i was starting to run out of ideas though

Some Tips For Creating Your Killjoy Outfit

- Remember that you might want to wear this out and about, so make sure it’s something that is appropriate for everyday wear too.

- Keeping with the theme of the above, remember to take the weather in your country into account. Make it adaptable, for example, having an optional jumper or extra layer under that denim jacket.

- Make more than one outfit. You can keep some aspects the same, but you gotta wash that shirt sometimes.

- Bear in mind your budget. If you’re going to start collecting items now (2017), note that you might have changed sizes by 2019 if you’re still growing.

- Make it your own. Getting inspiration and borrowing ideas isn’t out of the question though. Someone wrote “Keep Running" on the toecaps of their shoes in a certain style? Think that’s sweet? You’re allowed to borrow their technique, but make it your own. For example, write “Noise” or “Killjoys Never Die” instead!

- And lastly, keep it stylish, please. For yourself and for killjoys everywhere. I have faith in you.

anonymous asked:

How do you create characters? Or do they come find you and tell you their stories?

I’m afraid it varies! It really depends on the situation. It feels too pragmatic to sound creative but too creative to sound pragmatic.

On the creative end, sometimes the characters do come to me. But they usually aren’t presenting their stories outright.

In a literal sense, a character idea will pop in my head, so I’ll write up a little about them—the things I feel to be true—and sometimes give them a piece of flash fiction (or something else short) so I can get a feeling for how they are and if they fit my initial assessment.

I prefer character-driven media, so I focus on what the character is like and figure out what they want. For example, my second NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) was a story about a writer. (Wow, yes, I know. So original. Writing about a writer. Yeah.) I didn’t know what the writer wanted, but I knew what she was like. I knew her base situation as well. If you know their base situation (where they are at the beginning of the story or slightly prior to it), you can figure out what makes them unhappy about it.

After all, stories are about journeys, whether they are emotional or physically moving to a different place or whatever.

My writer character felt like she didn’t have the life experience to be a good writer. Summer comes, and she chooses to take that time to travel to different places and meet new people. One conflict is that her parents don’t really want her to go, especially by herself, because she was only 17 or so.

I evaluated the character (she was an ambitious writer) and calculated in what she didn’t like about where she was (she was an inexperienced writer). So the plot/story came to me from there: she decides to leave so she can travel and get life experience.

In that sense, they don’t always exactly tell me their stories. I focused on what made the writer who she was and what kind of growth she needed to take, not necessarily the growth she wanted.

The idea was that, by the end, she had gained experience but that she didn’t feel richer for it, so she was going to struggle with trying to realize what she had actually learned by leaving. I never really got there, but that was the idea.

So I didn’t say to myself, “I have a writer character, and I want her to travel.” I said to myself, “I have a concept of a writer who is inexperienced. She wants to travel to get that valuable experience. I guess the story should be about her travels.”

The story fell flat and unfinished, of course, by virtue of how I intended for her to go cross-country when I had not done the same. It felt inauthentic, and I bailed. I jammed out some nonsense so I could say I had “won” NaNoWriMo that year.

My more pragmatic view on characters is that I have a basic concept (like, very basic, as in “I want to write about a character that worships unicorns”) and then go through my personal questionnaires to determine the rest of their traits and what they’re like.

  • Where does this character live (mountains, valley, riverbed, beach, etc.)?
  • What surrounds their home (what kind of buildings, what landmarks, what roads)?
  • What is the climate like?
  • How many moons and suns does that world have?
  • What is the time period?
  • What kind of city/town do they live in?
  • How many people live there? What kinds of people?
  • What plants (fruit, trees, spices, vegetables, etc.) do they produce?
  • What animals/wildlife do they have?
  • What is the character’s role in that place?
  • Why do they have that role?
  • What are their goals? Are they happy with their current role?
  • What is the one thing they most want to change?
  • What are their hobbies? What interests them?
  • What is their family like? Any siblings? Parents alive? What relationships do they have with their family members (MC to father, MC to sister, etc.)? What relationships do the family members have with each other (mother to father, brother to sister, etc.)?
  • Do they have any current love interests? What has their love life been like?
  • What are they good at?
  • Do they have any religious beliefs? If so, what are they? If not, why?
  • Do they perform any rituals (religious or otherwise)?
  • What body type do they have? How do other people perceive their appearance?
  • What is their view on gender roles?

I then check out what I said about their goals and roles.

