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Camp Camp Headcanons

uhhhhh this is really stupid but my friends said they’re good so uh here
(i wrote most of these while watching the episodes so i just typed them really fast)

- neil is gay and trans
- david is a smol
- he’s also a stronk
- he’s also bi
- gwen is a lesbian
- so is nikki
- max signed up for music camp
- david is a literal puppy
- bonquisha(? is that how you spell it??) and gwen probably start dating at one point
- quartermaster is immortal
- bonquisha is demipan, (masculine leaning)
- daniel is gonna come back and be like ‘haha hey remember when we were singing and you said let’s end this in the finale? well guess who’s here binch’
- preston is musical fandom trash and he isn’t afraid to show it off
- dolph claims to be german but he’s actually austrian
- space kid probably has the worlds strongest lungs jfc
- nerris is a demi girl
- max is neglected at home (i’m a fucking sucker for this shit i have no clue why)
- after like 3 years of being dumped at camp max’s parents leave him and he gets fostered then adopted by david (i m s u c h a s u c k e r f o r t h i s s h i t)
- if jasper hadn’t died he probably would say radical and tubular unironically
- the platypus gets spoiled by gwen
- gwen and nerris are sisters
- neil’s parents are v e r y tall like idk bout you but i don’t think that kind of height can come from short parents
- erin is gay
- max still fucking cuddles the bear when no ones looking and when he’s really comfortable in an environment or with the people around him he’ll just walk around with it
- qm is probs immortal from incest (maybe???? honestly idk)
- david is actually really aware of how cynical and mean hearted the kids are to him, but ever since that day when he realized how much he liked camp campbell, he believes that the kids can see it too
- in ep one when they go to the area with all the main activities, nurf is hanging out by a bunch of tomatoes, and maybe he gardens as a hobby?? idk maybe it like calms him or some shit
- max either had music camp or sewing camp, because 1. max made a full size max doll in like 5 seconds or he just?? had it in his hoodie i don’t fuckin know, 2. mr. honey nuts is like super worn and old, and max probably picked up sewing to make sure that he never actually fell apart or broke, and 3. have you imagined this kid playing violin idk about you but fuck i’m all on board for the music camp theory
- max is super skinny underneath the hoodie [david is seen like picking him up and carrying him like he’s a feather] (parent neglect and that shit) and it doesn’t help that the food served at camp is like radioactive horse shit
- max is demipan too (feminine leaning)
- neil’s hair is a stick, bug, leaf, and any other camping item magnet. he probably found a bass in there once (ew)
- david knows all the police by a first name basis
- and he’s like best friends with all the hookers and strippers and stuff. he actually goes there and hangs out, simply because the ladies are so nice
- um,, i’m 90% sure this is canon,, but neil’s parents are divorced
- preston is a complete sugar junkie, but his parents don’t let him have any sugar because he will destroy the place if he gets even a grain too much
- max watches south park
- space kid is actually really smart??? like he knows all of the dwarf planets and a lot about our solar system
- even though nerris is like, a huge dork with cards n shit, they probably took a lot of fighting classes??? like holy shit can that gal kick ass

if people like this i’ll come up with more :,0

sometimes you forget how well off dylan and eric were until you google the prices of some of their signature items. for example, the going rate on the dusters they wore (esp dylan’s leather one) is well over 100 dollars. not to mention the price of dylan’s onyx ring (if it was actual onyx), his watch, and his red sox/avalanche hat.

for you

pairing: jeon jungkook and park jimin; jikook
genre: fluff, canon universe, inspired by jikook’s cover of we don’t talk anymore (lmao)
a/n: hello, it’s ur non au #1 enthusiast!!
im here again bc, truly, how couldn’t i when jikook can’t stop spoiling the shit out of us lmao (we’re so blessed)
anyway special thanks to my baby angel meariie aka @c-cygnus for reading this beforehand and hyping the hell out of me, i lov u!!
i hope y'all enjoy <3
summary: Jimin is insecure, but Jungkook is more than willing to convince the boy to record a cover with him.
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“Jungkook, no. I already said I’m going to do a dance cover! Jesus…” Jimin emphasizes for probably the 10th time. Not that it was anyhow useful, Jeon Jungkook had practice on being the embodiment of stubbornness after living years with six guys way too soft for him.

“Hyung, please, I’m begging you!” The younger pulls out his best shinning (read: imploring) eyes, because he knows how to play dirty. However, Jimin doesn’t spare him a glance. He is aware of how big of a traitor his heart is – he has experienced one too many times in which a quick look at Jungkook’s stupidly adorable face made him crumble instantly

“No.” he repeats, turning away and focusing harder on his phone’s screen. As if it’d be that easy.

Jungkook clings on his arm, pulling him closer and burying his face on the back of his neck. Jimin takes a moment to close his eyes and breath as deeply as he can, his stomach already showing the symptoms of Jeon Jungkook’s virus on his system.

But hyung…” he whines.

“Jungkook-ah, please.” Jimin turns around, holding the boy’s shoulder so he can’t look away. He might give in, if he does. “I don’t want to.”

Jungkook stares at him, before taking a step back away from his hold – a hurt frown starting to mold on his features.

