i was stupid in 7th grade

Movie Characters

Aries: The bull-headed protagonist who always says “there’s gotta be another way”! When the wise man says “there is only one way”!

Taurus: The ride or die best friend who would help bury someone their best friend killed with no questions asked

Gemini: The really witty and hilarious secondary character that everyone wishes had their own personal movie

Cancer: The art hoe who always wears something with a flower print on it, constantly claiming that she “isn’t like most girls”

Leo: The stereotypical “frat” in the movies who ends up falling in love with the small-town girl in the big city and ends up having to choose her or the top cheerleader

Virgo: The one to shatter the princess archetype and be the female who can actually fight and kick ass with the male protagonist

Libra: The main character whose face is being zoomed in during a freeze frame where they’re running from a group of criminals, saying “you’re probably wondering how I ended up here”

Scorpio: The crazy psycho in the slasher films who wears a white mask and hunts people with their machete

Sagittarius: The snarky cheerleader who seems to wear the same cheerleader outfit every single day and never fails to deliver a stinging comeback/roast to anyone that double crosses them

Capricorn: The killjoy friend who says “this is stupid” at the beginning of every adventure but lowkey enjoys just being with their friends

Aquarius: The edgy™ rebel who started smoking weed when they were in 7th grade to get over some crush and has a super pretentious personality

Pisces: The white person in the group of friends in a horror movie who thinks its smart to go down to the basement and gets genuinely surprised when they see the serial killer there

i saw the "art class stabbed me" story and remembered this

In 7th grade art, we were cutting this material that’s basically like cardboard but it’s white and instead of weird scalloped paper on the inside, there’s foam. We were cutting them on top of these rubber boards so the tables wouldn’t get scratched. Our teacher was a w f u l, she didn’t give us enough time for projects, she never really had a handle on the class, etc. There was a table of Popular Guys next to ours and they were messing around with x-acto knives like stupid 7th graders do, and one of them TOSSED HIS X-ACTO KNIFE AT HIS FRIEND but the friend HELD UP THE RUBBER BOARD LIKE A SHIELD AND CAUGHT IT and everyone was yelling and going crazy.

[ never will i ever ]

For the @kwritersnet April Prompt Event!

Prompt: Enemies To Lovers
What: BTS Drabble/Oneshot
Genre: Fluff
Pairing: Taehyung x Reader
Wiords: 3k

Summary: Your best friend is an idol and being an idol comes with its trappings. When she tells you that she’s signed up for We Got Married, you’re super excited for her. You are less enthused when you find out who her partner is going to be. Your teenage nemesis - Kim Taehyung

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Press Play {Jerome Valeska.}

Jerome’s POV: (holy shit i never wrote in Jerome’s pov..) 

