i was squealing when you were performing

Inspired: Yuri Plisetsky x Reader

Request:  Can I request a cute/fluffy Yuri X reader with Yuri meeting someone who started skating because of him?

A/n: I used knife shoes instead of skates because I can.

You watched him from afar, seats at the very back. The place was overly crowded, and you were already happy your father had even got his hands on the tickets at all. You watched the skaters dance on the ice, eyes widened and a bright smile on your face. Your father chuckled as small gasps of surprise left your lips. You could barely see the skaters, but you were still having the time of your life.

“Oh, there he is, honey.” You jumped up in excitement as you noticed your idol entering the rink. But as soon as he greeted the crowd, people  stood up in excitement, and started calling out his name and cheering loudly. The smile faltered from your chubby cheeks as you couldn’t even get a glimpse of the boy.

“Daddy, I can’t see…” You stuttered, a pout on your lips. Your father looked down at you, smiling and lifting you up. He placed you onto his shoulders, so you could see over the crowd. That was when the happy expression returned. You clapped your hands and squealed, watching the young blonde perform his routine.

He was so graceful, and his movements were smooth. He hadn’t failed a single jump, and every time he did jump, you cheered loudly and clapped your hands. But eventually his routine ended, and you watched him leave the ice with a mesmerized expression.

“Yuri Plisetsky, receiving an amazing score, as usual!” The commentator announced and with that, your idol finished his performance.

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Request: Could you do an imagine of Jason or Tim having a polynesian s/o and they don’t really understand why they’re hyped for Moana (release, getting oscar nominated, auli'i singing at oscars, etc) bc its just a Disney movie? But then the s/o has them sit down and learn all about their culture and the significance of the representation and by the time of the oscars they’re as hyped as she is? Bc this was me with my non-poly friends, I loved teaching/explaining everything and how they were so open to it

AN:  I  didn’t really know a lot about the culture going into this, but I definitely tried my best.  Hope ya’ll like it.  Also thanks to @readthiswrotethat for helping me out.

Tonight was date night for you and Tim.  And as of right now he was taking to long in the kitchen.  You leaned over the couch and yelled at him.  “Tim can you…”  Your voice trailed off as your eyes caught sight of the screen.  “Oh my god.”  you said to yourself.  

There on the screen was a preview of when Moana would come out on DVD.  “OH MY GOD.”  Your screaming caught Tim’s attention as he rushed into the room with the popcorn in his hands.  “Y/N whats-”  You grabbed the pillow and threw it at him; all while shushing him.  He put the bowl on the table and wrapped himself around you.  

By the end of the preview you were too engrossed to notice Tim running his hands up and down your legs.  And then you turned to him with a giddy look on your face and started to smack his arms.  “Tim did you- Oh my god this is the best-”  

“Woah Y/N, slowww down.”  He laughed and put his arms on your shoulders and braced you.  “Besides what’s the big deal?  It’s just a movie.”  You grabbed his face and brought him closer to you.  “The big deal is that there’s finally representation for the polynesian culture.”  He pulled back from you.  And with a confused face with that.  “But there’s plenty of movies?”

You shook your head at him.  “But its just that… Tim you’ve always had accurate representation.  I jus- never mind.”  He sensed that the mood of the room wasn’t like how it was at the beginning of the night.  So trying to make it better he said, “I mean, it can’t mean that much.”  But that just made it worse.  You huffed and moved to the other side of the couch.  And for the rest of the night things were tense.

By the end of the night you were both in bed.  You felt him come up behind you and wrap his arms around you.  He nuzzled his head into the crook of your neck.  “I love you.”  His face fell into a frown when you stayed silent.

Days later and there was still an uncomfortable silence between you and Tim.  You acted like everything was ok, but he could tell it wasn’t.  And as of right now, the two of you were working on one of his cases.   You watched from the corner of your eye as Tim sighed and rubbed his forehead.  A habit you knew so well.  A habit that wasn’t from stress, but from guilt.  
He got up to move the files off of the table and onto the chair next to him.  You didn’t move your head when he sat on the spot in front of you.  “Teach me.”  “About what?”  you asked.  Your hands stopped typing and you looked up when he answered.

“Teach me about the culture a-and why this means so much to you.”  He grabbed your hands and started to toy with your fingers.  “Well I mean it varies from island to island.  But for some part of it there’s similarities.”

While you were talking, Tim had led you to the couch.  He sat the two of you down and pulled you into his lap.  “And when I see anything related to the movie, I get so happy because they have everything down from the horticulture, to the tattoos, to the legends and-”  By the time you ended the sentence you noticed your rambling.  You stopped to look at Tim; and you continued when he nodded at you to continue.  

“And with the tattoos, they were down to the detail.  They made sure that those tattoos were authentic, and not just some pretty designs.  And then there were songs that were tokelauan, which…”  Tim watched as you talked.  Halfway through your hands had began to move with every word, everything coming out of your mouth dripping with passion and importance.  

Before you knew it you spent the whole night telling him about being Polynesian and how amazing it was.  How amazing it was that there was finally a movie that didn’t belittle something so important to who you were.  

“And like, both of the mains are actually polynesian.  And Auil’i is even going to perform at the Oscars!”  It was evident how happy you were, with a grin stretched across your face.  Being able to learn about something so important to you made Tim just as happy.  Maybe even more.  

Your eyes wandered over to the clock; where you saw just how late it was.  Worry covered your face.  You turned your head to apologize.  “Oh my god Tim-”

“No.  This was important to you.  I would’ve stayed up forever just to listen to you.”  You stared into his eyes.  And then you squealed when he swooped you into his arms.  Tim walked you to the bed and dropped you.  You layed with your front facing his.  

“Besides,” he said.  “You got me hyped for her performance.”  You laughed and then pulled him in for a kiss.  “I love you Tim.”

Photographer - Michael Clifford

Words: 800+

Summary: You are a photographer and try to make a picture of Michael at a music festival.

Warnings: None!

A/N: My first one, hope you like it! Let me know what you think (:

I look at all the people in front of me and raise my camera. I went out for pictures of the forest, but ended up at a music festival. Some band is performing and the lights are on, making the stage light up since it’s getting dark. The screen behind the four boys says 5 Seconds of Summer and it lights up when a new song starts. I take some pictures before I move closer to the stage. From this close I can actually see the boys playing the guitar, bass and drums. Suddenly I wish I had a backstage pass, I’ve had it before and I made some of my best pictures. The girls around me push me from side to side to get closer at the stage, which makes it hard to hold my camera still and take pictures. Then suddenly, the hair of one of the boys who plays guitar catches my eye. It’s dyed a bright blue and most of the time it matches the flashing lights. I raise my camera again and zoom until I’ve got his torso and head at the left side of the screen, but then a girl stumbles against me and I almost let my camera fall.

‘Will you please be careful? This camera is expensive, you know?’ I snap frustrated. The girl ignores me and just pushes further forward. I shake my head and try it again, but people keep pushing me, so it won’t work. Frustrated I let my camera down and look at the boy. His eyes meet mine and he smiles at me. I smile back and when he waves I laugh. All the girls close to me scream and wave back. I enjoy the rest of the song, but thinking of all these girls who are making it hard to take that one picture. Then the song ends and I was waiting for a new one, but the blue haired boy starts to talk. He thanks everyone for being here and then he looks at me again.

'Now, I want to ask this girl something.’ he says. Confused I furrow my eyebrows. 'Yes, you. The girl with the camera.’ he laughs. 'Don’t attack her because I actually don’t know her, but I saw you trying to make a picture of me?’
It’s almost quiet and it kind of scares me. I feel like everybody is looking at me when I smile and nod, not knowing what to do with all this attention, even my face is on the two big screens on either side of the stage.

'Can I see it?’ the boy asks. I laugh and shake my head no. His expression changes and the smile disappears from his face.

'No, it’s not like you can’t see it, but people kept pushing me, so I couldn’t make the picture.’ I scream. Because it’s quiet he hears me and nods.

'For a moment I thought you didn’t like me.’ he grins.

'I don’t!’ I interrupt, laughing. He sticks his tongue out and laughs too.

'Now, let this beautiful girl take her picture,’ the boy asks the audience, 'and then come backstage so I can see it, okay?’ he continues and gives me another smile. I smile and nod, I raise my camera again, zoom and then take some pictures. When I take a look at them, one girl looks at my camera.

'She’s really good, I swear!’ she screams. I blush when the boy laughs, I found myself wishing it wouldn’t be this quiet anymore. Then I lift my thumb up, so he knows the pictures are good.

After two more songs, I decide to go backstage, as the boy asked. One of the people walks towards me and gives me a wristband which says 'backstage’, probably because the boy on stage asked me to come.

'They have one more song left, Michael will come over here after their performance.’ he says, probably referring to the blue haired boy. I nod and wait for the last song to end. To kill time, I take a look at the pictures again. I was able to make some more when they were playing again, suddenly no one touched me anymore. I’ve got some really cool ones. Just when I look up, I feel two hands on my shoulders. I squeal and turn around to see who scared me, Michael.

'Hey,’ he grins. I stick my tongue out and let my camera hang down.

'You nasty boy, don’t ever do that again!’ I laugh. Michael smiles.

'So, do you often make pictures?’ he asks. 'Oh wait, I’m Michael by the way. Not good at being social, sorry.’ he laughs.

'Oh, don’t worry, me neither. I’m Y/N.’ I smile. 'I practically make pictures every day and at every event I am.’ I say. I raise my camera and show Michael the pictures I’ve made.

'Wow, you’re really good!’ he exclaims. I blush and smile.

'Thank you!’ I say.

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MM boys and MC's kids scenario plz and how many kiddos they will have and also the genders pretty please :D

I have so many requests involving parent life and I think it’s so funny

So here are my like kid headcanons for the RFA boys + a scenario involving the fam

also this got so fucking long and I know you said MM boys but I wrote it as just the RFA boys and I just realized that you might have wanted me to include like V and Saeran so my apologies but lemme tell you that I have an essay to rewrite right now and man am I lazy


  • Probably wants to have an even number of kids, so two is the perfect number (because four is a bit much)
  • He’d love to have a boy and a girl

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Kard recap: Wild Kard

Ok so like the line is dead ass super long holy shit even though people had tickets but man I wasn’t expecting such a huge crowd but hey, it’s kard so it’s hard not to love them. Anyways fast forward to the concert beginning and OMG, they come and it’s LIT AF, they perform both Rumor and Don’t Recall (Eng version) and then there’s a pause and we have a Q&A session. Ok I flipped shit the moment Somin read the question because I remember typing like, what do you want the fandom to be called and I highkey squealed like a fucking pig I was so !!! Dude it was great. They were all hella perfect and like I watched their unit performances slay af. When the play time competition thing came up I was highkey hella jelly to the fans who had the chance to go on stage and talk to them and like hug them like shit. They do what they gotta do and then the real fun part comes where THEY ALL EACH DO A SEXY DANCE LIKE OMG THANK YOU MC DANNY. THANK YOU. The crowd was fire and like hell, I was at the balcony and Jiwoo gave so much love to us from above she’s like beautiful. Did I mention Jseph got his stage name from BM? Like ofc Lmao. Oh and ok at the end get this, BM takes off his wild kard shirt and tosses it into the audience like damn boy, DAMN. That body be fine. Hella happy and would’ve killed to have an opportunity to talk to them but still, WILD KARD WAS LIT THANK YOU KARD and I can’t wait for their debut in JULY~

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hiiiiii can I please have "It reminded me of you” with Jackson from got7? love your writing<3

It reminded me of you.
   002 /100 ways to say ‘I Love You’
      ↳ Jackson (GOT7)
A/N: whoops… this turned out longer than a drabble keke and thank you, darling~

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Dean Winchester- Irresistble

Title: Irresistible

Pairings: Dean Winchester x reader

Word count:1003

Theme song: Irresistible by fall out boy

Request: I just want to know if you can make a one shot with Dean inspired by the song Irresistible by Fall Out Boy, please? And I want to tell you that you’re an amazing writer! :)



Dean remained oblivious to his brothers calls. His mouth fell parted as he tried his hardest to tear his dark green eyes away. He watched through half lidded eyes. Eyes that were glazed over, fists clenched so tight they were so close to snapping. 

