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I know that we’re all going to make a deal on health care, that’s such an easy one. I have no doubt that’s going to happen very quickly.
—  President Trump told a bipartisan group of senators gathered at the White House on Tuesday. But speed is relative. The Trump-Paul Ryan health care bill was fast-tracked and collapsed in 17 days. It took President Obama more than a year to pass the Affordable Care Act, with more members of his own party in the Senate than Republicans have now.

I don’t think people get how big the west really is. 

So this is where I am in the world. 

Las Vegas is two hours away

Salt Lake city is four hours away

Phoenix is six and a half hours away

Los Angeles is six hours away 

Those are just the cities around me. Now lets take a look at some of the further ones. 

Boise is nine and a half hours away

Denver is nine and a half hours away

Seattle is seventeen hours away

Dallas is eighteen hours away

Chicago is twenty four hours away

And New York is thirty five hours away. 

All this is taking into account no delays, no stopping and I’m driving at the speed limit the entire time. 

That never happens. 

Texas is still east of me. I can go for nearly 700 miles east on the roads and still not even reach the western border of Texas. 

FFXV and Overwatch

Since I have been playing way too much overwatch lately, I thought it would be fun to see what characters I would pair them up with to play. There were a few people not listed as these were the only ones I could think of right now.

  • Noctis – He plays Torbjörn most of the time, unless he wants to actually play more competitively. In short, he would just build that turret in the best possible place and defend. The prince is too lazy to move about to actually do anything. And if he’s in close range, he’ll just do a few pew pews and then bam, back to watching and repairing his turret.
  • Prompto – Tracer. He definitely plays Tracer. He enjoys her speed and the fact she can get in and out of places really fast. And seriously, he love Noct’s warping ability and this is the closest he’ll get him… but in a game. (Reaper has it too but… ugh, he doesn’t like him so much.) Plus her upbeat personality has him maining this chick-a-dee for days.
  • Gladiolus – Who do you think? REINHARDT. Besides being the beefiest character you can possibly play in the game, Gladio enjoys Reinhardt because he is reinhardt and Reinhardt is him. He doesn’t want any other mumbo jumbo from those other character. He will never, ever switch from him. And you try taking Reinhard from Gladiolus, he will be fast to point out his 56 hours just on him and no one else. You don’t mess the Gladio’s Reinhardt game.
  • Ignis – He’s a mixture of Zenyatta and Symmetra. Most of the time, he will play Zenyatta. He’s good at support and can do much better at attacking then Mercy could. (Plus, Luna would kill him for taking her.) While he can play Zenyatta well, Ignis will also play Symmetra equally, as placing those turrets in the best possible place makes him think about strategy.
  • Lunafreya – Mercy, Mercy me. She will be the on that always picks Mercy no matter how much you tell her not to. She might not be the best Mercy but damn sure does she try. But ask anyone, and they will tell you that, Luna has the best timed resurrections in the game.
  • Cor – He’s like Gladiolus in terms of picking one character and sticking with them. Soldier 76 is his man and he has clocked in hours with him. While people joke he sounds a lot like McCree, Cor has a natural affinity with him and enjoys his skill set, even if it’s a bit basic.
  • Ardyn – Personally, he thought he was going to be a Reaper. With his want to do destruction to a certain family, it would’ve been perfect. But then… they released Sombra, and Ardyn was in love. Sure, she can’t do a punch of damage – but damn be it if her personality didn’t match his and she could be a pain in the ass character if played right. For the few games he knows he’s been as Sombra against Noct… well.. let’s just say, he enjoys being the a-hole that gives the gift that keeps on given: saltiness.

red-moon10  asked:

Just out of curiosity, how do you think Len and Barry would react to having to live together for a month!


Well we’d need to determine cause. Why are they living together for a month?

They HAVE to rather than want to, so I assume either some meta bonded them in some way where they can’t be out of proximity with each other for too long without suffering physical affects, OR it’s precautionary, like someone is out to get Len or they need certain intel from Len for an important case so Barry has to keep an eye on him until that happens.

Let’s go with option one, since I get the feeling, if it was option 2, they’d try to avoid each other more, but this way they HAVE to spend time together. 

We all know Barry can be a bit of a challenge to live with when not in control of the situation (as we’ve seen with poor Cisco). Sure he can clean up at lightning speed, but because he can, he tends to…not, and leaves his dirty laundry around and dishes in the sink, and is just generally pretty clutter happy.

Whereas Len is a neat freak, everything in its place, do things now because you might not be alive to see it done tomorrow sort of guy.

They’d probably spend the first week in passive-aggressive torture until they finally erupt into a screaming match. Once they calm down, they work out a system. They actually TALK.

Len cooks because he actually CAN. Barry does the dishes and all the cleaning, but he has to do it right away from now on. Len does the laundry though because he likes to - it’s calming okay?

Len has the bedroom and Barry sleeps on the sofa, going several nights like that makes it clear to them that 8 hours sleeping even that far apart leaves them both miserably sick in the morning, so Len finally tells Barry to just share the bed, but keep to his side of the mattress.