It’s been two weeks since she took her last breath. I haven’t laughed, smiled, or even killed anyone. I haven’t left this room or place. Theo’s place. My princess is dead and I, sadly, can’t change that. Theo knocks on the door. “Jerome.. you have a visitor.” I roll my eyes, Theo can’t leave me alone can he? Sometimes I wonder if he’s gay. “Let em’ in.” Theo opens the door and let’s Edward Nygma walk in. Ed was Y/N’s best friend. “Ed? What are you doing here?” He looks down at the box in his hands. “I.. I found something at Y/N’s. I thought you should hear it.” He sits next to me and awkwardly hands me the box, with a Walkman. “They’re cassette tapes?” He nods and stands up. “I’ll leave you be. Goodbye, Jerome.” He walks out the door. Leaving me confused as ever. I open the box to see  cassette tape and tons of pictures of me and Y/N around it. I sniffle and wipe my nose. I slide the tape into the Walkman and press play.  “So you pressed play. I’ll admit. I don’t know who’s listening to this. It is either me, reminding me why i’m with him.Or.. It’s you. ‘you’ can be anyone. The GCPD.. My best friend. Edward Nygma.. riddle man.” she chuckles on the other end. “Or you’re Jerome. My baby. My adorable ginger. Now I know.. you probably found this and like to be a nosy ass…” I smile at her ‘compliment.’ “Or, something bad happened to me or J. But if it is just me listening to this, I’m just going to get straight to the point.” My eyes fill with warm tears. I blink them back as i continue to listen. “I made this for my favorite ginger ever.. Jerome Valeksa.” Theo knocks on my door. My head shoots up and i press pause quickly. “You okay?” I sigh at the question that i get asked EVERYDAY. “I’m fine.” No. I’m not fine. My princess just died.. how am i suppose to be ‘fine?’ Now stop asking repeatedly. “dinner’s going to be ready soon.” I shake my head. “Not hungry.” I hear Theo sigh, and walk down the hall. I press play again. “Jerome I love you so damn much. Our relationship might be a crazy one, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I remember when I was in 7th grade.. I fantasized about having a cheesy boyfriend who would buy me anything I wanted just for some stupid kiss or a good reputation.” She laughs. “What a moron I was.. but baby.. You are and mean way more to me than that. I remember on Valentines Day.. you bought me like.. I don’t know.. 30 chocolate bars. And every time i offered you one.. you refused and said, ‘nope. they are yours. now eat them.’ I, of course, rolled my eyes and just ate them all because what was the point of trying.. ya know? You also gave me a jar that had red little scraps of paper. You told me they were reasons why you loved me. And the jar was full to the top. I know right, cheesy.” I remember that. It took me hours to do. “I completely freaked. No one. I mean no one, ever did that for me.” She couldn’t stop crying after I gave it to her. Then she smiled her beautiful smile. the one i fell head over heels for. “What did i do to deserve you?” You didn’t do anything. I didn’t deserve you. I brought you into my crazy life and that’s how you ended up dead. It should be me. Not you. “You just smiled and kissed me. The smile i completely fell for. Now a note for myself.. If you and Jerome are in a heated arguement, don’t leave him. 1) he will probably get pissed and kill like over 5 people just to find you. 2) it will get better. 3) you still love him. No matter how much you tell yourself that you don’t.” But you did leave, Y/N. You left me here alone. Why’d you leave me? “And Jerome.. if I did.. leave.. I’m so sorry. But i doubt I chose to leave.” No gorgeous.. you didn’t choose to. Jim Gordon let you die in that alleyway. Because he would rather watch you bleed to death then save you.. Just because I killed stupid commissioner Essen. “Now, Jerome.. baby.. if i was.. killed.” she pauses and I hear her breath hitch. “I know you’ll kill them. Worse. Painfully, hopefully.” She sobs quietly. A warm tear slides down my cheek. I don’t bother wiping it. I hate it when she cries.. and knowing she was crying when I wasn’t home and how i can’t wipe her tears anymore.. kills me.  “If i did die.. you’ll forget about me baby.. You life will go back to normal. You’ll meet someone. Have kids. Be a great father. Even though it breaks my heart to say this.. i know you will.” No, Y/N. That’s where you’re wrong. I can’t move on from this. “It isn’t going to be easy.” It hasn’t been easy. “But you’ll get through it. I know you will.” No princess. I won’t. I hear a door open and shut in the background. “Gorgeous?” someone calls.. me. “speaking of Jerome.” i remember that. She was sitting on the floor in our living room. “there you are princess!” I can picture myself grinning and hugging her. “Hiya Babe!” “wat ya doin?” She chuckles.. “memories babe.. memories.” I break down when she laughs as i hear me kissing her all over her face. I miss her so much. “You’re too adorable.” “I know.” she chuckles. “Say goodbye baby.” “Byeee. OH! There’s nothing more contagious than laughter.” I hear my laugh, which caused her to laugh. I’m not laughing, but the past us is. I hear a click. The tapes over. I sneak out of my bedroom and go into Theo’s supply closet. I grab a camera and sneak back into my room. I prop it up on the desk. “Hi.. most of you know me.. I’m Jerome.. Jerome Valeska. And um.. my baby girl… died a couple weeks ago..” I wipe my eyes. “No, I’m not committing suicide. no matter how much I want to end this pain and misery.. I have a job to do first.” I grab the Walkman. I breathe heavily. “I am going to play this tape.. I already listened to it but you get to hear it.”


I chuckle as i press the blade to his neck. “I SAID that’s ENOUGH!” I turn around, removing the blade from Bruce Waynes neck. Theo glares at me. Next thing I know, a knife is plunged into my throat. I whimper at the sudden impact. “I know, I know.. it’s not what we rehearsed.” I choke on the blood that starts to dribble down my chin, as theo lies me on the ground. I smile wide. “Tha-nk Y-You..” I mutter. Theo looks at me confused, then he realizes what I mean. I smile as wide as I could. It then all goes black.. 

