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Falling For The Right Guy

Summary: Being the Queen B came with it’s perks… but guys flirting with you non stop was definitely not one of them. Well.. that was until you met him.

Requested: Yes. Thank you for the request @imaginesyes! xo If you really wanna dig the vibe… I suggest listening to this <– as you read! :))

Word Count: 3.9k+

Taglist: @cutie1365

Warning(s)?: None? Light swearing and adorable fLUFFFF

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Falling For The Right Guy

You strolled through the hallway in a tired manner, you only woke up 15 minutes ago and it felt like death was upon you today. You removed the sunnies from your head and popped them into your hair, reaching your locker.

“Have you been watching Runway social suicide again?” Your best friend Allison comes up to you, eyeing your outfit. You glance down at yourself and shrug your shoulders, not really caring today what the hell you looked like. 

“No, these are express from biteme.com” You sassed back, placing a hand onto your hip. She rolls her eyes at you and laughs.

“Only you can manage to pull off an outfit like that” She states, finishing collecting her books for her next class, English, which also happened to be yours as well. 

“Me and my label whores take great offense to that” You reply with mock hurt, placing a hand of your heart for a dramatic effect. Allison rolls her eyes at you and shuts her locker, beginning to walk away from you and off into the classroom.

You turned to your on locker with a tired sigh and grab your books out, closing it shut once you were done. You turned back around to notice you were getting some very unwanted attention. You sighed again, noticing some of the guys were even wolf whistling at you. 

Plastering a fake smile, you beamed it towards them, causing their eyes to widen in shock. It wasn’t every day that the school Queen B noticed them. Yes, you heard that right, you were popular in high school. In fact, Some even referred you to the Queen B. How stereotypical seeing you were no where near in fact a mean girl. 

“Hey baby, can I have your number?” A sleezeball called out as you made your way past the crowd. With a smirk you didn’t even bother turning around to voice your response. 

“Yeah, 1800-kiss-my-ass” You sassed back as you walked away and into the classroom. Okay… maybe you were a little. 


“I swear to flipping god if I have to sit through another god damn lecture I’ll kill myself” One of the girls complained from around the table. You rolled your eyes at her softly smiled as you took your seat, placing your jacket next to you. 

“Why don’t you commit suicide? It’s more effective” One of the girls responds. Your eyes widen and a laugh seems to lodge itself in the back of your throat. Oh gosh where was Allison when you needed her. You could only handle these airheads for so long before heads began to roll… literally. 

“Killing yourself is suicide Stacy” The blonde beside her nudged her shoulder. Stacy turned around and frowned, seeming to put the pieces together. You laughed at their exchange and began to tuck into your lunch that you brought from home. You hardly ever liked what they sold here so you brought your own lunch from home. 

Rice crackers, your favourite.

“Y/N?” Your head popped up at the mention of your name across the table. You finished the bite you were on and smiled. 

“Nick wanted me to give this to you..” Eleanor trailed off, passing you a slip of paper. You began to unfold the note and read the messy writing. 

~Meet me under the bleachers, fourth period ;)

You scrunched the paper into the ball and threw into the middle of the table. The other girls looked up at you, not seeming surprised. This was a daily occurrence, you would receive letters and what not from guys asking you to ‘hook up’ with them or 'go round’ with them like seriously… who uses 'go round’ anymore?

“Who was it from?” One of the girls piped up interested. Stacy reached for the paper and unscrew it, reading it aloud. 

“Wait… the Nick McHottie asked you out?” She spoke up with envy. Ugh, he was a disgusting creep. Yeah he was hot but he had no personality what so ever.

McDonald” You replied, snatching the paper from her hands. She frowned. 

“How the hell could you turn him down? He’s like the hottest guy in school!” Emily piped up, the other girls joining in chorus. You stopped eating your cracker and looked up with a frown. 

“I’m sorry, but a guy that can’t pronounce archaeornithomimus isn’t the guy for me” You replied, causing all the girls eyes around you to widen. You took another bite of your cracker and spoke with a full mouth.

“Wha?” It came out slightly muffled though due to the food. Some of them sat there in shock while the others tried to figure out what the hell that even was.

“Isn’t that a type of like… sleep disorder?”

Paralysis” You replied with an eye roll.

“And no… it’s not” You responded. Seeing how Allison has ditched you for lunch you decided to pack up your things, wanting to be alone. 

“Where are you going?” Eleanor asked. 

“I’m going to head to the library to get some last minute studying done” You replied easily. You waved them off with a smile and left the cafeteria, feeling multiple pair of eyes on you. 

Peter’s eyes followed you as you left, his head placed on top of his palm as he watched you leave. This was a daily ritual for him. After he got his lunch he would sit down quickly and begin to eat, his eyes and ears searching for any signs of you. Once he found you he often drifted off into la la land. 

“I seriously don’t get what you see in her…” Ned spoke from beside him. Peter ignored him, to lost in his trance with you to care.

