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Je Ne Sais Quoi  |  A DaiSuga Fanzine

「Je Ne Sais Quoi」is a collection of illustrations and comics focusing on the little things we love about DaiSuga ♡

Featured artists:
@attsei, @acolyptic, @bibbidibobbididette@califlair, @cerithe, @chiptrillino, @i-like-to-look-at-your-back, @hmniay, @jellyppang, @kairuru-art, @misutorekun, @reikureii, @roselph, @sagasogo, @saltnpepperart, @smaskvxn, @talentlessartblog, and @whistlecat

The zine will be A5 size, 40 pages, and comes with merch options including charms, stickers and postcards.

Pre-orders will open in July!

How To Avoid Having A Pile of Dead Webcomics

This also means how to avoid rebooting a comic several times as well. As a former Reboot Queen, I thought I would post this for new webcomic creators or even ones who’ve been at it a while and are just feeling kind of uncertain about their work.

I actually posted this on a forum first, but thought someone here might also find it useful. XP Note that these are not unspoken rules or anything! First and foremost, do what you feel you need to! Everyone learns in their own way.

1: At the beginning, aim shorter. If you’re just getting into webcomics, try some experimental one-shots first. It’s the comics with no end in sight (or an ending waaayyy too out of sight) that are more likely to be left unfinished. If your projects involve characters or plotlines you REALLY want to use again, you can always leave them open-ended to continue them, or just move on to your grand, epic project after getting the hang of things a bit first. XP It’s just better to start out kind of slow and learn your strengths and weaknesses. Or even if you’re not new to comics, this is still a good way to experiment.

2: NEVER start a comic on a sudden inspiration. You want to make an art or some short comics when this happens, cool, but what seems great to you one month may seem kinda lame the next. I mean, sure, we all have moments where we’re not as interested in our comics, but if you pick subjects you truly love, it makes it easier to plow through those downer moments. XP Heck, this advice can go for ANY sort of project.

3: If possible, avoid rebooting old chapters because of amateur art/writing. If you absolutely need to for publishing reasons or to change some plot elements, then do what you must, but doing this can REALLY slow things down. That old art/writing may make your eyes bleed, but remember that most readers really don’t mind and even enjoy seeing an artist grow.

4: Even with a longer series, have an ending in sight. Again, kind of related to tip 1. Basically, unless you’re making a comic strip or slice of life or something, make it possible to reach the end of your comic in your lifetime! Consider trimming unnecessary bulk from your story.

5: Don’t let readers’ opinions sway you! I don’t mean ignore helpful constructive criticism, I mean people who question how a character acts, or say “I hope this doesn’t happen!” or anything that might be making you second guess parts of your story. I actually spazzed out and changed an entire character because people were considering her too ‘Mary Sue’, and a lot of the reboots I made were partially influenced by reader opinions as well! Make the story YOU want to make, don’t worry about your characters being cliched (heck, even if they are), or people having a different opinion of your characters than you expected. Stay the course! XP

Though also remember that it’s okay to have unfinished webcomics. They helped you learn and are still art, so they were worth the effort.^^

Woah! Hold up! Way back when, we were having this discussion about how cool it would be if there were super hero with some sort of seizure disorder, or even better- a magical girl character with seizures, well ladies and gentlemen, there is such a character. I cannot believe I forgot about her. The one, the only, Sailor Saturn! A complete BAMF, too. She basically is powerful enough to take out the entire solar system, but she doesn’t, obvs, because she’s just a misunderstood heroine. A Lone Ranger. A dangerous young woman with a heart of gold - all the while faced with her battles - her seizures (or “episodes” as they are referred to in the show), but they are seizures none the less! I obviously need to rewatch this. Lol sorry, I just got super excited lol.

anonymous asked:

hey, i was wondering what's you opinion on leigh bardugo? not necessarily as a writer, but as a person?

