i was stuck in traffic when i took this

The head of a company survived 9/11 because
His son started kindergarten.
Another fellow was alive because it was
His turn to bring donuts.
One woman was late because her
Alarm clock didn’t go off in time.
One was late because of being stuck on the NJ Turnpike
Because of an auto accident.
One of them
Missed his bus.
One spilled food on her clothes and had to take
Time to change.
Car wouldn’t start.
One couldn’t
Get a taxi.
The one that struck me was the man
Who put on a new pair of shoes that morning,
Took the various means to get to work but before.
He got there, he developed a blister on his foot.
He stopped at a drugstore to buy a Band-Aid.
That is why he is alive today..
Now when I am
Stuck in traffic,
Miss an elevator,
Turn back to answer a ringing telephone…
All the little things that annoy me,
I think to myself,
This is exactly where
I’m meant to be
At this very moment

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“No, like. It’s just, I can’t believe you’re actually wearing my clothes.” for Patater please!

(AU where Kent is a professor and Alexei is his NHL boyfriend)

It’s always so goddamn hard for Kent to leave his bed, but now, with the weight of Alexei’s arm draping over his shoulders and clinging onto him like a very persistent limpet, climbing out from under the covers becomes harder still. He’s thrown on one of the Team Russia hoodies Alexei had left behind a couple months back, and when Alexei had seen him in it last night, he’d practically flung his duffel bags across the room to get his hands on Kent. Now, as Kent tries to slip out after a few moments of careful maneuvering, so as to not wake Alexei (happily snoring away like a truck after a late night flight post-game), he feels a hand catch him at the last moment, drawing him back into the heat of the blankets.

“Alexei,” Kent starts, but when Alexei buries his face into the hollow of Kent’s neck and grumbles incoherently in Russian, Kent finds that he can’t argue. “I have to get ready. I have work.”

“Early,” Alexei murmurs, then nips at a bruise he’d left last night. “Ten more minutes.”

“I’m gonna get stuck in traffic,” Kent complains halfheartedly, then pauses. “Why are you looking at me like that?”

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Irresponsible•Neymar Imagine

“Rafa is going to pick you up from the airport, okay?” Neymar asks.
“Yeah, I’ll text her the details.“I say while showing my boarding pass to stewardess. I mutter a thank you and quickly get to my seat in the first class."I just got on the plane so I’ll see you at home right?”
“Yeah, I’m now going to these medical check ups so I should be back before you’re home.” He says and after typical I love you from both sides we end the call.

Neymar has not been feeling well for past days and since the game against Roma was coming which was his first game this season he decided to ignore that until the last minute. When he got fever, his manager finally made him see the doctor properly. I was worried but now I was heading back home so I could finally see him.
I was in London for few days and it felt so good to be back in Barcelona. The flight was about two hours so it was pretty short and I managed to get a quick nap and read few chapters of my book and before I knew we were already landing. I quickly got my luggage and took few pictures with fans I finally spotted Rafa. We quickly greeted each other with a hug and headed towards the car.
“Wow, you managed to convince Neymar to give you his car?” I ask when I see Neymar’s Audi Q7. Neymar loved his cars more than anything and he let me drive his like once. And he was sitting right beside me during our five minute way to the grocery shop.
“I’m pretty sure he’s sick and doesn’t really know what he’s doing so I took the opportunity.” She laughs but then adds.“He really doesn’t look well. And he’s so moody, I’m so glad I’m leaving tomorrow because I can’t stand him.” She laughs.
“Is it bad? He wouldn’t tell me anything besides that his head hurts really bad and that he thinks he had fever but there’s nothing to worry about.”
“I’m not sure, he went to see the doctor so I guess we’ll find out soon.” Rafa shrugs and keeps driving.

When we finally get home after being stuck in an evening traffic for about forty minutes I am more than relieved to finally get out of the car. When I head inside home I can tell Neymar is there because of the lights which are turned on in literally every room and there is TV quietly going on in the living room. Rafa goes to her bedroom and I quickly get my bags upstairs, to our room and then go to the living room.
Neymar is peacefully sleeping on the couch with a cozy blanket covering him. He doesn’t wake up when I sit beside him and stroke his hair. I immediately notice that his forehead is quite hot. I decide to check if Duda is still here or if he left our place already. When I go to the kitchen I see Neymar’s dad and manager sitting beside the table and talking about some new project. Neymar’s dad and Rafa are leaving tomorrow to go back to Brazil so they’re probably doing some last minute changes.
“Hi.” I say and slip to the chair besides them.
“Hello, hello! Happy to be back?” Duda asked and smiled. He’s such a happy person.
“I only was gone for few days but I’m sure y'all have missed me so bad."I laugh.” So how’s Neymar?“I ask. I see them making eye contact and I can’t help but start to become worried by the look on their faces.
"Well…” Duda started and looked at Neymar senior.
“They don’t know anything yet."Neymar’s dad says and continues."He is good enough to play in tomorrow’s game but they took his blood to testing and it takes about two or three days to find out what it is.” He says and even he looks kind of worried. He usually is the calm and responsible one.
“But it’s like serious? What do they think he has?”
“They suspect few things and they didn’t want to tell us much before the test results.” He sighs.
“Should we be worried?” No one knows anything then.
“They told us not to be. I mean they are probably the best doctors in Spain so we don’t really have to be worried. I guess.” He adds quietly.
“We just wait, let’s not suspect anything. Just wait.” Neymar Senior says.
“So are we done here? I promised to send it before 10.” Duda asks Neymar’s dad after a few seconds of silence and gestures towards the papers on the table.
“Yes, I think so.” He nods.“If they need anything more just send me an email or give me a call, right?”
They both gather their stuff and Duda leaves to his place.
“You shouldn’t be worried about him.” Neymar’s dad says and looks at me when he’s in the doorway. He’s about to go upstairs and finish his packing and maybe have an early night since their flight is early morning the next day.
“Well, I’m trying not to be.” I try to smile but I think it doesn’t quite work out.“When we find out what it is, it’ll be better.”

I decide to cook myself a dinner and can’t help but peek at Neymar in the living room every five minutes. I’m checking if he’s still asleep, if the blanket covers him fully or if his forehead isn’t too hot.
Fortunately for me, he seemed okay last time I checked on him and the next time I look up from the pasta that I’m cooking right now he is there. Neymar is standing few meters away from me in the doorstep, looking at me and smiling.
“Hi baby.” He mutters and comes up to me.
I try to say the same but his full lips are already covering mine in a long kiss. When we finally break apart I manage to speak.
“How are you feeling?” I look him in the eyes and then notice that his face looks a little bit swollen.“Your face is kinda of swollen, does it hurt or something?” Although he doesn’t look that bad.
“Nah, I’m just having some terrible head aches but I got these pain killers and slept for a while so it’s okay now.” He shrugs and looks into the pan to see what I’m cooking.“You making that for me?” He grins.
“You can have some if you want to."I nod and get two plates."Are you sure you’re okay?”
“You shouldn’t worry."He says softly and and takes a step to be closer to me."The doctors said its nothing serious for now.” He looks me in the eyes and tucks some hair behind my ear.
“For now?"I repeat. It might get worse?
"Yeah, they say it’s probably just the beginning and all we can do is wait for the blood tests to know what it is.”
“The beginning? You’re not being serious.”
“Yeah I am?"He actually sounds kind of offended while scratching his neck and furrowing his brows. Although he looks quite cute in his long socks, football shorts, a huge jumper and that childish face.
"I just don’t like seeing you sick, you know I’m worried."I admit and sit beside the table with my full plate.