“She’s… perfect” He would reply dreamily. Ned would just roll his eyes at his friend and continue reading his comic.

“She’s a bitch” Ned would often reply. This would always snap Peter out of his daze. He would turn to Ned angrily.

“No she isn’t she’s just… misunderstood” He tried to persuade him. Ned just hums in response, still reading his comic. Peter would sigh and rest his head back onto his open palm.


You strolled into your class with a smile on your face, AP Physics, this subject happened to be one of your favourite. Seeing there were no seating arrangements for this class you often sat near the back, keeping your head down and completing your work with a snide comment here and there from a few guys.

You walked through the classroom looking for an empty seat. You sighed once you saw most of them were pretty much full. 

Peter walked into the class shortly after with wide eyes. You were standing right next to his bench. Well… it wasn’t his bench but that was where he sat pretty much every lesson. 

“There’s a spare seat on my lap baby” One of the guys flirted to you with a wink. You wanted to scoff at his forwardness. Instead you settle for rolling your eyes and glanced around the classroom, noticing most of the empty spaces were next to useless, sexist pigs who would probably try to trail a hand up your skirt. Why were guys such sleezeballs in high school? 

“…Excuse me” You heard a tiny voice speak from behind you. You turned around and smiled once you spotted you fellow class mate, Peter Parker.

“Oh, hey Peter” You greeted with a smile. You moved out of the way, assuming this was his stop. His eyes widen at your greeting and his mouth drops. Have you never greeted him before?

“H-h-i” He stuttered out with an awkward smile. You couldn’t help but to smile at his nervousness around you. 

“Y/n baby… leave that dork and come sit next to me” One of the jocks called out to you. You sighed angrily, wanting to just go over them and shut him up yourself.

You turned around to see his facial expression. 

“You know you want to” He flirts. Ugh. Instead you just smiled sweetly at him, placing your books onto the bench beside you. Peter’s eyes widened at the action, noticing you taking the spare seat beside him. No one ever sat next to him because he was the 'loser’ or 'nerd’. 

Holy sugar crackers is she actually sitting next to me? Is this real? I think I’m going to faint…

You slipped into the seat and turned your head towards Peter, noticing how he seem to shy away from you. A frown fell across your lips. Never before have you had that response. 

You decided to leave it and instead concentrate on the lesson for the day. 

~Through the lesson

Peter couldn’t seem to control the shakes in his hands. His nerves were so bad that he didn’t want to speak aloud in cause he stuttered like a total loser in front of you. You, on the other hand, just sat there copying down your work silently. You were enjoying the piece and quiet actually, no on was bothering you. 

You stumbled upon a question that seemed a little tricky and rested your head into your open palm with a sigh. Peter noticed this action and looked over towards you. He battled with himself whether or not to ask you if you were okay but decided against it. 

You stared at the page for a few minutes, trying to figure out the answer to the following question. You let out a defeated sigh and closed your eyes. Peter heard this and turned to face you with a worried look. He looked at your face as it was scrunched up in confusion. He found it adorable. 

“Peter?” He heard your voice speak up. By now you were looking at him as well. He immediately blushed, cursing himself for being caught staring at you and quickly looked away. 

“Hmm?” He asked out as casually as he could. You smiled at his response, noticing the tinge in his cheeks grow slightly darker.

“Do I have something on my face?” You asked, wondering why he had been staring at you. Peter’s eyes widen at your question. He visibly gulps. He turns his head to face you and quickly shakes his head. You smiled at his awkwardness. 

“Then why were you staring?” You asked. You had grew curious with the boy sitting beside you. Peter’s eyes almost looked like they wanted to fall out of his head. The poor thing could feel his heart practically racing inside his chest. What the hell was he supposed to say?

“Y-y-y-ou had something on your face..” He stutters, not bothering to look at you. You reach a hand to your cheek and started to wipe, hoping to get whatever it was off of your face. You hadn’t had worn makeup today thank god. 

“Got it?” You asked. He turned to face you with red cheeks. He just smiled shyly and nodded in response. You smiled at him and tucked a loose strand of hair behind your ear. You looked over at him curiously. 

“There was nothing on my face was there?” You asked. He froze again, the poor thing was going to have a bloody heart attack. 

“…no” he mumbles out ashamed. You just smiled at his honesty and shook your head,your focus returning to your work. 

“I don’t mind…” You spoke out, softly enough for him to hear. You bit your lip, feeling your own nerves beginning to grow inside you. Never before had you been nervous talking to a boy cause they were all so immature but with him you did, he was… different. And you quite liked it. 

“M-m-ind w-what?” he stuttered. How was it that you found his stuttering even adorable? Knowing the effect you had on him causing you to smile.

You...” you spoke up. He turned to face you confused, his eyes widening with a soft smile playing at the edge of his lips. He was blushing like crazy, he could feel it, but had nothing in him to stop him from looking at you. 