  • What would they need to do in order to achieve their goals?
  • Is it feasible?
  • Would it be an interesting story? Why or why not?
  • Who would try to stop them?
  • What obstacles are in the way (giant wall, overbearing parents, lack of money, education necessities, etc.)?
  • Why are these goals and roles so important? Who are they most important to?

After all that, it feels like a good time to start plotting the story out. And it’s straight-forward from there! (Usually.) When I start plotting, I generally go with a general idea of where things start and where things end. Then, I can figure out what would happen in between.

Story-plotting is about way more than waiting for the right inspiration. Being a writer is about dedication and writing, even when inspiration is nonexistent. But you have to write to find inspiration. You can inspire yourself simply by working. You can’t let a blank page let you down. You have to create stories and not just wait for them to come to you.

Inspiration, though, is awesome. If you get inspired, run with it—with all of your ability, run with it. But you won’t feel inspiration every single day, so you have to learn how to create characters and stories on your own.

I actually have some resources already on my blog. :) For reasons of convenience, I include them below.

First up: my personal character questionnaire.


  • Name:
  • Gender:
  • Age appears to be:
  • Appearance (clothing, body type, tattoos, piercings, etc.):
  • Back story:
  • Where their story begins in this story:
  • Theme song:
  • Strengths:
  • Weaknesses:
  • Job(s):
  • Idea of a perfect day:
  • Where they’re going:
  • What would they change about theirself, and why?
  • What would they change about the world, and why?
  • Most valuable possession(s):
  • Favorite food and drink:
  • Nickname/pet name:
  • Hobby(ies):
  • What makes them happy/sad/angry:
  • Deepest desires:
  • Secrets:
  • Regrets:
  • Something that changed their life forever:
  • Scars:
  • Sleep schedule:
  • Favorite animal(s):
  • Special features (different forms, type of immortality, magical abilities, etc.):

Here are tags you can look at for more stuff:

And here are some specific posts:

30 questions:

Creating a character and writing a bio:

Character checklist and questions:

Random orientation, culture, etc.:

Random character traits (includes fears and goals):


Character flaws and questions:

Master list of writing and character resources:

A different master list:

Personality form:

It gets better.

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im thinking about neil being uncomfortable with his scars bc he’s suddenly got everyone’s attention and everywhere ppl are staring at him and even though he’s not on the run anymore, he’s still terrified of getting found. eventually, when they’re out in public, andrew starts rolling up his sleeves to draw attention away from neil onto himself and neil tells him he doesn’t need to and andrew just grunts an intelligible answer. i just love the idea of them being so in tune with each other and not caring about anyone else bc why would they when they’ve got each other

home (anidala week day 1: happy skywalker family au)

in which “darth vader” is no more than anakin’s playtime alter ego (2k, complete)

read on ao3 / ffnet / or below

When she opened the door, for a split second Padmé wondered if she was in the wrong apartment. One of the sofas was overturned, a vase was shattered on the floor with flowers and water in a sopping pile beside it, and there was a dusting of pillow feathers all over the scene.

But then she heard C-3PO’s distressed voice floating down the hall; yes, she was definitely home. “Oh, my! Mistress Padmé will be most displeased when she returns. Master Ani, would you like me to—?”

“Get out of the way, Threepio, we gotta stop the Sith Lord!”

“Oh! My apologies, Master Luke.”

A second later, Anakin came barreling into the living room with Luke and Leia sprinting behind him as fast as their little legs could carry them. All three were brandishing lightsabers (toy ones, thankfully)—Luke’s was green, Leia’s blue, and Anakin’s red. “You’ll never defeat me!” Anakin declared. “I’m more powerful than either of you!”

“But there are two of us and only one of you, Darth Vader!” Leia announced, and with that she and Luke both charged at the same time.

They whacked Anakin with their lightsabers, and he gave a theatrical gasp before falling to the ground. “Curse you, Jedi, you’ve vanquished me!” he cried, sounding rather like one of the painfully melodramatic holodramas he for some reason adored and had forced Padmé to watch more times than she cared to remember. Though watching how unironically (and adorably) invested in them Anakin got was worth the price of sitting through hours of corny overacting, in her opinion.

“What exactly is going on in here?” Padmé said.

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ClexaCon Summary

I’m laying in bed reflecting on my time spent in Vegas when I should be studying for my Anatomy mid-term for tomorrow. I can’t focus though, because this weekend is running through my head, and my thoughts need to be verbalized, but I don’t know where to start.