His breath caught in the walls of throat. He watched every move you did. One second he was fine. Dean was talking to his brother about the local lore when suddenly you strolled into the room. 

Dean did a double take as he watched your hips sway deliciously. You sighed as you ran your nimble fingers through your soft locks, oblivious to the drooling stares of the older Winchester. Sam glanced between the two of you trying to see what had Dean practically drooling. 

Sam glanced at you as he watched you bit your lip as you looked around.  Sam looked back at his brother, head tilted before his eyes widened. He was shocked. How hadn’t he realized before? 

’'DUDE!” Sam yelled, palm racing out to shake his brother out of his wake. Dean jumped, turning to his brother in shock. All the commotion caused you to look over at the brothers. “We’re fine” Sam smiled forcefully before turning back to his brother. 

“Dude, you have the hots for (y/n)!” Sam yelped.

“What?” Dean scoffed rolling his forest green orbs. “No” He protested as he shuffled nervously. 


Dean leaned his arm out of the Impala, eyes taking in the world outside. They were parked on the ridge of the road as you talked to a man that had witnessed a crime. Luckily he was homeless so Sam suggested that you tried to 'Sway’ him over. 

Dean immediately said Sam should do it but Sam just gave him a 'really’ look, following with “(y/n)’s hot. He’ll talk to her”. Which also followed by a glare from his older brother. 

Dean once again fell into his world as he watched your lips quirk into a smile, fingers coming back you hair, eyelids fluttering. It hurt him so much to have to go through this everyday but he loved it. He loved they way you hurt him. 

“Dean. You’re staring again” Sam grunted under his breath as he tried to hide his older brothers embarrassment. 

“Leave me alone Sammy” Dean grumbled. Dean knew he was staring but he didn’t want to look away. He wanted to get as much staring time as he could before you came back and he no longer had the chance to look. 

Dean would always give you sneaky glances that you remained oblivious to but now, his brother saw everything. 


There was one particular moment where it took everything in Dean’s body not to break then and there. 

You entered his room which resulted in making the Winchester tense up. Your lips began to move as you formed words that fell on deaf ears. He tried so hard to listen to what you were saying but he just couldn’t concentrate. 

Dean wasn’t one for lip reading but he knew how your lips moved when you performed his name. He heard you calling for him and titled your head, brows raised slightly. 

“Yeah. Yeah sure’'He nodded watching as you lit up, your feet falling off the floor as you bounced up and down. 

’'Thank you thank you! I promise Dean, you won’t regret it” You squealed leaning forward to press a kiss to the man’s stuble-y cheek. He tensed once again as your sent flooded his senses. He almost groaned at how sweet your smelt. But he was certain he was going to have a heart attack as he felt your soft plump lips press against his cheek. 

As soon as you left Dean fell backwards onto his bed. His eyes darting up to the ceiling. He didn’t care on what he just agreed on, all he could think about was the sensation of your lips on his cheek. God this woman was killing him. 


Dean’s leg jumped up and down nervously as he glared at you and the stupid man you were talking to. Sam looked up from the papers scattered in his hand before letting his palm strike out to Dean’s kneecap and stop him from annoyingly bouncing it.

“Dude” Sam groaned. 

“Sorry” Dean mumbled. The bouncing stopped but as soon as Sam’s hand came off it started to bounce again. Sam groaned his eyes narrowing at his older brother. Dean felt weird. He felt -at this moment in time- Invisible. He could feel the adrenaline pumping through his vein. 

Everything went quiet to him. He could no longer hear the laughs from the crowd. the squealing girls hanging onto a man’s arm. He could no longer hear the music blasting throughout the club but could now feel it pumping through his veins. Everyone around him blurred. 

Sam’s lips moved but Dean couldn’t hear any of it. He didn’t once take his eyes off yours as he grabbed his drink, throwing it down his throat. He didn’t even flinch at the stinging sensation as he pulled his chair back from the table, not even hearing how loudly the chair scraped of the floor. 

With nothing but confidence that he had no idea where he was getting from, he stalked over towards you and the man. Your eyes caught his as you stopped talking to the man and turned to face Dean. 

“Dean Wha-” You stopped as you saw Dean push the man away from you making him stumble slightly. You were about to ask what was going on before Dean’s arms pulled you into his and slammed his lips gently on yours. You were in shock for a moment before melting into his kiss and moving yours hands that were froze in the air, and wrapping them around his neck. 

“Where did that come from?” You asked as you pulled away panting. Sam was shaking his head in the corner of your eye, a huge grin etched on his face. 

“You’re irresistible' 

regarding taeyong (after debut)

okay… so i’ve been watching the latest debut stage which is on SHOW CHAMPION. you can watch it here (x) 

the fan chant for taeyong’s parts were significantly quiet compared to the rest (actually it was so quiet the silence stood out). i’m not sure if measuring the love from fans based on volume of screams and squeals is a good gauge, but i think that when there exist a huge difference between the fan screams for each members’ parts… i should start to worry. 

i’m not sure why… but i feel like taeyong is losing his confidence ever since debuting. check out their interview before the show champion performance (x)

during the interview, he doesn’t seem to be himself. he even stuttered while introducing his name. and it’s almost as if he’s in another world, drifting in and out of the interview dialogues. when it’s his turn he is slow to respond. (Don’t even get me started on how he seems to be using the cap to hide his face) i’m really really worried about him. i’m wondering if he is losing confidence or did sth huge happen or are knetizens once again giving him a hard time.

what’s scarier is that nobody seems to be talking about this? am i being concerned over nothing? 

another cause for concern is his voice during show champion live performance, i think he’s also falling sick. and i know his back has been hurting him. oh gosh, i’m just so worried about him. it would be great if someone can talk to me about what they have observed/ share their observations too. i really hope i’m being a worrywart and that all is actually fine. 

Punk Luke part 13

part one // part two // part three // part four // part five // part six // part seven // part eight // part nine // part ten // part eleven // part twelve

This part is shorter than the rest but I really wanted to get the last part of it in the story somehow. Sorry it’s horrible :(

Punk rocker Luke Hemmings falls for the new girl in school and it’s super cheesy but hey, punk!Luke

PLEASE NOTE: This entire story is punk!Luke and, like many other chapters, this one contains smut.

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anonymous asked:

i am rly in love with your writing atm, so i totally wanted to request something about the reader dating hoshi but being rly close with the other members and he gets a lil bit jealous bc one of them (i rly don't mind who) actually has a crush on u and sort of almost does something about it. a fluffy ending would be lovely ^.^

((Let me start off by saying thank you. Thank you so much, Anon, for the compliment and the request! This was fun. This was so much fun and, again, it turned out a lot longer than I originally thought it would, but hey…what can you do? XD Anyway, I hope I followed your prompt closely enough. Enjoy!))

Pairings: HoshixReader

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 3,413

Summary: You couldn’t be blamed for being so sweet and likable, especially not if it meant that you got alone well with the other members. However, Hoshi might have to remind one of them that you were his girl and he was not going to give you up to anyone. 


Hoshi was a nervous wreck and it wasn’t because of anything good. He had just received the news from Seungcheol that their one night of freedom became a surprise appearance on a radio show about to air in a few hours. That wasn’t the problem, though. The problem was that he had already promised you a night out all to yourselves in celebration of your birthday. Your birthday wasn’t until the next day, but since Seventeen’s schedule was jam packed for a while, he practically made a blood oath that you would have all of his attention the night before.

He promised this two weeks ago and you were going to be so upset.

“Oppa, I’m here!”

Well…speaking of losing his life. You came bounding through the door with a heart melting smile directed straight at him. Considering how often you were at the dorm since the two of you started dating, you had dropped all formalities and don’t even bother to knock anymore, especially not if they were expecting you.

“Jagiya!” he exclaimed, catching you in his arms when you jumped on him, “You look great!”

“Of course! I have to look good for our night out.” Oh, you looked so excited…why did this have to happen to him? “Speaking of which, why are you dressed yet? Are you still getting ready?”

Hoshi swallowed his nervous lump when you analyzed his half-dressed state, avoiding eye contact with you, “Actually, Y/N, about that-”

“Is Y/N here? I heard her name.”

“And I heard her voice.”

“Y/N-noona! You’re here!”

“Happy early birthday!”

Like responding to a dog whistle, all of Seventeen tried to pile into the entry hallway to greet you. You brightened up even more at the sight of them, saying your hellos in turn. Hoshi was beginning to hate the close relationship you had with the boys because they made you just that much happier and he didn’t need you happier right now. Not when he was about to disappoint you.

How he hated disappointing you.

“Noona, you’re dressed really nice,” Dino observed, giving you the once over, “Oh! You’re supposed to go out with Hoshi-hyung, aren’t you?”

“That’s right! An early celebration for my birthday since he’ll be too busy on the actual day tomorrow.”

He was starting to feel sick. Joshua looked at Hoshi, brows furrowed, quite perplexed. “You didn’t tell her yet?” he asked quietly.

Not quiet enough. You whipped around jut as Hoshi shook his head. Your eyes drilled holes into him, the smile dropping from your face, “Tell me what?”

“Well, Jagi…” Hoshi wrung his hands together, “I…I was thinking that…we…could stay in tonight and celebrate your birthday with the rest of the members!”

You narrowed your eyes in suspicion, “Why? You promised me we would go out. Just the two of us.”

“I thought it would be more fun this way!”

“Oppa…” Your voice grew hard and your crossed your arms. “Stop lying to me. Why?”

Hoshi was defeated. He took a deep breath and locked eyes with you, “I won’t be able to take you out tonight, Jagi. We have a schedule in less than three hours.”

“Are you serious?!” you screeched, the shift in atmosphere compelling the others to make their retreat, “Hoshi-ah!”

“I know, Jagi, I know and I’m really sorry! I didn’t know they were doing this, I swear! They just told us a few minutes ago!”

You scoffed, positively peeved by the sudden change in plans, all of which didn’t involve your birthday celebration in the least. Hoshi stepped closer and took hold of your arms, stroking them to soothe you.

“Please don’t be mad, Jagi. More than anything, I wanted to take you out. I wanted you all to myself, too.” He cupped your cheeks when you continued to frown and kissed your lips. “Please don’t be mad.”

“I’m not mad,” you mumbled, wrapping your fingers around his wrist, “I’m disappointed. I was really excited for tonight, especially since you’re going to be busy for the next few weeks. I really wanted to spend time with you before that happened.”

He frowned with you, but nodded in understanding. He hated being away from you just as much as you hated being away from him, probably more. There wasn’t much that could be done about it, though, not right now and the only thing Hoshi could offer was a short movie night in with the rest of the boys.

“Y/N-ah, you should stay!” Mingyu appeared out of the blue, making the both of you jump, “That way we can all celebrate with you! I’ll even cook dinner if that’s what you want!”

“Yah, what are you doing there? Were you eavesdropping?” Hoshi questioned while you laughed.