We have a nice conversation throughout the meal and when I finally finish my meal I realize how tired I am.
"So what are your plans for tonight?” I ask.
“I’ll probably just play FIFA since I obviously don’t feel like going out and I’m too lazy to do anything more.” He furrows his brows again like he’s thinking about what he just said.“What about you? Are you tired?”
“Yeah, kind of. But it’s too early so I won’t fall asleep now.”
“You could join me? You can have a glass of wine and I actually bought so much ice cream today we can start eating it now.” He offers. “We can watch a movie.”
“Can you get me the wine then? I’ll just quickly unpack and get my laptop because I still have some emails to read and stuff. ” I say and go do these things after we clean the table after our dinner.
“You’ll come downstairs with the laptop yeah?” He calls me when I’m almost on the stairs. I mutter some words in agreement and quickly go upstairs.

But am I going to get anything done with Neymar by my side?

When I get to the living room, Neymar is already laying on the sofa with a controller in his hands and a huge bowl of ice cream on his stomach. When he sees me he grins and puts a huge spoon full of ice cream in his mouth.
“Aren’t you supposed to be on some kind of football diet?” I sit beside him and take a sip of the wine he poured for me.
“I have to have energy tomorrow, right?” He eats another spoon of his ice cream while talking.
I raise my eyebrows at him but he gets distracted by Fifa too quickly to notice. I decide to get everything done as fast as I can and at least try to relax.
The only sounds in the room for few more minutes are these annoying sounds from Neymar’s game and curses he mutters under his breath when he looses the ball. After thirty minutes I am done. I close the lid of my laptop and I’m more or less satisfied with my work. Neymar looses another game just seconds later and he quickly collects my empty glass after wine, gets up and heads towards the kitchen.
“Do you want some ice cream?"He asks on his way there.
"No, but you can bring the whole bottle of wine since I don’t know if I’ll survive sober with you tonight.”
When Neymar comes back he really is carrying a bottle of opened wine and the same bowl full of ice cream.
This time when he comes back and sits on the couch, he sits up more straight so after few minutes I decide to lay down and put my head on his lap. I see him slightly smiling when I do that.
“Are you playing with Leo?"I ask while following the game on the screen. Watching Fifa is not that boring especially when you’re interested in football.
"Yeah, that fucker has won every game today."He swears.
They finish playing sometime later and it might be because it’s getting late or because I started playing with Neymar’s face and complaining about how long they’ve been playing for.
He just turns on the regular tv and some kind of comedy is on so we just leave it going.

"I missed you."Neymar mutters and strokes my hair."I felt kind of lonely when you were away.”
“Awww."I turn on my back and look at his face."You’re cute.” His attention is fully on me when I change my position and sit on his lap.“But…"I place a kiss on his lips."I missed you too.” I smile and kiss him again. The kiss is short and sweet and after it I snuggle my head in the crack of his neck just to get closer. Neymar soon covers us up with a blanket and we just watch the movie.
Soon Neymar’s scent and his hands traveling up and down my sides become too distracting and I start kissing his neck.
“You just can’t get enough, can you?"He laughs but soon stops when I start sucking a soft spot on his neck. I stop way too soon, not to make the hickey too big.
He quickly finds my lips and almost sucks into them. Moments later he slides his hands down to my butt and squeezes it. His tongue swiftly finds its way into my mouth when it opens with a moan and deepens the kiss. My hands find their way under his jumper and lay flat on his ripped stomach. The kisses are not enough almost instantly so after few minutes or maybe seconds his hips try to find mine in a quick motion.
"No,no,no."I start and try to break the kiss but it still lasts for few more seconds."Not in the living room."I quietly say and frown. "Not when your family is upstairs."I add.
Neymar looks more or less disappointed but still really eager.
"One last kiss?"He asks and I honestly can’t refuse when I look into his eyes and see the sweet pout he makes unconsciously.
I connect our lips again and the kiss becomes heated right away. My hands are still pressed against his chest, his hands are still pressed against my butt and our lips are still pressed against each other.
Just moments later we hear someone quietly grunting. I didn’t think my heart would beat faster but it does when we immediately break apart.
There’s Rafa standing in the doorstep, holding a glass of water and giving us a wicked look.
"Seriously? If dad walked into you two instead of me, both of you would be dead now."She jokes.
Of course it’s not like Neymar’s family didn’t see us kissing or something.
"Shut up."Neymar says and laughs."It’s my house and it wasn’t my kissing buddy who got threw out by him."He starts laughing almost uncontrollably.
Rafaella just gives him one of her devil looks and leaves the room muttering a quick goodnight.
"What? What did you mean?"What exactly did he mean by saying threw out?
"Ah it’s nothing. One time when Rafa was like fourteen or something, she brought some guy over when no one was home, you know? Dad comes home and what? He finds his little daughter making out with a boy on her bed.” He laughs again.“He literally went mad! He threw him out immediate and she was grounded for like two months of something.”

The morning of the next day is more of a lazy day. Neymar declared he will drive his family to the airport and he did, so the only thing I had to do was to come downstairs and say goodbye to them.
Neymar’s face was still a little swollen and even though it’s a little more than the night before I still didn’t want to worry him before the game. Today’s match wasn’t an important one but it was the first match with the whole squad back and it was also Joan Gamper Trophy so it did mean a lot.
Around 3pm I leave the house just to go and visit Antonella. We haven’t seen each other for about a week but still have a lot of catching up to do. The things is that when games are at home Leo usually comes and picks Neymar up and I get Anto to the stadium so when we go back to our homes after the match everyone is in their own car. We do the same today and when we finally arrive to the stadium with few inconveniences like traffic, just because Barcelona is packed with tourists and fans.

The stadium is full and everyone is so positive and happy even before the players are on the pitch, its really a pleasure to be in the place like this and absorb the positive energy. When the players appear on the pitch, everything explodes.
When the game finally starts the stadium is chanting the names of different players and soon the first ball lands in the net.
It’s Neymar’s. And I guess it’s dedicated for me.
The next two goals are both for Barcelona and the stadium is more alive than ever. The game was really good and both sides played really good but well, Barcelona won.