 Holy wow. This is um.. depressing and horrible. PERFECT COMBINATION!! Anyhow! How’s yall day? Mine is just fucking peachy. 

Can We Start Over?

Pairing: Dean Winchester/Castiel
Warnings: None
Summary: Teen!Destiel AU; Dean and Castiel had been enemies for years but when they are assigned to the same group for a project they realize they don’t actually hate each other as much as they thought. [Another one of my super old fics that I am re-posting!]

Castiel felt a nudge from behind him in the lunch line. He sighed and turned around, already knowing who it was. “What do you want, Dean?” He muttered out, rolling his eyes slightly.

“I want that sandwich.”

“A shame.” Castiel chuckled and grabbed the last turkey club from the cooler.

“Bitch.” Dean said, annoyed.

“Assbutt.” Cas replied.

Cas and Dean had been fighting since the 7th grade. Dean made it a habit to slam Castiel’s locker shut while he was trying to get out books and Cas liked to throw paper at the back of Dean’s head in pre-calc. It was an on-going battle and the whole school knew it. Some people even picked sides, most favoring Dean because well, he was tall, athletic, and attractive.

It wasn’t that the two hated each other for any reason; really the whole thing started as a joke. When Castiel first got glasses in junior high Dean was the first to call him “four eyes” and Cas had laughed at first, but when Dean got braces? He couldn’t resist making fun of them.

“Today we will began the final project of the year. It will be worth 250 points, and accounts for 40% of your final grade, so I suggest you take it seriously.” Mrs. Barnes announced to a classroom of uninterested teenagers. “You will not be choosing your own partners for this assignment, I have put all of your names in this bowl and you will pick your partner randomly.”

One by one each student reached into the bowl to meet their fate, calling out their partner’s name; some happy, many disappointed.

Dean walked up and reached in, not seeming to care what the output was until… “Castiel Novak. Are you serious?”

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Funny story

So during the 7th grade my mom got a new washing machine and it looked pretty big. What me and my friend liked to do was send videos to each other of us doing stupid things. So in one video I thought to step onto the washing machine, like inside it. 2 minutes later I squatted into it. I couldn’t move my legs and I didn’t want to shout because my mom was tutoring a kid. I was a 12 year old girl stuck inside a new washing machine because I thought it was funny. Everything was being recorded but my mom stopped the video once my grandpa (81 at the time) came to tip the machine over and for me to spill out. I wasn’t allowed in my laundry room for a month.

anonymous asked:

whats a weird fear you have and why

hoooo boy ok i have a HUGE fear of handcuffs, for a reason that is equal parts REALLY STUPID and VERY VALID. let me explain:

when i was in 7th grade (aka when I was 13 & an idiot), i was at my best friend’s house. we were home alone and her mom had been going thru boxes of old stuff before she left, so we were looking at what was in the boxes.

now, one object in particular caught my eye, and this object was a pair of shiny metal handcuffs. and so, like any Rational Person would do, I put one of the handcuffs on my left wrist.

only to realize, with slowly dawning horror, that these were not trick handcuffs. they were very, very real, and THERE WAS NO KEY.

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anonymous asked:

Fucking RP in messages you stupid bitch

Eh, it’s so much easier on a post, especially if someone wants to join in. And I don’t think I’m stupid. I’m in honors and gifted. Also I’m at an 11th grade reading level in 7th grade and over 10th grade in math.

hamtastrophe  asked:

mage and hunter. I don't care that you answered mage already bc you're going to do it again but you have to think of a different answer this time. thank you

aw man. ham the mage one is the school one. why did you do this

Mage: What were your favourite and least favourite subjects in school?

ham you are my dear friend and i love you but you sent me this question a second time and i dont like it so i wont answer

  • i took woodshop in 7th grade and it was fun

Hunter: Your favourite animal? Post a picture!


my favorite animal is pandas!!!!!!!! theyre fucking useless and stupid and love to do nothing which i relate to big time


epic pic. look at him. i love him

Practice - Justin Bieber imagine (mature)

Can you do one where you and Justin are best friends and you’re a virgin so he lets you practice on him☺️? Btw LOVE your blog💕

everyone be sure to check out  the blog below because she came up with the prompt :))



requests are always open !!


word count : 2884 (its kind of long but its cute & hot & worth the read!!)

