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I miss Tumblr. I miss squeeing with my Tumblr friends. I miss happy days of scrolling through all the happiness. 

This place has become a ghost town and I’m going to exorcise the fucking ghosts. Sam x Cait 4 EVA! End game, baby. I was in a 7 year relationship, and I never looked at anyone this way. EVER! So, when these two wake the fuck up - there may be less of us here, but my cynical heart will fucking warm and jesus christ, it will make me a believer again.

If you plan on sending me hate for posting this, I’ll tell you right now, you’ll be deleted and blocked. I know the reality of today. There is only so many times you can try and scrape the shit off your shoe before realizing it’s not going anywhere. But eventually, you’ll take that shoe off and wipe it clean for good.

No hate on my blog. Only love.


supergirl season one appreciation week | day two: the moment you fell in love with kara

Mostly when I saw she was a huge dork. Even with everything she’s been through, she’s not some dark, tortured hero. She makes a fool of herself in front of the guy she likes, she squees at the sight of herself on TV, she relishes in her powers, and she does feel the pain of all that she’s lost, but instead of letting herself be consumed by it, she uses it as strength, and as motivation to do what she knows she was meant to do.

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Is there anyone that you look up to in art and fic?

For writing, I look up to @pinesinthewoods, @impishnature, @themadqueenmab, @embulalia, @witete@skillfulstudio, @marypsue, and @the-ford-twin for their wonderful characterization of the Pines family and everyone else in GF, and their incredibly imaginative plots. Some of their stories are my utter favorites, and oH BOY is it time for some fic recs from all of them ooooh yes!! Let me drag out my favs!

  • Blind Faith (pinesinthewoods)
    • hhHHHH this is the first fic I read in this fandom and BOY is it still amazing! Blind Faith AU. Amazing characterization all around. 
    • It gets… really violent, do be warned. Heed the tags.
  • Ad Astra (themadqueenmab)
    • Mabel falls through the portal. Follows Mabel and Ford as they try to find a new normal, crossing through dimensions together, and also Dipper and Stan and Pacifica as they try to find a way to get them back. There’s some especially nice world building in this.
    • I think there’s the hints of Dipcifica?
  • Two Old Men and the Sea (embulalia)
    • oH BOY another one of the first fics I read for this fandom! It starts out as any other Stan O’ War adventure… and then develops into so much more! 
    • As a warning, this does have some violence.
  • The Wind in Visions (the-ford-twin and the-stan-twin)
    • I can’t even begin to explain the main premise of this without utterly spoiling a large plot point of the story, but it contains probably the best characterization of Stan and Ford and Dipper and Mabel and Fiddleford I’ve seen. Some lovely day-to-day misadventures in here, with the same heart the show has, but there’s whispers of something dangerous brewing on the horizon for this family…
    • There’s violence at times. Read the tags. Also some Mabifica and Fiddauthor in this! 
  • Any Misery You Choose (marypsue)
    • A Gravity Falls/X-Men crossover! There’s some awesome world building in this, and it truly feels like its own unique place separate from both of the canon universes. I especially love the powers everyone is given. Fit with everyone’s personalities a lot.
    • Some violence.
  • A Little Bit Lost (impishnature)
    • A collection of one-shots for the Feral Ford AU. Some really lovely stuff in here! 
    • (I can’t quite remember if there was any violence in these? It’s been a while, sorry.)
  • Haunt (witete)
    • HHHHH Stan O’ War angst. ANGST. It’s also been a damn while since I read this so I can’t coherently describe what goes on, but IT’S GOOD DANGIT AAA.
    • There was some implied alcoholism here, I believe? Once again, I’d suggest you read the tags. 
  • Maybe it’s Not Too Late (skillfulstudio)
    • A lovely hopeful little fic in which the Pines family has to deal with some unfinished business concerning the shapeshifter, and Ford and Fiddleford come to some revelations about themselves and their relationship. 
    • Some violence. Asexual Fiddauthor! 