LISTEN i?? love leigh so much?? and yes i’m talking as a person bc she’s one of the few authors out there who are a GOOD ally and a huge lgbt advocate but at the same time she knows how to stay in her lane and not talk over us. she’s so respectful and nice and idk if you’ve watched any of her interviews but she’s a DELIGHT like she’s very eloquent and put together but she never comes off as pretentious or/and snobby and she actually uses her social platform to raise awareness for important political/social matters and not just as a way of promoting her work. (in fact, most of her work is promoted by fans - fans who send her fanart or other original content) she doesn’t shy away from uncomfortable topics and isn’t afraid to clap back at someone who’s being rude or ignorant. ALSO leigh interacts with her fans A LOT but she’s never mean or condescending and it’s just a very nice approach imo!! she treats us all as friends rather than just readers and overall i think she’s a very honest and outspoken person + everytime she posts a witch aesthetic on instagram or tumblr something in me snaps and i turn into an actual fangirl version of gomez addams spazzing over mortisha

I’ll be Your Merman

Summary: AU He’s a merman who is being pushed by his parents to find a suitable mate. You were enjoying a day at the pier skateboarding when you met. “I’ll play Ariel if you’ll be my Princess.”

Rating: PG-13

Characters: Reader x Merman! Baekhyun, Merman! Chanyeol (cameo)

Notes: Slightly inspired by a friend’s fictional mermaid drabble and an idea I came up with. Happy Birthday Baekhyun! (5/6 in the US now)

Shoutout to @listenthemoose and @byun–baekbunny – thank you for the likes and for reading the recent drabbles for my Seven First Kisses prompt.

“Not this again!” he groaned as he covered his ears with his hands, turning his back on them.

“It’s time you thought about marrying a nice mermaid,” his mother sighed as she wrung her hands. “I was thinking about Emera? You know the –”

“She spends too much time in the mirror,” he said, scrunching his nose up. “I think she hates me too Umma. Ugh, why do we have to talk about this now?”

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[FANACCT] IMFACT- Tension Up Fansign+Fanmeeting (IMFACTORY) 170521- PLUS tips for these events! (Fanboy)

Hi everyone~ I’m here to share my amazing experience at IMFACT’s Fansign + Fanmeeting Event! If you were looking for reasons to stan IMFACT, I’m here to help you. Simply put, IMFACT treats their fans very well, and especially care for their international fans, as they want to have many opportunities to perform in all the countries around the world. 

I love this concept; it’s so bright, vivid, and screams energetic!

Information about this event:
- IMFACT has not had an actual fansign event in Korea for a really long time, probably since “Feel So Good” era. They had a CD signing event in Japan not too long ago, but they said it was not the same as a real fansign event. So this was a special event prepared for fans, and doubled as a fanmeeting (involves live performances).
- The event participation was carried out first-come first-serve to 120 people.
- To apply for this event, the process was different from the traditional fansign process. Instead of buying an album on-site or online, two requirements had to be fulfilled:
* We had to send Star Empire Ent. an email with the appropriate information (name, account number, Daum fancafe ID, etc.) before the deadline
* We had to send the money (20,000 won) through an account transfer at the appropriate time slot. In this case, when it hit 8pm on the day the payment period started, we could proceed with the account transfer. Because of this, having a Korean bank account was extremely helpful and made the process much easier. 
- The staff provided the CD on-site, which made sense because we had to do an account transfer instead of the usual process. The CD had no wrapper and might be a special edition for this event. Nothing seems different about this album than a normal one, except the fact that it seemed like it was opened (plus there was no photocard, idk if the actual album has one or not).

I transferred my money right when it struck 8 and played the waiting game. After worrying about getting in, I finally found out that I had gotten in… Thank goodness. I was waiting for a chance to meet them since “In the Club” came out.

Okay. So the event would start at around 2pm according to the post on the fancafe. I woke up at 10ish and left right before noon. The event was held at a Catholic Youth Center (of all places) in Hongdae. I knew Hongdae somewhat but not the exact whereabouts of this site, so I wanted to leave earlier just in case I wandered too much. It turns out, the location was very easy to find, so I grabbed a bite at the convenience store and then went to the Youth Center.

I had to say, at first when everyone was lining up, things were a bit confusing. We were told to go down to the lobby floor (accessible by staircase) to check-in. Apparently, the staff were calling us in by numerical order, but on the fancafe post with the official list of participants, there weren’t any numbers by our names. Instead, we had to manually count down the list of people to find our number, and we would tell that to the staff. That must have been a bit annoying for the people who were farther down the list, especially in the 100′s. Luckily, I was only number 40. The order of our names was actually our seat order. That means I was in seat 40. The staff called us in by groups of 5-10. I confirmed my identity with only an ID needed to prove it. Once I was verified, the staff gave me a piece of paper with my seat number and a bottle of sparkling water (how thoughtful!) Then it was waiting time again.

