i was sobbing why would you do this

Hamilton characters as things my friends have said
  • Hamilton: I may be small but I will kILL YOU FOR A DONUT
  • Burr: sometimes you annoy me. Other times, everything annoys me
  • Eliza: don't send my unborn children into battle
  • Mulligan: *screaming, to the tune of Mary Had A Little Lamb*
  • Lafayette: looking at baguettes is like looking at hot men. It's nice, but it doesn't turn me on.
  • Laurens: bathe in my glory
  • Angelica: you don't need to have an education to fIGHT ME
  • Peggy: *violent sobbing, punctuated by occasional lyrics to In the Heights*
  • Maria: hEY BITCH
  • Washington: am I the father of this group??? This family tree is weird
  • Lee: why would you even do that i'M OFFENDED
  • Jefferson: am I the only one that loves the sound of my own voice?
  • Madison: *whispered* I'd like to report that you're disturbing the plans for my life just by existing

“Tate… You killed people…” You said as you stared at boy in front of you who was currently on the brink of tears.

“Why would I do that..” He said with a quivering voice.

“Tate… I don’t…”

“Please don’t tell me to go away… I don’t want to go away…”

“Tate… You’re awful…”

Tate shook his head as his tears streamed down his cheeks and he broke into sobs. He cowered into himself like a scared puppy would cower into the corner. His vulnerable state struck a chord in your heart. You remembered that you loved this boy. With all your heart.

But… He’s a murderer. A monster. Monsters aren’t meant to revive sympathy or love. But…

Why was it so hard to send him away?

  • Eurus: Saved her? From what? Oh, do be sensible! There were no explosives in her little house. Why would I be so clumsy? You didn’t win. You lost. Look what you did to her. Look what you did to yourself. All those complicated little emotions, I lost count. Emotional context, Sherlock. It destroys you. Every time.
  • Sherlock: *smashes molly hooper's fake cuffin*
  • Also me: *sobbing*
Little things I love about Hamilton, in no particular order
  • The seamless transition between Winter’s Ball and Helpless
  • “Did you forget Lafayette?” asks Lafayette with his hair down
  • All of Hamilton’s monologue in The World Was Wide Enough
  • The strains of It’s Quiet Uptown that can be heard at the end of That Would Be Enough
  • Aaron “Talk Less” Burr going off at Hamilton in court “Why do you assume you’re the smartest in the room?”
  • Madison’s quiet, sobbed “Please.” after It’s Quiet Uptown
  • “Daddy’s calling.”
  • “Call me son oNE MORE TIME!”
  • All of Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story
  • “Oceans rise, empires fall”
  • The overlapping melodies near the end of Nonstop, all coming to a head under Washington’s refrain of History Has Its Eyes On You
  • “I’m not hear for you.”
  • “Where have  you been?” “Uh, France.”
  • Farmer Refuted, aka Hamilton thinks you can shut your fucking mouth you dumbass
  • Burr somehow being surprised that Hamilton shows up to his house in the middle of the night
  • “Meet me inside.”
  • “Geoooorge Washington!”
  • All of It’s Quiet Uptown
  • “Washington cannot be left alone to his devices.
  • “You must be out of your goDDAMN MIND”
  • T Jeff’s smug ass during The Reynolds Pamphlet
  • “Siddown JohN YOU FAT MOTHER-”
  • “Aaron Burr, sir” with every single meaning it has throughout the show
  • The transition between Hurricane and The Reynolds Pamphlet
  • “You don’t have the votes”
  • The transition between Aaron Burr, Sir and My Shot (that brought tears to my eyes the first time i heard it without youtube loading and every time since)
  • “I’ll show you where mY SHOE FITS”
  • “John Adams shat the bed”
  • “That’s an order from your commander.”
  • “The fact that you’re alive is a miracle” 
  • The fact that Hamilton literally threw away his shot during his duel with Burr
  • Phillip’s heartbeat during the Stay Alive reprise and it’s subsequent faltering and fading away
  • The less sad fact that Burr killed Alex because he couldn’t stop talking shit
  • A. Ham basically telling Burr that he wasn’t sure which bout of shit-talking Burr was referring to during Your Obedient Servant, but I meant every single one of them
  • Alexander “will destroy everyone including myself” Hamilton making that name true during The Reynolds Pamphlet
  • Both Burr and Ham sound like they’re gonna cry a little during Dear Theodosia
  • Aaron and Alexander’s intricate relationship, constantly flickering from sibling to foe to friend 
  • “ ‘President John Adams’, good luck!”
  • Burr’s awe and bitterness in The Room Where It Happens
  • “I arranged the menu, the venue, the seating.” for three people
  • Anthony Ramos plays both Hamilton’s boyfriend and his son?
  • Take A Break, also called Eliza’s Pretty Sick Of Your Lame Excuses, Spend Some Time With Your Fucking Family
  • “I know I don’t deserve you Eliza”
  • “There you are an ocean away, do you have to be an ocean away?”
  • Guns And Ships, all of it
  • Actually, all of Lafayette
  • “John Adams doesn’t have a real job anyway.”
  • Best Of Wives And Best Of Women, aka Alex Acknowledges That Eliza Is Way Too Good For Him
  • “Southern, motherfucking Democratic-Republicans!”
  • Jefferson and Hamilton are literally always ready to fight
  • Also every single one of Jefferson’s lines
  • everything
  • i love everything
  • i’ve been thinking about this list for almost twelve hours
  • i love this show
  • shout out to Lin Manuel-Miranda for making me obsessed with some old dead dude who literally never stopped talking and also happened to help found the country and set up the basis for our monetary system

