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🚨Attention Followers and Everyone Else 🚨

Yup! I’m finally going to start doing some commissions just to try and get use to this kind of stuff ☺️



Time for some guidelines-


  • NSFW
  • Furries
  • Animals (too lazy)
  • Fetishes
  • V O R E

Prices may very depending on how many characters you want in one picture🕺Just message me on Tumblr or Instagram, and we will continue from there👌

Here’s the PayPal you can commission me from:


(FYI this isn’t my personal PayPal account nor my real name, it’s my friends’, who soo kindly let me use it for this purpose 😤👏 so don’t get that confused)

Overall this is my first time so go easy on me 👁👄👁


Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Got back from the Kingsman double bill a bit ago and am trying to put my brain into words even though I’m very tired and a bit numb and I smuggled five hours’ worth of gin into the cinema in an Evian bottle so I’m as drunk as Harry at breakfast time.


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Got7 Reaction When their S/O Tells Them They Love Them for the First Time

” Can I request a gif reaction to got7 after their s/o tells them they love them for the first time? Sorry if it’s already been done 😁 [REPOST]


Originally posted by baekbun

Jackson being his sassy, and overly confident self, would just be an annoying ass idiot and would boast and brag to his members about you saying I love you.

“Of course Jagi, I love myself. Who wouldn’t?”

“Guys guess what? She said she loved meeeee!”


Originally posted by sxy-jmn

This guy would just get straight up red faced, and flustered. Even if it was subtle or straightforward he’d mumble and stutter. He would be so shocked yet happy that you said the three words.

“I l-love you too, J-Jagiya.”

“I love you a lot.”


Originally posted by mauloveskpop

BamBam would be running around the place super excited that his s/o told him that they love him. He would be to much to handle, yelling out I love you. He’d also would probably be dabbing.




Originally posted by yjarssunshine

This child would be laughing not in a bad way but a good one, relieved that you love him. And he would say it back in his beautiful Engrish skills sounding like a kid.

“I lub you too!!”

“Isn’t my Engrish great!”


Originally posted by chichangyu

Yugyeom would be similar to Mark, all shy and flustered but he would immediately hug you and start a cuddle session, having a lazy day with you to make the day perfect.

“I love you more, Y/N.”

“Cuddle with me!”


Originally posted by got7europe

This guy would be smiling soo much. He’d be practicing with his members but smile all through out it and they could easily guess what had happened, and he was perfectly fine with them knowing.

“I love you so much.”

“She loves me back!”


Originally posted by jypnior

Junior would do so much aegyo to make you say it again. He’d tease you not in that way ya nasty and embarrass you in a loving way, and once you said it he’d jump around like crazy.

“I didn’t hear you, what was that?”

“You’re so cute when you get shy!”

I hope it was to your liking!

Admin Kitty

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Weeeelpp I have so many things started!!! Most of them are literally only started but some are finished and I’m not sure if to post them or I’m just too lazy to make previews xdd

Soo here’s the first one. Plus size skinnn! I wanted to make one forever now! And this is what I have so far! After I started it, I leaned how to mesh so I’ve been too busy doing that rather than finishing the skin xd

Noww all dem earrings I’ve started…

Aaaand a lipstick!

Day Off A.I.

First of all, I want to thank all of you because Hatefuck has reached more than 300 notes and I am totally freaking out! I was scared you weren’t going to like my writings but this is amazing. So thank you everyone. 

Secondly, this is an Ashton Irwin one shot. It’s sort of rushed because I am so stressed with finals but I had to post something about him soo here you have a lazy day/day off with Ashton. Hope you like it. 

Requested: nope, but you can request here 


Oh, almost forgot it. My next one shot will be a Shawn Mendes one! If you want it based on a song, leave me your song requests here babes 

No trigger warning, just fluff.

Word count: 700 (I’m tired and it’s two a.m. sorry)

I lowkey like the ending 

The sun entered the room as my eyelids began to open, waking up slowly. I looked to my bedside table to see what time it was: 6:40. I turned and cuddled against my boyfriend’s chest, trying not to wake him. With my fingers I started to trace invisible patterns on his chest.