“Why not?” he asks, genuinely confused and Jimin wants nothing more than to punch himself on the face, because he knows how the younger is going to react if he shares the real reason with him – and he is so not on the mood for drama and psychological advice on self steem.

“I just don’t.” he lies and swifts his gaze, Jungkook’s eyes piercing through him and making his throat kind of tighten in a way he doesn’t really enjoy. “Ask Tae or Jin-hyung, I’m sure they’ll be happy to help.”

Jimin waits for a response, but when the only thing welcoming him is the deafening silence of the hotel room, he spins on his heels prepared to leave, bitting back the disappointment tasting bitter on his tongue.

“Why can’t you understand?!” Jungkook snorts in frustration behind him. When Jimin looks back, the boy has a hand holding onto his bangs and parted lips seeming to try and find the right words to say what he desires to. Their eyes cross and Jungkook’s hand fall by his side, cheeks flushing. “I want to do it with you.”

Jimin almost doesn’t hear the end of the setence above the loud stomping of his heart resounding on his ears. He can feel all the blood rushing out of his face, even though he is sure his heart is doing a pretty good job pumping it into his veins.

How is he supposed to say no to that? It’s so fucking unfair he wants to shove his face onto a pillow and scream.

“Please?” Jungkook silently begs, intensely staring back at him. Jimin breaks the visual contact before his cardiac pace drives him to explosion.

“My voice sucks.” He finally lets out, gulping down the lump on his throat. “And so does my english. It’s going to be ridiculous, everyone’s going to laugh at me.”

Jimin doesn’t find the courage to look Jungkook in the eyes – not even when he scoots closer and grabs his shoulder with one hand, the other being given the task of carefully holding his chin and moving his face until it’s right in front of Jungkook’s.

“Look at me…” the younger pleads when Jimin still refuses to interlock their gazes, bitting on his bottom lip slightly and staring at Jungkook’s cheek. Jungkook uses his thumb to caress the skin in the front part of his chin, the edge of his finger faintly reaching the flesh of Jimin’s mouth. However, the boy is still reluctant to look back at him, something between embarrassment and self humiliation catching him in the middle of a internal fight he tries to avoid every single day. So he closes his eyes instead, solemnly focusing on Jungkook’s tender touch and trying to stop the twisting of his stomach from caging his breath into his lungs.

It shows to be an impossible mission, when the next thing Jimin feels is Jungkook’s lips pressed against his cheek, which instantly burn at the touch. He frowns, ready to ask what in the world is he doing, but Jungkook also kisses the frown away from his forehead and it’s being kind of pretty hard for Jimin not to melt. His chest is rosing up and down lightly and as soon as Jungkook’s soft mouth reachs the bridge of his nose, Jimin has already forgotten every single worry in the back of his mind.

He only acknowledge his hands clutching Jungkook’s t-shirt, when the younger’s lips brushes over a sensitive spot on his jawline and he pulls him closer by tugging at the cloth. He feels Jungkook giggling and his cheeks heat up so hard they tingle warmly. The air around him is simultaneously hot and cold, and it makes his nape hair bristle just the slightest.

“How can you say that…” Jungkook’s voice finally surges in between the kisses he places over Jimin’s eyes. Both of them pretend there’s not insanely racing hearts inside their chests trying to knock down their ribcages to reach one another. “I feel so offended right now.” Jungkook pulls back and Jimin somehow finds the strength to open his eyes. “How dare you insult my favorite voice in the world?”

Jimin has to try really hard to keep on standing, since it seems his legs decided to retire from their labor of being legs and are currently trying a part-time job on being jelly.

“Liar.” His voice fails and he hates it. Hates how weak and exposed Jungkook is able to make him feel in a flashing light.

“You’re the only liar here.” The younger mutters, sliding his hand to the back of Jimin’s neck so he can run his fingers through the smaller’s hair. They stare at each other for what it seems to be an eternity, but it’s really just a few seconds. “Sing with me.” Jungkook breaths out, and it’s only when he realizes how close they actually are. It makes him feel funny inside. It’s nerve-wrackingly funny – the way it seems his stomach is playing drum against his belly. “Please, sing with me.” He repeats lower, and hopes Jimin can’t feel how desperate he is to kick short that annoying distance between them.

Yet, it isn’t him who is taking a step forward and gluing their chests together. He tries to remain calm, tries to hold onto the last string of self control he possesses – although, it’s not like Jimin is making it any easier for him.

“Why?” the older whispers and Jungkook almost laughs. The audacity of the little shit.

But he doesn’t. He doesn’t, because he is too busy having a cerebral short circuit at the feeling of the tip of Jimin’s nose brushing against his. At the scent of Jimin’s sweet perfurme curling around his lungs.

“Because I love your voice.” He is quick to answer, and he almost startles at how rough his voice become. “And…” Jungkook presses his fingers on Jimin’s nape nervously and gulps down the actual words he wants to say that are scratching at his throat. “Because I don’t want to do it with anyone else.” He hopes it’s enough.

Jimin smiles – the sweetest smile Jungkook has ever seen landing on those lips and his heart tugs and hurts.

The smaller boy represses his smile, pursing his lips and narrowing his eyes, looking to the side as he pretends to think hard. It’s the cutest thing in the whole world.