During the whole plane ride before arriving, I was nervous to the point where my stomach hurt, because I had no idea what to expect, or how this past weekend would play out. After landing, and getting off the plane, the first person I met up with was @rin-says​ and a little British shrimp named Rachel (Get out Rachel). We soon met up with @damnlexa​ and Liv, and the Holy Trinity was united (we sound like the power rangers or something) That feeling of uncertainty was completely gone, and quickly replaced with an excitement to get the con started.

There is so much I could write about, but it wouldn’t even begin to express the true emotions it brought on. The panels were great, the set up was well put together, the merch was amazing, the guests were beyond friendly, and the organizers were diligent; the fandom though….the fandom was special.

I can’t really say it any other way other than this: the people I met this weekend reflected what the Clexa fandom is all about. Full of love, understanding, acceptance, and importance. It wasn’t just a gathering of people because of a ship, it was a family reunion among friendships built over the last year…a chance to make new, lasting friendships, and a place to completely be yourself without the fear of judgement. I had the unbelievable luck and opportunity to meet with so many people that watched my reaction videos, and were excited to just talk to me or take a picture or discuss Clexa and the con. It exposed me to how much Lexa’s death really affected people; I’m not saying I wasn’t aware of it before, but seeing a whole room FILLED with people who were all feeling the same thing, or who had felt the same thing, was surreal. It showed me just how important reaction videos are among a fandom, it proved that even after a year, what happened is STILL being talked about, and STILL motivating people to make a change, and still encouraging people to speak up. It allowed those who may be in closeted environments back home, to step out for a moment, and gave them the opportunity to just be them. It even made me come to the realization that I was conversing about how television affects me, without worry about the person I was speaking to thinking I was weird, or crazy, or talking about an irrelevant subject.

This weekend was an eye-opener, and a life changer. I met some really special people, and roomed with a bunch of crazies who I hope will remain my friends forever. Thank you to those who made this weekend a one to remember, and thank you Clexa Con for being a thing. If you were not able to attend, I hope the videos, and pictures that have/will come out are able to express just how amazing it all was :)


Been “off the grid” for quite some time, which was supposed to be some sort of “self-healing” time to just focus on feeling better about myself now that I’ve finally begun HRT. It didn’t really work out but hey, it sounded like a good idea at the time haha.

The plan was pretty much to break my isolation and to start seeing people again, which kind of worked. I started seeing someone for the first time since last summer, he’s pretty damn amazing so I developed feelings for him but it’s totally one-sided so I have no idea if it will actually work out in the long run yet. Not really surprised though since one-sided feelings seems to be my jam ayy.
It sucks even more since he’s the only one in the area that I actually want to spend time with, so if it goes to shit I won’t have anyone again, but oh well.

Other than that I’ve finally been able to see my best friend of 1.5 year for the first time and spend two weeks with her, so that was pretty hyped! The only pictures we actually took together was when we were pretty damn drunk for some reason though haha. 

Other than that there really hasn’t been much going on. The hormones have done some wonders, but it’s still a very slow process and didn’t help as much with my general well-being as I had hoped. So I will try to get some extra help through a therapist.
So far the changes are pretty much rounder facial-features, bigger hips and boobs. So I’m actually starting to get some shapes instead of being all flat, which is nice!
In a few months or so I will be able to actually start removing my beard-growth too, which is going to do a lot for my self-image (and save me some time in the mornings, score!)

The plan is also to continue my voice training as soon as I am feeling better, so that I can actually give it the focus it requires. But as of now I’m not there yet which kind of sucks since I’m getting more and more self-conscious about my voice, but one step at the time I suppose.

Natural Beauty

Pairing: Philip Hamilton x Reader (Modern)
Word Count: 2,384ish
T/W: Smut, Kinks 
A/N: (Requests open) So I’m currently taking a college summer semester which means I go to class every week day. It’s a “physical education” class, so we work out everyday and that’s how I got this idea. 
Side note: Am I the only one who sees Philip as Anthony Lee Medina?…

“Yes! That’s a new time!” you exclaimed.

“Yeah…by like…two minutes!!…” your best friend, Theodosia, panted, as she bent over, resting her hands on her knees. 

The two of you made a pact to run together the whole summer, until school started again. After all it was going to be your senior year of college, you simply had to look your best. Though running in the middle of summer did make you sweat like no tomorrow.

“That’s a lot Theo!!” you squinted up as you tried to calmed your breathing. 

“Uh-huh, yeah…well it’s got me sweating like a pig!” Theo stood up and pulled at her t-shirt which had sweat spots scattered across it.