You guys stared into each others eyes for a little while, seeming to be getting lost in them. He noticed a tinge of pink spread across your own cheeks. His stomach did a flip at the sight.

Peter was the first to look away once he felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned around to the guy sitting behind him that held a piece of paper in his hand. He gave it to him with a smile, pointing towards Y/N who was now turned back around, working on her work sheet. Peter sighed and opened up the paper, hearing the sound of hissing behind him as he did so. He turned around once he felt a paper ball hit the back of his head.

“It’s not for you, idiot” The guy spoke up, pointing at your back. Peter’s eyes widen as he nods, slipping the piece of paper beside you. You glanced away from your work and looked to your side to see the piece of paper.

You fingers slowly opened the piece of paper, you glanced over your shoulder as you did so, noticing the jock from early with a smirk on his face. You turned back around and read the paper, your eyebrows furrowing in disgust. You screwed up the piece of paper and placed it in front of you, deciding to get back to your work. Another piece of paper came hurtling towards Peter. He caught it due to his reflexes and sighed, grudgingly passing you the second note.

You glanced at Peter before opening the second note. Once you finished reading it you grabbed a pen, writing down a firm NO! underlined before passing it back to Peter. You turned back to your work while Peter sat there dumbstruck. 

Without realising another once was thrown across the room and hit Peter in the face this time. He angrily grabbed the piece of paper and placed it beside you. Once again, you stopped what you were doing and read what it said, writing down a response. Peter could feel himself growing angrier by the second. He knew it, he fucking knew it and Ned tried warning him but did he listen? No. 

One more came and this time Peter caught it, throwing it down in front of Y/N. You looked up confused as you saw the piece of paper slam down in front of you. You turn to your side to see a very angry looking Peter.

You opened this letter, this time not even bothering to read what it said. You grabbed a pen and responded.

~Your making my boyfriend angry, fucking stop Michael 

With this you crumpled up the piece of paper and gave it back to Peter. He looked at you wide eyed, not believing how you were using him. He took it from your hand angrily and threw it across the room back over to the jock. 

The jock, reading the letter, rolled his head back in laughter. That was it. Peter had snapped. Peter felt utterly humiliated and hurt but most of all, he felt angry.

“I’m not a fucking messenger boy” Peter seethed at you. Now it was your turn for your eyes to widen in shock. You turned to face him, noticing just how angry he really was. Whoa… Never before have you ever heard Peter swear so he must be really pissed off.

“What?” You asked out, not quite getting why he was mad at you. He closed his eyes and let out a angry sigh, pinching the bridge of his nose.

“Do you get off on this or something?” He asks angrily. You dropped your pen, your focus being on him now. You stared at him wide eyed.

“Excuse me?” You responded.

“Little miss 'Popular”’ That had hit a nerve. 

“Oh get off your man period Peter” You responded harshly. He dropped his hands and shook his head, biting his bottom lip angrily. 

“Once your done being an asshole let me know” You spoke out, turning to face your work. 

“I’m the asshole?” He argued. You rolled your eyes.

“Yeah, your certainly acting one” You responded. He just glared at you in response, packing up his things.

“I’m a person Y/N, not a friggin play toy” Okay where the hell did that come from? You look up once you heard him walk past you and out of the classroom. The teacher didn’t seem to notice seeing he was busy writing on the board. You watched his retreating figure, your eyebrows furrowing. 

You packed up your own things and decided to leave the class as well to go after Peter. Something definitely wasn’t right and you were going to figure out what it was. 

“Y/N!” The teacher called out but you ignored him. You glance down the hallway to seem him walking down towards his locker. You followed behind him, jogging a little to catch up. 

“Peter!” You called out to him. He ignored you, seeming to wipe something away from his face as he stopped by his locker, opening it to block his face from your view. You reached his locker and stopped.

“Peter..” You spoke up, this time more softly. He stiffened at your presence. He angrily wiped away a tear that had slid down his cheek and threw his books into his locker carelessly. 

“I’m sorry…” You said sincerely, not liking the fact that you had cause him to be angry at you. Peter just shook his head at your response, feeling more tears pool in his eyes.

“No your not…” He responds, his voice slightly breaking at the end. It was only now that you could tell that he was in fact, crying. Your stomach dropped. 

You reached a hand out slowly and placed it onto his shoulder, enjoying the warmth that traveled it’s way up your arm once you did so. He angrily shrugged your hand off of him leaving you hurt and confused. 

He slammed his locker shut and decided to turn to face you. 

“The guys flirt with you 24/7 and you flirt back, always replying to the letters they send you. You relish in the attention that’s showered over you, soaking it up.” What?

“You use them for your own personal enjoyment! You use guys then throw them away like they’re trash!” You stood, dumbstruck as he continued on with his rant.

“You let these useless guys walk all over you…” His tone started to drop. 

“You let them use you and then spit you out… so maybe that’s why you do it too but it’s not right… what about the guy who actually likes you for you? Who actually cares about you? And cares how you feel?” Your mouth dropped. 