Originally posted by relationshipaims

Justin and I were currently snuggled up against the couch , watching some tv show that Justin loved but I never really got into . It was almost ten o clock at night and I was getting a little sleepy , but not enough to actually want to go to bed.

I looked up at Justin , his eyes focused on the television , and I sighed loudly , making him look down at me .

“Yes?” He asks , smiling .

“Im boooored” I groan , moving away from him slightly so that I could see him properly .

He grabbed my hand before I could go any further , before playing with my knuckles , making me smile .

“What do you want to do?” He kisses my finger tips and they warm immediately.

“I don’t know , im your guest! You have to be a good bestfriend and entertain me “ I say matter of factly , and he stares at me like im crazy.

“Wanna watch a movie?” He asks , and I nod, before opening my mouth .

“No chick flicks” He says before I can continue , and I pout, crossing my arms .

“Fine” He groans and I squeal , grabbing the remote from his hand and going to Netflix .

“Oh my god” Justin says , making me look at him with furrowed brows .

“Are we Netflix and chilling right now?” He says , his face serious , and I burst into laughter .

“You did not just say that” I giggle , throwing a pillow at him , which he caught .

He chuckled , before standing up . “Im gonna grab some popcorn , you want anything?” He asks , and I turn back to look at him.

“A soda pleaaaase” I grin , and he shakes his head before walking out of the living room .

I scrolled through Netflix, really feeling a romantic movie , before landing on Like water for chocolate. Seems romantic enough.

Justin came back into the room, two sodas in one hands and a bowl of popcorn in the other.

He looked at the screen then down at me , before shaking his head .

“What?” I ask , noticing the look on his face .

“You know this movie has a lot of sex in it right?” He says , setting down the popcorn and drinks on the table .

I crossed my arms . “So?”

“I just know how uncomfortable you get when you see those things” He gives me a smug look , and I feel the heat creeping up my neck .

“I do not get uncomfortable!” I defend , and he gives me a ‘really bitch’ look.

“You literally covered your eyes everytime someone kisses in a movie” He says , chuckling .

“Shut up” I mumble , standing up and sitting on the couch.

He sits down next to me . “Y/N , im your bestfriend and I love you . So don’t take it personally when I tell you youre just about as inexperienced as a potato” He jokes and I gasp , hitting his shoulder .

“That it definitely not true”

“Are you still a virgin?” He asks , and I roll my eyes .

“Why does that matter?” I mumble , and he sighs .

“Point proven”

“Well , im just nervous” I admit , and stares at me , waiting for me to elaborate .

“Like , I don’t want to have sex with a guy and be terrible” I say quietly .

“Well babe, youre never gonna know if youre any good if you don’t try” Justin says , his hand on my knee.

I look up at him . “Will you teach me?” I ask , and his eyes widen , and my body fills with dread .

“I m-mean , youre my bestfriend and I trust you more than any guy” I say quickly , looking away .

“Y/N” He says , grabbing my chin and making me look into his eyes .

“You want me to take your virginity?” He asks , as if clarifying , and my face gets hot .

“I mean , if you want . I don’t want you to feel like you have to . I just want practice”

Justin was quiet for a moment , before standing up , extending his hand .

“Come on. If im gonna be your first I want it to be special for you” He says , waiting for me to grab his hand .

I let out a deep breath , my heart racing as I grabbed his hand , and he lead me up the stairs to his bedroom .

Justin sits down at the edge of the bed and I stand between his legs.

“Were just gonna kiss a little bit , get us in the mood . Okay?” He says gently , looking into my eyes for any bit of regret I might have . But I didn’t have any.

I nod , smiling reassuringly , and I watched as he patted his legs , making me turn my head in confusion.

He laughed . “Straddle me” He says , and I nod , before hooking my leg over him , a leg on each side of his waist .

I was breathing quickly , not believing that I was about to kiss my best friend of my entire life . I mean , sure , weve kissed before , once when we were 7 , and we didn’t talk for three hours after if because he claimed I had cooties . And another time when we were thirteen , because out friend dared us to during a dumb game of truth or dare.

I mean , Justin was very attractive , and ive always known that . And of course ive had my crushes on him throughout our life , our parents thought wed get married one day . But then Justin started dating , and I started dating , and the romantic aspect of our life kind of disappeared .