He was sleeping peacefully, small snores fell from his lips. Watching him like this was what made me feel like the luckiest person in the world. When he was awake, he would always be doing something because he couldn’t keep still. He would be writing new music or eating or running around, doing funny things. And it was amazing to see him like that everyday. But it was even more amazing to see him in his sleep, calm and at peace.

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Free Writing 4.0

Cream & Sugar. 1.5k w.

There’s a man who walks into his cafe’ at precisely noon every single day. He orders his coffee black with no cream or sugar. Just a simple coffee, no croissants or muffins to go along with the hot liquid. His face is beyond attractive, a shapely jawline with midnight hair. His eyes are dark brown almonds that hold no compassion. He’d be more appealing if that permanent scowl on his face were to turn into a smile. His clothes are always dark, as though bright colors are toxic. Yet, the tone of his skin is a dashing contrast against such shades, consequently making him glow. He’s a gorgeous mystery hidden inside the shadows of loneliness.

“That’ll be $2.69, sir.” Kyungsoo says. The man places three dollar bills on the counter and quickly walks towards the exit.

“Your change!” He shouts at the customer only to receive a cold shoulder in response. The bell chimes as the man takes his leave and Kyungsoo sighs while pocketing the extra change.

“Forget about it Soo, I just don’t think he’s that into you.” Jongdae, the baker and manager, pats him on the back out of pity. Kyungsoo clicks his tongue.

“Hey! I never said I was into him!” He shakes off Jongdae’s palm, and the baker smiles deviously.

“Boss, everyone knows you like him, stop being in denial.” He snickers at the surprised look on Kyungsoo’s face.

“I’ll fire you all!” He shouts.

“You couldn’t fire me if you wanted to. Who would be here to cheer you on? Fighting!” Jongdae bottles up a fist and pumps it into the air.

“Put a lid on it, will you? Get back to work.” Kyungsoo shakes his head. He silently curses himself for letting the others know his feelings so easily.

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traguykun  asked:

ahhhh i love the dog headcanons they're so cute! that st. bernard is probably larger than chopper tbh. which dogs would the rest of the supernovas have?

Can you do Ace,Sano and Shanks with a dog too please? 

Hello, Blen-san! I would like to request dogcanons for any character that you’d like. I’d be supper happy if you do so! P.S. i really like your blog 😁

i’m so happy you like my blog? :D LIKE awww thank you a lot! And I’D love to do more dogcanons tbh! They’re beyond adorable and make me SUPER happy because I love dogs and Im about to adopt my first own one <3 and Im also SOO sorry for all the other requests that are delayed, i want to do them justice and work on them once im creative enough again, long story short dogcanons make me uber happy <3

btw Kid and Law’s dog are heavily inspired from @op-heartstealers, but I sadly cant link anything since she deleted her blog


  • Bonney would get an English Bulldog
  • It wouldn’t matter to her if it was a male or female one she loves it either way
  • the damn dog eat about as much as Bonney herself lol
  • Bonney’s Bulldog is pretty drooly too and affectionate around Bonney and her crewmates, also lazy as fuck
  • not because of it’s just because it’s Bonney’s dog
  • Bonney trained it to tug at her boots whenever it senses a hot girl


  • This gorgeous creature is Kid’s dog, a pitbull
  • He’d get a boy probably and he heavily plays into the stereotype of pitbulls being aggressive
  • He loves his dog, and his pitbull is very well trained and only listens to Kid
  • He’s very affectionate around children at which Kid rolls his eyes at
  • The crew loves him too and feeds him with leftover meat
  • Kid always styles him in a really intimidating manner, like spikey collar and a dog leash decorated with small metal sculls

(btw pitbulls arent aggressive per se, they are family and guard dogs first an foremost, the aggressive and violent behaviour of some pitbulls comes from irresponsible owners)


  • Capone’s pride and joy
  • his male little Papillon
  • Capone loves his Papillon, his son and his wife and crew (in exactly that order)
  • spoils him rotten
  • he’d give him a fancy male italian name like “Donatello” or “Michelangelo”
  • and dress him up with a bowtie
  • Capone has pictures of his dog inside him as well as professional expensive paintings