“With one condition.” He shows his index finger in front of Jungkook’s face before holding on his tshirt again.

Jungkook chuckles, and it sounds so stupidly in love he could be embarrassed if he wasn’t, well, stupidly in love.

“And what is that?”

Jimin’s smile slowly fades in tune with the reddening of his cheeks.

“Kiss me.” He whispers in the quiet.

And then it seems as if the longest silence settles in between them, hanging in their bated breaths and crawling inside their lungs with freezing fingers. Jungkook stares down at Jimin with mild shock in the surface of his eyes and a slightly gaping mouth, which has Jimin wanting to turn around and run all the way back to his room. He instantly regrets the words and his fingers twitch around the white t-shirt’s fabric in nervousness. He opens his mouth to manage out an apology, but is stopped when Jungkook abruptly slides his hands to both sides of his face and catches his bottom lip into his mouth, pressing their lips so hard Jimin has to step backwards two times to keep his balance.

He moans in surprise, grabbing at Jungkook’s waist and squeezing the flesh under his fingers in need to feel it’s truly real. The younger parts his mouth and swipes his tongue over Jimin’s lip, smiling as the other instantly gives in; as he melts over the way Jungkook firmly holds onto his neck and scratches his nails at the base of his nape.

It’s insane, how Jimin manages to overwhelm him with a simple kiss, how Jungkook feels so fucking driven to the edge with a mere touch. But he’s long past the phase when these questions insistently hovered his mind and held him back from giving in, scared he’d fall too deeply.

Because, truly, how naive of him to ever think there was a way he couldn’t mercilessly fall for Park Jimin.


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A/N: This was requested by anon three days ago and I’m not going to put the request here because thats spoils it. I almost forgot about the request tbh so sorry anon. I hope this is what you wanted.

Summary:You have a secret to tell Thorin

Warnings: Ugly Crying 

Master List

You watch as Thorin plays with your baby boy. It had been four years since the Battle of the Five Armies, three since you were married to Thorin, and two since you had your son, Frerin II. He looked all over Thorin, but with h/c hair and e/c eyes. He was such a blessing after all the grief.

“Is something wrong love?” Thorin asks, picking Frerin up from the carpeted floor and moving to the bed where you were currently sat. You give him a small smile.

“Of course not, love. I was just thinking about how much of a blessing you both are,” you tell him, leaning over to kiss his cheek. He smiles at you and lays on the bed.

“Adad! Me want play,” Frerin grumbles, pouncing on his father’s belly. Thorin grunts and recoils. You laugh, reaching over to grab your son from doing more damage to your husband. “It’s time for bed, sweetheart,” you tell him, standing.

“I want sleep here, amad,” he tells you and you look at your husband. He shrugs and you smile. “Well I guess we can allow that,” you say and he jumps out of your arms and onto the bad. Thorin stands and the both of pull back the covers to let Frerin in and you both get into bed once he settles down.

You both move closer to him and you look at your little family. You’re little family that’ll soon come to an end.

The next day, you wander the halls, trying to look for Balin. Thorin said that he had given Balin a break today. He wasn’t as young as he used to be and deserved rest days.

You turn the corner and you bump into someone. The hand steadies you and you find Dwalin. You smile at him.

“Where’s the little one?” Dwalin asks. You usually always had Frerin with you unless it was a special occasion where one of his cousins wanted to watch him and today was that day.

“With Kili and Tauriel. Practice, you know?”

He just grunts and moves to walk pass you.

“Where’s Balin by the way. I wish to speak with him,” you ask him. “In the library. He’s supposed to be relaxing and yet he still somehow finds a way to work,” Dwalin scoffs before walking off. You roll your eyes and make your way to find Balin.

You find him easily in the back of the library, sitting at a table and reading a book on hobbits. Interesting read. You take a seat in front of him and he looks up from his book to address you.

“Hello, milady,” he says, closing the book and you glare at him. “Sorry, y/n. Force of habit,” he tells you and you shake your head. “What can I do you for?” He asks and suddenly your nerves come back. You had not even told Thorin about this. You hadn’t told anyone in fact. The only person that knows is Oin and an elf by the name of Hildrohim.

“Balin. There’s something wrong with me and I don’t know how to tell Thorin,” you start and he looks a bit confused. Last he checked, you were completely fine.

“What is it lassie? You know you can speak to me about anything,” Balin says, reaching over to grasp your hand in his. You look away as tears start gathering in your eyes.

“I-. I went to see Oin because I’ve been feeling weak for the past couple of months. Just completely tired and overwhelmed all the time. It’s like my entire body shut down. When I went to him, he gave me all these medicines and I always came back because nothing worked. He asked Thranduil for his best healer and an elf by the name of Hildrohim came and we met in Dale at Bard’s home. After doing a few examinations, he said that there was an incurable sickness within me,” you say, letting out a sob.

Balin comes over to you and pulls you into a hug. You wrap your arms around his neck and his go around your waist.

“I’m dying and I don’t know how to tell Thorin or Frerin or anyone. I’m such a failure,” you hiccup.

He rubs your back.

