i was squealing as i was watching the fancam


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warnings: smut, mentions of dom-sub kink, choking, spanking, hair-grabbing, rough long sex,  domJin. 

                  if you are a minor or you aren’t comfortable in reading this kind of scenario, please divert to another imagine. thank you :)

description: jin x female! reader. A friend spills the beans on who was your first bias and Jin decides to permanently make him your ultimate bias.

request: Okay but I have an imagine. Imagine one of the boys weren’t your bias and while in the middle of sex for dirty talk they say “I’m not your original bias huh? Who’s your bias now” then you say their name and then they’re like “I want you to say it again” and you scream it again and then theyre like “thats right I better be or I’m going to have to teach you more of a lesson jagi”.

a/n: I hope y'all like this really. I’m still improving in writing smut :) this is domJin sooo ;)) -Ira

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Have you ever gotten obssessed with their dancing? I AM. What are you guys' favourite bts dance routine? me: DOPE!!! *SQUEALING TIN THE CORNER* BTW, i love your dedication to such a noble cause. :) Have a great day!!

Honestly.. ALL OF THEM. The routines are so different and entertaining in their own ways. But okay, personally.. Maybe I’m biased because this is the song/dance/MV that introduced me to them, but FIRE. Especially the version with the dance break. To be honest, sometimes when I’m in the middle of doing homework and need a break, I watch fancams of their MAMA 2016 Fire performance. It gets me energized and ready for another round of work. LOL. Wow now that I think about it.. I’m going to go watch it right now. ^^ Have a great day, too~ ! Thanks for your support. <3
- Kristi


Hoya getting fans to sing him happy birthday and then finishing his speech in English - i.e the best fancam ever 

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look at this fancam it's my new favorite fancam sobs /watch?v=8w0FcvBHPHo

LEGEND SAYS EXO AND BTS ARE GONNA MERGE AND BE THE ULTIMATE BOY GROUP THAT WILL END ALL WARS AMONG ALL NATIONS or maybe even a crossover sub-unit? can they make that a thing? (example. imagine these 3 in a sub-unit: taekookbaek? baektaekook? kooktaebaek? wow the possibilities are endless)

but oh wow i was half squealing and half groaning, i almost gave chewbacca a run for his money. it’s so heartwarming to see them all together. when will we ever witness a legit exo x bts collab? it hasn’t even happened yet but it’s already iconic. oh my god my multifandom heart is soaringgggggg

also i swear to god jungkook came out of nowhere @ 0:29 loooook lol i laughed for about a minute before i continued watching lmao anywayyyy SAME ANOOOOON, SAMEEEEEEEEE LET’S HOLD EACH OTHER AND WATCH THIS AGAIN AND AGAIN LOL