  • Hawkin’s pride
  • Now Hawkin’s would get himself an Afghan Hound, with long beautiful golden hair (fur?)
  • She’d be female and Hawkins would give her a name like…”Morgana” or “Ursula” or something like that
  • She’d be by his side and most of the time and get lots of cuddling sessions with all the Hawkins pirates
  • Hawkins also gets her a a long purple coat so they can match


  • I feel like Killer would get a Boxer!
  • A male one as well, he wouldnt want to get a stereotypically aggressive one like a Pitbull like Kid he rather has a really even tempered and playful one
  • His Boxer is very active and wont leave Killer’s side
  • Very good friends with Kid’s dog, to parallel their owners, Killer’s Boxer often seems like the reasonable one, especially since he’s a bit older too
  • He doesnt mind that he never saw Killer’s face, he can perfectly sense his owner by his scent (and blonde locks)


  • Ok so Drake gets himself a Golden Retriever
  • He doesn’t care about the sex of the dog but he would specifically want this breed just because they just look like the embodiment of sunshine
  • Drake’s Retriever can totally make him smile
  • And it loves their owner sooooooo much
  • Drake would let his dog get out and explore whatever island they’re currently docked on and you guessed it would bring a horde of kids to the ship who wanna pet the dog and Drake’s Retriever fucking loves it
  • Drake would absently pet him whenever reading something


  • Urouge would get a Tibetan Mastiff
  • It just really fits aesthetically both being super large and all
  • Urouge wanders a lot with him and the Mastiff really likes climbing mountains just like their owner
  • He’d actually feed him with a lot of sweets, just not chocolate but yeah Dog sweets
  • his crewmates made fake wings the dog can wear for aesthetics


  • Law would 1000000% a German Shepherd Dog
  • She’d be female because Law thinks they’re easier to train, and dammit she’s very well trained
  • Law’s German Shepherd, Killer’s Boxer, Kid’s Pitbull, Hawkins’ Afghan and Sabo’s Husky are the best trained dogs on this list
  • She’s super smart (she once beat Bepo in Tic Tac Toe three times in a row)
  • carries Law’s sword around whenever he puts it down
  • very protective of Law


  • Apoo’s Havanese is totally the most playful and adorable one of this bunch, 10/10
  • It’d be a girl and she loves APOO SO MUCH, they love each other a whole damn lot
  • She loves it when he sings or plays an instrument for her
  • as much as she’s playful and lovely around Apoo she’s kinda wary and much on guard with strangers, she barks at them most of the time and stays close to Apoo
  • much like her owner she’s LOUD


  • Ace would probably have a Doberman and it would be a male
  • He’d give him a name like “Apollo” or “Ares”
  • he only listens to Ace, Ace thinks it’s cool but his dog is a little aggressive so he has to keep an eye on him
  • other than that he’s a cuddle monster, he’s infatuated with Ace
  • very fun loving but not afraid to pull lots of shenanigans and honestly? He isn’t super well trained, this one is totally on Ace
  • Everybody on the Moby Dick about Ace’s Doberman: “He’s an asshole but we love him.


  • he would have a Husky and she would be female
  • she’s all calm around a lot of people, when it’s only her and Sabo she’d jump right into his arms and lick his face
  • she can be very sweet and let everybody pet her but as soon as Sabo gives the command she can make a 180 and go wilde
  • she’s very protective of Sabo, nobody can go anywhere near Sabo while he’s sleeping, she will lowly growl at you all like, “I dare you mofo get another step near my human.”
  • He’d give her a fitting name for a husky girl like “Lyanna” or “Darcy”


  • And this is Shanks’ dog, an Irish Settler
  • I feel like he’d get a girl too just to have at least one lady on his ship lol
  • She’s very affectionate and playful just like Shanks 
  • they’re ginger buddíes
  • very even tempered and LOVES kids a lot just like her owner
  • He’d let her wear funny stuff like ties or funny hats and laugh himself into an early grave
  • She’s the first one to put an end to his drinking before he gets too drunk and gently tugs at his fugly pants then

Some while ago I got an ask on my personal blog to help with this and because I had a lot of stuff with school and because I’m soo lazy, I didn’t do it straight away, but here we are! None of the pictures belong to me.