“It’s okay, y/n. It’s completely understandable. It happens,” Balin says. “But the life that we have built together was so amazing and I’m about to rip it a part because of something I can’t control and I can’t even tell Thorin!”

“Y/n. It is like you said. This is something you can’t control and Thorin will understand,” Balin replies. “But he’s already had so much taken away from him. His home, his parents, his brother. I would hate to cause him more pain,” you sob again and he just pulls you closer. You just continue to cry into him, wishing that you had never met Thorin so you wouldn’t be able to cause him so much pain.

A throat clears and you lift your head to find Thorin. You spring apart and try to wipe your tears. Balin is wiping away a few tears of his own. He dismisses himself, patting Thorin on the back on the way out.

“How much have you heard?” You ask, sniffling. “All of it,” he replies, reaching out a hand as if to not frighten you. You take it and he pulls you into a hug and the water works start going yet again with you just apologizing over and over and over again.

He pulls back and cups your face in his hands.

“Amralime. It is not your fault. None of this is ever your fault. You have brought so much joy in my life and everyone’s life you could never disappoint me. I just wished you had told me sooner. That way, I could love you up as much as possible,” he says, eyes searching yours.

“But you have lost so much-,”

“And I have gained so much by loving you. I will always love you and I will continue to love you until the end of my days,” he tells you and you pull him into another hug, hoping and praying to Mahal that you are given more than just two months to live. 

Thorins hopes and your prayers go unanswered and the Queen Under the Mountain ceased to exsist. The only happiness left for the King is his one and only child. The child that reminds him of the woman he had loved and had lost and everyday he wished their prayers hadn’t gone unanswered.

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Yes those eyebrows are drawn in my friend in the middle of class today said ‘imma give you eyebrows’ and here we are? Expression???? Also do you like my hair it looks fancy but it’s not lol

~dream of bellarke in your grave bbs i’ll see you there~

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But like… the way Ward rocks Joy when he hugs her… and he pets her hair… 

I know Ward pulls his “I don’t need to inherit your daddy issues”  bullshit on Joy, but… He WAS her father figure for a very long time. Joy was 12 (about to turn 13) when Harold died. She is 26 now… she has spent the last 14 years of her life under Ward’s care and guidance. And Harold wasn’t exactly around a ton before he died. Joy spent more time either A. being baby sat by Ward, B. In the care of a nanny, c. In the care of the Rands… not a lot of time with Harold who mostly just spoiled Joy and treated her like his little princess. 

WARD was the person Joy went to when she was afraid, WARD was the one she told when someone broke her heart, WARD patched up her scrapes and bruises, WARD held her hair back and told her she was an idiot when she got drunk for the first time, WARD was more of a father to Joy than Harold ever was… and to see the way he holds her and cares for her… it breaks my heart. Because holds her like a father holds a child and it just… it KILLS me that she lost her faith in him… 

Forced revenge: Try to get me fired and blackmail me twice? No no no, f*ck YOU

(warning: very very long story)

TLDR: At the top because this is a f*ck long story: A manager I didn’t even work under prevented a raise and bonus one year, I forgave her 2 years later, got blackmailed twice by her in relation to a dumb c*nt coworker who tried to prevent me doing my job, and made out with a great paid vacation, filing an HR case against her, and ending up in the best job of my life.

So a lot of backstory to appreciate this one. I use to work in another company where I worked with 2 of the worst women I ever met in my life: A manager (lets call her Erin) and a Senior (lets call her Jenny).

Erin’s Backstory: Erin is/was a 40 year old divorced woman who just entered a second marriage to a dude she was always b*tching about leaving. Literally, once a week I would hear talk about how he’s an a**hole and she was going to move out. Erin was the office type of person who was nice to your face but would stab you in the back at first chance to make herself look better (or think it would get her ahead). Literally, not only did she do this to me but to peers at her level or above thinking it would make her look better. Real two-faced c*nt.

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Could u pls share the deets on Batman being bisexual in the movie because I can't find anything about it but I rlly want to know

ok so. like. its not like batman said ‘im bi’, obviously, but like

a huge part of th movie was spent focused on batman + th joker’s (SPECIFICALLY CALLED) ‘relationship’

+ it used so many relationship tropes/lines/etc, just switching out ‘lover’ w/ ‘nemesis’, sorta idea

including but not limited to:
‘i’m fighting some other people right now…. i just like to fight around, you know’
‘you know….you’ve never ONCE told me, “I Hate You”….not ONCE’
‘he’s not worth it!!! you deserve better than him!!!’
‘we dont HAVE a relationship’

+ w/ such emphasis on how much they need eachother + depend on eachother + think/care ab eachother, its just like,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,g o d

+ including an ending scene i aint gunna spoil but Jesus C h ri s t it RUINED me

like ‘i cant believe im watching the ending of a kids movie in 2017 next to my conservative mother + this is happening’ type of ruining me

+ of course it’s never like……….’hi im batman i’m bi and im in love w/ these people time to make out’ but its………………………………………………….god……………………………..god its so good god it was great god i love it so much + i couldntve asked for better in this year of 2017

C: Me and my closest friend have been friends since secondary school, and she had a daughter while we were in year 11. I’m basically her Godmother but wow, honestly her kid is so rude and spoiled (she’s 5 today) and I’ve never really cared cos we’ve not been that close but I feel bad for disliking her. I can’t tell her how to raise her daughter but jeez, some manners maybe? Every time I have to help watch her or pick her up from school I try so hard but she’s just so rude.