“I was worried about her! I don’t like it when she’s upset either!” Mingyu came around and placed his hands on your shoulders, snuggling up to you and accomplishing two things:

Making you smile and Hoshi jealous.

“Yah! Aren’t you too close to my girlfriend?” he whined, you waving him off.

“He’s harmless, Jagi. He’s just trying to make me feel better since my birthday celebration was ruined.” You had to be a little sadistic and relish in Hoshi’s whining coupled with his fingers roughly carding through his hair, obviously feeling aggravated and guilty that he had to break his promise to you.

Satisfied, you turned to look at Mingyu, who had gotten a little too comfortable hanging on to you, though you ignored it; “Thanks , Mingyu, but I think I’m just going to leave,” you answered, your smile soft.

“What?! Why?!”

You laughed at their echoed question, Mingyu and Hoshi staring at you as if you just confessed a promiscuous sin to them. You shook your head and waved your hand dismissively again.

“I wouldn’t be able to enjoy myself knowing that everyone’s going to be antsy and trying to get ready for your schedule at the same time. Besides, the original plan didn’t involve the guys, so it wouldn’t be fair to just spring it on them like this,” you answered, shrugging and smoothing your hands over your outfit, “Besides, I’m dressed too nice to just stay indoors! I think I’ll call up a couple of my girlfriends and go out with them. Just to put the outfit to good use, hehehe.”

“What? Go out with your friends? Go where? What do you plan on doing? You’re not going to drink, are you? Or to a club? It’s dangerous for a bunch of girls to go out like that, Jagiya. I’ll worry about you!”

“Aish, Oppa,” you reprimanded him, shoving his shoulder lightly, “Enough. I’ll be fine! I wasn’t thinking about clubbing, although that actually does sound like a fun idea.”


“Fine, fine! No clubbing! But I am going out tonight and you have to rest up for your schedule.” You sidled up to him and slid your arms around his neck, kissing away his pout with cute pecks. “I’m going to be fine, Hoshi, I promise. And don’t worry, I’m not mad at you. Just promise me that we’ll do something when you have free time?”

“We’ll spend the whole day together, Y/N. Whatever you want to do and wherever you want to go, I will take you and do it with you,” he promised, wrapping his arms around your waist and pecking your lips before holding you tight, “…Oh! Wait, wait! Don’t go just yet! I have something for you!”

He pulled away and rushed into the dorm towards the bedrooms, leaving you and Mingyu to giggle to yourselves; you had forgotten that he was still there and almost felt badly for showing PDA in front of him.


“I’m sorry that your plans had to be cancelled with Hoshi, Y/N,” he apologized, “I know you were really looking forward to it.”

“Yeah, I was,” you sighed, “but it is what it is. I knew that things like this would happen sometimes when I started dating him, but that doesn’t make it any less disappointing. It’s okay, though, I know Hoshi and I will do something in honor of my birthday.”

You both fell quiet, Mingyu nodding his head thoughtfully and shuffling his feet. “…Well, if you don’t mind, I do have an idea,” he said, piquing your interest.

When Hoshi came back with a small box of your favorite treats in his hands, he found you and Mingyu smiling excitedly at each other, chatting animatedly about something. He suddenly felt leery.

“Jagi, these are for you,” he announced, face nearly splitting in half with a smile when you squealed and lunged for the gift, “I was going to give these to you tonight after dinner, but now will be the only time. What were you two talking about?”

“Oh,” you glanced back at the younger, “Mingyu and I planned an outing tomorrow for my birthday!”

“You what?!”

“Yeah. He told me that the Performance Unit is going to be busy all day tomorrow, but everyone else will be done by late afternoon. So he offered to take me out to celebrate. Isn’t that sweet of him?”

“A little too sweet,” he mumbled, glaring holes at the other male who smirked and shrugged his shoulders innocently.

You clicked your tongue and smacked his shoulder, “Be nice. He’s just being a good friend. Thank you for the gift. You get some rest and good look on your schedules. Fighting!”

You gave his cheek a kiss, hugged Mingyu, and peeked your head into the doorway to the living room to bid goodbye to the rest of the boys who all echoed their own farewells after you. You made your exit to the sound of Hoshi making you promise to call him once you were with your friends…and once you were at the place you were going to hang out…and once you were home just to make sure that you were safe.

When you were gone, Hoshi turned a sharp look to Mingyu even though the younger one had already turned around to return to the living room. Hoshi didn’t trust this outing that Mingyu had arranged with you, especially not since he started picking up on these vibes that were rolling off of him in waves when it came to you. Hoshi was far from oblivious to how much Mingyu cared for you. The only thing he didn’t know was how deep those feelings ran…and he really didn’t want to find out.


The schedules for the next day went according to plan, the Performance Unit having their extra appearances just as Mingyu had stated that kept them out longer than the rest of the group. However, since everything had gone so smoothly, they were released early and allowed to return to the dorm. Their early was your late, though, and chances were that you were getting ready to go to bed. Regardless, Hoshi hoped that he could at least spend the night at your apartment with you, maybe pick up some ice cream or something and watch a movie on Netflix for the last few hours of your birthday.

It sounded like a great idea! Now if only you would pick up the phone so you could agree with him!

He called your phone for the umpteenth time, but it went straight to voicemail for the umpteenth time. Same thing with Mingyu’s phone; the both of you having turned your cells off. The younger should have been back at the dorm by now and you should have been home, answering his phone calls, letting him know that you were safely back. The lack of an answer from either one of you made him feel as if a block of lead was sitting in his stomach.

“I’m sure there’s a good reason for it,” Jeonghan had tried consoling him as Hoshi paced back and forth, staring at his phone expectantly, “Don’t worry so much.”

“Yeah, hyung. Y/N is in good hands with Mingyu!” D.K. added.

“No, I don’t like it,” Hoshi declared, worry reflected in his eyes, “They both should have been home by now. There isn’t anything they could possibly do together that would take them this late into the night without one of them picking up their phones.”

He paused in the middle of the room, making up his mind. “I’m going to Y/N’s. Just to make sure that she’s okay,” he announced, already heading for the door.

“Hold on, take your mask!” Joshua advised, handing him his black face mask.

“Thanks, hyung!” Hoshi slipped the mask on and pulled the hood of his jacket over his head before jogging out the door, silently slipping into the night and starting out for your apartment.

It was a twenty minute walk, tops, but felt so much longer as negative thoughts filtered through his head. Why did you both have your phones turned off? Why were both out so late still? Did something happen? Were you in an accident and suffering at the hospital? Were you attacked? Were you laying kidnapped!? Or worse, lying dead somewhere?!

These thoughts were making him feel sick, gaining minimal relief when our apartment building loomed just ahead. He turned the corner and picked up the pace, nearly missing the two people that were stationed a few feet ahead of him. A shriek filled his ears, startling him out of his troubled thoughts. He knew that sound anywhere, having heard it many times as you tripped over countless objects with your clumsy self.

He slowed to a stop, watching in a daze as Mingyu kneeled in front of you as you took perch on the bench outside your apartment complex. Your heels were off and he had his hands around your ankle, watching your face intently even though he was smiling so big. You were laughing in response to whatever he said, but all Hoshi saw was Mingyu getting far too close and comfortable with you for the last time.

“Yah! Yah! What are you doing?” Both you and Mingyu snapped your heads up at Hoshi’s shout, watching as he sprinted towards the two of you and grabbed a startled, frightened Mingyu up by his collar.

“Hoshi, what are you doing?!”

“Hyung! Hyung! What’s wrong?!”

“You! You’re what’s wrong! I’m not dumb, Mingyu. I know exactly how you feel about Y/N, I just never knew how much and to what lengths you were willing to go,” Hoshi sneered, his eyes alight with an angry, jealous fire, “But I don’t care if you’re taller than me or stronger than me, Y/N is mine! She’s my girlfriend! I love her more than you could ever imagine, more than I ever thought I could possibly love someone, and I will fight for her, even if I have to fight you!

“Hoshi, STOP! AH!”

“Jagiya!” Hoshi exclaimed, turning to watch you fall to your knees when you tried to stand, your face pinched in discomfort.

He quickly gathered you up in his arms and placed you gently back on the bench, replacing Mingyu as he held your ankle in his hands tenderly.

“What happened?” he asked, looking at you first and then cutting a sharp look to Mingyu, “What happened to my jagiya?”

“Hoshi,” you called, drawing his attention back to you, “It’s not Mingyu’s fault. He tried to protect me as best as he could. We were chased by fangirls and I twisted my ankle. He carried me all the way back here from the main street.”

Hoshi looked between you and Mingyu, finding the younger looking away remorsefully, as if he felt guilty that he couldn’t do more to prevent your injury. You gained his attention again with a hand to his cheek.

“I know how he feels about me, too, Oppa. We actually talked about it.”

“You confessed to her?!” Hoshi jumped up, Mingyu beginning to cower away from the intense look in his eye, “That’s too far!”

“Hoshi!” You grabbed hold of the front of his shirt and yanked him down again, hissing at him. “He did not confess to me! I figured it out on my own and we talked about it. You have nothing to worry about. He knows that I only have eyes for you, as should you know as well! Besides, it’s just a little baby crush. He’ll get over it and move on to someone better.”

You grinned at the younger who appeared to blush while he looked away shyly. Hoshi looked between the two of you, his bottom lip pouting out slightly. “I tried calling you both earlier. Hundreds of times, but your phones are off. How come?” he questioned, voice a grumble.

Both you and Mingyu looked confused, looking at Hoshi and then looking at each other.

“Our phones were off?” you muttered, diving into your purse to retrieve your cell, Mingyu going into his pocket. After a moment, you started laughing, “Oh no! We forgot to turn our phones back on!”

“Oops,” Mingyu mumbled, flinching as if he had been hit.

“Yah, why were they off in the first place?”

“Because the place Mingyu and I went to said that we had to,” you explained patiently, flinching when Hoshi aggravated your injury by pressing down on it a little too hard, “It was some kind of Zen, performance thing with a new age dance ritual. They instructed everyone in the audience to turn off their phones to keep the electrical waves from interfering with our chakras.”

“…Where exactly did you take her?!”

“Hey, I liked it! Don’t yell at him anymore!”

Hoshi grumbled under his breath, still tending to your wound by gently massaging it. You sighed and cupped his cheeks in your hands, forcing him to lock eyes with you. “Oppa, I need to know that you understand,” you started gently, stroking his cheeks with your thumbs, “I need to know that you’re not mad at Mingyu. He’s young and he had a small crush on me because I was the only girl that was around a lot, so it was almost natural. But he loves you as well, Hoshi, and he would never do anything to hurt or betray you intentionally. Don’t be mad at him…please.”

Hoshi smiled warmly and kissed your palms before moving to stand up, facing the quiet Hip Hop Unit member who had taken to keeping to himself lest he make the situation worse. He eyed his hyung warily and gulped. Hoshi held his gaze before bowing his head.

“I’m sorry, Mingyu. Please forgive me for my brash actions. As your hyung and a leader, I shouldn’t have allowed myself to get so angry.”

“No, hyung, you had every right to be mad. I’m sorry for causing unnecessary trouble for you. Please forgive me.” Mingyu bowed back in return, his head lower.

The two men then stood straight, Mingyu fidgeting slightly and asking with a wary smile, “So…are we okay?”

Hoshi beamed as bright as the sun, “Of course!” And then he was embracing the younger, you and Mingyu sighing in relief.