“Who?” You asked, cutting him short.

“What do you mean Who? Me! Obviously!” He calls out without realising. Your heart melt at his confession. His eyes widen once he realised what he had said and turns around quickly, his face flushing a dark shade of red. You bit your lip as you stepped closer towards him, he sensed you growing closer and froze.

“You… like me?” You asked out shyly. He glanced over to you and quickly shook his head. You smiled in response and stepped closer to him, noticing him gulp at the close proximity between the two of you.

“N-n-n-o” He stutters out, his eyes drifting from your eyes to your lips. You noticed this and brought and subconsciously brought your tongue out to dampen your dry lips. He followed this action with his eyes, the butterflies doing black flips inside his stomach. 

“What’s a archaeornithomimus?” You asked. He looks you back in the eyes with raised eyebrows.

“What? Why the hell are you asking me about dinosaurs when you know when your this close to me I can’t even breath-” You cut him once you heard what you had wanted to hear. You wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him closer towards you, cutting him off at the action. His eyes widen and on instinct his hands wrap around your waist.

“Breathe…” He mutters out, staring at your lips. 

“Would it be incredibly cheesy for me to say that I really want to give you my first kiss?” You ask out. His eyes widen at your words. 

“F-f-first ki-s-s-” You cut him off when you gently placed your lips onto his. He froze underneath you, not believing what was happening right now. You pulled back slowly, your eyes slowly opening once you could feel the tingle on your lips.

“C-c-can we do that again?” Peter asks out shyly, looking you in the eyes. You smiled with red cheeks and nod your head. Peter, this time, brought you to him and placed his lips onto yours, slowly beginning to move them against yours. You followed his lead. He gently snaked a hand from your waist to cup your cheek, tilting your head slightly for easier access. You heart fluttered at his gentleness, knowing he was taking his time with you. He softly massaged your cheek with the pad of your thumb causing a rush of tingles to shoot up your spine. You never knew kissing would be this… Amazing?

He pulled you even closer and deepened the kiss, lightly sucking at your bottom lip for you to grant him access. You did so happily and enjoyed the new wave of pleasure that was sent through your body when his tongue met yours. You moaned at the contact, enjoying the feeling oh so much.

He quickly pulled away and smiled.

You keep doing that and I’m not going to want to stop” He spoke up hoarsely. You just chuckled and pulled lightly at his curls, urging his face closer to yours again as you met him for another passionate kiss. 


A/N: Hope you enjoyed this Hun! Thank you for the request Darling xx

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Can I get some bichie headcanons?

they’ve always had a secret handshake but now that they’re boyfriends, it’s just longer and more complex and none of the other losers can ever keep up

✿ the coolest freaking dates !! they bet on who’s gonna win air hockey in the arcade before they ever buy their movie tickets, whoever loses has to buy the snacks. they star gaze on bill’s roof and play with each other’s hair. they drag the sofa from bill’s living room to the garage so they can have movie marathons on the projector

photo booth boyfriends. richie uses a photo booth strip of bill and him kissing and smiling as a book mark. that was their first kiss!!! ever since they always make sure to stop and buy one, at the movies or the derry town fair

✿ one day bill bought his record player to richie’s house and they sat in his bed room with no other noise than the cure playing. richie’s window was open to let the smoke of the cigarette he was smoking blow outside. by the time the second to last song of the album started playing, the boys were hazey sleepy and their limbs were tangled together as they cuddled. bill sleepily said he loved richie and nuzzled his nose into his neck, richie thought about it for a second and came to the conclusion that, yeah he loved bill too

 speaking of which! bill can literally fall asleep anywhere so richie keeps a blanket in his old pick up truck and covers bill up whenever he slumps over and starts snoring in the passenger seat

✿ ALSO they love the cure and bill is okay at air guitar but richie is better and richie plays dashboard drums while he drives

 bill tries to help richie practice the yo-yo but they both agree that beverly is the yo-yo goddess. richie also jokes about the fact the two used to date and he does things like, “oh bill? our boyfriend? yeah he’s good thanks for asking!”

 they take georgie out trick or treating and richie stays on his best behavior but after wards they smash old rotten jack o lanterns and play ding dong ditch together

richie loves PDA and has to hold bill’s hand all the time or have his arm around his waist or something. bill didn’t know he liked PDA that much until he started dating richie and he likes it bc they’re always sweet subtle touches and nothing gross in public!

bill borrows ALL of richie’s clothes.. everyone thinks it’s the other way around because lots of richie’s shirts are over sized and don’t really fit him, but they are bill’s exact size and he steals all of his plaid shirts and leaves him with the floral hawaiian ones

Interview - Richie Tozier - Imagine

Originally posted by wyattswolfs

Fandom: IT

Request: hiii! I Love Your blog. Can I request an imagine where the reader is Beverly’s best friend and Richie really likes her, and somehow she starts to like him too. Thankss

Word Count: 525 Words

Character Count: 2942 Characters

Estimated Reading Time: 2 Minutes, 5 Seconds

Warnings: None

Authors Notes: Enjoy

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hc where reddie babysits georgie i nEED THIS

You got it!