When players start to flow out of the dressing room, about an hour after the game they are clean and happy. Neymar comes out between Leo and Dani and he looks exhausted even though the didn’t play the whole game. When they spot us, Neymar’s face lightens up a little but after few seconds it goes away and he’s back to looking poorly.
This one time team decided not to go celebrating just because the next day they have an early training. I am more then welcomed to hear that news due to Neymar looking and probably feeling poorly. When we walk to the car he is quietly telling me about how the game went and his arm is wraps a little tighter around my waist when I ask him if he’s is okay. We finally arrive to the car and he pulls his hand out to get the keys from my palm and my fingers wrap around the keys really tight when I see what he wants to do.
“You’re not driving. Forget it."I laugh and get into the car on the driver’s seat. He stands beside then car for few more seconds before he gets inside on the passenger seat.
"What’s my car, you know?” He is more amused than angry but he tries his best to look angry.
“I do, but you’re not capable of driving.”
“I’ve been running for an hour so I guess I’m not as weak as you think I am.” He giggles and he doesn’t manage to pretend to be angry anymore.

The night after that, Neymar gets a fever in the middle of the night.
He wakes me up around 3:30am and says he’s really hot and dizzy and doesn’t know what to. I try not to panic because he looks really bad. His face is even more swollen than it was the night before and he really doesn’t look healthy.
After about an hour when I finally manage to get his temperature down and he falls asleep I sent a quick message to Duda.
“Neymar got fever, I made the temperature lower but I don’t have his doctors phone number. Could you please book an appointment for him?”

The next morning Neymar still looks really bad but Duda called the doctor and the some man who Neymar was visiting few days ago will come over at 5pm.

“The blood tests are clear.” The doctor looks at us from behind his glasses.“It’s mumps.” For next 20 minutes he talks us through the possibilities of how the sickness might go and that Neymar is out for at least two weeks.

“Oh and ma'am?” He turns to me.“ I’d do blood tests if I were you. You seem to have the same symptoms as mr. Neymar.”

From what I know Duda is some kind of Neymar’s manager but you can’t really find exact information on that.
Also this imagine is really really different! It’s more of everyday situations than some proper action so let me know how and do you like it? And this is the longest imagine I’ve written! It’s really long (probably twice the length of the longest one I had) but I wanted to somehow make up to you the drought of them.
+I don’t really know if it turned out at least a little but like a fluff…

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Change Your Mind - Marco Reus

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Marco’s POV

7 months, 3 weeks and 2 days.

That was how long ago the divorce lawyer told me Y/N had requested a divorce. I had seen Y/N 4 times since and all had involved arguments. No, I didn’t want a divorce and I don’t know why Y/N wanted one either. We argued sure, but so did everyone. I thought we were doing completely fine. Just a few days before the request came through we were talking about our future, the children we were going to have. 

We’d been together for years. 8 years ago I told her I loved her in her Mum’s sitting room because I could never get it out in some elaborate way. That summed up our relationship, nothing that happened with us was elaborate. Take our wedding for example. Our wedding was a small event in our hometown church with about 150 guests, who were close family friends, and it was perfect. 

I was in love with her.

Pulling up to the lawyers office, my heart was stuck in my throat. Today was the day. The day that Y/N would stop being my wife and lose my last name. I’d lose the right to refer to her as mine and would be found stupid if I called her the love of my life. 

I walked into the office, shook hands with both of our lawyers.

“Where’s Y/N?” I asked, looking around the office.

“She’ll be here in a moment, she’s in traffic.” Her lawyer explained. I took a seat next to my lawyer and sat opposite the empty chair where Y/N should be.

When Y/N arrived it was our lawyers who did the talking, agreeing final terms and such. Eventually they went into a separate room, leaving Y/N and I alone. The silence was painful.

“Why?” I broke the silence, causing Y/N to look directly at me.

“Why what?” Y/N asked.

“Why do you want a divorce?” 

“Because we aren’t the same Marco, it doesn’t work!” 

“We don’t work? You weren’t saying that when we were discussing our future children. There’s a better reason than that.” I pleaded, trying to catch Y/N’s eye. 

“Marco, my mind is made up, respect my decision.” Y/N said, running her hand through her hair. I leant across the table and grabbed the hand that was lying on the desk and enclosed it with mine. 

“Be honest with me Y/N. You owe me that.” I said, running the pad of my thumb across her oh-so-familiar hands.

“It’s the coming home late, it’s the constant use of your phone, it’s the blowing me off for reasons I don’t know. There’s so many things Marco, you’ve lost your way, and I hate to say it, but I can’t help you this time. I’ve tried so damn hard to convince myself that you do still care but it hurts too much.” She said, letting all her feelings flow out at once. I thought about her words. I didn’t come home that late did I? Maybe like once or twice a week. I mean unless one of the guys wanted me to go out. Which was often… Without realising I had been the worst husband on this planet.

“Y/N I had no idea…”

“That’s the point Marco, you had no idea.” 

“Can’t we fix this?”

“I don’t think so Marco, you’ve changed. If you can’t even remember a simple dinner date anymore I doubt you can remember anything from when we first met.” She said, pulling away from my grip and walking towards the door.

“4th April. We were 16 years old. It took me ages to approach you.” I spoke, making her turn around. I continued. “You had your hair all tangled and curly because your friends had convinced you to put it in unbearably tight plaits that you had hated. I asked to buy you a drink when you told me you didn’t drink alcohol so I bought you a lemonade and made them make it look all fancy.”

“What the hell are you talking about Marco?”

“The day we met. I remember everything Y/N.” I said, getting up and walking over to her, standing as close to her as I could. I could feel her breath against me.

“One more chance.” I whispered in her ear. She nodded and I pulled away from her smiling. An equally bright smile made it’s way to her face as I took her hand and pulled her towards the door.

“Let’s go rip up those divorce papers.”


this has been in my drafts foreveeeer and I just wanted to get rid of it but I kinda like it :)
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Request: Ok so yn goes to a Gerard Way show and is waiting outside for like hours during which Gerard tweets “This room has good energy” (which he actually did tweet a few days ago) and then during the show Gerard (wearing his usual black suit and pink tie and stuff) keeps looking/making eye contact and then in between songs he talks to the crowd about how he feels a special presence tonight and then after the show security finds yn and says to go to the tour bus out back so then after a bit of hesitating outside the bus yn knocks and Gerard opens the door and yn is all in shock n stuff and G is super friendly and nice and cute and great (like “come sit closer to me don’t be shy”) then a LOT of dirty smut ensues and then afterwards Gerard says how he feels as though yn is really special and how he feels they should keep in close touch and then he gives her his number the end and please don’t specify age or anything

I scrolled mindlessly through social media as I leaned against the building. Today was finally the day I would get to see Gerard Way live. I never got to see My Chemical Romance play, so I was excited to get the chance to get tickets for his solo tour. 

I refreshed Gerard’s Twitter page, curious if he would post anything about tonight’s show. A picture popped up, him at the airport with a group of fans surrounding him, holding up welcome signs. I favorited it, feeling a pang of jealousy towards the girls that were able to greet him at the airport. 

A few hours later and the line behind me was beginning to grow, hoards of fans stretching all the way down the street. I was thankful I got here early, there was only a few people in front of me so I was confident I would end up in the front row.  Butterflies erupted in my stomach thinking about being that close to him. 