Whoops that got long, welp! Now it’s time to scream about a bunch of artists I love! :DD

@kiki-kit, @the-ill-doctor, @tortoisefeet, @stariousfalls, and @picnokinesis have such an amazing grasp of colors, like?? The colors you choose are utterly incredible!

@julientel, @eregyrn-falls, @archervale, @danidery, @garrulousgibberish@hntrgurl13!! Your line work and the sheer volume of unique concepts you go through with your art is stunning and inspires me!! 

I’m sure there’s ten thousand people I could name who make me want to squee for joy that I’ll remember later but I should probably… end this really long screaming happy post ahahah XD

You all are awesome and I give you many hugs and love your work, have a lovely day!

Fic: Seventy Two (Stitchers, Camsten, M, Romance/Angst)

Title:  Seventy Two

Author: IHeartCamsten (yes, I have a new name! Yay!)

Fandom: Stitchers

Pairing: Duh, Camsten.

Rating: M – not safe for work or kiddies.

Spoilers: Up to and including 3x01

Summary: She left him in a world without her for 72 hours.  He’d counted every one of those hours through agony and exhaustion; he’d never hated a number so much in his life.  This morning, he was taking back the number 72 for them.

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I was squeeing on twitter about my excitement re: the possibility of Poe Dameron being gay/queer & Poefinn, & I jokingly made a bet that I have decided to make an official one:

If Poefinn goes canon, or Poe is at least established as openly & textually gay/queer, onscreen to the point where the average child viewing would be able to understand that he is a queer hero for them to look up to…

I will write “POE IS GAY* #DealWithIt” on a t-shirt, wear said t-shirt with a tutu, a rainbow scarf, & one of those BB-8 beanies, & parade through the streets giving away flowers to random strangers. This will be filmed & put on youtube.

This is my bet.

Come 2017, or 2019 if it takes until Episode 9, y’all hold me to this.

*or bi/queer/etc if it winds up bi or etc, obvs

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Um, hi yes hello. Im calling to file a complaint. Yes, you see you've destroyed several sets of my underwear with your NSFW writings and I'm gonna need some help replacing the pairs that have been ruined. Okay thanks! (Lmao seriously tho... damn girl. Just damn.)


I mean

Hey hun thank you so much!!! I really appreciate you taking your time to read through my work and finding things that you enjoy :) Seriously my many thanks darling! It makes me squee when people like you and Quinn like my work *the fuzzy feelings inside are real yoooooo* 

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Comic 13: The Closet Story (Part 1)

- If you have questions, comments, squees or concerns, this is where we can connect through the Information Super Highway. (Ask!!!) Also there are Disqus comment apps under every post. I’d love to start a thread. ._.???
- The US News & World Report doesn’t actually have a list of LGBTQ-friendly campuses, but the Princeton Review does. So there you go!
- ETA: Oh yeah, The Closet Story is a direct reference to a webcomic I had in college (I believe it started the summer of 2011) that…uh. Stopped suddenly. You can read the couple-or-so pages I made at this sad, sad, tumblr.
- ETA2: Blegh, I fixed Panel 3–Ransom’s supposed to be saying the first line there.
- ETA3: BLEGH fixed typo in Panel 1. Message me if you ever see typos!!!

Me and backgrounds have a love hate relationship. I hate that I love to draw them because they take a stupid long time–maybe 60% of all comic making time. And while I know nothing about architecture, drawing Samwell’s Lake Quad was 1-part punch me-in-the-face, 2-parts a complete blasty-blast. Here’s some of those panels without speech bubbles:

The Boys have style! Or something approaching it!

- Bitty’s Bitty, so he wears whatever, as long as it’s coordinated, fits, and is obvi totes mcgotes ‘swawesome 'dorbs. TOTES MCGOTES.
- Shitty tends to look like he’s about to play hacky sack. Or like he’s late to band rehearsal in his friend’s dad’s garage. That is, when Shitty is actually wearing clothes.
- Ransom dresses like the horrible preppy frat bro he is. The guy owns salmon shorts. Holster has thrown them out the attic window many times. Almost as many times as Ransom has tried to get Holster to wear Sperrys.
- Holster’s attire is based on that of one my suitemates from senior year of college. This guy was from Portland, Oregon, played baseball and basketball in high school, and owned maybe three pairs of shoes. (Becuase, practical!) Actually, a lot of Holster is based on my old roomie. Huh. Holster’s general approach to fashion is “What?” or “Huh?” or “Ransom, I will throw those fucking pants out the fucking window, I swear to God.”
- Jack consistently dresses like he’s about to rob a Burger King.

