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Faking It (Part Twelve)

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: idk I think a couple of curse words

Series Summary: When a young billionaire who’s a former friend of yours becomes the target for the Avengers, you’re sent on an undercover mission. The mission should be easy; one week on the Upper East Side with Bucky as your “boyfriend.” The only problem? The two of you can’t stand each other.

Note: Whoa! Look what’s finally here! I’m not sure if this is actually worth the wait, but I finally figure out what I wanted in this part so I had to run with it. I ran. I have run. Here it is. 

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Bucky’s lips are soft, more so than you would’ve imagined. They move against yours hungrily, urging you to kiss him back. Your mouth begins to move with his as the initial shock wears off and instinct takes over. He has one hand cradling your head while the other grips your waist, pulling you as close as possible to him. His movements send your head spinning. 

You want to pull away, but you can’t. You’re not sure if it’s the knowledge that doing so will only confirm Angelica’s suspicions or because as much as you don’t want to admit it, it feels good. Your arms wind around his neck as he slips his tongue into your mouth and tilts his head, deepening the kiss. It’s him that eventually pulls away even though you’ve been in need of air for a while. Bucky’s kiss leaves you breathless and desperate for more in a way you never thought a kiss, especially a kiss from Bucky Barnes ever could. It scares the shit out of you.

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Fire Across Skylines


If the last month had taught her anything, it was that skylines and sunsets went well with hard liquor and heartbreak. At least, that’s what Clarke told herself as she took another sip from the bottle in her hands on the fire escape of her building. She found she didn’t mind the hard metal that pressed into her legs or the faint smell of smoke that drifted from the windows of one of the apartments below her, not when she was lost in the pinks and oranges that tinged the clouds above and the mesmerizing patterns of the red lights that blinked on top of the skyscrapers that sprawled for miles ahead of her.

The Baltimore summer heat made the air thick, blanketing her surroundings and seeping into her pores like the steam that rose from the city pavements below. The humidity it brought clung to her hair, kinking it into frizzy waves and weighing it down against her skin.

The first time she’d found herself out here, she’d just needed a place to release the emotions that had threated to drown her if she didn’t open the flood gates. She’d stayed there for several hours, watching the blue sky fade slowly to black, giving a silent roll call to the stars as they blinked to life. When she’d climbed back through the living room window with red eyes and wet cheeks, her roommate didn’t ask questions. Octavia wasn’t the type to pry, and for that she was thankful.

It had become somewhat of a routine in the weeks that followed. She’d come home from her shift at the studio with a new bottle of whatever had seemed most appealing on her pit stop at the liquor store and slip through the window to the fire escape. She’d perch herself on the staircase to watch the sun go down, feet draped over the edge beneath the rails to tease the open air. Sometimes she cried. Usually she just drank until the stars were too blurry to count.

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How to Seduce an Aquarius Female

She is absolutely fascinating. From her delightfully nutty outlook on life to her well informed view on politics, she can leave your mind scrambling to catch up. The Aquarian woman is a tricky breed, no two are alike. She tends to be unpredictable, open-minded, and often a little eccentric. Many think of them as bohemian whether it is from their taste in music to their taste in clothing. It is her uniqueness that drew you in and now you can’t stop thinking about her. You don’t have to; seducing the wonderfully eclectic Aquarius will be a challenge you will enjoy.

She isn’t concerned with winning approval or receiving compliments. She is rather “devil may care” and doesn’t give a damn about what people think of her much less give a damn if what she does pisses someone off. She has a true ‘live and let live’ attitude. Her open mindedness paves the way for her humanitarian streak. The ‘live and let live’ mentality she has doesn’t just apply to her own actions but to everyone else. She believes we have the right to live as we choose as long as we do not hurt one and other. Her humanitarian outlook causes her to sometimes wear her heart on her sleeve and enhancing her already passionate streak.

When you approach them, take the unconventional approach. Put some thought in to it and please avoid the cheesy pick up lines. Use your humor and appeal to their quirky side. Making them laugh, smirk or shake their heads is often a way in to their hearts. If you get that first date, chances are they are interested in you. Prove yourself worthy by being an imaginative date. Now don’t worry about something that might be completely radical or really out of place, whether it is location or activity for your date. Her rebellious streak would be appreciative of something she has never seen, never heard of and even something that might be a bit naughty.

Aquarius women love to do things that stimulate all their senses. She wants to feel with every fiber of her being, see every color in the spectrum, taste all the flavors and smell all the scents. They love doing or trying anything new or out of the ordinary. For your date, invite her to the latest exhibition of contemporary art or a concert by a local band or maybe even the newest Japanese restaurant. It doesn’t matter if you have no clue what the art is trying to tell you or ever had Japanese cuisine, you are showing her you are open to excitement and the experience of learning. Experience something new together and she’ll be fascinated by you, ergo wanting to spend more time with you.