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I'm so disappointed in myself right now, I'm a senior in high school and tomorrow is my last day and I have my algebra 2 final, I know I'm gonna fail, I luckily don't need the class to graduate and it doesn't matter either way and I really should've just dropped the class but I didn't wanna feel like a failure but now I feel even worse than I would have if I dropped it. I have an F and I don't think that will change. I only pulled B's and C's in my other classes. (Part 1)

Part (2) Although those aren’t bad I know I could’ve done better, and even though there’s other things I could be proud about like an award I got for art and being the president of 2 clubs, this one thing is holding me back and I know it’s going to spoil my day tomorrow bc I keep just wanting to cry. I wish I dropped the class, I was too proud to do it though. I could’ve probably enjoyed myself and had it so much easier this year if I dropped the class…

You should use this for interviews.

I mean, think of it this way. It was a class that you did not need. It was hard. It caused you stress. But you tried anyway. You didn’t give up, you kept going. And even though you failed, you still did it. You learned to keep trying something for the experience of finishing what you started.

You did amazingly. You didn’t give up. That’s really great, and it’s perfectly reasonable to be upset. Let yourself cry. Cry today and maybe you can enjoy tomorrow. You did do well though. You got through high school. You deserve congratulations.

-Lou the Lobster

Tour of Prythian PART 6


Cassian came back to her room with her in the townhouse. Nesta summoned 2 bottles of brandy and 2 tumblers. She poured them each a knuckles length before sitting on her chaise. Again Cassian lifted her legs up, sat, and let her legs fall across his thighs.

C: Well this was some night.

Nesta huffed a laugh
N: It was something.
C: At least the whole Lucien thing will be settled tomorrow.
N: Lucien was never going to happen. He’s not Elain’s type. I say send him back to Vassa, let them rule together on the continent.

Nesta looked side longed at Cassian and shook her empty glass at him. He had the nerve to refill his own first and then hers. Nesta scowled but it turned into a small smile.

C: How do you feel about us tonight? Gotta say we work good together, look good too.
N: I can’t argue with that.

Nesta stared intently into his eyes, and maybe it was the drink or maybe it was the way things had been so smooth and easy with him tonight but she couldn’t look away. Nesta wondered if the world would collapse around her, would she even notice, or would she even care as long as Cassian was there, with her.

N: What do you want and truthfully now, lay it all out there.

—–Nesta & Cassian—–

C: We’re being truthful now.
Nesta nodded

C: Truthfully I want us married and mated. I want us to have a dozen Illyrian younglings flying around Velaris giving the rest of the family hell. I want vacations for just the 2 of us on the Illyrian Steppes, on a boat at sea, or anywhere in between. I want to love you and I want you to love me back. I want to hear you say my name, scream it when I’m inside you. I want you to look at me and become wet. I want to make you want. What about you?

Nesta & Cassian both drained their drinks and refilled their glasses.

N: You want a dozen children?
C: That’s what you took away from me, I just laid my heart on the line.
N: I stopped hearing you at a dozen children.
C: Okay… I would love a dozen children with you. I want to be the father that neither of us ever had.

Nesta blinked away a tear.

C: I never had a mother either Nesta, but I look at you and I know what kind of mother you’d be, good and kind like Rhys’ mother, more disciplined than most or all the other mothers but I can see it, see us with a house full of kids, full of chaos, joy, and love. So much love.

N: Joy? Do you really think a dozen children will bring us joy?
Nesta was smiling though.

How would that feel to have a husband and children? A house full of children. Nesta could picture that life for Elain, a large brood, but herself, they’d give herself and Cassian hell for sure.

N: What if it was just one child? Maybe 2?

Cassian considered
C: I could live with that as long as it’s with you, and what do you want Nesta? Truthfully now.

Nesta refilled their tumblers and thought, she put her head on the back of the chaise and took a long drink of the amber liquor.

N: I also want to be married and mated. I want a house by the sea with a library of my own. I want peace and quite for a few years or fifty (she smiled). I’m not sure I’d be a good mother let alone a great mother but I do want a child. I want to spoil it and give it everything we never had, not material things but love, a stable home, and a real family. A family where a mother & father won’t leave or neglect it, where maybe even happiness could reign in abundance. I want love.

Cassian reached out a hand and took her small hand in his own as they sat there in amiable silence.

C: We could have that Nesta, all you have to do is say yes. Come on Nes, say yes.
N: I told you not to call me that, Cass.

He simply smirked at her.

N: If I say yes, (he grinned) IF, if I say yes would you be willing to wait until after Lucien has left Velaris for me to accept the mating bond? I don’t want our whole mating… experience, I don’t know what you call it, worrying about Elain. Especially if we’re gonna be locked away for weeks.
C: Yes
N: Would you want a wedding?
C: Yes
N: Or just being declared mates by a priestess?
C: Yes
N: Do you have a real opinion or are you just going to keep saying yes?
C: I’m just trying to show you Nesta how easy it is, just say yes

Very slowly Nesta said
N: Just say
C: Yes, he whispered

Nesta just stared and stared at him until Cassian jumped off the seat, nearly knocking Nesta to the ground, and cried out
C: Damn woman, just say yes
N: Okay
C: I’ll take that as a yes.