“I told you to wear a tank top!” you gestured to yourself smirking.

“Yeah, well I’m sure, Philip will love it!” She winked, eyes trailing down to your chest. 

“Oh come on! I know he’s “innocent”, but he’s seen my boobs before…”

“I’m just sayin’…with them all glistening and perky-”

“Dear Lord, Theo! He’s not even supposed to be home, he said he was going to visit his Dad.” you shrugged, “Though I kinda wish he was more assertive, ya know? I’m usually starting stuff. I know he always wants to make sure I’m in the mood, but honestly I’d love to see him be in the mood first…”

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the rain | jason blossom (riverdale)

Originally posted by riverdalesource

prompt: 8- “what your wearing is very distracting”, 12- “i didn’t realise i needed your permission, 15-“here take my jacket you look freezing & 23- “kiss me”

a/n: another piece from my trial co-owner!! let me know what yous think!!

perfect nails, perfect hair.

after many hours spent in front of the mirror, I was finally ready to leave my room and go to Cheryl Blossom’s party.

“You look fabulous!“ My best friend, Betty Cooper said in amazement.

“I don't look like myself at all, Betty. I shouldn't have put this much lipstick, maybe i should just stay…”

“No friggin way, Y/F/N! You can't spend a friday night inside of your house. Besides, you have to find yourself a date for prom!“

I, myself, am a particularly introvert person. And to be honest, I’ve never been to a party before, let alone at Cheryl Blossom’s

But my friend was right, I totally needed a date for the prom, so I said yes to the party. Betty hugged me tightly and grabbed her purse. We were ready to go.

We entered the massive Thornhill mansion and searched for our mutual friend, one and only, Veronica Lodge. I was already extremely anxious and jittery.

“Oh my god, you guys! Finally!“ said the raven haired girl joyfully.

“Y/n! You look… different?!”

I smiled ungainly.

“Don’t get me wrong, different but amazing…" 

 Suddenly, there was an awkward silence.

“Do you guys… want something to drink?”

I nodded in agreement. I totally needed some alcohol to warm me up. We slowly entered a huge living room, filled with familiar faces. Kids from my school were there.

Almost all of them, dancing and drinking not surprisingly expensive beer, without even noticing me.

“Hey, you wanna dance?” shouted Betty. The music was very loud.

“I… No, Betty. I’m not… you can go without me! I’ll catch up later.”

She calmly smiled to me. Even though I was surrounded with people, I felt so lonely.

Many weird thoughs were running through my mind. I wanted to be somebody, I wanted to be known by them, but I was just a regular geeky high school freak. I knew it, leaving my house was a horrible idea.

At that exact moment, a familiar red haired boy approached to me.

“Hi there, beautiful”

“So… To be honest, I’ve never seen you at Cheryl’s parties before.”

“Parties are not really my thing” I tried not to look at his face.

“Then what’s your thing?”

I actually started enjoying this conversation.

“Um… Books, music… I don’t know”

He let out a tiny laugh. His laugh, it was like a melody to my soul. We sat on a beach, next to a small beach house. The familiar sound of waves was astonishing.

“Never met a girl like you before, Y/N. Truly rare”

We both laughed. His piercing blue eyes were shining like diamonds in the night. His face, his personality, he was art. We spent the rest of the night talking, opening up to each other. I could feel it, it was love. A weird, spontaneous love. Assuden, it started to rain. 

“Jason, we have to go!”

“No, Y/N! We are too far from Thornhill! We have to hide in the beach house"  We quickly rain into the beach house while laughing.”

“The rain is still pouring! We have to stay here.” I said.

“Here, take my jacket, you look freezing”

I put on his comfortable red velvet jacket.

“What’s so special about rain?” he sat next to me.

“I like rain. Rain makes me feel less alone. All rain is, is a cloud- falling apart, and pouring its shattered pieces down on top of you. It makes me feel better to know other things in nature can shatter.”

I could feel his eyes staring at me.

“Um… Jason, I have to ask you something”

“Oh so do I… You go first.”

“Why… Why did you choose me over all those girls?”

And we were back to the awkward conversations.

“Well that’s simple. There’s no reason I shouldn’t pick you, Y/N. You are special" 

I had to words to say. Was he actually in love with me?

“My turn now!”

He took my hand. 

“Y/N, would you like to go to prom with me?"  I stood there, frozen, speachless.



“Kiss me!”