Mingyu stated that he would head home and let Hoshi take care of you, bidding you a good night as you thanked him for a wonderful evening. When you two were alone, Hoshi gave you his full attention and dove in for a well-deserved kiss, his hands cupping your cheeks and his lips playing lovingly against yours. He stole your breath away without hardly even trying and when he pulled back, you were dazed and flushed.

He placed your purse and your shoes in your lap before hooking one arm under your knees and wrapped his other one over your back, hoisting you up into his embrace. “Let’s get you inside, Jagiya. I want to take care of you and spend the rest of your birthday with you,” he murmured, softly sealing his lips over yours.

“I’d like that,” you replied just as quietly, laying your head on his shoulder and nuzzling into his neck with a smile, “And you can tell me about your schedules from today.”

Hoshi shook his head, “We can talk about my schedules later. Right now, I just want to focus on you…I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

He kissed you slowly, “I really, really love you.”

“I really, really love you, too.” You sighed against his lips, giggling and relaxing in his embrace as he turned to carry you all the way up to your apartment like the princess you are to him.

No Bigger Than My Thumb (Soryu fluff)

Hey all! Man am I on a roll! And why am I only creative when it’s in the wee hours of the morning??

So… This is dedicated to @animekasandra! I thought she might want some cheering up, and what better way than to read some nice fluff about your bias? I only know Soryu though, so sorry bout that! 

And this is based on the OTBS side-story of ‘Honey, I shrunk MC’. I was reading a fic where the MC was shrunk, and I thought, hey! What if it were the guy who got shrunk? And you have to admit… A tiny Soryu in his pjs would be cute…

So anyway, hope you guys like it! And I hope it actually make much sense, considering it was written past midnight…

“____! Wake up ______!” You heard your name being called out. You blearily blinked as you looked over at the bedside clock. It was earlier than your usual time, and you wondered what caused you to wake up. You heard your name being called out again, and turned over to glare at your boyfriend, wanting to demand an explanation for waking you up at an ungodly hour. All words died on your lips as you froze at the sight before you. You blinked a few times, even rising up into a sitting position to rub your eyes, unable to believe the sight in front of you. In front of you was Soryu in his pajamas. Which would have been normal, except that Soryu was no bigger than your thumb!

“I must be dreaming,” You murmured. You pinched your cheek, hard.

“Ow!” You exclaimed. Rubbing your cheek to alleviate the pain, you stared at the mini Soryu. So you had established it was not a dream. Painfully. However, you had no idea what had happened or what you were to do. You carefully placed Soryu onto your palm and studied him carefully. On the inside, you were squealing over how cute he was. He was just so tiny! A small smile escaped you, but you quickly sobered up when you thought about the day. How was he supposed to perform his duties? And eat? Where would he stay? Was this a permanent issue? Millions of thoughts swirled in your head.

“______, calm down,” Soryu ordered, understanding the conflict you were experiencing. You were distracted momentarily, internally cooing over his cute voice. He sighed.

“I won’t be able to go into work today. Luckily, there are no important meetings planned for today. You’ll have to call Samejima for me though, and tell him I’m busy today and will be unable to take any calls, and that he’ll be in charge.” Soryu momentarily grimaced as he looked down himself. He would never live it down if any ice dragon members caught sight of him. Or the bidders too, for that matter. You nodded, before voicing a question.

“Soryu, what will you be doing today? I have to work, but you can’t stay here yourself…” Both of you lapsed into silence, thinking of possible solutions. Ultimately, the only solution you could come up with, and that he grudgingly agreed to, was that he accompanied you to work. Your uniform had a breast pocket, and while it was slightly awkward for you, it was the best solution. That way, you could watch over him and ensure that no harm would befall him. You would have requested time off work, but the hotel was understaffed at the moment due to a flu bug being spread around, and all available help was required.

You breathed a sigh of relief when lunch break came around. There had been too many close shaves that morning. For the first part of the morning, you were with Hikaru and went round the various rooms. You took extra care with your actions, afraid that any small movements may cause injuries to your boyfriend. Your unusual actions thankfully went unnoticed by your partner, but there were times you swore that Hikaru were puzzled by your actions, and was about to ask you. You would divert his attention elsewhere or move to another part of the room to clean, thereby preventing any possible awkward questions from being raised. Luckily, during the middle of the morning shift, Hikaru was requested by Kenzaki to help out at another wing of the hotel, leaving you in peace to continue your work. The rest of the morning was spent chatting with Soryu, whom you had placed on bedside tables in the rooms that you were cleaning while working. You managed to find a quiet spot to have lunch. Sitting down, you gently placed Soryu onto the table beside you. You then fished out a small plate that you had used for tea parties when you were a child from your bag, before placing small pieces of food on it for Soryu to eat. Soryu frowned in displeasure. The small body was so inconvenient! He glared at the food as though it had insulted him. Noticing his glare, you sighed.

“Soryu, at least eat a little,” You wheedled him. “See, I even made you your favourite omelettes!” Seeing your puppy-dog eyes, Soryu sighed. He picked up a small piece of the omelette and started eating. Seeing him eat, you relaxed and started enjoying your meal. Inspiration suddenly struck you, and you sneakily took out your phone. Making sure it was on silent and that he was not focusing on you, you quickly snapped a few shots before hiding your phone again.

Lunch break was over, and Soryu was back in your pocket. After eating, Soryu was feeling sleep, and soon dozed off. Noticing that, you bit back a smile and tried to work without jostling him much. However, in the middle of your chores, the penthouse pager buzzed. Crap! Your eyes widened. You dashed to the penthouse, just making it in time.

“Make me a cup of coffee,” Eisuke coldly said before returning to his laptop.

“One for me too, pretty lady!” Baba called out.

“Tea for me, koro,” Ota chimed out. You sighed and made the drinks quickly, placing each cup in front of the respective bidders. Baba as usual started teasing you, with Ota chiming in. The conversation soon however turned to Soryu.

“Where’s the mobster anyway? He’s normally here at this hour,” Baba asked, rubbing his chin thoughtfully. His eyes widened. “He couldn’t be trapped in a dangerous situation, would he?!”

Just at that moment when you were about to come up with an excuse to explain his absence, Soryu’s sleeping voice piped out.

“What’s all the ruckus about?” He asked sleepily, peeking over your pocket. His eyes snapped open however, when he realised what situation he had landed himself into. He tried to hide himself, but the damage was done. Baba had heard and noticed Soryu, and that was all that was needed for chaos to erupt.

“Soryu!! What happened to you??” Baba nearly screamed out, almost causing Ota to fall off his chair. You backed away, but Baba simply cornered you, trying to get Soryu to peak out. Knowing that you were feeling uncomfortable, and feeling a bit jealous himself for having Baba so close to you, Soryu popped out again.

“Get away from her,” Soryu stated as menacingly as he could, trying to glare too. But the menacing aura that he usually exuded was diminished in his mini size. Instead, it simply made him cuter. Baba could not help gushing over how cute Soryu was. Seeing that the situation was already at that stage, you let Soryu climb onto your palm and onto the table. The three bidders crowded round it, observing him. Ota prodded him, with Soryu doing his best to ward the attempts off. All his threats fell on deaf ears as they teased him mercilessly. Even Eisuke joined in at times, inserting smart-mouth comments at times.

After what felt like an eternity, the bidders finally let the two of you go. Soryu kept quiet throughout the rest of the time taken to get back home. Sighing, you placed Soryu onto the bedside table. You decided to make his favourite foods for dinner to make up for the incident. You knew he stepped up to bear the brunt of attention due to your discomfort, and that his pride would probably be bruised after being so thoroughly teased. After whipping up your dinner, and preparing a special plate of food on a smaller scale for him, you carried him over. His eyes lit up when seeing his dinner, and he happily tucked into it. You laughed over the sight. As there were no suitable cutleries, your boyfriend used his hands, which resulted in a mess.

It was soon time for bed. You laid Soryu down on his pillow and settled onto your side. Soryu had been strangely quiet the past few hours. Knowing how he normally read a few pages of his detective series, you had read out aloud a few pages for him instead.

“Is everything alright?” You asked, concern shining through your eyes. He hesitated for a moment.

“It’s nothing. It’s just that… What if I’m stuck in this body forever? I feel so… helpless. I can’t do anything in this body,” He poured out all his insecurities that had built up over the day. You smiled, and carefully patted his hair.

“It’ll be all right. You’ll see. Just go to sleep. Things will be better tomorrow,” You murmured, comforting him. He sighed before nodding, and then climbing into the makeshift bed, which consisted of a handkerchief and some cotton pieces.

“Goodnight ________”

“Goodnight Soryu.”

You awoke to the feeling of warm arms around you and small kisses peppering you on your face. Squirming away from the ticklish feeling, you cracked an eye open, only to see Soryu’s handsome face inches away from yours. It took a few moments for the implication to sink in, whereby your mouth fell open in shock, an opportunity he took full well of to slip his tongue into your mouth. When the two of you finally broke apart, your eyes were unfocussed and your cheeks were flushed.

“Wow…” You breathed out. He grinned devilishly, before sliding a hand up your blouse.

“Oh, things are only beginning.”


It was your day off, and you were nestled again Soryu on the couch. He was reading his detective novel, and you were idly playing with your phone, and going through old pictures. All of a sudden, you started giggling. You tried to control it, but Soryu could feel the vibrations. Frowning, he lowered his book to glance at you.

“What’s so funny, _______?” He asked, curious to know what caused you to start laughing like that. You hurriedly turned to face him, cheeks pink with the exertion of trying to control your laughter.

“Oh, nothing,” You waved your hands to dismiss any questions he may have had. “Just some photos of…” You could not finish the sentence as another set of giggles erupted from you. You turned your phone to show him the pictures, and what he saw made him flush all to the tips of his ears.

There, on your phone screen, was a picture of him snuggling into the mini bed and hugging a cotton ball.

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Matsui Rena interview from Nikkei Entertainment! AKB48 10th Anniversary Special

If Rena didn’t perform for AKB48 10th Anniversary this Monday, having never enrolled even as kennin in the group and being busy with work, she went to see the special performance this Sunday and cried many times remembering the days when she was a young fan watching LODs on her computer at home, dreaming of the day when she too, would stand on stage like her idols, Takamina, Acchan and many others.
In this interview (Nikkei Ent. Sp. out 2015/11/26) Rena looks back on her experience in AKB senbatsu, but also the time she spent out of it and the regrets she has. And Gekikara, of course.
I recommend skipping to the end if you’re solely interested in knowing more about her projects for the future. With such a long-term career plan, this could become reality someday (@06:40)~


I chose to sing 「Aitakatta」for SKE48 audition. As I loved AKB48 I could sing and dance on it, but since I was self-taught I was sure there were many girls better than me. Still, I decided to enjoy it and perform in front of the jury smiling and somehow, I passed.
My goal has always been the same, when I joined SKE48 I already wanted to become an actress. I was partially influenced by my mother who is a fan of Takarazuka. I loved watching plays myself and from an early age my dream was to stand on stage.
I also had an interest in idols and AKB48’s concept of having an exclusive theater where you could meet those idols, the 「Idols you can meet」concept made a huge impact on me. Actually during my class school trip in Tokyo when  in 3rd grade, I went to Akihabara with my friends during our free time and I went all the way in front of AKB48 Theater. (laughs) I couldn’t get in as I didn’t know how to purchase a ticket, but I got goosebumps just by thinking about how Acchan or Takamina were right behind those doors. And so when I heard a sister group was planned to debut in my region, I decided to audition. If I could perform in SKE48’s theater, I hoped it would be the first step toward realizing my dream.
I remember every little details of SKE48 first presentation to the public at Hibya Open-Air Concert Hall (August 2008). Rain had made the stage slippery, our sneakers squealed when we walked in. The wet surface of the stage was shining with the reflection of the lights coming from the projector. It was the most beautiful scenery I had ever seen.
I was frustrated not being front row during SKE48 first theater performance. I wanted with all my might to move to the front, so I trained diligently to improve my dancing and experimented to come with the MC that would get me the most attention. Gradually, I started being told by the staff 「Calls cheering for you were really loud today」, letters I received from fans increased etc. Seeing what I was doing had effects boosted me even more.

