i was super impressed with her acting in this scene

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Elaborate on the time travel star wars AU pretty please please please?!?! Is that once again tiny grumpy Obi-Wan? Why are they captured? What is the plan? If it was Obi-Wan, does Qui Gon just come in like 'uhhhh ok?' or is he surpisingly chill because 'hey the force does some weird stuff' My heart wants to know! (also just thank you for all your AUs they're great)

*grabs my desk and flips it across the room in excitement* THANK YOU AND YES I CAN CERTAINLY ELABORATE. At least to the extent I have it figured out myself, which is admittedly not much. And yes of course it’s tiny grumpy Obi-Wan, it’s ALWAYS tiny grumpy Obi-Wan here in my house :’D

Basically, somehow Ahsoka (and possibly Anakin) ends up falling backwards through time. Ahsoka, naturally, immediately gets herself arrested/captured and thrown into a prison/dungeon/whatever. She manages to bust out of her cell, but doesn’t make it too far before hearing someone else coming from around the next corner. Thinking it’s a guard, she decides to charge them in hopes that surprise can help her win, but unfortunately the person around the corner had the same idea. They tussle, and Ahsoka wins for reasons I’ll get to in a minute. They realize that they’re both idiots and that the other is in the exact same boat, but unfortunately they took so long fighting each other that the real guards had a chance to catch up. They get tossed into a cell together.

Then some fun team-building conversations and obligatory awkward wound-tending that lead Ahsoka to learn the following pieces of information: This boy is 16, and is a Jedi padawan. He’s been captive for several weeks, and is periodically tortured for information and stomped on by the guards just for the hell of it. He’s malnourished, dehydrated, and is being drugged to mute his Force abilities (that’s why she won the wrestling match). He’s also extremely sarcastic, which is one of the reasons the guards muzzled him recently.

There are a lot of bookkeeping details that bother me though, because I worry too much about bookkeeping things. I feel like A+A have to know they’re back in time, even if they’re not sure how far at first. Like when they got to this planet initially, this whole settlement was abandoned, but someone (maybe even Master Kenobi) makes a comment about how it used to be this, that, and the other thing. So when convenient time-travel weirdness happens and they suddenly find themselves in a bustling gangster town or whatever, they’re like “o shit.” This also helps because it’s a convenient excuse for them to know not to tell anyone their real names, and to hide the fact that they’re Jedi, in order to not mess with the time stream.

I fancy the notion of Anakin being along for the ride so he can run into Qui-Gon, whose excuse for not coming for Obi-Wan sooner is probably fairly weak (like a “we split up and I assumed he was fine” sort of facepalm moment), but is now at a DEFCON 1 level of pissed-as-fuck. I’d really love a scene where Ahsoka and OW are in the middle of yet another escape attempt and somehow manage to establish a communication with Anakin, like Ahsoka had a communicator on her that the guards missed and they’ve finally climbed high enough to get a signal. I want Anakin struggling to convey to her that she has to go back to the detention block and rescue a padawan, while acting like they’re both only casually aware of Jedi. Impressing upon her how SUPER EXTREMELY IMPORTANT it is that she gets this boy out alive while trying to avoid using names. I want her to have a lightbulb moment as she looks into her new friend’s eyes and realizes she’s seen them a dozen times before. I want her to boggle at how Master Kenobi casually described this place as “somewhat unpleasant,” when in reality he’d been tortured here for weeks. I want the fact that his teenage self is so convinced that no one is coming for him to punch her in the feels. I want her to burn up with embarrassment because she’d totally been thinking to herself that this guy has great cheekbones and is probably super hot under all the bruising.

I want the two of them to be close to freedom when OW succumbs to his injuries and can’t run anymore, and is endlessly frustrated that Ahsoka won’t just leave him. I want them huddled on the floor being shot at by a dozen guards when suddenly a wall just fuckin disintegrates as their masters burst in and waste everything (Anakin using a blaster to keep his cover). I want A+A to get to witness a QG+OW bonding moment. I want them to come home and have a lot of feels, and for OW to look at them funny for a minute but then dismiss it as faulty memories since he’d been running on fumes and doesn’t really remember the details of his last visit to this planet.

I want a better way to end this post, but I don’t have one so I’ll just say “the end.”

More from the Regal Con Lana Q&A.

Lana described her preparation for the part as intensive over weekends and the night before.  That she had a special den she goes to to prepare and everyone knows not to interrupt her there.  In general she didn’t seem to want to talk about her preparations.

Talked a bit about how much she loves Tony, the actor playing Henry Sr and how she and Barbara always feel bad after they yell at him.  He is a poet and wrote her a poem for Regina.  Jokingly referred to him as her own dad.

Said trying to access an understanding or place for killing her father was super hard both because it was so early in the production, normally episode 2 you are still getting used to the character and they handed her a “kill your father now” scene.  Got the impression it’s an act she still has trouble understanding.

Added that she was immensely grateful (and I think surprised) that so many people have forgiven Regina (in the audience) for all the terrible things she did.


So. First and foremost I haven’t bothered tuning in for an episode of Once since the first few eps of season 5 and I only watched that for the Dark Swan. Then once it all became about Captain guyliner I bailed outta there faster than a Vegan in a meat shop. I only watched the 100th episode for Barbara Hershey, because let’s be real, Cora is my homegirl. 

Now, let’s talk about the great stuff first. Barbara Hershey, fantastic acting as always and always a joy when she crosses my screen. Tony Perez, also phenomenal. I loved both of their scenes with Lana and I shed a few tears when Regina started crying in Henry Sr. presence in the Underworld. When Henry Sr. got to meet Henry for the first time… that tugged at my currently dead heart (thanks a lot jrat). I also thoroughly enjoyed Rumple’s total doneness with being in the Underworld and think it’s great that Regina and the others are going to try and help all those souls move on.


*coughs* however…. This may be unpopular opinion… but Jmo… Wtf. Alright, like I said I haven’t tuned in since early 5A. But, Emma’s emotions and personality this episode put a big question mark over my head. BUT that question mark was only there when she was talking about Hook. The reunion with Neal, super cute and genuine. Interactions with the family and Regina, also seemed pretty normal to Emma’s behavior. Emma talking about Hook? Honestly she sounded weird. Now, I don’t know if Jmo’s acting was just really bad in those scenes or what, but Emma’s voice sounded hollow and unattached when talking about Hook. Anytime the pirate was mentioned her voice took on this hollow sound like she was really struggling to care that he was in the Underworld. I wasn’t impressed… at all. If you supposedly love this dude, SHOW IT. If my girlfriend ended up there you’d bet your ass I would be running down the street screaming her name and willing to fight and kick ass with anyone who got in my way. Emma? She seemed like she was really forcing herself. So again, idk if it was Jmo or what but I wasn’t impressed.


Acting wise he seems pretty cool and villainy for a god which is great. But man that CGI is hella bad. I mean, really really fucking bad. Just awful. I also didn’t understand turning Cora into a Miller’s daughter again? Like… did he take away her magic or wtf was that? I’m assuming he took away her magic because she could’ve just magicked herself back to normal.


Man that CGI on Hades hair is super fucking bad. I mean,… woooww. Horrid. The three headed dog for next episode? YIKES. Big ole yikes. Like… how did someone think that actually looked good?


This episode tonight was not half bad, aside from Emma’s terribly out of character behavior with Hook. Lana was brilliant as per usual and Barbara and Tony were a sight for sore eyes. Emma though… man I can’t get over how terribly out of character she seemed this episode when talking about Hook. Just… yikes.