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I know its not the best editing but i’ll keep getting better! For now enjoy some Miss Romancedy lovin!

But sincerely love you guys, hope your day is fluffy be it with friends, family or your special someone :3c ! 

Night Call Ch. IV

Genre: Angst

Jaebum Stalker AU! x Reader

Chapter I Chapter II Chapter III 

Just your love // Just your shadow // Just your voice // And my soul…

“The body of Kim Jinwoo, CEO of WINNER LLC, has been found in the alley not far from his home. He was brutally murdered but so far no evidence has been found pointing towards who could have played a part in his unfortunate death.”

 JB quickly stared down at you as your choked sobs filled your living room.

 “I—I had just seen him! Who could do such a thing! He was such a good man! Why would anyone do such a thing JB!”

 Pulling you into his warm chest, JB quietly soothed you. Placing his hand under your chin, he lifted your face and was welcomed by your tear-covered face.

 “Because you’re mine baby”


Voice shaky, you forced yourself to sound strong and confront the man who you had began to seek comfort in.  A sigh left Jaebum’s mouth as he wiped a solitary tear away from your face.

“I probably shouldn’t have said that right?”

A chuckle resonated in the now quiet room, before he continued,

“But it’s true. You’re mine now that he’s out of the way. You’ll see that you’re better off without him…that you’re better off with me. So stop crying over that waste, Jinwoo. On second thought keep crying, I think this is the most beautiful I’ve seen you”

Although you had forced yourself to look him in his eyes, to see the man who had comforted you crumble before you and confront the monster that lied beneath his surface, and hear his confession, but it was too much. You felt the bile rising, as you forced yourself out of his embrace and ran towards the bath room, letting it all flow out of you. The bile, pain, your feelings for Jinwoo, everything.  

“Aw baby was that too much? I know I should’ve eased you into the idea but I felt I should be honest with you. Plus you did ask me so how could I possibly lie to that face?”

Coming towards you, Jaebum effortlessly lifted your drained body from the toilet bowl, taking you in his arms. Your arms reached out to push him away but it was of no use. There was no way you could possibly move the man before you in your state.

“L—Let me go Jaebum”

As you felt your vision blackening you knew you had to force something out, anything.

“Baby I’m cruel but not that cruel. You could really hurt yourself if I were to let you go right now. Just sleep, I’ll take care of you…I’ll take care of everything.”

The last thing you saw as your eyes began to close was Jaebum’s smiling face and blackened eyes, as he looked down at you.

As your eyes began to open, you took in your darkened room and you couldn’t help the thought that ran through your mind.

Had it all been a nightmare?

