i was sooo happy that he won

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Your blog is amazing!! I am in love!❤️❤️❤️ Can I please request hcs for Bakugo and Todoroki of how would they would react if their s/o wants to eat at a really cute-looking, fluffy, maid cafe-type restaurant..Thank you sooo much!❤️❤️❤️


-No way in hell

-Just. No.


-And so he keeps struggling

-Puts up a nice fight, to be honest

-And yet he somehow ends up sitting in a maid cafe, getting flocked by girls whose age is very questionable


-He won’t directly say ‘No’

-But he’ll try to avoid it as subtly as possible

-I mean, if it makes s/o so happy, then he can bear with it

-Doesn’t mean he likes it

-The second a maid offers him one of those ‘combo meals’, he’s out

-Sorry s/o, he said he’d bear with it, he was wrong


Revenge is sweet or rather hot!

Sooo I FINALLY found a friend who watches anime and reads mangas and I can fangirl over BanLaine with!!! I´m so happy that I met her in university *cries* So this is especially for her my dear Than *0* Hope ya like iiiittt!!!!!! 

Now to the plot behind this ^^: 

Elaine complained about Ban being drunk every night and bet that he couldn´t stop drinking for a single day! Ban, being always excited about a new challenge, accepted the challenge. To Elaine´s shock, Ban won the challenge and told her that she had to walk around dressed like him and that she has to act like him. With the help of Merlin he got her a smaller version of his clothes and made her walk like that the whole day. Not only did Ban do this to see Elaine like that, but also to annoy King, since he always interrupts his time with Elaine and butts in in hi business on purpose. 

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Niall is giving us so much love and attention right now! I'm overwhelmed with happiness! But watch we won't see him or hear a thing from him tomorrow! Sundays he usually lays low. Then Monday it's gonna be like BOOM selfie! BOOM promo​! BOOM Narry feels! BOOM thanking the fans! BOOM calling us Lover's! It's gonna be rough! This is only the beginning!

yesyesyes were gonna get sooo much mooore! i cant wait! ahhhh!

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Jon, your big brother is dating Tim. How do you feel about that? Are you excited?

     “ WAIT?!? They’re datin’?? Like officially dating?!? Not like the ‘hang-out’ dates
          they have that I considered dates but mom said it wasn’t since they’re not tellin’
          each other how they feel?? Are ya SURE???

     “ FINALLY!!!! Hel- Heck Yeah!! That took SOOO long!! It’s like Kon and Kara are
          competin’ on who would take longer to date their crush!! I’m glad I WON that bet
          against Chris!! He didn’t trust Kon to make a move first but I DID!!! I gotta get that
          50 bucks!

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Tbh I don't quite understand why people would be mad about Löw being our manager? He's amazing tactically, he loves Toni, he knows what he's doing, and I feel he has enough experience that he can deal with the egos. Like I love ZZ, and I definitely think he should get another season regardless of what happens this season, but just imagine how amazing our squad would be under Löw Also, I don't think we should stress bc it prob won't happen and I doubt he'd leave Germany right before a World Cup

I would honestly be sooooo happy if Jogi was our manager he’d be sooo good. AND Toni would have a German speaking friend!!!!! But I also agree that Zizou deserves another season and I do still want Jogi with Germany so we can attempt to defend our title, so there’s that… But if the stars ever aligned and it was possible I would not complain

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“I know I’ve kissed you like, ten times, but just like another ten, please.” lev haiba! i love your writing ❤️

thank you so much~<3

“I know I’ve kissed you like, ten times, but just like another ten, please.”

Lev beamed with wide, happy eyes as he pulled you closer on his lap. His hands ran through your hair slowly as he gave you a sweet smile. 

“My lips are tired though,” you sighed, a small smile forming on your face. You had to admit your boyfriend is truly adorable, especially when needy for affection. 

“But your lips are sooo soft and warm on mineeee,” he whined. “Pleaseeeee?”

“Alright fine,” you wrapped your arms around his neck as his smile grew seeing his begging won yet again. “But after this we need to get to bed. It’s getting late, and you have an early practice tomorrow.”

“OOoo as long as we get to cuddle!! You know I’m the best cuddler~.”

“That I know~,” you chuckled as you planted the first of many more kisses on his sweet lips

We did it!!! We won! :D

Last July Bazyl won a competition for ‘Breed Cat of the Month’ where jury judges both the cat and the photo itself (so a photographer too ;D). Since then I wanted so bad for Tosia to win as well… I was not allowed to enter until the end of 2013 and in 2014 I tried once last month but we didn’t win. Now we finally did it this time and in the pic above you can see “Breed cat of May” - Tosia :D

Her prizes are over 10kg of cat food (like last year, we will send it to cats who need it more), a kind of a cat bed (I have 2 options to choose), 3 issues of a cats magazine and a diploma. Now the diploma is something I am so happy about… Bazyl’s is standing proudly on my shelf… I sooo wanted to have Tosia’s one as well :D

Remember Bazyl showing you what he won last year? :D


And my post abot winning ;)


I’m so proud and happy! Yay!!!


