and Tom just watched her. He felt his breathing pick up and he turned and ran, away from the girl he was supposed to marry and out of the throne room. He stopped in the hall and looked around, feeling like there was nowhere to run. Then out of nowhere something behind him grabbed him roughly.

“What the HELL was that!?!” The king hiss at him.

“Dad, I can’t do this!” Tom cried, trying to get away.

“I don’t care if you can or can’t, you WILL.” He snarled. “Now get back in there and be the prince you’re supposed to be! And maybe I’ll forget about the stunt you just pulled.” He growled, throwing Tom forward. The demon prince gulped and felt his whole body shaking as he went closer to the door.

“P-princess Butterfly?” He called softly. Star turned to look at him and gave her mother a nervous look. Moon motioned for the two to go talk and Star made her way over. “S-sorry about that I just…”

“It’s okay. I’m nervous too.” Star admitted. “But that’s what this meeting is for! We’re supposed to get to know each other so we aren’t… marrying a total stranger.” She bit her lip and the two sat down across from each other. Star looked over and saw her moth speaking with King Lucitor all the way across the throne room. “I’m guessing from the way you ran away you aren’t too happy about this either.” Star guessed. Tom nodded. “What’s your reason?” She asked.

“I…” Tom looked past Star and over at his father, to make sure he wasn’t paying attention and far enough away. “I’m in love with a boy named Marco Diaz.” He sighed.

“Well that’s okay.” Star told him. “If you’re in love with another prince maybe you can ask your dad if you can marry him instead. As long as he’s a noble there should be no problem-” Star was cut off.

“He’s not a noble.” Tom interrupted. “He’s… he’s a servant… in the castle.” Star took a breath and looked down.

“That… that may not be too good.” She realized. “Are you… ready to become king?” Star asked. Tom shook his head.

“No. Are you ready to become queen?” He asked.

“No.” Star told him.

“Then let’s not.” Tom looked up, like something just dawned on him. Star gave him a crazy look and Tom stood up out of his chair. “Let’s not become the king and queen. Let’s not merge our kingdoms like our parents want and let’s not get married.” He decided.

“We’re supposed to though.” Star reminded him.

“Then let’s not.” Tom said again. “We’ll… we’ll go somewhere else! We’ll take Marco with us and we’ll get out of here!”

“Where would we live?” Star asked.

“Wherever we want! We’ll live in the woods… and on a boat and hitchhike everywhere!” Tom spun in his heel. “We’ll just live by our own rules! And be together with a life without any responsibility of being a ruler and we’ll just go on adventures!” He cried.

“Adventures?” Star asked, a smile forming on her mouth. Tom nodded and she looked over, King Lucitor had taken Moon out of the throne room to show her the rest of the castle. “Let’s go.”


“What do you mean leaving?” Marco asked. Tom tugged the human’s arm. Both he and Star only had a small bag of things they felt they needed. They were trying to get Marco to make one up for himself, but the human wouldn’t move.

“Leave the kingdom! So me and Star don’t have to get married!” Tom exclaimed. “We’ll get out of here and I won’t be king! We’ll make our own kingdom of just the three of us.” He declared. Star nodded.

“We’ll be free!” She laughed joyously.

“Tom you… you can’t just run away like this.” Marco took the demon’s hand. Tom pulled away from him and gave the human  curious look.

“Why not?” He asked. Marco ran his fingers through his hair.

“Because you can’t just run from your problems, you have to face them and fix them.” Marco explained. “If you run away now you’ll just be running from everything.” He tried to tell him. He moved to put his arm around Tom but the demon shrugged him off.

“No!” He yelled at him. Marco fell back. “I-I-I’ve been dealing with it for seventeen years!” He cried out. “You of all people know what I go through! I-I can’t do it anymore Marco! Sometimes you need to face your problems, but sometimes your problem is the environment you’re in… and you just need to get out.” Tom’s voice got quieter. “Sometimes problems don’t get better… they’re things you can’t fix… so you just need to distance yourself from them and try and make your life better.” Tom went on. He looked up at Marco. “This is a bad place. The people here are bad and they hurt us… we can’t let them make us feel guilty for leaving. Because leaving is the best thing to do for your own health… and that’s what should be the most important.” Tom explained.