Lifting your body from the bed, you clutched your head in your hands, feeling slightly dizzy. Looking down at your body, you were in the same clothes as before, black leggings and a white cropped tank top. So maybe it had been nightmare and Jaebum had just moved your sleeping body to your bed instead.

Yeah that had to be it…

Taking cautious steps, you made your way through the darkened hallway towards the light shining from the kitchen and living room. What you hadn’t expected to see was Jaebum seated at your dining table, his image completely changed. Not only was his hair black now, eyes just as dark, his appeared to be lost in thought, until the cold wood floor creaked under your foot, alerting him of your presence.

Eyes widening in fear, his predatory stare rooted your feet to the spot.  A smirk overtaking his features as he allowed you to really see him.

Had this been the man I almost fell for?

“Your finally up! I’ve been going back and forth with JB and I feel that it’s best if I let you know everything and broke down the rules for you”

JB? The rules?

JB? You’re JB and what rules are you fucking talking about?  I had thought this was all a dream Jaebum. How could you do this to Jinwoo! To me!”

Fighting back the tears, you took a breath. You wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of seeing your tears. Ever.

“Baby don’t EVER raise your voice at me. I promise you don’t want to see me angry. Now just sit down and I’ll explain everything. If you’re good I’ll maybe even cook dinner”

Forcing down the lump in your throat, you took confident steps towards the dining table, before seating yourself directly in front of him. Eyes boring into his, you challenged him.

I won’t submit

“Though I am upset that you would mistake me for that shy and sad excuse for a man JB, I’ll forgive you. Unlike him, I know how to take what is mine and how to punish those who think they can challenge that. Jinwoo was in our way and needed to be dealt with. JB didn’t have the balls to do it so I took control. The man you thought you knew isn’t here anymore Y/N. It was a bit tiring playing nice on our date when all I wanted to do was ravage you and show you who you belonged to but I endured. I actually let you have a peek at me and you seemed to like it. I could tell by your eyes that you were drawn to me. You can’t lie to me about that. Had that news coverage not caused me to confess sooner, I would have had you screaming my name as I pounded into it but instead here we are. Yes I killed Jinwoo but you should have never chose him. Do you understand Y/N? You’re mine, all mine.”

You couldn’t help the chill that ran down your spine as he properly confessed everything. So there are two personalities? The sweet man who moved me into my apartment is no longer here? Instead I’m left with his murderous self?

“You can tell yourself that I’m yours all you want but I’ll never be yours Jaebum. You’re right I was attracted to you BUT THAT WAS BEFORE YOU MURDERED THE MAN WHO I HAD FEELINGS F— ”
Jaebum’s fist slamming against the table caused you to halt your sentence, eyes wide and full of fear. His face was red and his eyes were slits glaring at you, jaw jutting out,


The only thought going through your head a you stared at the man full of rage was, is there a way to get JB back?

Closing his eyes and taking a breath to calm himself down, Jaebum ran a hand through his darkened locks.  Once he felt he had calmed down enough, a smile on gracing his features, he continued,

“Now for the rules…”

Credit to The xx, Lips 

anonymous asked:

That frantic desperation though, when she gets hit by that car! *sobs*. And the panicked whimpers from him when she gets picken up and taken away.... *flings self into the sun*

Why would you do this to me?

Sadly, I can’t add his inarticulate moan/scream as she gets hit, or his panting as he’s trying to get away from Noah.

This is entirely on you …

Let’s also remember that Norman hurt himself acting this out because he wanted Daryl to be so frantic to get to her.

And he screams “NO!” twice while Noah is fighting to restrain him. 

Let that sink in.

Thank you, Satan.

Long Years Past

“Go on Alexander. Go start a new life, I will pray that I join you soon in America. I love you,” you told your little brother as you wrapped him in a giant hug.

You were sending your little brother to start a better life. He couldn’t stay here, he would be better off in America.

“Why can’t you come with? I need you to stay with me!” Alexander cried as he hugged you back.

You choked back a sob.

“Alexander listen to me. You will do great things in America. Maybe one day I will be able to join me, but for now you need to start your new life. Make me proud Alex. I love you.”

You pushed him away from you, forcing him to get on the ship.

“I love you too! I will write back, I promise!” He cried to you, tears still streaming down his face.