Let’s start with the eldest, shall we?

JINHO - Okay, so, Jinho used to be an SM trainee, but he left them, and honestly I’m so glad bc SM lost a gem. He’s the main vocal and even though he’s the eldest, he’s the shortest ;-; he has this adorable smile when his eyes crinkle *cries* fyi if you watch ‘Gorilla’ he’s the one in the Nirvana shirt 

HUI - our brave leader and main vocal! He takes care of the members but also loves joking around. You’ll easily recognize him by his fluffy hair and such plump lips, like damn. And when he smiles, oh my God… He has that eye smile and it’s the purest think ever.

just look at him omg

HONGSEOK - has some serious visuals, main vocal, hard worker. Was under YG, was in that reality survival show where iKON was formed and he did’t pass, so he moved to Cube and he’s ours now ^.^ He has such pretty eyes and plump lips and a unique face so it’s easy to recognize him, intellectual, a bit darker skin than the others, A B S

E’DAWN - main rapper, dancer, on the shorter side of Pentagon, basically a big ball of weirdness, kinda reminds me of G-Dragon with his rapping, usually parts his hair down the middle. Sang with Hyuna on her “Roll Deep” performance, fellow gemini,

SHINWON - tbh, the first time I saw him, he reminded me of Chanyeol (??) He’s the sub vocalist, tall as fuck and loves to joke around and laugh. He hangs out a lot with the rap line, visual, can play the piano, cuts paper with his cheekbones, in their latest Vapp video, I noticed that he likes unbuttoning his shirt 

YEO ONE - Lead vocalist, so pretty he puts Taeyeon to shame, seriously he’s so beautiful. He’s a hard worker and really talkative, has a cheerful personality. He’s very good at dancing and acting, he actually appeared in a web drama

YANAN - Another tall member, Chinese, sub vocalist never had a girlfriend, so soft-spoken and gentle with the cutest smile ever. yes, bias >< can look like a bad boy or an angel, there’s no in between

YUTO - Sub rapper, Japanese, acts like he’s emotionless,has a poker face a lot, but he’s actually a huge softie, tall, when watching their mv’s he’s the one with an insanely deep voice

KINO - Sub vocalist and lead dancer, he’s seriously a dancing machine. Has a very bright personality, loves to smile and just overall a nice person, very talented, maknae line loves to joke around. He’s only like 8 months older than me, I can’t believe *cries*

WOOSEOK - When I saw the Gorilla thumbnail, I was like “Kris?! :O” I’ve also heard of people comparing him to S.Coups, or a mix between those two. He’s the maknae and the main rapper, likes anime, the tallest in the group, looks like a bad boy but he’s a cutie :3

Basically half of the group are my biases and the other half are bias wreckers 

-admin Ella ♣

my list of awesome person (i’m going to use he she her him random only because idk if the person want the gender show :3 and i’m lazy coff coff)

@chronictale one of my best friend.  he is  just one of the most awesome person i meet not only his art:  he is a very good person for talk and we have like all in common.  he like  my favorite violinist,  he like the video  i link to him and we like the same comics and more we are mirror XD …this is a little scary sometime hahaha no he is awesome. and isn’t a  joke. so yeah pretty mirror XD …. XD   oh and before i forgot   his au is amazing but for now is slow down waiting news :3

@camilieroart   he is the best ship partner i’ve :3  and i call him lili eh eh :3  i can’t tell to much because he is a little jealous but he is adorable blush all time i talk with him XD…  near much near he is going to start his au so  let’s wait and his doodle are so funny just care he become angry if someone try to date me XD

@ravnicawatchwolf  is my uncle  yes we can say that XD.  he create nx design so if you want be angry with someone  XD you know who  assault hahah.   i like this guys can make awesome gif and  is much popular  in some game to  and sorry for all that anon ask they send you for my deck XD but that is what i’m ! we meet under a endertale page  with a pun war XD like 5 day of pun XD. well your nightmare is here for you eheh eh 

@xxmileikaivanaxx  is milei !!!! is impossible don’t know her and @deusn one of the most  nice guys i meet eh eh … this duo is the most cute on tumblr and i havent see enough fan art with this two ehj eh.  well  milei is the queen of the hug with a awesome au!!  and deusn is the knight !! one of the most  awesome o.c on tumblr for me ….well i love to much undyne sorry deusn XD

@z-artblog  and  now is my z bro time !  eh eh  he is a awesome artist  and not only! he have a beautiful sincere personality people   don’t like that but for me is one of the most respectable thing of him! but if we talk about his art…well i can’t my mouth fall XD  is  so good !!! not only the background but the draw to ! gif of background all is amazing !!!!!!!!!