In the mist of everything, I got the huge surprise to be picked to enter the senbatsu of AKB48, the group I admired so much, for 「10nen Sakura」(released in March 2009). In my eyes there were plenty of members with more charm and personality, so I carried on with this question remaining unsolved : why me?.
But I learnt recently that the reason why I had been selected was because Yuasa-san (SKE48 Theater manager) had thought「I just found an interesting element」upon noticing me striving to reach for the front.
Following the release of「10nen Sakura」were held the first general elections and I didn’t make it into senbatsu…(29th) After that I was kept out of AKB48 single senbatsu and fell down for wasting the big chance I had been given. My spirit rose again when I was told about my role in a certain drama.

My dream of acting never phased, so I threw myself headlong and with all my might in「Majisuka Gakuen」. After hearing from the director that Gekikara was going to be a “crazy” and “dangerous”, I decided to wear colored contact lenses, to make my hair up and was basically left building my character all by myself. I picked element here and there in my favorite manga and novel characters and mixed it all up. (laughs) After the serie aired Akimoto-san (Yasuji) sent me a mail 「It was good.」, I also had more fans coming to meet me during HS events 「I became a fan thanks to Gekikara」. Acting had proved to be most wonderful thing I had ever experienced.

When singing「Heavy Rotation」on television or during events, it was clear fans had drastically increased since「10nen Sakura」, that AKB48’s popularity had exploded. However in the meantime 「River」,「Iiwake Maybe」and「Ponytail to Shushu」for which I wasn’t senbatsu member were released, so I didn’t have my own position in them. I do regret I wasn’t among AKB48 senbatsu members when the group suddenly rose in fame and didn’t get to experience it first hand.
(tln : I like those singles just fine, but UG back then had the best deal really.  Nusumareta Kuchibiru may not trump PonyShu but given the *cof*delicious*cof* screen time Rena got in Kuchibiru, I’m really glad she was centering it. Kimi no Koto ga Suki Dakara > RIVER, if you judge the RH results years after years. And Tobenai Agehachou well… (*´Д`) HNNNNNG!
I get R’s frustration of slipping out of senbatsu back then, but as a fan I can’t share her regrets. Not when coupling tracks were that great.

At the time, when I joined the AKB48 senbatsu, I was surrounded by people I admired and so I was incredibly nervous. I was always in the background when we were getting ready, so much that when I said something it surprised everyone 「Eh? Rena-chan just spoke!」.(laughs)
In my eyes, Miyazawa Sae-chan was especially wonderful. In「Heavy Rotation」there was a part where we were paired together and where we were free to appeal to the camera in any way we wanted and she improvised with something different every time. She taught me that there were many ways to interpret the same song and dancing with her helped me forget all other considerations, to make it a truly enjoyable and fun moment. Now that I think about it, she would also once come to me 「Your necktie is crooked」and fix my costume. She was like a kind big sister to me.

Soon following my transfer to Team E, other 1st generation members came to see our stage, but they told me 「You’re trying too hard to make yourself visible and it shows. You’re standing out in a bad way.」.
Before that I was focused on myself, always  thinking about how to make myself indispensable to the group. I was a 「lone wolf」, so to speak. (laughs)
Also, when it was just us first generation members I believed that challenging each other was making SKE48 stronger. But in Team E I was everyone’s senior and I realised that it would lead nowhere to simply try to outdistance them. After that, I started getting closer to my juniors, establishing better communication with them.
I also discovered a lot during the year I spent as an “exchange student” with Nogizaka46, while Ikoma Rina on her end was sent to AKB48. In SKE48 we had very strictly established choreographies and the emphasis was put on delivering the most energy-packed performance possible, while in Nogizaka46 there was room for improvisation and all sorts of variations for calls. It showed me there isn’t just one way to make a live enjoyable, one style isn’t more valid than the other. My way of approaching things became more flexible.

After SKE48 reached its long-sought goal that was to perform in Nagoya Dome (February 2014), having already played in dramas and obtaining a wonderful 5th positions in the General Elections, I looked at those achievements and decided it was「time to proceed to the next step」.
Once I graduate, I plan on following the same path I did so far. It will be similar to shifting to a trail of gravels after walking on a paved road for a long time. I see my post-graduation as a continuation of where I’m standing now.
After graduating, I don’t expect to become a big name actress right away. I want to work in such a way that my name will be known by a lot more people when I reach 30 or 40 than it is today. I want to act and keep acting for a long period of time.

In May this year I had the chance to play the lead role in 「Majisuka Gakuen ~Kyoto・Chifu Shugakuryokou~ 」. Until then I had always pictured myself as a poor singer, but at the occasion of this musical, I managed to sing properly by adjusting my feelings to the melody. It was the first time I was praised by so many people for my singing. If such opportunity presents itself, I’d like to sing in front of an audience again.
(tln : Rena has been going to karaoke a lot lately and spoke about “training so people won’t laugh at me”. Main theory among fans is that she will sing during her fanclub events, which start this week-end in Nagoya (ΦωΦ)♪)



“Dude are you listening?” Your head snapped up, realizing your band mate, Alex, was talking to you. “Um, sorry what?” You asked. He chuckled, “I asked how you were feeling, you look like death, man.” He said.

You chuckled, “Thanks.” You said. He wrapped his arm around you, “You miss your Sebby?” He teased, talking in a baby voice. You rolled your eyes, pushing him away, “Shut up.” You said with a grin.

In all seriousness you did miss him, you two hadn’t seen each other in months, and that was due to you being on Warped Tour as well as him filming. You both tried your hardest to stay in contact but the lack of time you both had ruined that.

Currently you were in L.A., and Sebastian was nearly half across the country in Atlana, filming the next Captain America.

“Well we got a show to do!” Alex exclaimed, pulling you to your feet. You followed him to your other band mates, Vic, who played lead guitar, Kellin, who played the drums, Alex played the guitar, along with vocals.

“Are you done reminiscing over Sebastian?” Kellin asked. “… Is it that obvious? Jesus Christ.” You sighed. He laughed, “Dude you have pictures of him in your bunk on the bus, it’s pretty obvious.” Vic added in.

You didn’t respond as the boys teased you, just smiled as you took your microphone and put in your earpiece. You heard the crowd cheering and adrenaline ran through your veins.

Your band jumped onto the stage, “How are you doing tonight L.A.?!” You yelled into the microphone, earning a roar from the crowd. Your band began your set list with one of your most popular songs.

Half and hour in your were on your last song, you always seemed to change when you were on stage, you felt more confident, like you could take on anything anyone threw at you.

Before the last song began, Alex began talking, “Now before this last song, we’re gonna give (Y/N) a little surprise.” He said. You looked at him in confusion, “Come on out man.” He said, immediately you squealed when you saw Sebastian walk out onto the stage.

You ran to him, literally jumping into his arms, “I missed you so much.” You cried into his shoulder. Tears left your eyes as he pulled you into a kiss, “I missed you more.” He said after he pulled away.

He kept you in his arms for a while, and you didn’t mind. He wiped away your tears, “Give them an amazing performance babe.” He said before he kissed your forehead. You were beaming with excitement and you nodded.

After the last song you nearly forgot to thank the crowd before you ran off stage back to Sebastian. “I love you so much.” You said as you hugged him. “Ew, shut up.” Kellin said jokingly. You pushed him before hugging Sebastian once again. “I love you too (Y/N).”

Love & Misadventures: Chapter 12

Love & Misadventures, a sequel to Is this Happening?

A Harry Styles Imagine Series


HELLO! All my lovely readers! How have you all been? I’m so excited for you guys to read this chapter! Please be sure to let me know what you think of it!!! I hope you enjoy it :]

Chapter 12: Killing Me Softly

*edit thanks to sreccius​ :] i love how you brought the photo to life!

March 10th 2015

Your POV

I was panicking. Harry was pissed and had stormed out of the room, leaving me alone, when we were suppose to meet my parents in an hour.

I knew that telling him about Derek was going to set him off. I already called it, but it didn’t mean that it didn’t hurt any less that he left like that.

I refused to cry so I fought back tears as I finished getting ready. If Harry doesn’t show up to dinner, I was going to be completely crushed.

I put on some music to sooth me as I finished fixing my hair and applying make-up. I pulled out the pair of YSL booties that Harry had bought for me and slipped them on.

I looked down at my watch, it was 8:15pm. I bit my lips, scared that Harry was really going to ditch me because he was so upset.

I looked in the full length body mirror that was in front of the bed one more time before I grabbed the purple YSL tote, that Harry had also bought me, and headed towards the door.

Right as I was reaching for the handle, I saw it jiggling; the door opened to reveal a very apologetic Harry.

“Y/N… you look amazing.” He said as his eyes slowly moved up and down.

“Thank you…” I blinked rapidly fighting back the tears yet again. I was so happy that he came back.

“I’m so sorry, I shouldn’t have just left like that, I just really needed some air and to think… I know it’s not your fault that he likes you.” Harry wrapped his arms around me as the door closed behind him.

“It doesn’t matter anymore, I’m just so glad that you came back and that you’re here with me.”

“Of course, I wouldn’t let you down like that…” He pulled away and lifted my face up towards his and placed a kiss on my lips.

“I promise I’ll make it up to you tonight,” He winked as he pulled open the door.

I giggled as I walked out, I looked up to see that Niall and Madeline were also in the hall, a few feet in front of us.

“Oy, oy!” Niall holler at us.

“Oh my god! I love your boots Y/N and when did you get your purse?!” Madeline gasped as she picked up the tote that was dangling from my arm.

“Harry bought it for me last month when he was in New York visiting.”

“Dannnnngggggggggg pulling out the big bucks Styles?” She teased him.

“There’s no price tag when it comes to making Y/N happy.” Harry grinned as we all continued walking towards the elevator.

“Ew get out of here with that mate!” Niall shoved Harry playfully.

At 8:30 sharp, our parents arrived and we briefly said hellos and introduced the guys. Niall was freaking out while the three of us were just a little nervous. 

The hostess sat the 8 of us down at a large rectangular table, handing us each a menu and laying our napkins in our laps.

Let me paint you a brief picture: We were sitting in the middle of a very nice modern style restaurant, which was dimly lit and the ceilings were at least 50 feet above us. My dad and Aaron both sat at the ends of the table. Lisa, Niall and Madeline were on one side of the table while my mom, Harry and I were sitting across from them.

“So Niall, Harry, we are so excited to see you young men perform tomorrow night!” Lisa squealed.

“Oh thank you, I really hope you enjoy it.” Harry nodded and smiled at Lisa.

“I requested four VIP tickets for you, if that’s okay, Madeline and Y/N are going to be standing in the front and I didn’t think you would want to stand with thousands of screaming girls.” Harry put down his menu when he spoke.

“Oh yeah I definitely don’t want that!” My mom laughed.

“It’s been a while since I’ve been to a concert…” Aaron began, “The last time I went was to see The Rolling Stones and even that was a few years ago…”

“That was a great concert!” My dad pointed at Aaron as he nodded in agreement.