His rosy lips quickly slammed mine. The kiss was strong, breathtaking.  The rain finally stopped pouring

Jason was not just a typo highschool rich kid, he was more than that. He was more than good enough. And I loved him, I truly did. But missing someone gets easier everyday because even though you are one day further from the last time you saw them, you are one day closer to the next time you will. …

derpypatato  asked:

Do you have any tips for a newly starting RPG player?

- Picking a game
Look into Quickstarts and Beginner Boxes until you find something you like. You can get a few different QuickStart PDFs from DrivethruRPG for free.
- Don’t be afraid to get into character
Everyone is there to play make believe and it’s far better when everyone throws themselves into character than when people are trying to maintain a facade of cool detachment while playing. Good role playing will often get you some bonus xp from the GM too.
- Keep notes or better yet, a journal
A little notebook will help you keep NPC’s in order, keep related information together and help you get back into the game easier at the start of each session. The GM can check out player notes when they may have forgotten something or draw on the opinions expressed within for new ideas.
- Drop your hang ups
The games table needs to be a safe place for everyone and people who game come from many different groups. Make your gaming group a welcoming one, diversity benefits us all by giving us a larger pool of experiences to draw upon. Gaming is not solely the domain of white male geeks many believe it to be.
- Game forums
A super handy resource many people overlook even though it’s more accessible than ever is the Internet. I am currently running a Star Wars game and started off with a published adventure, I went to Fantasy Flight Games forums and found out what other people did to add to the game and came away with a few great ideas.
- Think of the story like a movie or book series
Foreshadowing, red herrings, Chekhov’s gun, pay attention to everything (this is where notes can come in handy) and remember to pump NPC’s for information. The person who wrote the adventure put everything there for a reason.
- Have a good idea of WHO you are playing
Don’t think of your character as “Level one, Human, Fighter.” Work with the GM to give them a personality and background that is interesting and try to consider things from that perspective. Most classes gain their abilities through training, where did you get yours? Did you always intend to make your way as an adventurer? Do you have family? A goal? How has your past challenged your world-view? How was your outlook on life coloured by your training? The character development memes on tumblr are handy for this, the ask memes can be too if you answer them in character.
- Avoid cliches and negative tropes
The best example I can think of for this is called a Fishmalk… In Vampire: The Masquerade there is a clan of Vampires called Malkavians who, because of their vampire blood all gain a “derangement” which is basically a mental illness they have to deal with which many players read and instantly thought “I am going to play my Malkavian as a wacky vampire version of Bugs Bunny, only with less restraint and ability to reason, I shall also make them carry a bloody teddy bear wherever they go, wear bunny ears and pyjamas to every social event and run about hitting NPC’s in the face with fish.” When they should have been thinking more Dexter Morgan or Annie Wilkes who are viewed as mostly normal if somewhat odd by people who don’t directly experience the manifestation of their mental illnesses.
- Be mindful of lore
Work with your GM or players to craft characters that fit the setting, reserve character ideas that don’t fit for other games. Most game worlds are developed enough to find something you will enjoy.
- Don’t Powergame or Minmax
That is to say, don’t make character build decisions based on what will get you a bigger attack die more HP or access to a lightsaber if it’s not right for your character. You’re there to play a person not a mathematical construct.
- GM’s may want to provide “player packets”
Maps, a brief history, local legends, news and rumours and a rundown of the local power structure, slang specific to the setting and a glossary of terms are all things that could be handy for a player to know, presented in a little folder that contains their character sheet can help them have needed information at hand instead of forcing you to go digging through notes when they have more general questions about the setting.
- Finding a group
Many company websites have forums containing a group finder thread. Game shops may have advertisements for gaming groups posted about and some stores like Haven for Heroes in Port Jervis NY will let you play in store.
- Engage your fellow players not just your GM
If you are in a group with the other people at the table don’t only be talking to your GM. If you think your character would discuss things with another character at the table talk about it, you can often get bonus points out of your GM for good roleplaying ;)
- Dealing with conflict
Be cool headed and wait to talk it over with the GM or offending party and the GM when there is a break. If things don’t go your way don’t be a broody grump about it, try to move on. If things do go your way, don’t be a gloating jerk either, he only thing worse than a poor loser is a bad winner.

ghardenia  asked:

so, i'm trying to play with minimal/no build and buy cc, and i've been doing great for a while, but now i'm starting to run out ideas. i was wondering if you could do a quick 'buy/build cc i couldn't live without' list thingy maybe so i could figure out like 10 pieces of cc i would keep in my game, but no more? thank u + sorry to be a bother all the time haha