“I never thought about it like that…” Marco mumbled, sitting on the bed next to him.

“If you don’t want to go I won’t make you… and if you don’t want to go I’ll stay here with you because… it’ll be okay if you’re with me.” Tom spoke. “I don’t want to force you to leave your home for me…”

“This place isn’t my home.” Marco told him. Tom looked up. “I hate it here. I love you! You’re why I stayed so long! I hate being a servant and I hate being pushed around by your dad and all the other nobles.”

“Then let’s go.” Tom told him. “What’s holding us back?” he asked. Marco took a deep breath and shook his head.

“Nothing. Let’s get out of here and life the life we deserve.”


There might be more in the future!
For @shangst-week

There are things to be said about a Keith Kogane party. Most of those things can’t be said in front of children and polite company (like to his mother and hadn’t that been a mistake). But the things that could be said fell along key descriptors like wild or crazy or batshit insane. Pidge liked to call it a fucktruck orgy, whatever the fuck that meant. But still it had a ring to it.

So when he gets tired of said fucktruck orgy full of too many people and too loud, bass heavy music and enough alcohol to give everyone a hangover from hell, he heads up to the second floor where the sounds and the lights and the people were muffled by distance to light a smoke.

He’s surprised, but not terribly disappointed to notice that there was someone else here.

“Yo,” he greets, letting the door close behind him with a dull thud. Walking over, he leans over and grabs a cig from the carton by the window with a grin and takes a seat on the coach after the stranger makes room (and didn’t he have nice long legs? Not that Lance was going to make a pass—there were things in this life he appreciated and long legs were one followed only by a nice ass and maybe some abs because who didn’t like abs—cause he’d made a promise to cut down every since his baby boy become a permanent fixture in his home and life) with a grunt around the bud in his mouth. “Lance.”

The stranger is kind enough to look out the window when he blows and says, “Takashi.”

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*Mohn’s story
*Seeing Lillie again
*Bigger versions of the characters
*Ethan and silver showing up (just a hunch due to the announcement of gold and silver on the virtual console)
*New Pokemon due to new discoveries in time (since the Pokemon count is so low unlike 5 gens, it’s possible they could make more and attribute it to new discoveries since the previous game)
*Lusamine redemption
*More ultra beasts (I mean ultra IS in the title)

Feel free to add more, I just want people to be as hype about these games as I am.

*Edit: scratch that about the aging stuff since this is supposed to be “alternate storylines” but the other stuff still stands.

anonymous asked:

I forget who made fanart Cosmos version of every Sailor Guardian but how would you feel if every Sailor Guardian got a Cosmos form? Even though we don't even know if the Usagi we know will become Sailor Cosmos or is Cosmos just from an alternate timeline and Usagi we know will likely never become Sailor Cosmos. Also how strong do you believe Sailor Cosmos is?

I’m of two minds on this.

On one hand, I think it’s a neat idea because I love the look of the Cosmos fuku. It’s so aesthetically pleasing. The sleek, all-white one-piece dress, the feathers and pearls, the single panel of colorful ribbons. I definitely understand wanting to explore the possibility of everybody having a Cosmos form, especially because it follows usual Sailor Moon convention of the other senshi gaining a power-up to match Usagi. And since there is so much ambiguity over who or what Cosmos is, there are so many possibilities as to how that would work.

For me personally though, I have a pretty specific interpretation of Cosmos that it wouldn’t quite fit into. See, whether or not Cosmos is Usagi (and I do think she is, albeit from an alternate future), I think Sailor Cosmos can only exist under extremely specific circumstances. And those circumstances are “every other sailor senshi as we know them has died and the universe is trying to compensate.” Cosmos was born from war and tragedy, and her power is the culmination of all those who were lost. She’s not Sailor Moon any more because she no longer represents only the Moon.

This means that Cosmos is not a natural evolution for Usagi. In a sense, anybody could have taken up the role of Cosmos (though it’s debatable whether most would have Usagi’s particular willpower and strength to take up the mantle). But Cosmos existing in any context in which the other senshi are still alive, in which the entire galaxy is not engaged in endless warfare, in which she is not the only thing that stands against Chaos, does not add up for me.