Before I get into ships, let me just start by saying that Naruto and Sasuke’s fight had me feeling some type of way…it was beautiful, I loved it and I loved how Sasuke accepted his defeat…it was cool… I tried not to cry… *cried a lot* 

and many of the moments were very beautiful (sorry for my lack of adjectives i am an emotional wreck) just some examples: 

Also, of course i was so happy to see that Kakashi became hokage (and then quit haha that’s so like him XD) and that Tenten opened up a tool shop…okay okay now on to the ships! 


okay but as ecstatic as i was about this fucking BEAUTIFUL TRUE LOVE CONQUERS ALL SHIP that im planning on getting a tattoo of WTF WERE THEY THINKING WHEN THEY NAMED THEIR CHILD?! SARADA=SALAD. REALLY? FUCKING REALLY? HELP PLS 

Well…besides that stupid ass name, I’m fucking happy as fuck sasuke and sakura ended up together and shit yasss….

Naruhina: Okay, I have to be 1000% honest, for a long time (even though I always shipped Sasusaku), I HATED naruhina (kibahina shipper over here), but naruhina’s and hinata’s development really won me over. They deserved it, and I learned to love and ship it, and was really happy with the result. I am sooo happy for Hinata (and also for Naruto, he’s a sweet guy he deserved a sweet girl cuz seriously Sakura would have treated him like shit

and their kids were adorable, especially the girl! :3 overall happy with how naruhina ended…



Also, WHYY SAIINO? I really do not ship them at all and never took them seriously. Why not KibaIno? I (and I’ve noticed from a lot of the other rants, a lot of other fans) would have been so much more okay with that. I mean don’t get all “no development” on me because honestly only Sasusaku and Naruhina and Shikaino had any development. The other ships were all pretty random or fanon goes canon soo…you should have just picked the cuter one….


these are shikaino moments  Just seeing their dynamic…instead of losing my love for them I just shipped them more…why are you doing this Masashi…. is it because you actually always intended Shikaino but felt pressured into Shikatema and decided it would be less troublesome to end it that way anyways but still felt the need to be a passive aggressive troll and throw these bits in…hmm…okay… 

Well, at least Temari looks pleased with the ending sarcasm


I have zero problem with this it confuses me yet gives me hope that I’ll end up with a hot black guy even if i’m too chubby (AND FOR THOSE THAT WANNA CLAIM ALL THE CANON SHIPS HAD DEVELOPMENT PLEASE EXPLAIN THIS IM LISTENING) but I don’t like seeing that she doesn’t seem to get along with Ino, or respect how about tradition their trio is:



I SHIP IT Kiba with a catlady? Hell YEAH! But I have no idea who this is lol. My friend explained she was from the anime, whatever, I like it :p 

And I’m glad to see Kiba is even more of a hunk than ever…


Is this Lee’s son? Or just another generation Lee and Gai? 

nice arms Lee

and if this is his son? Is tenten the mom? Not sure… 

Tenten is the baddest bitch, just a PSA. 

I was a hardcore Nejiten shipper…but…you know….. *dies inside all over again* 

but I have no problem with Leeten but I know how Sagittariuses can be (Lee is a Sagg) so I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re both just forever alone… *Sigh* 

SuiKarin: Would have been nice to see this, but it doesn’t really bother me that I didn’t. All in all, I feel like Masashi rushed this ending, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he just genuinely forgot about Team Taka -.-….

OKAY SO whether you hate me or love me from my posts in the past (or this one), I gotta say, it’s been one hell of a ride for all of us. And even though we argued and fought and got nasty with each other, I’m glad you loved Naruto as much as me. And Shikatema fandom, I know we’ve had our differences, but my hat’s off to you guys, congratulations. And even if your ship didn’t become canon, it doesn’t mean its not fucking adorable or beautiful or even developed, that’s just the way the cookie crumbles and yes, let’s all accept awesome fanfictions and art from each other where we can make our babies canon :p 

Now I guess a couple extra notes: 

lmao everyone’s ranking on him for this hair, but I think it suits him capricorn 

I ship it already.

I just hope the new series isn’t a repeat of Naruto’s story of being disliked, wanting attention..yadayada 

i hope they’re gay for each other 

Also, I hope since there’s a mini series, something will happen and Shikaino will become canon.(Yes, I still believe)

this made me so sad :( 

RIP always Neji <///3

And yes…

Sasuke is still the fucking bae. Look at this sexy fucking man.


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Have you heard seventeen won their first music show award i'm so happy for them

I was soooo happy for them! they’re sooo talented and nice, funny, they deserved it, I’m a Carat, so I cried later saying “Omg, they deserve it, they work so hard! I’m so happy for them, I wanted them to win at least once!….” xD Seeing them cry made me cry!