And for those diehard people who care about timelines and stuff, Comic 13 (and the next one actually) take place a week before finals. GAH, so behinddd.

Eat Your Sweets

short Undertum story, contains food stuffing & ectobelly weight gain, and light friendly tickling; takes place in the UnderSWAP universe. Mostly happy-go-lucky fluff! ♥ ~(ΘεΘ

don’t like don’t read, bro

Word Count: ~5200

(There’s a few points where it might get confusing, because I like to blur the borders of the universes. Feel free to ask me any questions in my ask box if you get confused!)

A happy “Mweh-heh-heh!” softly echoed as the short skeleton dressed in his cyan blue and grey ‘battle body’ trotted with his tiny legs down a snow-blanketed field, stubby arms full of different odd pieces for his newest puzzle. A can of spray paint, some springs, several gears, an old pocket watch, several tools for tinkering, and… a tutu? Oh, right. That was for something else.

NO. ONE. MUST. KNOW. Sans thought about the tutu.

It was after Sans had this thought that he heard a soft, strange sound, coming from the edge of the woods. It was barely audible, but Sans prided himself in his pristine sense of hearing which he accredited to his good hygiene of his External Acoustic Meatus. Or ‘ear hole,’ as his brother Papyrus would vulgarly call it.

The small sound squeaked again. It was like a short set of moans, or… a whimper? 

Sans gasped. WAIT! SOMEONE IS CRYING! he thought, and immediately dropped his clanking pile of gizmos and darted towards the woods. All the way, he narrated: “EGADS! A CRY FOR HELP! FEAR NOT, FEARFUL CITIZEN, FOR THE MAGNIFICENT SANS IS ON THE WAY! MWEH-HEH-HEH!” The heroic skeleton skidded to a stop and took a good listen again–the cry was much closer. He looked to the right and saw a bright color out of place of the white, blue, and brown of the snowy woods–orange. A flash of orange as orange as his orange brother. But Sans was positive that it wasn’t Papyrus.

No; Papyrus always cried silently, and never out in the open like this.

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Things that made me SQUEE about “and the eternal question”

In no particular order (since my thoughts are still too much on squee mode to make a timeline)

. Jones STILL having to explain to Jake that everything is possible (especially after everything they’ve seen and been through, how could he doubt that SHC could be a thing?)

. Finding out Eve’s middle inital is B (and her threating Jones’ question as to what that stands for in the most EVE way possible)

. Flynn whisking Eve away for a romantic getaway

. Eve not buying the romance for romance sake and KNOWING something was up (pretty sure he was about to propose)

. THE ANGEL REFERENCE! I legit died.

. The impromtu Gemology lesson by Jake. (i’m such a gem nerd and hearing Christian talk about rocks makes me soooooo happy….stop judging me)

. Ezekiel bringing ALL the weapons in his trench coat.

. GALAHAD!Jenkins. (Everytime i see him handle a sword i swoon. like legit swoon.)

. Jake and Ezekiel’s tandem vamp fight. Back to back, hooked arms, perfection.

.  Jake’s face when he saw Jenkins and his sword.

. Cassandra asking out Jenkins

. Jenkins’ story about his only love 

. Jenkins gently telling Cassie no

. Cassandra’s grief (Lindy is phenominal, for real)

. Cassandra defending Ezekiel and Stone when they were accused of Killing Sophie. They were so Gung-ho about killing vamps and they could have, but they said they didn’t and she didn’t even hesitate to come to their defense.

. Jenkins loving Cassie in every way he can without breaking a vow.

. Throw backs to Simone

. Jenkins saying Cassie is family. when you think back to episode one and how he thought they were invading his space to now calling her family makes me cry a little.