@lazycb  i meet him only 1 month ago?  day more or not and we are friend !!! he say i answer your ask but i can only do a fast traditional art but is going to don’t be so great…*thunder* she make a  museum paint o.O something like ….you can remove your eyes now! i’m going to comment all his draw XD 

@lazy-cocoei my child :3  she is over busy this day  and  she grow  happy birthday again little bean  eh eh.. i love cheer her because  she have a great talent and well is a smoll bean so i’ve much time for cheer her :3…gj little child 

@mysterydog133 like lazy she is my puppy XD ahha idk why i do this XD….. she have a big talent and because she is young i think she is going to be one of the best artist! i’m so proud of all that draw ..why proud she is my puppy and she have an awesome au ! you should check it @undermind122  i want link the cocoei one to but she havent start it yet :p  soo good luck to all

…..my hand hurt and i’m  at 1/5 of all name sooo i do 10 name or near 10 name for time!

so this week i got to 100 followers ?? thank you soo much to each one of you that follows me ?? idk why you did it but thanks for sticking up with me:( ilysm !!

this is a list of some of the blogs that i follow but all of them are really cool and i love them so much (i’m just including my mutuals because i’m lazy as that but i’m not bolding my ‘favorites’ because i don’t want anyone to feel bad)

i didn’t ordered them on alphabetical order but from the ones that followed me first to my recent mutuals

@phlippingphandom (you follow be from your main blog obvs but it’s the same @glitteryely @little-cheeky-monkey @phanhallows @gorgeous-howell @cihkennugget @tylertherulerofmars @vincent-phan-gogh @goddesslester @philpancakes @ephemeralester @phanadeux @cursivehowell @yourlocalphantrash @pleasingdaddyphil @dayphil @elliesfics @our-smol-beans @rotting-souls @mae-your-genderless-bae @jpgghowell @serenephil @luminousphil @clarabears @gengarphil @treephil @plantpotphil @aberrati0n @fivesosphangirl @theylikeboys @sleeplesslester @fadedawayy @neilandtodd @homesicklester @placebophan @princessdan @phanniephil @energeticwarrior @stardustphilly @fuglybutterfly @bork-borf-boof-heck @thephantastickat @lovebirdlester @blushinlester @starrylester

i love each one of you and thanks to the ones that’ve talked to me (also sorry i can’t keep a conversation ?? i’m really bad at it) and given me advise when i’m a mess (i’m always a mess but lets ignore that).



@gabrieldb: i can’t believe there’s only an eight year gap between these two photos. that first picture? that was taken right before i dropped you off at your first school dance and that second one was taken this morning at the airport. as you can tell, i was not happy to see you go. in both moments i was completely nerve-racked and i felt a heavy reluctance in my heart, but words cannot describe how incredibly proud i am of you, beatrice. having you, i think, is the pivotal moment in my life that lead me to happiness and where i am today. i could not thank you enough for granting me the utmost joy of being your father. you give cambridge hell, okay?

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You're one of my favorite blogs!!! Can you rec me other harry-only blogs you love????

