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Vegas Baby! Pt. 2 (Honeymoon)

Sam x Reader

Summary: Sammy and the reader drunkenly get married in Las Vegas and now must face the consequences

Words: 943 (sorry it’s kinda short)

Warnings: fluffy smut, unprotected sex (wrap it up guys), swearing

A/N: Should I continue with this series? I really like it, but what should come next? PS why I am super active today??

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By the time I finally found Sam, he was sitting in a drunken stoop in the hotel bar. His head was down, but I knew that he was still awake. I pulled out the stool next to it and sat down. I gently (and reluctantly) placed my hand on his shoulder. “Sam, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you. I would never,” I said emotionally.

He picked his head up and looked at me. His eyes were dark with sadness. “I know that, (Y/N).”

I moved my hand down his arm and placed it on top of his. “Let’s go home, okay?”

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Sorry I haven’t been super active today guys. I just wanted to relax and take a break from Tumblr for Valentine’s Day. I hope you all will be understanding, and I sincerely hope you’ve had a fantastic Valentine’s Day, and that you’ve spent it with the ones you love. Because you are important and there will always be someone who loves you ❤

💖💖 He never thought they’d get so far. 💖💖

Here’s the Stans surveying a sweet sunrise over the seven seas!!!!! (Try to say THAT three times fast!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂) I like to think it’s their first morning out at sea, and it hits Stan that maybe all that stuff Mabel said about dreams coming true wasn’t junk after all.

 also,  i’m  sorry  for  not  being  super  active  today  !   i  didn’t  get  out  of  bed  until,  like,  six  &  then  i  played  cards  against  humanity  with  some  friends  &  what  do  you  know,  it’s  after  midnight ?   i  am  gonna  take  an  hour  to  watch  the  royals  because  tonight  was  the  season  finale,  but  then  i’ll  be  back  to  get  stuff  done  on  archie  &  my  other  accounts  !

Healthy Habits Challenge Week 1 Recap

So far, good enough. I’m just trying to chug along until my doctor’s appointment on Friday. My stretching leaves much to be desired, but that’s okay. I still hit 80% so I’ve added the goal of fruit. I suck at eating fruit. I’m a veggie and starch vegan, so I’m hoping to increase my fruit intake. I’m just shooting for one “serving” a day. I’m typing this while drinking a banana, peach, and vega smoothie, so I’ll at least get fruit in today. 

admittedly I haven’t been super active online, I’m just trying to get all the stuff I’ll miss Friday taken care of now, and start shooting some photo projects that I need to finish early (for a photo trip I’m taking). I’m taking an attempt, but it’s a poor attempt. 

Self care and organization is stressful, but I got my laundry done for the first time in a month and got all my dishes done, so I’m a lot less stressed than I was. Woo!


Decided to pull a sickie today for work and I already feel enormously guilty but it’s not really a sickie when you’re pregnant and exhausted and just plain over it. I just need a day to chill.

I had to busiest weekend and didn’t even get one spare moment to myself. I’ve been at my work for a month now and I think I’ve lasted pretty well for being pregnant. If all goes well, this will be the only day I take off before my leave. From now on, I’m literally not going out or making plans at all for the weekend. If I feel rested enough, then I will. After this weekend’s activities, I just want to rest today which is super hard for me but I know my body needs it. My sinuses are playing up again and my feet are the size of balloons still. I am in slight pain as always. I mean, I could go to work, but I don’t want it to get to Friday and be completely knackered again.

☾  — { I’ve been around people way too much today so I’m?? not going to be super active. I will try and do a couple more drafts tho.
Uh I think it important to state that I’m probably going to
clearout my askbox. Trying to do things from before my hiatus - or earlier -  is just going to be impossible for me. I feel really bad bc I WANT to do all the things I get, but asks are a kinda hit and miss with me? I’m so not-creative that it can be difficult for me to come up with something. I’m sorry lovelies. }