Don’t lose any piece of paper, especially one with your seat number, given to you by staff at the event. They also gave us a complementary sticky note where we write our name. We would stick this on the inside of our albums, opposite of the photo pages for the members’ reference when they sign your album. 
I brought extra sticky notes to mark where each member would sign. You should always bring spare notes because you can use this chance to ask the members a question or write a lovely note for them. Note: Some groups do not allow questions, so always follow the rules and read the information carefully on fancafe updates. After a bit more waiting, we could go in!

I should probably get started on the actual event and the members. OK!

We were waiting when all of a sudden, THE LIGHTS JUST DIMMED AND TURNED OFF. LIKE WHAT THE. The room was silent until Please Be My First Love” CAME ON AND IMFACT WALKED ONSTAGE, SINGING IT LIVE! My heart died for a little instant, as my brain struggled to comprehend and process what was happening. Everyone seemed to be shook because there was not a single noise from the audience when IMFACT began singing. That was such a nice surprise and ahhhh I just love that song so much. Listen and love it lots.

After that impromptu performance, the boys sat at the table for the start of the fansigning. They greeted us and said a few words, thanking us for coming to this long-awaited event. Jian tried to add some things, but he kinda hesitated and seemed so cutely awkward like awww it’s okay, you’re so precious!! 

ONE RANDOM CUTE NOTE: The members commented about how many people came to this event, specially international fans (there was a handful of English-speaking fans there, and a lot of Japanese fans ((yay!))) BUT SANG ACTUALLY ANNOUNCED, “There’s a male fan here too!” AND THAT WAS ME Y’ALL. I WAS THE ONLY MALE FAN THERE AND AHHH I FELT SO SPECIAL. I waved like crazy when Sang said that, and some fans laughed. Taeho and Jian seemed pleasantly amused at this. Soon, the fansigning portion officially began.

Let’s move on to individual member interactions I had~ (warning: FEELS AHEAD!!)
The order was like this: Jeup→Ungjae(bias!!)→Sang→Taeho→Jian

Jeup was so friendly and talkative!! Even though my Korean isn’t perfect, we talked the whole time. What really makes me appreciate a group is when they take into consideration your level of Korean if you’re an international fan. Some groups (not going to name names) make the situation awkward for international fans because of the language barrier. I’m not bashing these groups just for that reason, but it still is disappointing when you want to be open and flexible to your diverse fanbase, wherever they may be from. What I mean is, I had an experience with an idol group or two where members did not talk to me much, in English nor Korean, even when I was trying my hardest to speak in Korean. Thankfully, Jeup complimented my Korean skills.

Anyway, he asked when I became a fan of them. I told him ever since “Feel So Good” era, and that I especially liked that track. I asked him, what was his favorite song, and he first replied, “Tension Up”, but also added, “In the Club” and “Please Be My First Love”. I agreed, saying that the trio of songs were all great. I commented that I especially think of PBMFL as 강추 (strong recommendation). Jeup burst out in laughter and complimented me again, saying that I even knew slang like “강추". 

He also asked where I came from, which is like a customary question we international fans get from idols. I told him America, specifically Hawaii, and pointed at the post-it note for him.

Q:This isn’t a question, but please come to Hawaii!
A: All right. We’ll definitely go.

Jeup looked at the note and actually said he really wants to visit Hawaii. I advertised the islands to him, saying that the weather is nice, the sceneries are great, and he added, “the beaches are good too”. So, he expressed that he wants to take all of the members there to have fun. Please do, we’ll welcome you warmly~

Finally, I told him his hairstyle was really nice today. It was spiked up and it really suited him! He thanked me, and I asked what he personally thought of it.

J: I like it. Styling the hair upward is very masculine.
Me: Right, I agree. Do you prefer having your hair styled up or bangs down?
J: *thinks for a bit* I think both is good, but now, having your hair styled up is rather cool now. So I personally like it this way.
Me: Yeah! Especially since nowadays it’s quite hot, right?
J: Right!