My phone buzzed angrily in my pocket, breaking me out of my trance. I unlocked it and slid down the notification bar, smiling when I saw it was from Gerard tweeting.

This room has good energy.

Despite how simple it was, the tweet still made me smile, happy to know he had a good feeling about the show tonight. 

It felt like forever until it hit 7:30, all the energy returning back to the crowd as security opened the doors. People were pushing and shoving like crazy as we flooded through the doors, sprinting towards the front barricades. I secured a spot in the front near the center, holding onto the barricade so no one could squeeze in front of me. 

The opening act came and went, they were good but you could tell the crowd just wanted to see Gerard already. The lights dimmed suddenly, earning a few eager screams and cheers in the audience. The chants got even louder when everyone could see the outline of Gerard as he entered the stage. 

A spotlight turned on, illuminating the man in the black suit and pink tie. The crowd went nuts. I could make out the shy smile and faint blush on his cheeks from where I was standing. 

“This song’s called Millions.”

Compared to most concerts I’ve been to, Gerard’s was very relaxed and mellow. sure, their were a few over eager fans who were trying to shoulder their way to the front, but most people simply listened to the music. No mosh pits were a relief to me. Being swarmed by people and trying to avoid getting stomped on was not my idea of how I wanted to spend a concert.

I noticed multiple times throughout the night that Gerard was looking at me. Not around me or just glancing towards this side of the crowd, but directly at me. I dismissed it, deciding that I was being stupid and that there was no way in hell he would be able to spot me individually in this crowd.

Then again, the venue wasn’t that large and the barricades were fairly close to the stage. Maybe he could see me.

Gerard walked towards the back of the stage as he finished another song, picking up his water that he kept near the drum kit and taking a large drink. He returned to the crowd, going on a mini rant about body positivity and mental illness. 

“So yeah, just find someone to talk to, you’re not weird or crazy, just need a little help. Thank you guys for coming out tonight. You’ve all been so sweet.”

The crowd roared in response, a few people shouting “We love you!”

“So, so sweet. Very good vibes from you guys. In fact, I feel a special presence tonight!” 

Boom. More eye contact. I gulped, not daring to break the contact. He smiled, making it feel like it was more towards me then the crowd. Then he winked, making my knees buckle slightly. 

“This next song is called Drugstore Perfume.”

When the concert was done, Gerard thanked the crowd again for showing up and wished everyone a safe ride home. People began to hurry out of the venue, hoping to beat any traffic in the parking lot. I took a few minutes to gt one last picture, a bad idea that led me stuck in the back of the crowd. Before I could walk through the door, I felt a hard grip on my forearm.

“Where you in the front row on the left side?” It was a security guard, the same who stood right next to me on the other side of the barricade.

“Yeah…why?” I asked anxiously. I knew some venues were strict on pictures and I hoped they weren’t gonna hassle me over it.

“Mr. Way wants you to meet him at his bus,” he said bluntly. I could tell by the casual way he said it, this wasn’t his first time delivering messages from rock stars to fans.

“Why?” I couldn’t help but ask.

“I don’t know, his manager just sent me to find you.”

“Oh okay,” I stammered in response.

“Follow me, you’ll need an escort to get back there.” I simply nodded, following him through the back door and out into the parking lot. “There it is,” he instructed, nodding his head towards the bus a few feet in front of us.

“Thank you,” I said meekly as he walked back into the venue. I did a few laps around the bus, not sure what to do. I wasn’t stupid, I knew why singers called a fan back to their bus or hotel. I never thought Gerard was the groupie type. Maybe it was a new habit for him after his divorce. After another lap, I made up my mind. This was Gerard Way we we’re talking about. My idol ever since I first heard My Chemical Romance. I couldn’t pass this opportunity up, because I would regret it for the rest of my life.

Fuck it.

I knocked on the door, all my doubts flooding back when I heard the door unlock from the other side. The door swung open and there he was. He still had is suit and tie on it, the collar of his button up was damp from sweat and the water he splashed on his face in between songs. His hair was tousled in all directions and some strands clung tightly on his forehead. His face looked a little flushed and tired, but he still wore a happy smile on his face. 


“Hi,” I responded shyly, brushing some hair out of my face. 

“Please come in,” he said kindly, stepping aside to let me through. I walked in and awkwardly sat down on the couch, trying to come up with something to say. “Would you like something to drink?”

“Uh sure, do you have water?”

He nodded, opening up the mini fridge and tossing me a bottled water. He sat down on the other side of the couch, close enough to make my heart race but far away enough to give us both some space. 

“What’s your name?”


“It’s great to meet you, Y/N. I’m Gerard,” he smiled, offering me his hand.

“I know,” I blurted out, making us both chuckle as we shook hands. 

“Your hands are so soft,” I thought out load, internally cringing at how creepy that sounded. But he didn’t seem to pick up on it, smiling a little brighter and looking down at his hands.

“Thank you! I’ve started using lotion again lately so i’m glad it’s paying off,” he chuckled. 

Both of us began to loosen up, getting more comfortable and talking about our lives. Gerard talked briefly about his old band, why they broke up and how he was relieved that they were all on good terms even if they don’t see each other as much. His eyes lightened when he talked about Bandit, excitedly talking about her interest, how she already loves to draw, and even admitted he got teary eyed when he dropped her off on her first day of school. 

“She sounds amazing,” I smiled, watching him with amusement.

“She is. I never thought I would have kids, especially one as amazing as her. You can sit closer to me, don’t be shy,” he said comfortingly, gesturing to the space right next to him. I gulped slightly but obliged, scooting closer until our sides were touching.”You’re really pretty,” he said suddenly, his arm draping over my shoulders.

“You’re just sayin’ that,” I laughed, trying to the nerves inside me spiking and the butterflies in y stomach. 

“No really! I mean it. You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve seen on this tour. And I’ve been all over the globe.” He was slowly leaning in, his lips inching closer and closer to mine. I filled the space in between us, lunging forward a little too eagerly and bumping our noses in the process.

He giggled, rubbing his nose with his palm before brushing our lips together again. His lips were as soft as his hands, which were now snaking up my waist to the hem of my shirt.

“So beautiful,” he purred into my ear, sending shivers down my spine. I moved one hand to the back of his head, pushing him back down to my mouth, while the other ran up and down his chest. My fingers curled around his signature pink tie, undoing the loose knot and pulling it off his neck. He shrugged off his jacket, tossing it onto the floor, along with my shirt that he peeled off me.

He pulls lightly on the hair on the nape of my neck, my head falling back as he claims my jaw with his lips and tongue, tracing intricate patters on the sensitive skin.

“A little eager?” I ask him breathlessly as I feel him rut against me, my eyes rolling back when his teeth tug at the sensitive skin of my throat.

“You have no idea,” he growls, chest heaving and breathing constricted.

“I beg to differ.” I melt against his chest, tugging on his neck as I leaned back on the couch, my lips incapable of leaving his after getting a taste of him. He felt like the breath of fresh air I’ve been trying to inhale for three years. I honestly lost hope in ever meeting my idol, let alone hooking up with him in his tour bus. Life is strange.

