i was such a cute child


AAH YES~~ I tryed making a sweet “let’s take our adorable daughter to an amusement park~~’’ thing ehehehe I named their daughter Fuyumi~~

Haruka: This is awful. A life waking up this early in the morning. Michiru… you seem like you’re having fun with this.
Michiru: But it is fun!
Haruka: After globe-trotting on concert tours and raising a child, you think the life of a high school student is amusing?
Michiru: But we can sing the praises of youth again! My heart is fluttering at the thought of returning to school life. Waiting for each other by the library, putting our shoes in the cubby holes, joining the school clubs…

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Ok what could be the explanations for Bra's appearance? Is is a child version of Bulma that Vegeta imagines when he sees how the space ship is piloted? Was she already there but we never saw her in the episodes? Sorry I need answers. Omg.

Pretty sure it’s little Bulma from the Jaco era. *Looks slightly disappointed* But even still she’s cute as all hell.


Welcome to the two great new members of the TMII team!

Content Coordinator:
Hi! My name is Alli! I’m a nursing student, a birth doula, a hedgehog mom, cheesecake master and lover of all things cute! I hope to be a Certified Nurse Midwife and catch babies allover the world. I’m obsessed with everything that has to do with reproductive health, babies, mamas, pregnancy, and birth control. I am beyond excited to be part of the TMII team and look forward to answering questions and education! Woo!

Video Intern:
My name is Maryja and I use she/her pronouns. Queer woman, pizza connoisseur. Probably a witch. Born under Cancer, so as a Moon Child I cry about a lot of things (like videos of small dogs). I’m really excited to be here at TMII, because I’m currently studying to be a midwife myself! I’ll be handling making videos, answering some questions, and getting your feedback on things. Can’t wait to get to know you all better!

@agentsoftherealm is having a kickstarter for the series’ first printed book! I’m planning on supporting it after payday but until then here’s some fanart of the lovely leading ladies. If you’re not reading this webcomic I highly recommend picking it up!

I tried to style it after some of the Sailor Moon art I adored as a child.

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You're tumblr family is so cute I wish I could be a part of it !! You guys are all so cute and perfect !! cx ♡


I’m hoping that there’s some Adrienette in this episode! It would be so cute for them to both babysit Manon. No matter what direction it goes in, it’s gonna be INTENSE. It has to be so dramatic for a child to be akumatized. How sad would Manon have to be to become an akuma? Does Marinette cause her sadness? All these questions.

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Ayane (DOA)?

Am I a fan?: She’s tolerable

Favorite move: I actually enjoy playing as Ayane and her fast move set makes her super fun. I enjoy her tag team moves with Hayabusa

Favorite quote: “Go away”

Favorite storyline/ending: Its kind of interesting to see the main character (which I presume was Kasumi) have an illegitimate half-sister rather than half-brother. Ayanes story is kinda sad and understandable considering her origin. The cut scene of her and Kasumi as a child was quite cute

Enjoy Playing As?: A lot.

Changes I would make?: I mean, I get she has angst but..Also what’s with her and Hayate?

Unpopular opinion: I love Dead or Alive

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My crush is way lot older than me (like 7-9 years of difference?) and she's not like that kind of girls that anyone likes. She's a cute nerd, and really, REALLY negative about herself. She's a sweet and lovely person with others anyway, and she loves all the little thingies I do for her which is awesome, but. . . We don't talk since a lot ago and I'm worried for her, but, I know she's passing through a hard moment but she doesn't want help. It's sad bc I want to help her so bad. . . I love her.

Oh sweet summer child. Go to her, be with her. If she doesn’t want help that’s fine, but keep her company, send small messages even if she doesn’t respond. Let her know you still care!