- Eddie used to babysit Georgie even before he started dating Richie.

- Of course, Richie insists on tagging along, because they’re basically conjoined at the hip at this point.

- All the losers (except for Bev) thought that Richie would be a horrible influence on Georgie, but he is actually pretty good at babysitting? He doesn’t even swear (that much) in front of him.

- Georgie always asks them to play pirates with him. Richie is the evil pirate and Georgie is the good pirate. Eddie is Georgie’s first mate and he always ends up getting kidnapped by Richie. They hide in Bill’s room and secretly make out until Georgie comes to save Eddie..

- “Want to see my other wooden leg, matey”

- “Rich, stop! What if he hears you?”

- Eddie and Georgie like to draw together. Richie doesn’t join in, because he can’t sit still for that long, so he starts eating all the snacks,

- One time Georgie drew the three of them and both Richie and Eddie had to excuse themselves, because that boy is too precious.

- Surprisingly Eddie is actually the one that gives Georgie way too much candy. He just can’t say no to him and Georgie knows.

- Getting Georgie into bed is always a bit of a struggle, because he wants to stay up and play with them. He always tries to bargain with Eddie, but when Richie tells him it’s time to go, he knows it’s a lost cause.

- Georgie loves it when Richie reads to him. Richie gets really into it and he’ll do funny voices for all the characters. Eddie will just sit there watching the two with a smile on his face.

- One night, when they watch Georgie sleep for a bit, they realise they want to have children together.

- “You’d be a great dad, Rich”

- “You’d be a great m-…”

- “doN’T!”

- Of course, Richie proposes exploring the master bedroom

- “We can’t, Rich, Bill’s parents will kill us.”

- They could.

Big Sister // Eddie Kaspbrak

Word Count: 1394

Summary-  After the summer of ‘IT’, Eddie gets anxious (more so than before) and has nightmares. You, his older sister, comfort him.

Warnings; N/A

A/n; this was so cute and thank you so much to whoever requested this. I kinda forgot to add in the part where shes always on top of things but oh well.

Requested; Yes!

req; Can you do a request where the reader is Eddie’s big sister and she’s always on top of things with him when it comes to like his hate for germs and stuff and after IT like attacks him he like wakes her up in the middle of the night sobbing because he’s scared so she being the best big sister she is hugs him and calls him down and makes sure to tell him everything will be alright. Just a nice sibling relationship request! 😊 Thank you!


It had been a long summer, to say the least. You’d broken up with your boyfriend, Henry Bowers, (don’t ask, teenage years are confusing people!!), had a job babysitting some of the children around the town, (more so than usual, due to the unexpected rise in disappearances), and you’d taken it upon yourself to get away from home as much as possible, due to your, how shall we say.. protective mother. Like Eddie, you were forced to take what you now know to be ‘gazebos’ since a young age.

One certain day during the summer, you’d ended up at the library, (you were running out of places to hide from your mother, it was only two weeks left of summer vacation and she knew all you go-to locations), and you took it upon yourself to dig a bit deeper into your ‘illness’. You didn’t know much; your mother never elaborated on it much. That’s when you discovered what you’d really been taking, complete and utter bullshit.

Upon your lack of medicines, you saw things in a new light. The world felt clearer. They may have been bullshit pills, but not taking them.. You felt free. It was a whole new world for you. That’s when it became evident to you that you didn’t nearly pay enough attention to your brother the entire summer.

You’d hardly noticed it then, but you saw it crystal clearly now. All the signs were there, you were just too blind to see it. Eddie had changed over the summer. Not in your typical teenage way, where he’d become more mature and gone through, well, those changes.. No. He’d changed in a different way. To someone who didn’t know Eddie all that well, he’d look the same. Not you. You knew him like the back of your hand.

You noticed the little glances he took when you were walking, well, anywhere really. He always was checking left, right, front and behind, as if he were expecting something to jump out at him at any given minute. You saw how he went for his inhaler much more frequently, and could go through them within less than a month. You could practically feel his anxiety and nerves radiating off of him.

The biggest thing you’d noticed is that he was never alone. He was always terrified at the thought or mention of it. He always had Richie, Stan, you, or your mom around. Sometimes the other losers, but it was rare, unless there was more than one. Even when you were home just the two of you, he was nervous. Simply just to go to the kitchen alone took all his courage, you could see it in his eyes. He was so jumpy, it was really beginning to worry you.

On this particular night, however, you noticed he started to seem a bit happier. He seemed normal, and all you felt was relief. He was your little brother, he meant the world to you. You hated seeing him like the way he had been, and you’d felt as though a huge weight had been lifted off your shoulders. He’d now gone to bed, and you were sat on the couch, reading quietly. You weren’t sure when, but at some point, you’d managed to fall asleep.