“Oh! Niall and Harry performed with Ronnie Wood last year!” Madeline said excitedly.

All of our parents eyes widen for a second as they were surprised, they looked each other and nodded their heads.

“Did you now? I’ve got to see a video of that performance!” Aaron seemed impressed as he looked at Niall, who looked like he was sweating bullets from where I was sitting, but I saw Madeline lace her hand in his to calm him down. “What did that feel like?”

“Ye-yes sir. It was probably my favorite performance yet. Unforgettable. He’s a legend.” Niall managed to say.

Harry and I looked at each other trying not to laugh; we knew exactly how he felt. I looked over at my dad to see that he was also impressed.

The waitress came to introduce herself, bringing us complimentary wine bottles as the chef at the restaurant was actually a fan of Lisa, himself. He had came and introduced himself and felt honored that such a ‘great’ group of guests were at his restaurant tonight.

As predicted, both of our mothers asked our boyfriends non-stop questions all through dinner as our dad’s made comments and remarks. It was actually going quite well, Harry even cracked a joke that made them all laugh. Niall just shook his head in disbelief that they were actually amused.

“So I heard you boys play a bit of golf or did I hear wrong?” My dad finally asked them a question.

“Yes, we love it!” Harry nodded.

“We actually brought our clubs along, how about we play some golf the day after your concert? Y/N told us you aren’t going to head to Bangkok until Friday.”

“I would love too!” Niall said excitedly, “I haven’t played in a while, so excuse me if I’m terrible!”

“We actually played with Oliver back in December and he beat our asses!” Aaron shook his head as he chuckled.

“Oliver? Oliver plays?” Harry cocked his eyebrow.

“Oh yeah! He was a junior champion in high school and turned down going pro for school but he’s starting to practice again because he said he missed competing.” Madeline hummed.

“That’s excellent! Good for him!” My dad dipped his head for another bite.

I immediately placed my hand on Harry’s thigh to remind him not to overthink.

He knew what was going through my mind and smiled at me, as he reached for my hand and squeezed it, assuring me he was fine.

After we finished dinner, my dad decided to make a toast, “To our lovely daughters, this vacation, and to the men that seem to have stole their hearts…”

Harry, Niall, Madeline and I all exchanged looks.

I was shocked that my dad was actually, happy for… us.

“And who I look forward to handing their asses to them on Thursday.”

We all laughed as my dad finished his toast and took a sip of our wine.

“I look forward to it too! Thank you so much for having dinner with us tonight,” Niall said after he set his wine glass down.

Did I mention those cheeky bastards paid for our entire meal without us even knowing?! Apparently they already told the owner in advance that they were going to pay and not to accept payment from my parents.

After dinner, our parents had plans to go to a bar in the city that was having some kind of show, while we decided to meet up the rest of the guys at a club for an hour or so.

Our dad’s were pretty impressed with our boyfriends, which warmed my heart to see my dad actually give Harry a hug before we parted ways, maybe it was the red wine. Whatever it was, I wasn’t going to complain. I was delighted that my dad was finally beginning to accept Harry.

- - - - -

Derek’s POV

“You’re going to where?” I couldn’t believe what Elsa was saying over the phone, it was a little past 8am and I had just got to work.

“I’m going to Singapore… with Nadine… we’re packing… right now.” I heard her say breathlessly.

“Elsa… I don’t get it… that’s a 22 hour flight.” I scratched the side of my head as I was going over some paperwork at my office as I listened to her.

“Well she wants to visit Harry, she promised him she would see one of his concerts.”

“Harry… as in Harry Styles?” I was so confused, her best friend is flying half way across the world for that kid? 

But that’s Y/N’s boyfriend, why the hell is she going there to visit him?

I opened safari on my Mac PC and typed in ‘Harry Styles Singapore’ and articles of him being spotted with Y/N were the top results of today.

“Yeah.” She mumbled as I heard her moving around, I assumed she was packing.

“Why doesn’t she just wait until he’s here in the U.S.?” I scrolled through pictures to see that they were recently at breakfast together at the hotel they were staying at.

“Because we don’t know if we will have time off when he’s here, we have a week off so why not?” She shot me a little attitude but I ignored it, too early to argue.

I really wanted to see Y/N since I still couldn’t remember for the life of me everything I said to her that night that I blacked out.

I looked up at the world clocks that were hanging on the wall in my office and I quickly looked over to see that it was about 9pm in Singapore. If we left by noon, then we would get to Singapore at night of the 11th with my jet.

“Did you get tickets yet? Why don’t we just go on my jet?” I said as I looked over at my stack of papers on my desk.

“We?” Elsa voice cracked.

“Yeah, I just have a lot of paper work to do this week, so I’ll just bring it along, if you girls don’t want to deal with the hassle of the airport, baggage claim, etc. Why don’t we just take my jet? Plus it’s faster.”

Elsa was quiet for a minute. 

I looked down at my phone, “Hello?”

She had probably put me on hold. I continued scrolling through the pictures that fans had tweeted of Harry and Y/N, she looked absolutely beautiful in that dress. 

What the hell is wrong with me?

I shook my head as I closed out the window.

“Derek?” I finally heard her voice after about 30 seconds.

“Still here, babe.”

Yeah, Nadine said she really appreciates it and so do I… Thank you.”

“Of course, why don’t you girls finish packing and meet me at my studio in a few hours? If you get there before me, can you start packing for me babe?”

“Yeah, of course.”

“See you soon, baby.”

- - - - -

“I’m so tired…” I yawned as I climbed in bed next to Harry, who was shirtless.

He held out his arms as I nestled myself in them. Harry was streaming FRIENDS from the iPad I bought him to the TV in our room. It was one of my favorite episodes, The One with the Proposal, Part 2.

As Monica was beginning to propose to Chandler, Harry and I heard really loud moaning and grunting on the other side of our wall.

“Are you kidding me?” I looked up at Harry.

“Oh my god.” Harry covered his face

We heard the bed bang against the wall rhythmically a few times.

“OH MY GOD THAT’S MADELINE-” I covered my face this time.

“AND NIALL!” Harry and I bursted into laughter. Harry grabbed the T.V. remote and turned up the volume.

But we could still hear the moans! We swore they got louder as well, because then we heard a faint scream.

After a few minutes, Harry flipped his body over on top of mine and looked into my eyes as he pulled his bottom lip between his teeth.

“Oh dear god Harry, are you turned on?” I giggled as I looked up at him.

“Maybe… or maybe I just want to see if I can make you scream louder.” He said right before dipped his head between my neck and shoulder and started leaving a trail of wet kisses from one side of the other.

“Of course you can,” I placed my hand on his cheek and pulled his lips down to mine.

Harry and I went for two back to back, crazy, rough and passionate rounds before we both passed out in each other’s arms.

March 11th 2015

Your POV

The next morning, Madeline and I joined the guys for breakfast before they had to go and prepare for their concert tonight, while we spend time with our parents.

“So the funniest thing… I had the hardest time sleeping last night…” Louis began after we were served, putting pepper on his eggs. 

Zayn let out a little laugh as he took a bite of his french toast.

I immediately stiffen and so did Madeline, who was sitting next to me, shaking salt into her omelette.

“I hardly got any sleep.” Niall yawned as he stretched his hands over his head, being completely oblivious to the conversation that was about to happen.

“Oh trust me, we know.” Liam chuckled.

I looked over at Harry who was blushing, trying not to laugh, as he stuffed his mouth with cereal.

“I’m just curious,” Louis’ words made me look up, “Were you four having a screaming match?”

“LOUIS!” Harry took a biscuit and threw it at him, he dodged it and it landed in Liam’s lap.

“Oh god. Oh… god…” Madeline was muttering to herself, turning bright red.

Zayn brushed his hair back with his fingers, “I got so… frustrated, hearing all that noise that I had to call Perrie,” Zayn raised his eyebrows, “If you catch my drift,” and winked at me.

“Oh god Zayn please,” I begged.

“I don’t know which one of you it was but it sounded like someone was being murdered for a few minutes.”  Liam said nonchalantly.

A light bulb finally click in Niall’s head, “OH FUCK YOU GUYS HEARD US?!”

Then all seven of us erupted into laughter as the boys all threw something at Niall.

- - - - -

After a fun day of exploring Singapore with our parents, Harry and Niall had left our six VIP tickets and backstage passes for us when I went back to the hotel to shower and change for the concert. At 6pm we were all escorted to the stadium by One Direction’s security team, Harry insisted for this.

When we arrived, our parents were impressed that the entire stadium was completely full.

“WOW. One Direction must be good, look at this crowd!” Aaron scanned the stadium from the VIP section as we watched 5 Seconds of Summer performed.

My dad handed Aaron a glass of scotch as he joined him in scanning the crowd, “Well that’s why I had told our UK branch to reach out to them and record their music videos under Sony.”

“They are a sensation!” My mom said as she and Lisa shared a set of earphones, while watching their ‘Night Changes’ music video.

“The dark haired one is so handsome!” Lisa squealed.

Madeline and I just shook our heads, I kissed my mom and dad on the cheek, “You guys enjoy yourselves here in this air condition, we’ll come back in the middle of the concert! We’re going to go backstage!” 

Madeline and I were escorted by security backstage, as we walked around the stadium a lot of people recognized us and snapped pictures. Madeline and I just laughed, we knew that the 1D fandom was about to lose it over twitter.

When we finally got backstage, we saw that Lou was working on Niall’s hair.

“Hi Lou! Niall!” I waved then went to find Harry.

“Lou! You haven’t met my lady, this is Madeline. Madeline this is Lou, the best stylist ever.” He introduced them.

“Nice to meet you! I love your hair and make up!” Madeline said as she shook her hand.

“I LOVE your dress! Who’s it by?”

“Madeline! It’s by Madeline, she made it herself!” Niall proudly said as he kissed the top of her hand.

“Hey Louis! Hey Zayn!” I gave them both a hug. I smiled when I looked behind them I saw the back of Harry’s head. He was talking to someone but I couldn’t see who it was.

“Y/N!” I heard my name being called. I furrowed my eyebrows. I recognize that voice.

I whipped my head around to see Derek and Elsa, holding hands as they walked towards me.

“What the fuc-” I muttered under my breath.

“What are you guys doing here?” I forced a smile as I waved at them.

“Oh! Nadine promised Harry she would come to a show so we decided to surprise him.” Elsa threw me a fake smile, I could see right through her.

What did she just say?

“Nadine?” I turned back around to see Harry standing directly behind me.

“Sorry, no, I’m Harry.” He grinned down at me and lightly kissed my lips.

“Hi there!” Nadine peeked out from behind Harry.

What the fuck is she surprising Harry for? 

I shot Madeline a look from across the room and she shrugged as her eyebrows raised.

Madeline and Niall exchanged looks of confusion before they joined us.

Just then 5 Seconds of Summer bursted through the room, breaking the tension.

“HOLY SHIT! I LOVED THIS CROWD!” Michael jumped around.

“I thought Tokyo’s crowd was awesome! This was even more awesome!” Ashton said as he ran through the room holding up his drum sticks.

“Oy! You’re gonna poke somebody’s eye out mate!” Louis shouted at him.

“IT WAS UNBELIEVABLE!!!” Calum shouted as he ran through the the room going straight for Niall, tackling him.

“I know the feeling!” Niall finally held Calum away at arms length, laughing.

Luke walked in last with a huge grin and sweat dripping down his face. His manager handed him a towel and he wiped his forehead and face as he walked over to us.

Liam finally came into the room, probably from changing clothes.