He hovered over me, stripping us both bare to our bones. It felt natural to me, the weight of his body on top of mine as his hands explored the curves of my waist, his lips tasting the sweat beading on my skin, his eyes staring into mine, as if he’s never seen anything so beautiful in his life, or ever will again.

I trailed my fingertips down his arms, his muscles lightly defined. Hot puffs of air caressed my cheek as his breathing picked up amidst haphazard kisses left along my jaw, his movements rushed and so fucking desperate. My heart swells as he tries to tell me how much he wants me, needs me, his words escaping as unintelligible pleas permanently tattooing themselves into my skin.

“I’ want you so bad. ever since I spotted you in the crowd, I wanted you,” he growls with sudden clarity, his hard on leaving hot smears of precum dangerously close to your sex, “You’re so gorgeous babe.”

I dug my nails into his broad shoulders as he continued his sweet talk, adding promises of next time when we’ll have more time, how hot I would like riding him or how he bets I taste delicious.

He groaned as he pulled my hips flush against his sinfully hard length and he’s much larger than I considered possible, sliding teasingly along my slit as if to prove his point.

“How you’re already so wet for me, so ready for me to just take you,” he murmurs upon coating his cock in my slick slowly, taking far too much pleasure in how twitchy I was becoming underneath him, all because of him.

He arches himself back slightly, ghosting his palm between our sticky bodies before running his hand over his swollen tip drenched in my juices, my lips parting in mild shock when he slips his fingers in his pink mouth and sucks them clean, savoring the flavour. 

“You taste so fucking good, baby. So sweet.”

I whined, actually whining when Gerard hovers over me as he bites his bottom lip with an unholy grin and ruts his cock forcefully against my sensitive clit with shallow thrusts of his practiced hips.

“I can’t…shit. I need-.”

He finally gives in to my please and pushes the head of his cock through my throbbing entrance. He hisses, falling into the crook of my neck while he inches his way inside of me.

“I’ve,.. fuck,” Gerard moans as I latch onto his damp hair and cradle his head against me, wrapping my legs around his waist and pushing him into me until i’m at his base. “Sh-Shit, oh my god.”

“I know, f-feels so good,” I moan into his cheek, my hands trembling where they cling to his sweaty back.

“So tight,” he whispers upon bringing his face level with mine, forehead resting on my temple while lips plant sloppy kiss on whatever skin he can get a hold of. He adjusts the angle of his hips and grinds against your clit in tight circles.

I can tell he’s nearly there when his thrusts start to come in faster, sloppier motions, the temperature rising exponentially on his pale skin and all around me as he rushes to capture my mouth with his. His teeth graze my worn lips, his brows furrowing and hands fisting the cushions with incredible force as I feel the flood of his come coat my walls again and again.

I follow behind him, moaning into his mouth as my orgasm takes over and violently shakes through my body. His body collapses on top of my, his head falling onto my sweaty chest. My fingers weave through his hair, our chest rises and falling in unison.

“I’m sorry…I didn’t mean for that to happen,” he confesses. “The original plan was to ask you out, go on a few dates before we do anything. I guess I just got carried away,” he chuckled. I kissed the top of his head in reassurance, my rapid breathing forbidding me to speak.

“I don’t want to sound weird but…you’re special Y/N. I can tell, I knew as soon as our eyes met tonight. I don’t want this to be a one time thing. Can we keep in touch?”

I nodded my head eagerly, causing a grin to form on his face. He sat up slowly, stretching his arms. He reached forward and grabbed his sketchbook, tearing out a page before scribbling onto it.

“Here’s my number, give me a call soon.”

“I will,” I promised, giving his lips one last peck before beginning the hunt for my clothes.

Heyy :) could you do one where you’re harrys (ashtons brother) babysitter? Btw I love  your writing  thank you!

AN Ayy! My first Ashton imagine! I’m so excited :] I’m happy that I’m getting requests again! If you guys want, you can continue to request things, I’m always happy to do them. Thank you so much for this, I really appreciate you guys. Anyways, enjoy Ashton and his cute little curly head xx

Your POV

Anne called me tonight to babysit her little boy Harry. I mean I didn’t have anything to do, so it really wasn’t a bother. But I hated going over there because that meant that I’d have to deal with Ashton. I didn’t get along with him very well.

Right as I was about to leave, I felt my phone vibrate. I got it out to look at it. Ashton texted me. Ew. What does he want? And how did he get my number?

I agreed to get the Mac and Cheese, and set off toward Harry. Hopefully Ashton was out partying like usual and wouldn’t be there. I shouldn’t get my hopes up though.

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We’re spending the weekend in Washington, DC, to attend my niece’s college graduation. Fun fact: I was at the hospital the day that my niece was born and tomorrow she will be a college graduate. It’s weird to think that I’ve known her since she was just a few minutes old and now she’s about the age that I was when we first met. 

Busy daddy has to work this weekend, so the boy and I made the drive down to DC without him. I guess it usually takes about four hours to drive from New York to DC, but we got stuck in a cluster fudge of weekend traffic, so it took us a little over five hours to get here. The drive was awight, but I’ll say that drivers in Maryland and DC are pretty much Completely Crazy. No offense.

It’s fun to travel with my kid. He has always been an easy traveller, ever since he was a wee baby. Now that he’s older, the boy seems to be taking in and appreciating more of what’s around him. During our drive, the boy would ooh and aah at the bridges and the rivers, and comment on the buildings and scenery. Throughout the day, he would pull out his iPad and snap pics, so that he could remember what he saw. 

As we approached the hotel to meet the boy’s cousins and uncle and aunt, the boy said to me, “Dad, when we get back home, can you print out some of the pictures I took so that I can bring them to school?” And I said, Of course.

anonymous asked:

Could you maybe write an au about sirius and marlene being teachers and all their students ship them?

I had soo much fun doing this one, thanks for sending it! here we go, hope you like it!

Harry, Ron and Hermione sat on the second row; they arrived earlier to get good seats since Human Rights Law was the class that every student wanted to take. “I’m so excited for this” Hermione hissed happily as everyone took their seats “I’ve heard the professor is pushing some legislation based on gender equality”

Ron couldn’t help to smile at his girlfriend excitement and then murmured on his best friend’s ear “I’ve heard that she’s bloody hot too… Fred told me one of his classmates asked her out once but she rejected him… poor bloke never returned to the class”

Harry let out a bark of laughter and took out his notebook and pen; he was really excited about this class too. He checked his phone and then turned it off.

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Just Stay

Because a certain someone (*cough* 💃 anon *cough*) requested this twice in a row and I woke up an hour early this morning with a freaking coughing fit…so decided to write….


I woke up to find Adam’s arms wrapped around me and wondered if last night had all just been some weird twisted dream. I thought I had been alone when I fell asleep last night, but his presence would explain why I slept so well. I felt Adam stirring behind me and I took a deep breath, trying to figure out what to say.

Flashback to previous night

“No. Just go!” I screeched at Adam as he tried to explain why he was so late back from his meeting.