“Oh, Eddie!” Pennywise cooed, stepping towards him menacingly. He was back in the Neibolt house, Pennywise approaching, much faster than Eddie remembered. He’d be alright though; his friends were coming to help. As IT slowly got closer and closer, Eddie began to panic. Where were his friends?! “No one’s here to save you now, Eds.” The clown spoke, his voice permanently haunting Eddie’s mind. “First your sister, now you..” IT laughed, and the wicked smile that grew on it’s face was something Eddie would never forget. “No.. no..” Eddie whispered, shielding his body with his one good arm.

Eddie writhed in the sheets, the intensity of his dream causing beads of sweat to form on his forehead. “No, no, no..” Eddie muttered, his eyes squinted shut, trying to break himself out of the horrors of his nightmare. “NO!” He screamed, shooting out of bed. He felt something wet trickle down his face, and he touched it ever-so-gently. Tears. He was crying. As reality slowly sunk it, he began to cry.

He wasn’t sure if he was crying out of fear and agony of witnessing IT again, or if it was from pure and utter relief that it was only a dream. He slipped out of bed, knowing only one thing that could cheer him up. He made his way slowly and quietly to your room, which oddly had your door open. You never left it open. He peered inside, only to find you not there. The panic washed over him once again; what if you were gone? What if IT came back, and stolen you while he was asleep? It seemed irrational, but so did the entire encounter with it.

He raced down the stairs, his footsteps pounding loudly against the wooden floorboards, the sound echoing through the house. As he entered the living room, where he’d last left you, an indescribable feeling washed over Eddie. There you were, his big sister, safe and sound, passed out on the couch. The book you were reading was open to your page on the floor, and he chuckled, relieved. Tears were still endlessly rolling down his flushed cheeks, and he was choking back sobs to keep from waking you.

He stood for a moment, quietly sniffling. He wanted nothing more than his sister’s comfort at that moment, but he didn’t want to wake you. Seems he didn’t have to though, because the next thing he knew you began shifting slightly and you peeled your eyes open with a quiet groan. Looking up, you saw the blurred figure of your younger brother due to the heavy sleep you’d just awoken from.

“Eds?” You asked, sleepily. You rubbed your eyes, and heard a sniffle. Looking up, your vision was much clearer now, and you saw Eddie crying. “Oh my god, eds, what’s wrong?” You asked, completely awake and alert, concern evident in your voice. Eddie broke down, no longer fighting the sobs that wracked his body, and latched himself onto you with a death grip in a hug.

You pulled him close, sitting him gently on the couch and rubbed his back soothingly. “It’s okay, Eds. I’m right here.” You said, sadly. You had no idea what was causing his pain, but seeing him like this physically and mentally hurt you. You’d go as far as to say it hurt you as much as it did him, if not more. You held him tightly, the only sound in the quiet room being his sniffles and your reassuring whispers.

Slowly but surely, his crying slowed to a stop. You waited patiently, you knew he would tell you when he was ready. “I-I-I had a b-bad dream.” Eddie whispered through sniffles, his voice cracking. “Eds, relax. You’re starting to sound like Bill.” You said, rubbing your hand gently in circles on his back. Eddie laughed a bit at this, but was still tense. His laughter died down quickly, though, and you sat in silence once again. Just as you went to speak again, Eddie sighed. “I was all alone.. No one was there to save me.. and..” He trailed off. He didn’t need to tell you the rest.

“Edward Kaspbrak, are you serious?” You asked, incredulously. He looked at you, startled. “You have the best group of friends that has ever walked this town; Bill, Richie, Beverly, Mike, Ben AND Stan! They’d never leave you alone. Trust me, getting Richie to leave this house is hard work!” You exclaimed, and Eddie looked down, smiling to himself. “Hey, even without your friends. You still have mom, and even if she is a bit much at times, she cares so much for both of us.”

You paused, waiting for his response. Upon seeing he didn’t have one, you continued. “Besides. You still have me. I’ll never leave you, Eds. If you ever need me, any time, any place. I’ll be there.” You smiled, pulling him into a side hug and ruffling his hair. “Promise?” He asked, vulnerably. “I promise, Eds.” “And Y/N?” He asked, pulling away. “Yeah?” You asked, frowning. “Don’t call me Eds.”