I can’t open my game right now to take photos, I’m doin’ a thing, so there won’t be photos but if I had to narrow it down to TEN things though, these are it:

  1. Double hung window add-ons
  2. Boring surface set (I know, 5 things, but they all rely on each other for textures so I just merge the package files, count it as 1 idk) 
  3. Grass in the crack decals
  4. 2t4 ivy
  5. Hipster hugger loveseat
  6. Rando rugs
  7. Moderate and Subordinate Intellect Bookcases
  8. This exterior siding
  9. Slightly larger sunspot awning
  10. This no backslash counter override

also shhh ur never bothering me, my resource page has everything i have in my mods folder, it’s worth taking a gander at! ♥

War Of Hearts

Request: Hi can you do another one like the recent Jace imagine where they are fighting/arguing and then Jace pins her against the wall but then it gets slightly intimate. Could you add some more stuff though thanks

Word count: 649

Jace is a stupid Shadowhunter. And, since life isn’t fair, he’s the one to train you. You knew you were a Shadowhunter since three years ago but made a very good job keeping it hidden. But when things got worse you decided to get some help, and here you are now, at the New York Institute, dealing with Jace Wayland.

“Are you tired, love?” He smirks, looking down at you. Yes, you’re lying on the ground. Again.

“I’m not tired. I’m just not good at fighting. ” And it’s the truth. You suck at fighting.

“You just need to trust me.”

“I already told you: I do trust you but you’re a very bad trainer.”

“Get up. Now.”

“No. We’ve been fighting since midday. I want to take a shower.”

“Fine.” Jace takes his coat from the small chair Izzy brought here to watch you training. “Let’s take a shower and then get back here. You have fifteen minutes. ”

When you get up to complain he’s already gone. Muttering some curses you give up and go for your shower.

He’s nowhere when you get back. You decide to sing since there’s nothing better to do.

Come to me

In the night hours

I will wait for you

And I can’t sleep

Cause thoughts devour

Thoughts of you consume

 This music came to you when you started falling for Jace. You have no idea of how that happened because somehow you do hate him. Or maybe it’s just that you love him so much that it seems like hate.

 I can’t help but love you

Even though I try not to

I can’t help but want you

I know that I’d die without you

 It’s just drama, right? The feeling that you can’t breathe when he’s out on a mission and you stay behind. Izzy likes to scare you, saying that Jace was hurt or something like that, just to make you run to his room to check if his alive, breathing, walking.

“You sing very well.”

You jump, turning around abruptly to face Jace. Great, one more reason for him to make fun of you.


“Does it mean anything?”

“What means what?”

“This song.”

“Ahn…” Closing your eyes for a few seconds, you rest your back against the wall, taking a deep breath. “Do you even care ”

“Of course I do.” Jace walks to you, keeping a small distance between your bodies.

“It’s just something I feel.”

“Tell me.”

“No way I’m telling you!” You scream like a child, breathing heavily now that he gave another step, his eyes locked on yours. “What the hell are you doing, Jace?”

“Something I should have done months ago.” Slowly he pins you against the wall, his body pressed on yours.

“By the angel, Jace, stop it.” You whisper, trying not to look in his eyes.

“Things would be a lot easier if we just say what we feel. But I’m sure that what I feel is very clear to you now. ” He says and kisses you, his lips softer than you thought. You don’t think too much before kissing him back and jumping to wrap your legs around his waist.

“I knew it would happen sooner or later.” Alec’s voice makes you both stop immediately, but you’re not fast enough to let go of Jace. Then you both just stay there, staring at a smiling Alec who will tell this to everyone in this Institute.

“Hi, Alec.” You say, shyly.

“I was going to ask if you needed any help, but I think you’re better off without me.” With a devilish smile, he leaves you two alone again.

“I think we should finish this in your room.” You say, suddenly feeling the need to be with him.

“Only if you become my girlfriend.”

“I am your girlfriend.”

“Let’s go then.” He smiles, carrying you to his room.

A/N: The lyrics are from War Of Hearts - Ruelle. Sorry for any grammar mistakes, English isn’t my first language.

Please Don’t Go

Summary-  You’ve lived with Ethan, Mark, and Tyler for awhile now, but you have been having nightmares. Ones that woke you up at night. One night, you were having one of the worst nightmares of your life, and your blue-haired beauty came to rescue you.