“Whoa! Where did all these people come from?” His eyes scanned the room at all of us.

I quickly skipped over and gave him a hug, “Good luck tonight!”

“Thanks,” He smiled back at me then whispered, “What’s Derek, Nadine and Elsa doing here?”

“Honestly, I was wondering the same thing,” I pursed my lips.

“Guys!” Harry waved me over to him, “This is my girlfriend Y/N.”

“Oh yeah! This is my girlfriend Madeline!” Niall also introduce her.

“Girls this is Michael, Ashton, Calum and Luke.” Harry pointed at each of them.

“Nice to meet you girls!” Ashton smiled as he pulled off his bandana. 

Luke shook both of our hands, “Great to meet the ladies that stole our boys’ hearts.’

“WOW! So the rumors are true! All of One Direction is officially off the market!!!” Michael teased.

“Yeah… I guess they are true!” Niall blushed as he held Madeline’s hand.

“Dang, your girlfriends are really pretty…” Calum began, “What are you two doing with these ugly guys?!” He pointed at Niall and Harry with both his fingers.

“HEY!!!” Harry’s face immediately dropped from a smile to a frown. 

Madeline and I laughed as we watched Harry’s reaction.

I heard Elsa cough, I looked over to see her and Nadine standing awkwardly next to each other while Derek was no where to be seen.

“Oh guys, this is Nadine, one of my good friends and her friend Elsa.” Harry kindly introduced the girls to guys.

Calum and Ashton both blushed as they shook hands with the pair of models.

Michael and Luke however, didn’t seem phased and just smiled at them.

“ONE DIRECTION, GET READY TO GET ON STAGE, IT’S 8:20! YOU’RE LATE!” The stage manager yelled.

“They’re always late.” Madeline and I said at the same time and of course, fist bumped, as we both giggled.

Harry gave me a kiss, “I have to change, enjoy the show okay!”

Niall did the same with Madeline then went to grab a guitar.

“You girls all enjoy the show, have fun!” Liam waved at us.

Zayn and Louis gave us both hugs and then waved at Nadine and Elsa before they headed under the stage.

“Are you girls watching from the front stage or VIP?” Derek finally emerged from no where.

“Where did you disappear too?” Madeline asked.

“Oh had to take a phone call for work,” Derek smiled as he placed his arm around Elsa’s shoulder.

“We are going to stand in the front for a little bit then join our parents in VIP towards the middle of the concert.” I smiled at Derek, I shouldn’t be rude.

“Your parents are here? Really? Holy crap! Babe, I’ve got to go say hi, that would be so rude of me if I don’t!” Derek looked down at Elsa.

“Okay, go ahead, Nadine and I will join you later.” Elsa gave him kiss on the cheek.

“See you girls, later.” He waved at us then headed off as Madeline and I headed out as well.

“We wanted to watch the beginning of the concert down here too!” Elsa said as she followed us out of the backstage area and to the front.

I looked at Madeline, not wanting to ask the obvious question, but I knew she would.

“So why did you girls decide to come here all of a sudden?” She turned her head over her shoulder.

“Oh I just wanted to come show my support.” Nadine said from behind me.

“Actually, Harry called Nadine yesterday all upset about something so she came here to see if he was okay,” Elsa said oh-so-matter-of-factly.

My jaw dropped as I looked at Madeline, we shot each other the same ‘what-the-fuck’ look.

The entire concert, I was just racking my brain through everything that happened the day before. I was pissed to the point where I couldn’t even enjoy it.

So he left me alone to fucking call Nadine?

He called NADINE instead of talking to ME about it?

Are you fucking serious?


He called her to fucking vent about ME and he couldn’t even stay and TALK to me?!

Madeline knew I was really upset and asked if I wanted to go to the VIP instead of stay front stage.

“Yeah let’s go, I don’t want to be around Nadine right now,” I whispered into her ear.

We left in the middle of ‘Ready to Run’ and by the time we reached VIP, ‘Better Than Words’ was already halfway through.

Our parents and Derek were actually standing, watching and listening when walked up to them.

“Hey girls! Wow they are really great! I love all of them!” My mom hugged me excitedly, she was holding her phone which had the lyrics to ‘Better Than Words’ loaded. I was pretending to be fine so that my parents wouldn’t worry.

“I just love that boy Zayn!” Lisa was actually recording the concert.

Madeline and I laughed, proud that we had turn our moms into fans.

“I gotta hand it to you Madeline, that boyfriend of yours can play the guitar pretty well.” Aaron threw his arm around her shoulder as we all watched them.

“Duh Dad…” She kissed him on the cheek.

During ‘Don’t Forget Where You Belong,’ the entire audience had apparently, decide to do something for the boys, they held up plastic flags just like they did during the ‘Where We Are’ Tour. I couldn’t make out everything that was said until one of the camera’s had blown up on the big screen and was slowly showing us what the boys’ were seeing.

‘WE ‘heart’ 1D’ was the top section of the stadium with the top half of British flag in the background.

‘THANK YOU’ was what was spelled out at the bottom section with the bottom half of the British flag in the background.

While the floor seats held up a ton of Ireland’s flags. It was absolutely breathtaking. We could see on each of the boys’ faces that they were blown away and in awe of the crowd.

Madeline and I teared up a little, we were so proud of our boyfriends. Even though I was super pissed at Harry, my heart still swelled up knowing how many lives their music has touched and perhaps even saved. Even our parents were speechless.

My dad, Aaron and Derek started talking during ‘Little Things’ so I shooed them to the other side of the room.

My mother leaned her head against my shoulder during Harry’s solo, “I can tell how much he loves you, baby.”

“Really?” I pressed my lips together. 

“Are you kidding me?” My mother picked up her head and looked at me, “That boy never takes his eyes off of you. It’s like he’s drawn to you.“ 

Yeah well he sure knows how to piss me off.

During ‘Night Changes,’ Madeline’s mom went a little crazy, she absolutely loved the song, probably because it was the only one she knew. She and my mother hooked arms and sang along like a pair of teenagers.

“Shit, is that going to be us in 15 or 20 years?!” Madeline came next to me.

“Probably.” I smiled back at her.

She pulled out her phone and forced me to take a few selfies with her, and then our moms

In the middle of Alive, Derek tapped me on the shoulder, “Hey can we talk Y/N?”

My dad and Aaron came back and joined their wives and swayed along to the music.

“Sure.” I nodded and followed him out of VIP and to the middle of the hall.

“I feel like I should apologize for the other night,” Derek faced me.

“Do you even remember everything you said?” I looked up at him.

“No, not really…” He shook his head and sucked his lips into his mouth.

“Well if you don’t remember then I can’t really be upset.” I shrugged and turned to head back inside.

He held out his arm to stop me, “Wait but that’s the thing… I want to know what I said to upset you.” 

“Derek, I don’t really want to repeat it because it’s going to just make things really awkward and I don’t want our friendship to be ruined.”

“I told you didn’t I?” Derek tiled his head back and rubbed his face with both hands.

I didn’t say anything because I saw Nadine and Elsa walking towards us.

“Derek, shut up, it’s fine.” I quietly said.

But of course, Derek being the way that he is, wouldn’t stop and rose his voice in frustration, “No it’s not fine! I should have never told you that I was in love with you.”

Elsa stopped completely in her tracks as Nadine just stared at us wide-eyed.

I just brought my hand to my face and then turned around and walked back into the VIP room.

“Oh shit,” I heard Derek say right before I got out of ear shot.

- - - - -

Derek’s POV

“Elsa! Elsa! Wait!” I ran past Nadine as I chased after my girlfriend.

I followed her out the back door of the stadium as she ran out to our car that was parked in a private lot.


She finally stopped and tried to pull the car door open but it was locked.

“OPEN IT DEREK! I WANT TO GET OUT OF HERE!” Tears were streaming down her face as she shouted.

“Elsa, please! Let me explain!” I tried to put my hands on her arms.


“Okay! Okay!” Pulled out the keys from my pocket and unlocked it and she immediately crawled in the back seat and I followed her in.

Elsa dropped her face in her hands as she sobbed.

“I can’t believe it’s true!“ 

“Elsa… I’m sorry. I love you-”

“No! Don’t you dare tell me you love me when I just heard you admit that you love someone else! Fuck you Derek!”

“Elsa, I do love you, it’s just- I…”

“You’re a fucking jerk! I tried my best to make this work, I did everything I can to make you happy, I never hovered, I never clung on to you, I let you fly back and forth between New York and L.A. without complaining for a whole year,” She wiped the tears from her face as more kept falling, “WE JUST CELEBRATED OUR ONE YEAR TOGETHER for FUCK’S SAKE and then- then you go and fall in love with your childhood best friend the minute she walks back into your life after 8 years!”

“Elsa I’m sorry! I do love you okay, that’s why I tried… you can’t tell me I didn’t try!” I reached for her.

“Oh please!” She shoved me away from her when I tried to hug her.


“NO! Do NOT baby me!” She held a finger up to my face as she sobbed into her other hand.

“Elsa, what do you want me to say? What can I say to make you feel better?”

“Tell me you’re never going to see her again! Tell me you’re going to stop being friends with her and focus on US.”

I froze. I lost Y/N for 8 years and stayed away from her… was I ready to give her up for Elsa…?

- - - - -

Harry’s POV

I was pretty damn annoyed that Derek had the fucking audacity to show up to my concert. I tried to play it cool and not make a big deal because I already blew up so many times, plus Y/N’s parents were here; I didn’t want to give them a bad impression of me.

The concert was a blast, like always, I was actually more nervous than ever knowing that Y/N’s parents were watching me perform. She’s an amazing musician and has a great voice, so I wanted to impress them.

After the concert all of us, including the boys from 5 Seconds of Summer, went up to VIP section to greet some fans and to meet Y/N’s parents.

“Harry! You were wonderful tonight! I absolutely loved it!” Y/M’s/F/N had hugged me as soon as she saw me.

“Thank you so much, that means a lot to me!” I chuckled as I put my arm around Y/N’s shoulder.

“Harry, I love your voice, it was-Oh my god, oh my god… There he is…” Lisa started freaking out when Zayn walked in the room.

Madeline and Y/N shook their heads as we watched Madeline’s mom blush.

“Really Lisa…? Really?” Aaron shook his head as he watched his wife fangirl over a boy half his age.

“What?! Did you not hear him tonight?!” She hissed.

I let out a deep laugh, “Zayn! Louis! Liam!”

The three guys said their goodbyes to some fans and walked over.

Y/N spoke first, “Zayn, Louis, Liam, these are my parents Y/F’s/F/N and Y/M’s/F/N.”

“And these are my parents, Aaron and Lisa.” Madeline gestured at her parents.

“Thank you so much for coming to see us!” Zayn smiled as he shook hands with their parents.

Which made both their mothers squeal and their fathers shake their heads in embarrassment. 

“What did you honestly think about the show?” Liam asked them.

“It was very impressive. I can see why you guys have so many fans.” Y/F’s/F/N held up his glass for approval.

“It was amazing!!!” Lisa and Y/M’s/F/N said at the same time.

“I swear they are the older version of Y/N and Madeline…” Louis whispered to us.

“I was very impressed with Niall.” Aaron said.

“You were?!” Niall popped out of no where and scared all of us.

“Yeah, I am, you did a great job, although, I could’ve done without all the rump shaking.” Aaron teased.

Niall Horan officially turned into a cherry and hid his face behind Madeline’s back.

- - - - -

We finally got back to the hotel around midnight, I could tell that something was wrong with Y/N after the concert but I didn’t want to ask or cause a scene so I waited until we were finally in the privacy of our rooms.