The two of you waved to one another, and you watched the ship sail away until your brother was just a speck in the horizon.

Tears streamed down your face, knowing that there was a great chance that you would never see his face again.


My Dearest Brother,

I am very excited to say that I too have started some of a new life here back in your old home.

I have just gotten married, to our old friend Nathan. We have started a new business together, and I believe that we will be happy together.

This shall be a good life.

How have you been faring brother? I think of you constantly. I hope that you too will settle down.

I miss you greatly, and never forget that I love you.

Please keep in touch.


Your sister Y/N


My dear sister,

I must send my congratulations to you. I know that Nathan will take great care of you.

I too will be settling down here soon. I have met a wonderful women named Eliza Schuyler. I believe that the two of you would get along very well.

I have also been appointed as the right hand man under General Washington. This is the new life that I will start to make for myself. I should thank you.

I miss you very much as well my dearest sister. I will continue to work hard and make you proud of me. And I shall hopefully be able to send for you, at least for a visit.

With all love,

Your brother Alexander


Alexander walked down the pier, thinking about how he could get his plan through congress.

He stopped to watch a group of people get off of an incoming ship, one that was coming from the Caribbean.

He thought back to his sister, the one that he lost contact with years ago. He wondered how she was doing now, if she and her husband had started a family like he and Eliza had.

All of the sudden he noticed a young women getting off of the ship, a young woman that looked scarily similar to his older sister.

He made his way over to her, fighting against the crowd and grabbing her wrist.


She turned back to him, and he noticed that her eyes were different from his sister’s.

It was not Y/N.

“I’m sorry. Y/N was my mother’s name,” the young woman stated. “You wouldn’t happen to be Alexander Hamilton would you?”

He nodded.

“And you are?” He asked.

“I am Y/N’s daughter. My name is Rachel, after my grandmother, your mom. It is great to meet you Uncle.”



“About three years ago. She passed in her sleep, I don’t think that she was in a lot of pain. She spoke of you often. I knew that she always wanted to come here and see you, let you meet me. My father wished that he could have helped her, but we didn’t have enough money.”

Alexander put his face in his hands, soaking everything in. His darling sister was dead, gone from this world.

“My father died a little while ago, so I thought that now was the time to come and track you down,” his niece said.

“Well it is great to see you and meet you. I alway wondered if she started a family. I regret not keeping in contact with her. Will you stay with me and my family?”

“I would be honored. And I also have this for you. She wrote you one last letter before she passed on, but she never sent it. And I think that you would like to know that she was happy before she died. She had a good life.”

Rachel held out a letter to him and then left the room, leaving him in peace.


My dearest brother,

I know that we have lost contact, and that you may never read this letter, but I want to pour my heart out to you.

Nathan and I have started a family, we have a daughter named after our dear mother.

I have missed you greatly.

But know that I am always proud of you. And I will alway love you.

Keep fighting for what you believe in, I know that you can change the world.

All my love,



BTS Reaction To Finding You Crying Yourself To Sleep Due To Dating Rumors

Request: Pbts reactions when they find you crying to sleep because if a dating rumor you didn’t want to tell them

I’m guessing you mean that you’re dating and there’s a rumor he’s dating someone else? Correct me if I’m wrong!

Namjoon: He would here your quiet sobs and would probably sit down where you were sleeping, Pulling the covers away from your face he would ask you what’s wrong. He’d beg for you to tell him and once you did he would do whatever he could to assure you it was just a rumor and nothing else. 

Originally posted by kimdaddynamjoon

Jin: He would definitely jump onto the bed and demand you tell him why you were crying. He’d hug and tickle you until you told him and when you explained why you were so upset he would give you a look of disbelief. He’d shake his head and tell you it was all lies and that you were the only one he was dating.

Originally posted by bts0726

Suga: He’d probably be home late so he wouldn’t really notice you were crying until he saw your face in the morning, all puffy and eyes a bit red. He’d ask you about it and give you his full attention, showing you he really wanted to know what was wrong. Once you told him he would chuckle a bit and tell you all those rumors were lies and that he was only dating you.