Okay first off I can’t believe I am anyone’s favorite blog and that just makes my whole day <3 Second, I am soo sorry for doing this literally a million years after the fact, but I just saw it still sitting in my inbox! And on moral grounds I cannot continue to ignore it even though blog recs give me SUCH anxiety lol. I’m not even going to attempt to list all the blogs I love (cause I have a couple hundred  mutuals and I love every one of them) and I’m too lazy to verify that these people blog only harry 100% of the time, but if they’re on this list, then I’d say mostly harry? And also I love them a lot? And also sorry for this super long preamble you didn’t ask for lol. Anyway:

@floralharries @hazstylestrash @lostjams @harrysera @theepinkalbum @daintyharru @lithographarry @harrysnumber1record @actressintheblackdress @habibharry @mitchharry @prayingsincenewyork @twofronteeth @rhi3915 @cheshirepuddin @matilda-breeze @harrysadwank @lordeharry @leesh @actorharrystyles @greeneyesharry @harryspinkboots @harrysalbums @hi-mr-styles @alexindunkirk @hughaz @harrypeaches @harryschancla @thisstylesguy @styleskingera @igotaheartandsoul @tasteslikecocacola @amongstthestars @texanharrie

OKay I’m sure I forgot a million people (I’m sorry :/ I worked like 13 hours today and my head hurts) but you should also just look at whoever I reblog from! I hope this helps xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hive [1 / 2]

Warnings for mind control (sort…of), slight body horror, and slight gore/animal death (don’t worry, the pig is safe). 

Suggested listening for this chapter: “Hold No Guns” by Death Cab for Cutie.

Part One // Part Two

on AO3

Dipper, unsurprisingly, notices it first.

“Is it just me, or have people been acting…weirder than usual lately?” he asks, from flat on his back on the porch, basking in the heat of the sinking sun and the chill of the water evaporating off of him and the dull, slow ache in all his muscles from running around with Soos ambushing (okay, being ambushed by) Wendy and Mabel with water guns all afternoon. The wood underneath his back is rough and sun-warmed, both splinters and heat slowly working their way into his skin, and from where he lies he can just see a sliver of glaring blue out of the corner of his right eye, past the edge of the sagging porch roof.

“Define ‘weirder than usual’,” Wendy says, from the couch somewhere to Dipper’s left, her voice lazy and languid as the quiet buzz from the trees out ringing the yard. Dipper can’t muster the energy to turn and look at her; he remembers her falling sprawled across the cushions, one arm up over the back. As far as he knows, she hasn’t moved.

“Yeah, Dipper, this is Gravity Falls -” Mabel starts, and Dipper groans.

“That’s why I said 'weirder than usual’, Mabel. Weirder than usual.”

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Au Idea (You May Judge and Help)

Hewwo! Sooo, I have an Au Idea. Don’t know of the idea already existing or if it is actually a thing, please inform me if soo, but my idea is of an Bbs For Honor Au. I was thinking that though there is three sides fighting the war, can’t some of the bbs be just survivers trying to escape the war? Like, some merchants, Travelers who got caught in it?

I was thinking of who could be what character but I just realized half way through typing I didn’t know the names of the characters so deal with my explanation for the characters as I was too Lazy to find the names.

Evan- The Fast Samurai with a Medium to Large blade. (Not the one that wears a mask similar to Delirious). Or could be Knight.

Delirious- The Samurai with a stick/Blade thing and Mask, Or he could be in a surviver/ Merchant grouped with Cartoonz,Ohm,Bryce,Gorilla. (Even though Gorilla is barely ever put in picture of the group.)

Cartoonz- Peace Keeper and or a Bad Ass Surviver/Traveler.

Ohm-Merchant/Some Form of Knight.

Bryce- Traveler or Merchant, If voted on, A Samurai. (Samurai of any type)

Moo- Merchant/ Medic Traveler/ Medic Surviver

Brian- Viking (of any Kind) or a mechanic (during that time) or a Traveling inventor.

Nogla- Vikings or Knights. A Very clumsy one, In fact. (Mostly Viking In my opinion. Any type of Viking)

Marcel- Knights or Vikings (Mostly Knight in my opinion)

Wildcat/Tyler- A Viking or Knight (Mostly Viking in my opinion. Any Kind of Viking) Or if wished could be somebody who betrayed their group.

Mini- A Merchant/Surviver.

407- Samurai or Knights, maybe also Traveler, If voted.

BJP/ Anthony- Viking or Knights.

Gorilla- Traveler/Surviver or Viking

So, That is all the people I could think of at the moment. Please add Bbs characters or friends of the Bbs Boys with what you think. Also as said, If this Au already exists, please inform me and also please tell me where I could find the stories for it.

Anyways Haz a Lovely Day ! :D