. Eve’s nearly crying at the hospital.

. Flynn’s look of despair at the hospital

. Jake bringing Ezekiel coffee in the hospital

.   Basically eveything about the waiting room scene

. The Sibling vamp fight scene and how they made sure that it almost mimiced Simone’s fighting style from the movie.

. The kiss! Bi Cassie has been such a headcannon for me since the fairytale episode. And there ws no fanfare, no freakout, no “what are you doing?”. It was just a kiss. a normal, everyday, but super meaningful kiss. with a woman, after asking out a man a few tv minutes before. it was a freaking unicorn in TV land and it was perfect.

. Cassie not just NOT losing her gift, but her gift growing to telelkinetic proportions.

There are SOOO MANY more little thing i missed here.

Literally everything about this episode was gold and so freaking well done by the cast and crew. 

yuneyn  asked:

Once you get this you have to say 5 things you like about yourself publicly. Then, you have to send it to 10 of your favourite followers. (Non-negotiable, positivity is cool!~) <3

Oh man…5 things is kind of a lot :P But I guess that’s the point. Thanks for sending this to me!

1. I like that I’m an outspoken activist for mental health education/issues. A lot of my friends think I’m brave, but I have a hard time thinking that about myself. Mostly I’m just really happy that I can make a difference for other people by writing, either through fiction or my own personal experiences.

2. I am totally unashamed of how over-excited I can get, to the point of screaming for joy in public over little things. Not just your typical nerdy stuff either, but also tiny things and being surprised by a favorite food or something. Nobody’s used the word “squee” in like ten years, but that’s what I do.

3. I like that I’m smart. I didn’t like that about myself for a long time because I always felt people would hate me and assume I thought I was better than them, so I always kept quite about my test scores or grades or whatever. But, honestly, I’ve learned it’s just better to embrace it. I scored in 99th percentile on my writing SAT, I graduated 15th out of a class of 420 in high school with a 4.0 GPA and from a 4 year college in 3 years Magna Cum Laude (3.93 GPA). It’s taken me a long time to like that part of myself honestly…

4. I love how deeply I get into fandoms. If there’s something I like, you better believe I will search the world over until I know everything about it. It’s why I’ve written fanfiction since I was 12 and why I actually prefer it to original writing. I love playing in somebody else’s sandbox. If I could have a dream job, it would be writing those tie-in novels you see for video games and Star Wars and stuff. Basically approved, published fanfiction. So I guess what I mean is I love how passionate I get about things? I may have lost the thread a bit on this one…

5. I like that I let myself be myself. My hair has been dyed teal for almost a year. I have a nose piercing and two conch ear piercings and three tattoos and I decided when I first got my nose pierced (my first body modification if you will) that I just wouldn’t put up with a job that would try to force me to take it out. I wear geeky t-shirts I bought on the internet to work every day (which is so freeing because I had to be all business formal at my last job and the whole “dress for success thing” just makes me feel awkward). I have a number of hoodies I wear too, including one for Thorin Oakenshield, one for my favorite band the Protomen (seriously, look them up. 80′s style rock opera about Megaman.), Steven Universe, Prompto, Doctor Who, and Spock. And I don’t plan on changing anytime soon. I will totally be the 80 year old woman at the grocery store with all the piercings and tattoos and purple hair wearing an old Welcome to Night Vale shirt or some shit. :P

Okay, I’ll play by the rules and pick 10 people but don’t anybody feel like you have to do this…blah, I just hope I don’t bother anybody.

carasauruswrex  asked:

I just want to say that Twenty Miles Out killed me. I am dead. Thank you for making me cry and then making me squee a few chapters later... Seriously though. Like wow. It got dark there for a second, girl. Like, how? How can you deal with the John shit followed by the Chuck shit as a writer? I get too emotional when I write. I wanted to make Casifer take advantage of Dean in my fic but I chickened out, dude. Couldn't do it. Advice for writing horribly emotional scenes?