Originally posted by jeonbase

Hoseok: He’d walk in and automatically know you were crying. He’d stand on the other side of the bed and whisper over to you until you turned around to look at him He’d ask you whats wrong and you’d probably just pour it out to him. Feeling sad that you actually believed all of those rumors and that they were hurting you he would assure you that the accusations were false and would cuddle you to sleep.

Originally posted by jeonsshi

Jimin: Like Namjoon, he would probably come in and after hearing you sniffling, he would sit on the edge of the bed right next to you and ask you what was wrong as he brought the covers out of your face. You’d explain to him about all the rumors you had seen and he’d hug you tightly, telling you none of it was true and that you shouldn’t believe that stuff online.

Originally posted by doitforjibooty

Taehyung: He’d be the one to climb in bed and scoot up next to you and ask you what was wrong. Turning around, you would tell him everything that was troubling you about the rumors and he would just smile at you. He’d find it a bit sweet how concerned you were but he would hate to see you crying. He’d make you laugh with his silliness and tell you that it was, of course, not true.

Originally posted by taehyungifs

Jungkook: I think him and Tae would be a lot alike. Instead of cuddling to you from the other side though he would probably lift the blankets off of you and nudge you so that he could climb in and hug you. Once you told him about the rumors he would probably just pull you on top of him and tell you all the rumors were silly and lies.

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“Morgan, you’re allowed to be upset.

*sniff* *sob* “A-Are you-”

“Cry all you want, I’m not judging you for it, pup.”

“I-I was told… emotions are bad for dragons. This blue dragon, told me how to be a proper one, I ju-just want to do us proud b-but. I c-can’t… I d-don’t want to be mean, I don’t want to h-hurt others, w-why would I? I feel sick trying to, I c-can’t, it’s- it’s sick.”


“H-How do you do it. I want to be a PROUD dragon l-like you Ragnorall, b-but how can I if I feel sick while doing it… I c-can’t do this, w-what do I do Ragnorall?”

“… Morgan… I… I think…” *sigh*

“I’m lucky?”

“Being a dragon… is not the same as it once meant. I’ve seen enough of the dragons of this age to know that they’re different to what me and my brethren were like centuries ago. Even, I have to admit that but it’s not like 1000 years of burning villages is a habit I could kick in a second. So… you get to grow up in this new world we’re stuck in.”


“Dragons never cry. At least, that’s how it used to be. But you know what I say to that? BAH!!! We can cry all we want to, and no one can tell us otherwise, I don’t care what the rest of them think of me.”


“I would love to see you fly around, burning villages, mashing peasants to a pulp. That’s what I would like to see, but… I care… about you. About all dragons, and… well… hmmm…


“Morgan. I want to see you be the dragon YOU WANT to be, not what our history, or legacy demands you be.”

“Would you want that? What about our legacy?”

“History doesn’t matter if you’re not happy with it. The fact that you’re here, and dragons are still around nowadays, (even though they’re not exactly what i’d LIKE them to be) is enough for me. So, just be you, understand?”



“I-I-I don’t…”

“Ok, how about we just leave it there for pup. I understand it might be a bit much to take in right now. How about I take you back to our home and you can take a nap for a bit.”

“All right…Ragnorall?”



“You can never love someone too much,” she argued, crossing her arms defiantly.

“Yes you can,” he snapped, but upon seeing her hurt expression, sighed, and grudgingly began to explain.

“My mom adored my dad, still does to this day, but the bastard fell in love with someone else. I would watch her do the laundry as a kid and she would just sit and stare for hours at the red lipstick on the collars of his shirts, surrounded by the smell of cheap perfume she would never wear. When he got home, she acted as if nothing was wrong, as if she wasn’t sobbing just hours before. She pretended to believe that he was on business calls at three a.m. She pretended that he loved her, and when I asked why, all she said was that sometimes you have to sacrifice things for love, even your own sanity. After that, I was in a state of disbelief. It’s complete and utter madness, the fact that love can make you lose yourself.“

—  n.g. // excerpt from a book i’ll never write #15
"How fucking dare you?" // Dallas Winston

Requested from the prompt list 💞
WARNINGS: mentions of cheating? idk if i need to warn about that but ya know also this isn’t like a fluffy like relationship Dal, it’s rly angsty I hope nyall are ready™

