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  • what Joshua says: I’m fine…
  • what Joshua means: why did mike wazowski say ‘you’ve been jealous of my good looks since the fourth grade, pal’ to sulley in monsters inc, but they actually met in college at monsters university, which was many years after he claimed it in the first film?

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hi sulley i absolutely adore your art and usuk. i just want to ask how did their romantic love ever sprung for each other?

Aw thanks! So I have no Idea other than my House Wives AU I don’t have falling in love story for them I either draw them as friends or as lovers who have been together for a long time there is no in between. (I like writing couples who are well established) 

 I did have an idea years ago about a comic series about the 1936 Picnic with White House and Royal Family and how two estranged counires are constantly being set up by both parties to get along and become friends and along the way away from prying eyes they do warm up to each other. Then some time in WW2 they become closer and then at some point post WW2 they finally get together but I don’t know how it goes down. But the flow didn’t feel right so I abandon it.

Just Married- 1 year, 5 months before Pete

Sulley and Randall married in June, about 8 months after the proposal fanfiction. In order to prepare for the marriage, Randall and Sulley agreed to moving into Sulley’s apartment in the first month of the engagement.

Not long after that, Celia gives birth to her and Mike’s first child, Cassandra. Mike agrees to be Sulley’s best man, and the rest of Oozma Kappa are their groomsmen.Randall has Fungus help with photography and Johnny helped with funding the wedding plans.

Randall and Sulley’s mothers help with ordering the tuxedos and decorum for the ceremony, and invitations are sent out. They chose to have a more private wedding, so it was mostly family members, close friends and people from work.

The bachelor parties were, well… extravagant. The Oozmas put Sulley on a scavenger hunt across Monsters University by leaving clues from each event of the Scare Games when he attended, only to find a surprise party at the old OK house. All the members caught up and exchanged gifts, earning some tears from the polka dotted monster. The night ended with Mike and Sulley sneaking onto factory grounds like in college, climbing up to MI’s roof to watch the stars and reminisce.

For Randall, the RORs treated him to dinner, where good words and apologies were exchanged for the monster of honor. Johnny spared no expense going to one of the swankier restaurants in the city, and the night ended with party strippers at the ROR house, much to Randall’s embarrassment (and excitement).

The wedding day in question was quite hot, so the service was held indoors. Both monsters were forbidden to see the other until the ceremony for good luck, so both spent their mornings preparing to finally tie the knot. Since Randall proposed, he and the RORs already waited in the chapel, while Sulley walked the aisle with his mother.

Nervous glances and warm smiles were exchanged as the priest read the vows and happy tears were shed by both of them when it came time to read the vows. But once rings were exchanged, the nerves went away and Sulley pulled Randall in for a kiss to seal the deal.

And that is the story of Randall and Sulley’s marriage



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