Nesta nodded her head slowly at first then faster and faster
N: Yes Cassian

Cassian grabbed her up and kissed her deeply and soundly and as they broke apart, both their eyes shining

C: Ring shopping, tomorrow, after breakfast

That made Nesta smile and she gave Cassian a small laugh before she screamed


sooooo I’m 98% asleep as I write this but I’m going to bed with a huge smile on my face hehe 👼🏻I have 23 hrs left of my 1st day being 23 AND I CANT WAIT TO SEE WHERE THE DAY TAKES ME!! 💘💞💗💝💓

ANYWAYS good night angels!! ILYSM I hope you all have an amazing night/day/morning, see you tomorrow!! 🎉🎉🎉

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I request a H/C about Doflamingo, Law, Kid, and Killer's five year old daughter going through a princess phase.

Five year old daughter going through a “Princess Phase” headcanons:


  • Phase? What phase? She IS a princess. Well, to flamingo dad anyway.
  • He’d spoil the shit out of her. She wants a pony? She gets a pony. She wants a gun? She gets a gun.
  • He wouldn’t care if she listened to the other members of his crew or not, executives included. But she WILL listen to him.
  • LOTS of pink, frilly dresses.
  • And feathers. Pink feathery things are a MUST.
  • And matching sunglasses for whatever reason.


  • For Kidd, this would be the second most irritating/frustrating time. The first being teenage/young adult years.
  • Kidd being pretty childish himself, would get into a lot of arguments with his daughter.
  • Lots of head-butting. Both are INCREDIBLY STUBBORN!!!
  • Despite all the head-butting, he would also spoil her rotten.
  • Lots of rides/being carried around on his shoulders.
  • If other members of his crew want to spoil her, too, Kidd must approve what they’re giving her. No matter what. Sometimes he’ll keep the item for himself.


  • Oh, this poor man. In a way, he would find it pretty cute, but in another, he’d be so worried. He’d be paranoid of someone ‘kidnapping’ his little princess.
  • He would definitely play dress-up with her.
  • And play in her little “Knight saves the Princess” game. Usually he ends up being the princess, while his daughter plays the knight. He even wears a sparkly tiaria, with bows EVERYWHERE in his long hair. And a pink tutu.
  • Tries really hard not to spoil her too much, but he can’t help it.
  • Buys her a lot of dresses. And stuffed toys, like teddy bears.
  • He’d be the dad to buy her a teddy bear (or some other animal) that’s bigger than her bed/would take up nearly half of her room.


  • Law would wonder where the hell the princess phase even came from.
  • Totally blames Sanji for it. (Come on, Sanji would definitely be the one to blame.)
  • He wouldn’t treat her any different for the most part.
  • He’d still get her little trinkets and surprise presents/gifts for her from time to time, but he certainly wouldn’t spoil her. (He always imagines Doflamingo, and a shudder goes down his spine.)
  • It would be Shachi and Penguin of his crew that would spoil her. And some of the Strawhats. (Sanji is the main culprit. Though Nami and Robin like spending time/shopping with her.)
  • Sometimes Law would interfere when it’s other people spoiling her too much.
  • He’d be really reluctant, but end up being “forced” (he gave in) into playing some kind of dress-up with her. He’d have a couple of bows in his hair/on his hat. Sometimes a fluffy tiara, unless it has pink feathers. (That would “mysteriously” disappear).
  • He’d never admit it to anyone, but he would participate in his daughter’s tea party. If Sanji was there too, Law would kick him out. Most of the time.
nice snowbaz things
  • baz waking simon up early to watch the FIFA world cup with him (simon isn’t able to cuddle up on baz because baz gets far too into the game and frequently stands up to yell at the ref)
  • simon and baz cooking together
  • simon and baz just sitting across from each other on their bed talking about current events and plans for the year and all-sorts (but they try to avoid all magic-related things because it makes simon a lil upset, even though he won’t admit it)
  • simon getting emotionally invested in a tv show while baz sits nearby, pointing out plot-holes and spoiling endings
  • baz taking every opportunity he can to kiss simon under the mistletoe at christmas (and the two months leading up to christmas)
  • c u d d l i n g
  • baz purposely scaring simon just to see his wings fly up and knock things off shelves
  • baz humming songs that he learns on the violin to simon as he’s falling asleep (even though it keeps simon awake, bc he likes listening to baz)