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Listen idk where im goin with this but ballet!stan 👌👀💯 could be au but all im thinkin is that the losers don't know about it (stan missing out on outings for training and rehearsals and he's too nervous and embarrassed to tell them) they probs find out when georgie begs his parents into letting him see "the fairy tale dancers i see on tv", they agree on the condition that bill and the losers go with him and losers are stunned and in awe when they realise who the lead is (BTW I LOVE UR BLOG)

I adoooore this so much thank you so much for sending me it!! Sorry i took so long to reply work is mad and i wanted to make sure i did as much research as possible because ive never actually seen a ballet before! I hope you like it!!!!

based largely around this performance

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Do you think all the losers would drink? I think would hardcore (Richie,Bev and Bill as they want to forget the most) I’m talking to almost an unhealthy level until the rest of the group help to limit them as it’s hard to know when to stop when you’re 5 shots in. (1/2)

+ Of course being young adults they have all been drunk at some point but it just gives Eddie a headache and Ben doesn’t like not remembering his actions of the night before. Mike just falls asleep when he has a sip of alcohol so he usually just feeds off the vibe of the room.


yeah !! i feel like the only ones who could take straight vodka would be stanley & beverly. richie’s more of a rum and coke guy. ben likes rum, but he limits himself because he doesn’t like getting drunk. mike usually has a few beers with an occasional shot of strawberry vodka. eddie tried vodka once and spit it out because it was “the devil’s water” and bill likes a mix of brandy and red wine.

introducing the losers’ club net!

hiya, tumblr! i’m ecstatic to announce a brand new place where fans of the film and novel “IT” alike can share their art, writing, edits, etc. for the losers’ club in a safe & loving group chat!


  • rb this post
  • follow me? :)
  • must have a ≈95% it-centric blog
  • preferably have a tagging system
  • before entering please make sure you have time to be active so that it’s fair for those who wanted to join and couldn’t

if accepted, there will be zero tolerance for

  • bullying/ harrasment/ discrimination of any kind
  • idolization/ defense of the b*wer’s gang
  • shipping inc*st/ p*d*philia/ cast members

addtl. info;

  • the chat will be on skype
  • there will be around 20 members total
  • if accepted, use the tag #losersclubnet on your original content!

that’s all folks! please msg. me if you have any additional questions; good luck!


can i just have a scene where Georgie refuses the boat from Pennywise and runs back home, and at night where everyone’s asleep Pennywise just stalks Georgie into his room and all of a sudden Georgie’s like,

“how do you eat in the sewers?” and it’s just a truckload of questions but Pennywise doesn’t care, and he tries to scare Georgie but he’s all “dude you must be so hungry”

So then begins the process where Georgie tries to teach Pennywise how to make a sandwich quietly at night in the kitchen and he’s so determined to demonstrate how to construct a sandwich but then… Pennywise is trying to eat Georgie or kill him and whatever but every time he does Georgie just lightly smacks him on the head with a frying pan and is like, “shhh pay attention I’m trying to teach you how to make a  s a n d w i c h”

Best Comedic Moments of IT (2017)
  • “Best feeling ever!” “Really? Try tickling your pickle for the first time”
  • New kid on the block Ben listening to New Kids on the Block (And making references to their songs and hanging up a poster that he tries to hide)
  • Bill trying to come up with a lie to Eddie’s mom about where they’re going and he goes “I got a new uhhhhh” and then Richie jumps in “A new croquet set!" 
  • Eddie going to kiss his mom goodbye and Richie going "Do you want one from me too Mrs. K?” as Eddie pushes him out the door
  • Pennywise calling Ben “Egg boy”
  • When they found Betty Ripson’s shoe in the sewers and Richie goes “How do you think Betty feels? Running around these tunnels with only one freaking shoe” while hopping up and down with one foot in the air 
  • “It’s in my second fanny pack” “Why do you have two fanny packs?!" 
  • When Eddie is dressing Ben’s cuts from Henry and Richie goes "You have to suck the wound before you apply the bandage, this is 101!” and Eddie just flat out replies “You don’t know what you’re talking about”
  • “The list is longer than my wang!” “That’s not saying much” Stan freaking roasting Richie 
  • The beautiful aesthetic shot of Bev jumping off the cliff with this soft pretty music playing in the background as Richie screams “WHAT THE FUCK”
  • Ben asking if they want to see more of his research about the missing kids and the history of Derry and Eddie violently shaking his head 
  • “Derry started as a beaver trapping camp” “Still is AM I RIGHT BOYS?” Richie going for a high five and getting REJECTED 
  • When Richie is put on lookout outside Bev’s apartment and asks “What if her dad comes back?” and Stan is just DONE and goes “Do what you always do: Start talking!" 
  • "Trash the trashmouth!" 
  • "The sink went all Eddie’s mom’s vagina”
  • When they’re all talking about their experiences with IT and Richie goes “Wait can only virgins see this stuff? Is that why I’m not seeing this shit?" 
  • When the losers saw Mike’s bike and all ran to help immediately and Stan took the extra three seconds to kick his bike stand down 
  • Richie yelling "ROCK WAR” and immediately getting hit in the face 
  • Richie trying to steal and play the horn from the marching band guy in the background during a serious scene 
  • “I saw a leper…… It was like a walking infection”
  • When Stan brings up the woman that IT transformed into for him and Richie just goes “Is she hot?”
  • When Bill asked who wants to stay out of Neibolt House to keep watch and everyone raised their hands (“Fuck” -Richie) 
  • “Can’t believe I pulled the short straw. You guys are lucky we’re not measuring dicks" 
  • Pennywise saying "Beep beep Richie” immediately before attacking him 
  • 3 doors labeled “Very scary” “Scary” and “Not scary at all” with Bill and Richie looking directly at each other before running to “Not scary at all”
  • After Eddie broke his arm and Richie went “I’m gonna snap it back into place!” and Eddie just yelled “Do not fucking touch me!”
  • “Who invited Molly Ringwald?”
  • When Richie yelled that Ben was leaking Hamburger Helper
  • “See that guy I’m hitting? I’m pretending it’s you” Richie while playing the arcade game when Bill came to talk to him after their fight 
  • When Eddie went to confront his mom about his meds being placebos “THEY’RE GAZEBOS! THEY’RE BULLSHIT!”
  • Richie trying to break the bottle against the railing so he has a weapon but then the entire thing just shattered
  • Pennywise’s weirdass dance 
  • “And now I’m gonna have to kill this fucking clown!” END MY LIFE BEST MOMENT OF THE MOVIE
  • “I know what I’m doing for my summer experience essay” Richie right after the final confrontation with IT