“But Tay-“ He tried to explain again.

I didn’t want to hear some bullshit excuse about how ‘it ran over’ or ‘he got stuck in traffic’. Obviously he was bored with our relationship and didn’t want to come over to my house like he had promised to. I saw the photo that started going around twitter. He was standing with some very scantily clad women and looked way too happy.

“JUST LEAVE!” I screamed, throwing my phone across the room at him, only narrowly missing his head, before storming into the bathroom and slamming the door. I slid down the wall and took some deep breaths before washing my tear stained face and getting into my pyjamas.

When I left the bathroom Adam was nowhere to be seen and my phone was still on the floor where it had landed. I shook my head slightly, of course he wouldn’t stay to try and fix things, thinking about how I had once again fooled myself into thinking I had found a good guy. I climbed into bed and lay down, ignoring the huge empty space next to me which I had become accustomed to having filled by a 6ft5 shirtless man every night. I drifted into a dreamless sleep.

End of flashback

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You know, at some point, I will stop having a bag for everything, but for now bags are just convenient. Here is my list of convenient hangbags:

1. THE TUTORING BAG. I tutor a 3rd grader after school, twice a week, so I have extra pencils, a sharpener, reading material, colored markers and even bandaids and hand sanitizer. Some of the students I tutor come from homes where such applies are limited, so I carry what I can to provide it.

2. MY 9th GRADE ENGLISH BAG. I hate taking home work, but when I do, I need a tote of that. A backpack is too big, a purse is too small, so I use a toteback I recieved when I attended an After School program conference.

3. MY ACTUAL HANDBAG. I hate being one of those customers who waits in line and then holds up the line because I have to say, “My wallet in my other bag.” And it really was. It also contains my make-up bag (which seems almost unnecessary because I only wear lipstick).

4. GYM BAG. Sometimes, after work, I head to the gym. Sometimes I need to change into my gym clothes at school because a Parent-Teacher conference took longer than expected and other times I am stuck in traffic that the best thing I can do is pull over and head to the closest gym. This bag needs to be replenished often.

5. OVERNIGHT BAG. I am not in that comfort zone with my boyfriend to leave my belongings at his house, so I have an overnight bah for those random occasions.

6. MY LUNCH BAG. Every Sunday it is pack and make my lunch day. Every day of the week I pack that bag and carry it with me to my classroom. I do not have a fridge in my class, at least not yet.

7. MY LAPTOP BAG. Because my mind is always on the go, and so is my Chromebook.

8. THE TRASH BAG. Whether it’s shopping for food or supplies, I find random plastic bags in my car, classroom, or hidden in the corners of one of the other bags. Which brings me too…

9. THE COLLECTIOM OF REUSEABLE BAGS. In my efforts to reduce clutter, I collected and invested in reusable bags which, ironically, make a clutter of its own.

10. THE UNIVERSITY BAGS. And, on top of that, I also am a student who needs to take classes at an University that is 30 minutes away. I do not want to confuse it for any of the above bags, so I have one for its own.

I am sure there is some sort of Lifehack to minimize the travel of totebags, but until I figure THAT out, this is what my bags are for. Whew. A bag per responsibility.
Taxi Stranger

Hello everyone! Happy Friday! Here’s some generous stranger!chen for you all!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Brr. Brr. Brr.

You felt a soft tickling on your side, bringing you out of your sweet slumber. Groggy, you rubbed your eyes, reaching for the source of the disturbance. Eyes still half-closed, you tapped the blurry ‘answer’ button, bringing the slim phone up to your ear.

“Hello?” you answered, mid-yawn.

“______! WHERE ARE YOU?!”

“W-Wait, what?” The loud voice was enough to jostle you out of bed.

“Don’t tell me you forgot about your first day at work! The boss is fuming.” … Crap.

* * *

“TAXI! TAXI!” you yelled, frantically waving your arms as you half-jogged down the sidewalk. You’re sure you looked like a maniac right now, but who wouldn’t be panicking if they slept through their alarm on their first day of work? Your efforts at flagging down a taxi seemed fruitless, and you frenziedly whipped your head in all directions, searching for a miracle. Lo and behold, in all of its painted glory, was the bright yellow savior pulling up next to the curb ahead. You gratefully ran over, flinging the door open and practically launched yourself inside. “I need to get to Fifth Street, stat!”

The driver stared at you, mouth slightly agape with a blank expression on his face, and you wondered why he looked so dumbfounded when you realized there was a presence next to you. You turned your head to see another young man sitting next to you, who presumably had claimed the cab before you had. Whoops.

“Uh… I mean, I was just about to stop for some coffee…” the stranger said, pointing over your shoulder to the small cafe.

“I’m really sorry, but my job is on the line,” you countered. Turning back to the driver, you begged “Please, I’ll pay you double!” The driver looked over at the other passenger and he nodded his head, allowing the driver to go on. You let out a sigh of relief, thankful for the patient stranger. “Thank you,” you breathed out. Leaning your head back, you closed your eyes to try and recover from your hectic morning. You barely had time to wash up, let alone eat breakfast. You tried to ignore your hunger pangs, but an embarrassingly loud growl emanating from your midsection betrayed you. Cursing under your breath, you dug through your bag to see if you miraculously had a snack or two, but alas, there were none.

“Here." You looked over your shoulder to see the stranger holding out a granola bar. "I was gonna eat it, but I think you need it more than I do,” he added with a chuckle.

“Thank you,” you accepted sheepishly.

“Rough morning?” You simply nodded as you nibbled on the sticky delight, realizing that this was the second grace this unknown person had granted you today. “We all have those days.”

You managed a small smile, but your attention was diverted when your phone rang. Pulling it out, you weren’t surprised when it was your worried friend who had probably been saving your butt for the past hour, vouching for your truancy.

“I know, I know! I’m almost there!” you yelled almost immediately after answering.

“You better hurry! I’ve been making excuses for you all morning; I can’t believe you’re this late on your first day.”

“Just tell her I got stuck in traffic or something; I owe you big time, and believe me, I can’t either.” You abruptly hung up, about to throw your phone back into your bag when the sudden halt of the cab rendered you alert. "Are we here?!“ you asked, about to step out.

"Sorry, there’s major traffic up ahead. Looks like we’re stuck,” the driver informed.

Did I seriously just jinx it?! You panicked but took notice of the buildings surrounding you, becoming aware that you were already close to your destination.

“You know what, I’ll just walk!” Tossing your phone aside, you fished out a twenty dollar bill, hastily handing it to the driver as you opened the door. “Thanks again for the granola bar!” you added to the man to your left, stepping out.

“Hey, wait!” he called out.

“Sorry; no time!” you exclaimed, not even looking back before you rushed down the sidewalk.