Then I told him I’d continue supporting IMFACT in the future. Such a cool guy~ Gonna hold you to your words, Jeup. See you guys in Hawaii. A hui ho!

Okay, I’m already dying of feels again and I haven’t even told you guys my interaction. So I can’t believe I was actually meeting Ungjae. I spazzed about him so much recently before and I had so many feels, but it’s always so different when you meet idols in real life. I told him I’m from Hawaii, like I always do. 

U: Hawaii? Wow.
Me: Am I the first fan from Hawaii?
U: *kind of confused* Sorry?
Me: Am I the first fan from Hawaii that you’ve met?
U: Ah, yes *laughs*
Me: *proud*
U: And you’ve come all the way to Korea.
Me: Yeah, I’m actually an exchange student.
U: Wow, really? *impressed* You’re really good at Korean.
Me: Ah, thank you. I still got a long way to go. But I’ve been in Korea for around 9 months. 

And, since this was a golden opportunity, thanks to my friend’s suggestion, I decided to just wing it and see what would happen if I wrote my bias a cute joking question.

Translation: Ungjae-yah, I like you the best ㅎㅎ Wanna go shopping together later? (I’m older so I’m using banmal/informal language)
Bottom right corner of signature: Thank you!!

I WAS SO SHY WHEN HE KEPT LOOKING AT THE NOTE, I WAS LIKE OMG OKAY MAYBE I SHOULDN’T HAVE WRITTEN IT, WHAT IF HE REPLIES NEGATIVELY?! But that was just my panic mode. Most idols with a good heart would play along! But since this was the first time I met my bias face to face, I was slightly worried what he would think. This is how the convo basically went:

U:  Ah, shopping? *curious*
Me: Yeah *laughs uncomfortably, shy shy shy af*
U: *genuinely interested* What kinds of clothes do you want?
Me: I like casual clothes
U: *smiles* Ah, casual? Ah, I like hip-hop style so… Hongdae has a few places, not a lot. But for casual clothes… *recommends some stuff but I forgot what he said exactly, sorry bb*

We talked a bit more about stores and things. It felt more like he was giving me recommendations HAHA but since he wrote, “Cool~!” on my note, then I’ll take that as a yes ❤ Anyway, I got pretty bold at this point and thought, well, might as well just go all out.

Me: Actually, you’re my favorite member. You’re really handsome.
U: *shyly smiles* *bows head slowly in appreciation*


Lastly, I asked him about his work as IMFACT’s lyricist.

Me: So, you’re in charge of composing lyrics?
U: Of course.
Me: When you write lyrics, where do you usually draw your inspiration?
U: *thinks* hmm… Well, I just draw inspiration from real life. When I’m thinking about something or when I watch a show or drama, I just get thoughts and write them.

It was time to move on, so I gave him one last firm handshake and moved on. Thanks to his sunny smile, I was able to feel accomplished after talking to him. I officially didn’t mess up royally in front of my bias!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS GUY. HE WAS SO NICE!! He already pointed me out in the beginning but seriously, this guy is awesome. Right when I moved to him, he extended his hand out and gave me a big, friendly handshake. He greeted me, “What’s up?!!” in English.

S: Ah, Hawaii~ my sister went to America. (I love that random transition of topics)
Me: Really? Where in America?
S: *says in English* America. For study.
Me: *internally: I know Sang, I’m asking where* Where, in America? *says it again*
S: *I think he didn’t specify, or he forgot, but he said she just studied abroad, and came back. I just accepted that answer lol*
Me: You should come visit Hawaii!!

And then he proceeds to tell me that he really wants to go. He looks at my post-it.

Q: Do you have a favorite Nine Muses song? (NM and IMFACT are same company)

I told him that I really like Namyu and that they’re my favorite group, and since the two groups are the same company, I wanted to ask him what his fave song from them was. He wrote Drama, and ofc I love that song too. Darn, I forgot some other little things I might have talked to him about. But here’s another thing~ (I was just speaking my mind at this point)

Me: Since there’s a lot I don’t know, who is the visual in IMFACT?
S: Actually, we leave it up to the fans, who see members as visuals in their own viewpoints. Like, if a fan watches us, they’ll think “Ah, I like this one! He’s a visual!” These kinds of thoughts. So it’s an individual’s preference. *how precious is this*
Me: Really? Well, honestly, I think you’re the visual.
S: Ah, really? *short shy moment, gives me another handshake for the compliment*
Me: Yeah, you’re really, really handsome.