I was on my bed, sobbing. I was absolutely devastated that he would do something like this to me. But, I guess I should have known, he was your typical “bad boy” character. Lying, cheating, drinking, stealing, the whole package.
He came into the room, looking confused.
“Hey, uh, y/n, why are you crying?” He asked.
“How fucking dare you do this to me?” I screamed at him, infuriated.
“Do what, wise ass?” He said, the look of confusion growing.
“Dallas, you cheated on me! Do you know how fucking horrible that is?” I was sobbing and yelling all at the same time. It honestly felt like I was dying. My heart was breaking in half, but I also wanted to break him in half.
“Oh, that,” he said, not even looking sorry. In fact, he was smirking.
The sight of it nearly killed me. I was sobbing uncontrollably now, hardly even able to breathe.
“Look, if it bothers you that much then just leave. I two time little broads like you all the time,” he said, gesturing towards the door.
“You are fucking disgusting, and you better hope you don’t see me again,” I said as I slammed the door, and running down the street as fast as I could. I cursed myself for falling in love with Dallas Winston.

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captive prince 1, 2, 8, 14, 17, 18!! sorry for so many

1. Who’s your favourite character? Why?
Probably Laurent. I experienced a distinct “falling in love” process with him as I got to know him, just as Damen did, and he’s just… very much my type in a lot of ways. Graceful, smart, pretty, angsty, etc.

2. Who’s your least favourite character? Why?
I mean, obviously the Regent. I hated him… so much…

Originally posted by leeloosmultipass

8. Who is(are) your favourite pairing(s)?
Damen/Laurent all the way, man. I also have so many feelings about Aimeric/Jord. I SHIPPED IT SO HARD, GUYS. THEY WERE SO ADORABLE. And then it went so wrong. /sobs Also Erasmus/literally anyone who will love him and treat him right.

14. What would you do if you are to bear witness to a Consummation?

Originally posted by bugbuttrainbow

17. Summarise the books in a sentence.
Enjoy this alleged erotica where you spend the first book hating the love interest’s guts and they don’t even kiss until 2/3 of the way through book 2. XD

18. Summarise your favourite character(s) in a sentence.
Laurent de Vere: a nest of scorpions in the body of one person, and also simultaneously a buttercup.

Guzma in the Anime pt 2
  • Friend: Okay... lets forget about Would you rather. How about truth or dare?
  • Me: Lay it on me, yo
  • Friend: Truth or dare?
  • Me: Truth
  • Friend: What's your favorite day of the year?
  • Me: *Sobs* the day Guzma appears in the anime
  • Friend:
  • Friend: Why do I even try

“Jim pleaaase, talk to me already I’m bored.” You walked around him while he sat on his desk, doing god knows what, you didn’t really want to know if you were honest. He had been in his study all day and you were getting fed up with it. You knew his work was important to him but he flat out ignored you which pissed you off a bit, so you had been a little annoying the past few minutes.  

“Would you stop already? Your behaviour is more than annoying, why do I even keep you around?” His harsh words startled you and you quickly retreated out of the room, feeling tears forming in your eyes. You went to your room and started crying. Your sobs were only interrupted when you heard a soft knock on the door.

“I’m sleeping.”

“If you can answer me you’re not sleeping.” Jim says and comes into the room. He looks at your face, red and teary eyes and his expression softens, “I didn’t mean it, not like I said it at least, I mean you were annoying but not the rest.”

“That’s a shitty apology.” You pout and throw a pillow at his face.


a/n: thanks for following me! and sure! i never thought there would be a second part, but i hope you like it!

Make sure to read part one before this!!! Spoilers!!!

“Why wasn’t I invited to your wedding?” (Part One)


“Luke, I don’t know what to say–it’s been almost three years,” you said. “What the hell are we doing, Luke? You’re about to get married,” you laughed sarcastically through your sobs.

“You tell me,” he replied, his dark eyes narrowed on yours.

Everything was happening so quickly. You were suddenly aware of Luke’s sweaty hand that was squeezing your own. You took in a shaky breath, replaying the boy’s words in your head. Why did he wait so long to tell you this?