Until right now .

“Relax” He says gently , his large hand caressing my face as I tried to steady my breathing .

“Just focus on me . Don’t focus on anything else .”He says , and as he speaks, his face moves closer to me , his lips grazing mine gently , making them tingle .

“Just , relax” He whispers , before pressing his lips against mine. My entire body ignited at the feel of his lips, and I turned my head, deepening the kiss . Justins hand fell onto my waist , before squeezing gently , making me moan . He dove in ,  his tongue battling with mine .

I wrapped my arms around his neck , running my fingers through his hair and tugging slightly making him groan .

My ears perked up at the noise , and I did it again , another soft groan leaving his lips .

Justin pulled away from the kiss before pressing open mouthed kisses on my neck , making me close my eyes, mouth agape .

Justin licked a strip down my neck making me gasp , before attaching his lips to mine. I bit his bottom lip before pulling back , wanting to hear that sound come from his lips again .

Justin moaned , falling back onto the bed , my body on top of his as his hands found my waist again . I sat up , removing my shirt and throwing it somewhere on the floor , before attaching our lips once again .

All of a sudden Justin started to move my hips against his , and I took a sharp breath , the sudden sensations I was feeling making me squeeze my eyes shut .

“Justin” I moaned , completely new to this feeling .

He let go of me and let me take control , and I started grinding my hips against his growing penis , little pants leaving my mouth .

“Fuck Y/N , im gonna cum if you keep doing that” He says , before flipping us over .

Justins hands ran down my body and stopped at my pajama shorts , before slowly pulling them off .

I grabbed Justin by the hem of his shirt and pulled it off his body , and his body hovered over mine before kissing me again .

I watched as he moved down my body , pressing hot kisses against my skin , and I already felt myself start to shake .

He kissed down my stomach , making me bite my lip.

I turned my head to the side as I felt his breath near my most private area , and when he slid my underwear off I felt my face get hot .

“Its okay” He murmurs , pressing a quick kiss to my lips before moving down again .

I moan loudly when I feel his tongue on me , my back arching off the bed . Whatt he fuck why am I just now doing this ?

“Oh my god Justin” I moan as his tongue swirls around me , my hips bucking into him .

I ran my hands through Justins hair , breathy moans leaving my lips as he continue to eat me .

“You taste delicious Y/N” He moans , sending vibrations through my entire body .

“Please” I whimper , not really sure what im asking , but at this point I didn’t care , my mind wasn’t in its right mind .

“Fuck!” I curse when he sucks on my bundle of nerves , my heart pounding and my breathing erratic .

After a few moments I feel Justin slide a finger inside of me making me suck in a breath , the feeling extremely uncomfortable .

“This is going to help stretch you out” He reassures , and I nod , waiting for the feeling to go away but was soon distracted once Justin kept licking between my folds , his finger going in and out of me .

Suddenly my legs tensed up as Justins finger hit a spot inside of me , making me moan his name loudly , my orgasm washing over me .

Justin continue to lick me as I came , making me close my legs around his head .

“Holy” I pant as he pulled away , before kissing up my stomach and meeting my lips again .

I could taste myself on his tongue and I felt myself get hotter.

“How was that?” He asks , and I stare at him , dazed .

“Amazing” I say , but now I wanted to help him .

“Can I ?” I ask

“You don’t have to. This is your night and I want you to focus on your pleasure” He says sweetly , making me smile shyly at him .

“I want to” I say , sitting up and palming him through his shorts .

I watch as he takes a sharp breath , his eyes fluttering slightly as I flip us over so that im on top .

I pull his shorts off , before sliding down his boxers , my eyes widening slightly .

I remember accidently seeing Justins penis once in the 7th grade , and I was awkward around him for like a week before actually telling him . He laughed about it , informing me that it was okay since I was feeling extremely guilty.

But it wasn’t this big before . He was definitely hung .

I stared at it , feeling my lower region ache as I watched the precum ooz from his erect member , and then I wrap my hand around it .

Justin moans , falling flat on the bed as I began to move my hand up and down .

I mean , I wasn’t completely stupid to the whole sex thing . I knew what to do when giving oral sex . I think .

I put my mouth on the tip of his cock , giving it a kiss. Justins hands immediately grabbed my hair , moving it away from my face so he could see me .