I got to be honest, that fic was a catharsis for me. It did get very dark, but that was also because I was going through a very dark time when I was writing it. There was a lot of death around me, a lot of tragedy, and just a lot of hurt and pain. Writing about it was a way to give me some control, and feel like I could make something happy again. So I suppose I can’t really give you great advice, because I don’t want you to have to experience anything bad like that in order to write about it.

The best advice I can give is to think about the times that you have felt hurt and pain and try to instill that in your characters. If your main goal is to make it happy in the end, then writing with something personal in mind may actually help you deal with those feelings.

Thank you, by the way– I’m so glad you enjoyed my story, and thank you for the comments. They always brighten my day.


SPN Family...

Ok, I think we all kinda expected something like this…but it was still shocking.  Now we can all write our codas and start breaking this down and figuring out how he’s coming back.

Is Crowley really dead? Is Rowena really dead? So many theories.  Do your thing, people. We’ve got 142 days to stick together and support each other and make it through this hiatus!

Squee loves you!

billspotts  asked:

Hello! Congratulations on your follower milestone! :D I was wondering if you could share your thoughts on the Eighth Doctor's Big Finish run, specifically which companions/stories are your favourites? I've finished Lucie Miller's series and am currently making my way through the Charley/C'rizz stories, but I know I still have lots to look forward to! :)

My main thought about the Eighth Doctor’s Big Finish run is basically incoherent squee-ing because Paul McGann is so good oh my gosh can you believe we almost only ever had one story where he played the Doctor????? Also, if you don’t listen to the Extras you really should, because he’s a giant dork who really likes the lunches. 

Which companions and stories are my favourites? Well, this should really come as no surprise to anybody at this point, but Doom Coalition is flipping amazing, and Liv and Helen, who are the companions for that sprawling 16-episode feast of awesomeness are the absolute best. I mean I love Eight and Charley, and C’rizz is a terrifying cinnamon roll, but the dynamic between Eight and Liv and Helen (and sometimes River) is on a whole other level. Let me explain.

So Eight’s characterization in both the books and audios is notoriously inconsistent, right? I choose to see this as actually a feature of his Doctor and not a bug in the writing (this is also the opinion endorsed in Caerdroia, which you may or may not have listened to yet). He is both a very cuddly butterfly-chasing Tigger and a sarcastic, snark-tastic Grump, and he is both one of the most human Doctors and one of the most alien (like he relates to sentient jellyfish just as much as, and possibly more than, he relates to his fellow bipeds from planet Earth). He oscillates between these extremes. With Charley and C’rizz, he mostly gets away with it, because they are both very much portrayed as ingénues, even after Charley has been traveling with the Doctor for quite a long time, and even though C’rizz has some quite extraordinary life experience before he even meets Team TARDIS. Charley and the Doctor are one of my favorite QPP (queerplatonic pairings) in Doctor Who, but good grief, it’s not even close to being a relationship of equals, and often veers right over into twee territory.

Lucie is more willing to call the Doctor out on his crap, and there is absolutely nothing twee about their dynamic. But Lucie is still very much a novice; she’s kind of a proto-Donna. And just like I initially didn’t like how combative the Doctor’s relationship with Donna was (in Runaway Bride), in the first series of the Lucie Miller audios, I really didn’t like how snarky Lucie and the Doctor were with each other. It made for some good banter, but it’s not my cuppa. The dynamic got better in the second, third, and fourth seasons with this team, and by the end I was really sad to see her go (like Donna level sads, and Donna is tied with Clara for my favorite new series companion). Lucie comes into her own with a bang in the end, but again, it’s never anywhere close to a relationship between equals.

Molly O’Sullivan gives as good as she gets in her interactions with the Doctor, but she’s largely wasted on a story arc that doesn’t know what to do with her beyond using her as a sort of sharp-tongued plot football. Tamsin Drew gets the same treatment, unfortunately. Mary Shelley was a great idea but I feel like those stories never quite worked as well as they ought to have done.