Luke coughed quietly, pulling you out of your own mind. “Say the word and I’m yours, (y/n),” he whispered quietly, squeezing your hand even tighter. His eyes were rimmed with tears and his breathing was shaky. 

You took another second to gather your thoughts, mind going frantically in a million directions. “Luke, what about your fiance? How is this fair? I can’t be the reason behind breaking you guys apart,” you asked.

Luke hesitated, eyes scanning around the wedding venue and all of it’s attendees. “I don’t care about any of this, (y/n). I do love her, and that’s why I can’t marry her. I can’t marry her because it wouldn’t be fair if I am still in love with you. Don’t you get what I am saying? I just need you to agree with me, please,” he said, a sob choking over his last words. 

Your mind was racing and your stomach was knotted, but you couldn’t stop thinking about what Luke was saying. Three years he has felt this way? For three years he had regretted your breakup? He was going to marry another woman; just in attempts to get over you?  

Tears were coming out of your eyes in streams now, and you were afraid that if you spoke all that would come out would be a sob. You took a deep breath, trying to prevent an embarrassing noise from escaping your lips. “Luke, I love you, I love you so much, but I just…” 

“(y/n), I love you so much, please. Say the word and I’m yours,” he stated, forcing your gaze into his. Something sparked in your heart at his gaze, which was the most genuine but helpless look you had ever seen in his eyes. 

You looked the tall Australian directly in his eyes, which were still dark and narrowed on yours. “O-okay,” you said shakily. 

“Okay?” he replied hopefully. 

“Yeah. Okay.” 

Luke pulled your body against his in a hug, and you felt your entire world piece back together. You missed his embrace; the feeling of his arms securely around your body. You missed the way the scent of his cologne engulfed you, and the way your face fit perfectly in the crook of his neck. 

He pulled away, a small smile on his face. “Give me a second, there’s something that I have to do,” Luke replied, rushing back into the open doors of the wedding. 

You waited by your car for a few minutes, wiping away at the few tears that lingered on your cheeks. Luke returned minutes later, his eyes red and puffy from visible tears. 

“I had to tell her, I couldn’t just leave,” he started. 

“It was the right thing to do, Luke. Is she okay?” you asked, saddened at the realization that you had just probably destroyed her perfect wedding day. 

“She will be. She agreed that it wouldn’t be fair for me to marry her if I’m still in love with you– that’s exactly what I explained,” Luke replied, running his hands nervously through his hair. 

It was quiet for a moment, the two of you sitting in a comfortable silence. “Well,” you started. “Now what?” 

Luke smiled, taking your hand into his own before pulling you into a feverish kiss. His hands held your hips tightly, stabilizing your balance. Your arms found their way around his neck, fingers tangling themselves in the curly hair at the base of his head. Your teeth clinked together and your noses bumped and your lips were messy but you didn’t care. Luke was here; Luke was your home. 

“Uh, so, I guess I have to return this suit?” 

You pulled away from your kiss with Luke to see Calum, who was standing awkwardly dressed in his sharp looking best-man suit that you had helped him pick out. 

Luke smiled, and your lips copied his actions, when he saw Calum with a grin on his face, nodding his head in approval. 

Calum laughed, walking over to Luke and clasping his shoulder in a friendly manner. “This wasn’t my plan, but I kind of think it was a good idea that (y/n) dropped me off today.”

My saviour

Title: My saviour

Pairing: Kai x Reader

Word count: 1,069

Theme song: Gavin Rossdale - Forever may you run

Request: Can you do an angst then fluffy imagine?


Hope you will like it!

Hugzzz and kisses! xx

1903 prison world. You were taken there by Lily Salvatore. Why? Because she knew that her friends will need some blood and you supposed to be something like a snack to them.
“Please. Don’t do that.” You cried again. Your eyes were red and tired from sobbing. All you wanted was to go home and live your casual life. If you had knew what would happen when you escaped from home you would never do that.
“Sorry, my dear. I really need someone to feed them. I told you already that. And don’t be afraid. You won’t die. Well, at least not for long. When you wake up, we will take you home. You won’t remember anything, I can assure you.” She smiled gently but that wasn’t helping.