With that said, conversations with Aquarians are often random at best. Communication is so very important to an air sign. They’re very intelligent and often find themselves drawn to many subjects. An Aquarius woman would probably be able to tie together the most arbitrary of thoughts in a uniquely logical way. Keep her intrigued by letting loose your own quirky and challenging her thoughts and opinions. She wants someone who will take her as she as and let her be her. Be the person that makes her feel comfortable, no matter what she is thinking.

Experimentation, excitement and adventure are aspects that Aquarian women apply in every facet of their life. This does include what happens behind the doors of her bedroom as well. They will try anything once and are not afraid to experiment. If they like it, they will want to try variations of it as well. I hope you are flexible. Aquarius girls tend to be very open lovers and can care less about what is considered normal or expected. “If it feels good why stop” is a mantra in their bedroom. Their passionate and understanding coupled with their love for exploring and experimenting make them an exciting lover to have. It might just be best to limber up before a session in her bed.

Aquarius women can be erratic and often times very contrary. Today, something maybe great and she will want a lot of it but then tomorrow things will change and she will want none of it. Because of this you’ll need to be somewhat of a mind reader to know what she really wants. You will know; it doesn’t take long to pick up her clues. Her unpredictable nature also makes her hesitant about making a total commitment such as relationships, marriage, or any other form of partnership. This is in part of her strong desire for independence and sense of freedom. As long as she feels you are along for the ride, you will achieve the relationship status you hope for.

The key to “keeping” an Aquarius woman is making sure she doesn’t feel kept and feels encouraged to explore even if it is on her own. If you try to break her stride or even attempt to change her, she will leave you behind. She will appreciate an intellectual partner who is not only independent but has eccentric mind. If you are all of the above and someone who isn’t too emotionally needy, then you and your Aquarian will be well matched. Above all she wants lover who she can consider a friend. Her partner will be an unconventional intellectual with whom she can communicate freely with.

The bottom line, the Aquarius female is beautiful. Not just on the outside but her mind and soul as well. One conversation with her and you could find her completely irresistible. She has a big heart, boundless imagination and her desires know no limits. It is everything or nothing at all with her and those be damned who stand in her way. So take the opportunity she gives you. Go along on her adventures, learn something new and learn something about yourself. You will never be the same after experiencing an Aquarius woman; she will change you for the better.

Hannibal Rewatch: 2x03

Season 2, Episode 3: “Hassun”

**Warning: rewatch blogging, written with knowledge of the full series

I promised I’d not screencap any of this initial sequence, so here let’s just look at the incredible focus and lighting on this shot of Hugh Dancy’s beautiful eyes and beautiful sea-change irises, and talk mostly in the abstract about Will’s internal struggles in S2, as we do.

Alrighty, so Will Graham A TV Character is in a difficult position for a protagonist, because last season we were allowed to get up so close to him, could practically feel him tearing under Hannibal & Jack’s hands as they pulled him apart between them. Not only could we SEE him drowning, water flooding the frames nearly as often as light, we could HEAR him, because he would tell Hannibal how he felt. Will was open in S1 — too open, and he got hurt so, soooo badly. Now in S2, he’s trying to close off from others, reluctant to tell anyone how he really feels, terrified his words will echo around this dark stone chamber for anyone to grab and use against him. So he swallows down that scream perched under his chin, traps it inside where it synaesthizes into these searing visuals. Does Will feel conflicted? I don’t know, let’s take a look again at that cap up there, his face cleaved in light and shadow. Does Will feel self-destructive? I don’t know, let’s look at the scene where he imagines himself executed by his own hand.

It’s fantastically done, because as S2 Will’s words & behaviors toward the people around him change to something more filtered and defensive, his ~true~ thoughts & feelings & Will Grahamness becomes something contested — amongst the other characters, and amongst the audience. But for those of us watching the show, we get something more than Alana, or Jack, or Chilton: Will’s nightmares, his visions made of antler and blood. They’re something Will feels that only we can see, and we take this and we intuit, we come to conclusions about Will, think that we, at least, do know him.

There’s a character who feels like this too, of course.

Oh yeah, they’ve gone done it again, those brilliant storynerds: they’ve Lecterized us. And you know what happens to Hannibal Lecter this season? He gets surprised by Will Graham a fair few times. Something we’ll be able to…empathize with.


Alright let’s live-blog another chapter of this damn masterpiece:

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