Liv Chenka, on the other hand, has seen some things. She’s a normal human, with a normal human lifespan, but by the time she meets the Doctor for the first time she’s also a seasoned MedTech. By the time she finally joins Team TARDIS on a full-time basis, she’s already had several opportunities to get the Doctor’s measure. He can’t really fool her about who he is the way he can with most companions. Helen Sinclair is more naive in the beginning, and very much in awe of both Liv and the Doctor, but she’s also had to hold her own in a very male-dominated field of academia in the 1960s, which puts her closer to an equal footing than most of her predecessors. Best of all from my POV, neither she nor Liv have any romantic interest in the Doctor at all (I tend to read the Doctor as being more toward the ace-side of the grey-asexual spectrum). These three people love each other and have learned to rely on each other completely, but as friends and as equals–or as equal as any non-Time Lord (or Time Lord equivalent) can be with the Doctor. Their skill sets and personalities complement each other, despite each character’s deep flaws and vulnerabilities. I honestly don’t think there’s ever been a TARDIS team this well-balanced before. Add River Song to the mix and you’ve got my favourite “four doctors” ever.

Within Doom Coalition, my favorite episodes are:

  • The Eleven, because it introduces a really interesting villain and kicks off the whole extravaganza of awesomeness
  • The Red Lady, because it introduces Helen and is super creepy and weird
  • Absent Friends, because it’s beautiful and sad
  • Ship in a Bottle, because it is a perfect example of its genre

Other favorite Eighth Doctor Audios:

  • Invaders from Mars (Eight/Charley), because it’s delightfully silly
  • The Chimes of Midnight (Eight/Charley), because a) it is beautifully atmospheric and creepy and b) it was the first time I really got a sense of what the brilliant folks at Big Finish could do with audio
  • Neverland/Zagreus/Scherzo (Eight/Charley), because this arc is peak Eight/Charley awesomeness. Also see above re: what Big Finish can do with audio–the scale of these stories would be utterly impossible for Doctor Who to do on television, even if it had a premium cable budget
  • The Natural History of Fear (Eight/Charley/C’rizz), because I feel like the writers were all sitting around one night and one of them turned to Alan Barnes and Gary Russel and said, “Zagreus was the most mind-bendingly bizarre story ever written for Big Finish,” and then Jim Mortimore was like “hold my beer!”
  • Caerdroia (Eight/Charley/C’rizz), because one Eighth Doctor is definitely not enough
  • Other Lives (Eight/Charley/C’rizz), because it’s a straight-up historical and a beautiful character piece, and those are both rare
  • Memory Lane (Eight/Charley/C’rizz), because LEGO, ice cream lollies, and the Eighth Doctor’s laughter
  • The Cannibalists (Eight/Lucie), because it’s hilarious and sweet
  • An Earthly Child (Eight, Susan, and Alex), because I am a sucker for the Doctor’s family
  • Relative Dimensions (Eight/Lucie, Susan, and Alex), see above
  • Lucie Miller/To the Death (Eight/Lucie, Susan, and Alex), see above I HATE YOU NICK BRIGGS YOU MONSTER

You’ll notice none of my faves come from Dark Eyes. That’s because, although it had a few moments of brilliance, the arc was kind of a mess, and also chock-full of misery and Daleks, which are not my favorite things. On the other hand, Dark Eyes was how I first encountered the Macqueen!Master, who is almost the only really fun thing in this batch of stories (and is also, unfortunately, and true to character, also the source of much of the other characters’ misery). But if you want to experience the Macqueen!Master and don’t particularly mind skipping over sixteen episodes of Eighth Doctor stories, I’d tell you to listen to And You Will Obey Me/Vampire of the Mind/The Two Masters instead, because they are better stories and you get to enjoy the Beevers!Master, too!

When I get kudos on multiple stories in one day. It makes me squee a little because that means someone read something of mine and clicked through to see what else I’ve written and like seriously guys that makes me want to cry out of gratefulness.