Hi Taylor! It’s Martha your British Lil Sis 😂 I’m going to write as much as I can right now! It’s time to let all my emotions out! So firstly I need to thank you for everything you’ve done for me and Olivia! We’ve been trying for so long to get you to notice us and you noticed Olivia twice on Instagram and you don’t know how many tears there were! Then we decided to join tumble and we were struggling so hard to get you to notice and people are making pictures of what me and liv were saying before you didn’t notice us and it always something like “she’ll never notice me” or “whys it so hard to get Taylor to notice” and those were like 1 month or 1 week before you noticed us on tumble and it makes me so emotional and it’s given so many people hope and it makes me so so soooo happy! I never knew after seeing all the people getting packages that I would get one! I was just happy to sit and watch it all roll by! I never thought that you TAYLOR SWIFT would actually choose a 14 year old hardcore swiftie British girl named Martha 🙊 {I’m crying} I just… I just can’t believe that you would call me beautiful, smart, imaginative, lovely, GORGEOUS (this is the truth because that mirror only tells me the truth 👍😘) , bright, interesting and so much more and I just couldn’t believe it! {crying} sorry SO MANY TEARS! SO EMOTIONAL! I couldn’t understand it! I never knew somebody that’s so busy and beautiful and gorgeous and so high in the industry could actually spend there time doing something like this for some little person in the world it just blew my mind! Me and Olivia are just constantly asking each other “how did this happen” “she chose us in a day!” “Why did she choose us out of the people she could’ve?” “I’m so happy it was both of us together!” And we are truly happy you chose us together! Because I can’t imagine not doing something with Liv because she is my BFF and I love her to pieces! I didn’t cry in the video because I didn’t know whether it was actually happening! I was so in shock like I was touching something my idol I’ve loved for so long had punched and sent to ME! I mean… I’ve been trying so long to get you to notice me I just couldn’t handle it! I cried my eyes out as I laid everything out in front of me that night! It was so crazy! I still can’t believe it! I still cry! The letter was what I really needed! It just boosted my self confidence even more and I really needed it since I just joined high school and I constantly feel judged by all the boys and girls I pass in the hallways and if you told me all those words I just {crying hardcore} sorry had to take another break! TAYLOR YOU MAKE ME TO EMOTIONAL! STAHP! And the fact that you attempted to send it on my birthday (FedEx held it back a day 😕) was amazing and that I got told happy birthday and presents off of YOU JUST BLOWS MY MIND! I felt like the luckiest person in the world! It truly was the best birthday I have ver had and I know you wanted that! Thank you very much for saying that and everything you said in the card and notes! It means so much to me! My parents were tearing up when they watched me opening my package {mum (Andrea OMG OUR MUMS HAVE THE SAME NAME 🙊)comes back home… Okay that was creepy. Now she’s asking me why I’m crying and I’m like Taylor! And she’s saying you’re so emotional and I’m like yah I know! 😂} they think you’re totally amazing and you’re an amazing person! They thank you so much for making me the happiest they’ve seen me! I called my dad crying over the phone when you followed me and he started happy crying and I was like why are you cryin too?! And he said I’m so happy for you 🙊 and my brother says thank for the hug. Ahaha! He’s 15 and won’t share his real emotion 😂😂 older brothers 😐😂 and the presents you sent me are so personal and beautiful! The fan from Japan is amazing! The vintage camera is so beautiful and I love it so so sooo much I mean I can’t believe I won something so amazing! The Polaroid camera is so good! And thanks for the film! That candle is the best thing I’ve ever smelt and I need that scent in my life! Say thanks to karlie for those cookies babe! So tasty! Yum! That ring is absolutely beautiful but I have to pry it off my finger it’s small 😂😂😂 but it’s grgeoussss! That M book is definitely interesting and fits my room perfectly! THANK YOU FOR THE 1989 MERCH!!! I REALLY NEEDED THAT! I’m wearing the this sick beat on RN! My mum wanted me to say that she loves shake it off I hear her humming it and sometimes you hear her shout SHAKE IT OFFFF SHAKE IT OFFF! Tour is so close! I hope you have an amazing time on it! I hope you meet many tumblr friends and make their dreams come true! I can’t wait to see you in Manchester with Olivia and her amazing mum! We’re at the very back but we don’t care because we get to see YOU and here your amazing voice! ❤️ - Thank you for everything Taylor! I love you so so SOOOOOO MUCH! I’m sends you so much love and hope you have a good tour!❤️ Love your British little sister, Martha the sassy ❤️❤️😂💌😘😘



On Saturday, I got to meet my favorite band @thisispvris for the second time in my life and I was so nervous. More than the first time and I have no idea why. I couldn’t even say words and I feel sad that I didn’t talk to them as much as I wanted but I’m so happy that I met them. 

 I actually had a gift for Alex, one that I had promised him since last year ad that was the complete set of dragon balls. When I gave it to him he was sooo so happy. I will never forget that smile. I wish I had recorded it or taken a picture of that moment but like I said before I WAS NERVOUS. I don’t know if they felt me shaking but I was. They were all so nice and lovely to me. When they all saw the gift they were surprised and they told me that I had won the title of giving one of them the greatest gift (or something along those lines because honestly I don’t remember how they said it and it makes me cry because I can’t remember 😭). 

So anyway I got my ticket signed and we took the picture and it was over :( I’m so glad i was able to have this great opportunity to meet my favorite people on this planet and I hope it’s something I could do again.

 I still have one more picture to post but I want to post that separate.