Word Count- 1787

Pairing- Ethan x Reader

Warnings- a little fluffiness and maaaaybe some angst ;)

A/n- I don’t know what I’m doing anymore. Ethan is too beautiful for this world. I’m going to stop mentioning this, but Daisy helps me TREMENDOUSLY whenever I write, so just know that she does help me with a lot of the work on my stories

Tags- @lapseasteelis @mycuddlycorner @acklesdowneyandhiddles-ohmy @not-moose-one-shots@dannnyphantomm

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Red vs. Blue Rare Pair Week Starts Tomorrow!

What’s RvB Rare Pair Week?

A celebration of lesser-seen ships in Red vs. Blue! 

A reason to write that thing you’ve always wanted to do but you figured no one else liked the pairing. A time to draw that ship you like but don’t see very often. A time to explore some fun crack ships. A chance to make that rare pair recs list, or go give some comment love to your favorite rare pair creators. 

If it’s a rare pair in Red vs. Blue, this is the time to bust it out, create some fanworks, and share them with the fandom.

When does it run?

May 7 - 13, 2017!

What’s a rare pair, anyway?

We’d say if a ship has more than 50 works on AO3, it’s probably not a rare pair–though that doesn’t take into account misfires and tagged background pairings, so consider that a loose guideline, not a rigid one.

Can I get some prompts?

Sure! Have a look through our prompts tag, or you can ask your followers to send you prompts. If you need ideas for rare pairs, here’s an incomplete list to get you started, though you are welcome to use rare pairs not on this list.

Do I have to use prompts though?

Nope, not at all. If you’ve already got ideas, go for it.

Is this a contest?

Nope, this particular event isn’t competitive, just a celebration.

How do I participate?

Tag your fanworks #rvbrarepairweek so they can be reblogged here, and so that other fans can find them! You can also @ this blog in the post itself to be sure we find it.

Please be sure to include appropriate content warnings in the post itself. We ask that you warn for NSFW, graphic violence, and noncon/dubcon; beyond that please use your best judgment in warning for potentially triggering content.

Please note: This blog will not reblog sexual content involving characters under 18, minors shipped with adults, or unwarned noncon/dubcon. (However, please also note that we aren’t able to control what gets put in the tag itself.)

Full guidelines here, and feel free to send an ask with any questions!

beauty & the cat

member; kill me so softly jeonghan
genre: fluff, slight!fantasy
summary; when you wake up on your twenty-first birthday, there is a human boy in your bed. you’re pretty sure you have a cat, not a boyfriend.

As your televisions continued to voice Japanese words, you watched intently. While sitting on your bed, your cat jumped up onto your bed and laid its head on your legs. Absentmindedly, you petted its white fur as you focused intensely on the movie. Honestly, you weren’t sure why you were so focused on this movie. It was just another romantic comedy that you had no chance in participating in. And tomorrow would be your birthday. Another boring birthday, most people got incredibly drunk on their birthday, but you? You were spending the last night of being twenty with a movie you’re streaming and your cat. How was anything going to change tomorrow? You weren’t going to wake up reinvigorated and ready to take on the world. 

Besides, you didn’t even have plans for your birthday. Instead, you just wanted to stay away from people, and continue to have a lovely slow day for your birthday. As much as you enjoyed being around friends, being around good people, and everything inbetween, you just wanted a day to yourself. So when the movie finally ended, you looked down to your mewling cat, and smiled. 

“You’ll be with me on my birthday tomorrow, right, Carrot?” 

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anonymous asked:

Ohh can u do #10 pls it'd be cute!

Code Copy

One Line Prompts

10. “Stop copying me.”

My brother, like all siblings, can be annoying as fuck. We’re at our aunt’s house for a birthday party, and Harry has done nothing but talk about his new girl — the one I ran the Code Pink on. Every time someone new sits next to him, he starts bragging about how amazing she is. How she helps with charities. How she is kind and gracious and forgiving. 

And, of course, this is where he always throws me under the bus. He tells all of our friends and relatives that I’m the one who chose to run the Code Pink - even though it was his idea! Jerk. So it’s when he’s sitting next to Uncle Alfred that I decide to start messing with him. 

“She’s really amazing,” he says to Uncle Alfred.

“She’s really amazing,” I parrot, but using a polite tone so that no one would know I’m mocking him.

Turning to glare at me, Harry grabs his bottle of water, taking a swig. “I love how she helps out at the homeless shelter.”

“She helps out at the homeless shelter,” I tell Great Aunt Sophie who has come to join us. 