“Should I suck it?” I ask , just to make sure .

“Y-yeah , I mean if you want” He says , his voice hoarse .

I nod , wrapping my mouth around the head of it , tasting the pre cum and moaning .

“Fuck Y/N, moan again” he tells me , and I do , making his eyes roll back .

I take more of him into my mouth, swirling my tongue around his long , thick member , before hollowing my cheeks .

He’s too big so I cant fit him entirely , but I try , my eyes water slightly .

“Oh my” Justin cuts himself off, pulling my hair slightly , and I close my eyes , relishing in the fact that hes moaning because of me .

“Stop” He says suddenly , making my eyes fly open .

“Stop Y/N” He says , pushing me gently and I reluctantly remove him from my mouth with a pop .

“I don’t want to come yet” He pants , letting out a breath .

I nod , and he sits up , our lips connecting once more before he gets up , grabbing a condom from his side drawer.

He gets back on the bed , before hovering on top of me , unhooking my bra .

His lips attach to my nipple , making me moan as he began to suck and flick his tongue over it , kneading the other one with his fingers .

“Justin” I moan quietly , making him look up at me .

“Im ready” I say , and he looks into my eyes once more before nodding , sliding on the condom and lining up at my entrance .

He slid himself up and down my folds , making me buck my hips , before he interlocked his fingers with mine .

“I love you” He said as he pushed inside of me , and I bit my lip to keep from crying out as he hissed .

“Fuck” We both said , and  squeezed my eyes shut .

“Relax” He murmurs , kissing my head as I breathed deeply .

I nodded for him to continue , and gasped once he was completely inside of me , the stinging sensation taking over.

“It hurts” I whimper .

“I know baby , but it will go away soon” Justin said , his voice tense .

“Youre really tight” He adds , and I laugh despite the pain I feel .

“Well , what did you expect?” I retort , focusing on the look of pleasure on his face, which did unexplainable things to me .

“I think im okay now” I say after a minute .

“You sure?” He asks , and I nod .

I arch my back slightly as he pulls back out , before pushing into me completely .

“Shit” I moan , gripping Justins fingers tightly as pleasure sparked up my spine .

‘M-move justin please” I moan , moving my hips to feel that sensation again .

Justin started moving back and forth , and my eyes rolled to the back of my head as he thrusted inside of me , my body becoming numb with pleasure . I removed my fingers from his as he lifted my leg up , before thrusting deeper inside of me , making me scream .

“Oh my god oh my god fuck fuck” I cried , running my hands down his back as he brought me to another world.

“Youre so beautiful” Just whispered to me before attaching his lips to mine , moving position slightly so that he could hit me at a new angle and my stomach clenched .

“J-justin” I moaned , feeling the pressure building up in my lower region .

“I love you Y/N” Justin groaned , burying his face in my neck .

“I love you too Justin” I said , my voice about three octaves higher as I focused on the immense pleasure I was feeling .

Justin pulled out of me suddenly making me look up quickly , but before I could complain he turned me on my side and slide all the way into me making me scream in ecstasy.

Justin drilled into me as fast as he could , and I couldn’t do anything but cry as my orgasm washed over me , wave after wave of pleasure .

Justin thrusted into me a few more times before stilling inside of me , groaning loudly as he attached his lips to mine , both of us coming down from our highs .

I let out a deep breath , my entire body sticky with sweat as I wiped the tears from my face , before looking at Justin .

“Well?” He asked , pulling my body close to his and kissing my forehead .

“I want more”



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Okay guys I’m going to tell you a little bit about us. We met in 7th grade. We became best friends. High school came and you would never guess what happened we kissed fell in love. Happily ever after, right? Well no. Because you see, I am a stupid asshole. I cheated on her. Each and everytime I said the same thing baby I love you give me one more chance I changed I promise the same dumb bullshit I had believed. Yet I can tell you right now, I have never been more in love with someone now why couldn’t I just be loyal and caring and actually be there for her. Well if I knew I would tell you. But I broke her over and over and I don’t think I have ever seen such a broken girl in my entire life. I dread waking up from sleeping getting a call saying she isn’t here anymore because of what I did to her. Yes I know how could I possibly love this girl more than anything in this entire world and yet do such horrendous things. I don’t know honestly and I would give anything to go back in time and change it but I can’t so I’m having to deal with my consequences by losing her. Losing the girl I used to wake up to every single night with a phone call because she had a nightmare or something. The girl I used to cry over when she opened up and told me about her past. The girl I used to rush over no matter what time day or night just to keep her from crying. The girl I would give my own life up to let her live for, she is my world and I’m just a fuck up. I’m not looking for your sympathy that’s not what this is about. This is so you can go give her support and show her someone cares. She feels like she doesn’t have anyone to talk to and I just want to show her people aren’t all horrible jerks. So her tumblr is @xfuckinfeelingx and I would honestly much appreciate if you guys went over there and said some positive things or were there for her…
Thank you..