part 1 // part 2 // part 3

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A - Age: 19
B - Birthplace: Chattanooga, TN
C - Current time: 3:21 PM
D - Drink you last had: Mountain Dew Pitch Black
E- Easiest person to talk to: @muunbaby!
F - Favorite song: This Song
G - Grossest memory: I had a dream a few years ago that my stepmom served me fried chicken and when i bit into it it was raw and spoiled. it was such a vivid dream that i tasted and felt it in my mouth and i woke up feeling sick
H - Horror yes or Horror no: Yes!
I - In love?: Always
J - Jealous of people?: Of people who can get a lot of friends and keep them,
L - Love at first sight or should I walk by again?: I fall in love at first sight but its gotten me hurt a lot in the past and landed me in a lot of relationships and friendships that i would have been wary of had i walked by again instead of going for it.
M - Middle name: Mackenzie
N - Number of siblings: 1
O - One wish: Make it out of college..
P - Person you called last: @muunbaby in discord
Q - Question you are always asked: I’m asked for help with school work a lot bc I have high grades and I work fast.
R - Reason to smile: It’s Halloween season! I bought so many cat-related things today I love them! I almost impulse bought angel wings and a gold circlet ggg I wish I had now
S - Song you last sang: This Song
T - Time you woke up: 6:40 AM
U - Underwear colour: Black with a cat face on the butt! the eyes glow in the dark lmao
V - Vacation destination: Anywhere I have friends from the internet 
W - Worst habit: I..think in Black and White a lot. I’m getting somewhat better at it but, still..
X - X-rays: Nothing unusual
F - Favorite food: Sewing tin cookies
Z - Zodiac Sign: Libra (October 17th)

Oh, dude, do not even a little bit worry tho, I am years behind and that makes spoilers my own damn fault.  The only thing of which I am consciously spoiled so far is, well, the existence of Coordinator Romana as an actual thing, which–be up front with me now, just how much am I gonna lose my mind?  Because, I mean, I had shippy heart attacks over Romana calling Narvin by ‘her’ name in the Coordinator Fred bit, I assume I’m gonna flip out over her need to just casually lowkey steal his job off him.  Conniptions, I am anticipating.

(It is possible that one or more parts of that are already laughably inaccurate, in which case… you’re welcome?)

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Can we get the RFA with an MC who's a single parent? Like, their kid is only one or two years old.

AAHH this is a really cute ask!! I love single parent AU’s they’re MY SHIT

~Admin MP

  • Yoosung would be super surprised! 
  • He never envisioned MC having a kid since they were so young
  • But when he finds out the kid isn’t that old, it makes a bit more sense to him
  • (Honestly, as soon as he heard “i have a child” he immediately thought someone like 13 years old b/c that’s how his mind works?)
  • But he offers to baby sit and would actually be pretty good at it too 
  • Yoosung loves kids and is actually pretty adept at handling them too (sometimes he’s at a loss with really tiny babies but he can handle it)
  • Although he is the one to be like “DON’T DO THAT YOU’RE GOING TO HURT YOURSELF OH MY GOD I’M GOING TO CRY”
  • Helps MC out with anything they need.
  • Seven would spoil the SHIT out of the kid
  • Like, if he sees any sort of toy while he’s out, he buys it for them
  • Of course, he also manages to get super secret cartoons that are off the air and not online (”it’s totally legal MC i’m not teaching your child illegal pirating”)
  • Is a master of baby talk?
  • “Are you a tiny hacker in the making? Are you? Are you??? Yes you are!!”
  • When shopping for clothes, he gets them a custom made hoodie that looks exactly like his (because the kid has to look as cool as he does)
  • Jaehee is very calm when it comes to the child being crazy
  • Like, if the kid starts screaming and jumping around she can help them calm down and handle the situation
  • If the child gets hurt, she kind of is a little bit more nervous and can still handle it, but she would blame herself for the child’s injuries
  • Tries to not spoil the kid but she totally does low key
  • Always sneaks them bits of pastries from the cafe (gdi Jaehee you’re spoiling their dinner)
  • If the child is fussy, Jaehee will hold them and rock them while humming 
  • Zen is like the Cool Uncle
  • Will make faces at the kid and grin when they laugh
  • “They’re laughing because you look dumb”
  • “no, they’re laughing because they know everyone else is jealous”
  • Zen loves to play with the child??? Like
  • He’ll put them on his back and make airplane noises as he runs around
  • Actually likes to help feed the kid and put them to bed (Him and Yoosung are the best babysitters) 
  • If he ever accepted an award, he’d fucking thank the child and be like “thank you for supporting me from your race car bed”
  • At first Jumin just stares 
  • “…Hello.”
  • the kid just stares back and babbles
  • But once they smile when they see Elizabeth, he’s like “you’re right I love this child”
  • He loves how gentle the child is with Elizabeth which is rare for a kid 
  • “Anyone who loves animals is a Good Soul.”
  • “Jumin this child is like 2″
  • “Good Soul.”
  • He doesn’t do baby talk so he just talks to the child very seriously 
  • “Did you see this headline? Ridiculous.”
  • “Stock prices are rising. Better invest soon.”
  • “Have you ever seen the sunset in a desert? Beautiful.”

Okay but to add, can you imagine if they would all take turns picking the kid up from school in the future? Like. Everyone is confused. Just how many hot parents does this child have?? Why are they all so attractive??