But of course, this is Sailor Moon. Setting up a specific set of rules for how magic works, only to completely bypass them later, is what it does best. Saturn is not meant to exist without the planet’s imminent destruction, Pluto is not meant to leave the gate, and Super Sailor Moon is only supposed to appear when all eight of her senshi pour their power into the Holy Chalice. And since I suspect all of their upgrades are largely symbolic and manifest out of their own subconscious (the senshi became Super because Usagi was Super so they all subconsciously needed to match her) it’s entirely possible that now that the possibility of Cosmos has been presented to them, they’ll evolve into a Cosmos form for entirely different reasons.

As for how powerful Cosmos is, I think that’s really a philosophical question. Because in the end, Usagi as we know her was just as powerful as the Cosmos who came back from the future. But power in this universe is always about how it is used as much as the raw power a person has at their disposal. I think Cosmos is easily as powerful as Galaxia, but she suffers from the tragedy that is her existence. How powerful would an Usagi who has lost everyone she loves be?

anonymous asked:

Do you happen to know of any candle spells involving luck? I'm trying to go over my options before trying to buy tickets to see my, & my friend's, all time favorite band in person later this year. Thank you~

Hey there!

I have a few. :p

You can also try making your own luck spell with candles using these posts:

I suppose I can write one. Add it to the list of spells I have to write. I think I have like five or six? Lol.

I hope that helps you! :D

The creature in the library,” I murmured. “Its name is Bryaxis.”
Rhys lifted a brow. “Oh?”
“I offered it a bargain. To fight for us.”
Stars danced in those violet eyes. “And what did Bryaxis say?”
“Only that it wants a window - to see the stars and moon and sun.”
“You did explain that we need it to slaughter our enemies, didn’t you?”
I nudged him with a hip. “The library is its home. It only wanted some adjustments made to it.”
A crooked smile tugged on Rhys’s mouth. “Well, I suppose if I now have to redecorate my own lodgings to match Thesan’s splendor, I might as well add a window for the poor thing.
—  A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J. Maas

anonymous asked:

i got the idea of a cool god? au where Laurens is the god of the stars and the night and its his job to change the positions of the sun and moon in the sky, and Eliza might be the goddess of love and compassion who has the ability to make flowers bloom from her touch,, and Ham might be like,, the god of knowledge?? idk - it just sounds like a cool idea??


I was actually making a greek god au where laurens was suppose to be apollo or helios but space laurens was too good to resist—–

I did end up assigning planets and gods to them before tho and i still have to revise that tbh (the planets and gods aren’t necessarily connected):

  • Hamilton - Mercury | Hermes
  • Jefferson - Venus | Aphrodite
  • Eliza - Earth | supposedly Hestia or Demeter:
  • Angelica - Mars | supposedly Hera or Athena
  • G wash - Jupiter | zeus
  • Lafayette - Saturn | tho i actually thought of him as poseidon;;
  • Hercules - Neptune | supposedly Hephaestus
  • Madison - Uranus
  • Burr - Pluto | Hades (get is cause its cold in pluto)
  • others:
  • Laurens - constallation, space | Helios or apollo
  • Philip - Day, Stars | supposedly helios o r apollo
  • Peggy - asteroids/comets | artemis
  • Theodosia - Persephone
  • Charles lee - Ares

thats all i have thought about tho (and really messy aa);;; i’m still really open for suggestions or changes!!!!

onceuponthe2ndstar  asked:

Hi! I just saw that you answered an ask about Fleetwood Mac and I was wondering what your favorite songs by them were. I just started listening to them and I'd love some recs!

oh man oh man this is like my dream question

well, if i go a day without singing “gypsy” out loud i’m in a terrible mood. i know that’s borderline mpdg of me but really, there’s no such thing and there’s no shame in this. it’s hands down my favorite song of all time, forever and ever. but to keep things organized, i’ll make a formal list of my top ten.