anxiety is not a choice

i was told yesterday that i don’t have anxiety by a family member and that i  need to quit posting about it. 

im sorry but i need to speak my mind on this one. 

i don’t give my opinion too much about anything. i don’t express my feelings towards certain subjects or constantly speak my mind when i don’t agree with other opinions. i normally shut the fuck up and stay out of it because my opinion usually ends up to “stupid” or “irrelevant” or wrong.

anxiety is not a choice, i have been experiencing anxiety since i started 7th grade.

now im not looking for a pity party and im not trying to start anything, but give my own god damn opinion for once in my life.

the definition of anxiety is “a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome.” 

this can be described as an emotion and everyone experiences this emotion. i don’t care if your beyonce or some one going on a first date. some experience this more than others. you can be diagnosed and treated for disorders of anxiety. even if you don’t have the luxury or the support to go see a doctor to “determine” what you feel does not mean you don’t have anxiety. the disorders come in so many scary forms. there’s panic disorders, social anxiety disorders, generalized anxiety disorder and different specific phobias. 

it can run in families or be caused by horrible, horrible situations that cause so much pain to even think about. i’ve had things in my life happen to me that i believe that have caused my anxiety to be worse, that im too scared to even share with my mother. anxiety can happen 24/7 or just at the most random moments. and it just feels like you can’t breathe and you’re scared and have no idea what to do. it’s so fucking terrifying.

anxiety is not this huge dramatic panic attack scene where you need to be rushed to the ER every time. it can be but that’s not how it is every time. it can be quiet and in the back of a classroom and now one would ever know. it can be tossing and turning at night and not getting but an hour of sleep, for weeks. it can constantly feel like you’re drowning and nothing/nobody can do a thing to make it better. it can be random thoughts of self hatred. it can be knots it your back and heart palpitations. it can be finding reasons to cancel plans because you have the constant feeling of being judged and that you don’t belong. it can be insecurities. it can be nausea from giving a forced speech in class. it can be any fucking circumstance. not just what is displayed on tv and movies. sorry

anxiety is so hard to fucking explain. i can’t even explain it myself. i get overwhelmed and angry at myself because i just feel that no one understands what im trying to say. i feel like this post is going to offend people because i might have said something wrong and i have no business of posting this.i forget what im talking about right in the middle of my fucking sentence and i look so stupid. it happens at work, when i went to school, when im even ordering food at a fucking restaurant. i feel pathetic and hopeless.

and so when im told by someone who is supposed to support and love me that i just need to “gain confidence” and quit posting about anxiety because i don’t have it makes me feel worse about myself. it makes me feel like there’s no reason i feel the way i do and that im alone.

im sorry if this makes people mad. or if you think im stupid because my thoughts are wrong. its how i feel

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also as a bonus, sleeping Craig:

grown women  who post “other girls vs me” memes are interesting to me because I always feel like they’re coming from a place of juvenile superiority. Bc like at the time in my life when i would’ve posted/laughed at something like that I was in like the 6th/7th grade and I thought makeup and dresses and the color pink were stupid and any girl that liked it was stupid so when I see somebody old posting stuff in that vein I’m like “????????? please relax and grow up?????? let ppl live????????”

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Okay, I wanna be educated, so WHAT IN GALLIFREY ARE THE BOOKS OF BAYERN?