I can’t stress this enough, THIS GUY IS SO GREAT!! I forget what else we talked about, but at the end, I got flustered lol just…. ahhhhhhh > <

Taeho is really cool and just polite and nice~ I just loved his reaction when I said I was from Hawaii. He was like, “Wa, Hawaii?” like aw. And I had to tell him about how cool it was that he got more lines this comeback. Seriously, seems like all the vocals in this group can be main. 

Me: Also, I really like how you got a lot of parts this time around.
T: Ah, really? *smiles* You like my vocals?
Me: Yeah! Compared to the older songs, you got a lot of parts. Isn’t it nice? 
T: Yep~ *high-five* Thank you~
Me: Hm, how are the parts distributed, anyway?
T: Actually, we each get together and divide the parts based on who fits the lines the most. We come to an agreement and split the parts that way. Like we say, “Oh, I think you would fit this part well”, and so on.
Me: Wow, that’s nice~ What do you honestly think of the title track, “Tension Up”?
T: I do like it. It’s really exciting. I also like In the Club and especially Please Be My First Love. That kind of style. *sly self-promo as always*
Me; I agree! 
T: We have more songs in store, so please anticipate them.
Me: Ah, could you give me a little hint about the next track?
T: Compared to “Tension Up”, the next one is a bit… slower tempo. It’s hip-hop, but more… relaxing? Chill?
Me: Ah, really? Sounds exciting. I’ll continue supporting IMFACT in the future~

I don’t remember much else that we talked about, but that was still a lot~ Such a sweet guy. Really cares for his fans, like all of them. 

Last but definitely not least, I met Jian~ Awkward little greetings ftw.
Me: Hi~ Jian-ssi~ Oh, where’d your note go?
JA: Hi, it’s right here~ *looks at said note*
Me: Oh *flustered af, drops head in embarrassment*

Q: Is an IMFACT X Nine Muses collab possible??
A: We’ve done one!
On the picture: Nine Muses Noonas are coming back soon, so please give them lots of support, and if a chance for a collab presents itself, we’ll do it for sure!

In response to my surprise at his answer, we had a convo.

JA: We collaborated before.
Me: Oh right, “Dream”, right? (referring to Sang x Keumjo’s duet)
JA: Actually, during the Star Empire Family Concert in Japan.
Me: Oh, really?
JA: Yeah. It was me and Keumjo-noona, we did a collab.
Me: Ah, which song? I didn’t know.
JA: Taeyang-sunbaenim’s “Eyes, Nose, Lips”.
Me: Oh, I’ve never seen it. Do you think it would be on YouTube?
JA: I think it’ll come up if you search it there.

I told him about Nine Muses being my favorite girl group, and he mentioned that they helped IMFACT a lot, and he really appreciates them. AND HERE’S WHEN I LITERALLY SAID WHAT HAS BEEN BOTHERING ME FOR SOME TIME LOL HEAR ME OUT, OKAY?

Me: Okay, this isn’t an insult, but I have something to say…
JA: Okay, what is it?
Me: When I look at you, Jian, I think of Euaerin. You remind me of her a lot. Like your tone… And I remember when you impersonated her.
JA: Ah, really?~ *smiling* Actually, I really look up to her. She’s helped me a lot. *I forgot what he said specifically, but he was really chill and nice about this LOL I hope it didn’t offend him cuz they could be counterparts! Killer rappers and amazing dancers.*

Like look at this goddess

And then look at this hunk! LOL. Their sharp features stand out, and they’re really charismatic. (God I miss Euaerin now). 

And then it was time to continue my attack on Jian. But this time, I wanted to give him a direct compliment~

Me: But Jian-ssi.
JA: *interested* yes?
Me:You’re really handsome.
JA: *amused at my straightforwardness* Ah, thank you~ *laughs*
Me: Yeah, especially this… *gestures at the amazing tie he’s wearing, bless his outfit and his whole existence* It suits you very much. Did you pick it yourself?
JA: Actually, the stylists did it… 
Me: Oh, well it still looks good!