  1. “gypsy,” obv
    1. there is also an “early version” of this song which you can find on spotify and it’s different but just as good
  2. “landslide”
    1. ngl though, the dixie chicks cover of this song is not bad either
    2. just don’t watch the music video, for the love of god
  3. “dreams”
    1. (thunder only happens)
      1. (when it’s raining)
  4. “the chain”
    1. ideal for when you’ve got Emotions and you’re kinda mad about it
  5. “TUSK”
    1. just tell me that you want me!!!!! aiieeeebomobmomob
    2. this will make sense after you listen to the song
    3. i’m not crazy
  6. “rhiannon”
    1. also a good driving and singing song
  7. “little lies”
    1. ditto to the above
  8. “gold dust woman”
    1. ideal to listen to under a blue moon 
      1. as in, this song makes me feel like i’m in the desert and missing but not lost
  9. “seven wonders”
    1. there’s also a good early version of this song
  10. edit: BACK FOR AN ENCORE SO KRISTEN DOESN’T DISOWN ME: “silver springs” because i’m so mad at myself for leaving this out
  11. i was supposed to stop at 10 but i’m back and i need to add “everywhere” and
  12. “big love”

Originally posted by hughes4561

Isolde’s “Sleepy Hollow” inspired spells #1

Katrina Van Tassel’s « Evil Eye » Enchanted Shoes
For the one who wants to walk home safe and feel reassured at night

When I was 13, my French teacher made our class watch a movie before the Christmas holiday : Sleepy Hollow, by Tim Burton (2000). It was my first horror movie ever, and even know and then I can remember perfectly the intense shivering that crawled on my back while being shocked by what I saw. I was stroke both by the stunning atmosphere of the film (with this incredible gloomy, gothic photography) and the frightfulness of the severed heads and bodies. The Headless Horseman haunts me since, and I can honestly say that he kind of embodies all my deepest, darkest fears – and I’m now 23. For years I had nightmares about him, and sometimes it still happens to me. Well, I guess the turmoil is all mine !

           Anyway. I own this pair of shoes – adorable little boots with diamonds, stars and strass that glitters on the tiptoes. Because of this characteristic, they remind me of a bright night sky, when the stars watch over us, and so I wanted for a long time to enchant them for protection. I want them to keep me safe from harm when I walk with them on, especially at night.

           You may know that Katrina Van Tassel in Sleepy Hollow is a witch : she gave Ichabod Crane a small, pale blue grimoire that lately saved his life, but she also tries to protect people (including him and her father) from the attack of the Headless Horseman. To do so, she draws on the floor, with a pink chalk, a magical pentagramm full of symbols and sigils, that first seemed to be the evil eye itself until Ichabod discovers that it is in fact a spell especially designed to protect a loved one.

Here’s my spell, inspired by hers.

You will need : 

- a pair of shoes to enchant

- pink chalk or Posca to draw on the sole

- (optional) silver and gold glitters or sequins

- … and a strong faith and intent !

The Enchantment :

1) Draw Katrina’s pentagramm on the sole of your shoes, thinking of all the « Headless Horsemen » you want to keep away.

2) If your shoes have no stars (and I suppose they won’t, since the moon herself gave mine to me *mischevious smile*), you may want to « add » them. You can sprinkle glitter upon the shoes to consecrate them. You can draw some stars on the sole too with the pentagramm. You can perform the spell under a night sky. Whatever feels right for you to incorpore stars power and invite them to protect you.

3) Finally, chant or say the following :

« Twinkle twinkle little stars

While I walk très tard le soir*

I am free from harm and fears

No Horseman shall bring me tears

When I wear those magic shoes

I am safe from head to toes. »

* « late at night » (yes I’m French, and I wanted a rime, so what)

4) Keep your shoes under the stars for one complete night, for they can soak their energy.

Here you go ! Enchanted shoes, all yours !

sinners like us (saeran x reader, part I)

rating: 18+ (707 route spoilers, suicide ideation)

notes: ah. here it is. the hospital sinfic i’ve been dropping hints about for like two or three weeks. i’ll add a summary when i can actually think of one. um, i’m not going to lie, the intentions here is for this fic to get pretty dark.i think the current projection is 9 to 12 parts and each chapter will have it’s own set of warnings and some may include acts of violence, abuse and sexual content. so please be aware- for that reason this isn’t a fic for everyone, but it is a story i really wanted to tell. so for those of you who decide to read, i do hope you enjoy. < (_ _) >

chapter 1 | chapter 2 |

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