* * *

Talk about a bad day. In fact, probably the worst one you’ve had in awhile. On top of arriving to work a millennium late and receiving a sharp reprimand from your boss, you went through half the day until finding out that you had lost your phone. You already had a headache just thinking about what a pain buying a new one and having to re-download everything would be. Exhausted from the day’s events, you decided to walk home in an effort to clear your head. Your legs carried you through the busy streets; at six in the evening, the city was still alive and bustling. Finding yourself a bit hazy, you went inside a nearby coffee shop to refresh yourself. The warm ambiance was enough to revitalize your spirits, and you decided to order a caramel macchiato before settling down at a table by the door. You aimlessly tapped your fingers on the wooden surface, staring down at your drink.

“Is this seat taken?" You glanced upwards, stunned to see the same stranger that you had encountered in the taxi. "You wouldn’t happen to be missing this, would you?” he asked, grinning as he pulled out your phone and took a seat across from you.

You swear your jaw dropped a few stories as a wave of shock and relief washed over you.

“Oh my god, thank you so, so much! You have no idea how worried I’ve been all day,” you admitted, gripping the dearly missed scrap of technology.

“Don’t mention it; I’m just glad I was able to get it back to its rightful owner.”

“Wait, but how did you…?”

“Well, since someone made me take a little detour this morning and miss my morning coffee, I just had to come back,” he responded, giving you a stern look.

“Oh… I’m sorry,” you replied, suddenly feeling ashamed for dragging him along. His expression remained serious for a few moments until he unexpectedly burst into laughter.

“I’m just messing with you. I’m not mad!” he assured, reaching out and rubbing your hand. You giggled nervously at the unanticipated touch, but it was in that moment that you were actually able to take notice of his features. He was indeed extremely attractive, and when he laughed his voice seemed to carry from his throat all the way to his elevated cheekbones, lighting a captivating twinkle in his eyes. Dressed to the nines, his chestnut hair was swept over, barely reaching his eyebrows; quite endearing if you did say so yourself. Breaking the newfound silence, he continued on. “Guess we were both in the right place at the right time. So, how did it go at work?” You sighed, recalling the day’s affairs.

“Not good at all.”

“Do you wanna talk about it? Sounds like you need a friend right now,” he said, sounding genuine. You hesitated; who were you to burden this guy - who had been nothing but nice to you since you had met this morning - with your troubles? Sensing your uncertainty, he persuaded on. “Go ahead if you want to; you’ll feel better, I promise.” Well, if you insist. Taking a deep breath, you unloaded all of today’s mishaps in the form of a surely annoying harangue, and to be honest, it did feel as if all of your troubles just rolled off your shoulders. He listened attentively, nodding every so often and even cracking jokes to relieve some of your stress. By the end of your spiel, he had you almost crying laughing, as he recounted a hilarious story about how he had to sneak in to work through the second-story window after being an hour late.

“So here I am, literally in a tree trying break in through the window. I had to text my friend to open it so I wouldn’t look like some kind of corporate criminal. My boss would’ve caught me if I hadn’t James Bond-cartwheeled to my desk,” he managed to disclose in between laughs.

“That’s the craziest thing I’ve ever heard!” you choked out, knots starting to form in your stomach from your guffaw, which was drawing some questionable stares from others, might you add.

“I swear, you should’ve been th-” His dialogue was cut short by a little ding coming from his cell phone. He briefly scanned it before turning back to you. “Hey, I’m really sorry, but I have to go!”

“Oh! That’s okay…” Oddly enough, you felt a light influx of disappointment wash over you. You barely knew this guy, yet it felt like you could spend forever and a day with him here, getting to know each other and swapping stories.

“Sorry…” he uttered, his lips falling into a straight line.

“No, don’t apologize! I had a lot of fun chatting with you,” you genuinely answered.

“I’m glad then.” He beamed, picking up his empty coffee cup and throwing it away. Sitting back down, he started to shuffle through his briefcase. “But one more thing before I go…” He extracted a colored sheet of paper, reduced it to a strip, and glimpsed at your coffee cup before jotting something down. You watched as he created a few folds here and there.

“What are you doing?” you asked.

“You’ll see,” he responded with a smirk. You studied his movements closely, watching as the strip shrunk into a little polygon. “Hold out your hand,” he instructed. You did so and he placed the little shape into your palm.

“… A pentagon?” you questioned, unsure of what this was supposed to represent. He laughed before reaching over and pinching the edges of the paper, puffing it up into a small star. Your mouth formed a little 'o’ in surprise, but you let out a chuckle, amused by the tiny creation. Tossing the star between your hands, you noticed the writing he had put on one side.

To _______!
From Chen :)

“Thank you Chen!” you exclaimed, glad to have finally learned his name.

“You’re welcome! You know, they say that making these when you have bad days can make you feel better,” he informed.

“Well, I can honestly say that you’ve turned my bad day into a good one,” you asserted with a smile. His grin mimicked that of the Cheshire Cat’s as he brought his gaze back down, gathering his stuff.

“I hate to go, but it was really nice meeting you, _______,” he stated, extending his arm out.

“Nice to meet you too, Chen,” you reciprocated, shaking his hand.

He slowly stood up and made his way to the door.

“Hope to see you again sometime!” he chimed, exiting.

“Same here!” you found yourself declaring without hesitation. You smiled to yourself, still playing with the star a few moments after he left, when something dawned on you. Crap. How am I supposed to see him again?! I didn’t even get his number! Groaning, you internally face-palmed at your absentmindedness. In a city as big as this, the chances of running into him again were slim to none. You considered the possibility of having a stroke of luck and bumping into him again, but it just didn’t seem plausible. Shaking your head, you decided not to wallow in your growing frustration as you rummaged through your bag for your cell phone, intending to check it for the first time since morning. Your lock screen displayed a few notifications, so you placed your thumb down, unlocking the phone instantly from the ridges of your finger. Instead of navigating to your home screen, like you expected, you were surprised when it opened on a contact page… with exactly what you had been hoping for.

New Contact: Chen
Notes: Let’s meet again sometime, yeah? P.S. You’re cute when you’re flustered. :)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Note: Wasn’t that cute? Imagine having a bad day and sweetheart Chen turns it around! Just a heads up, I’m finally getting around to making a scenario masterlist, so I will have one up and put a link in my description (for those of you on mobile) within the next half hour! Also, I’m working on the most adorable Kyungsoo scenario that I think you guys are gonna love; it’ll probably be out next week, so follow me for updates! Have a great weekend!


Waiting / Neymar Jr. / Requested - Anonymous

Request: Could you write a neymar imagine where you are best friends and then drifted apart? :)

“Ma! Hi, oh it was so nice seeing you after a long time.” I said, as I saw my mom waving a plackard with my name on it. I went straight to her, and hugged her really tight, I can’t believe it after 4 years of studying in London, I’m finally home here in Brazil. “How are you my Linda, we miss you so much.” My mom said, while tears were forming in her eyes.

We went to the parking lot to get into the car, and go straight home, but we were caught up in a traffic,as Brazil is hosting World Cup 2014, and there’s a lot of cars on the street, I can see people wearing their countries jersey’s but mostly Brazil NT jersey’s. “Well sweety, we have to deal with this for maybe half an hour.” My mom said, I whined because we were stucked in traffic for about 15 minutes now, and it’s not going further straight. After a few hours We arrived on our house, it really feels good to be home here in Brazil, on our way home we took out lunch at my favorite restaurant. 