Then it was time to go *sad face*
Me: *reads Jian’s message on my album* Ah, but don’t worry~ I’m not just a Nine Muses fan, I’m also IMFACT’s fan~ I’ll support you in the future!
JA: Thank you! See you!
Me: Bye bye!
JA: Bye~ Junior~~

Just the way he said my name at the end made me so warm on the inside hehehehe~ they are all sweethearts.
It took a long while to go through all 120 fans, but it was great. They had a little game session with the fans, where they would draw something on a notepad and then the fans guess the answer. The ones who answered would get a chance to take a selca with them. *ahhh jelly* Honestly, during that game, I was confused AF about what they were drawing LMAO I did not know how the fans could get all the right answers! I was stumped.

Then IMFACT performed some songs, as this was the “fanmeeting” part of the event. They performed some fan favorites- Tension Up (of course) and Lollipop. And during Lollipop, Sang was EXTRA and ran offstage momentarily and I GOT TO TOUCH HIS HAND AGAIN~! HE’S SO GREAT WITH FANSERVICE. LOVE YOU SANG!! Seriously, they know how to charm their fans and make them feel loved!

It was almost time to go, but IMFACT asked the staff if they could do one more encore stage of Please Be My First Love. The fans were cheering, wanting it, AND SO WAS I, LIKE THIS SONG IS SUCH A TREASURE. BEST CHILL SONG RIGHT NOW. Refreshing like a breath of spring air~
Their vocals were on point and it was cute because in the middle, when Ungjae started rapping, his mic turned off for some reasons and had some difficulties but the members helped and lent him a mic until it started working again. So talented and thoughtful agh. 

Then, it was time to go~ they waved goodbye and the lights dimmed and turned off again, just like the beginning. Just as they had come. They all disappeared backstage, except Jeup who straggled and stayed back a little to say one last cute farewell to the audience. And that was it. A great day well spent.

It was so worth the trouble of applying, even if it was a different format than I was used to. IMFACT is so underrated, and I think Star Empire is not doing the best that they can to help them succeed. Like, the members are all charming and talented and exceptional, but their title songs are not innovative, unique, or otherwise outstanding to really catch the public’s eye. Star Empire failed ZE:A and they messed up Namyu, and I feel so bad for IMFACT. But hope remains, and I will keep supporting them in their journey. I wish them all the luck for stardom. 

Please give IMFACT a try. Listen to their b-sides too, they have really good side tracks, which seem to be the real hidden gems of their music.
Please Be My First Love (If I didn’t stress this enough)
In The Club (an excellent r&b, more somber song of theirs)
Feel So Good (a really underrated title track, really hype-worthy)

And that’s it for my fanaccount!! It’s super long but it’s all my thoughts~ I’m going to make a video for this whole experience, hopefully by tomorrow. I spent so much time on this, hahaha. Until next time~


and yes, Vincent does like to since once in awhile. Usually he likes to sing in the mornings after a nice shower, and brushing his teeth. This is one of those days where Scott isn’t around, so he won’t get yelled at for being so noisy. 

oh hey you guys get to see what part of Scotts apartment looks like :D I’m gonna be working on making references more, I practically have it all mappaed out, I just need to continue onto drawing perspectives with it :) 

It’s funny that some think I fly off the handle and am super impulsive. While that may be the case in some instances, it’s rarely the truth. People fail to realize I’m a watcher. A lot of times I fall back and patiently peep the scene. I take it all in silently and wait for the perfect opportunity to expose it. If I spazz off top, we’re actually in a good place. When I wait, its the total opposite and you better be ready.

So, since today I’m only working at night, I decided to go to the park with Jake and Finn, and as soon as we got there, Finn started running like crazy and of course, I had to chase him. He’s like an hyperactive spazz so I had to tackle him to actually stop him. The real question here is, can I be a famous football player now?

Please Don't Do That

Alright, so I’m a cosplayer who goes to local cons, and usually tries to make at least one new costume per year. I get pretty great feedback despite my nagging doubts and my pudge. And, I meet some pretty excellent people because of this.

