i was sooo happy that he won


10 Day Robron Challenge…

Day 8 : Favourite affair-era scene. :Helping Andy

This was a really hard one to choose. I like all the scenes where they had to pretend like they werent in love in front of people. Such as the one where the porter cabin was arriving and Robert arrived asking Aaron if he wanted a night away, also the scene where Holy Scrap won an award and Robert was soo happy for Aaron. But my fave is where they helped Andy out on the farm for a whole day, and the chemistry between Robron was sooo good! 👬 

I-If I turn back to despair willingly…You will have to kill me right? A-And then it will be the end…I won’t have to fight it anymore…!

Small Face Expression practice based on http://ask-danganronpa-students.tumblr.com/post/156533811155/hajime-is-nagito-ok-or-is-he-still-with-the

Bask in the glory of the Samsung Sol’s low quality camera!

My poor heart is broken T_T what do you mean I was the one who write so it’s my fault anyway?

No more seriously, thank you? Like really ! I love it ! I woke up and saw this and I’m sooo happy right now thanks to you !!

Seriously I’m always super touched to see that my work like something I did could inspire any of you so yeah, thank you.

And your expression drawing is really good, my poort heart can proves it !

Thank you again !

Lot of virtual hugs for you !!!

-mod lili

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Hi! So, I'm gay and closeted. It's hell because I always need to censure myself when I'm around my family. I have a cousin who's gay and he recently came out after 30 years of closet. He's married and truly happy. Do you think it's ok if I talk to him? I mean, we're not that close and I don't want to annoy him since we don't know each other really well. But maybe he might understand what I'm going through? If so, how am I supposed to start a chat? I'm socially awkward and anxious sooo

If you’re comfortable with it, I think it’s a great idea to talk to your cousin. Finding solace in someone who has experienced similar issues is always great. I’n sure you’re cousin won’t be annoyed. You guys are family and he most likely understands at least a little of what you’re going through. With starting a conversation, you could ask him for help with something, or just outright say it. He obviously won’t have a negative reaction and I think he’ll be open to helping you.


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My bf got up close and personal with the back of my thighs and butt last night, which threw me off at first because I've got thick hair on my thighs and cheeks, but he didn't say anything and it just reminded me how much he doesn't care about that stuff. I just wanted to gush about my guy 😌

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Ayyy!!! Good for you girlie!! Gush away, it makes me sooo happy when I hear about you guys in good and happy and loving and healthy and supportive relationships, you all deserve it. At the end of the day the right person won’t expect you to be any different than how you are, when you love someone and care for them it’s their entire being that you adore and even their ‘flaws’ can make you love them more and be the things you like especially. Have fun bby 😘 😜. xxx

What we expected: Some funny comments and games. 

What we got: Danny being awkward and smiling and giggling. DANNY BASICALLY CONFIRMING BI. fingering a MELON with some… noises??? (I won’t see melons the same again). Danny talking about ‘his’ small dick and THAT FACE AT THE END OF HIS SENTENCE OMG LAUGHING.Eating crisps he no doubt took off one of the guys. HIS LAUGHING FITS. THE HAPPINESS WHEN HE WINS. 

Yep. we stan this wonderful weirdo, 


On Saturday, I got to meet my favorite band @thisispvris for the second time in my life and I was so nervous. More than the first time and I have no idea why. I couldn’t even say words and I feel sad that I didn’t talk to them as much as I wanted but I’m so happy that I met them. 

 I actually had a gift for Alex, one that I had promised him since last year ad that was the complete set of dragon balls. When I gave it to him he was sooo so happy. I will never forget that smile. I wish I had recorded it or taken a picture of that moment but like I said before I WAS NERVOUS. I don’t know if they felt me shaking but I was. They were all so nice and lovely to me. When they all saw the gift they were surprised and they told me that I had won the title of giving one of them the greatest gift (or something along those lines because honestly I don’t remember how they said it and it makes me cry because I can’t remember 😭). 

So anyway I got my ticket signed and we took the picture and it was over :( I’m so glad i was able to have this great opportunity to meet my favorite people on this planet and I hope it’s something I could do again.

 I still have one more picture to post but I want to post that separate.