I may have a soft spot for fish people >> I hope uniformshark doesn’t mind a little fanart of her designs! rahkai and I have had a lot of fun playing around with the idea of merformers, including the idea that no matter what AU it is, Star will always be a spoiled brat. I couldn’t resist doing a few doodles. Humans are hard as butts to draw though, after spending years drawing pretty much nothing but monsters and robots. Apologies for my anatomy ;; And apparent inability to draw tribal tattoos too, yeesh. Really do love these designs, as well as all the other mers Kashi has made, so maybe I’ll pop out a bit more fanart for them in the future c:>

some more iwaoimatsuhanas for the soul
  • mattsun wears fashion glasses (u know, those non-prescription ones) and oikawa takes it as a huge offense b/c one, oikawa actually needs his glasses, and two, “mattsun looks so gOOD this should be ILLEGAL, iwa-chan, ILLEGAL!!”
  • “shut up, you look really cute too with or without ur glasses, shittykawa……”
  • oikawa: [embarrassed internal screaming]
  • hanamaki really likes to paint nails!! especially oikawa’s b/c his hands are the prettiest- a little beat up and bruised b/c of volleyball but long and slender
  • but b/c of volbol he doesn’t get the opportunity to do oikawa’s as much as he’d like
  • the same goes for iwaizumi
  • (they’re the only ones that continued volleyball into college)
  • so he has to settle with doing his own or mattsun’s (when he lets him)
  • recently he’s taken an interest in aquarium nails
  • matsuhana have part time jobs
  • iwa used to too but he eventually quit b/c he couldn’t balance it out with school/homework/vbc
  • oikawa tried telling him this but iwa didn’t listen and after iwa finally quit oik won’t let it go wwww “i told u iwa-chan!!”
  • mattsun has a part time job at the nearby cafe
  • iwaoihana try to visit him frequently when they have free time
  • makki usually comes in separately from iwaoi b/c of he has his own job
  • but whenever makki visits it usually involves him hitting on mattsun ww
  • hanamaki claims that he’s just trying to make mattsun’s long awaited dream of being in a coffee shop au when iwa commented on this [insert shit-eating grin. u know. the one]
  • hanamaki works as a stripper
  • oimatsu had no real problems with it b/c the club is really strict with their rules so they know nothing would happen to makki
  • iwa initially didn’t like it b/c he’s a jealous man okay he doesn’t want some strangers looking at makki~
  • did i mention iwa used to work as a bouncer at said club lmao (he quit b/c of the stress of university/homework/vbc/etc)
  • if anyone stepped out of line he’d throw them out before they could even come up with an excuse
  • he’s never really had to do this tho for the short time he’s worked there, he guesses it’s b/c everyone was well aware of the rules
  • but actually it was b/c everyone was fucking terrified of him
  • according to hanamaki, iwa always looked like he was about to kill someone when someone so much as looks in makki’s direction ww
  • iwaoi feel bad that they aren’t helping with paying the rent and bills but mattsun and makki just want to spoil them
  • speaking of spoiled did i mention oikawa still gets an allowance from his parents lmao
  • everyone makes fun of him for this lmao
  • he tried telling his parents that he’s a grown adult, he’s even moved out for heaven’s sake, but his parents love to spoil him lmao
  • he just uses the money to pitch in with the bills
  • his mother likes to send him care packages every month, too
  • they usually contain lots of junk food ww
  • when things settle a bit more for iwaoi (probably their second year) they get part time jobs
  • iwa works with mattsun at the cafe
  • oikawa works with makki as a stripper finds a job at a florist
  • he always comes home smelling like fresh air and flowers and everyone hates it b/c he smells so fucking good and it compliments his natural scent so well
  • iwamatsuhana go to the same university!!
  • initially i was going to say oik goes to a diff one that he has to catch a bus and a train for but fuck that and fuck canon this is my au they all go to the same university c’:
  • mattsun is a law major!! his first year he was a history major but he endd up not like it much (altho this could be b/c the prof was boring af and he has a suspicion he didn’t like matsukawa v much, always giving him a failing grade even tho he’d be 100% sure he knew his shit lmao)
  • oiks got in with a sports scholarship (ofc) and is an astrophysics major
  • hanamaki is undeclared and hates how he can’t seem to find interest in anything as compared to his bfs who have their shit together more than him
  • he keeps switching his major his second year and he thinks there’s sth wrong with him b/c he seriously can’t decide??
  • iwaoimatsu tell him it’s okay tho b/c not everyone knows what they want to do with their futures at their age and it’s normal
  • makki thinks that maybe university isn’t really for him
  • english!!! literature!!!! major!! iwa-chan!!
  • “but iwa-chan ur japanese is already v limited so why would u major in sth that’s a completely different language??”
  • iwa and oik actually have really good english skills a+
  • mattsun is half vietnamese on his mother’s side
  • just like his english tho he can just barely speak it
  • they all have each other on speed dial, oikawa is 1 on iwa’s b/c oikawa forced him to when they got their first phones in middle school ww
  • likewise, oikawa’s 1 on iwa’s
  • as for the rest, so there are no hurt feelings on who comes before who on each other’s phone they all just set everyone to their respective jersey numbers lmao

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Don't get blocked yet! I don't think the hgs have their phones and I think Pails cousin is still running his account until after tomorrow's interviews. Not sure tho

Lol I’ll wait awhile. Part of me is shocked that Paul doesn’t believe he didn’t do any bullying, but then I’m like he’s a spoiled, entitled kid that called everyone c**** when he lost last year.