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You could maybe tag it #awe or #adorable or #precious . but I do like the squee thing too cause that's the sound my head makes when I think of something cute. Also can I gush ? Because omg. For the last 4 months he stays up until 2am to talk to me. Sends me adorable messages all day every day. Never gets mad at me. Talks things through. Always sends me things he says reminded me of him. Even started growing a garden cause he knows I love flowers. But he doesn't want to be with me :(

Ohmygod what, I didn’t think a story could go from fixing my heart to breaking it that quickly. He sounds absolutely amazing, and everything he does seems to indicate that he likes you… Why doesn’t he want to be with you? Like, what. Who starts a garden for someone and doesn’t want to be with them sigh I’m so sorry. I hope that he changes his mind because I think you two would be perfect for each other!  

And thank you so much for the tag suggestions – I’ll add them to the list!

Nightscape Escape ~ Eames and Arthur from Inception (2010)

This is a birthday present for @my-citrus-pocket, who I’ve enjoyed being friends with since I joined tumblr. She’s been very supportive through all of my deviations from the initial fandom we found each other on and I continue to enjoy the things she squees about and reblogs, especially these two lovebirds :D

Happy Birthday, dear, and I hope the year brings you many good things <3

Reylo Exchange Fics I’ve Loved (So Far!)

I know it’s a little daunting looking at 56 (!) new fics. Again, I’m strongly encouraging everyone to go through them all, if you can — think of it like a buffet! Pace yourself and try a little of everything. There’s every type of fic, every type of rating, all chockful of Reylo goodness. 

Although I love every single fic I’ve read thus far — I’ve gotten through about 30% of the collection — here are some of the pieces (one-shots, very easily digested) I’ve really liked that are presently underrated (<30 kudos): 

This Darkness Which You Know You Cannot Fight” — Rey grapples with the Dark Side. Not full-on Dark!Rey, but a whole lotta Rey struggling with that inner darkness we all know she has.

One Thousand and One Nights” — Beautiful take on Rey and Kylo slowly growing close as he tries to heal after coming back home. This one will break you apart and put you back together again by the end of it.

Ex Nihilo Nihil Fit” — Senator Ben and his secret lover/bodyguard/Jedi Rey. One of my favorite AU dynamics with this ship, and one we don’t see enough of. 

Shadowed” — Long after Kylo makes it back to the Light and builds a life with Rey, he still has to face down his demons when she mentions the possibility of children. A poignant look at an often-glossed over challenge with some great Bloodline references.

Home Is…” — Delightful domestic fluff while still staying true to character and realistic. Rey and Kylo start to build a life together: little and broken, but theirs.

These are just for starters. Again, every piece in this collection is excellent and worthy of your attention. As I make my way through the rest of the contributions, expect more recs, more squeeing, and more badgering all of you to read, like, and comment. :) ♥

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what about some fluffy kuroo hcs?

I can’t imagine a better way to start this blog than with fluffy Kuroo

Thank you so much! <3

  • always wants to cuddle, seriously if he doesn’t there is something wrong with him
  • he’s the big spoon and even though he acts like he doesn’t care he will lowkey fight for this position
  • the most relaxing thing for him is cuddling and having his partner run their fingers through his hair
  • can’t promise that cuddles won’t turn into tickle fights though because this boy loves teasing and seeing his partner squirm and giggle and squee makes him really happy
  • always wants to touch his partner to make sure they’re okay, whether that be holding hands having an arm slung over their shoulder or putting his hand on their waist/thigh/etc.
  • he loves movie night with his partner and also with his friends because everyone is always so at ease
  • likes watching his partner do anything since he thinks they’re the most precious thing ever
  • makes sure to always remember anniversaries to show how important his partner his and will usually get them something small, something personal for big events
  • family is really really important to him and if his partner got along with his family he couldn’t be happier
  • baking with this dork will either end in a laughing mess or a ‘we-just-barely-survived-this’
  • he’s a really good cook though

Did my nails with some nail wrap stickers for February (hoping it lasts through V-day at least!), and realized the color-coordination with that + my new Kate Spade bag reminded me of you, ahuhuhuhu~ :3

*DIES HAPPILY* Those designs are simply STUNNING and my favorite color palette! *.* I love nail art OMG and seeing this makes me squee so loudly! BEAUTIFUL WORK!