All the way to Salvatore mansion you were struggling and trying to escape from this lady that brought you there. Everything still looked like a dream to you. Werewolves? Vampires? Witches? You didn’t want to believe that all of it was real. One day you are reading “Twilight” and another you are their snack.
“Home sweet home.” Lily smiled as she said that to herself. “There is nothing better than my century. Now let’s go. I want you to meet my friends.” She smiled at you and you tried even harder to get away from her.
“Please.” You begged maybe a hundredth time this day. “Don’t hurt me.” Your breath hitched a few times as you cried even more than before. You were so tired.
“Sorry sweetie. I can’t do that…”
“I think you can.”
Suddenly a young man appeared in front of you. He spoke in strange and for you unfamiliar language. Lily screamed out of pain and fell on her knees. Somehow he twisted her neck and in one second she was laying by your feet. You were still in shock when he grabbed something from her pocket and took you outside.
When you finally regain your consciousness you both were in a middle of nowhere. You instantly jumped away from him while being terrified from previous events.
“Who are you?” You asked in a shaky and frighten voice as you stepped back from him a little further away.
“I am Kai. Don’t be afraid of me I will…”
“Kai?” Your eyes widened. You remembered what said that witch who helped Lily to get there. Don’t trust Kai. He is a sociopath killer and he can’t be brought back.
You stepped back from him even more. Then quickly turned around and started to run. You were so scared. Why is it happening to you? What have you done to deserve all this nightmare?
“Wait!” You heard his voice but you even didn’t thought about listening to him. “STOP!” He shouted angrily and your feet stopped. You were trying to move them but nothing helped.
“Why are you running away when I am trying to help you?!” He asked and grabbed your elbow.
“Because someone told Lily who you are.” You whispered silently. Kai took a deep breath and signed heavily.
“Bonnie.” He whispered to himself. “I WAS really bad person but now I am not. I changed even if she doesn’t believe that. So don’t be afraid of me. I will not hurt you. I promise you that. Alright?” His big blue eyes looked straight to your soul. All that you saw in them were sincerity and kindness.
“Okay.” You nodded and when he told that you can move – your legs started to obey you again.

After a long walk you finally reached your destination. You were frozen to death and when Kai saw that he shrugged out of his coat and gave it to you. You weren’t sure about taking it from him but when he insisted – you did as he told you to.
“Thank you.” You said in a quiet voice and wrapped a warm material around your shoulders.
“You are welcome.” He smiled to you and took a few things from his jacket pockets, which now was on you.  You blushed from his closeness and lowered your head. “Now take my hand. We are going home, cutie.”

He still pressed your hand in his gently.
“You can open your eye now.” He chuckled silently. You were still afraid but did as he said. The first thing you saw was his gentle smile. “Here. I told you that I am going to take you home so here we are.” He squeezed your palm in his.
All of this was still overwhelming and everything that happened was still unbelievable to you.
“Thank you.” Your gentle smile instantly took over his heart.
“Want me to take you home?” He asked wanting to stay a bit longer with you.
You were about to say yes to him but then you remembered that girl. Bonnie. You were afraid of her. She did nothing to save you even when she knew what that vampire was going to do to you. What if she is still somewhere around? And what if she sees you? Asks you questions and most importantly – what she would do to you if she would know that Kai is free from this magical prison world?
“I…” You started but your voice stuck in your throat.
“Is everything alright?” His voice was full of concern. You slightly shook your head.
“I am afraid.” You whispered and lowered your head. This new feeling that he felt for you was something new. He stepped closer to you and wrapped his hands around your shoulders.
“Who or what you are afraid of?” He asked worriedly.
“This witch who helped Lily Salvatore. What if she finds out that you are free? What she would do to me?” You blinked your long lashes at him.
“You mean Bonnie? I don’t know. I think…” Kai thought for a minute. This was his chance. Maybe it wasn’t nice but he wanted to have you with him. “I really don’t know. She is unpredictable.”
You buried your face in his chest and hugged him harder.
“Can you do something about it? I know that it’s much to ask for but can you… Protect me from her?” You asked quietly.
“I can and I will.” He smiled to himself and stroked your hair. “It would be my pleasure.” Kai kissed your head and thought that being imprisoned in 1903 wasn’t all that bad. In the end – he met you.