These beauties right here. They are the Book of Bayern. A lot of people dismiss them as stupid fairy tail want-to-bes, but they are far from it. Also the descriptions on the cover are shit they only describe the fist 60 page of per book. Now allow me to break it down book by book. (If my terminology it wrong I apologize. I haven’t read them since 7th grade)


This fab book follows the wonderful Yellow Woman Andori aka Ani aka Isi. She is a bamf and pure awesomeness. She is the princess of a small kingdom called Kildenree. When she was a baby her aunt taught her the language of birds, but her mom said it was inappropriate for a princess and it’s inferred the reason her aunt left is because the queen made her. Well for the rest of her childhood Ani is treated like a delicate fuck because one night after her aunt left and she was banished from visiting the goose pond Ani sneaks out and nearly dies of hypothermia next to said pond. The only time she’s not treated like a delicate flower is when she goes riding with her dad, but one day he falls off his horse cause he’s stupid and dies. At his funeral Ani’s ass hole mother announces that instead of Ani taking the throne like she was supposed to she is going to marry the Prince of Bayern, a monstrous country that could destroy Kildenree just by sneezing, and her bro Caleb will take the Kildenree throne instead. Now the thing is on Ani’s trip to Bayern a crazy person, who I will not name do to spoilers, attacks Ani’s party and takes Ani’s place as the princess. Ani escapes, but the imposter puts a bounty on her head so ANi is trying to get back her identity and kill the bitch that took it from her all while working as a goose keeper at the castle and trying to get back in touch with her bird speak ,and learning she can also speak wind like a pro. And that’s super awesome cause wind was a lost language.


This book right here is the best one. This book takes place a few months after the Goose Girl and follows Ani’s (who now goes by Isi) best friend and all around bamf Enna. Enna is back chillin at her home when her bro shows up with some crazy ass fire wood. Well the fire wood has got fire language written all over it and he reads it and can now control fire. He decides to be a medieval super hero and joins the army to fight the on coming war with Tira. Well he’s a dumb fuck and burns himself out by barbequing the enemies, thus barbequing himself. Liefer is very stupid. Well anyway Enna is like “Dumb brospeh what is wrong with you. What was so great about your secret fire stick anyway” and reads the stick herself. Well obviously she get’s the fire powers now, and the book is her trying to stop the war dealing with People Speaking dick rags (people who are very talented in getting people to do shit because they are basically super charismatic brain washers), and trying not to get burned from the inside out like her bro. READ IT!


THIS BOOK IS A RIOT BECAUSE RAZO IS THE LEAD! Razo is another old friend of Isi’s and Enna’s and happens to be a soldier for Bayern. This book follows him trying to hunt down a dick wad trying to sabotage the peace meeting between Tira  and Bayern to stop the war. HE also runs into super mega badass Dasha during this who is the Tiran ambassador. He learns that she speaks water like a bamf for once it’s the boy that is a love sick puppy and not the girl. Dasha ends up saving Razo’s ass multiple times and Razo get’s self esteem BECAUSE HECK YEAH THIS BOOK HAS VALUABLE LIFE LESSONS!


Then we have the finale installment, Forest Born. This one follows Rin who is Razo’s mega badass little sister who could probably kill anyone one and everyone except Enna cause Enna is the best Rin is having issues cause she used to seek comfort from the trees. She doesn’t know why but when she was younger she felt like she could almost understand them and they’d always reflect back her happiest thoughts, memories, and feelings to her. But then she pulled a dick move and now the tree’s make her feel like shit there’s no other way to put it. She figures getting a job at the castle with her bro Razo and his pals in the city away from the trees would help. but NO! Some bitch comes and kidnaps Isi’s adorable as fuck kid and the entire fucking group is crazed and more war almost starts and Rin saves everyone and finally the wicked bitch is gone because Rin saves the day! (There’s more to it but this is just me explaining it quickly trust me it’s fab)

In conclusion this series is great and wonderful. It never get’s the love it deserves and people really should love it. It’s great for people on tumblr because of the great  strong female leads in it. Men aren’t depended on and women take care of there own shit. Not to mention name a Frozen AU with different powers and you have four of them right here. READ THIS PERFECT SERIES!!! GIVE IT LOTS  OF LOVE! Please and thank you this was a PSA by Murray

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i wish i could just forget owl city altogether for straight up ripping off the postal service, made 7th grade so shitty when everyone was listening to that stupid song constantly and i was just.... offended lol

I’ve been trying to tell everyone ever since that song’s been released but no one believed me

seeing my crush from 7th grade *cough* you know who you are *cough* dating someone makes me jealous??? idk why?? like i have a partner whom i love and whom i am faithful towards. i just get jealous over stupid things.