Len tends to curl in on himself at night, but Barry curls toward whoever’s in bed with him, can’t help it, so alot of uncomfortable snuggling takes place. But the problem is, when they do snuggle, whenever they touch…they both feel so much better. They feel amazing, like a rush of energy surges through them.

It doesn’t help (or maybe the problem is that it DOES help) when they start to actually enjoy each other’s company and realize they have alot of the same interests. Joe was clearly a major influence on why Barry has such good taste in music and movies. Barry could stand to read a bit more, but then he can read a book in seconds.

They get into a sort of wonderful rhythm, even when Barry gets a call to go out as The Flash, because Len HAS to go with him, and he doesn’t exactly do sitting on the sidelines. Len doesn’t try to commit any crimes with Barry around either, so it’s almost like they’re a…team.

And when the power wears off or is finally figured out to be removed…neither of them wants anything to change.

Barry moves out and back in with Joe for all of two nights before Len shows up at his house, in his bedroom. They sleep together - just sleep - because they both sleep better with the other there. Joe might be a little put out by seeing Leonard Snart at the breakfast table, but it works. They actually move really slowly from sleeping together to SLEEPING together, but by then imagining life without the other is next to impossible.

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What are your favorite inukag fics that you would recommend?

Sorry this took so long for me to get around to answering. This sort of question Is more up @grapefruitwannabe ’s alley than mine but I’ll try to answer as fully as I can. 

Some of my older favorites are; Something Real by. Angelica Pierce, Taken by. NightStar28, Folktale by. HoneyBee31, The Teahouse by. Jessibelle, A Tale of Ever After by.knittingknots, trick or Treat by. SplendantGoddess, To Play Games by. Touch of Pixie Dust, 

And some of my new favorites that I highly recommend are Phoney Digits By @stoatsandweasels , Sachi  by Quillwing717, Cheaters by @inunanna , Speed dating for Dummies by Reinamy, Dizzy Defense for an Underdog  by @artistefish , What I Hold & Challenge Accepted by @mustardyellowsunshine , I Hear Your Silence & I Knew You Before I Met You by @keichanz  

But really that’s just a few of the good ones I can think of off the top of my head. Obviously you should check out all of these talented writers in full.  (Some of them I really struggled with to pick out just one or two stories to represent them on this list. x.x)   There’s also my favorites page if you feel like digging through it for more. X3

one of my absolute worst gaming memories was definitely how, like, Kirby 64 was my VERY first Kirby game and I played/beat it without ANY prior knowledge on the series, so in the VERY next Kirby game I played (Amazing Mirror) I had no idea waddle dees were enemies because the ONE waddle dee in K64 was your friend and I’d never played any previous games so I found one in the tutorial stage and I?? went “oh hey he’s my friend!” and ran into him at full speed and I took damage and then he died and I cried

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Wouldn't a vampire throwing themselves into a volcano be an effective form of suicide? It's not like it would be hard for them to find/climb a volcano with the super speed and strength thing. Seems easier than provoking the volturi in my opinion. Or couldn't they start a fire and then throw themselves into it?

You would think that would do it, yeah.  If they are composed of a rock-like substance and the volcano is hot enough to generate liquid rock then, surely–? 

Fire is trickier, and honestly if I could ask SM one question it would be that: “could a vampire light themselves on fire/would stepping into a fire kill a vampire?” Because I think it’s not entirely clear.  Carlisle’s inability to kill himself as a newborn (Carlisle hid as he was transforming because he knew his father would burn him, so how in the heck was FIRE not like the first thing he tried when he wanted to destroy himself?) and Edward needing “help” (he comments that Jasper and Emmett would never ‘help’ him kill himself, so his other idea was the Volturi) implies that it’s more complicated than just setting yourself on fire/walking into a fire. But then in BD we hear that the Denali immortal child burned in his mother’s arms, which sounds like they were burned intact, and Edward muses if Alec paralyzes them all they might not even bother to tear them to pieces first. 

So… which is it? Do they have to be in pieces (ie, need help), or nah?

Some explain it by taking the whole “self-preservation is the only instinct stronger than thirst” thing and interpreting it as like, the vampire’s body won’t allow itself to be destroyed, which is why someone else has to do it. So like, if Edward tried to throw himself into a volcano, his body wouldn’t ‘jump.’ I don’t really subscribe to this theory 100% myself because I’m team Free Will/Mind Over Matter, but it might be one explanation for why it’s so ‘hard’ for a vampire to end their lives on their own. 

Personally I tend to think there has to either a) be a wound that is leaking venom, because it is the venom itself that’s flammable or b) EXTREMELY hot. A tiny fire made in a damp English forest might not be hot enough, but a volcano certainly would be. 

I guess a volcano just wasn’t ~dramatic enough for Edward Cullen? Better go to Volterra on their only major holiday at high noon instead! XD


1. my “speed-reading” in japanese is improving TONS and i’m really noticing it whenever i glance at twitter since i have so many different weird people on there posting tweets in totally different genres. i think it’s because i’m always doing speed review on memrise nowadays. also because i’m too lazy to properly read since my eyes get tired. maybe memorizing new japanese words with japanese definitions is also helping.