I turned on the T.V. after I stripped off my clothes and waited for her to finish her nightly routine.

“Are you okay? Is something bothering you love?” I asked her when she came out of the bathroom, dressed her a tank top and shorts.

“Yeah. I’m actually pissed off at you so I think I’m going to sleep on the couch tonight.“ 

“Wait, what?” I turned my head in her direction to see her grabbing a pillow and I immediately reached over and grabbed her arm.

“Why are you mad? I don’t know what I’ve done wrong…” I looked in her eyes.

“Well why don’t you just go talk to Nadine about it?” She huffed as she walked out into the living room.

I groaned, what the hell is she talking about?

I swung my feet off the bed and walked into the living room in my briefs and a tank top. I saw her scrolling through her phone as she laid across the couch.

“Y/N. Talk to me, I don’t like it when you’re upset at me.” I pleaded as I sat down on the table in front of her.

“Now you want to talk to me? You didn’t fucking want to talk to me yesterday when I told you about Derek. Instead you called Nadine and told her all about it instead? What the fuck ever.” She scoffed as she put down her phone and sat up.

I was completely caught off guard. 

“Wait, what?” I scratched the side of my head.

“You. Called. Nadine. Last. Night.” She articulated every word with a low voice.

“How did you- did she tell you?” I furrowed my eyebrows, I thought I could trust Nadine.

“No, Elsa did. Which by the way she’s completely rude and conniving. I know she told me on purpose to set me off.”

Wait. What?

“Elsa told you…? So Elsa knows about Derek liking you?”

Where WAS Derek and Elsa? I didn’t see them after the concert, I just realized that.

“Yeah! But who cares about them?” She held her arms out, palms facing upward.

“I’m more concerned about why the hell you couldn’t come talk to ME, YOUR GIRLFRIEND… about the situation, but you can go easily run to another woman and talk to her about how you feel? Instead of telling me yourself? You can vent and rant to her all about me? How the hell do you think that makes me feel?”

“I didn’t want to argue with you! We’ve argued so many times about it already, I wanted to avoid another one so I went to Nadine for some comfort.” I tried to explain, I felt like complete shit seeing her crying and hurt.

“Comfort?” She immediately stood up and went into the bedroom.

Poor choice of words, that was the wrong word to use.

I stood up and followed her into the room to see her go in the bathroom.

“Not comfort, but just to vent…” I began but trailed off as I saw her throw all her stuff into her trunk.

What is she doing? I felt my heart race.

“Comfort, vent, talk, hang out, do whatever you want with her Harry.”

She sniffled as she started gathering all of her stuff around the room and throwing it in her trunk, completely unorganized.

“Are you- are you packing?” I felt my stomach drop.

My eyes followed her every move from one side of the room to the other as she grabbed everything that was hers.

She didn’t say anything.

“Are you leaving?” I was getting scared, I felt my heart racing.

I gently grabbed her arm and made her look at me, tears were falling down her cheek as she looked up into my eyes. I could tell she was really hurt.

“I’m not doing this anymore Harry.” She softly spoke as she tried to pull away from my grip.

“Not doing what…?” I searched her eyes, not expecting the next words to come out of her mouth.

She looked down and whispered, “Let’s just break up, okay?”

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 


Please let me know what you think! Let me know how you feel!

Give me some input! I love hearing from my readers because you are all the best and loveliest!

Hope you enjoyed it!

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exo12inourhearts  asked:

Hey! I found that you are starting reactions for EXO so I wanted to ask if you could do EXO's reaction to when you're a new idol in a big girl group & them falling in love when they see you sing/dance on stage? Thank you!

YAY! thanks for the request. i hope it’s to your liking (i’m also going to be including Luhan and Kris in the reactions)

Originally posted by parkchny

Xiumin - *Just finished getting his hair done and hears the music come on for your performance, wanting to support the rookie groups he decides to go watch. He peers onto the stage and sees your group running around the stage having lots of fun but you in particular catch his eyes with your beautiful smile and cute dance moves**Certainly not what he was expecting* 

Originally posted by hoemedy

Luhan - *He and Xiumin were chatting in their change room when an exceptionally loud squeal sounds from Sehun, intrigued Luhan wonders over to where Sehun and Tao sat watching the Stage live on the t.v* “Their really good for a new group,” Tao squealed right into Sehuns ear *Looking to the screen just in time to see you bust a very sexual dance move Luhan smiles cheekly (gif)* “Damn shes hot,” He says pointing to you.

Originally posted by sehunniez

Kris - 

*Kris watched your entire performance from the side and by the end he was completely mesmerized.  After your performance he was about to call your name when he accidentally tripped over a table* “Are you okay?” you asked “ummm, ah, yeah,” *totally lost his cool*

Originally posted by kpoprivacy

Suho - 

*Chen caught him staring at you while you were performing and wont stop pestering him about it* “So why were you staring at y/n?” He asked again, “Come on, i know you were,” Finally becoming feed up Suho blurted out “y/n looked super pretty and is really good at dancing!” *But he happened to have the best timing ever as you walked past him at that exact moment and hearing what he said, you winked at him* 

Originally posted by wintershower

Lay - 

“Lay was the one to help you choreograph your solo dance and through the endless hours of practice you guys had spent together he had grown to like you quite a bit* “WOW!” *He watched, amazed as you danced full of energy. The amount of passion you show in your dancing during that performance just caused him to fall for you even harder.*

Originally posted by yixingdotjpg

Baekhyun - 

*Baekhyun had seen you getting ready and had thought you were quite cute and as he watched you perform, he grew fonder and fonder of your pretty face, beautiful voice and skillful dancing*

Originally posted by osehu

Chen - 

*Chen was waiting for Exo’s turn to perform but as he waited near the stage he became more and more curious as to what the large fuss was about on stage. He could hear sequels and running footsteps, Peeking onto the stage, he saw one of your members chasing you. He could guess by the fact that she was dripping with water that you had poured your bottle onto her, probably when she wasn’t expecting it. Letting out a small laugh he noted to ask her to go pranking with him next time he sees her and possibly out on a date too, cause damn she’s cute.*

Originally posted by chenrrerorocher

Chanyeol -

*Exo had been called onto stand by as your group was almost done. Chanyeol, being organised for once was all ready and waiting. He decided to watch the new group finish up. All of the fans were chanting for y/n to do egyo. When you finally gave in and did gwiyomi, Chayeol began to fan-girl all around the place and as you finished he stopped and looked around making sure nobody saw him.*

Originally posted by ky-ngsoo

D.O -

*D.o was warming up in their change room, all the other boys had left to go watch your bands performance but D.o wanted some time alone. He practiced his octaves, the only other noise in the room was the t.v of the live stage. As he finished warming up and was about to go and join up with the rest of EXO, he herd an amazingly hit note come from the t.v. Looking over he saw you, singing your heart out and D.o couldn’t help but feel rather impressed by your singing (gif). Later that day he bugs his manager to let him sing a duet with you*

Originally posted by awkwardkaisoo

Tao - 

*you impressed him with your rapping, he seduced you into going on a date with him with his wusho skills, simple*

Originally posted by taozia

Kai -

*Because the dog sitter bummed out in the last second your puppies were left back stage as you were performing, naturally Kai found them. When he asked who owned the cuties, a stylist pointed you out on stage. He watched you dance the impossibly hard choreography with ease and simply felt draw to you. After your performance you run straight to your puppies and find kai sitting with them and a smirk on his face* “Your a good dancer y/n.”

Originally posted by dyolttaero

Sehun - 

*Sehun and Luhan watched your bands performance, a very cute dance with lots of hip, they were both attracted to different members and were very biased towards them. Luhan wanting to make it more interesting decided to place a dare* “Who ever can dance their dance the most accurately wins!” Luhan exclaimed “Winner gets free bubble tea and the loser has to by the bubble tea and ask their favorite member out.” *Sehun had agreed to the dare but sadly lost it and so here he was trying to ask you out after your performance.* “Hi…” 

Originally posted by sehbutts

All done, sorry if the last few are a little rushed. It’s really late. But i hope you liked my first ever reaction :D 

Originally posted by v-dyo

Preference #2 How You Celebrate *smut*

Michael:  “Fuck Y/N.”  Michael looked down as you dropped to your knees, firmly rubbing your hand over his hard length on your way to the floor. You’d snuck backstage after they won the award for best lyrics video and you’d practically jumped him in the corner before dragging him behind a curtain.  You just looked up at him with innocent eyes as you slowly pulled down his zipper.  “Congrats baby,” you breathed seductively, making sure your hot breath hit his member, smirking when you felt him tense above you. Your hands snuck under the waist band of his boxers, but didn’t slip any further, your breath and fingertips teasing his sensitive skin. “Please Y/N,” he pleaded.  

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Preference #164: Broadway Baby!

A/N: None of these gifs are mine, credit to owners.

(You’re on Broadway and the guys come to watch. Yes not all of the gifs are from Broadway but lets just pretend they all are. NOTE WICKED IS MY FAVOURITE, BUT I’VE SEEN THE WEST END (LONDON) VERSION! )


The name on every bodies lips is Chicago, which you were currently starring in. You were playing Velma Kelly in the hit show. And tonight was a special night because your boyfriend Ashton was coming along to watch, and he was bringing his band mates Luke, Michael and Calum along too. They had front row tickets and every now and then you caught sight of Ashton, he seemed to be enjoying the show. When the show ended you sat backstage for an hour getting out of your costume and make-up and everything, not to mention calming down. Once you were done you left the backstage area and saw Ashton waiting, you smiled and ran over to him and hugged him “babe you were amazing” he smiled kissing you.


You were currently on Broadway performing in Hairspray playing Tracy Turnblad, you were extra nervous tonight since your boyfriend Calum had come along to watch. You shook off your nerves and went out and did your thing. You came out for the final bow and heard Calum screaming over everyone and it made you giggle. You changed out of your costume and wig and went and met your boyfriend “wow I knew you were good, but I never knew you were that good” he said hugging you tight “aww thanks” you smiled and kissed him. You were relieved is enjoyed it.

Luke:Legally Blonde: The Musical

It was opening night of Legally Blonde: The Musical and you were extremely nervous. You were playing Elle Woods, the lead in the musical. Your boyfriend Luke knew how nervous you were so brought front row tickets for himself and his band mates Ashton, Michael and Calum so at least you had familiar faces in the crowd. You took to the stage and everyone seemed to be enjoying it, you kept looking over to Luke and he always had a smile on his face, he seemed extremely proud. After the show Luke came backstage to you “I am so proud of you, you killed it out there everyone loved you” he said cheerily. You smiled “thank you, that means a lot” you said hugging him “I was so nervous” you mumbled “I know babe, but trust me when I say you are incredible” he said.


Another day another show, you were playing Elphaba Thropp in the hit Broadway musical Wicked. Michael had never heard you sing or watched you perform so since he had a break from tour he brought tickets to your show, but failed to mention that to you. You went out and performed, belting out the high notes. You got lost in the performance; you forgot the audience was even there. When your final bow came everyone was on their feet giving you a standing ovation. You smiled proudly, every time you got a standing ovation a chill went up your spine and you loved it. You were sitting back stage wiping off your green make-up, it was the only thing left of your costume that you needed to take off. You jumped when arms wrapped around your waist “Michael what are you doing here?” you squealed hugging him “I wanted to see you perform, I’ve never seen you do it before” he said smiling “and you were incredible I never knew you could sing like that” he said kissing you. “Well now you do” you smiled.