This year, the two local cons I go to in the spring were on the same weekend. I heard a lot of stuff about the more popular one doing stupid things with planning on purpose so that the campus officials can shut it down.

So, I went to both, just one on Saturday and one on Sunday. I cosplayed Rose Quartz from “Steven Universe”, and had possibly the best time I’ve had with a cosplay to date. At one point on the Sunday con, people were crowding around taking pictures of all the SU cosplayers who were sitting around and chatting at the time, and having a lovely time talking to new people. At least, I had a lovely time.

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Jai Imagine

Jai imagine for Heather.

“Heather. Heather. Heather!!" 

"What!?” I looked up from my phone screen, irritated. My friend was jumping up and down in her seat, grinning from ear to ear. 

“Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think that might just be the Janoskians….” I whipped my head around, looking around the crowded park. We were currently sitting on a bench, both of us on our phones. She tilted her head to the side, subtly showing me where they were, talking to some fans across from us, on the other side of the field.

“OK I’m going in. You coming?” I said to her, standing up, and adjusting my hair.

“I don’t know… You go without me.” She answered nervously.

“OK, I’m just gonna walk over there and be like ‘What’s all the fuss about, who are you guys?’, you know, play it cool.”

“Really Heather? Why, might I ask?” She scoffed. 

“Well I’m not gonna go psycho fangirl on them, am I? Come on, they’ll be more interested if I play it cool!” I retorted. She rolled her eyes, but stopped arguing. I took a deep breathe, then walked towards them, slowly. I started internally hyperventilating as I got closer. The Janoskians!! I’d been a fan since forever! I slowly approached them, then tapped on Jai’s shoulder.  He turned around, and I swear my heart stopped beating for a few seconds.

“Hi! What’s your name? Do you want a picture or…?” He smiled at me. I blinked then snapped out of my daze.

“Er no, I was just wondering why there’re so many people crowding you guys? Oh, and I’m Heather.” I screamed inside my head as the others turned to me as well.

“Oh. Well we’re the Janoskians… I don’t know if you’ve heard of us or…” He answered, looking me up and down slowly. I shivered as he met my eyes again, then smiled at the others as well.

“Janoskians… I think I’ve heard of you guys… Oh! Wait you’re the Australian ones!Yeah, my friend obsesses over you guys on a daily basis!” I smirked to myself at the massive lie.

“Do you want us to sign something for your friend?” Beau asked kindly. I spazzed out inside, but limited myself to nodding weakly.

“Actually can I have a picture please? Y'know to strike jealousy into her fangirl heart?” I suggested. They all laughed, and posed around me. I took the picture, beaming into my phone screen.

“Perfect! Thanks guys, she-”

“BEST FRIENDS, YOU ARE MY FUCKING BEST FRIENDS, YO HONESTLY THIS IS THE BEST NIGHT EVER….” I froze as my phone started blaring their song. Busted. They all looked at me amused, all trying not to laugh at my position. I laughed weakly, and tried to ignore it.


“Are you gonna get that?” Jai suggested, nudging my hip with his. I squealed and jumped away. They all lost it then, laughing at my state. I sighed and fished my phone out of my pocket, before hitting answer.

“WHAT!” I said aggressively down my phone, silently cursing whoever it was.

“Playing it verrry cool Heather!” I heard my friend say from across the park. I narrowed my eyes, and looked behind the boys to see her sitting on the bench, pissing herself with laughter. I gave her the middle finger, and turned back to my phone.

“I hate you…. Like soo much right now…” I said slowly, glaring at her still. I felt someone pluck the phone out of my hand. 

“Hello Heather’s friend!” Jai yelled into the phone. I rolled my eyes, and turned to the other boys.

“So I guess there’s no point in hiding it now! Hi, I’m Heather, and I’m a massive fan of you guys!” They all said hi back, and hugged me back. Jai handed me back my phone, having finished talking to her. I took a proper picture with each of them, before walking back to my friend.

“Soo how did it go?” She asked teasingly. I flicked her head, and started walking with her. Suddenly my phone rang.

“Hello?” I frowned.

“Hey Heather…” I gasped… Jai? 

“Jai?” I asked incredulously.

“So your friend tells me I’m your favorite…”

Hi Heather! I hope you liked this! Sorry if you didn’t :( xxx