2. i’ve been watching all the videos at “only in japan” lately and now the guy’s HITCHHIKING for a MONTH from one end of japan to the other, and livestreaming bits! i just managed to catch a livestream as it was occuring for the first time and wow my study motivation shot right up. japanese people are SO nice, and his japanese isn’t perfect either, and wow you can do SO many things in japan… i have to go there… i have to pass this JLPT N2 and find a job in japan when i’m on exchange there… watching it live is almost like you’re really there. kinda like, wow, we’re actually keeping each other company… his 360° recordings REALLY make you feel like you’re actually there.

So about that car accident I was almost in yesterday.

So yesterday I was driving to work, and I pulled into the parking lot. It’s part of a shopping plaza with multiple entrances, and then long rows of parking spaces.

Well I pulled into the parking lot and drove up one of the rows. One of my coworkers was parked about ¾ of the way up, and I always park right next to him–but diagonally.

So I turn next to his car and pull all the way forward through the spot into the next one like usual. Came to a stop, WHEN SUDDENLY some fuck-ass kid comes FLYING up the row of parking spots. He wasn’t on the road. He was driving STRAIGHT UP THE PARKING SPOTS, doing probably 30 or 35 mph. He was SPEEDING through there, like holy hell.

I was already fully in my space, forcing HIM to legit swerve out of the way into the road–you know, THE PLACE YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO BE DRIVING.

And you know what he does as he swerves out of the way? Waves. He fucking waves. Not like, “Sorry!” but just this chill, two-finger “wassup” kind of wave. Then he swings his car around and whips into a spot, gets out, and walks in to get his Chinese food.

So yeah, if I had been like, a ½ second to a second slower, I’d definitely be in the hospital. If he swerved a split-second later, my car for sure would’ve been totaled. Like what the hell.

Checker Knights Chase

This is one of my favorite Kirby spin-offs of all time! And on top of that, this is the first Speed Drawing made in Clip Studio Paint!

Things are gonna be changing up here on out now that I’m a new piece of drawing software. Next month will be the grand finale on April 27th, the day of Kirby’s anniversary!


ok soooo, alternative outfits? more fancier versions basically also. when i was first creating jugg and quick, jugg was supposed to remind me of those ww2 posters but i also wanted her to be a show girl so yeaaaa.. and then quick is supposed to be a pimp for shits and giggles. so this suit is the zoot suits at the time. 

tombstone has a more realistic type of farmer outfit for the 40s, and vulture has a better cape/poncho that is more realistic. 

mule kick has a more extreme version of what I’v drawn him before regarding what they wore back in the Mexican revolution, and double has fancier pieces of clothing, 40s inspired.

who’s who is really a tricky one, because i thought his old outfit was super plain and boring, but I don’t know if i want to stick with this new one or not. its a mix between late 40s to early 50s, just basic things

and speed has an more extreme fashion look

one of my many flaws is that I’m easily angered when my decency isn’t returned. so like these fuckin suit mates take long ass showers with loud music every night in a line from like 9-11:50. Today i got in the shower before them and literally part way through this girl comes in like 3 times and each time she opens the door, groans angrily and then leaves like she wants me to hurry up. It’s like!!! just fucking tell me to speed it up if you have something important to do and i will!! i dont do that to you when you shower let me enjoy my peace and quiet! I dont even play music like you do that annoys people >_> so I’m like so angry I’m not gonna do anything about it but please be kind?? like they could have just asked or ya know waited until i was done like i do for them but nooo they gotta be assholes. 

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If the next film takes place in the 90's, won't Peter be in his mid-30's/pushing 40? :( They're totally not taking advantage of his character while they still can. Boy is gonna be getting too old to do all those running sequences. He's gonna need a walker for them soon lmfao

Yeah, he’s getting pretty old. But some people last a long time you know what I mean? Luke my uncle is 50 and he’s a body builder, and my step dad is 40 something and he’s a pipe welder.

So I think Peter can maybe do a little one like the one in DOFP where it was only a handful of people in the one kitchen, where in Apocalypse it was a hole lot of student in a mansion/school.

Plus what you said about the Walker , I can just imagine little old peter speeding around the nursery home with his walker annoying the nurses. (Can someone draw that?)

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I thought I was pretty up to speed on the lingo but apparently I am not, and since one can't exactly find this stuff on urban dictionary, i was wondering: what is an ultra and how does it differ from a tankie?

ultra is like from the 60s if not the 1910s yo

an ultraleftist is, I feel like it’s the “hipster” of leftist terms.  It’s a term you use to insult people who aren’t on board with their projects (to the point where pro-democrat leftists called anyone who wanted to vote 3rd party during the election ultraleftist).  

However in so far as ultraleftism is a group of people who self identified with the term, it refers to the communization tendency (who believe that communism is a product of historical developments and that there won’t be any transitionary period, or more accurately that we live within the transitionary period right now) or to nihilist anarchism