“Gemma wasn’t sure she was the right one for me,” Harry stares hard at me while he shares this news with Uncle Alfred, who is nodding politely while frantically searching for a way to escape the conversation. 

“I wasn’t sure she was the right one for him,” I tell Great Aunt Sophie who sips her tea, already looking sorry for sitting down with us.

When Uncle Alfred smiles and engages Great Aunt Sophie in conversation, Harry turns to me and hisses, “Stop copying me!”

“Stop copying me!” I mimic in a high pitched voice, clearly making fun of him this time. Before, I had bordered on being polite, but now I’m pissed, and he knows it. 

“Why are you copying me?” Harry whispers.

“Why are YOU copying me?” I retort.

Harry shakes his head, “I’m telling Mum!”

“Whatever, dear brother. Go ahead and tell her. You’ve been lying to everyone tonight. Telling them I ran the Code Pink on my own. You know you were the one who requested it!” Angrily, I grab my gin and tonic off the table and prepare to stand up.

Pulling on my arm, he pleads, “It makes me sound like a prick, Gems. Like I didn’t trust my own girlfriend. Besides, the story is better if you’re the protective one.”

Tilting my head, I contemplate him. All this time, I thought he was throwing me under the bus. Could it be that he was actually making me out to be the good guy? Looking at his entreating face, I think about the story. Maybe he’s right. Maybe I do look better in his version of the story.

So when my cousin Shirley sits down, I turn to her and ask, “Did you hear how I ran a Code Pink on Harry’s new girlfriend?”

Lost Time

Group: SHINee

Pairing: Jongkey

Type: Romance

Description:  “Jong,” a whine leaves Key’s lips as he turns his body to face Jonghyun, “it’s the modern day. We’ll text, call, and all that. We’ll keep in touch.” Jonghyun holds up a finger, slowly looking up at Kibum. “Time zones. That’ll make it hard.” “We’re best friends, we’ll make it work.”

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Jeongyeon x Reader


College AU

Word Count: 1141

Written by Admin LJ

You and Jeongyeon promised each other you wouldn’t go all out for your one year anniversary. You agreed on dinner and just a small present for each other- neither of you could afford anything crazy on your college budget, so you settled on what you could manage.

A whole year with Jeongyeon had been an experience, to say the very least. She was fun and spontaneous. Dates were never boring, and she always had some new idea in mind to try whenever she swung by for bi-weekly date night (though you had to admit, a picnic in the snow wasn’t one of her best ideas, and she learned her lesson after being sick in bed for a week). It wasn’t uncommon for Jeongyeon to come banging on your dorm door in the wee hours of the morning to drag you out to the local diner for pancakes, and while you did make a fuss about it, you never really minded- Jeongyeon seemed to thrive when it was just the two of you, at three in the morning, in some rundown place that had a plethora of breakfast foods.

You thought it was simply adorable.

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I would just like to say thank you!

I would like to thank all the people who made any type of art for this event and helped spread the word about it! I was kind of shaky about starting it because I would be running it by myself and I thought I wouldn’t know how to handle certain things, but it worked out in the end. I really enjoyed seeing so many different art styles and different takes on the Magic Meat March Challenge. With that said, here‘s a couple things I’d like us to keep in mind for next year or any other event this blog may host!

  • You don’t have to participate in the challenge. It was more so to give people ideas and to spark some creativity. I do appreciate the people who did participate in the challenge/prompt list though, I loved seeing what you all came up with!
  • Try to keep plain porn to a minimum. Nudity in submissions is fine and satirizing porn games and other entertainment media are okay, but please avoid having little to no context going with it and putting it in the tag when it may not have anything to do with Magic Meat March.
  • Please don’t go back to an old work and tag it as Magic Meat March for the sake of boosting notes. Art that fits the theme of this event and is for this event is preferred.
  • I was a bit hesitant about people advertising specific commissions in the tag, but I thought as long as it deals with the theme it should be fine. I now highly encourage everyone to help support the artists holding special commissions dealing with Magic Meat March! After all, it helps create more content we like to see! Just don’t make it the only thing you’re submitting and remember to have some fun!
  • I admit I’m not a perfect blogger and I may have missed some works in the tag, so remember to tag it as “#Magic Meat March” with the spaces! I look in the #MagicMeatMarch tag as well, but I encourage people to use both tags and for followers to look in the tags by themselves as well!
  • If you have any other questions or concerns, the ask box is always open!

Thank you all again!
Your Magic Meat March curator, SourShock