“Hey Y/N, Love. Want to reminisce high school photos?” My mom said, as she opened my dusty yearbook from high school, how I miss high school, my friends, and football, and of course Juninho, my bestfriend. We drifted apart, since I moved to London, we didn’t have time to say good bye to each other, when i left Brazil. I saw a photo of us a long time ago, inside the year book. It says, “Football captains, real life best friends.” It was our picture they’ve got when Neymar sneaked in to his Santos game, just to watch my football game, and they took a photo of us after the game, when I moved to London, we didn’t try to connect, I don’t know why, I don’t know what happened to us, maybe this is the time we’ll have to communicate again.. I didn’t have any news about him, while I was in London. “Pai, do you know where Neymar lives, here in Rio?” I asked my Papai, while He was reserving as tickets for tomorrow’s World Cup officially starting. “Yes, why, you want to visit Juninho? I can bring you there, if you want to.” He said, while he giggled. Do I want to see him, or no?

I decided to visit their house, he thought me how to play football when we were kids, and I really improved when he thought me football, I also missed Mr. And Mrs. da Silva, as well as Rafaella, while we were on our way to their house my Dad told me that Neymar was really living the dream, that he’s really doing good in football, he said goodbye to Santos already, and pursued International football at F.C Barcelona, and he will also be playing in the world cup. I’m really proud for him, that he’s pursuing his dreams, it’s really been a while since the last time we talked, I think it was four years ago or so.. I knocked into their house, and Rafa opened it, she hugged me. “Ma! Pai! Ney! Y/N is here, o my gosh, you’re so beautiful. I haven’t seen you for a while, o my gosh!” Rafa said, while she was shouting her lungs out calling for her parents and his brother, Neymar Sr., and Nadine, hurriedly went to the door, and welcomed me at their house. They told me that Neymar was sleeping, they invited me to wake him up upstairs, um, this would be so awkward.

Rafa knocked viciously on Neymar’s door,”NEYMAR! WAKE UP YOU PUNK!” She shouted. “Nevermind, he won’t mind, go wake him up. He misses you.” Added Rafa, and hurriedly went down. I opened his door, just to peek for a few seconds, I really miss this man, I really missed us playing football, but I think we don’t feel like comfortable with each other, when I left, when that incident happened. “Hey there.” He said, while struggling to open his eyes, and he smiled. I didn’t know what to say, because we haven’t seen each other for a while, and I didn’t really know what to say.


I heard Rafa’s bad ass knock, the knock that will piss you off in the morning, the knock that vibrates really hard. I unlocked my door, but I didn’t open it. I heard her saying that “…He misses you.” that’s what all I’ve heard, the first thing that popped into my mind, that I really missed a lot was my best friend Y/N, that’s all, but it’s impossible that she’s home here in Brazil, after the thing I did to her, after I confessed what I feelings about her, after I told her I love her but not as a friend, something greater.. I didn’t show up to her when she left Brazil, because I was really broken, when she just ran after I told her what I’m feeling about her, and we didn’t keep in touch since then, maybe she doesn’t want her best friend loving her more than best friends, I respect that.

I saw her peeking through my door, “Hey there.” I said, while I was opening my eyes, and I smiled at her. This is the first time in the past years that I felt my muscles in my face move in excitement to smile. I’m really happy to see her, but she just replied with a smile. I just saw an angel peeking through my door, I saw my beautiful best friend Y/N. Just by seeing her, my feelings instantly popped up, my feelings went back, sparks went back, and I can feel my heart beating fast, just by seeing her.

“Bom dia.” She sweetly smiled at me, she closed the door, and sat on my bed. I can really feel that she’s really feeling awkward, I too feels a bit awkward, but I really can feel that I’m happy, just by seeing her.. “Yeah, erm, yeah. Good morning too!” I didn’t know what to say, or reply to her. She told me that she recently graduated from art school, and she’s just having a vacation her in Brazil. That it was nice meeting me again, seeing that I’ve chased my dreams, that I was only imagining when we were kids. But little did she know, that inspite of this success I have, there’s something missing..

Her. I still love her, I still feel the same way I felt for her four years ago, it happened when we won a match, she was watching, I ran towards where she’s seating on the field, I asked her to be my girlfriend, but she just ran away, I chased her, and she just said.. “Neymar, I..I’m sorry. It’s just that, I’m not yet ready to be in a relationship. I don’t want to be a distraction, and I don’t want to be distracted at my studies abroad, remember, Juninho, I love you, my friend.” She ran, and I just stood there. I can still remember the first time I cried for a girl, the girl I love, my best friend.

“Hey, you’re really famous now, that means, you have a lot of girls wanting to be with you, huh.” She said, while she nudged on my shoulders, if only she knew, I’ve dated girls, but I haven’t felt the same way I felt to Y/N. “Yes, nah. I mean, I went out with some, but I’m not really into them, so..” I replied. “How about you, I know there’s a lot of fine lads in the UK.” I added, and smiled at her.

“NO! Ew! Neymar, yeah, okay, they’re fine, but they’re not really my type.” She said, while she giggled, I haven’t heard her sweet giggle, I really missed the sound of her voice, her laugh, everything. “But you know, Neymar, um.” She paused for a while. “What’s that?” I said, while I kept eye contact with her.

“The..the.. reason I haven’t dated guys in the UK, is because.. I’m really waiting for my someone here in Brazil.” She paused, oh, maybe she’s getting married, and she’s waiting for her fiancé here in Brazil, they might do their wedding here, I said to my self. “Oh, your getting married?” I said, while I faked a smile, my heart slowly crushed into pieces, just by thinking that she’s getting married. “No, Neymar! I’m still young to get married, I just graduated from the University.” She laughed, okay, I was relieved by that. “What then?” I asked her, while she can see me anticipating for her answer.

“Here’s a thing. I’m waiting for the guy who asked me four years ago, if I could be his girlfriend, I’m waiting for him to ask me again. I’m waiting for you, Neymar. If you still have those feeling for me, because the time you asked me that, I want to say yes, I desperately want to say yes, but I just can’t because I don’t want to be away from you.” She paused for a while, and I was holding my feelings back, I feel happy, I feel emotional, I have no words to blurt out. “…But if you don’t have that feelings for me anymore, it’s okay, the important thing here is that we stay as friends.” She said, I hugged her so tight, I teared when I hugged her, she hugged me back. I kissed her forehead, and I levelled my face to her face. “My feelings for you never faded.” I whispered.

I kissed her slowly, and passionately. While I can feel her tears mixing in our kisses, “I love you, Neymar. Since day one.” She whispered, “From braced face Neymar, unti now.” And hugged me.. My best friend before, now my best girl friend. “I love you, Y/N. I really do.” I whispered directly on her air, which made him wince, because it’s where her tickle spot is. I didn’t expect this happening now, I guess waiting for someone you truely love is really worth it.