I’m sorry, eddie and stan can’t come to the phone right now

why? oh because they’re dead

You know what’s hilarious about the scene where Lotor’s looking off into space and the girls are talking about striking him before he turns on them? He probably was literally just thinking “damn I’m a loser that was embarrassing as FUCK” and the girls are like “quick we gotta kill him”

Why People Ship Reddie

I’m finally getting around to writing this post!! Thank you so much to all of you who messaged me (@richietozzzier @nikkiesea @coraz0n-delator @ardentverdure @fandomtrash2405 to name a few as well as a bunch of anons!). I just wanted to list some scenes from the movie and book explaining why so many people ship Reddie, so here you go! Please feel free to add stuff on :)


- A good majority of the time when either Richie or Eddie are on screen, they’re interacting with one another. Not only do they have hilarious banter back in forth, it’s very obvious they also care about each other immensely.

- Richie is always seen worrying about Eddie’s well being and putting himself at risk to make sure Eddie is okay. During the projector scene, he grabs and hugs Eddie and rubs his back. At Neibolt Street, he holds Eddie’s face to calm him down/make him not look at Pennywise (despite the fact that clowns are his biggest fear!), he rubs Eddie’s shoulder when his hand gets cut. Just to name a few, there are many other moments in the film.

- Richie’s always using Eddie’s mom as the butt of the joke or playing his jokes off of Eddie (ex. when they go to the well, Richie asks Eddie if he has a quarter)

- Cute little moments they have together! Eddie getting Richie ice cream, them talking about something funny when walking into Ben’s room, being the only two that hug at the end

- Richie goes into the clown room (again, his biggest fear) because he thinks Eddie is in there. In reality, Pennywise is presenting himself as Eddie to lure Richie in. Pennywise shows itself as a person’s biggest fear, so at least for a moment Richie’s biggest fear is losing Eddie. He will risk everything to save him.


- Richie always calls Eddie nicknames, whether it be “Eds”, “my love”, or just calling him cute a lot. Eddie always says he hates it, but in the book he thinks to himself that he actually kinda liked it, too.

- Richie always making suggestive jokes to Eddie and winking.

- One day when they’re hanging out alone, Richie tells Eddie about all of his ambitions of become a famous ventriloquist as an adult. Eddie says he really admired Richie (although he saw flaws in his plan, since Richie’s ventriloquism wasn’t very good) 

- Richie literally tells Eddie that he saw how cute he was the first time they ever met.

- In the book, too, Richie is often making sure Eddie is okay. (During the Rockfight, after it’s over Richie is the one to get Eddie’s inhaler and put it in his mouth for him, Richie is holding onto Eddie when they’re running from Henry and into the drainpipe)

- Stephen King literally wrote a scene into the book where Eddie is licking Richie’s “rocket” ice pop and it’s very suggestive and it does not seem like that’s an accident. All him not me.

- When Eddie gets his arm ripped off, his last words are to Richie. Richie is holding Eddie and Eddie is touching his cheek. His last words are “Don’t call me Eds… You know I… I…” 

- The other Losers are sad about Eddie dying, but Richie is freaking out and sobbing and holding him. Richie tries to carry Eddie out and the others tell him to leave him. Richie nearly refuses to leave Eddie there, saying that it’s too dark and Eddie wouldn’t want that. 

- When Richie finally has to leave him, he kisses his cheek before screaming “Fuck you, bitch” and kicking the door shut. When Bev asks why he did that, it says: “’I don’t know,” Richie said, but he knew well enough.” Take that as you will. 

There are other things that make people ship them, including the amount of things in the book that point to Eddie being gay, as well as some moments they had in previous versions of the movie scripts. If you want me to make separate posts for those lmk!